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Bermuda's local Associations and Non-Profit organizations, A-B Listing

Part one of a long list of Island charities, entities and groups providing a community service

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By Keith Archibald Forbes exclusively for Bermuda Online

This list shows Bermuda-based local (not international) associations, charities and other local community-oriented entities or organizations serving the island. (If they are limited in liability, Bermuda-registered, local or international, they are not usually listed here, instead come under under the jurisdiction of the Bermuda Government's Registrar of Companies). Those shown have a community focus; a formal constitution; are not government; are usually self governing; have a volunteer governing board of unpaid trustees and volunteers, although some also have paid staff; are not ethnically or politically or religiously biased. If registered local charities, they comply with relevant qualifying requirements. 

Free courtesy mentions including hyperlinks to their websites will be shown gladly once they return the courtesy with a  free reciprocal link to our main Bermuda Online website at http://www.bermuda-online.org. See our Links and Mentions policy at http://www.bermuda-online.org/links.htm.

In April 2013 the Bermuda Government asked Bermuda’s charities to give their views on reform of the legislation governing the sector. A press statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs noted that despite the fact that “extensive charities policy development consultation” had taken place a year ago, the Minister wanted additional views. The general policy aim is to amend the Charities Act 1978 to expand the definition of ‘charitable organisations’, to give the Charity Commissioners increased regulatory authority and to strengthen the reporting requirements for charities. The original Charities Act was enacted in 1965 and repealed in 1979 and replaced with the current legislation. Since 1979 there has been a significant increase in the number of registered charities operating in Bermuda. There has also been a widening of scope of charitable purposes.  According to the Ministry, a 2007 International Monetary Fund report on Bermuda, “Detailed Assessment Report on Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism recommended that relevant authorities undertake a review of laws and regulations related to non-profit organizations, such as charities, to prevent them from being used for money-laundering or the financing of terrorist activities.” Bermuda's Charitable organisations had until April 17, 2013 to send in their views. In 2007 there were around 400 registered charities on the Island with revenues of around $84 million annually (not including the Bermuda Hospitals Board), according to the IMF’s research. At January 1, 2014, there were 439 registered charities (RC) in Bermuda, or 1 for every 180 residents. It makes Bermuda the most densely populated registered charities centre per square mile in the world, in a territory the World Bank has declared the word's most affluent.


100 Women in Hedge Funds A new (June 2015) philanthropy group for women in business. Launched at the June 2015 Global Hedge Fund Forum held in Bermuda. The organization has lined up Jim Rosebush, former deputy assistant to ex-US President Ronald Reagan and chief of staff to first lady Nancy Reagan. And Natalie Deak Jaros, co-leader of Americas hedge fund practice at professional services firm EY will deliver a speech on pushing the role of women as an economic necessity. Alison Morrison, managing director of Oyster Consulting, who helped found 100WHF in Bermuda and is now chairman, said: “We have enjoyed incredible support from women in Bermuda in all financial services industries who want to be a part of this organization. “With our membership well above the 100 minimum requirement, we are ready now to move on to the next phase of our plans.” 100WHF was founded in 2001 and now has more than 13,000 women professionals around the world on its books. The group was set up to offer networking, educational and philanthropic opportunities and has raised more than $36 million for charitable causes involved in women’s health, education and mentoring. The Global Fund Forum will bring together hedge fund managers and investors for one-on-one meetings.
ABC Football School  
Action on Alzheimer's and Dementia (AAD) E-mail alzbermuda@yahoo.com or call 505 3679. Since 2012. Bermuda is estimated to have about 1,000 people with dementia, a neuro-degenerative disease. Data suggests that people who have strong social support are less likely to have dementia symptoms. Once a person reaches the age of 85, they have a one in three chance of getting it. The local charity has sought to educate the community on Alzheimer’s since founder Elizabeth Stewart lost her own mother. 

2015. November 16. Residents with Alzheimer's disease and dementia can now enjoy a host of therapeutic and recreational activities thanks to a three-year funding commitment from insurance company Zurich. Action on Alzheimer's and Dementia (AAD) has been able to more than triple the number of activities it offers its clients each week and expand to two new locations, St David's and Somerset. The move comes after the Bermuda Legion announced it was aiming to create a residential facility for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer's. While there is no known cure for Alzheimer's, studies have shown that activity and engagement with one's environment, learning, socializing and music are effective, even more so than medication, in some cases. AAD has been able to introduce or expand programmes such as music and movement, music therapy, art therapy, games, modified sports, animal interaction, drumming and boccia. The charity had a limited number of programmes running out of the Peace Lutheran Church in Paget and WindReach Recreational Village in Warwick, but now has additional programmes at the Chapel of Ease in St David's, and Allen Temple Church, Somerset. The donation will also allow it to offer services such as transport. Before receiving the funding, AAD ran two morning sessions and one afternoon session each week. Now the only open weekday slot is on a Wednesday morning and even then there is an activity once a month. Zurich has also introduced a programme that allows its employees to volunteer a certain number of hours to the charity each month. Elizabeth Stewart, who founded AAD in 2012, said: "The goal was always to expand the programmes if there was demand and we knew that people couldn't come from the different ends of the Island. We also knew there were a lot of smaller care homes that probably didn't have structured activities ? it is required for only the larger homes to have a specific activities coordinator. We wanted to make it more accessible for people and we really want to encourage people to take advantage of what we are offering ? it is all free as a result of Zurich's funding and we are hugely grateful to them." Close to 100 people used the programmes before the donation and Ms Stewart believes there is potential for many more to now come on board. There are about 1,000 Alzheimer's and dementia sufferers in Bermuda, which is roughly on a par with those suffering from cancer. Krista Tatem heads up the charity's activity programme in her role as activation specialist and programme coordinator. "We are able to tap into the care home and rest home population now. The beauty of that is that the care staff can see how we model engaging with the clients. There is an education built into it. The programmes are designed to tap into all of their needs, whether it be social, intellectual, spiritual, physical. We know that these activities help with behaviors associated with dementia, such as anxiety, loss of memory, spatial awareness and sense of time. They are dramatically decreased through activity. There is a residual effect which helps the caregivers as well, they need as much support as possible." 

 2015. September. The charity organized events for Dementia Awareness Week. They included a free public presentation – the A to Z of Dementia, featuring an occupational therapist and a specialist in engagement activities for those with dementia; a screening of the documentary The Genius of Marian — about a family dealing with a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s; a screening of the documentary I’ll Be Me — about singer Glenn Campbell’s “Goodbye Tour” after his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. 

Activities Center KEMH Continuing Care Unit, 7 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04. Phone 239-2020. Adult day care center for seniors. Transportation provided for participating residents living from Crawl Hill to Horseshoe Bay.
Activities Association of Bermuda (AAB) Promoters of quality care for Bermuda's seniors. Has periodic workshops in Bermuda in partnership with the US National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP).
Activity Professionals 3 Kent Avenue, Devonshire DV 07
Adlev Entertainment Awards RC 622
Admiralty House Community Center 2 Admiralty Lane, Pembroke HM 01. Phone 295-9094. Fax 295-4695. Seniors social club. Receives an annual grant from the Bermuda Government. RC 089.
Adult Children of Alcoholics Self-help group, call 295-0999. Meets every Tuesday 5:30-6:30 pm at Salvation Army Citadel, North Street, Pembroke. Open to all adults.
Adult Education School RC 229
Advisory Architectural Panel See Bermuda Government Boards
Aerobic Dance Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at Police Club, Prospect, 5:30-6:30 pm. 24 classes $170. All welcome. Phone 236-6608.
African Dance Company P. O. Box WK 394, Warwick WK 03. Studio 293 7679 or 238 2645. Or 238 3667
African Heritage Society RC 601
Agape House (hospice) A hospice, a residence for those with a terminal illness. 7 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04. Telephone 239 2025
Age Concern (Bermuda) Bermuda charity # 137. 25 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04, Bermuda. P. O. Box HM 2397, Hamilton HM JX, Bermuda. Telephone (441) 238-7525. Fax (441) 238-7177. Not part of Age Concern in UK and not offering the services they do. There is an annual membership fee to individuals. From April 1011 its Government funding was cut by 40 percent. Contributions from the Ministry of Health dropped from $80 million to $48 million for the 2011-2012 year. It still gets more government funding pro-rata by far than any other Age Concern or similar organization anywhere.
Ahead Bermuda RC 630
Air Advisory Committee See Bermuda Government Boards
Air Transport Licensing Board See Bermuda Government Boards
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Bermuda Bermuda-based pilots, most are members of AOPA. 
Alexandrina Lodge 1026 GUO of OF, 75 Court Street, Hamilton HM 12. Call 292 2286
Allan Vincent Smith Foundation, (The) Confidential helpline at 295-0002 on AIDS between 5:30 and 9 pm Monday to Friday. RC 340
Allergy Clinic of Bermuda Not a registered charity. Dr. J. Harvey, Corner Walls, 31 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04, Bermuda. Telephone 236-7401
All God's Children Drama Club Somerset. Ellington (Elty) Anderson, phone 232-1214.
A Lott of Sista Love (Bermuda Chapter)  
L'Alliance Francaise des Bermudes The organization for French nationals and French-speaking locals. See Bermuda's Links with France. Every July 14, it celebrates Bastille Day. RC 537
Al-Manara RC 589. Contact Janel Lodge-Fletcher
Al Markazal Islami RC 593
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (USA) Epsilon Theta Lambda Chapter Call 291-3062. RC 553
Alternative Health Monitoring Information Service RC 546
Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) Bermuda Branch. 2016. February 25. A bid is being made to bring more jobs to Bermuda by boosting the presence of hedge funds. Island professionals are to combine to form a branch of the Alternative Investment Management Association to attract the hedge-fund sector back to Bermuda. Craig Bridgewater, a managing director at professional services company KPMG, is part of a committee set up to promote the association. AIMA in Bermuda is a branch of a global organization which has headquarters in London, but branches in major cities around the world, with 1,700 member companies and 10,000 individual members in 55 countries. Bermuda was a leader in the hedge-fund industry until the Cayman Islands, starting in the 1990s, attracted much of the business. That jurisdiction now has nearly 11,000 funds, some 15 times more than Bermuda.
Alternative Learning Foundation RC 626
Altrusa Club of Bermuda An international volunteer service organization. The Bermuda club, more than 65 years old, is in District One which also includes all the New England states of the USA and Quebec, Canada. RC 004
Alumni Association of the Bermuda High School for Girls 27 Richmond Road, Pembroke HM 008. Telephone 295-6153 or fax 295-2754
Alumni Association  Phone 239-4030. For graduates of the now-gone Bermuda Technical Institute, Hotel & Catering College, Academic 6th Form Centre and present-day Bermuda College.
Alzheimer's Family Support Group Meets 2nd Tuesday each month, 5:30 pm at KEMH. Phone 238-2168.
Amarylis Foundation (The) RC 523
American Citizens Abroad Country Contact for Bermuda Martha Myron, JP CPA, CFP (US), TEP. Moneywise. Email martha.myron@gmail.com  or in Bermuda telephone 296-3528 at Patterson Partners Ltd. Martha is an international Certified Financial Planner practitioner in private wealth management. She specializes in independent fee-only cross border investment, tax, estate, and strategic retirement planning services for Bermuda residents with United States and multi-national connections, and US citizens living and working abroad. See www.americansabroad.org. She is a Masters in Law candidate in International Tax and Financial Planning. 
American Ladies in Bermuda (ALIB) Provides information, support and fund-raising activities for new residents of all nationalities. For further information call Gail Adcock at 236-6881. RC 103
American Society of Bermuda P. O. Box HM 3339, Hamilton HM PX. Telephone 291 3543. 2006 annual membership costs are Family and guest $50; individual $25, student $15. To renew or establish membership, Web site. americansociety.bm. RC 443
Amigos da Casa dos Açores da Bermuda (Friends of the House of the Azores of Bermuda),  Aims to promote, preserve and celebrate Azorean culture and history in Bermuda.
Amigos De Terciera Idade - Friends of Senior Citizens RC 577
Amnesty International Bermuda (AIB) Dallas Building, 7 Victoria Street,  Hamilton, call 295 7906 (days) or 295 7390 (evenings). PO Box HM 2136, Hamilton HM JX, call 296-3249. RC 238.  This branch was founded in 1983 and is locally funded.
Anaesthetic Association From September 1, 2001: "The Berries," 35 Berry Hill Road, Paget DV 03. Mailing address is P. O. Box 1640, Hamilton HM GX. Telephone (441) 232-5053. Fax (441) 232-5055
Anglican church of Bermuda (The) RC 306
Appeals Committee See Bermuda Government Boards
Appeals Tribunal See Bermuda Government Boards
Architects Registration Council See Bermuda Government Boards
Architectural Association of Bermuda (The) RC 574
Archives Advisory Council See Bermuda Government Boards
Area 51 Racing One of four local clubs racing British Seagull outboard engines
Association for Advancement of Science & Technology (441) 295-3680. Fax (441) 292-3243. Fosters kinship and alliances within the local scientific community and links abroad
Association for Due Process & The Constitution The Secretary, P. O. Box HM 485, Hamilton HM CX, Bermuda. 
Association for the Mentally Handicapped of Bermuda P. O. Box HM 1634, Hamilton HM GX. Phone 292-7206. Contact Pastor D. Randolph Wilson. RC 077
Association of Administrative Professionals  
Association of Bermuda Compliance Officers (ABCO) All regulated institutions are required by law to appoint a reporting or compliance officer. He or she is responsible for passing reports of suspicious transactions to the Financial Investigation Unit (FIU) of the Bermuda Police Service. The association is open to all involved in compliance and anti-money laundering procedures.
Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers (ABIR) XL House, One Bermudiana Road, Hamilton HM 11 Bermuda. Tel: 441-294-7221. Fax: 441-296-4207. Also with an office in Washington, DC. Insurance industry trade organization in Bermuda since 1986, representing 18 of Bermuda's Class 4 highly capitalized insurance and reinsurance companies in Bermuda and around the world. It provides policy papers, legislative suggestions, treaty analysis, reinsurance-related technical assistance and advice, both in Bermuda and USA, as support for developing and maintaining a healthy international insurance/reinsurance industry in Bermuda.
Association of Bermuda International Companies (ABIC)  P. O. Box HM 655, Hamilton HM CX. Phone (441) 295-8932. Fax (441) 292-5779. Members include all the "exempted" or "international" companies, exempted partnerships and trusts registered and with a physical presence in Bermuda - including those shown separately under Insurance Companies and Other International Companies
Association of Canadians in Bermuda P. O. Box HM 2071, Hamilton HM HX.. A non-profit organization for Canadians in Bermuda, to help keep the Canadian culture alive. Founded in 2000. RC 566
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)  
Association of Human Resource Professionals pending
Association of Licensed Trustees C/o Robert Miller, Cedar Trust Company Ltd., 48 Cedarpark Center, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 148, Hamilton HM AX. Telephone (441) 292-0567. Fax (441) 292-0732
Association of Filipinos in Bermuda There are about 600, including doctors, accountants, nurses, waiters including domestic servants and more. RC 529
Association of Professional Assistants pending
Association of Professional Engineers pending
Association of School Principals C/o Bermuda Union of Teachers. It has a representative on the Labor Advisory Council, see Bermuda Government Boards
Association of Securities Dealers Suite 635, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 66, Hamilton HM AX. Telephone (441) 291-1442. Fax (441) 292-7313
Asthmatic Support Group First Thursday each month, Conference Room, Floor 1, King Edward Memorial Hospital, 7:30 pm. Call Andrea Smith at 293-0652
Astrid Trust of Bermuda (The) RC 360
Arts Center at Dockyard See artists and art on exhibition and for sale. Call 234 2809 for more details or fax 234-0540. 
Atlantic Phoenix Lodge Freemasons Hall, Reid Street, Hamilton. Established  in1797. 
Audit Committee See Bermuda Government Boards

B (1)

Bahamas Association of Bermuda Phone Don Mitchell 294-2590 (work) or 293-5408 (home);  or Shervonne Hollis (292-2847 (home) or Judy Simpson 293-8063.
Bailey's Bay Cricket Club 5 Duck's Puddle Drive, Hamilton Parish CR 04. Telephone 293 8064
Ballroom Dancing Hamilton Princess Hotel, Tuesday, 8 to 11 pm
Bank of Bermuda Foundation (The) RC 595. Formed in January 2001, it combines the facilities and services of the bank's former Centennial Trust, Charitable Trust and Educational Trust.
Bank of Butterfield Employees Shared Trust (BEST) Formed in 2001 as an employee-driven community program that  combines staff donations with matching bank contributions
Barbados Association of Bermuda An organization of Barbadians living and working in Bermuda. Includes an annual show of Bajan dishes cooked by men. About 300 Bajans work in Bermuda, including teachers, Police, chefs, lawyers, judiciary. RC 401
Barn, The 44 Devon Spring Road, Devonshire FL 01, telephone 236 3155. Part of the Hospitals Auxiliary registered charity. The Barn operates a thrift shop
Befrienders Bermuda RC 638
Bereavement Association of Caregivers P. O. Box DD 174, St. David's DD BX. Telephone 297 0030
Bereavement Support P. O. Box HM 1023, Hamilton HM DX. Telephone 239 2025
Berkeley Educational Society RC 124
Berkeley Institute Parent- Teacher-Students Association RC 111
Bermuda 2009 Steering Committee Formed to celebrate Bermuda's 400th anniversary. Chairman Conchita Ming.
Bermuda African Violet Society Meeting, Fourth Tuesday each month, 7:30 pm, Horticultural Hall, Bermuda Botanical Gardens, Paget, new members welcome. 
Bermuda Agricultural Group Dedicated to preserving Bermuda's agriculture industry and lifestyle. It runs an annual Agricultural Camp. It operates from Tudor Farm in Southampton, an 11 acre farm purchased by the Bermuda Government to preserve the integrity of the largest remaining farm in Bermuda. C/o Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, P. O. Box HM 834, Hamilton HM CX. Or fax 293-0176. RC 475
Bermuda All Breed Club P. O. Box HM 23, Hamilton HM AX. Phone 234-3360. Fax 234-4101. Also see The Dog Training Club of Bermuda. RC 479. It runs the annual Bermuda All Breed Club International Dog Show held at the Botanical Gardens. 
Bermuda Alliance for Sargasso Sea (BASS) A grouping of the Island's conservation organizations, working towards establishing the Sargasso Sea as a marine protected area (MPA) through research, education and community awareness
Bermuda Alzheimer's Family Support Association P. O. Box DV 114, Devonshire DV BX. Meets second Tuesday of each month, Continuous Care Unit Activities room, King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, 5:30 pm. Call Julie Kay Darrell at 238-2168.
Bermuda Amateur Softball Association P O Box HM 1528, Hamilton HM FX
Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association (BASA) Suite 1407, 48 Par la Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Uses White's Island for some activities. RC
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo Bermuda Government owned. Call 293 2727. Entry fee for non-members
Bermuda Archery Association  
Bermuda Arts Center at Dockyard Artists and art on exhibition and for sale. Call 234 2809. Daily from 10 am to 5 PM. No charge for entry. RC 244
Bermuda Arts Council See Bermuda Government Boards
Bermuda Arts & Fitness Academy Martial arts. Classes in various disciplines. 19 Chapel Road, Paget PG 02. Call 236-6331  or 737-5599.
Bermuda Assessment & Referral Centre (BARC) Most referrals are through the judicial system. Drug Court convicts are given sentence breaks if they submit to a rehabilitation program
Bermuda Association for Chefs Phone 292-3700
Bermuda Association for the Education of Young Children RC 460
Bermuda Association of Eco-Clubs (BASE)

Helps promote the environment and sustainability in schools, as well as to empower students and show them it is not just up to teachers and adults to say what's right in the community. 

Bermuda Association of Family Mediators  2015. November 27, launched, coinciding with the Island’s push to bring mediation to the forefront of family law. Training is at the Dame Lois Browne-Evans Building, with experts from Canada helping to teach accredited family law mediation training. The new body is similar in structure to the Bermuda Bar Association, and allowed trainees to become adjunct members until they became fully qualified. They have access to an extensive library of mediation materials. The resource library is housed at the Centre for Community and Family Mediation, 38 Mount Hill Road, which will also give mediators the chance to network. Mediation has gradually overtaken the more traditionally adversarial approach to family law, which can cause bitter rifts and can traumatize the children of warring parents. For more details, call 295-1150.
Bermuda Association of Food Aid Providers

Formed after the alarming number of people in Bermuda who in 2010 and 2011 have sought free food from charities and others involved in feeding the needy. Seven organizations who dish out meals around the Island joined together to form this entity and better coordinate the donations they receive from wholesalers and importers. Organizations include the Coalition for the Protection for Children; Eliza Dolittle Society; LCCA, Salvation Army; Centre Against Abuse, Hands of Love Ministry; and Meals on Wheels.

Bermuda Association of Landscape Architects (BALA) Incorporated in 2002. A skill that combines art with science. 
Bermuda Association of Licensed Trustees (BALT) Founded in 1994. The organization that in Bermuda represents the trust and related industry. BALT is a forum for the interests of its stakeholders and acts as a representative body for all 30 companies licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority to carry on trust and related business in Bermuda. BALT makes representations to Government and is often invited to deliver submissions and reports on trust legislation, fiduciary ethics, good practice and regulation of the industry. The Association is a key contributor to the Bermuda Business Development Agency's strategic plan to promote existing international business and actively develop new business in Bermuda.
Bermuda Association of Professional Engineers RC 396
Bermuda Association of Yoga Therapists (BAYT) In  2015, August 6, it launched a limited-time free yoga therapy programme designed to benefit Bermuda’s seniors. The four-month, one-on-one programme aims to demonstrate how yoga and yoga therapy counseling can help with some common health issues that affect our ageing population. Information will be gathered about mental and physical stress, anxiety, chronic pain, sleep issues, posture and other concerns. The free Yoga Therapy and Ageing programme is being organized jointly by Age Concern and BAYT. The program runs between September and December 2015.
Bermuda Asthma & Allergy Support Group A member of the Eczema Association of America. Suite 303, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM11. Telephone it at 292-9258 or fax 292-4535. RC 459
Bermuda Astronomical Society  Eddie McGonagle
Bermuda Audubon Society Formed in 1954 in response to marsh dumping. P. O. Box HM 1328, Hamilton HM FX. Telephone (441) 292-1920.  Hotline to report environmental problems especially with birds 235-5513. RC 099. Website audubon.bm
Bermuda Autism Support and Education Society (BASE) Meets at 7:30 pm on the first Monday of each month at the Reading Clinic on Serpentine Road. Caters to special needs workers, therapists and caregivers of challenged children. Has an annual Autism Awareness Month, usually in April. Receives an annual grant from the Bermuda Government. RC 590
Bermuda Auto Cycle Union Meets every third Tuesday of each month. New members welcome and anyone interested in MotoX.
Bermuda Automotive Distributors Association A local trade group of automobile dealers
Bermuda Badminton Association P O Box DV 730, Devonshire DV BX. 
Bermuda Ballet Association RC 062

B (2)

Bermuda Ball Hockey Association (BBHA) Similar to ice hockey but played on a hard surface instead of ice and with a hockey ball instead of a puck. RC 623
Bermuda Ballet Association RC 062
Bermuda  Bankers Association (BBA) Since November 2007. Funded by its members. Created its own (voluntary) code of conduct for its member-banks. Serves as the main representative body for banks and deposit taking/lending firms on the Island. Similar to banker's associations in other financial jurisdictions, an industry think tank, lobby group and a forum for increased cooperation on non-competitive issues among the Island's banks. Stated mission is to be a leading contributor in the development of public policy on the financial services sector and ensure the legal and regulatory framework governing banks operates in an efficient, effective and fair manner. All the Island's chartered banks and lending/deposit taking institutions are eligible for membership and currently all banks doing business in Bermuda are members. The Bermuda Monetary Authority, responsible for the licensing, supervision and regulation of all financial institutions in Bermuda (including those conducting deposit taking, insurance, investment and trust business), is an ex officio observer of the BBA.
Bermuda Basketball Association Voice mail 291 3760
Bermuda Bar Association (BBA) Reid House, 31 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 125, Hamilton HM AX. Telephone and Fax: (441) 295-4540. Trade association for lawyers (barristers) registered to practice law under the Bermuda Bar Act 1974. A member of the International Bar Association. Usually, the office is staffed from 2 to 5 pm weekdays. As at January 2015 it oversees 448 active members and 70 law firms, and its members' fees average over $600 an hour. Bermuda has more lawyers - attorneys - per square mile than anywhere else on earth, one reason being that it is an international offshore business centre, described by some as a tax haven. In Bermuda, only a registered lawyer who is a member of the BBA, or whose legal practice is, may form a Bermuda-registered company.
Bermuda Beekeepers Association With regular meetings. Contact Randolph Furbert
Bermuda Bereavement Association of Care Givers P. O. Box DD 174, St. David's DD BX. Phone 297-0030
Bermuda Betting Licensing Authority Bermuda Government
Bermuda Bible Society Suite 570, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Rev. Mark Tremblay. RC 482.
Bermuda Bicycle Association Has periodic high-profile races on streets and roads. RC 219
Bermuda Bird Fanciers Society With regular meetings and annual November show
Bermuda Bluebird Society Hotline for assistance with questions and problems 238-0168
Bermuda Boat and Canoe Club Pembroke. Telephone 295 6904
Bermuda Boat Parade RC 538
Bermuda Boot Scooters Country and Western Dancing, Police Recreation Club, Devonshire. Monday except Public Holidays. 8 to 10:30 pm, admission $5
Bermuda Botanical Gardens Guided tours of this Bermuda Government owned property, see Bermuda Botanical Society. Car park, Berry Hill Road entrance. Call 236 4201.
Bermuda Botanical Society Visitors Center, Botanical Gardens, Paget. 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. Telephone 236 5291 or fax 236-8970. Free guided tour of Bermuda Botanical Gardens from center. Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays 10:30 am year-round, weather permitting. RC 249
Bermuda Bowling Federation 47 Middle Road, Warwick WK 05. P. O. Box 128, Warwick, WK BX. Telephone 236-5290. With members club liquor license. RC 487
Bermuda Boxing Commission Handles all  local and Bermuda-related international events and initiatives in the sport.
Bermuda Boys Brigade A Christian organization for boys and girls 6-18 years. Meets Fridays at various churches and times for relevant groups. 
Bermuda Branch of the British Conservative Party Contact Neil Hitchcock, The Glebe House, 17 Glebe Hill, Tucker's Town, HS 02, Bermuda. 
Bermuda Branch of the British Red Cross Society RC 113
Bermuda Bravery Awards Association Invites the public to nominate individuals directly responsible for a life saving or bravery or heroism act. Successful recipients receive cedar-framed certificates and press publicity and can mention the awards on their resumes. Names should be submitted by September 18 each year for the awards ceremony, usually held at Government House every mid October. Telephone D. Mark Selley, Chairman, at 293-3121. Or by mail at "Seven Seas" #6 Rock Garden Lane, Harrington Hundreds Road, Smiths FL04, Bermuda.
Bermuda Breastfeeding Resource Center P. O. Box HM 1214, Hamilton HM FX. Telephone (441) 293-1689. RC 266

B (3)

Bermuda Bridge Federation (The) Regular games at the club, 7 Pomander Road, Paget, PG 05. Phone 541-0551.  Also, there is an annual Bermuda Regional Bridge Tournament, every January, usually at the Southampton Princess Hotel. RC 415
Bermuda Business Confidence Index (BBCI) Sponsored by HSBC Bermuda, the BBCI is conducted online with members of an exclusive panel of Bermuda’s senior executives, with representation of both international and domestic companies from all major sectors of the economy. A total of 398 individuals were sent an invitation to take part from HSBC’s CEO directly. Among them, 98 surveys were completed. The online survey was conducted between June 16 and July 26, 2015.
Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) 2016. April 6. Lawyer Kiernan Bell is the new chairman of the Bermuda Business Development Agency. Ms Bell, who leads the Bermuda dispute resolution team at legal firm Appleby, replaces Caroline Foulger, a former partner at professional services firm PwC, who had led the BDA since it was founded in 2013. “For my part, I am looking forward to continuing to work with my fellow board members, the BDA team and stakeholders — all of whom are collaborating towards a common goal,” said Ms Bell, who has been on the BDA board for three years. Bermuda is a pre-eminent offshore jurisdiction with an unparalleled platform to offer innovative solutions to the global marketplace during an era that poses both great challenges and opportunities. I look forward to doing my part to ensure that the jurisdiction maintains and enhances its reputation for being innovative, well-regulated and relevant, while focusing on services and sectors which create job opportunities for Bermudians.” Ms Foulger will remain on the board for another term as chairwoman of its finance and audit committee. She said: “It has been a pleasure and privilege to serve as the first chair of BDA. The agency was formed to bring together international business development activities in Bermuda — which had formerly been carried out by several different groups — and to sustain and create on-island jobs. Three years on, we are seeing the success of that strategy.” Ms Foulger said the BDA had brought together the international business sector to act as a unified advocate for the island. “We have received strong support from the current government, the former government and the private sector in our activities. Amid merger activity in the insurance sector, fierce competition from other jurisdictions and regular global assaults on offshore financial centres, BDA has contributed to the formation of new companies, improved branding of the island and helped promote industry growth that has led to the creation of new jobs. There remains much to do, however, I am more than confident that Kiernan Bell as our new chair is the right leader to take BDA forward with the support of CEO Ross Webber and the whole BDA team. I look forward to my final year on the board and to supporting Kiernan in her role.” Grant Gibbons, Economic Development Minister, thanked Ms Foulger for her work at the BDA. “Kiernan is an excellent appointment who, like Caroline, brings a wealth of knowledge and market experience to the role of BDA chair. I look forward to working with her as she continues the good work to help grow Bermuda’s gross domestic product and create a positive environment for job creation in our jurisdiction.”
Bermuda Business Development Corporation (BBDC)

Since 2012. Then-Business Development and Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert said he is fully behind the recently formed Bermuda Business Development Corporation (BBDC) and plans to give them a larger grant in 2013-2014. The purpose of BBDC is to bring resources currently split between Business Bermuda (BB) and the Insurance Development Council (IDC) into a single organization to help ensure that business development effort on the Island has a common strategic direction.

Bermudian Canadian Association (BCA) in Toronto Initially the Bermuda Social Club, with their first activity a Guy Fawkes party in November 1981. Now the Bermudian Canadian Association. Its logo is a Bermuda Moongate encircled by the name of the association set against a background of palm trees with long tails flying over what looks like a lush green and white depiction of Horseshoe Beach. The Bermuda and Canadian flags fly on each side of the Moongate.
Bermuda Cadet Corps See Bermuda Government Boards
Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre 46 Point Finger Road, Paget. P. O. Box HM 1652, Hamilton HM FX. Phone 236-0949. RC 070. Formerly Bermuda Tuberculosis, Cancer & Health Association. Since 1945, established by Act of Parliament. founded to assist patients fighting TB. It educates the community about prevention and early detection of cancer. It conducts 75% of all mammograms.

2016 September 14.  Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre will benefit from a half-a-million-dollar donation from two local companies as it prepares for the installation of new radiation therapy equipment. BF&M Limited and the Argus Group are each giving $250,000 to support the new BCHC building, which will house Bermuda’s first radiation facility. Patients who require radiation can presently only get the treatment overseas. John Wight, president and CEO of BF&M Limited, said: “As leading healthcare providers on the island, we have a responsibility to make a difference in the quality of treatment offered locally to our community. “We commend Tara Curtis and her team at Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre for leading the radiation therapy initiative and extend our wholehearted support, as this will now facilitate treatment being available to more residents, and provide relief to families who will be able to support their loved ones right here at home.” Alison Hill, chief executive officer of the Argus Group, added: “We are proud to support Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre in their initiative to house Bermuda’s first radiation facility. “Providing this cutting-edge treatment in Bermuda delivers compelling treatment options for those dealing with cancer and as major healthcare insurers we are committed to improving the quality and access of care for our community.” Tara Curtis, executive director of BCHC, said: “Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre truly appreciate the financial support received from BF&M and Argus in helping us to achieve this important Radiation Therapy Initiative. Over the past ten months, BCHC has worked closely with the Dana Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Centre, which is ranked fourth in the USA for cancer care, for the design and construction of the facility and recently BCHC signed a contract for the Truebeam treatment system, the latest technology available for radiation therapy treatment.”

Bermuda Canoe Association (The Kayak Club).
Bermuda Careers Centre RC 627
Bermuda Captive Owners Association (BCOA) Created in 2005 with the general intent of establishing a forum for the exchange of ideas and to promote the interest of their captives.
Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission Bermuda Government Boards. 2015. May. Tourism Development Minister Shawn Crockwell announced two new appointments — Judith Hall-Bean and Derek Ramm. Ms Hall-Bean retired in October 2013 as Assistant Cabinet Secretary and has more than 40 years’ experience in the public service, having served as department director of both human resources and tourism. Mr Ramm was appointed from overseas and serves as director of anti-money-laundering programmes for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. He is responsible for the oversight of anti-money-laundering compliance at 24 casinos. They join three other commission members — chairman Alan Dunch, deputy chairman Garry Madeiros and Denis Tucker.
Bermuda Cat Fanciers Association  P.O. Box 1306, Hamilton HM FX, Bermuda. Meets 1st Tuesday each month except July and August.
Bermuda Cavers Group Phone 232-5101. P.O. Box DV 691, Devonshire DV BX, Bermuda. Cave exploration and conservation oriented group of local cave divers.
Bermuda Celiacs Society Founded by Derek Singleton for those who have a gluten intolerance disorder
Bermuda Chamber Choir

Brings the choral arts to life in our community. New members are welcome, contact Artistic Director Ryan Ellis at 296-5100 Ext. 230.

Bermuda Chamber of Commerce (BCC) A non-profit, apolitical organization whose members share a common goal: to advance the commercial, industrial, civic, trade and general interests of Bermuda and to foster the spirit of free enterprise. A trade association for local merchants. Telephone 295 4201 or fax 292 5779 or 295 2086. In 1993 it began Harbour Nights. 
Bermuda Charities and Community Services Fund RC 217
Bermuda Chefs Association c/o Butterfield & Vallis
Bermuda Chess Association Tuesdays, tournament & chess evening. Of the 143 countries on the Fide list, Bermuda is 134th. Top local players attend the World Chess Olympiad. There's also an annual Bermuda Chess Open in February with visitors.
Bermuda Church Society Anglican Church. A landlord and building developer. Projects have included a new 6-floor office development in 2002. 19-25 Front Street, Hamilton.  
Bermuda Civic Ballet RC 098
Bermuda Collectors Society (BCS) Since 1986. A not-for-profit corporation, an organization dedicated to the study and exchange of information concerning all aspects of the philately of Bermuda. Now with a worldwide membership of over 150. Although many BCS members correspond directly with their fellow members, the principal link with other society members is through the issues of the Bermuda Post, the society’s quarterly journal.
Bermuda College Board of Governors See Bermuda Government Boards
Bermuda College Faculty Association  
Bermuda College Library Open to all daily except Public Holidays, Sundays 2-7pm. Phone 239-4033.
Bermuda College Trust RC 341
Bermuda Community Foundation  
Bermuda Conference Branch of the YPD of the AME Churches RC 159
Bermuda Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists P. O. Box HM 1170, Hamilton HM EX
Bermuda Connections Smithsonian Folklife Festival Charitable Trust RC 584
Bermuda Church Society Fax 292 5421
Bermuda CPCU Society Chapter The group is made up of insurance and reinsurance industry professionals who have all obtained, or are on the path to obtaining, the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter professional designation.
Bermuda Credit Association 4th Floor, Mechanics Building, 12 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 280, Hamilton HM AX. Telephone (441) 292-2660. Fax (441) 295-3781
Bermuda Conservatory of Music Telephone 296-5100 or 292-0686.

B (4)

Bermuda Cookery Demonstration Harbor Room, No. 1 Passenger Terminal, Front Street, Hamilton. Wednesday, 2:30 to 4 pm. Off-season
Bermuda Counselors Association P. O. Box DV 552, Devonshire. RC 467
Bermuda Council for Drug-Free Sport Ltd  
Bermuda Council of Teachers of Mathematics  
Bermuda Craftmarket Ltd RC 572
Bermuda Cricket Board 48 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone 292 8958. Fax 292-8959. RC 350
Bermuda Darts Association Telephone Secretary at residence 293-1466 or fax 232-3278
Bermuda Debate Society Contact Judy Pitt. RC 325
Bermuda Dental Association PO Box 3059, Hamilton HM NX, Bermuda. Phone (441) 236-9337. Fax (441) 236-1325. 37 dentists serving 68,500 people. Dental Practitioners Act 2008. The act also requires dentists, hygienists and assistants to have continuing education to remain registered, have a professional conduct committee with mandatory reporting of impaired practitioners, a report annually and more. No website as at December 18, 2013.
Bermuda Dental Board 25 Church Street, Continental Building, Hamilton, HM 12. Phone (441) 278-4921, fax (441)   292-2629. Dental Practitioners Act 2008. P. O. Box HM 2748, Hamilton HM LX. Phone 295-8233. See Bermuda Government BoardsThe Board's seven members include the senior Government dental officer as an ex officio member.  
Bermuda Dental Hygiene Association Dental Practitioners Act 2008. The act also requires dentists, hygienists and assistants to have continuing education to remain registered, have a professional conduct committee with mandatory reporting of impaired practitioners, a report annually and more.
Bermuda Diabetes Association (BDA) 46 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04, Bermuda. Mailing Address: PO Box DV 506, Devonshire, DV BX. Phone/fax (441) 236-3668. Registered charity 143. It promotes awareness about signs, symptoms, treatment of diabetes and serious complications which may result from poor control of the disease. It provides hope and support in the field of diabetes research and education about healthy lifestyles for the prevention and management of diabetes. At least 8,000, possibly as many as 12,000 Bermudians suffer from diabetes, although that figure could be as high as 12,000. BDA provides low-cost medical supplies to thousands of victims and deals with about 400 new patients every year. Also see the Diabetes Resource Centre.
Bermuda Diary Association With regular meetings
Bermuda Disaster Relief Fund Assisted by the American Society of Bermuda but separate in its fund-raising, it raises money for those affected by the September 11 tragedy in the USA. Chief beneficiaries are widows of the New York Firefighters Fund and the New York Police Fund.
Bermuda District of Royal Arch Masons Bermuda organization of Scottish Masons. Chapters are Celtic 106, which meets in the State House in St. George's; St. Andrew 270 of King Street, Hamilton Masonic Temple; Atlantic 175 of Atlantic Phoenix Lodge, Reid Street Masonic Hall; and Hamilton 745 of Khyber Pass, Warwick.
Bermuda Dream Club

Since spring 2009. Founded by Jan Fraser Coles after she decided to publish 'You're Never Too Old to Dream Dare Dance.'

Bermuda Education Network A registered charity that provides support to students in the public school system. Any non-government organization that regularly provides educational programs to the public may apply for membership.
Bermuda Educational Assistance Trust RC 310
Bermuda Electric Radio Controlled Sports Club New members welcome.
Bermuda Emergency Medical Technicians Association 27 Southcourt Avenue, Paget PG 06. Telephone 291 0850. RC 328
Bermuda Employers' Council Since June 2002 at Reid House, Ground Floor, 31 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone (441) 295-5070. Fax (441) 295-1966. Trade association for most good employers. 
Bermuda End to End Contact Paul Rowlerson. RC 558
Bermuda Energy Alternatives Taskforce (BEAT)

Pembroke residents formed this action group to fight plans to build new power plants and thereby help prevent further noise, odor, heat, soil, air and water pollution from energy generation within Pembroke, the most densely populated area of Bermuda.

Bermuda Education Network P. O. Box GE 319, St. George's GE BX. Phone 441 505 5020. Charity 899.
Bermuda Educators Council For members, See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermuda Environmental Alliance (BEA)

Since June 2009. Involved in Bermuda's environmental story. It's first project was a mini-series. Educates the public about environmental issues.

Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce (BEST)  Chairman: S. Hayward. Behind the petition which rallied support to halt developers who sought special development orders (SDO) at Southlands, Airport, Pink Beach redevelopment, North Channel dredging and other halts to other development restraints on environmental grounds.

2017. March 13. The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce is back from the brink after the public answered a call for support, but fundraising efforts continue. In January, the environmental organisation said that a shortfall of donations had left it unable to fully perform its duties and asked its supporters to help. BEST president Stuart Hayward, however, said he was uplifted by the rapid response from the community, including a number of new donors who stepped forward. Colin James of Atlantic Securities Ltd came to the office on the day the appeal was published in The Royal Gazette with a cheque in hand, while Vallis and Hayward offered BEST office space in the International Centre on Bermudiana Road. Gail Miller, BEST chairwoman, said: “We are still a long way from meeting our annual budget and will continue to focus on developing donor relationships. “On that front, Kim Smith will take on the additional duty of managing this for us as we simultaneously cultivate a group of board members and volunteers to assist us with fund development and fundraising.” A spokeswoman said that Mr Hayward remains committed to BEST despite his ongoing battle with Parkinson’s Disease, while the board continues to support him and the organisation’s commitment to serve the Bermuda community. “BEST is currently focused on strategies for succession planning,” the spokeswoman said. “The organisation remains committed to collaboration and is participating in the Centre on Philanthropy’s Collaboration Initiative that began in January 2017, estimated to take four to six months. BEST is also advancing internally from a founder-directed to a board-directed organisation to strengthen its structure and boost its longevity. Susan Armstrong has stepped up to chair the BEST Management Committee. Susan will be putting together a team that will assist BEST with ‘Building Capacity’. It hopes to do this through expanding its Membership Programme and by expanding its human and material resources. BEST is committed to honoring Stuart’s legacy as an advisor, mentor, and wise counsel to any new team that will be created. As we move through this process of transition, BEST is fortunate to have the support, commitment and dedicated service of Stuart, David Wingate, long-term BEST director and Bermuda’s most notable environmentalist, as well as a strong board of directors and management team.”

2017. January 27. The future of environmental watchdog BEST is under threat owing to a lack of funds. The Bermuda Environmental Sustainable Taskforce, one of the island’s most influential campaigners on green issues over the past decade, is currently unable to fully perform its duties, according to chairwoman Gail Miller. Ms Miller outlined BEST’s stark financial situation in a letter to supporters, and pleaded for donations so it can continue operating while it considers its options. She stressed BEST, which formed in 2006, has never had such an important role, as applications for large-scale development and growth have increased significantly in the past two years. BEST is the latest in a string of charities to suffer from a shortfall of donations in the economic downturn, and has struggled to meet the costs of consultants and its office space, according to president Stuart Hayward. Mr Hayward, who has been a prominent member since its foundation, told The Royal Gazette BEST is turning to its “close friends” in its time of need, while also cutting back its own overheads. Ms Miller wrote: “BEST finds itself in need of urgent financial support and we are asking for your help. Historical funding from donors has declined such that we are no longer able to fully perform our mission. Your donation will allow us to continue operating while we explore ways to reduce costs and increase capacity through collaboration with other environmental groups. We cannot do this without your support. We know that things will get better and we need your help to hold on until they do. Please help keep Bermuda’s environment safe for generations to come.” BEST was formed in 2006 under the name “Save the Gardens”, successfully blocking plans to build a new hospital on the Botanical Gardens, and two years later was instrumental in fighting off proposals for a hotel on the pristine Southlands property. Organizers said they realized there was nobody looking out for the broader community’s interest when big development projects were planned. Since then, it has spread the green message through schools, led community discussions and produced research papers on a wide variety of environmental issues, as well as continuing to fight off individual projects such as the planned beach bar at Warwick Long Bay. BEST has three part-time consultants and, as part of its mission, scrutinizes the weekly gazetting of planning applications for anything that could impact the environment. Mr Hayward said BEST has traditionally kept its outgoing lower than its income, but had been impacted by receiving donations later than in the past. He added: “The economic downturn has meant that some of our traditional donors have reduced their support; that’s not something unique to us, it’s a climate that we are part of. We believe we should ask for help from our close friends first. We have sent this out to our friends, hoping that they can help tide us over for a month. We are not just asking others for help. To help ourselves we are paring away significant amounts on overheads and monthly expenses to bring our income and outgo more into alignment.” Mr Hayward, who many have regarded as the face of BEST from the beginning, said the uncertainty surrounding the organisation had been a personal blow. The 74-year-old said such stress was a particular concern because he suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. “I have always had a philosophy that organisations should try to function without funding, because then you don’t have to depend on it. But, BEST has grown a life of its own. We have expanded the service we provide and the activism we perform, and we have had to deal with the necessity of financing for office space and for consultants. It’s what I do and the work still needs to be done, so one of the strategies may involve downsizing. When I first started this, I ran what we are doing out of my home. That’s not an option anymore, but it’s really a part of my life; I could operate on a shoestring again. But, it’s a feeling of stress, of having to worry about the people who are part of the organisation, and the people who we have provided an advisory service to. I certainly feel the stress. The people we have worked with: they realize our value and we hope that enough of them will remember the value that BEST provides in our community, and that helps to tide us over.”

Bermuda Equestrian Federation P. O. Box DV 583, Devonshire DV BX. Telephone 234-0485. Fax 234-3010. RC 214
BHB (Bermuda Hospitals Board) Ethics Committee Ethical issues that arise over long-term care are discussed by medical staff as part of Ethics Awareness Week. Ethics is about making decisions based on a shared understanding of right and wrong. It's about doing the right things for the right reasons. Some of the ethical dilemmas those involved in long-term care might face include questions around whether an individual has the capacity to make decisions about their care, living situation, lifestyle or finances. For those who are seriously ill, ethical questions may arise about end-of-life decisions like advance directives, feeding and life support. Has about twenty members, assists clients, their families and healthcare professionals who are dealing with ethical issues around medical care. The group formed a relationship with Dalhousie University's bioethics department more than a decade ago to provide training assistance. The committee promotes awareness of ethical concerns at both hospitals, endorses medical ethics education, provides an ethics consultation service and produces guidelines on prominent issues that can help healthcare professionals to consider all aspects of controversial decisions. The committee also reviews medical research proposals on request, and reviews hospital policies to ensure they are ethically sound. The public can contact the committee on 291-HOPE (4673).
Bermuda Ex-Police Officer's Association Members include Roger Sherratt
Bermuda Family Council Ministry of Health & Family Services. It gets two Bermuda Government grants of at least $34,000 and $24,000 each. For members, See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermuda Farmers Association c/o Tom Wadson. Also promotes awareness of the historic and current contribution of farming and agriculture to Bermuda's culture, quality of life and economy.
Bermuda Federation of Musicians and Variety Artists Voice Mail: (441) 291-0138. A trade group. Represented on the Labor Advisory Council, See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermuda Feline Assistance Bureau Helps to catch and spay or neuter many stray cats and find homes for them if possible. Formed 1992. P. O. Box WK 91, WK BX. Phone 291-1737. Meets 1st Tuesday each month. Website bfab.bm. RC 332
Bermuda Fencing Federation RC 456
Bermuda Festivals Purpose Trust Every January and February it has nightly performances. RC 439
Bermuda Fine Art Trust RC 288
Bermuda Fire Services Association 49 King Street, Hamilton. Telephone 292 4391

B (5)

Bermuda Folk Club #1 Spanish Point Road, Pembroke, HM 01. For residents and expatriates. Frequent concerts by visiting musicians. 
Bermuda Football Association 48 Cedarpark Center, Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone 295-2199. Voicemail 291-0690. RC 331
Bermuda Football Foundation Since 2006. P. O. Box HM 1695, Hamilton HM GX. Phone 278-2079. RC 746
Bermuda Foundation RC 216
Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies Mailing address: Suite 197, 12 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda. Location address: Cedarpark Centre, 48 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM 11. Tel: (441) 295-1266. Fax: (441) 295-5876. Works to get Bermudians educated for successful careers in insurance sector. RC 440

2016. December 14. The Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies aims to raise more than $2 million next year to help fund its programmes. The charity said its endowment fund at present stood at just under $5 million. But David Souter, BFIS treasurer, said that the organisation’s finances were “in good order. However, fundraising continues to be challenging and in order to remain sustainable the fund needs to increase to $7 million and the board will be working towards that goal in 2017.” Mr Souter was speaking at the BFIS annual general meeting, which celebrated the organisation’s 20th birthday. More than 100 insurance professionals with close links to the foundation, from founding member and industry veteran Brian O’Hara to this year’s graduates who are just starting their careers, attended a lunch held after the meeting. Gail Martin, chairman of BFIS, said that it had moved into a bigger office, which allowed the foundation to expand its programmes offering Bermudian students get the education needed to enter the industry. Ms Martin added: “Although BFIS is noted for its scholarships, it does so much more — spending time in our senior schools, both public and private, giving career guidance presentations, helping students understand more about insurance and careers in the industry, organising several networking events every year for both high school and college students, arranging one-on-one mentoring, running summer internships for college students, another highly successful programme, and giving job search assistance benefiting hundreds of Bermudians.” Mr O’Hara said that industry guru Brian Hall, a founder and trustee of BFIS, had galvanised support for its establishment in 1996. He added that he was pleased that the organisation had grown to become a major contributor to the island’s insurance market. 

Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies

Pictured above are members of BFIS Board and BFIS Advisory Trustees: Brian O’Hara, Konrad Rentrup, Stephen Jones, Joe Rego, Mark Berry, Robin Spencer-Arscott, Terry Pimentel, chairwoman Gail Martin, David Soutter, Shelle Hendrickson, Michael Fisher, Rees Fletcher, chairman of Advisory Trustees, Cathy Lapsley and Allan Fox


Bermuda Foundation for the Arts RC 494
Bermuda Friendly Societies Association Has an annual Cup Match Sportsmanship Award dinner
Bermuda Fruit Growers Association With regular meetings
Bermuda Garden Club With regular meetings
Bermuda Garrison Lodge/Friendship & Harmony Lodge Freemasons Hall, Reid Street, Hamilton.
Bermuda Gerontological Society A senior citizens group. Meets second Tuesday each month at Peace Lutheran Church Hall, 5:30 pm
Bermuda Girl Guides Association (Girlguiding Bermuda)  RC 034
Bermuda Girls in Training Non-denominational female youth group. Phone 292-0418. RC 175
Bermuda Golf Association Victoria Place, 31 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 10. P. O. Box HM 433, Hamilton. Phone 295-9972 or fax 295-0304.
Bermuda Golf Foundation RC 141
Bermuda Gymnastics Association 1st Floor, Gibbons Building, 10 Queen Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box FL 203, Flatts, FL BX. Telephone 295-0589. Gymnastics for boys and girls of all ages.  RC 296
Bermuda Hash House Harriers For a fun run/walk followed by a BBQ. Meets alternate Sundays  at 4 pm. Call 291-1120
Bermuda Health Alliance Suite 200, 40 Par La Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 296-2875. A cooperative venture of the Bermuda Diabetes Association, Bermuda Hospitals Board, Bermuda Heart Foundation, Friends of Hospice, Resident's Family Council and Hospitals Auxiliary. RC 442
Bermuda Healthcare Advocacy Group (BHAG) An independent health care watchdog.
Bermuda Health Council Since 2004. Sterling House, 16 Wesley Street, Hamilton HM11. PO Box HM 3381, Hamilton, HM PX. Phone 292-6420. Fax 292-8067. A Bermuda Government appointed entity. Official health watchdog. Responsible for regulating, coordinating and enhancing the delivery of health services in Bermuda.  Made up of doctors, insurers, hospital officials and patient representatives. Also responsible for regulating the price of drugs sold to the public and conducting research on the subject of public health. Receives an annual grant from the Bermuda Government.
Bermuda Health Foundation (BHF) RC
Bermuda Heart Foundation For coronary incidence, treatment and prevention. P. O. Box HM 1993, Hamilton, HM HX. Phone 239-2052. RC 352, 1996. A major player in arranging the funding for critically important life saving heart related equipment for the hospital and is supported by health professionals of the highest reputation in every relevant field. Goals are equipment, building, direct services, education.

See Part 2.

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