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Bermuda in the 1930s

Bermuda in the 1930s - in the tranquil days before the arrival of the automobile (1948) and construction of the Harrington Sound Road. Extract from one of the paintings by Ethel and Catherine F. Tucker in their  1936 book "Glimpses of Bermuda." One of several books by them.

There are no discount book shops (stores) in Bermuda as there are in USA, Canada, UK, etc. Otherwise, go directly to the author if still living, or any bookstore, NOT this author nor website as neither are in the book-selling business. When prices are shown, they are in Bermuda dollars and were at publication date only. Those without 'Bermuda' in their title may nevertheless have some unique articles on Bermuda. Some are rare in Bermuda, much sought by local collectors and expensive. Be aware that Bermuda has changed so much in so many ways that most travel books of 2003 or earlier may be significantly out of date. 

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How books are mentionedBy American, British, British-Bermudian, Canadian and other authors. This list focuses solely on books available in Bermuda and about Bermuda, or by Bermudian or Bermuda-based authors, or those writing about Bermuda, and at least available from local bookshops if not from international booksellers as well. 

They can be works of fact or fiction but should have a general appeal about Bermuda from a tourism or economic or socio-economic or historic point of view and be of some appeal to visitors to all who use the World Wide Web. 

Books specifically and solely about any one aspect of Bermuda, that logically have local-only, not world-wide value, may not be included, at this author's discretion. Books relating solely to Bermuda Government legislation or policies or regulations or reviews or statistics are beyond our remit.

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1609 was a Pretty Good Year. Carter, Margaret.16 pp. Paper. 

A Bermuda Garden of Song. Bessie Gray. A book of poetry about Bermuda.

A Berth to Bermuda. Robinson. 1961. 120 pages. Illustrated.

A Berth to Bermuda: 100 Years of the World's Classic Ocean Race. John Rousmaniere.  2006. Mystic Seaport: Cruising Club of America. The oldest regularly scheduled ocean race began in 1906 with the-then radical idea of amateur sailors racing normal boats in the ocean. The Bermuda Race was the brainchild of Thomas Fleming Day, editor of the USA's most influential boating magazine, The Rudder.

A Birdwatching Guide to Bermuda. 2002. By avid bird watcher Bermudian Andrew Dobson. $23.95. 365 species, although Bermuda residents are only 19. Many others find their way here in winter. Best areas for birding, by parish.

A Brave Vessel: The True Tale of the Castaways Who Rescued Jamestown and Inspired Shakespeare's The Tempest. Hobson Woodward, Viking, 2009. Focuses on William Strachey, an English writer whose works are among the primary sources for the early history of the English colonization of North America, and the 1609 shipwreck of the Sea Venture on the uninhabited island of Bermuda. The survivors eventually reached Virginia after building two small ships during the ten months they spent on the island.

A Century of Passenger Liners to Bermuda. 2014. Piers Plowman and marine artist Stephen Card. Book traces their history.

A Century of Service. K. C. Baglehole. A Story of Cable and Wireless including its Bermuda operation.

A Colony at War. Bermuda in the global fight against fascism, 1939-1945. Jonathan Land Evans. Published December 4, 2013. 450 pages. A wide-ranging study of the small but importantly-situated British colony of Bermuda during the Second World War. Includes references to and descriptions of the Battle of the Atlantic fought by the Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy and US Navy and their Bermuda bases, the creation of the US naval and military bases, the important Imperial Censorship station, and numerous practical issues that confronted British, Bermudian and American officials in this British Atlantic colony (the oldest, smallest but most affluent of the British Overseas Territories) as they sought to survive and win the war against Hitler's Germany.

A Conspiracy To Kill -  The 1973 Assassination Of Bermuda's Governor. Mel Ayton. Author recounts this event, one of the very few assassinations in any British territory. It compromised Bermuda tourism for many years.  

A Discovery of the Bermudas. Jourdain. 1940. 24 pages.

A Cruise to the Somers Isles. Article, 21st March 1857. Harper's Weekly.

A Dog Called Bethlehem. Sam Morse-Brown, 1978. His dog, also illustrated by him, with many line drawings. 63 pages. 

A Fall from Aloft. Bermudian Brian Burland. Novel. 1969. Random House. Bermuda in WWII, about a troublesome boy shipped off to boarding school in the war. The boy, torn by guilt from his previous bad behavior and expulsion, experiences an awful an ocean crossing and the horrors of war.

A Geography of Bermuda. Watson et al. 1965. London and Glasgow, Collins. 128 pages. Illustrated.

A Guide to the Economy of Bermuda. Robert Stewart. 2003.

A Guide to the Reef, Shore and Game Fish of Bermuda. Mowbray, LS. 1982. 73 pages. Island Press Ltd.

A Hat for a Promise. 2010. Trudy Snaith. One of her Bermudian Girl series. 

A History of Bermuda and its Paper Money. Dr. Nelson Page Aspen. Updated in 2000.

A History of Conyers, Dill & Pearman. Roger Crombie. About the prominent Bermuda legal firm.

A Lion to Guard Us. Children's author Clyde Robert Bulla. A fictionalized account of the 1609 Sea Venture voyage. It focuses on three children sailing to Jamestown to find their father.

A Look at Paradise, News From Bermuda 1700-1800. Philip Rabito-Wyppensenwah. 2002. Part 1 in a series devoted to Bermudian history.

A Lost Description of Plymouth Colony.  John Pory. (Half the book about Bermuda, including pull-out maps). 1918, Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin. Limited edition of 365.

A Voyage to Virginia in 1609: Two Narratives: Strachey's "True Reportory" and Jourdain's Discovery of the Bermudas. William Strachey, Silvester Jourdain and Louis B Wright (15 May 2013)

Air Mails of Bermuda. Norman C. Baldwin. Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, UK, F. J. Field, 1967. [16 pp.].

A Man Called Intrepid. William Stevenson. An account of Sir William Stephenson and his Bermuda exploits during and after World War 2.

A Matter of Time. David Manuel. 2002. A frequent visitor to and written in Bermuda. One of the Faith Abbey Mystery fictional series of spiritual thrillers. Set in Bermuda by the Cape Cod author, about a monk who solves a Bermuda murder.

A Natural History of Bermuda.  By Canadian ecologist Dr. Martin Thomas, professor emeritus at the University of New Brunswick. 2000. Coffee table book. 

A Naturalist's Field Guide to Bermuda. An Exploration of the Island's Common and Important Wildlife and Geology. 2010. By Canadian ecologist Dr. Martin Thomas, professor emeritus at the University of New Brunswick. Published by the Bermuda Zoological Society.

A New Dawn. Smith. An Analysis of the Emancipation Experience in Bermuda. 

A Project for Printing in Bermuda. McMurtrie, 1772 and 1928. Pamphlet.

A Random Walk Through the Forest. 2009. Former Bermuda chief education officer Joseph Christopher. 140 pages. Traces education in Bermuda in the last half of the 20th century.

A Ray of Hope. Carol D. Hill. 2000. The first 25 years of the Bermuda Sunshine League, founded as a social work charity 1919.

A School is Born. Thomas F. Davies. 1988. A history of St. George's Grammar School 1875-1975. 152 pages, black & white photos.

A Storm in a Teacup. Dr. Eva Hodgson.

A Study of the Printings of the King George VI Key-Type High Values of Bermuda, Leeward Islands & Nyasaland. Eric P. Yendell. Study paper no. 13. King George VI Collectors Society, 1983; 21 pp.

A Tale of Two Houses. John Gilbert. Island Press. History and day to day business of Bermuda's Parliament.

A Time For Treason. Anne Newton Walther. 2000. A novel based on historical fact on the Bermuda Gunpowder Plot. begins in Virginia’s Tidewater region on the brink of the American Revolution and climaxes on Bermuda after the battles of Concord and Bunker Hill. 451 pages. $18.75.

A Tribute to Mothers and Fathers. Bermuda Poetry Association. 

A True Bermudian Champion. 2005. Tommy Aitchison, about Bermudian sporting great Austin (Cheesey) Hughes, regarded as one of the most gifted all-round sportsmen in Bermuda's history, having excelled at cricket, football and billiards from the post-war 1940s through to the 1960s. 61 pages. 

Austin 'Clarence' Farrar. An eye for Innovation. David Chivers. Farrar became a famous designer, sailor and sailmaker. He sailed in Bermuda with the late Shorty Trimingham, et al, some years ago, a design for a new dinghy came about through his association with Bermuda sailors. 

A Visit to the Bermudas in March, 1894. Alexander Agassiz. 1895. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College 26(2): 207-279. 30 plates.

A Voyage in Flowers. 2003. Jane Sybilla Crosland. Includes a chapter on Bermuda.

A Voyage to Virginia 1609, Two Narratives. 1964. May. Reprinted 50 years later, in 2013. University of Virginia Press. It contains first-hand reports of authors William Strachey and Sylvester Jourdain who were traveling from England to Jamestown as secretaries to Admiral Sir George Somers and Virginia Governor-elect Sir Thomas Gates when they were shipwrecked off the coast of Bermuda in 1609. It is believed the narrative fell into the hands of William Shakespeare and he used it as his inspiration for The Tempest. The “Sea Venture” wreck led to the permanent settlement of Bermuda in 1612. No humans, European or aboriginal, inhabited the Bermuda archipelago when the ‘Sea Venture’ fortuitously arrived. Reprinted 2013.

Accounting for Bermuda Charities. Co-written by Roger Crombie and Pio Monteiro.

Acel'dama. Neville T. Darrell. 2003. The untold story of the murder of the Governor of Bermuda, Sir Richard Sharples. $25.

Adventures of King. Esra Turner. Bermuda children's book.

Adventurers of Bermuda (The). Dr. Henry Wilkinson . 1933, London 1st edition; 1958, Oxford University Press, 2nd edition.

An Account of Bermuda, Past and Present. 1883. By John Ogilvy, born Aberdeen, Scotland 1831, died Frimley, Sussex, England 1899. Entered the British Army in 1853 as assistant surgeon, retired before 1885 with the honorary rank of Surgeon General. Listed in the Army List as Principal Medical Officer to Bermuda, 1882. It is believed he spent about five years in Bermuda in that position. One of his direct descendants is Scottish political satirist and comedian Rory Bremner, who discovered a connection to Bermuda in early 2009 through his great-grandfather, the island's deputy surgeon general in Victorian times, via the BBC genealogy program "Who Do You Think You Are?." During his years serving as the British Army's Principal Medical Officer to Bermuda, Bremner's great-grandfather married into one of the island's oldest families and wrote a book chronicling both Bermuda's history and the state of affairs in the late 19th century. Aberdeen-born Ogilvy had qualified at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in the 1850s, going on to serve as a medical officer in the British Army during the Crimean War. Ogilvy went on to serve in India, then accepted the post of deputy surgeon general in Bermuda in 1881. Ogilvy was by this time a widower, and left his three children behind in England. While in Bermuda, he married a young woman called Emma Gilbert, a descendent of the original Trimingham family who arrived on the island in the mid-1600s. Ogilvy immersed himself in island life and researched its history, eventually completing  this book. He had at least four children with his new Bermudian wife, who was well over 20 years his junior. He moved back to England with his young family after retiring from the British Army, reuniting with his other children and dying in Surrey in 1899.

An Artist Explains. By the late Bermuda-based British artist Sam Morse-Brown, 1992. Island Press Limited, Bermuda. Illustrated.

An Attempt to develop the Law of Storms.  Lieut. Col. W. Reid, CB, RE. (later, Governor of Bermuda).

An Early History of Bermuda for Children. A. Tucker.  1930's. 110 pages. Illustrated.

An Emigrant Speaks. Annie Seymour Drake Burrows, who changed her name to Anne Lous. 1981. It includes a description of the historic home "The Cedars" on Cedar Avenue in Hamilton.

An Introduction to the History of Bermuda. Professor Wesley Frank Craven.

An Isle So Long Unknown. Angela Barry. Short stories.

A Narrative of The Campaigns. Gleig, 1826. The author visited Bermuda to record the 1814 Attack on Washington from Bermuda by the Royal Navy. He mentions Bermuda on pages 66 to 82.

An Irishman Came Through. David F. Raine. About Tom Moore's visit to Bermuda for three months during 1803-4. 

Acts of The Legislature of the Islands of Bermuda,1691-1860.

All about Bermuda. Bushells Handbook 1903, Vol. VIII.

America Anglois. Blome. 1688. His Majesty's territories in America with seven folding Morden maps including Bermuda, Carolina, Virginia and New York. Rare edition, about $4500.

Animals Marooned: A Story of Wartime Bermuda. Margaret Evans Price.

Another World. Bermuda and the Rise of Modern Tourism. Dr. Duncan McDowall. Macmillan Caribbean, 1999. ISBN 0-333-72753-3. A unique perspective of tourism in Bermuda.

Appearances and Disappearances. Strange Comings and Goings from the Bermuda Triangle to the Mary Celeste. 1992. Peter ed. Brookesmith. Published by Black Cat. Hardcover.

Architecture - Bermuda style. Bermudian the late David Raine. 

Armed Truce: The Beginnings of the Cold War 1945-46. Hugh Thomas.

Artist in Battledress. By late Bermuda-based British artist Sam Morse-Brown, Portrait drawings done from life on active service with the British Army 1939-1945. Some of the best are of World War 2 generals and statesmen.  Island Press Limited, Bermuda. Illustrated. 

Assault on Law and Order in Bermuda, 1972-1973: The Assassination of Governor Sir Richard Sharples and the Related Killings. Mel Ayton. 2010. Paperback.

Ate The Dog Yesterday. Graham Faiella. 2013. The British author was investigating the history of two  Bermuda 19th century wrecks of Southampton, and during his research, frequently had to trawl through the pages of the daily shipping newspaper Lloyd’s List. There,  his attention was constantly diverted to the Casualties columns.  These included numerous reports of shipwrecks, castaways, Cape Horn storms, messages in bottles, and other diverse maritime catastrophes. He began to transcribe the most vivid, interesting and dramatic reports, following up many of them with further research. He eventually arranged these, with annotated further observations, by categories and chapters as a manuscript. The title of the book is the first line of a message in a bottle written by a castaway mariner on a raft in 1873 and picked up on a beach along the Gulf of Mexico coast in 1875. Mr Faiella has written a number of other non-fiction works including ‘Fishing In Bermuda’ and ‘The Bermuda Atlas.’

At Home in Early Bermuda. John Cox. November 2011.  The author, with an extensive Bermudian historical background and roots, sheds light on early Bermuda, weaving together letters, diaries and long-told family stories. 

Atlantic Islanders of the Azores and Madeira. Francis M. Rogers. With Bermuda references.

Atlantis: Bermuda Triangle. Greg Donegan. 2000. Berkley Publishing. Paperback.

Battle for Freedom. Durham-Thompson. Bermudian Drama and Poetry.  

Beautiful Bermuda. Euphemia Young Bell. 1911 (scarce) to 1913. 234 pages; 1929 edition, 236 pages; 1947 edition Bermuda and New York, 736 pages.

Bella Durmiente Bermudas. Published by Librifer S. Coop. Spanish.

Berlitz Travel Guide to Bermuda. 1987. Published by Hungry Minds Inc, USA. Paperback.

Bermuda 1609-2009, 400 years 400 Portraits. 2009. 176 pages. A section for each of Bermuda's four centuries of history. Portrays the 400 persons who made significant contributions towards the evolution of the Island's economic, social, political, cultural, sports, religious life and other realms. 

Bermuda. Bermudian Rosemary Jones. Moon Handbooks. 380 pages. 2006. Published by Avalon Travel Publishing. An imprint of Avalon Publishing Group, Inc,  largest independent travel publisher in the United States. 

Bermuda. Henry Clay Gipson, Jr. 1937, New York, Cameron & Buckley, photos and map. Author was a noted US photographer and friend of author F. van Wyck Mason.

Bermuda. Dr. Theodore L. Godet. Local. 1859/1960. A treatise.

Bermuda. Richard Joseph. 1967. From the Around the World Program by the American Geographical Society. With many illustrations. Published by Nelson Doubleday, Inc. and Odhams Books Ltd.

Bermuda. Lonely Planet, first edition. 1998. ISBN 0-864421-417-5.

Bermuda.  Lonely Planet Publications. Glenda Bendure, Ned Friary. Paperback.

Bermuda 1609-2000. Four Hundred Years, 400 Portraits. Meredith Ebbin. Produced by the Bermuda 400th anniversary committee.

Bermuda 2001. Frommer's Complete Guides. 2000. Prince, Danforth, Porter, Darwin. Paperback.

Bermuda: A Colony, A Fortress, and a Prison or Eighteen Months in the Somers' Islands. "A Field Officer." (Lt. Col. Ferdinand Whittingham). Late 1840's. He focused on the British convicts sent to Bermuda for more than 40 years. Rare, the author is frank about his views on Bermuda.  

Bermuda: A Study of the King George VI High Value Definitives - 12/6 Perf. 14. Wilson C. K. Wong. Study paper no. 14. King George VI Collectors Society, 1989; 46 pp.

Bermuda: A Travel Survival Kit. Lonely Planet Travel Guides. 1997. Glenda Bendure, Ned Friary. Paperback.

Bermuda 1899: The Memories of Emily Pugh (1888 to 1974). Scott Stallard, her grandson.

Bermuda Acts 1690-1867. Reginald Gray, then Chief Justice.

The Bermuda Adventure. Novel, Strudwick Marvin Rogers. 2002. $18.95.

Bermuda, 1938-53, 1/- to Ł1: Inferences from the Crown Agents' Records. Study paper no. 2. King George VI Collectors Society, 1973; 16 pp. Originally published as whole number 74 of Geosix.

Bermuda Aerial Views. Scott Stallard. 1995. Aerial photographs, with text.

Bermuda, A Few Highways and Byways. Ethel and Catherine F. Tucker. Printed in Great Britain by J. Salmon, Art Publishers, Sevenoaks, Kent. One of several books by them.

Bermuda - a floral sampler. Elizabeth W. Curtis. 1978. Illustrations by Diana Amos.

Bermuda: A Gardner's Guide. 2002. Garden Club of Bermuda. Many illustrations and color photographs by then-Chief Justice Richard Ground. $45

Bermuda and The American Revolution. Kerr. 1st edition 1936, Princeton University Press.

Bermuda and the Supernatural. Terry Tucker.

Bermuda and the Struggle for Reform: Race, Politics and Ideology, 1944-1998. 2011. Walton Brown. 

Bermuda: An Economy Which Works. Robert Stewart. 1997, Island Press Ltd., Bermuda. 350 pages, $30.00. The author retired as Bermuda CEO of the Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies in these islands.

Bermuda: An Idyl of The Summer Islands. Julia C. R. Dorr, 1884, New York, Scribners. 148 pages.

Bermuda As It Used To Be. Late David Raine. 1988. Pompano Publications, Bermuda. 122 pages.

Bermuda Atlas & Gazetteer. Daniel Blagg. 1997. This American author lived in Bermuda for 11+ years, taught at Saltus Grammar School and has contributed significantly to Bermuda's culture. His father was once stationed at former Kindley Air Force Base, Bermuda. 400+ pages of historical text, new color maps and original watercolors by artist Luca Gasperi. 

Bermuda A World Apart: An island and its people. Roger A. Labrucherie (Photographer). Hardcover, coffee table book. 

Bermuda Ballads. Garrard. c. 1960. Bermuda Press. 24 pages.

Bermuda Back in the Day. By Bermudian photographer and author Scott Stallard.  2010. Contains numerous pictures of Bermuda from the 1950s, many originally slides by the author.  Nice reminders of Bermuda in some of her finest years. $35, 150 pages.

Bermuda. Henry R. Holmes. London, H.F. Johnson, 1932; 93 pp.

Bermuda by Air: A Handbook and Catalog of Bermuda Philately. 1966. Charles E. Cwiakala. Edited by R.W. Dickgiesser. Killen, Ala., Bermuda Catalog Project, 1996, xiv+141 pp.; bibliography.

Bermuda Beyond the Crossroads. By Barbara Katherine (Harries) Hunter, widow of the late J. H. Owen Harries and Robert G. Hunter; long-term reading teacher at Prospect Primary School and Gilbert Institute. ťShe died in January 2011.

Bermuda Biodiversity Country Study. 2001, $25, 103 colorful pages detailing Bermuda's rich assemblage of plant and animal life. Bermuda Aquarium Gift Shop.

Bermuda Calling. Garth. 1944. A wartime Bermuda novel. New York, Putnam.

Bermuda Constitutional Documents & Correspondence. By Bermudian retired lawyer and former UBP Parliamentarian William Cox. 2009. Published to coincide with Bermuda's 400th anniversary. Intended as a primer for voters, explaining the importance of the Constitution and documenting its evolution from its earliest 17th-century model.

Bermuda Contrails. By British author Alan Edmund Smith, frequent Bermuda visitor and former Royal Air Force pilot. A World War 2 novel, set in Bermuda. 2012. Fiction based on fact. The Island has inspired his two earlier books: The Bermuda Affair in 2001, The Bermuda Saga in 2006.  The author checked facts at the UK’s National Archive. So-titled because according to the author, "In the summer of 1940 the time of the Battle of Britain, mysterious aircraft condensation trails were repeatedly seen over Bermuda. Contrails had never been seen over Bermuda before and are not easily explained. Every few days a very highflying aircraft, only detectable by its white contrail, would approach St George’s from the direction of Europe, fly the whole length of the Islands, including the Royal Navy Dockyard, then turn back to St George’s and fly out to sea the way it had come. Nobody had an explanation and it was hard to believe that the Germans had an aircraft capable of flying from Europe to Bermuda and back, the distance being so great. The British Government said they were not responsible, so did the Americans. The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill expressed his deep concern and ordered the RAF to investigate, but without success.”

Bermuda Cookbook (The). By Cecile C. Snaith.

Bermuda Cookery. Bermuda Junior Service League (BJSL), a women's volunteer organization. Bermuda cuisine and culture. Sold a quarter of a million copies over a period of three decades. BJSL used the funds from the first book to run the Deliverance in St. George’s for twenty years, and build a playground and a rape crisis centre, among other projects. 

Bermuda Cottage Plans. 1948, Bermuda Historical Monuments Trust, Hamilton.

Bermuda Days. Marsh. 1930. Intimate Glimpses of The Hapagesy Island. New York, Revell. 157 pages. Illustrated.

Bermuda Dick. The Story of Forest Convicts Transported to Bermuda. 2002. Averil Kear, British author and historian. How six men from the Forest of Dean in the UK were sent for chain-gang convict labor in Bermuda on a prison hulk after being convicted of rape in 1851.168 pages, hardback. Illustrated. UK Price Ł12.95.

Bermuda During the American Revolution. Isaac J. Greenwood.

Bermuda during the Ice Age. Sayles. 1931. 87 pages. Map, charts etc.

Bermuda Exhibition 1872. Catalogue. 

The Bermuda Factor: Volume 1. Roger Crombie, late 2001. $19.95. First 30 of more than 100 humorous columns written by this British Bermuda-based journalist and writer since 1992, now in book form.

Bermuda Fishing. Brooks. 1957. P. A. Stackpole. 165 pages.

Bermuda: Five Centuries. Bermudian Rosemary Jones. 2004. A coffee table book history of the island.

Bermuda: Five Centuries for Young People. A children's version of the above book, $48. 2009. In celebration of the island's 400th anniversary,  full-colour, 160-pages, hardback, rewritten by media couple Rosemary Jones and her husband and business partner Paul Shapiro. Traces the island's history from the age of discovery through to current times and was created for the Ministry of Education as a resource for children in primary and middle schools.

Bermuda: Five Centuries Teachers' Guide. Rosemary Jones. 2011. The textbook and guide are meant to be used across the curriculum.

Bermuda Flora (2006). Don Moore.

Bermuda Folklore & Calypso Poems. Stan (Lord Necktie) Seymour. 1995. Blends stories and poetry to cover local history, characters.

Bermuda Football Teams. Dale Butler, 2009. 210 pages. 

Bermuda Forts 1612-1957. Dr. Edward Harris, FSA. 1997. Bermuda Maritime Press. Illustrated, hardcover, 358 pages, very detailed and expensive.

Bermuda From Sail to Steam. Dr. Henry Wilkinson. 1973. 2 vols. 951 pages.

Bermuda From The Air. Scott Stallard. 1996. $38. Oakwell/Boulton. Aerial photos, follow up to "Bermuda Aerial Views."

The Bermuda Garden. Whitney (editor). 1955. Garden Club of Bermuda, 231 pages. Illustrated.

Bermuda Gamble. 2010. Stewart Jackson Lamont, author of other books and a church minister posted briefly to Bermuda in 2008 as a locum at Christ Church in Warwick, a former military chaplain, writing under the name Jackson Lamont. Thriller. Fiction. International crime, online gambling and political intrigue. In the book, the Premier of Bermuda has just unknowingly hired an international crime syndicate to set up a gambling industry in Bermuda. Commander Neal Anderson, who works for intelligence in the Royal Navy, and a journalist investigate.

Bermuda Glimpses. Early 1800's. Published in England. First book on Bermuda published overseas.

Bermuda Grass. Novel. Golf mystery. British author Keith Miles. Poisoned Pen Press, Scottsdale, Arizona. Set at a fictitious golf resort in Bermuda.

Bermuda Guide. Stark. 1902. 153 pages.

Bermuda Guide. 1997. Open Road Travel Guides. Ron Charles. Paperback.

Bermuda Ha Ha. Roger Crombie. A compendium of 30 humorous columns he wrote from 1995-1998 in the local RG Magazine. 202 pages. Author self-published under the Matrix Books Bermuda label.

Bermuda Hearts: A Bennington Hall Legacy Romance. 2005. Jennifer Vladimir Shashaty, a graduate of Saltus/Bermuda High School for Girls Senior Program, June 1985. Her first Historical Romance Novel.

Bermuda, Her Plants and Gardens. Jill Collett.

Bermuda Historical Quarterlies. Volumes 1-38, each with 4 editions 1944-1981. Out of print, some available from Bermuda Historical Society. All can be seen in Reference Library, Bermuda National Library, Hamilton.

Bermuda Holiday. Tweedy. 1950. New York, Crown, 162 pages.

Bermuda Houses. Professor John S. Humphreys, AIA. 1923. Associate Professor of the Harvard University School of Architecture. Boston, Marshall Jones. 1st edition. 181 plates. The architecture and uniqueness of many of Bermuda's domestic buildings from the 1640s. He wrote that the unique form of Bermuda architecture was one of the most charming things about Bermuda.

Bermuda Houses and Gardens. 1979. 88 pages. Black & white photos of many of Bermuda's private Homes and Gardens. 

Bermuda in Art...for lovers of Colour. Joan Aspinall. 2008. 

Bermuda in Three Colors. Carveth Wells. 1950s.

The Bermuda Indenture. Strudwick Marvin Rogers. 2001. Novel. Published jointly by Court Street Press, Montgomery, Alabama and The Bermudian Publishing Co. Ltd.

Bermuda index 1784-1914: An index of births, marriages, deaths. C. F. E Hollis Hallett.  As recorded in Bermuda newspapers.

Bermuda In Poetry 1610-1908. Poems by Waller, Marvel, Freneau, Moore and others. 1915. Selected by Hicks, Frederick Charles, AM, LL.B.., Law Librarian, Columbia University. 

Bermuda in Full Color. Hannau. No date. 128 pages.

Bermuda in Painted Representation: A Survey of How (And By Whom) Bermuda has been Depicted in Art. Jonathan Land Evans, Bermudian art historian. 2012. In two volumes. A follow-up to his 2009/2010 book Encyclopedia of Bermuda Artists. Particularly useful for those seeking a comprehensive source book about the latter. The books are carefully indexed and footnoted. The first two volumes are The Garrison Era and The Cosmopolitan Era. They cover over 1000 artists and go up to about 1953. A third volume, The Bermudian Era, going up to about the year 2000, is a work in progress. 

Bermuda (Insight Guide Bermuda). Brian Bell. October 2001.

Bermuda Insight Pocket Guide. 2000. David F. Raine .APA Publications Pte.

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Bermuda Journey

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Bermuda Light - The Story of Gibbs's Hill Lighthouse. Michael Dolding. Booklet. Chronicles the building of this major Bermuda landmark since its placement high on a hill in Southampton Parish in 1846. Alexander Gordon was a British (Scottish) engineer who became famous for the use of prefabricated cast-iron for buildings, including his Bermuda Gibb's Hill lighthouse.  His father had invented a system for compressing gas and making it usable in a portable form and Alexander followed him in the gasworks business in London, but also patented apparatus to do with the actual lights of lighthouses. At the age of 67, he died at Sandown, Isle of Wight,  UK, having designed and constructed at least seven cast iron lighthouses for British possessions in the Americas. The first was in 1841, at Morant Point in Jamaica. His second was in 1846 at Gibbs Hill, while the third was placed at Cap Pine in Newfoundland in 1850. In 1852 there were two, one at South Point, Barbados and the other at Grand Turk, in what is now part of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Later ones were at Great Isaac Cay, north of Bimini in the Bahamas archipelago, while another is on Lobos Cay, Bahamas.  George Grove, later knighted, was the engineer constructor of the lighthouses at Jamaica and Bermuda and became very famous for his “Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians”, published 1878—1880.

Gibb's Hill Lighthouse - Hallewell

Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, painted two year later by Major Edmund Hallewell

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Bermuda Military Rarities. 2003. Andrew Bermingham. Bermuda Historical Society and Bermuda National Trust. 93 pages. Black and white photos and illustrations. Paperback.  9" by 6". $20. Out of print, hence the following:

Bermuda Military Rarities Re-visited. 2013. Andrew Bermingham. Bermuda Historical Society. Bermuda's military history includes accounts of the black Bermudian airmen who flew with the Royal Air Force in World War Two, the captured German U-boat U 505 hidden here during that conflict and Winston Churchill’s 1942 flight to Bermuda from the UK and the dangerous return trip.

book Bermuda Military Rarities re-Visited

Bermuda Moods. 2006. A compilation of hundreds of photos taken around Bermuda. Hardcover coffee-table. $50. MediaHouse.

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Bermuda: Our People, Our Story. Volumes 1, 2, 3. With photographs galore. The Royal Gazette or at P. O. Box HM 1025, Hamilton HM DX. Phone (441) 295-5881 extension 121 or 125. Order by Visa, MC credit or debit card and quote your e-mail address.

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Bermuda Postcards Revisited. 48 pages. 2006. Bermudian Dr. Eldon Tucker Zuill and his wife Anne capture the “then and now” of Bermuda in the form of this pictorial book using old postcards of scenes taken in the first half of the 1900s compared to November, 2005, also in black and white, from the same perspective. Print Link.

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Bermuda Shipwecks. A vacationing diver's guide to Bermuda's wrecks. Daniel and Denise Berg, 1995. 73 pages. Softcover. From 1515, Bermuda became a landmark for Spanish ships sailing back to Spain from the New World. Trying to sight Bermuda to confirm their position often ended their voyage as they wrecked on Bermuda's treacherous outer reefs. They claimed many ships. With photographs, sketches and accounts of the wrecks. 

Bermuda Shorts: The Hidden Side of the Richest Place on Earth. T. C. Sobey.1995. Made up largely of news items from The Royal Gazette - Bermuda's only daily newspaper, showing a side of Bermuda that most tourists do not see. 

Bermuda Spirit. Co-authors architect Georgia Crow-Benevides and her friend and frequent Bermuda visitor, Kathryn Deane.. 2011. An insider's look into iconic Bermuda and its unique people, candidly showcasing Bermudians, at work, at play, and in their own environments, via photography. Coffee table size. $75. With foreword written by actor and former resident Michael Douglas whose mother, Diana Dill, is Bermudian.

Bermuda Suicide Challenge. 2007. Bob Brown and his brother's account of the world's longest ever unescorted oceanic crossing in the 21-feet Intruder 21  in May 2007 in a tiny flat boat. The Floridian pair defied the advice of Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre to complete the trip, from North Carolina to Bermuda (674 miles, 51 hours) and then on to New York harbour (another 772 miles, 53 hours) a few days later.

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Bermuda under the Somers Islands Company 1612-1684. Civil Records. Late Dr. Archibald Cameron (Archie) Hallett. 2,000 pages. Juniperhill Press and Bermuda Maritime Museum Press at $300 per set.

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Bermuda's Architectural Heritage: Smith's Parish. 2005. Bermuda National Trust. Fifth in the series. Drawings by Barbara Finsness.

Bermuda's Architectural Heritage: Paget Parish. 2010. Bermuda National Trust. Sixth in the series. The book is dedicated to the late Dennis Sherwin, long a resident of the island and benefactor of the National Trust.  There are also tributes to Margaret Lloyd, who has been part of the backbone of "Bermuda's Architectural Heritage Series" since its inception in 1995, and the architectural historian from Colonial Williamsburg, Dr. Edward A. Chappell. $40, available at Bermuda National Trust headquarters at Waterville, Trustworthy and local bookshops.

Bermuda's Architectural Heritage, Paget

Bermuda's Architectural Heritage, Paget

Bermuda's Architectural Heritage: St. George's. Michael Jarvis, edited by David L. White. Black and white photos by Robin Judah and sidebars by Trimingham, Andrew. November, 1997. Bermuda National Trust. Second in the series.

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Bermuda's Favorite Haunts. Volumes 1, 1991 and 2 (subtitled "Picking Up The Threads") 1996. By John Cox, Mac Musson, Joan Skinner. Stories of Bermuda's homes with ghosts. The author states his home, Orange Valley, is one of Bermuda's most haunted locations. Others include Palmetto House in Devonshire and Winterhaven in Smith's parish.

Bermuda’s Flora. By botanist Lisa Greene. Volumes 1 and 2. 2008 and 2009. Both with 75 color photographs of 27 plants. 

Bermuda's Forgotten Heroes. Joy Wilson-Tucker. 1997. About black Bermuda Lodges.

Bermuda's Golden Age of Poetry. Patricia Marirea Mudd and Joseph Ellert Mudd. 493 pages. Compilation of maudlin poetry taken mostly from pages of The Royal Gazette, 1800-1900.

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Bermuda's Marine Life. Wolfgang Erasmus Sterrer.

Bermuda's Famous Talbot Brothers. A Celebration in History, Pictures and Song. 2009. Full color Coffee table book. Funded by the Blackie Talbot Foundation with support from the Bank of Bermuda/HSBC. The 50 page limited edition book includes two CDs of the Talbot Brothers' most popular songs and a 30-minute narrated, visual and musical narrated DVD, with rare footage of the Talbot Brothers' appearance on the famous Ed Sullivan Show, and at the London Mayfair Hotel in the 50s. Properly known as The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda, the group's members weren't actually all brothers as a cousin was also drafted to perform. They started a calypso group.

Bermuda's Priests. Father John McCarthy. 1954. 152 pages. Illustrated.

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Bermuda's Tea Time Treats - for Coffee Lovers too. Bermuda Cookbook. Mair L. D. Harris. 2001. 160 pages. $19.95. Call Mrs Harris at 234-0923 evenings.

Bermudiana. Ronald J. Williams. 1936, 1st edit. 220 pages. photographs. 1946, 2nd edit., 256 pages.

Bermudian Christmas Stories for the Family. Cha'Von Clarke. 2010. A compilation of short stories and poems to celebrate the season and welcome in the New Year. Each story has a Bermudian theme. Includes two stories for children and mature readers, five New Year poems.

Bermudian Politics in Transition. Professor Frank E. Manning. 1978. Island Press.

Beware the Hurricane! Terry Tucker.

Beyond the Rubber Tree. Terry Tucker.

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Black Clubs in Bermuda. Manning. 1973, New York, Cornell University.

Blacks in Defence of their Country. Ira Philip. 2009. Roles Bermuda's blacks have played in defence of both Bermuda and the UK, especially in the world wars.

Black Power in Bermuda: the Struggle for Decolonization. Quito Swan. 2009. The Island's black power movement and the impact it has had. How the movement grew during the Island's tempestuous 1960s and 1970s. Late civil rights campaigner Roosevelt Brown was heavily involved.

Blockade Runners of the Confederacy. Cochran. 1958. Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill. 350 pages. With illustrations.

Blockade: The Civil War At Sea. Carse. 1958. New York, Rinehart. 280 pages. Much about Bermuda.

Blood Fangs. Rod Farrington, Bermuda-based. Fiction.  2012. His latest vampire themed novel. About a rare, unique strain of vampire-blood beasts from the Congo jungle. After a hurricane, they end up trapped in the Bermuda Triangle for hundreds of years. Within the triangle, disease doesn’t exist, so while the vampires can feed on other humans’ blood, they cannot infect people or breed other vampires. When adventurers known as Spinners venture into the Triangle to resolve the situation, however, the vampires end up escaping into Bermuda. Author also wrote ‘Holy Wars’ and ‘Phantom Marauders.’

Blue Angels and Whales. Gibbings. 1946, London, J. M. Dent. A record of personal experiences below and above water. 114 pages. Illustrated, with Bermuda chapters.

Boer Prisoners of War in Bermuda. Colin Benbow, MA. 1962, reprinted 1982, 1994 and 2006 ($10 per copy). 124 pages. Illustrated, Bermuda Historical Society. Among the visitors to the Boer Cemetery on Long Island were South African President Thabo Mbeki and former President F.W de Klerk. Mr, Mbeki was in Bermuda for secret talks with South African political opponents in 1989 and had traveled from his exile base in Tanzania. Mr. de Klerk visited in 1997.

Bon Appetit Bermuda. Late 2010. By Bermuda-based Beau Rivage chef Jean-Claude Garzia. 2nd book. Some of the recipes in it led to the success of his former restaurant, Hamilton’s Lemon Tree Cafe. Includes his signature dishes saffron mussels bisque, Macadamia Brazilian nut salad with chicken, onion pie and sauteed scampis with tomatoes and scented garlic, plus his accent on onion pie, scallops, fresh fish, scampi, paella, fishcakes, omelette, salmon, tuna, Dover sole dipped in paprika, chicken pie, Bermuda loquat tarte tatin, loquat souffle, etc.

Book of the Survey of Bermuda by Richard Norwood 1662-1663. Lieutenant General Sir J. H. Lefroy, CB, KCMG, FRS, etc. 1879. 89 pages.

Break the Silence. 2003. Denise DeMoura, Bermudian poet.

Bride of A Thousand Cedars. A Bermuda Novel of living in Bermuda during the US Civil War. Lancaster and Brentano. 1939, New York, Stokes. 344 pages. Here was a society where good had prevailed over bad, where the plantation house didn’t have to go up in flames. “I tell you, Sally,” the family patriarch tells his daughter, “we live in the best colony in the Empire….We may not have the plantations that young Hyatt [an American from the South] was bragging about, but we’ve no slaves either.”

Brief Candle. A book of verse. By the late Bermuda-based British artist Sam Morse-Brown, 1991. Island Press Limited, Bermuda.

Building with Bermuda's Natural  Resources. 2007. Wilton Woolridge. The role, cutting and use of Bermuda's limestone. 50 pages. Multiple photos and illustrations of traditional buildings around the Island and full details of quarry operations, plus drawings and pictures by the author. From $25, contact author at (441) 732-9570.

Bulletin of Marine Science. Bermuda Natural History Museum. The issue prior to July 14, 2000 had an inventory by Dr. Wolfgang Sterrer on the number of species (at least 8,299) of flora and fauna in Bermuda, of which 4,597 are marine and 3,702 are terrestrial.

Bulwark of Empire. Bermuda's Fortified Naval Base. Willock. 1962. 151 pages.

Butler's History of the Bermudas. 2012. Edited by C. F. E Hollis Hallett. 

Butterfield's Bank. Five Generations in Bermuda. Harry C. Butterfield. 1970's.

Cameos of Old Bermuda. John Cox. 

Captain's Talker, The Story of the USS Thomas, A Hunter-Killer in World War 2. Charles Field. He served on the vessel in that capacity. It visited and trained in Bermuda in 1943.

Caperucita Roja Bermudas. Sin Autor. Published by Librifer S. Coop. Spanish.

Care. 100 years of Hospital Care in Bermuda.  J. Randolf Williams. 1994.

Chained on the Rock. Cyril Packwood.1975. 226 pages.

CHAMP! The One and Only Alma Hunt. 144 pages. Ira Philip, MBE, JP. Author was a long-time friend and colleague of the left-handed batsman who enjoyed an illustrious career as one of Bermuda's most admired and respected cricketers. 2008.

Chefs Don't Feel Pain. Jonny Roberts, Chef /Owner, Bolero Brasserie. 2011. For restaurant's 4th anniversary in its present name. Not a cookbook for the fainthearted as it includes anecdotes of the author's personal hardships in gaining entry to his field.

Chronicle of a Colonial Church: 1612-1826. A. C. Hollis Hallett.

Coastal Bermuda 10 Walks and 73 Plants you'll see along the way.  2008. Amy K. Pearson, published by BioQuill Publishing Company, PO Box 157, Princeton, MA  01541, USA.

Coins of Bermuda. 1997. Bermuda Monetary Authority.

Contributions from the Bermuda Biological Station for Research. By Bermuda Biological Station for Research (22 Nov 2009).

Contributions to the Natural History of the Bermudas, Issue 25. John Matthew Jones (31 Aug 2012)

Convict Establishment Bermuda. Booklet by Chris Adams and Mike Davis. A 1998 version of the 1820-1863 story of the convict hulk ships in Bermuda mostly to help build the Dockyard. About 2,000 of the 9,000 convicts died here from yellow fever or other diseases. (Also see The English Prison Hulks; Jail Journal; Life of John Mitchell, Bermuda: A Colony, A Fortress, and a Prison or Eighteen Months in the Somers' Islands, all mentioned below).

Coral Reefs. Darwin. 1897. 332 pages. plus illustrations.

Corals and Coral Islands. Dana, 1879. New York, Dodd and Mead. A treatise of corals describing many found in Bermuda. Illustrated, with maps.

Coral Reefs of the British Overseas Territories. They include Bermuda's. 2013. Fourth in the Coral Reefs of the World series, authored by international scientists. The edition highlights Bermuda as one of eight UK territories with an extensive reef system, describing the geography, oceanography and biodiversity over the course of several chapters. According to the book, the reef also has an enormous economic value as a tourist attraction, a barrier preventing erosion and as a commercial and recreational fishing area. It estimates the total economic value of the reef as being between $488 million to $1.1 billion per year. It also lists several potential threats to the Islands reefs, including coral bleaching, coral diseases, and global climate change. A section of the book reads: "Great uncertainty exists with respect to the capacity of Bermuda's slow growing corals to cope with rising sea level and ocean acidification and that the reef system will deliver the valuable ecosystem services and essential economic benefits into the next century." Currently available at the Department of Conservation Services Public Library at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, and can be purchased online.

Cottage Diary. Bermuda writer Sandra Taylor Rouja. 1983/1992/2010.  

Counterfeit Spies (1998). Nigel West. A tribute to Sir William Stephenson who did so much for Bermuda during World War 2.

Cruise of HMS Bacchante. Prince Albert Victor and Prince George of Wales, both then serving in the Royal Navy and aboard the warship. 1886. 2 volumes. London, Macmillan. With a Bermuda chapter.

Cup Match Legends and Personalities. Dr. Radell Tankard. 2012. They include Woodgate Simmons; Leroy ‘Tubby’ Richardson; Calvin (Bunny) Symonds; Eugene ‘Buck’ Woods, Neville Darrell Randy Horton, Colin Blades, Dennis Wainwright and the late Rupert Scotland to name a few.

Daddy and I Explore The Mangroves. Bermudian David Chapman.  2007. Glossy paperback. Bermuda theme.

Daddy and I explore The Tide Pools. David Chapman. 2006. Glossy paperback. Bermuda theme.

Daddy & I explore Nonsuch Island, A Living Museum. David Chapman. 2009. Bermuda Theme. Takes readers on a tour of Nonsuch Island and the work that has been done by former conservation officer David Wingate and current conservation officer Andrew Madeiros. Nonsuch Island, before it was a nature reserve, has had a very important and unique history in terms of Bermuda's overall heritage.

Dame Lois: The People’s Advocate. Colwyn Burchall, Jr, from Canada who who worked for five years in the Bermuda public school system. Dame Lois Browne-Evans was a key figure in Bermuda's politics.

Dark Fathom. Novel, thriller. Tom Morrisey. Partially set in Bermuda and its waters and with a map of Bermuda by the author. Published December 2005 by HarperCollins Zondervan.

Das Paradies der Bermuda Infeln. Ein Lieblicher und heilfrauftiger fur Gejunde und Liedende. Gustave Lening.

Days and Decades. 2010. Bermudian author John Cox.  His tenth book,  83-page collection of vignettes from his own life. Mr Cox has been a keen researcher and recorder of his ancestors’ lives and family history for decades, but states he is “a family historian, folklorist and ghost writer.” Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, ghosts, illness and more. Available at Tucker House in St. George’s. Including numerous family photographs. $10, with all proceeds being donated to the Bermuda National Trust. 

Date With Destiny. By veteran Bermudian photographer, Tamell Simons, who died in June 2012. About the Progressive Labour Party’s historic 1998 general election victory.

Deep Sea Diving. Dr. William Beebe. 1930. 80 pages. Illustrated.

Defence, Not Defiance: A History Of The Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps. Jennifer M. Ingham (later, Jennifer M. Hind), ISBN 0-9696517-1-6. Island Press Ltd, Bermuda.

Description of Bermuda. Jean Hector St. John Crevecoeur. 1774.

Diary of a Month In Bermuda and Storm At Sea.  John T. Smith (1868-1938). 1893. Diary of a wealthy man who with his brother Ed and cousin Nan visited Bermuda in the winter of 1893. With intriguing insights on Bermuda’s unique past, detailing experiences ranging from dealing with British regiments to riding upon donkey carts.. Author had penchant for travel and a curiosity to match his millions, so found himself on board an ocean steamer in the winter of 1893 bound for Bermuda, spending a month there.  

Digital Photo Art: New Directions. Theresa Airey. 2013. Author is a well-known Bermuda-based author, artist and photographer.

Directory of Charities. Annual edition. Center on Philanthropy, 7 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM NX. Lists 238 or so registered charities with profiles on 162 including services and activities, directors and contacts, etc.

Discovering Bermuda with Paintbrush and Bike. Molly Smith.

Dispatches from Bermuda. The Civil War Letters of Charles Maxwell Allen, U.S. Consul at Bermuda, 1861–1888. 2008. Edited by Glen N. Wiche. In the summer of 1861, President Abraham Lincoln appointed Charles Maxwell Allen U.S. consul to Bermuda. During the Civil War, Allen’s post became one of vital importance to the United States as this British colony became a center for Confederate blockade-running activities. As the sole representative of Union interests in pro-Confederate Bermuda, Allen found himself involved in the shadowy world of intelligence gathering as he attempted to thwart these blockade-runners. Allen's dispatches shed new light on two important and often overlooked aspects of the war: the Union blockade of southern seaports and the effort to bring vital war supplies through the blockade to the Confederate states.

Dispatches from Bermuda

Distant Drums: The Role of Colonies in British Imperial Warfare. Dr. Ashley Jackson, a senior lecturer and historian at King’s College, London, states how colonies and dominions were central to the defence of the British Empire. Bermuda is included.

Divers and Snorkelers Guide to the Fishes and Sea Life of the Caribbean, Florida. Bahamas and Bermuda. 1985. F. Joseph Stokes. Hardcover.

Do-Boy Digs Bermuda. By local children's' author and artist Elizabeth Mulderig. 2007. Tells the story of a Dachshund called Do-Boy who fancies himself a bit of a pirate after he finds a treasure map and travels across the island on his scooter in search of what he hopes is buried gold and silver. In the middle of his frantic dig he meets a turtle at Devil's Hole who reprimands him, forcing the young pup to consider whether or not he will share the treasure once he finds it.

Duncan Dunbar: The Record of an Earnest Ministry. The Life of the late pastor of the McDougal Street Baptist Church, New York. Jeremiah Chaplin, 3 editions. Chapter VI is titled "Wrecked on the Coast of Bermuda - Kind Reception." 1866.

Dockyard Cats. Artist Don Trousdell (allergic to cats, so must view them from a distance). Year 2000. $15. Intended for children and adults to take a trip to the Bermuda Dockyard, discover its history and look for cats. Also a book for cat lovers of all ages.

Dr. E. F. Gordon - Hero of Bermuda's Working Class. Writers' Machine.

Early Bermuda Wills. Clara Hallett, a pioneer in genealogy studies on the Island.

Early History of Bermuda for Children. Canon Tucker. 1937, 1939. Bermuda Book Store.

Emigrant Ministers to America, 1690-1811, A List of. Gerald Fothergill.

Encyclopedia of Bermuda Artists. Jonathan Land Evans, Bermudian art historian. 2009/2010.

Essence of Bermuda. Keith A. Forbes, Bermudian author of this http://www.bermuda-online.org. 403 years of changes in Bermuda. 600 pages to date, pending.

Excursions on Galer Way. 2002. By Oscar A Carrasquillo, Bermuda resident 1956-1970. Self Published. 58 Pages, 44 Works of Poem/Song Lyrics Dedicated to the people of Bermuda, NYC and Canada. Some of these works were written in Bermuda.

Extract of a Letter to John Eaton Dodsworth, Esq. from Dr. George Forbes of Bermuda, relating to the Patella, or Limpet Fish, found there. George Forbes, 1758. Philosophical Transactions London (50)2: 859-860.

Faces of Bermuda. Weatherill. 1985. 136 pages. Photographs of local notables.

Fallen Angel. Earlston Young. He is Bermudian, HIV positive (Mid Ocean News May 2, 2003, page 4), and a recovered drug addict. The story of his life.

Family Law Jurisdictional Comparisons (second edition). 2013. The analysis of Bermuda family law included in the book was co-authored by Marshall Diel & Myers Limited (MDM) Bermuda lawyers Rachael Barritt and Adam Richards. They are directors of MDM and senior members of the law firms matrimonial and family team. They were invited to co-author the must-have publication for family and divorce lawyers globally. Published by European Lawyer/Thomson Reuters. A comprehensive and practical guide to the key components of family law across a multitude of major jurisdictions. An excellent resource on family law in Bermuda. The new book received positive reviews including from Lord Justice Thorpe, Head of the Office of International Family Justice, who said: "This supremely practical book provides basic information on international family law operating in no less than 46 jurisdictions. The general editor was particularly astute to ensure that all these jurisdictions adopted the same template for their presentations. In this busy world the provision of basic legal information in an easily digestible form is what we all seek."

Famous Ships of the World. Lt. Commander. P. K. Kemp, RN. (Retired).

Fathom Five. A Story of Bermuda. N. Benjamin. 1939. 238 pages.

Fear Not To Follow. 2002. Naamah Knight (nee Harris) McHarg. A personal history of the life and family of the American-born author married to a Bermudian.

Feed the Goat. By Bermudian Shaun Goater and Manchester's City editor David Clayton. Tells of Goater's Bermuda upbringing, his career in the UK as a professional soccer player and his dream of setting up a professional team on the island.

Fessenden, Builder of Tomorrow. Her biography of her husband, Reginald Fessenden, by his Bermudian widow. She wrote of their life at Wistowe in Flatts. The Bank of Bermuda Ltd. administers the Fessenden Trust, an academic scholarship foundation.

Field Book of Shore Fishes of Bermuda. Beebe, William and Tee-Van. 1933. New York, Putnam. 343 pages. Illustrated.

Field Guide to Birds of the West Indies. Bond, James. 1947.

Fires of Pembroke. Illustrated by Bermuda illustrator Catherine Draycott.

First flights of Bermuda and British Caribbean FAM Routes. Charles E. Cwiakala. [Monograph no. 3]. British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group, ca. 1982; [35 pp.]. Reprinted from the British Caribbean Philatelic Journal.

Fishes of the Bermudas. Goode. 1876. 88 pages.

Fishes of Bermuda. Dr. Wolfgang Sterrer. 1999. Updated in 2013 with new information on species endemic to Bermuda not previously listed.

Fishing in Bermuda. Graham Faiella,  5 Newton Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 3PJ, England. A perspective on all aspects of local fishing.

Flora of Bermuda. Nathanial Lord Britton. He was the first director of the New York Botanical Garden. New York, Scribners. 1st edition, 1918. There may have been an earlier (1904) edition. It is doubtful that any flora of any country has been so completely studied and recorded as that of Bermuda, thanks in large part to him.

Flowering Trees of the Caribbean. 1951. 125 pages. Illustrated.

Flowers in Bermuda. J. Cuninghame (Also wrote Flowers in the Bahamas). Out of print. 12 plates of botanical drawings. 1969. Longtail Publishers. Forward by Governor Martonmere. 

Flowers of Bermuda. Hannau. No date. 64 pages and illustrated.

Flowers of Bermuda. Middleton. c. 1927. E & Catherine F. Tucker, Bermuda. 18 pages, illustrated. One of several books by them.

Flowers of the Caribbean. 1978. Including Bermuda. G. W. Lennox and S. A.. Seddon.

Fodor's Bermuda. Fodor Travel Publications. 

Fodor's Guide to the Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda. Eugene Fodor. 1967.

Fond Recollections of Prospect Secondary School for Girls (PSSG). Patricia (Pat) Hall, MBE. 2013. PSSG was located in the former British Army barracks at Prospect, not ideal conditions for a school. It began there in December 1957 and ended in  August 1987.

Four Centuries of Friendship. Partly to celebrate Bermuda's 400th anniversary in 2009. It commemorates the work of the US Consulate in Bermuda since its establishment in 1812. US-Bermuda history from an American perspective. Edited by Marina Slayton, wife of US Consul General Gregory Slayton. 150 pp full color hardback, with many articles, historical color and black and white images, maps, 2008-2009. Plus chapters written by the US State Department and Mr. Slayton. Bermuda Maritime Museum Press. It was discovered that there were over 290 boxes of consular diplomatic dispatches between Bermuda and the USA, including many from the first American consul in Bermuda, William R. Higginbotham, in and from 1812 to John Quincy Adams who, after he left the Presidency, became US Secretary of State. 

Four Decades of Exchange Trading. Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX). 2011. A commemorative publication. Traces the BSX's four-decade history since 1971 and seeks to offer insight into its role in the continuing development of the capital market in Bermuda. It grew from very humble beginnings to become the world’s largest offshore, fully electronic securities market offering a full range of listing and trading opportunities for international and domestic issuers. 

48H: The Pond's on fire. Lois Smith-Burgess.

Freedom Fighters From Monk to Mazumbo. Philip. 275 pages.

Freedom's Flames - Slavery in Bermuda and the True Story of Sally Bassett. 2010. Colwyn Burchall. Explores the story of Sally Bassett who was burned at the stake as a witch in the 1700s. She was elderly, enslaved black woman from Southampton who was stated to have attempted to murder her granddaughter's owners. 

Footsteps in the Sand. Short Historical Dramas About Bermuda's Early Days. 2008. Leading figures in Bermuda's history. William Zuill, Sr. Bermuda National Trust.106 pages. Soft cover. $20.

Frith of Bermuda, Gentleman Privateer. Sister Jean de Chantal Kennedy, SCH. 1964. A biography of Bermudian Hezekiah Frith, 1763-1848 who made a fortune from his privateering for the Royal Navy. Bermuda Book Store. 275 pages and illustrated.

From Loudoun to Glory. Kevin Grigsby, 2013. Author worked in Bermuda for 12 years until 2011 when he returned to Virginia. Loudoun is his home county. Sheds new light on the role of African American soldiers in the Civil War. Hundreds of young African American men from Loudoun County signed up for duty with the First Colored Infantry in Georgia or the Ninth US Colored Infantry in Louisiana or Mississippi, in 1863. Mr Grigsby used enlistment records, veteran pension records and National Park Science records to research his book. At least 250 African Americans from Loudoun signed up to fight as soldiers and 12 joined as sailors. “Loudoun County was a little different in that it was in the south, but had a faction of Union loyalists,” said Mr Grigsby. “This was probably why a lot of African Americans signed up. There was also a Quaker population in the county who were against slavery.” One Bermudian soldier taking part was Sergeant Robert J Simmons, who served in the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. Sgt Simmons fought in the Union assault on the Confederate Fort Wagner in South Carolina. Despite their valiant effort, the 54th suffered heavy casualties and Union forces failed to capture the fort. He died in a South Carolina prison after being taken prisoner during the assault on Fort Wagner.

Frommer's Bermuda (Frommer's Complete Guides). 2012. Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince (26 Jul 2012)

Frommer's Bermuda 2003. Frommer's Complete Guides. 2002. Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince. Published by Jogn Wiley & Sons. 

Frommers Bermuda

Gentleman Poet. Kathryn Johnson. Historical romantic novel. November 2010. Inspired by the prolific American author's Bermuda honeymoon. Tells the imaginary story of Shakespeare’s relationship with a younger “Sea Venture” passenger on an island then still reputed among mariners to be the haunt of demons. Elizabeth Persons is a young servant girl prone to debilitating headaches she knows to be omens of imminent danger. She is one of 150 passengers aboard “Sea Venture” who survive a terrifying hurricane while en route to Virginia and then struggle ashore in Bermuda. Despairing of rescue, Elizabeth and the others make their home on the uninhabited island for nine long months while they build a new ship to complete their voyage to Jamestown. While there, love blossoms between Elizabeth and the young ship’s cook, and she befriends a mysterious old man — William Shakespeare.

Gentleman Poet

Genuine Bermuda Historical Memorabilia. 1st and 2nd editions. Fred Schmitt and his daughter Susan Koval. Published by Schmitt Collectibles, a division of Schmitt Investors Ltd. of Woodbury, New York. 

Girdle Round The Earth. Hugh Barty-King. The story of Cable & Wireless, including at Bermuda.

Gladys Morrell and the Women's Suffrage Movement in Bermuda. Colin Benbow. 82 pages.

Glimpses of Bermuda. A few highways and byways. Ethel and Catherine F Tucker of Bermuda. 1930's. J. Salmon Ltd. Sevenoaks, Kent, England. 18 pages. Illustrated with  their own  paintings (13). A keepsake book. One of several by them.

Gombey Baby. By author and illustrator Joan Aspinall. 2010. The author collaborated with Irwin Trott, leader and founder of the Warwick Gombeys. The story is that a mother sings to her baby boy about his heritage with the rhythm of the drums. He hears her call, her beat and the “raatta tat tat” of gombey drums. He flies with comets, skips over rainbows, dances in Africa. 

Gracious Lily Affair. A Bermuda novel. Van Wyck Mason. 1957, New York, Doubleday.

Great Guns of Bermuda: A Guide to the Principal Forts of the Bermuda Islands. Dr. Edward Harris,  Director of Bermuda Maritime Museum. 1987.

Great Waters - An Atlantic Passage. 2001/02. Deborah Cramer. 

Guide to the Birds of Bermuda. Eric Amos. 2010. Meticulous natural history records and field notes. They represent the most comprehensive record of migrant birds obtained by any one person on Bermuda during the period 1969 to 2009. By one of its most outstanding natural historians.

Guide to Winter Resorts in Southern Seas and A Guide to Bermuda. Quebec Steamship Company Lines, A. E. Outerbridge & Co., Agents, 51 Broadway, New York. Ober, Fred A., author of "Camps of the Caribees." Illustrated by Frank H. Taylor. 32 pages.

Grover’s Adventures under the Sea. By the late Sesame Street illustrator and long-term Bermuda visitor Tom Cooke, a frequent Bermuda visitor from the USA. The book reflected his son’s enjoyment of scuba diving at Bermuda's Grape Bay.

Half A Mile Down. William Beebe. 1934. New York, Harcourt Brace. 344 pages. Illustrated.

Hakim: Son of Mazumbo. Philip. 20 pages.

Halifax: Warden of the North.  Thomas H. Raddall.

Hall of History.  Bermuda's Story in Art. Graham Foster and Rosemary Jones.  2011. Large and heavy coffee table book detailing the mural Mr Foster made of Bermuda history at The Commissioner’s House in Dockyard. The mural illustrates Bermuda’s history from its earliest days in the 1600s to modern times and took Mr Foster several years to complete.

Happy Days in Bermuda. Sandra Taylor Rouja. 1969. For children.

Hamilton, Bermuda: City and Capital 1897-1997. Colin Benbow and the late Marian Robb. 1997.

Hamilton - Town and City. 2014. Late David L. White, Bermuda National Trust, seventh in its Architectural Heritage series. $150. 

Hang the Witch High. Terry Tucker.

Hansel Y Gretel Bermudas. Sin Autor. Published by Librifer S. Coop. Spanish.

Head-plate flaws of the King George VI high values of Bermuda, Leeward Islands, and Nyasaland. Interim report no. 2. King George VI Collectors Society, May 1970; 25 pp.

Happy's Christmas Gift. 2010. Bermudian Geoff Parker. Children's book about a Yorkshire terrier with a heart of gold, Happy befriends a homeless girl and tries to help her post her letter to Santa. Along the way Happy accidentally falls into a mailbag destined for the North Pole. Can Happy save the day? Will he get home by Christmas? Conceived around the little dog, Happy, owned by Mr Parker’s mother-in-law, Winnie Ferris. When her husband died someone recommended she get a little dog as company. With Welsh illustrator Lisa Fox. Her drawings are based on photos of Happy and also of members of the Parker family. 

Harpers New Monthly Magazine. March 1872 edition focused on Bermuda.

Held Captive. A History of International Insurance in Bermuda. Catherine R. Duffy.  Bermuda, with London and New York, is one of three global leaders in the fields of insurance and reinsurance.

Held in Trust. The Properties and Collections of the Bermuda National Trust. 2008. Produced by Trust volunteers. With many photographs. Hard cover with dust jacket.138 pages.$35. Covers all aspects of the Trust’s holdings. The chapters on the Trust’s historic properties and cemeteries cover the history and significance of each property in detail. The chapter on Protected Open Space reviews not only the properties protected by the Trust, but also the conservation significance of the reserves and the challenges inherent in managing open space in Bermuda today. The chapter on the Trust’s collections describes these with emphasis on Bermudian artisans who worked in silver and cedar, and the Trust’s collection of fine Bermudian paintings. 

Henry Gross and his Dowsing Rod. Water Divining in Bermuda. K. Roberts, 1951, New York, Doubleday. 310 pages.

Henry's Dream.  Authored by Jonathan Bell and Roger Crombie, and designed by Linda Weinraub of Fluent. Watlington Waterworks Ltd marked its 80th anniversary in 2012 with the release of  this new book chronicling the company’s history. It describes how Sir Henry Watlington, in the early years of the 20th century, saw the need for a supply of fresh water beyond what was gathered from roofs, as demand grew with the expanding tourism industry. His vision of tapping groundwater sources was finally realized with the founding of the company in 1932, a firm which is today one of Bermuda’s most important commercial enterprises, as it provides a critical part of the Island’s fresh water supply and infrastructure. A fresh water supply on a small and remote island was one of the major challenges for the first settlers in the 17th century and remains a challenge to this day. Rainwater gathered from roofs does not meet all demand, especially during drought conditions, and even groundwater has its limits. Because freshwater is less dense than seawater, it sits on the top of the ocean, forming a lens within the Island’s permeable rock. The main lens in Devonshire contains about 2.2 billion gallons of fresh water. Through a system of tunnels and boreholes the water is extracted and then processed. Since a significant upgrade in 1979, Watlington’s water has been potable.Watlington backs up its groundwater supplies with a desalination operation capable of producing more than one million gallons of fresh water per day from seawater. Reverse osmosis technology used in desalination had progressed and become much more energy-efficient in recent years, he added. Way back in 1911, Sir Henry Watlington saw the importance — and the business opportunity — of meeting rising water demand. In 1924, the House of Assembly rejected his initial proposal to test the groundwater resources. In the summer of 1930, he did it himself. The test results were good, so he ploughed everything he had into building a plant on Parsons Lane that cost 80,000 pounds — a massive sum in those times. Water was processed at the plant and piped to a reservoir at Prospect from where two pipelines transported the water in to the City of Hamilton as far as the Princess Hotel, and also to the Elbow Beach Hotel on the South Shore. Over the years the network of pipelines spread throughout the City of Hamilton and along the South Shore, eventually extending as far as Southampton Parish. In 1994 the company invested in a reverse osmosis plant on the North Shore in Devonshire, taking the water from the seawater wells and removing all impurities to provide drinking quality water. This new technology has been continually updated and upgraded and now the North Shore complex houses six reverse osmosis plants. Watlington also owns Pure Water, 32 Parsons Lane, Devonshire, a bottled water firm that it acquired in 1996. The company sells about 250,000 three- and five-gallon bottles of water per year in reusable containers.

Here, There and Everywhere. Hamilton, Lord Frederick. 1921. New York, Doran. 332 pages. Chapters on Bermuda.

Heritage. Late Dr. Kenneth E. Robinson, OBE. 1979. An account of the struggles and achievements of Black Bermudians in the period following emancipation.

Heritage Matters. Volumes 1 and 2. Dr. Edward Harris, executive director of the Bermuda Maritime Museum. A a collection of essays that explore Bermuda's rich history and culture. Volume 2 explains the integral role that war played in the development of Bermuda, the historical significance of the Casemates Barracks and the frequent visits by literary hero Mark Twain, who is quoted calling Bermuda his 'Isles of Rest."

Heroines in the Medical Field of Bermuda. Volume 1. Ira Philip. Honoring Bermudians for their contribution. 

Hidden in the Heart. 2013. Catherine West. Novel, based on personal experiences. About a young woman, named Claire, who goes through an early life crisis after losing her mother and suffering a miscarriage. Her husband is fine with trying again for another baby, but she can’t handle the emotions that come from that and turns to pills and alcohol for relief. Author also wrote  ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ about a female journalist who goes to Vietnam to cover the war and make a name for herself. She meets a photographer and they fall in love; he turns out to be a CIA agent. 

Hiking Bermuda. 2003. 20 Nature Walks and Day Hikes. Cecile and Stephen Davidson. 160 pages. Standard hiking book format. A guide to the back roads of Bermuda.

Historic Photographs of Bermuda. Volume 1.  2010. J. A. Mark Emmerson. 

History of British America. Hugh Murray. 1840. Two volumes. New York, Harper Brothers. Bermuda chapters.

Historye of the Bermudaes or Summer Islands. Edited, from an MS in the Sloane Collection, British Museum, by General Sir J. Henry Lefroy, RA, CB, KCMG, FRS, etc, formerly Governor of the Bermudas, Author of "Memorials Of the Discovery and Early Settlement of the Bermudas or Somers Islands." Illustrated with reproductions of engravings of Captain John Smith, a copy of the Sir George Somers portrait by Paul Vansomer (then in the collection of Miss Bellamy) and first stockade at Bermuda. MDCCCLXXXII, London, printed for the Hakluyt Society (No. LXV).

History of The Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1891 - 1933. Held at the Bermuda Library, in Hamilton.

History of the Coloured Peoples of Bermuda. Dorothy F. Thompson. A former teacher, school principal and social activist in Bermuda. About 1966. Written for students. The Island Press Ltd. Not a book but more of a series of notes, in a very basic style.

History of the Furness-Withy Bermuda Line 1919-1966. 2002. Allen Soares. The author worked on the "Queen of Bermuda" for 5 years in the 1960s. When it was formed, it began a weekly service between Bermuda and New York. It was also given the charter to develop Tucker's Town; was much involved in the making of the Castle Harbour and St. George's Hotels and brought the ships MS Bermuda, Monarch of Bermuda, Queen of Bermuda and Ocean Monarch.

History of the Lincolnshire Regiment 1914-1918 by C. R. Simpson and Major-General C. R. Simpson. Published in the UK on July 11 2002. Earlier in 1914, before the Great War began, the Lincolnshire Regiment had served in Bermuda. As a result, from 1914, Bermudians also fought with and some died in that conflict for the Lincolnshire Regiment in the Great War (World War 1), as mentioned in the book. 

History of the Lincolnshires 1914-18

History of the War. In several volumes. Bermuda Government records of government actions, legislation and more during World War II. Bermuda National Library.

Hodge Podge. A bedtime book. Kennedy, Sister Jean de Chantal. 1975. 143 pages and illustrated.

Home Made Cooking Good 'Nuff for Sharing. Compiled by Vernon Temple AME Church.

If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things. 2002. Bloomsbury. Bermuda-born British writer Jon McGregor, now in Nottingham, England, whose father was Reverend Alistair McGregor at St. James Church, Sandys 1973-76.

Illustrated Bermuda Guide. Stark. 1st edition, 1884, rare. Subsequent editions.

Important Bird Areas of the Caribbean: Key Sites for Conservation. 2008. BirdLife International. Includes a chapter on Bermuda's IBA, the Castle Harbour islands, written by Bermuda Audubon president Andrew Dobson and Government Conservation Officer Jeremy Madeiros.

Independence? 2004. By retired lawyer and former United Bermuda Party MP and Cabinet Minister William Cox. 2,000 copies of this epistolatory booklet were printed in which he makes plain that his sympathies lie with maintaining Bermuda's current constitutional position. In a foreword to a collection of seven letters mostly relating to Bermuda's constitutional relationship to the UK, Mr. Cox makes the case that "Bermuda has always benefited from this UK connection and the peace and prosperity we have enjoyed throughout our history and still enjoy is in no small measure due to this connection". He advises that "as with all relationships, if it is to work it must be a two-way street, which means it is necessary for there to be good relations between the Governor and the local Government." Mr. Cox takes successive Governments to task, arguing that while "the UK Government has always gone more than half way to meet the aspirations of the Bermuda Government . . . the Bermuda Government has not displayed the same goodwill in return, especially in the last 30 or so years". He lists a dozen events or factors that have made things difficult for the UK Government to work in harmony with the Bermuda Government over these years, including the 1972 murder of Police Commissioner George Duckett, the 1973 murders of Governor Sir Richard Sharples and his aide-de-camp Captain Hugh Sayers, and the decision of "the Gibbons Government" to hang the perpetrators. He alleges that "the 1983 Swan Government, spearheaded by the Finance Minister David Gibbons, publicly hounded Governor Richard Posnett out of office on trumped-up, spurious charges" and that the Pamela Gordon Government did likewise to Police Commissioner Colin Coxall in 1997. The Progressive Labour Party is not spared: Jennifer Smith is castigated for announcing the holding of a general election in 2002 without telling the Governor, and Premier Alex Scott for using the need for the appointment of a Chief Justice as an excuse to make irresponsible political and personal attacks on the Governor in the media. Mr. Cox warns: "If the Bermuda Government wishes to sever all links with the UK, it must hold a referendum and get a significant majority of Bermudians to support such a move." He suggests that "for members of the Bermuda Government not to observe at least the basic minimum of the courtesies which should be observed in ordinary human relations when dealing with the Governor indicates nothing other than bad breeding and ill manners".

In the Eye of All Trade: Bermuda, Bermudians, and the Maritime Atlantic World, 1680-1783. Dr. Michael Jarvis, 2009. Bermudians used their ships for commerce and travel between the island, the Caribbean, the continental Americas and wider afield and they were manned by men from all sectors of the community, free and slave, the latter until Emancipation in 1834. The importance of those ships, specifically designed for the island, is laid out in great detail in this new history book. University of Rochester historian Michael Jarvis won the 2010 James A. Rawley Prize in Atlantic History for this book. The honor is given to a single recipient each year by the American Historical Association, the country's premier scholarly organization for historians.

In the Trades, Tropics and Roaring Forties. Brassey. 1884. London, Longmans. 452 pages and illustrated with maps.

Insider's Guide to Bermuda. Currently in Bermuda bookstores.

Island Life 1999. By Scott Stallard. 1999.

Island Sistahs. Patrice Frith.

Island Thyme, Tastes and Traditions of Bermuda. 2004. $37.95. Bigger successor of Bermuda Cookery. Bermuda Junior Service League (BJSL). Bermuda cuisine and culture. 256 pages with more than 200 recipes and colour photos of Bermuda cooking, traditions and celebrations.

Intercepted in Bermuda. Peter A. Flynn. 2006. Censorship facts.

In the Hour of Victory. By former Police Commissioner Senator Jonathan Smith.  2011. Details the horror, sadness and excitement of a Bermudian fighting on the European front line during the Second World War. The story of Mr Smith’s grandfather, Major Anthony F (Toby) Smith, who fought for the Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps (BVRC), a forerunner of today’s Bermuda Regiment, and the Lincolnshire Regiment. He was killed in action in Holland on October 14, 1944. The book is based on his original 300 letters, cards and telegrams and additional research conducted by Mr Smith. Major Smith was one of 12 children, five of whom saw active military duties in two world wars. He and the entire first contingent of soldiers of the BVRC and Bermuda Militia Artillery (BMA), survived a U-boat attack in July 1940 and spent several years in the United Kingdom before finally seeing active combat. Meanwhile, his family struggled to make ends meet during the war from their home in the United States and then in Bermuda. $35. The book is the subject of a film made by Lucinda Spurling. 

In the Wake of Galleons. Robert F. Marx. Historical research on the 16th-17th century galleon trail near Bermuda. Including his visit to Bermuda with Teddy Tucker

Into the Bermuda Triangle: Pursuing the Truth Behind the World's Greatest Mystery. Gian Quasar (1 Apr 2005)

I sing to the Sea or Canto Do Mar. 2013. Bermuda writer Sandra Taylor Rouja, her second book.

It's a Dirty, Rotten, Wonderful Business. 2004. Nell Bassett. A Bermudian in American broadcasting. She worked for radio stations in New York. She began her broadcasting career in Bermuda as a DJ.

It's only 4%: Crime in Bermuda. Larry Scott. Bermudian lawyer. 2011. Points to numerous entities including Government House, the Judiciary, the security services, the Bermuda Bar Council, Progressive Labour Party hierarchy and elsewhere, for creating a successful overall crime prosecution rate in Bermuda of only 4% compared to over 50% in New York; alienating Bermuda's young black males and being self-delusional, misguided and misdirected about the extent of crime in Bermuda and proper solutions he believes are needed. 

Isle of Devils. Bermuda Under the Somers Island Company. Sister Jean de Chantal Kennedy. 1971. Baxter's/Collins, 288 pages. Illustrated. This American author spent many years in Bermuda as a nun and teacher/author/researcher.

Isle of Devils. 2014. E-book. Novel, mystery. By pediatrician Chris Dvorak, a frequent visitor who writes under the pen name Craig Janacek. Set in Bermuda, loosely based on a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mystery with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson but with well-known Bermudian characters named as suspects. A hotel guest has been brutally murdered. In the plot, Dr Watson comes to Bermuda in 1880 to recuperate from wounds gained in the Afghanistan war. He stays at the Globe Hotel in St George's. Unfortunately for him, Bermuda is struck by a hurricane during his stay. When the winds die down, a guest at the Globe Hotel is dead, and only someone in the hotel during the storm could have killed him. It's Dr Watson's job to find out who did so. Dr Dvorak has written articles for medical journals under his own name, and several other mystery novels under the pen name of Craig Janacek including The Adventure of the Spanish Sovereign and The Adventure of the Manufactured Miracle, both about Sherlock Holmes. They are available for download through Kindle. 

Isles in Summer Seas. Beautiful Bermuda. Redman. 1913. New York, Dillingham. 242 pages. Illustrated.

Isles of the Sea. Dawson. 1886. 696 pages. Illustrated.

I Spy. Novel. Bermuda resident Geoffrey Elliott.  

It Seems Like Only Yesterday. The First 50 Years of TCA, now Air Canada. Philip Smith. Bermuda is mentioned prominently, starting with the flights of 1946 and 1948.

Jail Journal. Mitchell. 1910's. 320 pages. Author was a convict in Bermuda.

Jazz of the Rock, Part 1. Curtis. Writers' Machine.

Joe Mills: A Bermuda Labor Legend. Dr. Eva Hodgson.

Justice Denied: Bermuda’s Black Militants, the ‘Third Man’ and the Assassinations of a Police Chief and Governor. Mel Ayton. 2010. This British author worked in the Bermuda prison service in 1972 and 1973 when Police Commissioner George Duckett, Governor Sir Richard Sharples and his aide Captain Hugh Sayers were murdered by assassins linked to the Black Beret Cadre, a Bermudian black power group. Originally intended to publish as Conspiracy To Kill but the author has stated the-then US publisher backed out of the contract at the last minute afraid of a law suit.

Kilcolman, or Raleigh's Visit to Spenser, and other compositions in Verse. Thomas E. Nelmes. 216 pages. 1875.

Kill Me Once, Kill Me Twice. Murder on the Queen's Playground. Dr. Carol Schuman. 2010. The true story of the worst crime ever committed on any woman, the brutal repeated rape, sodomy and murder in 1996 of teenager Canadian tourist Rebecca Middleton and the obscene, deliberate miscarriages of justice that followed in Bermuda, with in 2011 two-year old appeal to the European Court of Human Rights still unresolved. 

Kindley Air Force Base, Bermuda: The First Twenty Five Years. Block, Dolores G. Not a book but a collection of articles about the US base, in a binder. Not produced commercially. The author has since died.

Kill Me Once…Kill Me Twice: Murder on the Queen's Playground. By Bermuda resident Carol Shuman. 2010. It examines the way the dreadfully and shamefully and deliberately botched investigation was handled after the 17-year-old was raped, repeatedly stabbed and left for dead at Ferry Reach in 1996. The 17 year old Canadian teenager Rebecca Middleton's brutal repeated rape, sodomy,  murder, probably the most sadistic sexual crimes ever committed against a woman and the fact that nobody was convicted for it, has been the focus of international headlines and documentaries over the years. It's also been the focus of several judicial appeals including one from top human rights lawyer Cherie Booth QC. Ms Booth, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, failed in her attempt to get Bermuda's Chief Justice to quash a prosecutor's decision not to reopen the case in 2007. The Bermuda Government, instead of offering to pay substantial compensation to bereaved parents, merely offered token compensation. 

King Carter's Church. Gowans, Professor Alan.

King George VI Large Key Type Stamps of Bermuda, Leeward Islands, Nyasaland. Robert W. Dickgiesser and Eric P. Yendall. Weston, Mass., Triad Publications, 1985, 183 pp.; bibliography.

Kitty Harris. Novel. Bermuda resident Geoffrey Elliott.  In conjunction with Igor Damaskin of Russia.

Knick Knacks, Licks. And the Annihilation of the Bermuda Working Class and its Placement in Prison. Writers' Machine.

Lands of the Inner Sea. West Indies and Bermuda. Roberts, A. 1948. 301 pages.

La Spiga Readers - Lecturas Simplificadas (A2/B1): El Triangulo de las Bermudas. Published by La Spiga Languages, Italy.

Last Act in Bermuda. Burnham. 1940's. A novel about the Islands.

Boeing 314Last of the Flying Clippers. The Boeing 314 Story. M. D. Klass. 2006. With amenities modeled on those of the great luxury liners of the period, the 12 Boeing-314 Clippers operated by Pan Am and British Overseas Airlines Corporation remain the most luxurious aircraft ever to take to the skies. The sumptuous flying boats used to fly through Bermuda in the 1930s and '40s. The book includes sections on the aircraft's extensive use of the Darrell's Island airport in Bermuda. They were the largest aircraft of their type ever built, with a maximum of 74 passengers and 10 crew. They used island airports as intermediate stepping stones for ocean-spanning flights across the Atlantic and Pacific. The aircraft were commissioned from Boeing by Pan Am founder Juan Trippe – also the developer of Bermuda's Castle Harbour Hotel – specifically for trans-oceanic flights. PanAm operated nine of the aircraft while three were purchased by Imperial Airways, forerunner of today's British Airways and also flew through Bermuda en route to New York and other destinations. The aircraft were built between 1938 and 1941. After World War Two, seaplanes became obsolete because new, long-range aircraft such as the Lockheed Constellation could cross the Atlantic and Pacific non-stop

Legend of St. Brendan's. By Dr. Juanita Guishard. University of Toronto Press. About the only mental, or psychiatric, hospital in Bermuda and the Irish saint by that name born about 484 AD.

Lennon Bermuda. 2012. Book and CD. Former Beatle's member John Lennon's experiences in Bermuda. In the summer of 1980, John Lennon, accompanied by his 5-year-old son, Sean, his personal assistant, Fred Seaman, and Sean's nanny, Helen Seaman (Fred's aunt) took a sailing trip down to Bermuda. Many songs on Lennon's last album, Double Fantasy, were written or completed during Lennon's two-month stay in Bermuda. The name of the album was even influenced by Lennon's trip when he saw the Double Fantasy freesia flower in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens.

Lest We Forget - They Paved the Way. 2000. Joy Cora Elizabeth Wilson Tucker. Bermuda's Black History. Profile of some of its personalities.

Letters from Bermuda. Eames, Mrs. Jane A. Two editions, the second of 1881. Written originally for the Concord, New Hampshire "Daily Monitor" newspaper and published in booklet form. Begins with a letter written from the Hamilton Hotel, Hamilton, Bermuda, on January 12, 1875 and with more through 1880.

Lewis Hughes: The Militant Minister of the Bermudas and his Printed Works. Cole, George Watson. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society for October, 1927. 67 pages. 1928, American Antiquarian Society.

Life in Old Bermuda. Cox, John. Local historian.

Life of John Mitchell. Dillon. Two volumes. 1888. Mitchell was a convict on a Prison Hulk in Bermuda.

Life on Old St. David's. McCallan, Ernest A. 1948. Bermuda Historical Monuments Trust. 1st edition, 258 pages. Illustrated. Later reprinted.

Light the Spark. The Life and Times of Bermudian "Sparky" Lightbourne. Dr. Andrea J. Lightbourne,  English Language Arts Officer, Ministry of Education. About well-known Bermudian bus driver the late Hubert "Sparky" Lightbourne after whom the new Hamilton bus terminal was named. 

Little Bermuda. Pool. 1899. Boston, Page & Co. 163 pages.

Lois: Grand Dame of Bermuda Politics. A late 2001 biography of Dame Lois Browne-Evans. By J. Randolf Williams. $32.

Longtales. A Bermuda Anthology. Writers Club. 1981. 25th anniversary publication.

Lost Treasure of Bermuda. Rod. C. Farrington. 2005. Novel.

Look Seaward Bermuda. Pearman. 1938. 62 pages.

Love and Hate in Jamestown: John Smith, Pocahontas, and the Start of A New Nation. David A. Price. Alfred A. Knopf, 2003. Husband of Pocahontas was John Rolfe, formerly of the Sea Venture then of Bermuda.

Love is a Durable Fire. Bermudian author Brian Burland.

Mapping of Bermuda: A Bibliography of Printed Maps and Charts, 1548-1970. M. Palmer (Editor), Ronald Vere Palmer (Editor).

Marathon - All the Facts, Winners and Drama. Dale Butler.

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Marine Fauna and Flora of Bermuda. Dr. Wolfgang Sterrer. 1986. Wiley Interscience, New York. Out of print.

Marine Mollusks of Bermuda: Checklist and Bibliography. 2009. First complete and comprehensive catalogue of Bermuda's marine mollusks, after over a decade of preparation. Published by the Delaware Museum of Natural History. Compiled and catalogued by the late Bermuda-shell collector Russel H. Jensen and Dr. Timothy A. Pearce - the curator of mollusks at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh. The detailed book is compiled from more than 750 literature sources and previously unpublished museum records. With 100 species never before reported, 66 only found in Bermuda and 900 mollusk species in total, it is by far the most thorough and complete list of Bermuda's Marine Mollusks printed to date. Russel Jensen, who's work provides the basis for the book, began studying marine Mollusks in Bermuda shortly after World War 2. He spent nearly 40 years scouring the depths around the island for new species and specimens. Along with Bermudian colleagues Jack Lightbourn and Arthur Guest the trio spent decades dredging the deep waters and exploring the inland waters for new specimens. In 1997 Dr. Pearce joined the team to add thousands of additional literature references and to complete the book after Mr. Jensen's death. Available at Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute and Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo for $30.

Mark Twain and the Happy Island. Wallace, Elizabeth. 1913. Chicago, McClug. 139 pages. Illustrated.

Mark Twain In Paradise – His Voyages to Bermuda. American writer Donald Hoffmann. The special relationship that Mark Twain had with turn of the century Bermuda. University of Missouri Press, 2006. Between 1867 and 1910 Twain spent a total of 187 days in Bermuda. Delves into Clemens’s complex character and the topography and history of the islands. The author has plumbed the voluminous Mark Twain scholarship and Bermudian archives to faithfully re-create turn-of-the-century Bermuda, supplying historical and biographical background to give his narrative texture and depth. He offers insight into Bermuda’s natural environment, traditional stone houses, and romantic past, and he presents dozens of illustrations, both vintage and new.

Mark Twain in Paradise

Mazumbo:100 Facts and Essays about Dr. E. F. Gordon. Butler. 69 pages.

Me One. Autobiography. By political and social Bermuda activist Roosevelt Browne, writing under the name of Pauulu Roosevelt Osiris Nelson Browne Kamarakafego.

Memorials of the Discovery and Early Settlement of The Bermudas or Somers Isles, 1515-1685. 2 big volumes. Lefroy, Major General John Henry, a former Governor of Bermuda. 1887-1889, 1st edition, London, Longman's. With a preface by the author. Subsequent editions in 1932 and 1981.

Mettle and Pasture: The History of the Second Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment During World War II by Gary J. Weight  July 15, 2014. Some from Bermuda who served in that regiment  because of its links with Bermuda since 1914 died in that conflict. Bermudians were among  the British Army soldiers of the Second Battalion who stormed ashore in northern France and from Hermanville-sur-Mer fought their way to Lengerich in Germany by May 8, 1945.

History of the Lincolnshires in WW2

Mind the Onion Seed. Nellie E Musson. Explores some of Bermuda's history, with particular reference to the old Lodges and Friendly Societies of Bermuda.

Miracle. The True Story of the Wreck of the Sea Venture. Gail Karwoski of the USA.. 2004. Darby Creek Publishing, a small children's book publisher in Plain City, Ohio, USA. Recommended for children 11 and older, grades 4-6, it is slender at 64 pages, but professionally researched, vividly written and handsomely produced, with ten beautifully engraved illustrations by John MacDonald.

Mohawks in the Onion Patch. Geoff Rothwell.  2002. He debunks the myth that many St. David's Islanders were Mohawks and explains they were really Pequot and Mohican Indians brought to Bermuda as slaves in the mid 17th century.

Mood Bermuda (Moon Handbooks). Rosemary Jones. November 2009. 

Moore's Poetical Works. 1879. 496 pages. Famed English Irish poet Thomas Moore lived at Bermuda's Tom Moore's Tavern for several months.

Murder in Bermuda. Willoughby Sharpe. Originally published 1933 when author lived in Bermuda with his family, republished 2013. Murder mystery, fiction.

book Murder in Bermuda  

Murder on the Bermuda Queen. Cheryl Peyton. 2014. Fiction. Takes place on a cruise bound for Bermuda. Author, from Tennessee, has written other books. 

My Bermuda 123. By Bermudian artist, book illustrator and graphic designer Dana Cooper.

My Bermuda ABC. By Bermudian artist, book illustrator and graphic designer Dana Cooper.

My Bermuda Namesakes. 2012. E-book. By former resident Maggie Fogarty. Ms Fogarty lived in Bermuda for a year starting April 2011, with her partner, Paul Weall, who was working as a digital forensics consultant with the Bermuda Police Service. The couple now lives in Truro, Cornwall. Her debut novel. Ms Fogarty is a television producer by profession. Amazon. 

My Soul Shouts. Right Rev. Vinton Randolph Anderson, Ph.D who grew up in Bermuda. 2002.

My Way - The Autobiography of Calvin Bubby Symonds. Dale Butler.

National Audubon Society Field Guide to Tropical Marine Fishes of  the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, the Bahamas, and Bermuda. By C. Lavett Smith, National Audubon Society. ISBN: 067944601X. With 417  color photographs of the coral reefs and full-text descriptions for more than 400 species, each with its own range map. Easy to use and understand, lightweight, and sturdily constructed for travel.

Native plants. David B. Wingate and C. Zuill, 1971. 

National Geographic Magazine. 1922, 1942, 1971, 1976. Chapters on Bermuda.

Nature Spirits and Bermuda's Fairy Kingdom - Teachings of Norina, The Fairy Queen.  See http://www.nidaba.fi/index.php?page=e-books-and-videos. Jouko Karkela. A Journey to Bermuda's Nature and suggestions how to meet the elemental spirits there. An introduction to Nature Spirituality. Author from Finland was in Bermuda 2009-2012. ISBN 978-952-67929-0-3. E-book in BDF format, easy to download from publisher website http://www.nidaba.fi. which links to www.bermuda-online.org. Includes 163 high quality digital photographs.  

Nineteenth (19th) Century Church Registers of Bermuda. Clara Hallett, a pioneer in genealogy studies on the Island.

Nonsuch, Land of Water. Beebe, William, Dr. 1932. New York, Harcourt Brace. 257 pages. Illustrated. A treatise on Bermuda's Nonsuch Island, off which Beebe and his associates conducted deep sea diving experiments in his famous bathysphere.

Nonsuch Summer. 2005. Autobiography of her childhood by Janet Wingate, (eldest daughter of naturalist David Wingate, who created the Nonsuch Island Living Museum project) 160 pages, paperback, illustrated.

Notes on Bermuda. Morley. 1931. New York, Henry Longwell, 32 pages.

Nothin' But A Pond Dog. Llewellyn Emery. 1996. An intimate account by the author of the area of Bermuda known as Pond Hill, little known by most visitors.

Ocean Racing. Loomis. 1936. 300 pages. with much on Bermuda. Illustrated.

Oh Gawd I Wish Dis Ig'rance Vud Stop! Jeremy Frith. 1996.  It was unique, humorous and serious at the same time, about possible political independence for Bermuda..

Old Bermuda. Wells, Bernard. 1979, B&C Wells, Bermuda. A collection of photographs taken towards the end of the 19th century. 52 pages.

Old Bermuda Maps: A Cartographic History and Collector's Guide For The Somers or Summer Islands, 1511-1948. Jonathan Land Evans. Book. 2012, National Museum of Bermuda/Bermuda Maritime Museum Press.

Old Virginia and Her Neighbors. Fiske. 1901, Boston and New York. 2 volumes, with much on Bermuda.

Oscar the Onion. Lisa Wilson. 2011. Coloring story book for children. 

Our Lady of Labour. Ottiwell Simmons. 2010. A tribute to Dr. Barbara Bertha Ball, MRCS, LRCP, OBE, former Member of Parliament and former Research Officer of the Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU). She died in March 2011 and who in the 1960s and beyond worked tirelessly with the BIU to improve workers' rights. Veteran labour leader and former MP Ottiwell Simmons has chronicled Dr. Ball's work with the BIU in one of the most turbulent periods of Bermuda's history.  In 1942, the young Barbara Ball went to Liverpool University in England on a government scholarship to study medicine.  After graduation she worked for five years in hospitals in Liverpool, Merseyside and Westmoreland. At the age of 30, she returned home to work as a family doctor. She started to gain the notice of the community, in 1960 ,when she spoke at a meeting of an anonymous group called 'The Committee for Universal Adult Suffrage'. They wanted all locals over the age of 21 to have the right to vote. In 1962, when Dr. Ball was first elected Secretary General at a BIU conference, she stuck out like a sore thumb. She was elected partly because some people at the conference thought that because she was white, she might get further with the white establishment they were battling with for things like the right to have union representation, better working conditions and better pay. The Bermudian community was turned upside down by the appointment. Whites seemed to reject her and push her away. Blacks suspected her as being a spy. She was thrown out of the a local medical association not long after she joined the BIU. In those days she had an office on Laffan Street where she treated mainly Portuguese and black patients. Even this was controversial, as white people mainly saw white doctors, and black people mainly saw black doctors. During a labour dispute where non-clinical workers struggled to be allowed union representation, Dr. Ball was suspended from seeing her patients at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. The suspension was eventually lifted, but not until 6,000 people signed a petition on her behalf. One moment in her labour career that particularly stood out was the Belco strike of February 1965. On February 2, BIU members were picketing various gates at Belco. That day there were an estimated 400 people picketing, not just members of the BIU, but also people from other organizations who were sympathetic. A dispute began between the picketers and the Police seeming to hinge on how fast the picketers cleared the gate so that traffic could get onto the property. Later, the strike had sickening repercussions. 

1,000 miles on a Bicycle. Kron. 1887. New York. With much on Bermuda.

100 years of Hospital Care in Bermuda. Randolf Williams.

Palmetto Wine. Bermuda Writers Collective. Short stories.

Partners in Peace & Prosperity: a Premier and a Governor of  Bermuda 1977-1981. Allison Moir of USA. Sir David Gibbons and Sir Peter Ramsbotham. 2001.

Peaceful Warrior. Sir Edward Trenton Richards. The first black Premier of Bermuda in the 1970s. Williams. 375 pages.

Peace, Prudence and Prosperity; a history of Bermuda from 1919 to 1939. Jonathan Land Evans. October 2013. 140 pages. Beautiful, British and business-friendly, the Atlantic archipelago of Bermuda was one of the 20th Century's great success-stories. This book examines Bermuda between the two World Wars, touching on most aspects of local life, with particular emphasis on its tourism economy, physical and social development, and public affairs. It also discusses the early days of offshore business, the decline of agriculture, the march of technology, and the island's prominent role in the arts and in marine science, as well as Bermuda's special place in the affections of its many well-to-do American devotees. Darker aspects of life, such as racism and crime, are also examined.

Photography in Bermuda: The First 100 Years. Butterfield and Notman. 1990 Bermudian Publishing Co. Ltd.

Picturesque Bermuda. In Picture, Prose and Poetry. Bushell's Handbook. Bushell, John J. Many yearly editions from 1927-1939. (1938 edition, 196 pages, Glasgow by Macklehose). Plus advertisements, maps, photographs.

Picturesque Bermuda at a glance. Roland Skinner. 48 pages. 2012. Gorgeous photographs by this Bermudian press and nature photographer. Aimed at budget-minded air and cruise visitors. Published by AS Cooper & Sons, Bermuda. includes colour photos of Island scenery, its beaches, flora, architecture and aerial shots.Soft cover, meant as an introduction to his more in-depth books.

Picturesque Bermuda. Roland Skinner. 1997. First edition of this delightful in-depth coffee table book. Gorgeous photographs of the island by this Bermudian press and nature photographer

Picturesque Bermuda. Roland Skinner. 2005. Second edition. More gorgeous photographs in this updated coffee table book this Bermudian press and nature photographer.

Picturesque Bermuda. Roland Skinner Third edition, late 2014. Rewritten and re-photographed as the first book is 17 years old and the second one ten years old, thus a new book with fresh images. Most of the photographs are bigger. The other ones had lots of little small images. Published in Florida. Skinner started out during his school holidays working for the Department of Tourism in their photo lab and that's where he acquired his love for photography.  And when he retired from the department, which was then called Information Services, he decided to open up Picturesque Gallery in 1993. For tourists captivated by the beauty of Bermuda, this will remind them of their lovely visit. Limited copies are now available for $48 at Picturesque Gallery and at Bermuda book stores.

Pillars of the Bridge. Nan Godet and Edward Harris. 1991. The building of the US Military Bases in Bermuda, 50 years later. Title is taken from a quote by Sir Winston Churchill after his war-time visit to Bermuda. Bermuda Maritime Museum Press.

book Pillars of the Bridge

Pink Sand Poems. 2005. Jane Barcroft and Cathy Stanz. 20 poems and 22 original water colours of scenes around the island. Jane was a Bermuda resident when her parents were based there. She was in 8th, 9th & 10th grade at Kindley High School. See also "Bermuda On My Mind."

Plantation to Nation: Caribbean Museums and National Identity. 2014. A new book about museums in the Caribbean and Bermuda, launched by the Barbados Museum and Historical Society.

Planting the Banner of Christ on the Isle of the Devils. By Father James Wahl, who used to serve in Bermuda, on the history of the Roman Catholic Church in Bermuda. 2003.

Plants of the Bermudas or Somers Isles. 1883. By Oswald Reade, a British pharmacist then working at the Royal Navy Hospital, Dockyard, Bermuda. Publisher unknown.

Playing with the Enemy: A Baseball Prodigy, a World at War and a Field of Broken Dreams. Gary Moore. The story of the June 4, 1944 captured crew of U-505, with the U-boat and crew towed initially to Bermuda then USA. The motion picture Playing with the Enemy resulted, was planned  for release in 2013. 

Plutocracy vs. Democracy. Stovell. A Bermudian viewpoint. 40 pages.

Poems From the Heart. Crystal Holdipp. 2012. A collection of her favourite pieces.

Pond With No End. Esra Turner. Bermuda children's book.

Portuguese Bermudians 1849-1949. Patricia Marirea Mudd. An early history and reference guide to the significant Bermudianization of Portuguese in Bermuda and their hugely significant and lasting impact on Bermudian society today.

Ports of The Sun. Early, 1937, Boston, Houghton Mifflin. 316 pages. Chapters on Bermuda.

Powder Keg. The Bermuda Gunpowder Mystery. Donald E. Cook. 1971. Fiction, based on fact. In 1775, George Washington needed gunpowder desperately. There was British gunpowder in Bermuda and history shows that the gunpowder was stolen August 14, 1775 and delivered to General Washington. How this might have happened.

Presbyterians in Bermuda. The Story of Christ Church, Warwick 1984. 185 pages

Printed Maps of Bermuda. Palmer. 1974.

Prisoners in Paradise. 2008. An account (not a printed book) of how in 1823 British convicts were approved by the British Government in London and its Navy Board for transportation to Bermuda to work on HM Dockyard. See http://issuu.com/penandsword/docs/prisonersinparadise. They began early the next year and did so for many years. 

Psalms and Hymns for Public Worship. Selected by Robert Hoare, Robert, A. B. 123 pages. Bermuda, 18th century by Edmund Ward, King's Printer.

QE2. Warwick, Ronald, and Flayhart, William III. The story of the famous ocean liner, with its special historical links with Bermuda.

Queen of Bermuda & Furness Bermuda Line. Piers Plowman and mane artist Stephen Card. 2002.  Bermuda Maritime Museum. This magnificent vessel which served Bermuda before and after World War 2, left indelible memories. Also see the history in Bermuda of the Furness Withy Line from 1919.

Railways of the Caribbean. David Rollinson. London, Macmillan Caribbean 2001. Bermuda Railway in included in Chapter 3. 

Ramparts of Empire: the fortifications of Sir William Jervois, Royal Engineer, 1821—1897. Dr. Timothy Crick, UK. Bermuda figures prominently, Jervois was here, book is superb in many respects but contains one major error, namely that every piece of hard stone was not imported but was entirely local.  It was not too soft for military purposes. 

Rare Birds. The Extraordinary Tale of the Bermuda Petrel and the Man Who Brought it Back from Extinction. Elizabeth Gehrman. October 2012. Beacon Press, USA. The author visited Bermuda to talk to Dr. David Wingate about the Bermuda Cahow national bird. Thanks to him and his followers, the Castle Harbour island, Nonsuch Island, is now home to a new colony which has been successfully inhabited by several breeding pairs. For those who are environmentalists or simply love nature, it is an amazing story.

Rattle and Shake: The Story of the Bermuda Railway. By David Raine. 1992.

Rays of Hope: The Story of Agnes May Robinson and the Sunshine League. Carol G. Hill, 2000, The Writers Machine, Bermuda, 404pp.

Reefs, Wrecks and Relics. Bermuda's Underwater Heritage. By William Gillies, a self-taught diver.  2010.  One of his earliest memories of shipwrecks was the Spanish luxury liner Cristobal Colon that wrecked on North Rock on October 25, 1936, when Mr. Gillies was six-years-old. After being wrecked it was left where it was, for some time. Little did Mr. Gillies ever imagine at that time that he would one day dive the Cristobal Colon wreck, and many others.

Regular Sea Communications with Bermuda to 1914. Reprinted from Bermuda Historical Quarterly, 1979; iv+8 pp.

Reminiscences of an Old Bermuda Church. Warwick Presbyterian Church. Joseph H. S. Frith, Joseph H. S. Edited by the Rev. A. B. Cameron, DD. 1911, Edinburgh, The Darien Press, Bristo Place. 103 pages.

Reunion in Paradise. M. J. Hinds. Romance in Bermuda.

Residence in Bermuda. Bermuda Trade Development Board. 1936. 94 pages. Only 2,000 copies were printed.

Rogues and Runners. Bermuda and the American Civil War. Catherine Deichmann.  2003. Information about the American Civil War from the exhibition in the Globe Hotel in St George's. 79 pages, paperback. $15.

Rough Notes and Memoranda Relating to the Natural History of the Bermudas. John L. Hurdis. 1897. R. H. Porter, London.

Roses in Bermuda. Edited and co-edited by Tupagesy Cooper and Lee Davidson. 128 pages. An updated and enlarged version of an earlier edition, 1997. In hard cover and soft cover.

Royal Bermuda. 2014. Dr Edward Harris and Rosemary Jones. Details Bermuda's connections to the British monarchy. A collaboration between The National Museum of Bermuda and Brimstone Media. Provides a pictorial history of events since 1609, when the Island was colonized by the English, with chapters devoted to every official visit by the Queen since 1953. The collector's edition includes details of other royal visits since the Victorian Age, profiles local collectors of royal memorabilia and includes a timeline with mini-biographies of monarchs who helped to shape our history. Includes more than 350 photographs taken from public and private collections, including photos of the Queen's seven visits to Bermuda, five of which were with Prince Philip, as well as visits by other royals, including George V, Edward VIII, Princess Margaret, Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales. The book includes photos of regal artefacts, icons and hallmarks that include currency, stamps, street signs and Royal Mail pillar boxes. Honorees who received royal orders and honours for civil, diplomatic and military service are listed. $30 at local bookstores, and from the Museum. For more information, call 234-1333.

Sailing in Bermuda. Dr. Jack (John) C. Arnell.

Sail Racing in the Nineteenth Century. Dr. Jack C. Arnell. 1982. Traces the history of sail racing in Bermuda. Published to coincide with the centennial of the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dingy Club. 255 pages. Illustrated.

Salt and the Sea Venture. Melissa L. Gill, 2014. Historical novel for children. About a unique scruffy white cat called Salt looking for a new life, so sneaks aboard the Sea Venture at Plymouth, supposedly en route to Virginia. Life on the Sea Venture is full of fun and excitement, even though Salt has to deal with the aristocratic Angoras, the exclusive Feline Guild, and the territorial ship’s cats. But then a huge tempest threatens to sink the ship. The passengers labor for days to keep the ship afloat and Salt expects the ship to sink at any moment. But luckily they wreck off the island of Bermuda. The island holds many new adventures, but Salt is determined to get to the New World, so when the humans build two more boats, he joins them. They make it to the New World, but find a horror there that none of them expected. Eventually the story of the shipwreck reaches England and inspires William Shakespeare to write his play, the Tempest.

Salt and the Sea Venture

Saturday's Children. A Journey from Darkness into Light. Raymond. 1850.

Seasons of Change: A History of Bermuda from 1939 to 1959. Jonathan Land Evans.

Sea Venture: Shipwreck, Survival, and the Salvation of the First English Colony in the New World. Kieran Doherty

Sea Venture. The Tempest Wreck. Sea Venture Trust, 1986, compiled by Allan J. (Smokey) Wingood, DFC, his wife Peggy Wingood and Jonathan Adams. A definitive souvenir of Bermuda. Mr. Wingood, a World War 2 bomber pilot, former diver, former Chairman of the Bermuda Historical Society, personally dived on the wreck.

Sculptor. Bermudian Desmond Fountain. 2003. 184  pages. Or at the Desmond Fountain Gallery, phone 296-3518.

Second Class Citizens; First Class Men. Dr. Hodgson. Second edition. 1988. 273 pages. A Bermudian's perspective.

Selling the Sea: An Inside Look at the Cruise Industry. 2002. Andy Vladimir. A former (1984-5) Director of Tourism for the Bermuda Government, who left when his home was fire-bombed.

Setting Sail for the New Millennium. By Bermudian photographer Ian Macdonald-Smith, 2001. About the Tall Ships 2000 race. 233 pages.

Shakespeare, an Island and a Storm. By David L. Raine.

Shark Life. True Stories about Sharks & the Sea. Peter Benchley. April 2007 Including when he was on a trip to Bermuda with Teddy Tucker

Shipwreck! History from the Bermuda Reefs. Ivor Noel Hume and E B Teddy Tucker. 1995.

Shipwreck on Devil's Island. Bermuda in 1609. Elaine Egbert. 2013. Fiction. Romance.

Sidney the Sailboat. Patricia DeCosta. A child's book. 

Sir George Somers: A man and his Times. David Raine.  Well researched and very readable.

Sir George Somers: Links Bermuda With Lyme Regis. Owen Darrell. 1st and 2nd editions.

Sir John Plowman. A life time of Social, Economic and Political Changes. By his son Piers Plowman. 2001. A biography of this senior statesman, a former member of the Bermuda Cabinet.

Shakespeare, an Island and A Storm. David Raine. The author examines the connections between Shakespeare and Bermuda.

Shipweck Diving. Dan Berg. June 1991.

Sketchbook of the HMS Challenger Expedition 1872-1874. B. Shephard. The expedition arrived in Bermuda on April 3, 1873. 1972 edition by the Philadelphia Maritime Museum. Distributed by the New York Graphic Society Ltd., Greenwich, Connecticut. Illustrated with black and white and color plates.

Sketches of Bermuda. Suzette Harriett Lloyd. First published 1835. With map and reproductions of beautiful steel engravings of different scenes of Bermuda, such as The Flatts. 258 pages. MDCCCXXXV, London, James Cochrane and Co. Re-issued 30 Nov 2005.

book Sketches of Bermuda

Slavery in Bermuda. Smith, James. 1976. New York, Vantage Press. 314 pages. Illustrated.

Slaves and Slaveholders in Bermuda, 1616 to 1782. 1999, Professor Virginia Bernhard, Professor of History at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. University of Missouri Press.

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Slave Trade Instructions, Supplement to. Being Instructions for the Guidance of The Commanders of Her Majesty's Ships of War employed in the Suppression of the Slave Trade. Issued by the Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Volume I - Treaty Engagements with States other than Uncivilized African States. 1865, London, Printed by George E. Eyre and William Spottiswood, printers to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty. For HMSO. Paperback. These instructions were sent to the Registrar of the Vice Admiralty Court, Bermuda, for distribution to the commanders of all Royal Navy vessels based in Bermuda.

Sporty Little Field Guide to Bermuda. Constable, Jennifer and Cooper, James. 2 Halves Publishing. 1997. Illustrated by Frith, Jonathan. $10.

Stark's Illustrated Bermuda Guide. Containing a description of everything on or about the Bermuda islands concerning which the visitor or resident may desire information ... with maps, engravings, and sixteen photo prints. 

St. David's Island, Bermuda, Its People, History and Culture. 2009. By St. Clair (Brinky) Tucker, a Bermudian proud of his St. David's Island ancestry which he can trace back to 1783 descendants of North American Indians brought to Bermuda as slaves in the 1600s and 1700s. The author provides facts on a wide variety of subjects about Indian slavery, especially how the slaves were treated en route from New England to Bermuda and after they arrived; tribes to which they belonged; what work they performed; how they died; how and where they were buried; interracial marriages; executions; religion; fishing.

St. Felix. Told by Two. c. l9OO. Illustrated Bermuda story.

Stamps from the Bermuda Prize Court Sale. Kasimir Bileski. Canada ca. 1949, 11 pp.

Stephen Decatur, the Devil and the Endymion. Bermudian author Brian Burland. His interpretation of the life and exploits of the American-British 1812 War hero.

Story of a Portrait. Mrs. George P. Coleman.

Study Investigating Attitudes to Disabled/Special Needs People in Bermuda. Mark Taylor, 2001. It was part of his studies for a Diploma in Psychology via distance learning with Oxford University, before he left Bermuda for Australia. A copy was given to all who played a role in or who are responsible and accountable to the disabled in Bermuda.

Study of the head-plate flaws of the George VI high values of Bermuda, Leeward Islands and Nyasaland. Edwin H. Folk. Interim report. Philadelphia, August 1968, 7 pp.

Successfully Raising Bermuda Boys. 2003. Dale Butler.

Sundays with Codfish and Potatoes.  2002. By UK-born Chef Mathew Line who lives and works in Bermuda.

Surprise. Bermudian author Brian Burland.

Tastes of Bermuda. 1996. Ed Bottone. $9.95. Author is "The Curious Cook" food writer and cook. A gastronomic tour of his favorite restaurants and Pubs.

Thank you, Dr. E. F. Gordon. Brangman. 60 pages. Dr. Gordon started the Bermuda Industrial Union.

That's My Bloody Plane. Kilduff. About the Great War in Bermuda. 1975. 157 pages.

Tea with Tracey. The Woman's Survival Guide to Bermuda. Tracey Caswell. When this Canadian author went to live in Bermuda with her Bermudian husband she found out first-hand what wives encounter environmentally and in many other ways as challenges on this semi-tropical island. Nice read, especially good for newcomers, wives, husbands or singles. Several editions, most recently in 2012, with topics still as true to today as then. Also see her separate book below, Twelve Nights with Tracey

Tea with Tracey

Tessie's Highway: My Life's Journey. 2014. E-book and print version. Autobiography of former Government Minister, Bermudian Dr Clarence Terceira. Details Dr Terceira's life on the Island, at university in Scotland and his long political career. The grandson of immigrants from the Azores, Dr Terceira qualified as a dentist and one of the founding members of the UBP in 1964, and later held various Ministerial portfolios, including Education, Health and Works and Engineering. As Works and Engineering Minister, he was responsible for the revamp of East Broadway, a notorious accident spot, into the dual carriageway it is today, which was dubbed Tessi's Highway.

The AIG Story. Maurice "Hank" Greenberg and law professor Lawrence A. Cunningham. 2012. Greenburg was CEO until 2005 of the famous American International Group, which has had extensive offices in Bermuda and worldwide since 1948. Published by Wiley in the US (328 pages, $29.95).

The Airmails of Bermuda, 1925-1989: A Specialized Catalogue and Illustrated Price List. William J. Clark. Greenwich, Conn., Havemayer Press, 1990; [68 pp.]. Second edition revised and augmented, 1991 [76 pp.]. Third edition, revised and augmented, 1992.

The American Loyalists. Lorenzo Sabine. (Collection of the Halifax City Memorial Library).

The Andrew and The Onion. The Story of the Royal Navy in Bermuda 1795-1975. Lieutenant-Commander Ian Stranack, Royal Navy. 1977. 1st edition, Island Press, Bermuda, 155 pages. Subsequently, Bermuda Maritime Museum Press. 

The Atlantic Islands as resorts of Health and Pleasure.  S. G. W. Benjamin. 278 pages. Much on Bermuda including engravings.

The Berkeley Educational Society's Origins and Early History. Late Dr. Kenneth E. Robinson, OBE.1962. 88 pages. Berkeley Institute is a Bermuda secondary school.

The Bermuda Affair. Alan Edmund Smith. 2001, Print Link. A semi-historical novel with its roots in the RAF’s activities in Bermuda in 1943. An RAF Catalina pilot falls for a Bermudian girl from Riddles Bay, but there are complications that take fifty years to sort out.

The Bermuda Atlas. Graham Faiella. 2009. Features a breakdown of local life and how it is changing physically, environmentally, politically and demographically. With much compiled information about our island. Originally commissioned by the Ministry of Education for use in schools. Part of a series of social studies books that will be prescribed texts in Primary education. Production also with Leona Scott, then Education Officer for Social Studies, and Joan Blades, then Education Officer for Science Studies.

The Bermuda Boater. A Comprehensive Guide to Piloting and Seamanship for Boaters around the Waters of Bermuda. By Bermudian businessman, sailor and author Ralph Richardson. originally published in 1992,  revised in 2004, for revision again in 2013. Author hopes it will help bring more tourism business to the Island by yacht. The guide, now commonly referred to as the “Bermuda Boating Bible” has since gone through two editions and sold 4,000 copies. Hundreds of yachts sail into Bermuda every year. The past commodore of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club taught marine navigation courses for more than 20 years and taught Royal Yachting Association courses for four. He says he originally wrote the book out of necessity. The main function of this book, initially, was just so that the author would have a text book for his course because there was no book that taught navigation using Bermuda charts. Sailing has a long and rich history in Bermuda, but only recently has it made some take notice of what a shot in the arm it can be to the Island’s economy. In June 2012, the Newport to Bermuda Race, which finishes here every other year, added an estimated $10 million to the local economy with restaurants, hotels and retailers all reporting a surge in business as 160 boats crossed the finish line. Yacht visitors now allowed to stay 90 days, rather than 21.

The Bermuda Cookbook. Cecille Snaith-Simmons. 1982. Bermuda's best foods and recipes and more on Bermuda cuisine.

The Bermuda Gombey. Louise A. Jackson. Bermuda's Unique Dance Heritage. 

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The Bermuda Packet Mails and the Halifax-Bermuda Mail Service, 1806 to 1886. Dr. Jack (John) C. Arnell and Morris. H. Ludington.  Postal History Society, 1989, 103 pp. Includes annual tables showing dates of departure and arrival of each packet and mail boat at its various ports of call.

The Bermuda Railway. Gone but not Forgotten. Colin Pomeroy. A definitive history of the line from the formative years of the early 1930s to the end in 1949. It has a full description of the Bermuda Railway Trail. He first came to Bermuda as a Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force, landing at the USAF's Kindley Air Force Base. His son was a Bermuda Police Officer for four years.

The Bermuda Railway.  Brendan Hollis. Video, Triton Productions Limited, 1989. One of the About Bermuda television series. Includes an interesting interview with Bill Kitchen, son of the line's Chief Engineer, who also worked on the Railway before World War II. Available in bookstores and other shops in Bermuda.

The Bermuda Saga. Alan Edmund Smith, Published in Bermuda 2008. A sequel to The Bermuda Affair.

The Bermuda Salvors Vocabulary, Printed in the Languages of the Nations, Trading in the North-Western Atlantic. Bermuda Salvors (31 Aug 2012)

The 100 Best Places to Kiss, Smooch and Snuggle in Bermuda. Butler, Dale. The Writer's Machine. 1997.

The Bermuda Triangle. Charles Berlitz. 1974/1975. 189 pages .Many editions and publishers including paperback by Panther Grenada 1979 206 pages.

The Bermuda Triangle. Charles Berlitz, J Manson Valentine. Grafton. Paperback and softcover.

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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Solved. Lawrence David Kusche. 1975, republished 1978. New English Library. Paperback.

The Bermuda Virus. Bob O'Quinn. 1995. Bermudian Publishing Co. A novel about a killer virus bred in Bermuda that nearly destroys the world. 322 pages.

The Blacks in Canada. Robin W. Winks.  Bermuda is mentioned.

The Blockade Runners and the Cruisers. Soley. 1883. New York, Scribners. Much on Bermuda.

The British Empire and the Second World War. British historian Dr Ashley Jackson.  2006. Bermuda is mentioned. 

The Buses of Bermuda. 2004, Colin Pomeroy. He first came to Bermuda as a Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force, landing at the USAF's Kindley Air Force Base. His son was a Bermuda Police Officer for four years.

The Cage Birds of Bermuda. 1879. John Tavernier Bartrum. He was a grandson of the English naturalist John Tavernier. Born in Lincolnshire in 1811, Bartrum came here as a member of the British Army (37th Regiment of Foot) in 1832, purchased his discharge in 1837 and resided at Ferry Reach until his death in 1889. 

The Cambridge History of The British Empire. Volumes III & VI mention Bermuda.

The Canadians at War. Volumes I and II, The Reader's Digest. Bermuda is mentioned.

The Castle Island Case. Mason, Van Wyck. 1937. New York, Reynal and Hitchcock, 185 pages. Illustrated. Murder mystery, fiction, on Bermuda's Castle Island. Author was then a periodic Bermuda resident. Assisted by US photographer Henry Clay Gipson Jr (1908—1998), then a frequent visitor to and admirer of Bermuda.

The Conspicuous Flora and Fauna of Bermuda. Dr. Ralph Cavaliere, Ph.D.

The Cruise of Her Majesty's Ship "Challenger." W. J. J. Spry, R.N. New York, Harpers. Illustrated.

The Cruise of the Montauk. To Bermuda, the West Indies and Florida. James McQuade, of the New York Yacht Club. 1885, New York, Knox. 441 pages. Illustrated. Chapters V, VI & VII are on Bermuda.

The Diary of a Rum Runner. Moray. 1930. 250 pages. During Prohibition, Bermuda was one of the notorious suppliers of illegal rum to the USA.

The Deep. A novel set in Bermuda. Peter Benchley.  1976

The Deep

The Development of the Transatlantic Mail Service to Bermuda. Dr. Jack (John) C. Arnell. Offprint from Bermuda Journal of Archaeology and Maritime History. 1989. 18 pp. (pages 25 to 42).

The Devil's Triangle. Richard Winer. 1974.

The Donkey Child. Frank Ver Beck. 1917.

The Early Settlers of the Bahamas and colonists of North America. Bethell, Talbot. 1937. Nassau. Bermuda references. 

The Economic Consequences of Political Independence: The Case of Bermuda (1990). J. C. W. Ahiakpor.

The Economy of Bermuda. Robert Stewart. 2002. The author retired as Bermuda CEO of the Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies in these islands. A sequel to his earlier book.

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The English Prison Hulks. Branch-Johnson, 1957, London, Christopher Johnson. 205 pages. Much about Bermuda and its British convicts.

The Escapades of Thelma and Louise, A Tale of Two Houses. Bermuda National Trust.

The Experience of Racism in Bermuda and in its Wider Context: Reflections of Dr. Eva Hodgson. By Eva Hodgson. 2008. An an expanded version of an essay she once wrote. Penned in response to discussions in the media over whether black people were as racist as whites, and arguments that we should not dwell on past issues such as Bermuda's segregated past. Commission for Unity and Racial Equality (CURE).

The Flight of the Cavalier. Bermudian author Brian Burland. Aviation facts re the aircraft used by Imperial Airways (later BOAC, later BA) to fly between Bermuda and USA from 1937.

The Froggie Twins. How Sticket stuck it. British Bermuda-based artist Sam Morse-Brown, 1994. A story in verse.

The Flying Boats of Bermuda. Colin Pomeroy. A fascinating period in Bermuda history, mostly from 1937 to 1948. 254 pages. He first came to Bermuda as a Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force, landing at the USAF's Kindley Air Force Base. His son was a Bermuda Police Officer for four years.

The Flying Boats of Bermuda

The Fungi of Bermuda. Dr. J. M. Waterston.

The Furness Line to Bermuda. M. H. Ludington and Michael R. Rego. Monograph no. 11, British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group, 1991; 60 pp.

The Gateway to Bermuda, the Isles of Beauty. Reference guide. Susanne E and de Villers, M. F. B. Bell.  122 pages. 1961.

The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England and the Somers Isles. Using original spelling. 1624 first edition, by Captain John Smith. One edition sold recently in London for $48,000.

The Gateway to Bermuda, the Isles of Beauty. Reference guide. Susanne E and de Villers, M. F. B. Bell.  122 pages. 1961.

The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles: With the Names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from Their First Beginning, Ano: 1584. To This Present 1624. With the Procedings of Those Severall Colonies and the Accidents That Befell Them in All Their Journyes and Discoveries. By Captaine Iohn Smith, Sometymes Governour in Those Countryes & Admirall of New England, 1624. Also the Maps and Descriptions of All Those Countryes, Their Commodities, People, Government, Customes, and Religion Yet Knowne. Divided into Sixe Bookes. One edition sold in London some years ago for $48,000.

The Golden Age of Bermuda postcards. Horst Augustinovic. 2011. $48 from local bookstores. A picture book with a difference, based on his personal collection of picture postcards compiled over 40 years. Captivating and unusual postcard scenes from the late 19th and early 20th century, a compilation of 460 images. The volume begins with an account of the development of the printing process from the first rather plain monochrome postcards to four-colour chromolithographic cards and finally colour film and lithography. A printer himself, Mr Augustinovic determined forensically how the cards were printed and, next to the brief but informative of account of each process, has placed examples drawn from the collection. He also features the key postcard publishers and printers from the large, overseas publishers to smaller, local enterprises, including H G Recht, who owned a souvenir store on Church Street and the Tucker sisters, whose reproductions of their charming watercolours were sold with refreshments at their Little Green Door cafe at Barr's Bay. There are the typical city views of Hamilton waterfront, significant buildings such as Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and the view there from, the interiors and exteriors of hotels, public parks and coastal views. There are also elements of our community that no longer exist: the workings of a Royal Naval dockyard, washerwomen, the fish market at Hamilton wharf, and fruit and vegetable sellers on Front Street. Whale-butchering, vegetable-packing, horse racing and stone quarrying are also the subject of the postcards. Among the exotic are striking flora and native children.

The Great Deception. By Bermuda resident Joy Chambers. Novel. Her seventh book. 2012. Ms Chambers, one of the stars of long-running Australian soap opera ‘Neighbours’ and the wife of media mogul Reg Grundy. A thriller about Australians in the Second World War. Ms Chambers and Mr Grundy recently put their Bermuda estate up for sale for $38 million. The Ipswich Advertiser in Australia reported that Ms Chambers started writing in 1990 after starting her career as an actor and television panellist. She is best known for such television soap opera roles as Rita Merrick in ‘The Restless Years’, Dr Robyn Porter in ‘The Young Doctors’ and Rosemary Daniels in ‘Neighbours'. Headline Publishing.

The Hapagesy Island. Woodall and Frissell. 1946. New York, Maloney for US Camera Book.

The Historic Towne of St. George. Bermudian David Raine.

The History of the Bermudas or Summer Islands. John Henry Lefroy (10 Sep 2010). The author was a 19th century Governor of Bermuda. Actually, Bermuda was originally referred to as the Somers Isles. 

The History of Mary Prince, A West Indian Slave. Related by herself. Edited by Ferguson.173 pages.

The History of Mary Prince (1831). This edition published February 1, 2001 by Penguin Classics. The first narrative of a black woman to be published in Britain. It describes Prince's sufferings as a slave in Bermuda where she was born, Turks Island and Antigua, and her eventual arrival in London with her brutal owner Mr Wood in 1828. Prince escaped from him and sought assistance from the Anti-Slavery Society, where she dictated her remarkable story to Susanna Strickland (later Moodie). A moving and graphic document, The History drew attention to the continuation of slavery in the Caribbean, despite an 1807 Act of Parliament officially ending the slave trade. It inspired two libel actions and ran into three editions in the year of its publication. This powerful rallying cry for emancipation remains an extraordinary testament to Prince's ill-treatment, suffering and survival.

The History of the Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU). 2004, Ira Philip, MBE. About the BIU, by a one-time leading member and former Treasurer of the BIU. 

The House That Jack Built. 2001. $40. Former Deputy Premier and Tourism Minister C. V. "Jim" Woolridge. Memoirs of a political career in Bermuda from 1968 to 2001.

The Houses and Gardens of M. H. Baillie Scott. By Bermudian Ian Macdonald Smith. From 1892 until the beginning of the Second World War, Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott exerted a profound influence on English Arts and Crafts Architecture. Indeed, his impact on visual culture was so international, it even affected architecture here in Bermuda. Architects Will Onions and others locally were inspired. With coloured photographs and detailed histories of 43 Baillie Scott houses and gardens. 

The Impact of Climatic Change in Bermuda. Dr. Anne Glasspool, for the Bermuda National Trust. Not a book but a 2010 report. Forecasts stronger hurricanes and extensive flooding. Up to 14 percent of the Island's land area could soon be at risk of flooding during high tides, while sea level rise and increased storm intensity will also threaten coastal areas. Bermuda's challenge will be for leaders and residents to understand and accept the science that supports climate change, be aware of the threats of climate change to Bermuda, and for them to come together and effectively plan for future sustainability, by identifying, agreeing and adopting the correct mitigation measures to offset the forecasted threats of this global phenomenon. 

The Incredible Canadian. A Candid Portrait of Mackenzie King: His Works, His Times, and His Nation. Bruce Hutchison. Includes a significant reference to Bermuda. 456 pages. 1953. Longmans Green, New York. 

The Islands of Bermuda. Tucker, Terry. 1970. Island Press, Bermuda, 138 pages. The author was then head of the research section of the Bermuda Library. The book had 173 islands listed by name, of which, at that time, Mrs Tucker stated 120 still retained their original titles but some no longer existed having been absorbed into the US Bases at St. David's and Southampton, in the Camber [at Dockyard], been blasted out of the ocean-bed, or merged with a neighbouring island. Altogether, some 30 islands and islets were disappeared in the national interest for one reason or another, most for military purposes. See Bermuda's Islands.

The Islands of Bermuda. Caribbean Guides Series. 1990. David F. Raine. Macmillan Caribbean. Paperback.

The Island That Disappeared. 2nd edition, 2012. First edition 1995. Elizabeth Musson Kawaley. The former Longbird Island, Bermuda, one of the largest at 62 acres, was destroyed in 1941/42 to make way for the US base at St. David's. 2nd edition has drawings by the author's daughter, Kathy and a number of family and other photographs. Once there was a Musson family house on the island. Published by Long Bird Press.

The Isle of Devils. Craig Janacek. 2013. Mystery. Plot relates to the story of how in November 1880 a wounded 28 year old British Army surgeon was washed ashore. 

The Journal of Richard Norwood, Surveyor of Bermuda. Professor Wesley Frank Craven and Walter B. Hayward.

The King George V High-Value Stamps of Bermuda. Myles Clazer. Marblehead, Mass., Calaby Publishers, 1994; xv+208 pp.; bibliography; index

The King George VI issue for Bermuda - the 1/2d to 1/6 values: an attempt to examine and evaluate new evidence. Frank R. Saunders. King George VI Collectors Society, 1970. 16 pp.

The Law of Reinsurance in England and Bermuda. In November 2010 in its 3rd edition. Jan Woloniecki, a partner in a Bermuda law firm, with Terry O'Neill. Published by Sweet & Maxwell. Provides a comprehensive analysis of the law and practice of reinsurance in England and Wales and Bermuda and represents the only scholarly analysis of the Island's reinsurance law to have been published. It also gives an up to date, in depth statement of reinsurance law in the context of its origins, market custom and practice and areas for future development, covering all aspects of law and practice, including contract formation, avoidance, governing law and jurisdiction, brokers, premiums and commissions, underwriting agents, binders and cover holders, dispute resolution, formation and regulation of insurance and reinsurance companies, insolvency and winding-up, restructuring and schemes of arrangement. Previous editions of the book have been relied upon by English, Bermuda and foreign courts as authority for numerous statements of reinsurance law, and it is a staple reference guide for English and Bermudian lawyers practicing in the field of reinsurance law.

The Law of Wills and Estates in Bermuda. 5th Edition. Mello, Michael J., QC, JP. 1993. For local law firm Mello Jones & Martin, by partner Michael Mello. The 6th edition, issued 2008, includes new chapters on the rights of children born outside of wedlock and same-sex couples.

The Legacy of St. David's Islanders. Their Voices Are Not Silent. By Bermuda-born overseas-based author Eugene (Jean) Foggo Simon. Also the principal researcher for the St. David's Island Indian Committee.

The Life of Ed Sherlock. Dale Butler. Sherlock was a top local runner.

The Law of Reinsurance in England and Bermuda. Jan Woloniecki, a partner in a Bermuda law firm.

The Lizard and the Rock. Joanne Burgess. 2008. With the financial support of the Bermuda Arts Council. Hardcover children's boo,. a fable that describes the beginnings of Bermuda and the resistance to and longing for change on a small island that is undiscovered.

The Mapping Of Bermuda.  1983. A Bibliography of Printed Maps & Charts 1548-1970 Third Revised Edition. Edited by R.V. Tooley, London: Holland Press Cartographica.

The May 24th Bermuda Marathon Derby Classic. Dale Butler, JP, MP. 

The Marine Algae of Bermuda. Dr. Ralph Cavaliere, Ph.D.

The Mystery of Princess Louise. December 2013. By British writer and lecturer on art history and 19th century history Lucinda Hawksley.  A new biography of Queen Victoria's rebellious third daughter and sixth child. When  she visited Bermuda in 1883 she caused a sensation. The book gives details. British publisher Chatto & Windus.  The author is a great, great, great granddaughter of Victorian writer Charles Dickens. Her other books include The Essential History of Art (2000), An Encyclopedia of British History (2001) and the best-selling Essential Pre-Raphaelites.

1883 Princess Louise's visit2013 book The Mystery of Princess Louise

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle (Can Science Solve?). 2000. Chris Oxlaide. Heinneman Library. 

The Natural History of Bermuda. Canadian professor emeritus and research scientist Dr. Martin L. H. Thomas. Island’s fragile environment showcased in 2005 natural history coffee table book published by the Bermuda Zoological Society. 256 pages, more than 260 colour photographs.

The Naturalist in Bermuda. Jones, J. M. 1859. Reeves & Turner, London. 200 pages. plus map and illustrations.

The Oxford History of the American People. Morison, Samuel Eliot.

The People of Bermuda: Beyond the Crossroads. Harries-Hunter, Barbara. 1994. 400 pages. Examines the history of racial development compared to other bi-racial communities. Documents strikes, assassinations, political and constitutional progress, education, sports and arts.

The Pirate Menace. 2015. William S. Zuill. The notorious pirate Blackbeard once threatened to turn Bermuda into a pirate’s den. So claims this Bermudian historian. “In the height of battle, Blackbeard would light slow-burning matches and put them into his hair to create a wreath of smoke around himself. This made him more frightening.” Blackbeard, real name was Edward Teach. In 1718, Blackbeard successfully blockaded Charleston, North Carolina. By taking hostages, he forced the town’s people to hand over a large quantity of money and a medicine chest. Reports reached England that he was threatening to take over Bermuda. In June that year Blackbeard set sail and steered towards Bermuda but became distracted by plunder on the high seas and did not carry out his plan. One of his ships, was the sloop Bermuda, gifted to him by another pirate, Benjamin Hornigold. Blackbeard renamed it Adventure. The pirates took sadistic pleasure in tormenting the officers and crew of captured ships. In one case, pirate crews tied captives to ropes and hoisted them high above the ship, and then let them drop to see their bones break. Blackbeard was said to have 14 wives including the 16-year-old daughter of a plantation owner. After he married her he invited his favorite crew members to rape her. There is no evidence that Bermuda was ever a stronghold for pirates, but a few Bermudians did join the ranks. One example was Nathaniel North. 

The Postal History of Bermuda. Edward B. Proud. E.B. Proud Ltd., 2003; 432 pp.

The Postal History and Stamps of Bermuda. Ludington. 1978. Lawrence, Massachusetts, Quarterman. 432 pages.

The Postal History and Postage Stamps of Bermuda. Lawrence, Mass. Quarterman, 1978; 446 pp.; index.

The Postal History of Blockade Running through Bermuda, 1861-1865. Monograph no. 14. British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group, 1966; iii+47 pp.; 2 indexes

The Postage Stamps of Bermuda. Bertram W. H. Poole. W.E.P. philatelic handbook no. 7. London, D. Field, 1911; 39 pp

The Prince of Privateers - 2012 book

The Prince of Privateers: Bridger Goodrich and His Family in America, Bermuda and Britain: 1775 - 1825 (Paperback). Nick Hartley, September 1, 2012. Special Amazon review. "As Editor of Bermuda Online I read this book with amazement and admiration for the wealth of detail. Author Nick Hartley (who has also written Monuments Officer) has now plugged many of the gaps or misinterpretations in Bermuda's history as they relate to Bridger Goodrich. He was, as Mr. Hartley says so rightly, not only the "Prince of Privateers" but the first person in Bermuda to launch Bermuda as an island of privateering. It was from Bermuda that the first cedar-built ships were built, initially for trade then commissioned by the British Admiralty as small fast warships and often victorious as legally-sanctioned privateers. A terrific read for all interested in Bermuda and her history with the USA, in particular Virginia as a sister-colony of Bermuda in the early 17th century and before/after Britain's two wars with the USA in both of which tiny Bermuda played a unique part. Definitely an an important, compelling and historically accurate book on the privateering and related aspects of the maritime history of America, Bermuda and Britain in the 1775-1825 period. " Includes 3 pages of illustrations and a useful 6-page index. 328 pages. Publisher: M & M Baldwin. ISBN-10: 0947712518. ISBN-13: 978-0947712518. Available at Amazon.

The Princess Spies. CIA Officer Thomas F. Troy who died in 2008. Article, not book. The operation at the Princess Hotel, near Hamilton, Bermuda, from 1940  was essentially the filter through which all correspondence in the Western hemisphere was inspected. To the average person during World War Two, censorship during times of war was a routine activity. It didn't generate much interest. And that's exactly how British Intelligence authorities wanted it to look because behind the walls of 13 rooms within the hotel, top secret sleuthing, a la James Bond, was taking place. Even the majority of the "examiners" didn't know what went on behind closed doors. Under the leadership of British Intelligence officer William Stephenson, a Canadian some say was one of the real-life inspirations for the literary and movie super-spy James Bond, the co-ordination of the secret "offensive" censorship took place in the 1940s.Troy says espionage experts used technologically-advanced techniques to break into letters and packages in order to produce and plant "forgeries useful in propaganda and blackmail operations." The group of experts could obtain the contents of any package leaving no trace of their tampering. Using innovative techniques for the time they could even extract a letter from an envelope without cutting, steaming or replacing it with a forged replica. Their work proved to be so useful to the combined efforts of the war that Sir William called the censorship initiative "a political weapon of very special importance . . . credit to all concerned." The hotel has many other fascinating connections to the legacy of James Bond and to victory of the Allied Forces in World War two. It's possible, perhaps even likely, the Hamilton Princess Hotel has a copy, given its involvement. If so, it might be available there for inspection.

The Private Life of Georgina Gholson Walker. 1963. Confederate Publishing Company. In 1961, The US Civil War changed her life forever and she began keeping a diary, later this book. She then had a privileged life in Petersburg, Virginia, as a well-connected, happily married Southern hostess. Her husband, Norman Walker, and his brother, John, joined the Confederate Army, and the grim reality of the war came home to her when John was killed at the Battle of Malvern Hill in July 1862. Norman resigned from the army and in November was sent to Bermuda as a Confederate agent. He then sailed on a blockade runner to Nassau and from there went on to England to deliver $2,000,000 in bonds to a Confederate purchasing agent. It was then that she began her journal, which she continued intermittently until 1876. In it she recounted that when her husband returned to Bermuda to take charge of all the affairs of the Confederate States, representing the various Depts, she decided to join him, arriving in March 1863.  The couple stayed in Bermuda until June 1864 when they left for Europe, returning to the island in January 1865. Her diary provides invaluable insights into Bermuda’s part in the war as a centre for Confederate blockade runners.

The Protectors of the Bermuda Triangle - Spinners Episode II. 2006. Rod C. Farrington. Novel.

The Quiet Canadian. H. Montgomery Hyde. A tribute to Sir William Stephenson who did so much for Bermuda during World War 2.

The Rich Papers. Letters from Bermuda 1615-1646. Editor Vernon Ives. Bermuda National Trust 1984. Written principally by Sir Nathanial Rich, a major shatreholder in the Bermuda Company founded in 1612. 

The Romance of Soldiering and Sport. Willcocks, General Sir James, GCB, GCMG, KCSI, DSO, one-time Governor of Bermuda. With Twenty two Illustrations. Chapters 19 and 20 are of special interest to Bermuda. 1925, Cassel and Company, Ltd., London, New York, Toronto, Melbourne.

The Role of Agriculture in Bermuda’s Future. 2010. Not a book but a factual report. Researched and prepared by Aran McKittrick. Summarizes some of the historic and modern challenges facing the agricultural industry, with an aim to better explaining their effect on the use and protection of arable land in Bermuda. Agriculture has played a crucial role in Bermuda’s history forming an essential part of both the Island’s cultural and natural heritage. Despite this, the agricultural industry and agricultural land have been in a steady state of decline over the last 90 years. There is general consensus amongst many stakeholders that both are in a critical state and are fast becoming obsolete. Bermudians themselves have played an active role in the decline of agriculture, whether as agricultural land owners or as consumers. Over time, Bermudians’ diminishing appreciation for the agricultural sector has caused it to become undervalued and neglected. The result is that Bermuda has lost an estimated 87 percent of its agricultural land since the turn of the 20th century. Of the 735 acres of arable land available for agricultural use, only 360 acres are being actively farmed. Although an estimated 40 percent of the population is involved in backyard farming, there are only 18 full time farmers and 33 part-time farmers in the industry today. The challenges the potential collapse of the agricultural industry and the loss of agricultural land pose to Bermuda are far greater than just the loss of commercial farming, however. There are other significant challenges to which most Bermudians are indifferent, the most important of which is food security. 

The Royal Mail Steam Packets to Bermuda and the Bahamas, 1942-1859. M. H. Ludington and Geoffrey A. Osborn. London, Robson Lowe, 1971; 26 pp. + 7 loose maps.

The Sailor and the Fox. Bermudian author Brian Burland.

The Saint George's Dream. Bermuda writer Sandra Taylor Rouja. Short stories. 

The Saga of the International-One Design. 75 years after this world-famous racing yacht was born, this is a commemorative history of the class from its genesis in 1936, significantly due to Bermuda, to the present. 2012. 210 pages, large-format coffee table book, consisting of hundreds of photographs from the many years of sailing and racing IODs, as well as drawings and other graphics. The comprehensive text includes an exhaustive history of the class, with descriptions of all the individual fleets; sections of a technical nature, anecdotes from class members past and present; and a complete Registry of all known boats with cascading ownership records. 

The Scent of Eucalyptus. By one-time Bermuda Governor Sir Richard Posnett who laid the blame for his forced resignation squarely on then-Minister of Finance Sir David Gibbons. Published in the United Kingdom.

The Sea 'Venture. Mason, Van Wyck. 1961. New York, Doubleday, 349 pages. Illustrated. An account of the first British ship and its crew and passengers to colonize Bermuda.

The Serpent Never Sleeps. 20th-century American author Scott O'Dell. A fictionalized account of the 1609 Sea Venture shipwreck. 

The Science Project - Nonsuch Island. Esra Turner of Bermuda. 2010 Children's book, re learning challenges.

The Shipwreck That Saved Jamestown: The Sea Venture Castaways and the Fate of America. Lorri Clover and Daniel Blake Smith. 2008. Includes a look at the important role Bermuda played in the successful English settlement of North America.

The Skeeters Murder. Sandra Campbell. Skeeter's Corner, Somerset, was where a notorious 19th century Bermuda murder was committed. The book recounts it in grim detail. 

The Sparks Among the Ashes. Gwyneth Lightbourne. The struggle of the Grace Methodist Church. 2002.

The Spirit Baby and other Bermudian Folk Tales. By  long-serving Bermudian youth librarian, Mrs Florenz Maxwell. 

The Story of A Bermudian Family: The Jackson Clan. Vernon Jackson. Mr. Jackson collected information about his family off and on from 1972 to 1978.

The Story of Bermuda. Strode, Hudson. 1932. New York, Random House. Fish scale cover, 374 pages, with photographs by Walter Rutherford and a forward by Vice Admiral Sir Vernon Haggard, RN. Strode spent three years in Bermuda then returned to the University of Alabama where he was Professor of English. He succeeded in giving a feeling of the place - a rendering of an atmosphere which grew out of climate, scenic beauty, historical events, the character of the people and their manners, the country's architecture and more. 

The Story of Bermuda and Her People. William Sears Zuill. Originally issued many years ago, updated and re-published 19 April 1999 by Macmillan Caribbean with much fanfare. Paperback.

The Story of Bermuda and Her People

The Story of the Bermuda Cedar Tree. Kevin Stevenson. 1997.

The Teachers Association of Bermuda (1949 to 1964). The short History of a Small Trade Union. Colin Benbow. 81 pages, The Writers' Machine, 2000. $ 15.00.

The Tennis Player from Bermuda. 2012. Fiona Hodgkin. Set partly in Bermuda. Matador Press. fictional story of a young Bermudian who qualifies for the Wimbledon Singles Draw in 1962. Author and her spouse have had a summer home on the Island. A lawyer by profession, her first novel. 

The Traditional Building Guide: Advice for Preserving Bermuda's Architectural Heritage. 2003. Anthony Short and Sylvia Shorto, with black and white drawings by Anthony Short. A joint production of the Bermuda National Trust. November 2002. 

The Thin Red Lines. Charles Graves. Bermuda is mentioned. 

The Three Kings of Bermuda & Their Treasure of Ambergris. Washington Irving, American author, biographer, diplomat, essayist. An essay, not strictly speaking a book, written in 1840 shortly after he visited Bermuda. Based on historical fact. The story of Edward Chard, Robert Waters and Christopher Carter inspired him to speculate on a possible connection between these three fugitive vagabonds of 1611 and their stay on Smith's Island, Bermuda and William Shakespeare’s Bermuda-influenced play “The Tempest.”

Washington Irving

Washington Irving

The Tree Frog and the Poinsettia. Joan Aspinall. 2008. Children's story. Illustrated by the author. Tale of a  male tree frog which shares  its home with a potted poinsettia.

The Vendor of Dreams. Frederick Rawle.

The Voyage of The Beagle. An account of the 1830's voyage of HMS Beagle carrying naturalist Charles Darwin and his party around the world, including Bermuda. Darwin, Charles. 1962 edition by Doubleday & Co., Garden City, New York.

The West Indies and the Spanish Main.  British author Anthony Trollope (1815-1882), prominent and prolific who in 1858 visited Bermuda as a British Post Office manager.  1860. In 2 volumes, 168 pp and 395 pp. His first travel book, written between January and June 1859 and the only one that included Bermuda. With Bermuda mentioned not altogether favorably at the time. London, Chapman & Co. Valued at Ł20 per volume from the Trollope Society in London.  Trollope himself rated this book highly. He thought the future lay in miscegenation. He became one of the most successful, prolific and respected English novelists of the Victorian era. Some of Trollope's best-loved works revolve around the imaginary county of Barsetshire, but he also wrote penetrating novels on political, social, and gender issues and conflicts of his day.

Anthony Trollope

The White House Years: Mandate for Change 1953-1956. Dwight D. Eisenhower, former President of the USA. Bermuda referenced. He visited Bermuda in 1945. 

The Wildlife of Reg Grundy. Australian television pioneer Reg Grundy. 2005. A book of his photographs of his beloved Bermuda longtails. 90 years old in 2013, he put his huge Bermuda Tucker’s Town estate up for sale for just over $38.2 million, one of the most expensive homes ever listed in Bermuda. Mr Grundy’s palatial Idolwood Lagoon Estate is set on the waterfront on 4.25 acres and has a 10,000 square-foot main house, three cottages and its own beach, dock, tennis court and four garages. The home and grounds featured extensively during Mr Grundy’s interview a few years ago with Australian TV host Tracy Grimshaw. He and wife Joy invited her exclusively into their sprawling Bermuda home and grounds. Mr Grundy is the man behind the Restless Years, Young Doctors, Sons and Daughters, Neighbours and Sale of the Century. He has also exhibited his photos of longtails at local galleries and they are displayed at LF Wade International Airport.

The Willowbank Story. Norman Grubb and Irving Harris. Island Press, Bermuda.

The Wooden Houses of Bermuda. 2005. Dale Butler and his Writer's Machine. Mostly West Indian architecture. 

The Works of George Berkeley, DD, Late Bishop of Cloyne in Ireland. Including An Account of his Life and several of his Letters to Thomas Prior, Esq., Dean Gervais and Mr. Pope, etc. etc. Volume 1, 646 pages. Volume 2 662 pages. Mentioned is the ill fated scheme to establish a college in Bermuda. With frontispiece full page illustration of the Bishop. 646 pages. MDCCLXXXIV (1784), Dublin, printed by John Exshaw, No. 98 Grafton Street.

This is My Country. Writers' Machine. Written about Bermuda.

This Poem-Worthy Place. A second national anthology of Bermuda poems. February 2011.

Trade and Commerce in Bermuda 1515-1839. Old Sea Captain's Tales. Mary Arton. 120 pp. Island Press, 1965.

Traditional Bermuda Recipes. The Sunshine League.

Three Harbors. (Norfolk, Boston and Bermuda). Mason, Van Wyck. 1939, Philadelphia, Lipagesincott. A novel, based on historical facts. 695 pages.

Tiny the Tree Frog. Elizabeth A. Mulderig. For children.

Tiny the Tree Frog Tours Bermuda. Elizabeth A. Mulderig. 1996. For children. Hardcover. Bermudian Publishing Company.

Tiny's Night Before Christmas. Elizabeth A. Mulderig. For children.

Tiny and Sharkman Superheroes. Elizabeth A. Mulderig. 2010. For children. Edited by Deborah Jackson. Tiny the Tree Frog and Gilbert Pickles meet a magical sea wizard. He gives them a book of magical sea wizard knowledge, and the power to turn into superheroes. Pickles becomes Sharkman. His special power is reading, and he uses it to battle against the evil pirate Ratter. 

Tiny the Tree Frog's Bermuda Cookbook for Kids. Elizabeth A. Mulderig. For children. The recipes such as Bermudiana Bananarama Bread, Sunny Honey Island Tea and Kooky Kite Day Cookies, are simple and fun for children to make. The cookies are in honour of Good Friday and there are two other recipes honouring Boxing Day and Cup Match.

Told By Two. A Romance of Bermuda. St. Felix. 1901, Chicago, Donohue.

Toppy Tours the Dinosaurs. Elizabeth A. Mulderig. For children. About touring the portrait gallery of his ancestors in the Dinosaur Museum in Lyme Regis, Dorset, Devon.

Touching The Moon.  Lisa Airey. 2013. Daughter of Bermuda-based Theresa Airey.  2013. A paranormal romance.

Trains: A Photographic Journey. Trains around the world, by Bermudian author Graeme Outerbridge.

Transitions: Voices of Bermudian Women. Writers' Machine.

Treasure Lost at Sea: Diving to the World's Great Shipwrecks. Jenifer Marx and Robert F. Marx (who wrote In the Wake of Galleons). 

Trees and Plants of the Bermudas. Zuill, 1933. Bermuda Book Store, Hamilton.

Trinity Church, Bermuda, a Sketch of its History Drawn from Various Sources. Thomas S. Reid. First published 1886. Re-published 31 Aug 2012.

Triumph of the Spirit. Heroes & Heroines (of Bermuda). Parts 1 & 2. Edit Butler.1995.167 pages (Part 1) and 95 pages (Part 2).

Twelve Months on a Rock. Janice MacKenzie who once resided in Bermuda from Scotland with her husband Murray MacKenzie.

Twelve Nights with Tracey. Tracey Caswell. When this Canadian author went to live in Bermuda with her Bermudian husband she found out first-hand what wives encounter environmentally and in many other ways on this semi-tropical island. She wrote Tea with Tracey. In this subsequent book, under those island conditions, she found innovative ways to make her marriage blossom. Also a nice read. 

Under the Calabash Tree. Robin Trimingham. A history of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

Understanding the Bermuda Roof. Leading to its Effective Repair. Written and Illustrated by Sanders Frith-Brown for the Bermuda National Trust.

Unravished Bride.  Terry Tucker. 1970. A novel.

USS Bermuda - The Rise and Fall of an American Base. Don Grearson. 2009. Written between 2001 and 2006. 450 pages. $49.99.  Self-published, 1,500 copies. The Canadian-Bermudian author states how the two bases at St. David's and Southampton closed in 1995 also refers to the $11 million settlement the Bermuda Government collected in 2002, since referred by Premier Ewart Brown to US Attorney General Eric Holder in hope of a better settlement after, according to the government, the bases left behind vast amounts of oil, as well as mercury, paint and batteries. US Navy contractor JA Jones gave a $65 million estimate for cleaning up the mess at what are now Southside and Morgan's Point. Research for the book included interviews with US Department of State officials involved in negotiating that deal, as well as local players who handled the shutdown of the base lands, such as former Premier Sir John Swan and former Cabinet Minister Grant Gibbons. Grearson was employed by the then-government to administer the newly-acquired base lands. 

Verdmont: The Story of a House, Its People and Its Contents. An Historical House Guide Book. Diana Chudleigh. Bermuda National Trust, 2011. Pages: 44. Paperback. Illustrations in colour. Tells the story of this early 18th century house in Smith’s Parish, and the families who lived in it. The house today is furnished with examples of Bermuda’s finest craftsmanship and many of these are described in words and illustrated by photographs within this book.

Views from a wheelchair. 2010. 180 pages. In 2008 Phil and Victoria Cracknell decided to quit their corporate worlds in Bermuda and set out for life traveling the roads in USA, over 25,000 miles. Phil Cracknell is disabled, wheelchair-bound or in a 3-wheeled invalid car.

Virginia Gold. William Thomas. 2010. Historical novel. The author, a retired pastor and US Army chaplain discovered one of his ancestors, John Thomas, then only 17, was a castaway on the Sea Venture of 1609. In June 1606, King James I granted a charter to a group of London entrepreneurs, the Virginia Company, to establish a satellite English settlement in the Chesapeake region of North America. By December, 104 settlers sailed from London instructed to settle Virginia, find gold, and seek a water route to the Orient. Three years later a  fleet carrying new settlers and provisions to the Jamestown colony was scattered during a storm – and Admiral Sir George Somers’ flagship “Sea Venture” ran aground here, leading to Bermuda’s permanent settlement in 1612. Thomas and other survivors eventually reached Virginia in their two Bermuda-built ships “Deliverance” and “Patience”. This revelation inspired the author to write an historical novel based on this man’s life. “Virginia Gold” is the story of 17-year-old John Thomas, who indentures himself and sets sail from Wales in 1609. Finally John arrived in Jamestown, only to face a series of challenges and dangers that threaten his dreams of land and wealth.

Virginia Historical Portraiture, 1585-1830. Alexander Wilbourne Weddell, FRGS, Litt. D. Bermuda is mentioned prominently.

Visitor's Guide to Bermuda. 3rd Edition. Blair Howard.

Voyage of the Challenger. Narrative, volume 1, The Atlantic, chapter 4, with map. C. Wyville Thomson. 1877. A narrative of the Atlantic and Bermuda portion of the HMS Challenger Expedition around the world from 1872-1874.

Warwick Academy. Our first 350 years. 2013. Co-written by long time educator Andrew Dobson and school parent Catherine Kennedy. Commemorative history book. Intended to paint a picture of where the school has been and where it’s headed in the future. Researching Warwick Academy’s past was difficult. Pre-1930s school records had been lost at sea in 1929, after the data had been sent on a boat to be bound in New York, but sank upon its return to Bermuda. Appeals were made to former students and teachers to get their contributions and many responded. 

What's Become of Anna. Terry Tucker. 1972. Her historical novel of the 1878 Bermuda murder of Anna Skeeters. But Tucker transformed the 41 year old Anna into a young wife. The account is disfigured with racial condescension toward blacks, especially black men. Nonetheless, a powerful tale.

When the Rock Burned. By former Police Commissioner Jonathan Smith. One of the most violent periods of the island’s history. A full account of the events leading up to the December 1977 riots, and their legacy, at a time when social, economic and racial tensions ignited in protest, street violence and flames. 

West Indian Censorship Devices. Handbook no. 2. Geoffrey G. Richie. Harrogate, U.K., Roses Caribbean Philatelic Society, 1977; 105 pp. In addition to Bermuda, contains articles on Bahamas, Barbados (revised), British Guiana (revised), British Honduras, Cayman Islands (revised), French West Indies, Grenada (revised), Jamaica (revised), Leeward Islands, St. Lucia (revised), and St. Vincent.

Whale Song. Andrew Stevenson, also producer of the film Where the Whales Sing, 2010. 2011. Mr Stevenson has been researching humpback whales in Bermuda for several years.

What Hath God Wrought. History of the Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda.  By General Arnold Brown, Salvation Army.

What You May Not Know About Bermuda. Horst Augustinovic. 2012. 111 pages, most interesting and often little-known facts by a well-known local author. He hopes the book will be a useful resource in teaching Bermudians about their history, but in a fun, approachable way. He was looking for the unusual or quirky things, when things went wrong, the less known topics.

What's Become of Anna? A Bermuda story. Terry Tucker. 1972, London, Hale. 207 pages.

White Plumes Astern. Commander Anthony Law, RCN. His war-time account in the Atlantic and beyond, Bermuda resident.

Whither Now Bermuda. John Gilbert. Island Press. A companion volume to A Tale of Two Houses.

Wings over Bermuda – 100 years of aviation in the West Atlantic. British aviation authors Ewan Partridge and Tom Singfield, a specialist in aviation history and Bermuda visitor. 2014. Bermuda's Aviation Pioneers and their unique contributions to Bermuda's aviation history. They had their finest claims to international fame in the 1930s to 1950s as our own website Bermuda's Aviation Pioneers shows. National Museum of Bermuda. Costs $65 in Bermuda from June 4, 2014, Ł40 in the UK. 

Winston Churchill: The Struggle for survival, 1940-1965. The diaries of Lord Moran, one-time physician to the great British Prime Minister. Bermuda is mentioned prominently.

Witches, Wife Beaters and Whores: Common Law and Common Folk in Early America. Elaine Forman Crane. 2011. Of interest to Bermudian historians in particular is her inclusion of Bermuda in the context of ‘Early America’ and a close examination of the Bermuda witchcraft trials of the mid-1600s within that context. Though of primary interest to scholars of early American history, there is relevance to Bermuda, particularly in the chapter on witchcraft, as the Island colony’s social and economic development was closely intertwined with that of its sister colonies on the mainland.

Wooden Houses of Bermuda. Dale Butler. 2005

Wolfert's Roost. Irving. 1855. 383 pages. Two chapters on Bermuda.

Woppened. Peter Woolcock. A yearly series since 1987. A different book of Bermudian political cartoons for each year until 2013. Prepared for Bermuda's daily newspaper by the Argentine-born British artist and illustrator who lived and worked in Bermuda until he died in late 2014.

Woman Into Wolf. The Story of Three Marriages. Terry Tucker. 

World of Bermuda Fish. William Beebe. 1932. A page article in Bulletin of the New York Zoological Society.

Wrecked on the Bermudas. Meyer. 1892. Providence, Rhode Island. Freeman. 252 pages.

Your Bermuda. All you need to know about our island home. George Rushe. 1995. Politics to Shakespeare, slavery to cahows, prisoners of war to bus tickets, censorship to flowers, economics to convict hulks. 206 pages. Nice index. Outdated now but still useful.

Your Guide to Bermuda. Baron. 1965. London, Redman. 234 pages. Subsequent editions.

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