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Bermuda Calendar for September 2017 Business Meetings, Conferences, Conventions and Events

Monthly diary for locals and visitors for the ninth month of this calendar year

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By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) exclusively for Bermuda Online

Many local organizations welcome visitors at their meetings. Please contact them directly in Bermuda Associations. Free courtesy hyperlinks (links) to the main websites of places and organizations, which include full details of their histories and operations, will be shown gladly, to give their full details as Bermuda resources, once they return the courtesy with a  free reciprocal link to our main Bermuda Online website at http://www.bermuda-online.org. See our Links and Mentions policy at http://www.bermuda-online.org/links.

For another listing of daily events see The Royal Gazette daily newspaper's http://www.royalgazette.com/pdf/twib/twib_calendar.pdf

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September 2017

St. George's Parish crest

Public Holidays. Labor Day (USA and Bermuda). Notable days. Patriot Day (USA). Grandparents Day (USA). Rosh Hashanah).  Citizenship Day (USA). Yom Kippur (USA). Swimming ends for many Bermudians until May 24. Soccer season begins, cricket ends.

September 3.  Bermuda’s 22nd (in 2017) annual sand sculpture competition takes Horseshoe Bay Beach with a menagerie of creations. Sand castle construction continued until 4pm. Judging and an awards presentation followed for the creators of the winning sculptures. Participants of all ages took to the sands. The eye-catching event, sponsored by the Hamilton Princess Hotel, is always a hit with locals and visitors alike - especially when the weather obliges with a sunny day. 

Bermuda sand sculpture competition

St. George's Parish.

One of the island’s oldest fishing tournaments, back for the 51st time in 2017. About 36 boats and 150 anglers are set to compete in the Royal Gazette Wahoo Tournament, the last big tournament of the season. Robert “Bobby” Rego, one of the organizers, said: “It’s probably the most popular fishing tournament on the island.” It attracts a lot of participants because it is held at the same time every year, focuses on one species and is a Light Tackle Tournament, he explained. “It’s one of the oldest continuous running tournaments. It’s completely open to residents and youngsters, who have to be under 16.” It’s traditionally been a real locals tournament.” The wahoo is a challenging” and great light tackle fish that helped put Bermuda on the map for salt water fishing. It’s powerful — it’s one of the fastest fish in the sea. The inaugural tournament was organized by Mid-Ocean News sports reporter Alan Harman, keen sportsman and former International Game Fish Association representative for Bermuda, Tom Smith, and captain Russell Young. When the Mid-Ocean News closed shop, The Royal Gazette took over sponsorship. The tournament allows anglers to use 12, 16, 20 and 30 pound test lines, with more points awarded per pound on a lighter test line. While the biggest prize goes to the biggest fish, there are also prizes for the different test classes and the boat with the high point score. And the junior angler with the high point fish also receives a prize. With fishing set to start at 7am, the fish have to be brought to the weigh station in Dockyard by 5.30pm. 

Beating of Retreat. Royal Naval Dockyard. 

Bermuda Jazz Festival at former Royal Naval Dockyard. Glow worms stop shining in the ocean. Last Fitted Dinghy Races until May. Lobster season starts. Annual Wahoo Tournament.  

September 10-13. Bermuda Captive Conference.  Fairmont Southampton. The event is normally held in June, but was moved to September due to the island’s hosting of the America’s Cup throughout June. Last year there were more than 800 delegates, of which half came from overseas. David Gibbons, chairman of the Bermuda Captive Conference, said “We have always welcomed a lot of registrations and interest at Rims, but this year we decided to ramp up our outreach, and we’re confident this will help attendee numbers in September surpass our 2016 record.” The conference will highlight the topic “innovation”. The 13th in 2017 edition of the four-day event is on track to match and possibly surpass last year’s record-breaking attendance. Hot topics at this year’s event include cyber-risk, medical and healthcare, and innovations. Getting captive owners and perspective clients to visit the island is highly desirable, according to David Gibbons, conference chairman. “They get to see the large presence of insurers and reinsurers in Hamilton, they get to meet people from the Bermuda Monetary Authority,” he said. The event also brings together captive owners who have operations in Bermuda, and service providers connected with the sector on the island. Bermuda is the world’s top jurisdiction for captives, with more than 780 on the island. The captives support mostly Fortune 500 companies in the US and generate more than $55 billion in annual gross written premiums. Last year, 13 captives were formed in Bermuda, down from the 22 in 2015. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story. Captive activity remains high, with the size of existing captives growing and cell captives being added. “We see people expanding some of the captives and using innovations,” said Mr Gibbons. The conference will be a platform for the exchange of ideas and innovations among captive owners and clients, with some sessions solely for captive owners. Jereme Ramsay, of the Bermuda Business Development Agency, said: “The captive owners will be talking to one another about innovations, and learning from one another. Mr Ramsay, who is a business development manager, said: “We will have the excess carriers in the room, the brokers, and the service managers. We can showcase the island and the level of talent we have here." Additionally, organisations including the Bermuda Insurance Management Association, and the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers, will be at the conference." There is a collaboration and a synergy like no other,” said Mr Ramsay. He added that there are captive formations “in the pipeline” for Bermuda, and the September event should be an opportunity to secure further business. Last year’s conference attracted 800 delegates. Organisers are aiming to beat that number. Mr Gibbons said: “We have more than 500 room nights signed up, and 300 attendees. We are on track to go over 800 attendees." The BDA has been at the forefront of promoting Bermuda and its captive solutions, attending forums and organising roadshow tours in Canada, the US and Latin America. In April, at the Risk and Insurance Management Society conference in Philadelphia, the Bermuda booth featured a more than 6ft high wraparound promotion for the Bermuda Captive Conference. There was further promotional imagery on the shuttle bus that guests from the Rims conference, the insurance industry’s biggest annual event with 10,000 delegates, to the Bermuda reception." The Rims wraps and the roadshows created a lot of interest,” said Mr Gibbons. A number of activities outside the conference rooms are planned, including a golf tournament, yoga, an explore Bermuda fitness walk and opportunities to play tennis, which are expected to generate revenue for island’s economy. Philippe Rouja, principal scientist, marine heritage and ocean human health, for the Bermuda Government, is the keynote speaker. He will give a talk on the island’s shipwreck history. Details on the conference can be found at https://bermudacaptiveconference.com.

September 26-28. Dive in Festival. Bermuda’s re/insurance community will once again join Lloyd’s of London and cities around the world to promote diversity in the workplace. It will highlight the business case for diverse and inclusive workplaces and for providing practical ideas and inspiration on how to bring about positive change. It will feature events in a record number of 31 locations across the globe. Bermuda, New York, Zurich, and London are among the returning locations where the event will be held. New cities such as Beijing, Glasgow, Johannesburg, San Francisco, Madrid, Perth, Rio de Janeiro, Rome and Miami will also be included. The Bermuda Dive In Festival Committee will welcome elite performance coach Dave Alfred MBE, a pioneer in performance psychology who has worked with some of the biggest names in sports, including the England rugby team in four world cups. Dr Alfred also worked with the British Lions on three tours, as well as the South African rugby team, the England cricket team, and English Premier League football teams Manchester City, Sunderland and Watford. During the festival, Dr Alfred will lead an interactive session, hosted by Argus, titled “No Limits”. Session participants can expect to gain an understanding of his “no limits” philosophy where there is no thought of failure and everyone has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Events staged in Bermuda will include discussions on:

The Bermuda Dive In Festival is supported by Abir, Aon, Argus, Chubb, Hamilton Re, Markel, Willis Towers Watson and XL Catlin. Abir chairman Kevin O’Donnell said: “The Dive In Festival challenges leadership to embrace diversity and inclusion for the benefit of industry and society. “The events help to grow understanding, identify barriers and embrace innovation to expand in new directions that support a more diverse and inclusive corporate culture. “Through this collaboration, we reinforce the need for diversity and inclusion and fuel our efforts to support and attract diversity in the re/insurance industry.”

Annual Gombey Festival.  WER Joell Tennis Stadium.  Doors will open at 5pm, with the festival on Marsh Folly Road starting at 6pm and the finale at around 8.30pm — where in 2016  the peewee Gombeys from each troupe performed for three minutes apiece. The event is held to celebrate Bermuda’s premier folk dancers, the Gombeys, whose dances celebrate a centuries-old Bermudian folk tradition that blends elements of African and Caribbean performance with North American native music and British military drumming. A tradition of dance passed down through the ages since Bermuda was first populated in part by those of African origin. Each year the festival honors an individual who has cultivated and strengthened the traditions of Gombey music and dance. In 2015 the award was given to Allan Warner of the Warner Gombeys, one of Bermuda's veteran Gombey Captains.  He was joined by his family along with members of the Place’s, H & H, Warwick, Gombey Evolution and Gombey Warriors groups. The event was once known as the Gombey Competition, but has evolved into a celebration of a folk tradition that stretches back for centuries. Each troupe has its own distinct history, and the names of drummers and performers who had been influenced by Mr Warner were listed off to drumming, whistles and ecstatic cheers.

Bermuda Fitted Dingy Races. Granaway Deep, Warwick, 12:00noon, 1:30pm, 3:00pm.

Olde Towne Market, St. George's. Every Sunday (until late September), 2-6 pm.

Bermuda Regiment Beats Retreat at Dockyard.

Bacardi Cup: Bermuda National Match Racing Championship, Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Hamilton Harbour, Bermuda. Sailed in International One Design sloops. 

Annual CD&P Grand Prix cycle race, Front Street. Exhilarating competition between some of the world’s best cyclists riding in Bermuda.

September. International Boarding School Fair. 4:30 t0 7:30 pm. Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel.

Beat Retreat. Clocktower Parade, Dockyard and Front Street, Hamilton. 9 pm.  Always popular with visitors and locals alike, this highly entertaining event features military music, popular show tunes, contemporary composers and marching formations performed by the Bermuda Regiment Band and Corps of Drums and the Bermuda Island Pipe Band and Dancers.

Bermuda International Long Term Insurers and Reinsurers (BILTIR) hosts its fourth (2017) annual life and annuity conference at the Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. Industry chiefs from Europe and North America will join Bermuda-based executives for the meeting. This year’s conference will focus on the EU Solvency II regulations, which will come in to force next year and Bermuda’s ongoing work to comply with the new rules. Other highlights include a presentation by the president of the Society of Actuaries, which has more than 25,000 members in 78 countries. Special sessions will also look at “the future of living longer” and panel discussions featuring industry leaders. BILTIR was set up four years ago to serve as an advocate for the long-term insurance industry.

Hurricane season. From now to November 30.

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October 2017

Statue of Sir George SomersOctober 1-31. Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 19th annual charity drive at Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre (BCHC). After lung cancer, breast cancer accounts for the majority of deaths in women worldwide. It affects one in eight women and that 58 cases of breast cancer were reported in 2014, according to the Bermuda National Tumor Registry. Breast cancer continues to be the principal cause of cancer for women in Bermuda. While the causes of breast cancer are still unknown, it is known that some women are more at risk than others. Understanding these risks, such as family history, are important, in addition to the knowledge that early detection can save lives. As we observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I urge all mothers, sisters, aunts, wives and friends to protect their health and longevity from breast cancer.” BCHC is an American College of Radiology designated Breast Imaging Centre of Excellence that provides more than 9,000 mammograms per year. The registered charity is urging the community to take part in a series of events this month to raise funds and provide women and their families with information about breast health and breast cancer.

Daytime Dockyard Historical Re-enactment. Royal Naval Dockyard. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:30 am. From May through mid-October in the Victualling Yard. Historical Re-enactments are with actors in period costume who give a short performance to depict life in the Royal Naval Dockyard around 1809.  It was from Bermuda in 1812, before the Dockyard was completed, that the British Royal Navy fleet attacked and burnt the White House in Washington DC.  (Covered in some detail in our extensive Bermuda History file for 1800-1899). After that, the Dockyard became a major port for the UK's Royal Navy and played a major role in World War 2 in the Battle of the Atlantic.  The Re-enactment explains the history of the Royal Naval Dockyard and includes the breakwaters, fortifications, storehouses, workshops and barracks.  This informative and fun event also includes live cannon fire! Visitors have the opportunity to be photographed with one of the actors each day and then to go on to explore the Royal Naval Dockyard and identify the areas they have just learnt about. Admission free, contact Joanna Cranfield, Royal Naval Dockyard, tel 441 239 0514, email marketing@wedco.bm or website www.thewestend.bm.

Beat Retreat. King's Square, St. George's and Front Street, Hamilton. 9 pm. Military music, popular show tunes, contemporary composers and marching formations performed by the Royal Bermuda Regiment Band and Corps of Drums and the Bermuda Island Pipe Band and Dancers. Beat Retreat is a long-standing British Army tradition performed in the evening or on special days by those army units that have military bands. Years ago, the British Army had a permanent presence in Bermuda.

City Arts Festival.  Queen Elizabeth Park. Six local artists show their works commissioned by the Corporation of Hamilton, also music and dance performers. 

October 11-14. World Alternative Investment Summit. Fairmont Southampton. Riddick Bowe is one of five former world boxing champions lined up as special guests for this business conference. The former undisputed world heavyweight champion, who gained the title in 1992 by defeating Evander Holyfield, will add a touch of star appeal. The three-day event is being held at Fairmont Southampton. The other former world champion boxers attending as guests are Chris Byrd, Lamon Brewster, Ray Mercer and James Toney. The event brings together investment officers, managers, administrators, prime brokers, lawyers, and others linked to the alternative investment space. Former Major League Baseball star Darryl Strawberry is also coming to Bermuda as a keynote speaker. He is also an ordained minister and co-founder of the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Centre. Special guest Mr Strawberry was a renowned slugger who won the World Series with both the New York Mets and the New York Yankees in a 17-year MLB career.  He is the latest name to be added to a growing list of guest speakers and attendees. The conference looks at alternative investments, and it is being promoted as the largest gathering of asset managers, family office and investment professionals. The special guest at last year’s WAIS summit in Bermuda was former NBA all-star and Hall of Famer, and entrepreneur Earl “The Pearl” Monro. Details of the summit agenda, guest speakers and activities are expected to be released in the coming weeks. WAIS 2007 Bermuda is produced by Toronto-based Radius Financial Education. For registration and sponsorship enquiries, contact info@Radiusfinancialeducation.com, or visit the website at waisc.com.

October 18-19. Annual Bermuda Convergence 2017.  5th year in 2017. ILS Ltd, organisers, announced the event’s first keynote speaker, author, journalist and consultant Dan Gardner. He co-authored his latest bestseller, Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction, where he makes the case that pundits are notoriously inaccurate at predicting the future, and that ordinary people make better prognostications with wide-ranging information gathering, thinking probabilistically, working in teams, keeping score, and being willing to admit error and change course. More than 300 delegates are expected to attend this year’s event. Last year delegates came from 13 different countries attended the annual Bermuda Convergence event — a networking event covering the alternative reinsurance, insurance linked securities and collateralised reinsurance landscape Super-forecasting was chosen as one of the best books of 2015 by The Economist, Bloomberg, and Amazon. He first explored these findings in his book, Future Babble, which was termed “required reading for journalists, politicians, academics, and anyone who listens to them”, by Harvard’s experimental psychologist, Steven Pinker. Mr Gardner is also well known for his book on risk perception, Risk: The Science of Fear, where he examined fear of what might happen in the future, and its influence on behaviour. In 2016, Gardner became an adviser to the Prime Minister of Canada. Previously, he spent 17 years in newspaper journalism, where his work won every major award, including the National Newspaper Award, the Michener Award, and the Canadian Association of Journalists Award. Gardner has lectured widely on forecasting and risk for governments and businesses such as Google and Siemens, insurance companies and venture capital firms. He holds degrees in law and history. Greg Wojciechowski, CEO, Bermuda Stock Exchange, and ILS Bermuda chairman said Mr Gardner’s “research and work will be interesting and valuable to our event attendees who enjoy the topic of risk and science of prediction”. Bermuda is the world leader for the issuance of ILS catastrophe bonds, collateralised reinsurance and alternative risk transfer. ILS issuance volume was the largest ever in the first quarter of 2017, reaching $27.19 billion outstanding showing record-breaking growth. The Bermuda Stock Exchange listed 185 ILS vehicles with a market cap of $22.2 billion, over 80 per cent market share, during the same period. New risk capital is coming to market in record volume as investors continue to find ILS an attractive and diversifying asset class. Tim Tetlow, partner and chief operating officer at Hudson Capital Management, a member of the ILS Bermuda Thought Leadership and Education Work Stream said: “Dan lectures around the world on forecasting, risk and decision-making. The ILS convergence space will be intrigued by his framework for the analysis of risk, complex information and prediction in real-world situations where traditional actuarial approaches might be less useful. “As the ILS looks to new and innovative areas of risk, Dan’s insights can help in how we form models of what will happen in the future and how to think in terms of probabilities while also recognizing that everything is uncertain.”

21st Annual Bermuda Music Festival 2017, continuation from September..

Bermuda Kennel Club Open Dog Shows. Bermuda Botanical Gardens. Also Obedience Trials, Rally Trails.

Old  Town Market. Sundays from 30th October to 18th December, 2 pm to 5:30 pm, Water Street, St. George's. 

Hacker's Cup. 2017 Sixth Annual. Autumn golfing tournament pitting celebrities against journalists

2017. The Nike Golf PGA Team Championship of Canada will return to Bermuda for a second year of competition. Mid Ocean Golf Club will again host the tournament of 104 visiting golfers, who will qualify in events across Canada this summer. The championship forms part of a packed winter of golf for Bermuda, with the Hackers Cup, Gosling’s Invitational, Bermuda Open and Goodwill tournament all scheduled to take place during what that Bermuda Tourism Authority called a “growth year for golf on the island.” Before the Nike Golf event in October there will be a World Pro Sports Championship, an event which has grown out of the partnership between the BTA and the organizers of the Bermuda Golf Classic, NFL Invitational. “Our sales and marketing team is advancing Bermuda as a golf tourism destination,” Bill Hanbury, the BTA chief executive officer, said. “Golf visitors are important because they have a positive impact across the Island’s tourism economy, far beyond just golf courses.” During the early part of this year, the BTA influenced several visitor golf events that improved travel numbers during the quieter months of the year for tourism. Those events include an Executive Women’s Golf Association event, Chris Langford Pairs and the Grey Goose World Par 3 at Turtle Hill Golf Club. “More and more cruise vacationers are disembarking and heading to the golf course,” said Andrew Brooks, the BTA’s director of golf sales and marketing. “And last week I spoke with another college golf coach about the possibility of bringing teams to Bermuda next year for a spring tournament. Cruise golfers and college springtime golfers are two areas where strong growth is happening and we think it is sustainable growth.”

Daylight Saving ends. Following US not UK methodology. 

The Convening of Parliament.  Normally the last Friday in October. Set back several days in 2016 as a result of damage to the House of Assembly The Speech from the Throne will be read by the Governor  from the grounds on the southern side of the Sessions House which is the parking lot on Reid Street adjacent to the old Magistrates’ Court building.” The Convening of Parliament will be aired live on CITV (CableVision Channel 2 and WOW 102) and will be streamed on www.gov.bm.

October 30. August 22. Fourth (in 2017) annual golf tournament in memory of Tomasz Tabor. The event will help fund Bermuda Hospitality Institute initiatives in the name of the talented chef and golfer, who died in a crash in 2014. The entrance fee is set at $125 for individual players or $500 for a team of four and participants can register by e-mail.  For more information, e-mail tomgolfmemorial@gmail.com

Halloween ‘Spooky Night in Ghost Town’ event in St. George's.

October 31/November 1. Haunted History. Figures from centuries ago resurrected in St George’s for a night of Halloween entertainment, offbeat education and fundraising for the Old Town. The event, hosted by the St George’s Foundation, will debut on November 1 with ghostly people both famous and obscure brought to life by local actors. The event will include surprise guests. Lesser known people out from the past will "re-appear" and tell their stories - people from the 1600s right up to the 1800s. The World Heritage Centre at Penno’s Wharf will be used for the party, complete with food, drink and live music, as well as historical re-enactments. The funds raised will go toward the management of the Centre, plus the replica of the ship Deliverance. The museum is to acquire new exhibits, while the wooden ship on Ordnance Island is to be developed as a performance platform for youth groups.

From now  to November 30. Hurricane season.

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November 2017

Warwick Parish crest

Warwick Parish crest

Exact dates and times will be shown when confirmed. 

World Rugby Classic Schedule (annual). National Sports Centre, Devonshire. With former internationals representing their countries in Bermuda-based international competition. All the major Rugby team over 30s will be here including the All Blacks from New Zealand, Australia, Republic of South Africa, UK, Ireland, France, Argentina, etc 10 international matches played during the week but scheduled to allow plenty of time to enjoy Bermuda's beaches, golf courses and other many attractions. This year’s World Rugby Classic looks set to be a star-studded affair with some of the sport’s most decorated names lined up for the tournament. 

Bermuda Reinsurance. Hamilton Princess. A major conference on the state of the reinsurance industry. The eleventh of its kind in 2017 to be held on the island, will feature top figures from the industry discussing issues like the impact of the UK’s decision to quit the EU, a soft market and how insurance-linked securities and alternative capital are impacting reinsurance. The event is a joint venture by professional services firm PwC and ratings agency Standard and Poor’s.

November 19-22. Canadian Investment Institute Conference.  A major business conference that typically would have been too big for Bermuda to handle will bring 800 delegates to the island, filling more than 4,800 room nights at three hotels, and have an estimated economic impact on the island of $2.3 million. The Bermuda Tourism Authority collaborated with hoteliers and transport operators to find a way to make it possible, rather than risk seeing the event go elsewhere. The Conference will take place at the Fairmont Southampton. The conference organisers visited the island in 2015 and indicated they would like to hold this year’s event here. However, when the number of expected delegates grew larger than had originally been anticipated, the BTA set to work to find solutions to the challenge and ensure the conference did not need to relocate to another country. The Fairmont Southampton has the required meeting space but did not have the number of hotel rooms needed to house everyone.. Delegates who could not be accommodated at the Southampton hotel are offered alternative options at Hamilton Princess and Elbow Beach Resort, but that meant they would require transportation to and from the conference location. To meet this challenge, the BTA worked with Bermudian-owned businesses Flood Transport and Island Tour Centre to arrange daily ground shuttles from Elbow Beach and daily water ferries from the Hamilton Princess. For Bermuda, the expected economic boost of the conference will be significant. The BTA noted that high-volume business during the shoulder season is especially valuable because it keeps tourism workers employed year-round. Group hotel room bookings island-wide in November are ahead 47 per cent from where they were a year ago, thanks largely to the Canadian group. That amounts to 3,244 additional room nights compared to last November. Planning for the conference began two years ago after the BTA and Fairmont Southampton co-hosted a site visit by the Canadian group’s management company. Commenting on the arrangements, Stacy Van Alstyne, of the Canadian-based International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, which hosts the Canadian Investment Institute Conference, said: “The Bermuda Tourism Authority has been extremely helpful in ensuring our needs of hosting an effective educational conference are met. BTA was instrumental in getting different partners together in creating solutions for transportation and housing. “They have a high level of dedication to making this a success. Their team asked the right questions, did their homework, and came up with creative solutions. They are very service-oriented, working over and above from what we normally expect from a tourism authority.” The conference is seen as an example of how the BTA can sell the whole island as a meetings destination, instead of a single conference hotel. Victoria Isley, BTA’s chief sales and marketing officer, said: “It is essential to improve group travel in order to improve overall performance and employment for Bermuda. We expect the group room nights this November to double what was on the books in November 2015. We’ve got a long way to go, but that is fantastic progress in two years. It’s a testament to hard work and signals that our strategy to drive group business to the island in the shoulder season is working.”

National Audubon Society of USA annual bird count (the Bermuda Audubon Society has participated for 29 years).  

Bermuda Public Holiday (Remembrance Day).  

The PGA Club Professional Championship of Canada at Port Royal Golf Course The tournament will form part of a nearly three-week festival of golf that runs into December and also includes the Gosling’s Invitational and the Bermuda Goodwill. Sponsored by Titleist and FootJoy. The Gosling’s, which this year will be split between Belmont Hills Golf Club and Port Royal, runs from November 27 to December 1, with the Goodwill wrapping things up from December 5 to 9. The introduction of the club professionals’ event means that the PGA of Canada will be visiting the island twice in a matter of weeks. Bermuda has developed a very positive relationship with the PGA of Canada. 

Gosling's Invitational Golf Tournament. Split between Belmont Hills  Golf Club and Port Royal.

Bermuda Convergence 2017. Hamilton's Pier 6. Major reinsurance conference.  Now in its fourth year, the conference attracts professionals from the booming insurance-linked securities (ILS) industry, including investors, fund managers, major insurance and reinsurance companies and professional services firms. Bermuda has carved out a niche as the top jurisdiction in the ILS sector, with 70 per cent of the world’s total investment. There are a total of 142 vehicles listed on the BSX with an aggregate market capitalization of more $17.8 billion. The annual 2014 ILS Convergence networking event was attended by over 280 delegates from 13 different countries. Over 300 are expected in 2015. 

Thanksgiving Day USA (celebrated in Bermuda at restaurants serving visitors and with Annual American Thanksgiving Day Interfaith Service with US patriotic songs, hymns and readings by the Governor. Organizers include the American Society of Bermuda). 

Santa Claus Parade. (late November). Thousands of people line the streets of Hamilton, all hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus. Crowds of adults and children fill the sidewalks as the annual Santa Claus Parade made it’s way through the city. Dozens of floats and hundreds of people, including majorettes, dancers and Gombeys, take part in the festivities.

Old  Town Market.

Late night shopping in St. George's. Saturdays from late November until Christmas Eve.

December 2017

Captain John SmithBermuda National Trust Annual Christmas Walkabout. St. George's. Explore the Old Town, traditionally decorated for Christmas. Wander the narrow streets, visit candlelit historic buildings and mingle with family and friends while enjoying live, festive entertainment and more. Parking at Tiger Bay. Hundreds of residents are expected to flock to St George’s for the annual Bermuda National Trust Walkabout which has become one of the island’s most popular pre-Christmas events. Now in its 38th year (in 2016), the Walkabout has proved a boon evening for St George’s merchants, many of whom regard it as the most profitable day of the year. And this year the crowd could swell even more, as the Trust is introducing a ferry which will bring people from Albouy’s Point in Hamilton to St George’s, avoiding the traffic chaos and parking problems which motorists have previously endured. “In recent years, as the popularity of the Walkabout has grown, we have had attendees spending too much time in traffic and looking for parking spaces,” said National Trust Development Director Kelly Way. “Traffic restrictions at the Longtail Bridge will exacerbate this. Therefore, with the co-operation of the Department of Marine and Ports, we are introducing a ferry from Hamilton to St. George’s,” she said. “The ferry will take a maximum of 350 people at 5.30pm from Hamilton to St. George’s and will leave St George’s after the fireworks at 9.15pm. In addition, the ferry will shuttle people from Marginal Wharf in St David’s to St George’s. In each case, a maximum of 350 tickets will be sold in advance and only people with tickets will be able to board the ferry. Musicians, dancers and carolers will entertain the crowd and children can meet Santa and make Christmas crafts at the Edith Clair Spencer Hall. We invite everyone to head east to explore some of the oldest continually occupied buildings in the New World which will be decorated and candlelit for the event,” added a Trust spokesperson. Old Rectory, Bridge House, Buckingham, Tucker House, Reeve Court and the Globe Hotel will be festively decorated with each offering its own yesteryear experience. One of the Samaritans’ Cottages will also be open for the first time in decades following a careful restoration. "The Bermuda National Trust could not hold this event without a huge amount of community support, our Trust volunteers and our generous sponsor, Butterfield Bank. This year marks our 10th anniversary with Butterfield as our sponsor and we are celebrating with a fireworks display at 9pm.” Parking — Tiger Bay/Penno’s Wharf, St. George’s Prep and St George’s Club Golf Course.  Ferry schedule and pricing.  Leaves Hamilton Ferry terminal at 5.30pm and returns leaving St George’s at 9.15pm. Adult Hamilton to St. George’s return $10. Child Hamilton to St. George’s return $5. Shuttles from Marginal Wharf to Penno’s Wharf.  Depart every half-hour starting at 6.45pm. Last shuttle back to Marginal Wharf 8.45pm. Adult Shuttle Marginal Wharf to Penno’s Wharf $4. Child Shuttle Marginal Wharf to Penno’s Wharf $2. Check www.bnt.bm to buy tickets. Availability is limited.

  • EVENING HIGHLIGHTS. 6.00–6.30pm Christ Church Bell Choir. 6.40 – 7.00 Clearwater Middle School Choir and Strings. 6.35 – 7.05pm Their Majesties Choristers. 7.10pm – Chas Arnold Recorder Group. King’s Square. Master of Ceremonies, Town Crier David Frith. 6.00 – 6.35pm Bermuda School of Music. 7.00 – 7.30pm DanceSations.  7.30 – 8.00pm In Motion School of Dance. 8.00 – 8.30pm Jackson School of Performing Arts. 8.30pm Band & Corps of Drum of the Bermuda Regiment & the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band. The Globe Hotel (built in 1699) and Trustworthy Gift Shop. BHS Choir. John Cox signing his books. Ebenezer Church Leviticus Band.  Cello Ensemble 6.00 – 6.45pm. Adult String Ensemble 6.45 –7.15pm. Fireworks: 9pm.

Above graphic: Captain John Smith

December 5-9. Bermuda Goodwill Golf Tournament. Port Royal Golf Course, Riddell's Bay Golf & Country Club, Mid Ocean Club and Tucker's Point Club. This 72-hole Stroke Play tournament is the oldest PRO-AM tournament in the world. With teams from the US, Canada and England participating. Spectator viewing is free and welcomed! ENQUIRIES: Bermuda Golf Association, 31 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 10, tel 441 295 9972. 

St. George's Santa Parade. 6 pm. Corporation of St. George.

Bermuda Fish Chowder Competition. Ordnance Island, (rain venue Penno's Wharf, St. George's. 

Late Night Shopping. Many stores stay open until 9 pm.

British style Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society Christmas pantomime, very much a part of the Christmas tradition. It is always a sell-out. Based on the UK pantomime tradition, it has a plot, jokes, political asides, costumes galore and fun.

December 25. Christmas Day in 2017. Public Holiday.

December 2017. From 6 pm. Hamilton Harbour. Christmas Boat Parade. 7. From 6 pm. Hamilton Harbour. Christmas Boat Parade. Held every other year. As in previous years, boats decorated with Christmas light displays circumnavigate Hamilton Harbour. Biggest spectator event of the year, and hoped to be the biggest parade fleet ever. Private boat owners, companies, charities and community groups are all encouraged to enter boats in the parade. This year's event will see the spectator event themed around the America’s Cup. Organizer Norma Thomson said: “This is the biggest spectator event of the year and we will be inviting the America’s Cup teams that are based here, as well as the America’s Cup Event Authority and the America’s Cup Bermuda to all enter boats in the parade. Plus there will be special prizes for the best America’s Cup boats entered by locals.” Private boat owners, companies, charities and community groups are all being encouraged to enter boats in the parade. Anyone wishing to participate in this year’s boat parade can do so via www.bermudaboatparade.bm. The first 30 boats to enter will receive $300 Lindo's gift certificate.

Christmas Boat Parade

Bermuda Festival tickets available


December 26. Boxing Day. Public Holiday. Bermuda’s Gombey troupes take to the streets for their traditional Boxing Day celebrations. Today, the art form is instantly recognizable for its dance, rhythmic drumming, theatre and symbolically colorful dress — but those who took part were keen to educate about the true meaning of their culture, which harks back to the era of slavery.

December 31

  • City of Hamilton. As the clock strikes midnight, the traditional Bermuda Big Onion drops at City Hall. It's a local tradition, just as New York has its Crystal Ball. Bermudians refer to themselves as Onions, from the days from the 1840s when real big luscious Bermuda Onions were exported all over the world until the 1920s. 

  • Also, Hamilton's Uptown New Year’s Eve Block Party, from 9pm until 1am. Court Street will be closed between Ewing Street and Victoria Street for the duration of the event and restaurants and bars in the area will remain open during the evening. A big screen will be erected at the entrance to Victoria Street and a fun zone will be created in EF Gordon Square. There are many bars, restaurants and take-aways on Court Street. The event has been organized as part of a drive to revitalize North Hamilton and promote community engagement. It has the support of the Bermuda Government, the Corporation of Hamilton, the Young Progressives and local businesses, residents and MPs.

  • Town of St. George. King's Square, St. George's. New Year's Eve Party. Until 1 am New Year's Day. The Old Town, Bermuda's capital until 1815 will take on an “artistic vibe,” with Water Street becoming an “evolving gallery as photographers project images of their work onto some of Bermuda’s oldest buildings. As the clock approaches midnight, fire-eaters and bagpiper David Frith will keep the energy high. After the onion drop, revelers will be treated to a 15-minute laser show.

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January  2018

City of Hamilton crestPublic Holidays. New Year's Day in Bermuda.

Harness racing.

City of Hamilton crest 

Bacardi National Par 3 Golf Tournament. Turtle Hill Golf Club. No entry fee for the tournament, but players are required to qualify in one of the following four categories – Professional; Men; Senior Men (55 years +) and Ladies. The top 10 gross scores plus ties in each category will be eligible to participate. 

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess and the Mid Atlantic Athletic Club (MAAC) annual Fairmont to Fairmont Race. It takes runners on a 7.2-mile course between The Fairmont Hamilton Princess and The Fairmont Southampton and is considered the beginning of the running year, attracting competitors from across the globe. It is used by many runners as the final warm-up for International Race Weekend, which starts on Friday, January 16. The Fairmont to Fairmont Race also includes a competitive walking category, a three-member team relay, and a Junior 3K race. The course takes the competitors from The Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel, along Front Street, East Broadway, The Lane, Harbour Road, Burnt House Hill, Middle Road and up The Fairmont Southampton Driveway before finishing at The Fairmont Southampton's Private Beach Club. Harry Mulenga and Ashley Estwanik won last year's  male and female categories. The main draw prize for this race will be a four-night stay at The Fairmont Mayakoba, Mexico, with round-trip JetBlue tickets. There are also prizes for the top male and female finishers of the Junior 3K. The Fairmont to Fairmont Relay Race will award prizes for the top finishers in the male, female, and mixed categories. The adult Fairmont to Fairmont race has prizes for the top male and female finishers in the 16-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 and over, and 70 and over categories. Also winning prizes will be the first male and female walkers as well as the first tourists, and the winning Fairmont employees.

Bermuda International Race and Marathon Weekend. Front Street, City of Hamilton and the National Sports Centre, Frog Lane, Devonshire. Bermuda National Athletics Association. P O Box HM 2156, Hamilton HM JX. Includes Bermuda International Marathon and Bermuda International Half Marathon; Invitational Mile races and Bermuda Triangle Challenge Mile, Front Street; First race in Bermuda Triangle Challenge series; Beat Retreat ceremony performed by the Bermuda Regiment Band accompanied by the Bermuda Islands Drum Corps; Bermuda International 10K and 10K Walk start-National Sports Centre, Devonshire; Second race in Bermuda Triangle Challenge series; Bermuda International Marathon & Bermuda International Half Marathon start, Front Street, Hamilton; Third race in Bermuda Triangle Challenge series. 

Bermuda Festival (evenings). From January through March.

 Bermuda’s Restaurant Weeks.  Exploring Bermuda's food culture. Featuring discount deals at restaurants in the hope of reeling in some business during the slow months of the year. Especially good for budget-minded tourists from the USA not used to regular far higher than in USA restaurant prices. In 2016 45 restaurants have taken on the challenge to provide Bermuda-inspired dishes (see Bermuda Cuisine) in their Restaurants Weeks’ menus. Those offering Bermuda-inspired dishes have increased from 24 to 31. Three-course menus are tiered in three price categories -- $29, $39 or $49. Back this year is the People’s Choice Award, allowing diners to vote for the restaurant they feel best incorporates local food culture in their menus. In 2015, Muse was the People’s Choice Award winner. Individual restaurants show their pricing.

Bermuda Regional Bridge Tournament. Bermuda Bridge Club, held at the Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel, 101 South Road, Southampton. Seven days of bridge, panel shows and other entertainment. The Bermuda Regional is in a class of its own and introduced in 2013, repeated again in 2016, is Bermuda Gold, a 0-750 games offering gold points. If making offline reservations, ask for the Regional Bridge Rate.

Bermuda Festival (2017 January-March). 

 World Captive Forum (WCF) 2017. The WCF features delegates from all over the world, including Europe, North America and Latin America. Bermuda’s business chiefs are out in force for this even, last held in Florida in 2016. It includes several speakers from Bermuda including lawyers, regulators and business leaders. They use the event to try and bring new business to Bermuda. The forum’s 2016 location in Florida, plus its 26+ year history, attracted a large number of delegates from the potentially lucrative Latin American region. There has been exponential growth in business from Latin America since 2000 when Bermuda started negotiations to sign a tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) with Mexico — the first agreement between an offshore jurisdiction and a Latin American nation. The TIEA with Mexico had been followed by others with Colombia and Argentina. They do not consider Bermuda a preferential tax regime — a tax haven. Bermuda had made other inroads into the Latin America market. Once the TIEA signed with Brazil comes into effect Bermuda will enjoy the same advantages as Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. Latin America is seen as a region which presents growth opportunities for the Bermuda captive market. Overall, the WCF has served as a good base for Bermuda to showcase its expertise as the largest captive domicile in the world. 

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February 2018

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Devonshire Parish crestCoolest month. 

Black History Education month.

February 1-28.  Heart Disease Awareness Month. The City of Hamilton has partnered with the Bermuda Heart Foundation to promote heart health. The city will be hosting the ‘My City Heart’ Instagram contest. Through the contest, people can take a picture with a large heart cut-out that will be placed on the lawn of City Hall. They can then post the picture on Instagram, with the person who earns the most likes winning a prize. Sionna Barton, Marketing and Development Manager at the Bermuda Heart Foundation, said: “This February is Heart Disease Awareness month, and we are encouraging everyone on island to be proactive about their heart health. “A sedentary lifestyle may increase the risk of heart attack almost as much as smoking. We need Bermudians to adapt easy-to-embrace ways to significantly lower their risk of heart disease and improve their heart health. “Get active. You don’t have to join a gym or run in a 5K. Start small by incorporating physical activity into your daily routine more and more: Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park at the farthest end of the parking lot or use your lunch break to take a quick walk.” Meanwhile, mayor Charles Gosling said the corporation was excited to help raise awareness of heart disease, the leading cause of death for men and women in Bermuda. “We sincerely hope that everyone will participate and have some fun while educating themselves and making a difference,” he added.

PLP Founders Day

Loquats ripen. Loquats can be found on many trees throughout Bermuda, often growing wild.

2016 Bermuda Festival performances.

World Captive Forum (WCF) 201. The WCF features delegates from all over the world, including Europe, North America and Latin America. Bermuda’s business chiefs are out in force for this event. It includes several speakers from Bermuda including lawyers, regulators and business leaders. They use the event to try and bring new business to Bermuda. The forum’s location attracts a large number of delegates from the potentially lucrative Latin American region. There has been exponential growth in business from Latin America since 2000 when Bermuda started negotiations to sign a tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) with Mexico — the first agreement between an offshore jurisdiction and a Latin American nation. The TIEA with Mexico had been followed by others with Colombia and Argentina. They do not consider Bermuda a preferential tax regime — a tax haven. Bermuda had made other inroads into the Latin America market. Latin America is seen as a region which presents growth opportunities for the Bermuda captive market. Overall, the WCF has served as a good base for Bermuda to showcase its expertise as the largest captive domicile in the world. 

February. Bermuda Four Ball Championship. 

Devonshire Parish crest.

January-February. Bermuda’s Restaurant Weeks.  Exploring Bermuda's food culture. Featuring discount deals at restaurants in the hope of reeling in some business during the slow months of the year. In 2016 45 restaurants took on the challenge to provide Bermuda-inspired dishes (see Bermuda Cuisine) in their Restaurants Weeks’ menus. Those offering Bermuda-inspired dishes increased from 24 to 31. Three-course menus are tiered in three price categories -- $29, $39 or $49. Back this year is the People’s Choice Award, allowing diners to vote for the restaurant they feel best incorporates local food culture in their menus. Individual restaurants show their pricing. 

Bermuda Festival performances. 

Second-last Friday in February. Bermuda National Budget Statement Day. Minister of Finance delivers his Annual Budget Speech on next financial year's government income, expenditure, taxes and more.  The fiscal year ends on March 31. The Budget must be passed in Parliament prior to the end of the first quarter of the current financial year. Once MPs have approved the statement and passed the Appropriation Act, the Senate debates the Budget, with a maximum of 22 hours allowed for their detailed discussion on the different headings. Senators have no power to alter the Budget but need to have it approved so it can pass into law by March 31.

Saturday, late  February. Midshipman Dale Ceremony St. Peter's Church, St. George’s. On this day a new marble gravestone was unveiled at the annual commemorative service for Midshipman Richard Sutherland Dale. The ceremony marked the continuation, in 2016, of an 80-year tradition and the 201st anniversary of the death of Midshipman Dale — the last victim of the War of 1812. The original is preserved beneath the new stone. Retired United States Navy Captain John Rodgaard saw the deterioration of Midshipman Dale’s tombstone on a recent visit to Bermuda. He enlisted the support of retired US Navy Captain Vance Morrison, and the US Naval Order, of which both men are members, made a generous donation to The Friends of St Peter’s for a replica of the gravestone. TS Admiral Somers Sea Cadets played an integral part of the unveiling ceremony, having been instructed in the traditional manner of folding a ceremonial US flag. Wreaths were laid by Governor George Fergusson, Linda Rosalik, who represented the US Consul, and Reverend Erskine Simmons, the chairman of The Friends of St Peter’s Church. A special wreath was also sent by Louise Hall Reider, descendant of Scarritt Adams, the originator of the ceremony. Midshipman Dale died in St George’s from wounds incurred in a marine battle during the War of 1812 on February 23, 1815. Eighty-two years ago this month, US Navy Ensign Scarritt Adams arranged for flowers to be placed on the grave and for many years the US Military commemorated Midshipman Dale on the anniversary of his death. This ended when the US Marines left their Bermuda base. However, the tradition was adopted by The Friends of St Peter’s Church, who now gather every year at Midshipman Dale’s gravestone.

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March 2018

Hamilton ParishMarch 1. St. David's Day. (A big day in Wales but not in Bermuda)..

March 1-2. Bermuda Festival. "For You---We Dance." Ballet Gala. Earl Cameron Theatre, City Hall, Hamilton..

Bermuda Match Play Championships. Mid Ocean Club.

Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association's Mixed Doubles League starts.

Grey Goose World Par 3 National Championship, Turtle Hill Golf Club.

Hamilton Parish crest 

Bermuda Healthcare Forum. Delegates include more than 100 from overseas along with a dozen accompanying guests. The conference is aimed at buyers for major hospital systems, long-term care facilities physicians groups and health benefits and service providers in the North American market. The conference, to be held at Rosewood Tucker’s Point, will be structured around eight themes designed to address the changing risk landscape in healthcare and feature a variety of industry participants describing how different companies are handling changes. Healthcare is moving to patient-centric care and the changes in reimbursement and integration of providers delivering care are revolutionizing the industry. Ross Webber, chief executive officer of the BDA, will moderate a CEO panel at the conference, which will discuss why companies have domiciled in Bermuda and the benefits for healthcare clients of doing business on the island. Bermuda is regarded as the market of choice for healthcare liability insurance buyers due to the amount of capacity available, a high standard of contract certainty and the ability to create new products in response to market needs. Areas insured include hospitals, senior and long-term care homes, blood and organ banks, assisted living facilities, diagnostic centres, physicians groups and rehabilitation and research centres. Bermudian-based global insurers are able to provide more than $350 million capacity for a single risk and can write lead and excess layers on an insurance programme. The market has a solid track record of claims payments and has retained consistency through all market cycles, as well as providing substantive limits.

March. Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals is set to return, continuing a 53-year (in 2018) tradition. Casino Evil will be performed at Earl Cameron Theatre at City Hall. This year’s musical production will bring the all-male cast for comedy, singing and the HPT brand of chaos. Formed in 1844, HPT have put together 169 original productions, with Bermuda serving as the last stop on the tour since the 1960s. Amira Weeks, tour manager for HPT, said: “The actors and crew would tell you that our trip to Bermuda is what they most look forward to every year. This year we are especially excited to be staying at the beautiful Elbow Beach resort. First-time Pudding show watchers will be astounded by standout singing, a laugh-out-loud script, colorful and expertly designed costumes and set pieces, and an incredible ten-piece live band. Not to mention, the kick line dance number that ends every show will leave you astonished at how high our all-male cast can kick. It’s a must see.”  HPT first came in 1963, every year since then. Oldest theatrical company in North America. First began as a secret society in 1795. Sponsored annually in the past by the Bermuda Government's Department of Tourism, now replaced by the Bermuda Tourism Authority. Tickets, prices, times and more at phone 295-1727.

Harvard Hasty Pudding Bermuda March 2011

Harvard Hasty Pudding Theatricals Bermuda 2012

March 17. St. Patrick's Day. Celebrated in Bermuda. Emerald Isle Society Dinner Dance and imported Irish entertainment.

 Bermuda Triple Challenge starts. Back, with international pros taking part and a new division for America’s Cup teams to compete. The obstacle race, which raised more than $55,000 for charity last year, has grown by leaps and bounds: participation is up by 30 per cent year over year, according to organizers. Four professional racers from overseas will join local teams in running, jumping, climbing and crawling through three days of challenges around the Island. Matt Novakovich, Juliana Sproles, Brakken Kraker and Val Smith, veterans of the international Spartan Race challenge, will provide this year’s international contingent. Jason Correia, one of the event’s founders, said an elite individual division had been created this year to draw interest from other countries and cater to athletes looking for a pure race experience. “We are also extremely excited for 2016 as we have been awarded Obstacle Course Racing World Championship qualifying status,” Mr Correia said. The top three male and female elite individuals will be eligible to compete in the World Championships.” Reid Robinson, a co-director of the Triple Challenge, said the group had been “blown away by the charitable funds the participants raised in 2015”. Organizers have added extra challenges, as well as invited Anthony Carson, an announcer for the Spartan Race, to emcee all three events. This year’s participants will raise funds for the Reading Clinic, Knowledge Quest, Raleigh Bermuda, Somerset Primary PTA, the Sunshine League, and SCARS. The challenge starts with the Argus Urban Foot Race through the streets of St George’s on Friday, March 18, followed the next morning by the KRYS Global Island Challenge hosted by the Bermuda Regiment. It closes on the Sunday with an assault on Dockyard, the Chubb Royal Challenge. The challenge is sponsored by KRYS Global, Chubb, the Argus Group and the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

March 24. Bermuda National Trust (BNT) Palm Sunday 2018 Walk. 2017 is the 45th in 2018 year of the walk, which promotes appreciation of the National Trust. A good way to see a part of Bermuda not normally seen. There will be hilly parts and the route is not suitable for strollers or dogs. Details on how people can sponsor the walk in support of the Trust are available at bnt.bm. For more information call 236-6483.

Holy Thursday in 2018.

March 30. Good Friday Public Holiday in 2018.

2018 Bermuda Open Golf Tournament, Port Royal Golf Course. Bermuda Golf Association President Craig Brown said that deciding to cancel 2016's Bermuda Open was one of the “hardest decisions” he has had to make. He cited a lack of sponsorship and dwindling resources as the main reasons behind the removal of the association’s flagship event. An event that has diminished considerably in stature during the past decade, the Open suffered from the arrival of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf in Bermuda and the change in the qualifying for the professional tours. With constant changes to the event’s place in the calendar and an ongoing fight to secure funding, the BGA has finally decided that enough is enough. “Over the years, the BGA has needed to make a large financial commitment to stage the Bermuda Open, and given the current financial position of the association, this is no longer a viable option,” Craig Brown, the BGA president, said. “It’s not sustained itself at a level you would expect a national championship to be at. We don’t have the finances, nor do we have the resources to pull something together that we feel warrants that [title].” Although the Open should be the island’s premier golfing event, in reality it has been pushed to the side as the Bermuda Tourism Authority pursues the visitor numbers and exposure that can be gained by supporting events such as the Bermuda Golf Classic, the Gosling’s Invitational and the Nike Golf PGA Team Championship of Canada. These, and a host of other smaller events which have proven to be more sustainable both financially, and in terms of golfer interest, have taken precedence. “It’s been an ongoing struggle for the association to raise the funds, even though we have a good working relationship with the BTA,” Brown said. “It’s been difficult to raise the level of funding that we feel makes it [the Open] attractive [for players] and sustainable for the association, that’s really what it’s about.” Brown hopes the tournament will return bigger and better than it has been before. However, that move will not be rushed and the overriding determination is to provide a tournament that is “of a standard befitting the title”. Preliminary talks with minor tours, such as the PGA Tour Latinoamérica, have reportedly taken place, with the Bermuda Golf Association hoping to find a partnership that will elevate the Open’s standing and secure it a place in an already hectic global schedule. “We’re still in discussions to discover what part of the season we can get the best traction, but it’s also about putting on the right event for Bermuda,” Brown said. “We’ve got big plans, we know where we want to go with it. We know the idea and vision, but we also want a tournament that the whole island can be proud of. “That’s where we are trying to get to, and hopefully we can make it a very strong event.” While the desire is to see the tournament return next year, there is a stronger desire to ensure that it is only brought back when it can meet the high standards that the BGA expect of the event. There is a definite shift to put it back on the calendar for 2017, but again we are committed to getting it back to a standard that we feel will befit a national championship and the island. Everyone involved will have to agree that is the right time to get it back in to the rotation. We are fully committed to preserving the rich history of the Bermuda Open, and we are confident that a collaborative approach will ensure that when the Bermuda Open does return to the calendar it will be a much-improved event of which we can all be proud.”

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April 2018

Paget ParishThroughout April.  Hospitality Month.

Bermuda Public Health Week

April 1. Easter Sunday in 2018. 

Easter Sunday services island-wide.

City Food Festival. Food lovers are treated to a delightful array of desserts at the opening event.

Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association Langton Junior Tournament. Open tennis, spectators welcome.

Bermuda Open Volleyball Tournament .

Bermuda Lecture & Tours Guided Walks.  Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Bermuda Bridge Club Games. Open to all.  7 Pomander Road, Paget. Phone 441 541 0551.

Bermuda Triple Challenge. 

Cruise ships begin arriving for 2018 season

Harbour Nights festival begins weekly on Wednesday evenings (to October). 

Bermuda Golf Classic, Port Royal Golf Course

The Progressive Labour Party's 54th in 2018 Founders Day and Drum Majors Awards Celebration. 

Paget Parish Crest.

April. Risk Management Society (RIMS) (Annual) 2017 Conference and Exhibition. 

Premier at RIMS

Bermudian business leaders are to hold a special reception at this major insurance industry conference. RIMS continues to find ways to energize its annual conference and deliver impactful educational programming that empowers attendees to better serve their organisations and advance professionally, Bermuda plays an important part in the insurance industry and has been a long-time supporter of Rims initiatives. The invitation-only meeting will be held as Bermuda touts for business at the annual Risk and Insurance Management Society event. Around 200 representatives from the island’s insurance and reinsurance sectors will attend the conference, alongside Government leaders and regulators. The Rims event attracts around 10,000 delegates, including senior executives and risk management professionals, and also features about 400 exhibitors. 

Peppercorn Ceremony.  202nd in 2018. Hundreds gather in King’s Square to watch the annual event. The annual tradition in St George’s is based around Freemasons paying their symbolic rent for the Old State House. Numerous civic leaders are present to watch the treasurer for the Freemasons officially pay the peppercorn rent which is unchanged in two centuries. Festivities include a parade by the Royal Bermuda Regiment. Freemasons represent lodges from several countries, Attended by the Governor and his wife, Premier,, MPs from both sides of the House of Assembly, and the Mayor of St George’s, After his speech, the Governor’s council leave to conduct the annual meeting in the Old State House. Strains of bagpipes echoed through the streets of St George as the town marks one of the oldest traditions in the Island’s history. The passing of a simple, symbolic peppercorn from the Freemasons Lodge to the Accountant General, and the accompanying pomp and ceremony, attracts hundreds of locals and visitors to King’s Square. Bermuda Regiment soldiers stand to attention as the town's Mayor and Bermuda's Governor arrive in a horse-drawn carriage to continue a ritual that dates back to 1816. Within the town are 170 listed buildings, 10 historic monuments, six forts and one unfinished church. The town of St George is an original and in 2000 gained Unesco status.

Easter Classic at the Oceans (Ocean View and Mid Ocean Golf Courses).

April 21. Her Majesty the Queen's actual birthday, 91 in 2017. She is Britain's, Bermuda's and the rest of the British Commonwealth of Nations' longest-ever living sovereign.

Regulatory Compliance Association (RCA) Regulation, Operations and Compliance 2017 Symposium - 7 Symposium - see https://www.rcaonline.org/symposia/regulation-operations-compliance-bermuda/ - at the Fairmont Southampton, which in 2016 attracted more than 250 alternative investment and asset management executives to Bermuda. 

Bermuda Agricultural Show. Bermuda Botanical Gardens. Paget. Annual exhibition that attracts tens of thousands of residents — both young and old — from across the island, and visitors. The Botanical Gardens becomes a hive of activity for three days. The Ag Show has been an institution in Bermuda for generations and almost all Bermudians have fond memories of it. It offers an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to get together, share stories and experiences, and participate in friendly competition. The AG Show Ltd is now a registered charity, established in February 2015  for the purposes of holding the annual agricultural exhibition. The annual Ag Show, sponsored by all British counties in the UK where farming is still a major part of the local economies but is no longer the case in Bermuda, nevertheless welcomes as many as 25,000 attendees in Bermuda over three days and features up to 4,000 exhibitors. Participation in the event includes a large portion of the Island’s population, from seniors who have been attending it since the show’s early days, to schoolchildren and toddlers who get an introduction to things they might not see in their everyday lives. The show will celebrate agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry. The show has a rich history. Its roots extend back as far as 1843, when then-Governor Major General Sir William Reid encouraged the adoption of agriculture on the island, where principal occupations included shipbuilding and seafaring. The Governor organized an agricultural exhibition with ploughing matches at Mount Langton and the whole colony became interested in farming

April 23. St. George's Day, the flag of England - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_St_George -  in the UK. One of Bermuda's Parishes, the Town of St. George and English Admiral Sir George Somers, who founded Bermuda, are named after the saint. St. Peter's Church flies the flag of St. George on this day. Also, today is the 450th anniversary of the birth  of William Shakespeare - see http://www.shakespearesbirthday.org.uk/ whose 1610 "Tempest" was later proved to have been based on the 1609 discovery of Bermuda led by Admiral Sir George Somers. 

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May 2018

Pembroke Parish crestBermuda Power Boat Race. Royal Naval Dockyard. 

 Bermuda Yoga Festival. Grotto Bay Beach Resort 11 Blue Hole Hill, Hamilton, CR04.

Bermuda International Film Festival. (21st annual in 2018). This year’s festival has screenings taking place at the Earl Cameron Theatre in City Hall. BIFF headquarters are on Front Street, Hamilton.

Habour Nights in Hamilton, until August 31. Every Wednesday evening. Social event, also features chefs, musicians, Gombeys and more.

May 9. Antigua to Bermuda Race. Royal Bermuda Yacht Club,  second edition in 2018 starts. The 935-mile offshore race is organised in association with Antigua Sailing Week and is supported by the Bermuda Tourism Authority. Yachts of 40ft and over will be racing under the IRC Rating Rule, MOCRA and the CSA Racing Rule, with the latter amended to permit boats to use their engines, subject to a time penalty. Les Crane, the RBYC  race chairman, said. "The America’s Cup put Bermuda in the spotlight as a superb sailing destination and the Antigua Bermuda Race is designed to carry forward this legacy. The Antigua Bermuda Race gives sailors an opportunity to safely experience about a thousand miles of Atlantic Ocean racing in company, at a time of year when conditions should be ideal.”

Annual Devil’s Isle Paddle Board Challenge.  With the aim of helping highlight plastic pollution in the ocean. In a test of endurance, participants will paddleboard 40 miles around the island, launching from Snorkel Park. It is anticipated that the race could take between six and 13 hours. The event aims to raise funds for the educational component, the SUP’r Kids Paddling Programme, which is also making a return, giving schoolchildren the chance to learn the sport while gaining an understanding of the importance of ocean conservation. Christian Shaw and Gordon Middleton of Plastic Tides, which organizes the event, spoke about the hope of expanding paddleboarding to all public schoolchildren in Bermuda within the next five years. The Devil’s Isle Challenge will attract local and overseas paddleboarders who can form teams of up to eight to paddle around Bermuda, vying for the top spot. Every paddleboarder is asked to raise a minimum of $500 which will go towards the children’ programme.

XL Catlin Bermuda End to End 2018. From 7 am. 31st anniversary in 2018. When it first began, it was a grassroots effort, three fellows challenging their friend to see if they could walk from one end of the island to the other, which at the time was quite unusual. Since its inception, the event has provided more than $5 million to charities through 190 grants. Participants collect pledges and pick which discipline they want to compete in — walking, cycling, swimming, rowing, or paddle boarding. Different course distances are also offered. “In the end, the great thing is that, because of all their endeavors, the charities get the benefit, Bermuda benefits, so all benefit.  For more information, call 292-6992 or visit bermudaendtoend.bm. In 2017 there will be 20 water stops along the route from Kindley Field Road to Gray’s Bay, with participants invited to vote for their favourite water stop. 

Hurricane Preparedness Week will be observed this week, the Ministry of National Security has advised. The Ministry said the event is happening earlier than usual due in part to the increased activity surrounding the America’s Cup and also to coincide with the United States’ hurricane awareness observation. Senator Jeff Baron, the national security minister, convened an Emergency Measures Organisation to review Government’s disaster readiness for the season, which runs from June 1 to November 30. EMO members in attendance included co-chair, Acting Police Commissioner Paul Wright, Deputy Governor Ginny Ferson, and key representatives from the Bermuda Regiment, the Bermuda Police Service, the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service, the Ministries of Public Works, Tourism Development and Transport, Social Development and Sport and Belco. Matters discussed included the Bermuda Weather Service’s 2017 storm overview, EMO agency readiness and Hurricane Preparedness Week activities. During Hurricane Preparedness Week, the Bermuda Government’s Emergency Broadcast Facility 100.1FM will air from 2pm to 2.30pm, and will feature daily preparedness information

Pembroke Parish 

May 24 Public Holiday.  Bermuda Day and Bermuda Day Parade. 1:30 pm through the streets of Hamilton. Led by the Band and Corps of Drums of the Bermuda Regiment. Half Marathon, an annual extravaganza, half marathon, first swim of the year for locals.

May 2018. Bermuda will host the 2018 Moth World Championships after beating Argentina and Australia in the bid process, the International Moth Class Association announced. The event featuring the foiling Moth dinghy will be held in the Great Sound, venue for the 35th America’s Cup. 

Bermuda Regiment Beats Retreat. City of Hamilton, 9 pm, with Bermuda Islands Pipe Band.

Gombey Competition. 

Open Golf Tournament.

Annual Reunion of Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps Overseas Association at Warwick Camp on first Saturday in May. 

Seniors Golf Amateur Championships. 

Saddle Club of Bermuda annual show. 

End-to-End Race by Swan's Running Club.

Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Races. 

Bermuda Guitar Festival (Annual).

June 2018

Sandys Parish crest June 1. Hurricane Season starts. Lasts until November 30.

 Image at right is Sandys Parish.

Annual Habour Nights in Hamilton, until August 31. Every Wednesday evening. Social event, also features chefs, musicians, Gombeys and more.

June 11. Queen's Birthday Parade, Front Street, Hamilton. Always an event for visitors to watch Bermuda's British militia salute Her Majesty for her Official Birthday,  Traffic will be limited on Front Street. The annual parade, held a week earlier this year in Bermuda than the world famous equivalent in London, Trooping of the Colour.  The Governor, Premier, and other VIP guests will in attend.  Begins at 10-1030 am Bermuda time. The public is encouraged to come out and view the event which will feature the pomp and pageantry of the marching units from The Royal Bermuda Regiment, The Royal Bermuda Regiment Band and Corps of Drums, Bermuda Police Service and Bermuda Police Reserves, Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service, Royal Bermuda Regiment Junior Leaders and the Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps.

Saturday, June 16. Trooping the Colour from London. From 10:30 am GMT, Horse Guards Parade. Trooping the Colour, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trooping_the_Colour celebrates the Sovereign's, Her Majesty the Queen's, official birthday (her actual birthday is on 21 April). (It has traditionally been held in June, for better weather). Televised worldwide over three hours by the BBC London. See the full majesty, military precision, pomp and splendor of the London ceremony at http://www.householddivision.org.uk/trooping-the-colour and at http://www.trooping-the-colour.co.uk/index.htm. Invited guests include all adult members of the Royal Family, some on horseback and/or in military uniforms, British Commonwealth heads of state or their representatives. The ceremony dates back to at least the early 18th century when the colours (flags) of the battalion were carried (or 'trooped') down the ranks so that they could be seen and recognized by the soldiers. The Queen attends in a horse-drawn carriage and the regiments of the Household Division, her personal troops, parade in front of her. Over 1100 soldiers are on parade, plus 200 horses and over 400 musicians. A 41 Gun Royal Salute is fired by the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery in Green Park at 1252 hours GMT..

June 16-19. Bermuda Heroes Weekend and Carnival

June 17. Father's Day (USA, UK, Bermuda).

June 17, 2018 (not 2017). Start of 50th Newport to Bermuda Yacht Race. One of the world's leading blue water races, held every other year, this one in 2016, next in 2018. Newport, Rhode Island to St. David's Head, St. George's. Host club, Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Sailing Secretary, Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Point Pleasant Road, Hamilton HM 11, tel 441 294 6716 or email secretary@rbyc.bm. Nearly 2,000 sailors will be racing for Bermuda in the third-biggest Newport to Bermuda competition that the island has hosted. The Newport Bermuda Race is organized by the Cruising Club of America and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and sailed almost entirely out of sight of land and across the Gulf Stream. The race consists of five divisions: St David's Lighthouse Division, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Division, Cruiser Division, Double Handed Division and Spirit of Tradition Division. The St David's Lighthouse Division, for multi-purpose cruising/racing yachts, is the largest division. No boat has been involved in or has more Newport Bermuda Race titles than Carina.  More than 100 prizes are awarded at the traditional ceremony at Bermuda's Government House a week later. Regional Prizes are presented to the top boats hailing from five regions of North America. Twenty-one states from Maine to California are represented in the fleet, with especially strong turnouts from New England and the Chesapeake Bay area. The Premier joined Bermuda Tourism Authority members and others local organisations in support of the historical sailing event. During his trip, Mr Dunkley met with the Mayor of Newport’s Office, as well as attending the traditional Commodore’s Dinner and inspecting the Bermuda boats, including the Spirit of Bermuda. The 635-mile biennial Newport Bermuda Race is the world’s oldest regularly scheduled ocean race. Founded in 1906, the event will be held for the 50th time in 2016, with about 190 yachts competing from around the globe, some from Bermuda.

Bermuda 1-2 Yacht Race

Monday, June 18. Bermuda Public Holiday, National Heroes Day. Honors local heroes and heroines, pioneering men and women who were committed to selfless acts of public service and whose lives were spent devoted to improving the circumstances of our people. They have included Gladys Carlyon de Courcy Morrell, Sir Edward Trenton Richards, Dame Lois Browne-Evans, Dr Edgar Fitzgerald Gordon, Dr Pauulu Kamarakafego, Sir Henry James Tucker, Mary Prince and Sir John Swan in 2016.Sailing enthusiasts will want to watch, ideally from Fort St. Catherine as the best vantage point, the annual Edward Cross Long Distance Comet Race and also the J Class Regatta featuring the original 1930s America's Cup vessels. Various other activities occur on this day. Official induction and proclamation ceremony, 4pm, King’s Square, St George.  Steel pan, Hamilton’s Queen Elizabeth Park.  

Beating Retreat. Royal Naval Dockyard and City of Hamilton. Bermuda Regiment Band. Always popular with visitors and locals alike, this highly entertaining event features military music, popular show tunes, contemporary composers and marching formations by the Bermuda Regiment Band and Corps of Drums and the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band and Dancers. 

Glow worms begin shining in the ocean at night.  

Annual Fish Chowder Festival, St. George's.

Bermuda Billfish Release Cup. Fishing Tournament. 

Long Distance Comet Race (annual). Commences in St George's Harbour and concludes in the Great Sound. 

Bermuda 2018 Rubber Duck Derby. Largest fundraiser of the year for Agape House, our island's only inpatient hospice facility. Every year members of the community are invited to purchase ducks to enter into one of the three races that we hold on Derby Day. Many great prizes are to be won so come on down and cheer your duck on. Duck tickets are sold at Agape House, BELCO and at various grocery stores during the months of April and May as well as on Derby Day. Rubber ducks race between Ordnance Island and White Horse restaurant, Town of St. George. 

Bermuda Amateur Stroke Play Championship. Port Royal Golf Course, 5 Middle Road, Southampton. Men's Division (black tees) and Ladies’ Division (white tees) play a 72-Hole Stroke Play event (gross and net). Spectator admission free. Enquiries: Bermuda Golf Association, 31 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 10, tel 441 295 9972.  

Round the Island Seagull Race. Sandys Boat Club, 8 Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset, Sandys. This all day event starts and finishes from the Sandys Boat Club and features small boats propelled by old ‘British Seagull’ engines that race each other around the island, circumnavigating in a counter-clockwise direction, to raise money for ‘green’ causes. There are many vantage points around the island from where you can watch them as they race by—your hotel guest services can assist with some suggestions, so come out and watch this annual race!  You can also join the BBQ that takes place at Sandys Boat Club once the race has finished. Admission: Free for spectators. Participants of race: $65.00.  BBQ dinner: $20.00. Rain date: June 22, 2013 at 8:30am. Enquiries: Martine Purssell, Round the Island Seagull Race, tel 441 298 1220. 

Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Races. Island-wide. The Bermuda Fitted Dinghy is probably the only sailing class in the world that allows the skipper to finish a race with fewer crewmen than when he started! These races have provided Bermudians and visitors with many hours of entertainment since 1853. The race season is from May 24 to mid-September.

Bermuda Anglers Club 4-Day International Light Tackle Tournament. Barr's Bay Park, Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke (City of Hamilton). This is an invitational light tackle (12 lbs and 16 lbs) 4-day fishing tournament with three people on each team. Each day, fishing takes place on a boat rotation. Visitors can view the days’ catch at the weigh-ins at Barr's Bay Park from 4:30pm – 6:30pm on the fishing days which are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Enquiries: Bermuda Anglers Club, tel 441 293 0875. 

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July 2018

Smith's Parish crest

Smith's Parish crest

July 1. Canada Day. Canada and Bermuda. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_Day. A national holiday, Canada Day in 2017 150 years after that celebratory event, celebrates the anniversary of the July 1, 1867 enactment of the Constitution Act, which united the original three separate colonies of Canada. It was also the day the word Canada originated. Originally called Dominion Day, the holiday was renamed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed. Celebrations take place throughout Canada, and are also held throughout the world by Canadians living abroad.. Bermuda has many (about 5% of the total number of annual visitors) and a large number of residents from Canada. See our Bermuda's Links with Canada and information about Canada's former military base in Bermuda.

Happy Canada Day

July 4. USA Independence Day National Holiday. Also celebrated in Bermuda among its 2400 or so Bermuda-resident American citizens. (About 80% of the total number of annual visitors are American). See Bermuda and the USA. US Consulate has a fireworks party. Until 1995 the USA had several significant military bases in Bermuda. Thousands of US military personnel were stationed here.

July 4 fireworks

July. Eighth (in 2018) annual Groundswell Lionfish Tournament. Raising awareness of the threat lionfish pose to our endemic species.  Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. Educates the public about the invasive Indo-Pacific fish as well as helping to reduce, via catches, their numbers in our waters. Organizer is advocacy group Groundswell, which hosts the tournament and helps to generate funds for scientific research and management methods. The idea is to show people that lionfish are a problem and to show them how to catch them, handle them, prepare them and cook them.

Lion fish hunting and eating

Lion fish hunting and eating.

Bermuda Fashion Festival 2018. Bermuda’s premier fashion week event is organized by the City of Hamilton, funded mostly through corporate sponsors and partnerships. For information about the Bermuda Fashion Festival 2016, visit bermudafashionfestival.com. Tickets are on sale from March 1.

6th (in 2018) Annual Habour Nights in Hamilton, until August 31. Every Wednesday evening. Social event, also features chefs, musicians, Gombeys and more.

Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Races. These races have provided Bermudians and visitors with many hours of entertainment since 1853. The race season is from May 24 to mid-September. Contact Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. Phone 236-4411.  

Annual Bermuda Big Game Classic (fishing).

King's Square, St. George's  and Front Street, Hamilton. 9 pm. Beat Retreat. Always popular with visitors and locals alike, this highly entertaining event features military music, popular show tunes, contemporary composers and marching formations performed by the Bermuda Regiment Band and Corps of Drums and the Bermuda Island Pipe Band and Dancers.

July 14. Bastille Day. France and Bermuda. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastille_Day

French Bastille Day

There is quite a sizable French population in Bermuda. See Bermuda's Ties with France. There is also an honorary French Consul and an active local French organization that meets regularly and arranges appropriate functions. L’Alliance Français des Bermudes will be celebrating Bastille Day at Coco Reef today. Proceeds will go to their student programme, which saw five Bermudians awarded part of full scholarships to immersion programmes in the south of France this year. There will be an al fresco dinner, live French music, raffles and door prizes. Those attending are encouraged to wear white. The event starts at 6.30pm with a cash bar and dinner is at 8pm. Tickets cost $85 for members and $95 for non-members.

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August 2018

Southampton ParishAugust 1 to November 30.  Hurricane season.

August 3, 2017. 143rd anniversary of Emancipation Day (First day of Cup Match Public Holiday). Two days of festive Cup Match cricket. In 2017 played at Wellington Oval, St. George's. Bermuda is believed to be the only place in the world where there is a 2-day public holiday for a cricket match. See Public Holidays. Somerset in dark blue and red, St. George's in light blue and dark blue. An annual favorite Bermuda event between these two teams, steeped in tradition and history (since 1902).  Bermuda's leading attraction by far among locals, with plenty of food, music, an occasion for fashionable clothing, revelry and fun. Cricketers are officially the main attraction, with cash prizes for spectacular plays amid thunderous cheers from the crowd and much bravado from the players. The uniquely Bermudian gambling game of Crown and Anchor is much in evidence in the carnival-like atmosphere. Expect heavy road traffic to and from the event. 

August 4. Somers Day. Second Day of Cup Match Holiday. See Public Holidays

Sunday, August 6, 2017. Annual (45th in 2017) Non-Mariners race, Mangrove Bay, Somerset, Sandys Parish. See photo below. First began in August 1964 in Hamilton, Bermuda by amateur non-sailors deliberately launching non-seaworthy and distinctly non-nautical home-made floating in often hilarious un sea-worthy crafts of any type and design. It began as a joke against the well-established and prim sailing clubs of Bermuda and their 1960s sailing correctness. It has been claimed, but this is incorrect on two counts, that a drunken bunch of men were involved. In fact, they were not solely men, single women were instigators too, driven by the maleness-only of the more established sailors. The event was watched with great interest particularly by guests staying at the Bermudiana Hotel (no longer there) with its lovely harbour views and waterfront Waterloo House hotel (also now no longer there), with the latter having virtually a front row seat.  (Both hotels have have been demolished and/or turned into corporate buildings). Nor were the majority drunk, they were sober, just mischievous, boat-less themselves.  Their unorthodox "vessels" were cranked by hand or by pedals or by the wind and were often accompanied by raucous noises, providing much amusement to many residents and visitors at the annual event which became hugely popular.  After one such event had a zany entry almost collide with a cruise ship entering Hamilton Harbor, the Society of Non-Mariners, as the organizers subsequently became, the event was switched to the less-busy but picturesque Mangrove May, hosted by the Sandys Boat Club. The event now includes family frolics, youngsters jumping off "boats" and rocks, mock boat battles, some ingenious unorganized surprises. A fun day for residents and visitors. This year, 2017, the Society of Non-Mariners is inviting all locals and visitors to take part. It will include a few departures from tradition. It will kick off in Mangrove Bay just before noon with the Non-Calypso Pipe Band leading the Non-Committee in parade to Mangrove Bay Beach to observe the construction of this year’s Non-Craft.  From political satire to outrageous costume, there is something to see all the way to the official Non-Prize giving just before 6pm. Those who prefer doing to watching are encouraged to get some friends together and come up with their own Non-Craft.  The rules are pretty easy: if it shouldn’t be floating as a single unit then it probably is a Non-Craft. Departures from tradition include reversing the direction of the Non-Parade and starting it a little earlier, the addition of a few more Non-Events at the dock including a Non-Noodle race, one for boys and one for girls — and the announcement of a Non-Colours art competition for each future Non-Event.  There is an admission cost to the Sandys Boat Club for adults and $2 for those under 18. Adults must be wearing a wristband to purchase beverages and are reminded to bring identification. For more information, visit the Sandys Boat Club’s Facebook page or their website.

Southampton Parish

Non Mariners Race

25th (in 2017) Annual Habour Nights in Hamilton, until August 31. 

Every Wednesday evening. Social event, also features chefs, musicians, Gombeys and more.

Bermuda Beach Tennis Tournament. Horseshoe Bay.

Concert in the Park - Victoria Park in City of Hamilton

Olde Towne Market, St. George's. Every Sunday, 2-6 pm.

Around the Island Boat Race. From and to Ferry Reach.

Bermuda Billfish Tournament.

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Bermuda Longtail

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