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Bermuda Calendar May 2020 for Conventions & Community Events

What's happening in the fifth month of this year

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By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) exclusively for Bermuda Online

Many local business and community organizations have meetings this month. We show a free hyperlink to them when they reciprocate the courtesy. See our Links and Mentions policy at http://www.bermuda-online.org/links. For a further listing of daily community (non-corporate) events see The Royal Gazette daily newspaper's http://www.royalgazette.com/pdf/twib/twib_calendar.pdf 

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May 2020

Covid 19

Due to Covid-19, Bermuda has closed for now its airport for regular in/out flights and ports for cruise ships. Many, if not all, the events due for May 2020  have been cancelled. For updates see www.royalgazette.com.

When actual dates are known for the events below they are shown in chronological order.

Pembroke Parish

Pembroke Parish

Harbour Nights in Hamilton, until August 31. Every Wednesday evening. Social event, also features chefs, musicians, Gombeys and more. Bermuda Regiment Beats Retreat. City of Hamilton, 9 pm, with Bermuda Islands Pipe Band.

Saturday, May 2. Bermuda (33rd in 2020) AXA End to End. Sponsored in 2019 by AXA XL. When it first began, it was a grassroots effort, three fellows challenging their friend to see if they could walk from one end of the island to the other, which at the time was quite unusual. Since its inception, the event has provided more than $5 million to charities through 190 grants. Participants collect pledges and pick which discipline they want to compete in — walking, cycling, swimming, rowing, or paddle boarding. Different course distances are also offered. “In the end, the great thing is that, because of all their endeavors, the charities get the benefit, Bermuda benefits, so all benefit.  For more information, call 292-6992 or visit bermudaendtoend.bm. in 2020 As one of of Bermuda’s most successful charities, the AXA End-to-End, announced in December 2019 it has a new sponsor. Butterfield, Bermuda’s oldest bank, confirmed its commitment as a Platinum Sponsor of the annual event. End-to-End chair, Anne Mello, said: “We are immensely grateful to Butterfield for supporting the AXA End-to-End, bringing both sponsorship funds together with an enthusiastic and creative team of employee volunteers. The support of all our sponsors is magnificent, and I cannot thank them enough for everything they do.” Butterfield is a platinum sponsor alongside Deloitte, and AXA continues as the main title sponsor. 

Annual Reunion of Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps Overseas Association at Warwick Camp on first Saturday in May. 

May 3-6. The Risk and Insurance Management Society’s annual conference, which traditionally attracts a strong contingent from Bermuda, has been cancelled for the first time in the event’s 70-year history. The event was due to take place in Denver, Colorado. Organisers sent out a message today saying they made the decision to cancel, as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, “with a heavy heart.  As we moved through our own risk management process, assessed the facts, analyzed the data and carefully calculated the outcomes of a range of scenarios, it became abundantly clear that this was the best decision for our members, our conference participants, and our employees,” Rims said in a statement today.

Bermuda Power Boat Race begins. Royal Naval Dockyard. 

May 6-August 26. Harbour Nights, every Wednesday

May 11-16. Argo Gold Cup. 70th competition for the King Edward VII Gold Cup. Hamilton Harbour, in front of and hosted by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. It is the world's oldest match-sailing trophy for one-design 6 meter yachts, with a $100,000 prize purse. the Argo Group Gold Cup is pre-dated by only the America’s Cup. The Gold Cup trophy was first presented in 1907 by King Edward VII at the Tri-Centenary Regatta, in celebration of the 300th anniversary of the first permanent settlement in America in Jamestown, Virginia. The Gold Cup was awarded as a match racing trophy in 1937 and this year marks the 69th running of the event organized by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.  Sponsored in 2019 for the 10th year in a row by Bermuda-based Argo Group. This event attracts the world’s best skippers and crews with experience competing in a wide variety of prestigious races. It includes the Women’s World No. 1, Pauline Courtois of France, and No. 6, Lucy Macgregor of Great Britain, and the top five in the Open Rankings including Eric Monnin of Switzerland, Ian Williams of Great Britain, Harry Price of Australia, Ettore Botticini of Italy and Maxime Mesnil of France. Grizzled veterans Torvar Mirsky of Australia and Johnie Berntsson of Sweden and wild cards such as Nicklas Dackhammar of Sweden and Chris Poole of the U.S. add a spicy blend to the fleet, which collectively boasts 12 match racing world championships and four Argo Group Gold Cup championships. The 12-team lineup was completed recently with the addition of Bermudian Kelsey Durham, the 2019 Bermuda Match Racing National Champion. Durham, 25, of Smiths, will race with local sailors Stevie Dickinson (St. George’s), Heath Foggo (St. George’s) and Campbell Duffy (Warwick). Still another Bermudian, Emily Nagel (Warwick), a veteran of the past Volvo Ocean Race, will sail with Poole’s crew.

Antigua to Bermuda Race. The 935-mile offshore race is organized in association with Antigua Sailing Week and is supported by the Bermuda Tourism Authority. Yachts of 40ft and over will be racing under the IRC Rating Rule, MOCRA and the CSA Racing Rule, with the latter amended to permit boats to use their engines, subject to a time penalty. 

May 15-16. Relay for Life 2020. Annually. From 6:30 pm, North Field, National Sports Center. A tribute to those who have had or will encounter cancer. Cancer survivors are invited the walk a Victory Lap. The annual Relay for Life event has brought vital aid to Bermudians lacking insurance coverage, a Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre spokeswoman said. Now in its sixth year, the 24-hour walk dedicated to cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers has raised millions. Deborah Titterton Narraway, the BCHC’s chief marketing officer, said that there was “no out-of-pocket payment” for patients coming to the charity who were underinsured or who did not have health insurance. Patients’ treatment can be subsidised through the organisation’s Equal Access Fund, which gets a major funding boost through the Relay for Life. Last year, more than $780,000 was raised at the relay — all of it going to the Equal Access Fund to cover diagnostic services and radiation treatment. Close to $3 million has been raised over the past five years of Relay for Life, Ms Titterton Narraway said. Its first four years drew $2.2 million towards the building of a $10 million Radiation Therapy Unit. The unit can treat 95 per cent of cancers where radiation is recommended, allowing residents to get care on the island. Ms Titterton Narraway said: “Being able to do it at home where people are still able to go shopping, still able to go to work, to celebrate a birthday with family, adds so much to the quality of life.” The financial assistance offered to those who are uninsured or underinsured have also helped patients to cope. Ms Titterton Narraway said: “When patients find out they don’t have to pay anything from pocket, that is such a huge weight taken off their shoulders.” She added that at least 82 of the 226 courses of treatment carried out over the past 18 months in the Radiation Therapy Unit went to patients who were either uninsured or underinsured. This allowed patients to receive $2.4 million worth of radiation therapy, courtesy of the Equal Access Fund. The cost of radiation treatment depends on the type of cancer and the course of treatment required. Treatment can range from $5,000 to $10,000 for pain management and upwards of $100,000 for treatment of prostate cancer. “For patients who don’t have insurance to show up at the doctor and hear that you have cancer, no matter what stage of life you are in, not many people plan for the cost of cancer treatment,” Ms Titterton Narraway said. In the past two years, BCHC has subsidised over $2.5 million in diagnostic services and radiation therapy. “Relay for Life plays a huge role in raising funds — it’s raising funds to support our community,” Ms Titterton Narraway said. She added: “Relay for Life is all about the community, celebrating survivorship, remembering those whom we have lost and fighting back against cancer.” She said the large support yearly “speaks volume to what the community will do to support each other”. Over the years, the insurer Liberty Mutual, formerly Ironshore, has been the top sponsor, contributing more than $488,000 through corporate sponsorship, combined with the work of its staff.

17th (in 2020) Bermuda Guitar Festival (Annual).  

Open Golf Tournament.

Seniors Golf Amateur Championships. 

Saddle Club of Bermuda annual show. 

May 29, 2019 Public Holiday.  Bermuda Day Parade. An annual extravaganza, half marathon, first swim of the year for locals, dance groups, bands, majorettes, decorated floats, Gombey troupes. An annual celebration of Bermuda's culture and heritage, includes Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Races. 8:30 am Half Marathon Derby, this year from Somerset. Like the annual Cup Match, the starting point of the Derby route switches each year between St. George's and Somerset and always ends centrally in the City of Hamilton at Bernard's Park Field. Participants can choose between running the full Derby or joining a relay team.1:30 pm through the streets of Hamilton. Led by the Band and Corps of Drums of the Bermuda Regiment. The Bermuda Half Marathon Derby is Bermuda's longest standing race, dating back to 1909. The event has become one of the island's most popular cultural and sporting events and takes place annually on Bermuda Day. Runners from all walks of life accomplish this right-of-passage race which attracts hundreds of supporters who line the street each year and even camp out the night before to secure a prime viewing spot along Front Street. The annual event also has a charitable focus, which changes each year. Over the years, the Derby has donated close to $110,000 to local charities and deserving individuals.

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June 2020

When actual dates are known for the events below they will be shown in chronological order.

Sandys Parish

Sandys Parish.

June 1. Hurricane Season starts. Lasts until November 30.

Harbor Nights in Hamilton. Every Wednesday evening. Social event, also features chefs, musicians, Gombeys and more.

June 6-7.  Biannual St David’s Islanders and Native Community Pow Wow. 2pm to 6pm. St David’s Cricket Club Lords grounds. A celebration of Native American life that for over 400 years has also involved St. David's Islanders. This particular St. David's event began in Bermuda in 2002. 2020 committee chairwoman is Terlena Murphy, who took over from Nives Filice last November. Ms Filice, who held the role for eight years, said the committee wanted to regain the cultural identity that was lost during slavery. She said: “Our Native American ancestors were brought to Bermuda from East Coast tribes and were banned from spiritual practices and beliefs. We have been fortunate that our East Coast cousins never gave up their search for us when we reconnected, they were excited to teach us what we had lost. Our pow wows have demonstrated that we are gaining back our native culture and led this cultural awakening during the years I served as chairman. This will continue to gain momentum under Terlena’s leadership.” She added: “Each pow wow is an opportunity for persons to heal any past hurts, celebrate life and reconnect with family and friends.” The charity said that the event, which will be held at the Lords Cricket Ground in St David’s, has developed since 2002 and that it displayed “the local customs of our community and our invited Native friends”. Ms Murphy said: “This year, we will honour the life of Patricia Stines-Raynor, Blue Blanket, our secretary, a most beautiful woman who served our committee unselfishly. It is our hope that people will come and learn something about us and themselves as we give thanks to those who came before us.” She said it was an “honour” to take on the role of chairwoman and added that she was “pleased” to work with the other executive team members — Stephen Tucker, the vice-chairman, Anthony Paynter, the treasurer, Janet DeBraga, the secretary and Antione Lugo, the assistant treasurer. Ms Murphy, who has served on the committee since 2007, first as secretary, then as vice chairwoman, said: “Already, they have shown great heart and dedication towards getting tasks accomplished to progress our initiatives.”

June 12-15.  Bermuda Carnival events planned for this 3 day period will not go ahead. BHW Ltd explained it “must make decisions that are best for everyone” as Bermuda and the world battled Covid-19. The organisers added: “Rest assured, as soon as a clearer picture of our status has emerged, we will announce a date when we can safely and securely celebrate Bermuda Carnival again. When that day arrives, those of you who have already purchased tickets for our events, will already be set, since your purchases will still be valid for those corresponding upcoming events.". The Bermuda Carnival organization said events this year were to include Five Star Friday, featuring local performing artists as well as international soca artists and DJs, a raft-up in Shelly Bay, the colourful early morning J’Ouvert paint party, and the Parade of Bands.

June 15. Bermuda Public Holiday, National Heroes Day. Bermuda Heroes and Heroines Weekend and Carnival. Honors local heroes and heroines, pioneering men and women who were committed to selfless acts of public service and whose lives were spent devoted to improving the circumstances of our people. They have included Gladys Carlyon de Courcy Morrell, Sir Edward Trenton Richards, Dame Lois Browne-Evans, Dr Edgar Fitzgerald Gordon, Dr Pauulu Kamarakafego, Sir Henry James Tucker, Mary Prince and Sir John Swan in 2016.

Trooping the Colour from London. From 10:30 am GMT, Horse Guards Parade. Broadcast live from the BBC London at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0005xdz. Televised worldwide for about 3 hours. Trooping the Colour, see https://www.householddivision.org.uk/trooping-the-colour. Celebrates the Sovereign's, Her Majesty the Queen's, official birthday (her actual birthday is on 21 April, when she was 93 in 2019). (It has traditionally been held in June, for better weather)..See the full majesty, military precision, pomp and splendor of the London ceremony. Invited guests include all adult members of the Royal Family, some on horseback and/or in military uniforms, British Commonwealth heads of state or their representatives. The ceremony dates back to at least the early 18th century when the colours (flags) of the battalion were carried (or 'trooped') down the ranks so that they could be seen and recognized by the soldiers. The Queen attends in a horse-drawn carriage and the regiments of the Household Division, her personal troops, parade in front of her. Note how the lines of troops are somewhat ragged, not precisely straight. Over 1100 soldiers are on parade, plus 200 horses and over 400 musicians. A 41 Gun Royal Salute is fired by the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery in Green Park at 1252 hours GMT.

Queen's Birthday Parade, Front Street, Hamilton. Always an event for visitors to watch Bermuda's British militia salute Her Majesty for her Official Birthday,  Traffic will be limited on Front Street. The annual parade is the Bermuda equivalent of  the world famous annual event in London, Trooping of the Colour, held four hours earlier, with Her Majesty and other members of the Royal Family present, followed by a Royal Air Force fly-past over Buckingham Place. In Bermuda, The Governor, Premier, and other VIP guests will in attend. Begins at 10-1030 am Bermuda time. The public is encouraged to come out and view the event which will feature the pomp and pageantry of the marching units from The Royal Bermuda Regiment, The Royal Bermuda Regiment Band and Corps of Drums, Bermuda Police Service and Bermuda Police Reserves, Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service, Royal Bermuda Regiment Junior Leaders and the Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps.

Queen's Birthday Parade, Bermuda

June 19. 2020 Newport-Bermuda Yacht Race. Cancelled for this year. See below. Every other year. First began in 1977, now a major event. The spirit of the race is that all yachts and crew are participating for the joy and pleasure of sailing, competition, and the camaraderie that accompanies such an offshore event. The race provides an opportunity for cruising yachts and amateur crews to participate in an ocean race and a rendezvous in Bermuda. It encourages the development of blue water sailing skills on seaworthy yachts that can be handled safely offshore with limited crew. Yachts must apply for acceptance. A long-distance Ocean Race as defined in US Sailing’s United States Safety Equipment Requirements & World Sailing’s Offshore Special Regulations Governing Offshore Racing for Monohulls & Multihulls.

Father's Day (USA, UK, Bermuda).

Beating Retreat. Royal Naval Dockyard and City of Hamilton. Bermuda Regiment Band. Always popular with visitors and locals alike, this highly entertaining event features military music, popular show tunes, contemporary composers and marching formations by the Bermuda Regiment Band and Corps of Drums and the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band and Dancers. 

Glow worms begin shining in the ocean at night.  

Annual Fish Chowder Festival, St. George's.

Bermuda Billfish Release Cup. Fishing Tournament. 

Long Distance Comet Race (annual). Commences in St George's Harbour and concludes in the Great Sound. 

Bermuda Amateur Stroke Play Championship. Port Royal Golf Course, 5 Middle Road, Southampton. Men's Division (black tees) and Ladies’ Division (white tees) play a 72-Hole Stroke Play event (gross and net). Spectator admission free. Enquiries: Bermuda Golf Association, 31 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 10, tel 441 295 9972.  

Round the Island Seagull Race. Sandys Boat Club, 8 Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset, Sandys. This all day event starts and finishes from the Sandys Boat Club and features small boats propelled by old ‘British Seagull’ engines that race each other around the island, circumnavigating in a counter-clockwise direction, to raise money for ‘green’ causes. There are many vantage points around the island from where you can watch them as they race by—your hotel guest services can assist with some suggestions, so come out and watch this annual race!  You can also join the BBQ that takes place at Sandys Boat Club once the race has finished. Admission: Free for spectators. Participants of race: $65.00.  BBQ dinner: $20.00. Rain date: June 22, 2013 at 8:30am. Enquiries: Martine Purssell, Round the Island Seagull Race, tel 441 298 1220. 

Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Races. Island-wide. The Bermuda Fitted Dinghy is probably the only sailing class in the world that allows the skipper to finish a race with fewer crewmen than when he started! These races have provided Bermudians and visitors with many hours of entertainment since 1853. The race season is from May 24 to mid-September.

Bermuda Longtail

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July 2020

When actual dates are known for the events below they will be shown in chronological order.

Camden, Paget Parish

Harbor Nights in Hamilton. Every Wednesday evening. Social event, also features chefs, musicians, Gombeys and more.

July 1. Canada Day. Canada and Bermuda. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_Day. A national holiday, Canada Day celebrates the anniversary of the July 1, 1867 enactment of the Constitution Act, which united the original three separate colonies of Canada. It was also the day the word Canada originated. Originally called Dominion Day, the holiday was renamed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed. Celebrations take place throughout Canada, and are also held throughout the world by Canadians living abroad.. Bermuda has many (about 5% of the total number of annual visitors) and a large number of residents from Canada, members of the Association of Canadians in Bermuda.. See our Bermuda's Links with Canada and information about Canada's former military base in Bermuda. Also, beach party.

Happy Canada Day

July 4. USA Independence Day National Holiday. Also celebrated in Bermuda among its 2400 or so Bermuda-resident American citizens. (About 80% of the total number of annual visitors are American). See Bermuda and the USA. US Consulate has a fireworks party. Until 1995 the USA had several significant military bases in Bermuda. Thousands of US military personnel were stationed here.

July 4 fireworks

Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Races. These races have provided Bermudians and visitors with many hours of entertainment since 1853. The race season is from May 24 to mid-September. Contact Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. Phone 236-4411.  

Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship. Annual. 

King's Square, St. George's  and Front Street, Hamilton. 9 pm. Beat Retreat. Always popular with visitors and locals alike, this highly entertaining event features military music, popular show tunes, contemporary composers and marching formations performed by the Bermuda Regiment Band and Corps of Drums and the Bermuda Island Pipe Band and Dancers.

July 14. Bastille Day. France and Bermuda. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastille_Day

French Bastille Day

There is quite a sizable French population in Bermuda (see Bermuda's Ties with France). There is an honorary French Consul and an active local French organization that meets regularly and arranges appropriate functions, the L’Alliance Français des Bermudes. It arranges an al fresco dinner, live French music, raffles and door prizes.

July 30. 145th anniversary of Emancipation Day (First day of Cup Match Public Holiday). 1. 144th anniversary of Emancipation Day (First day of Cup Match Public Holiday). Two days of festive Cup Match cricket. In 2017 played in Somerset. Bermuda is believed to be the only place in the world where there is a 2-day public holiday for a cricket match. See Public Holidays. Somerset in dark blue and red, St. George's in light blue and dark blue. An annual favorite Bermuda event between these two teams, steeped in tradition and history (since 1902).  Bermuda's leading attraction by far among locals, with plenty of food, music, an occasion for fashionable clothing, revelry and fun. Cricketers are officially the main attraction, with cash prizes for spectacular plays amid thunderous cheers from the crowd and much bravado from the players. The uniquely Bermudian gambling game of Crown and Anchor is much in evidence in the carnival-like atmosphere. Expect heavy road traffic to and from the event. 


July 31. Mary Prince Day. Second Day of Cup Match Holiday. See Public Holidays.

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 August 2020

When actual dates are known for the events below they will be shown in chronological order.

Smith's Parish

Smith's Parish crest

August 1 to November 30.  Hurricane season.

Southampton Parish

Harbour Nights in Hamilton, until August 26.  Every Wednesday evening. Social event, also features chefs, musicians, Gombeys and more.

August 18. Around the Island Boat Race. From and to Ferry Reach.

Bermuda Beach Tennis Tournament. Horseshoe Bay.

Concert in the Park - Victoria Park in City of Hamilton

Bermuda Billfish Tournament.

August. 2020 25th Annual Bermuda Sandcastle Competition. Horseshoe Bay. Competitors will dig in with $3,500-plus of prizes up for grabs. With a menagerie of creations. Judging and an awards presentation follows for the creators of the winning sculptures. Participants of all ages take to the sands. The eye-catching event, sponsored by the Hamilton Princess Hotel, is always a hit with locals and visitors alike - especially when the weather obliges with a sunny day. The friendly competition, held at Horseshoe Bay, attracts a lot of repeat entrants. Cash prizes are handed out for first, second and third place in each category. Previous entries have included a mermaid and merman, a dragon wrapped around a lighthouse, a pair of feral chickens relaxing in the sun, a shark in a rubber ring with a gay pride flag with the slogan ‘wading for rights’.” An entry from Chewstick Foundation used coffee grinds to create black and white hands exchanging a fist bump with the word ‘Respect’ underneath. There were lots of other unusual entries, with themes or less serious. Event sponsors have included the Hamilton Princess Beach Club, jewelers Alexandra Mosher Studio, insurance firm OIL Group, and drinks company Barritt’s.

Bermuda sand sculpture competition

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September 2020

When actual dates are known for the events below they will be shown in chronological order.

St George's Parish

St. George's Parish.

Public Holidays. Labor Day (USA and Bermuda). Notable days. Patriot Day (USA). Grandparents Day (USA). Rosh Hashanah).  Citizenship Day (USA). Yom Kippur (USA). Swimming ends for many Bermudians until May 24. Soccer season begins, cricket ends.

RIMS Canada Conference. Edmonton, Alberta. The RIMS Canada Conference is the second-largest annual risk management conference in the world. Held annually each fall and hosted by the 10 Canadian RIMS chapters, the conference and its exhibit hall attract more than 1,000 risk managers and vendors from across Canada and around the world. Bermuda-based companies will be attending.

September 9-11. Bermuda Captive Conference.  Re-scheduled to a later date due to the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Originally slated to be held in June, the annual conference will now be held on the dates shown, at the Fairmont Southampton, organisers said. A post on the group’s Facebook page said: “The safety and the wellbeing of everyone who attends the event is paramount and with this unprecedented situation unfolding, our thoughts are with you all at this time. We look forward to welcoming our sponsors and attendees to a successful and safe gathering in September. Stay safe everyone.” The early-bird registration deadline has been extended to August 31. The event’s partner hotel, Fairmont Southampton, has revised its room rates to $299 per person for conference guests, organisers said. The event attracts hundreds of delegates to the world’s top global captive jurisdiction, including captive insurance owners, risk managers, captive managers, sponsors, and vendors. The captives support mostly Fortune 500 companies in the US and generate more than $55 billion in annual gross written premiums. Captive activity remains high, with the size of existing captives growing and cell captives being added. Additionally, organizations including the Bermuda Insurance Management Association, and the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers, will be at the conference. The conference features educational sessions, keynote speakers, social activities, and networking events. Incorporating a trade floor showcasing support services and organisations, the conference attracts captive insurance managers, brokers and service-providers, corporate risk managers, and captive owners. Last year, more than 800 attendees registered from the US, Canada, Latin America, and the UK, as well as Bermuda, organisers said, driving total hotel room nights close to 1,000. Notably, organisers said, the conference attracted more captive owners and risk managers than ever before. “We’re looking to build on the phenomenal success that’s been established over the past 14 years and we expect to have a strong attendance again,” Mr Parrish said, adding the new conference website streamlines the registration process for sponsors and attendees. “Our agenda will examine innovative programmes that can be developed in a captive, and topics will include cutting-edge issues such as insurtech, cybersecurity, autonomous driving, global employee benefits, and the shared economy.” The early-bird registration deadline is March 31. Bermuda is home to more than 700 captives generating about $40 billion in annual gross written premiums in 2018, according to the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

7th annual Bermuda International Life and Annuity Conference. Annual conference exploring trends in the life and annuity industry, at the Southampton Fairmont Princess Hotel. Hosted by Bermuda International Long Term Insurers & Reinsurers (BILTIR). Focuses on this fast-growing sector of the island’s insurance industry. Along with networking opportunities and social events, the event features leading industry experts and stimulating panel discussions, providing insights on the latest trends and issues affecting the life and annuity sphere. Industry chiefs from Europe and North America will join Bermuda-based executives for the meeting. This year’s conference will focus on the EU Solvency II regulations, which will come in to force next year and Bermuda’s ongoing work to comply with the new rules. Other highlights include a presentation by the president of the Society of Actuaries, which has more than 25,000 members in 78 countries. Special sessions will also look at “the future of living longer” and panel discussions featuring industry leaders. BILTIR was set up four years ago to serve as an advocate for the long-term insurance industry.

Royal Gazette Wahoo Island fishing tournament. Back for the 53nd time in 2019. About 36 boats and 150 anglers are set to compete in the last big tournament of the season. It’s probably the most popular fishing tournament on the island. It attracts a lot of participants because it is held at the same time every year, focuses on one species and is a Light Tackle Tournament, one of the oldest continuous running tournaments. It’s completely open to residents and youngsters, who have to be under 16. The wahoo is a challenging” and great light tackle fish that helped put Bermuda on the map for salt water fishing. It’s powerful — it’s one of the fastest fish in the sea. The inaugural tournament was organized by Mid-Ocean News sports reporter Alan Harman, keen sportsman and former International Game Fish Association representative for Bermuda, Tom Smith, and captain Russell Young. When the Mid-Ocean News closed shop, The Royal Gazette took over sponsorship. The tournament allows anglers to use 12, 16, 20 and 30 pound test lines, with more points awarded per pound on a lighter test line. While the biggest prize goes to the biggest fish, there are also prizes for the different test classes and the boat with the high point score. And the junior angler with the high point fish also receives a prize. With fishing set to start at 7am, the fish have to be brought to the weigh station in Dockyard by 5.30pm. 

Bermuda Jazz Festival at former Royal Naval Dockyard. Glow worms stop shining in the ocean. Last Fitted Dinghy Races until May. Lobster season starts. Annual Wahoo Tournament.  

Bermuda Fitted Dingy Races. Granaway Deep, Warwick, 12:00noon, 1:30pm, 3:00pm.

Olde Towne Market, St. George's. Every Sunday (until late September), 2-6 pm.

Bermuda Regiment Beats Retreat at Dockyard.

Bacardi Cup: Bermuda National Match Racing Championship, Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Hamilton Harbour, Bermuda. Sailed in International One Design sloops. 

Annual CD&P Grand Prix cycle race, Front Street. Exhilarating competition between some of the world’s best cyclists riding in Bermuda.

International Boarding School Fair. 4:30 t0 7:30 pm. Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel.

Beat Retreat. Clocktower Parade, Dockyard and Front Street, Hamilton. 9 pm.  Always popular with visitors and locals alike, this highly entertaining event features military music, popular show tunes, contemporary composers and marching formations performed by the Bermuda Regiment Band and Corps of Drums and the Bermuda Island Pipe Band and Dancers.

Hurricane season. From June to November 30.

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October 2020

When actual dates are known for the events below they will be shown in chronological order.

Admiral Sir George Somers, who founded Bermuda

October 1-31. Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 19th annual charity drive at Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre (BCHC). After lung cancer, breast cancer accounts for the majority of deaths in women worldwide. It affects one in eight women, according to the Bermuda National Tumor Registry. Breast cancer continues to be the principal cause of cancer for women in Bermuda. Some women are more at risk than others. Understanding these risks, such as family history, are important, in addition to the knowledge that early detection can save lives. BCHC is an American College of Radiology designated Breast Imaging Centre of Excellence that provides more than 9,000 mammograms per year. The registered charity is urging the community to take part in a series of events this month to raise funds and provide women and their families with information about breast health and breast cancer.

Bermuda ILS Convergence 2020. Hamilton Princess, 76 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton, HM 08. Now in its seventh year, Convergence sets itself apart from traditional conferences, bringing together key players in the alternative reinsurance, convergence and insurance-linked securities marketplace for networking and education sessions.

Bermuda 2020 International Gombey Festival. Bermuda Botanical Gardens. Held every year to provide continued exposure to folk art traditions. Bermuda’s premier folk dancers, the Gombeys, celebrate a centuries-old Bermudian folk tradition that blends elements of African and Caribbean performance with North American native music and British military drumming. A tradition of dance passed down through the ages since Bermuda was first populated in part by those of African origin. Each year the festival honors an individual who has cultivated and strengthened the traditions of Gombey music and dance. The event was once known as the Gombey Competition, but has evolved into a celebration of a folk tradition that stretches back for centuries. Each troupe has its own distinct history. In 2018 performance artists from Grenada and the US Virgin Islands participated.

Taste of Bermuda, formerly City Food Festival. City of Hamilton, in partnership with the Bermuda Tourism Authority, presents this annual event. A one-of-a-kind culinary weekend will host the annual bartender competition presented by Bacardi, a Dining in the Dark pop-up experience, a luxury harbourside picnic event and a flair bartending masterclass and will finish with a celebration of Bermuda’s best dishes at the Tasting Village. During the festival weekend, there will be opportunities for local chefs to show off their skills and a variety of specialty food stalls.

Bermuda Tech Week 2020. 

Insurance Risk & Capital, Bermuda. Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI), 40 Crow Lane. Pembroke, HM19. The third annual Insurance Risk & Capital Bermuda conference. This event for is geared to Chief Executive Officers, Chief Risk Officers and Chief Actuaries at re/insurers with an interest in Bermuda. The agenda will cover the most pressing issues facing risk professionals in one of the world's largest insurance markets.

October 31. Halloween ‘Spooky Night in Ghost Town’ event in St. George's. Figures from centuries ago resurrected in St George’s for a night of Halloween entertainment, offbeat education and fundraising for the Old Town. The event is hosted by the St George’s Foundation. The World Heritage Centre at Penno’s Wharf will be used. The funds raised go toward the management of the Centre, plus the replica of the ship Deliverance. The museum is to acquire new exhibits, while the wooden ship on Ordnance Island is to be developed as a performance platform for youth groups.

Hurricane season ends November 30.

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November 2020

When actual dates are known for the events below they will be shown in chronological order.

Bermuda Public Holiday (Remembrance Day).  

Warwick Parish crest

Warwick Parish crest

World Sailing 2020 Annual Conference. Bermuda welcomes 418 delegates from 68 nations he Conference is the annual meeting point for the world governing body of the sport where delegates review and discuss World Sailing's strategy. Key decisions that influence the future of the sport and impact professional and recreational sailors will be made throughout the week. Delegates attending the 2019 Annual Conference include sailors with experience in multiple disciplines of the sport, event organisers, Member National Authorities (MNAs), Class Associations, boat manufacturers and committee members. The decisions made impact the very top of the sport all the way down to the grassroots and four Commissions, ten Sub-Committees and ten Committees will discuss numerous topics throughout the week. In advance of the Conference, World Sailing received 189 submissions that propose change to World Sailing's regulations, policies and rules. Committees, MNAs, Class Associations and the Board of Directors were all eligible to propose the submissions in advance. The expert Committees will discuss the submissions and put forward their recommendations and opinions to World Sailing's Council - the main decision making body of World Sailing. From 1-2 November, World Sailing's Council will meet to either approve, reject or defer the recommendations and proposals from the Committees and these will be ratified at the Annual General Meeting on 3 November. Major talking points at the 2019 Annual Conference include a proposal to reform the governance of World Sailing, the selection of the Paris 2024 Windsurfer Equipment, the release of a new Para World Sailing strategy, the 2021 - 2028 Events Strategy and numerous forums and events.

Second PGA Tour Bermuda Championship. Port Royal Golf Club. The Bermuda Tourism Authority will serve as the tournament's title sponsor through 2023. A 72-hole tournament involving professionals who do not qualify for the World Golf Championships. It will carry a purse of $3 million and offer 300 FedEx Cup points to the winner. The event will be broadcast on The Golf Channel in 225 countries. The championship is the brainchild of Seniors Tour player Pat Horgan III, a former Bermuda Open winner, who is part of the PGA’s marketing and operational team.

Annual Bermuda Dog Show, Botanical Gardens, Main Ring.

World Rugby Classic Schedule (2020 annual). National Sports Centre, Devonshire. With former internationals representing their countries in Bermuda-based international competition. All the major Rugby team over 30s will be here including the All Blacks from New Zealand, Australia, Republic of South Africa, UK, Ireland, France, Argentina, etc 10 international matches played during the week but scheduled to allow plenty of time to enjoy Bermuda's beaches, golf courses and other many attractions. This year’s World Rugby Classic looks set to be a star-studded affair with some of the sport’s most decorated names lined up for the tournament.

PwC Insurance Summit. Presented by the UK's The Financial Times newspaper. Hamilton Princess and Beach Club.  A gathering of more than 300 industry leaders, experts, and professionals to discuss trends and strategies to adapt and thrive in the fast evolving insurance and reinsurance market. Today’s insurance leaders face a host of complex demands and increasing pressures, from a shifting global macroeconomic landscape and structural changes within the industry, to fierce competition from alternative capital and a string of heavy natural catastrophe losses.  In response to market conditions over the past several years, there has been a wave of consolidations, and attention is turning to areas ripe for growth, including a surge in the life reinsurance market and a race to expand capabilities in cyber. Digital technologies are being deployed across the value chain in an effort to improve profitability and operational efficiencies, and traditional underwriting is evolving as the proliferation of data, the growing use of artificial intelligence and automation, and a changing risk landscape lead to new insights and updated models. As business models evolve and firms move quickly to position for new opportunities, executives must bear in mind the importance of establishing a strong company culture that encourages innovation and attracts talent with the appropriate set of skills. To that end, Bermuda has captured global recognition for its efforts to offer an attractive environment for entrepreneurs and innovators to work closely with leading insurance and reinsurance firms to re-imagine the business of insurance. A full day of lively discussion and networking. Chief executives of the world’s largest re/insurers and leading risk experts are to gather in Bermuda for this event. It presents an annual opportunity for senior executives and professionals in the insurance and reinsurance industry to discuss and dissect the latest market developments and their implications. The Financial Times, presenters of the event, has more than one million paying readers. The FT’s Oliver Ralph, insurance correspondent, and Robert Armstrong, US finance editor, will moderate panels at the summit, including a conversation with Curtis Dickinson, the Minister of Finance. Confirmed keynotes and speakers include Brian Duperreault, president and chief executive officer, AIG; Dennis Mahoney, executive chairman, RFIB Group and former head of Aon UK; Nigel Frudd, CEO, Sompo International; Greg Hendrick, CEO, AXA XL; Mary Forrest, president and CEO, Munich Re, North America (life and health); John Berger, CEO, Ascot Reinsurance; and Pete Wilson, CEO, AXIS Insurance. Arthur Wightman, PwC Bermuda leader, said last year’s event, with the Financial Times as its new partner, attracted almost 300 registrants. He said the agenda this year will address the most pressing issues in the market, including regulation, climate change, cyber-risk, industry disruption and digital transformation. Mr Wightman said: “The urgent need for business and technology modernisation poses the greatest threat to the global insurance industry, according to our Insurance Banana Skins 2019 report, published by the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation in association with PwC. According to a separate survey of the Bermuda insurance and reinsurance market, the number one risk faced here is regulation, followed by climate change and then cyber-risk. The response from Bermuda showed a number of striking differences from the global ranking. Most notable was the positioning of technology risk — number one globally — down in fifth position here. However Bermuda did place cyber-risk at number two, the same as the world ranking, given concern over the magnitude and linkage of exposure. Climate change was another higher-than-average scorer, with many in the industry concerned insurers need to do more to address the long-term impact of climate change. But Bermuda’s highest risk was regulation, mainly because of the volume of change and associated cost. One respondent told us that regulation is a ‘strangling of our ability to operate effectively across jurisdictions and leverage our capital’ and presents ‘a huge and expensive problem’.” Organisers say the summit will examine each of these challenges in keynotes and in-depth sessions with leading regulatory, cyber and climate risk experts with a view to increasing understanding and finding solutions.

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December 2020

Actual dates will be shown when known.

Captain John Smith, colonizer

Captain John Smith, much involved with the earliest days of Virginia and Bermuda

The annual Dr Stanley Ratteray Memorial Christmas Short Story Contest.  From Bermuda's national daily newspaper The Royal Gazette. With a Christmas and Bermuda traditions theme. This popular annual contest has run for over 55 years. The Dr Stanley Ratteray was a Bermudian cultural icon, a dentist by profession and Bermuda's first Education Minister. Renowned for his passion for the arts and culture in Bermuda, he was one of the founders of the Bermuda Arts Council, the Bermuda National Trust and the Menuhin Foundation and served as chairman of the Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society for several years. The competition has encouraged literally thousands of Bermuda residents to exercise their creativity, imagination and writing skills around the infinitely flexible subject of a Bermuda Christmas. It is open to all Bermudians or current residents of Bermuda and stories may be fiction or non-fiction. The annual deadline is by the first week in December. Entries must be typed and should not exceed 1,500 words. Cash prizes are presented in three categories, under -13s, under-18s and adults. There is a first prize for winners, plus those with exceptional promise regardless of category and certificates for honorable mentions. Winning entries are published in the Royal Gazette's printed Christmas Eve Greetings Supplement. Each year the judges look for vivid local Christmas themes and local references, content, correct spelling, correct grammar and punctuation.  Judges prefer entries from students to be free of violence as Christmas is a time of peace. Manuscripts must be submitted to The Royal Gazette clearly marked, “Christmas Short Story Contest”. Manuscripts may be submitted by hand in the drop-off box in the lobby of The Royal Gazette, by mail to "Christmas Short Story Contest", The Royal Gazette, PO Box HM1025, Hamilton HM DX, or by e-mail to the specific email address given. If e-mailed, attach your contact details to the actual story; don’t just put them in the body of the e-mail. The full name, address and telephone number of the author must always be given, irrespective of how sent. Teachers should make sure the name, age of the student and contact number of their parents is included on every entry. Judges may contact the winners during late evening when schools are closed. The e-mail address of parents would also be helpful. These details will be kept confidential. Pen names will not be accepted. Please, no poetry.  Pen names will not be accepted. Stories received after the deadline are not considered. A panel of judges decide the winning entries. Due to the high volume of submissions, The Royal Gazette staff cannot respond to telephone or e-mail inquiries once an entry is submitted. The Royal Gazette reserves the right to publish any or all of the stories submitted.

Christmas Parade hits the streets of Hamilton at 5pm, with Santa Claus joining the holiday fun. It will mark the annual spectacle’s eleventh year in 2020 as the MarketPlace Christmas Parade. Participants include the Lions Clubs of Bermuda, Lotus Ariel Team, Bermuda Long Riders Motorcycle Club, the Association of Filipinos in Bermuda, Blu Kids, the Bermuda Police Service Motorcycle Division, the Bermuda Fire Service, the Royal Bermuda Regiment, St George’s Dancerettes, Dancesations, In Motion School of Dance, Vasco Folklore Dance Group, Rated E, Place’s New Generation Gombeys, and more. Seth Stutzman, the MarketPlace president, said 2019 would be a landmark for the colourful fixture, which would be “an even more memorable occasion for spectators”. He said: “In addition to our exciting line-up of themed floats, dance groups, kids’ favourite cartoon characters and Santa, a special laser show and giant balloons will make their debuts in the parade to mark the milestone year.” Organisers were “beyond thrilled for the public”, Mr Stutzman added. The parade will set out from the junction of Church Street and Par-la-Ville Road, and head east along Front Street. The parade will continue north on Court Street, west on Church Street, and finish at the junction of Church Street and Wesley Street. The public is advised that roads will begin to close from 3.00pm. For the latest, visit: https://www.marketplace.bm/updates/2019-marketplace-christmas-parade.

2019 Christmas Parade

International Cyber Risk Management Conference. Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. Cyber insurance buyers and risk experts. The second International Cyber Risk Management Conference in Bermuda will welcome 175 delegates, including 70 overseas visitors, representing pension funds, banks and tech firms. John Huff, president of the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers, said that cyber-risk was becoming “one of the most complex and challenging situations for individuals and businesses worldwide. Enterprises of all sizes are assessing their appetite for retaining cyber-risk. It’s not just the large organisations.” Mr Huff said that insurers and reinsurers were examining where they wanted to take on cyber-risk “including taking stock of any ‘silent’ cyber exposures and stress testing those scenarios. Insurers are really stepping up to add value when policyholders are facing network security and data privacy events. Building and immediately deploying a network of reliable partners to respond quickly and efficiently to events can be crucial to containing losses and preserving reputations. New privacy protection laws are adding additional complexities and require sophisticated coverages. Bermuda’s global insurance market is leading the way.” John Baker, chairman of the event, said he was proud to be hosting the event in Bermuda. “Delegates are flying in from around the globe to attend, along with some accompanying guests. As a conference, we pride ourselves on hosting intimate conversations with senior decision makers and leaders that have real cyber-risk management experience to share in a vendor-neutral environment.” An event spokeswoman said that the conference agenda “has been developed around the dynamic cyber threat landscape and ways in which insurance companies and corporations can approach the challenge to protect their customers, operations, and reputations before and through a data breach”. Topics will include cyber-risk trends, regulatory concerns and cyber implications of emerging technologies, including blockchain. Among the speakers will be Noel Pearman, cyber product lead at XL Catlin; Derek Vadala, global head of cyber-risk at Moody’s Investors Service; Nick Galletto, global cyber-risk services leader at Deloitte; and Tracie Grella, global head of cyber-risk insurance at AIG.

Bermuda National Trust 2019 Annual Christmas Walkabout, 6-9 pm, St. George's. Explore the Old Town, traditionally decorated for Christmas. Wander the narrow streets, visit candlelit historic buildings and mingle with family and friends while enjoying live, festive entertainment and more. Old Rectory, Buckingham, Samaritans' Cottages, Reeve Court Apartment, Reeve Court Archaeology Lab, Bridge House, Bridge House Gallery (BNT membership area), Tucker House and the Globe Hotel will all be open and welcome you in. Parking is at Tiger Bay/Penno's Wharf, St. George's Preparatory School and East End Primary. The Bermuda Police Service will enforce parking only in designated areas. If you would prefer to go by ferry there is an option. Thousands of people are expected to visit St George tonight for the traditional Bermuda National Trust Walkabout. Christmas lights and music will fill the narrow streets of the town and historic BNT properties will be open for visitors until 9pm. Alana Anderson, the BNT president, said: “It is going to be amazing. The weather is expected to be beautiful and we are looking forward to seeing the island tip to the east as everyone goes to St George’s.” She added that seats were still available on a special “Walkabout Ferry” and advised anyone interested in attending to use the boat to cut down on traffic problems. George Dowling, the Mayor of St George, said: “It is wonderful that the town and businesses can come together to promote a great event for the town. All the stakeholders take great pride in making the town look fantastic for the event and for the holiday season.” Ms Anderson added that the walkabout marked the start of the holiday season. The Old Rectory, Buckingham, Tucker House and the Globe Hotel will all open their doors and Kings Square will have a range of performances starting at 6pm. The Menuhin Foundation, the Bermuda School of Music, the Salvation Army Band, Aerial Arts and the Christ Church Bell Choir are all set to perform, along with several of the island’s dance schools. A spokesman for the Corporation of St George said the municipality had worked with the BNT to help make the annual event a success and that staff had made sure the town was lit up for the holidays. He said: “It was evident with the Lighting of the Town and Boat Parade last weekend of the great job that was done. The corporation encourages everyone to come to the town, not just for the walkabout, but come to the various activities that will take place in the town in December. There will be opportunities with the Santa is Coming to Town event on December 14 and New Year’s Eve and they can come to Somers Garden to see the Winter Wonderland.” Kevin Dallas, the CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, said: “This is a beloved tradition and the hallmark kickoff to our holiday season out here. Islanders and visitors mingle and celebrate in the cobblestoned crown jewel of Bermuda’s Unesco World Heritage Site — a wonderful opportunity to experience festivities Bermuda-style.” St Peter’s Church and St David’s Chapel of Ease will provide Heavenly Treats in the Clair Spencer Hall at St Peter’s with a variety of treats on offer. Kristin White and Genelle John, St George’s businesspeople, said they looked forward to welcoming the crowds. Ms White’s business, Long Story Short, recently joined forced with Ms John’s Salt Spray Soap Company, and the pair will launch a merged shop on Water Street at the walkabout. The store will offer sustainable and fair-trade housewares, African-print clothing from Liberia, and Rinelle White’s UMAMI spices. Ms John will also offer an in-store DIY activity for the walkabout. She said: “The Bermuda National Trust Walkabout is St George’s most celebrated Christmas event. We are excited to welcome everyone to our shop and hope they fall in love with our vibrant new space.”

St. George's Santa Parade. 6 pm. Corporation of St. George.

Bermuda’s re/insurance industry will be in focus at the EY Re/insurance Business and Accounting Update.  O’Hara House in Hamilton. The event is geared towards finance, accounting, tax and compliance re/insurance executives. It will gather industry leaders and cover a range of topics including accounting, tax, and regulatory matters, as well as the business imperatives facing the Bermuda re/insurance industry. Patrick Tannock, managing director and chief executive officer of Axa XL’s Bermuda insurance operations and chairman of the Association of Bermuda International Companies, who will offer his insights on the industry. David Brown, senior partner and regional insurance leader, said: “Amid the ever-changing business and regulatory environment, Bermuda has consistently been the home of innovation in the re/insurance space, so it’s the perfect location to bring together industry professionals to discuss the various opportunities and challenges impacting our industry as we look to 2020.” Cordelia Davis, partner and regional financial accounting advisory services leader at EY Bermuda, said: “Today’s insurance executives face a multitude of complex demands and pressures on all fronts. “This conference will provide many practical insights — not only related to new regulatory, tax and accounting developments, but also perspectives on their practical and effective applications in companies.” 

Late Night Shopping. Many stores stay open until 9 pm.

British style Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society Christmas pantomime, very much a part of the Christmas tradition. It is always a sell-out. Based on the UK pantomime tradition, it has a plot, jokes, political asides, costumes galore and fun.

December 25. Christmas Day. Public Holiday.

December 26. Boxing Day. Bermuda’s Gombey troupes take to the streets for their traditional Boxing Day celebrations. Today, the art form is instantly recognizable for its dance, rhythmic drumming, theatre and symbolically colorful dress — but those who took part were keen to educate about the true meaning of their culture, which harks back to the era of slavery.

December 31. New Year's Eve

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January  2021

When actual dates are known for the events below they will be shown in chronological order.

City of Hamilton crestJanuary 1, New Year's Day Public Holiday. Harness racing.The Fairmont Hamilton Princess and the Mid Atlantic Athletic Club (MAAC) annual Fairmont to Fairmont Race. It takes runners on a 7.2-mile course between The Fairmont Hamilton Princess and The Fairmont Southampton and is considered the beginning of the running year, attracting competitors from across the globe. It is used by many runners as the final warm-up for International Race Weekend, which starts on Friday, January 16. The Fairmont to Fairmont Race also includes a competitive walking category, a three-member team relay, and a Junior 3K race. The course takes the competitors from The Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel, along Front Street, East Broadway, The Lane, Harbour Road, Burnt House Hill, Middle Road and up The Fairmont Southampton Driveway before finishing at The Fairmont Southampton's Private Beach Club. Harry Mulenga and Ashley Estwanik won last year's  male and female categories. The main draw prize for this race will be a four-night stay at The Fairmont Mayakoba, Mexico, with round-trip JetBlue tickets. There are also prizes for the top male and female finishers of the Junior 3K. The Fairmont to Fairmont Relay Race will award prizes for the top finishers in the male, female, and mixed categories. The adult Fairmont to Fairmont race has prizes for the top male and female finishers in the 16-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 and over, and 70 and over categories. Also winning prizes will be the first male and female walkers as well as the first tourists, and the winning Fairmont employees.

City of Hamilton crest

January to March.  Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts.  Jazz icon Dianne Reeves will be among the star performers. The Grammy Award-winning American singer will be the featured international artist at the event. American a cappella group Naturally 7, Zimbabwean a cappella group Nobuntu and Portuguese fado singer Ana Moura will also perform at the festival. Bermudian artists scheduled to appear include Joy T. Barnum, Mohawk Radio Unplugged, featuring Mia Chambray and James Gregory, the Tony Bari Trio and John Woolridge. Romeo and Juliet will be the Bermuda Festival’s Shakespeare on the Rock presentation. The ballet based on the Shakespeare play will also be performed by Ballet Cymru, from Wales, and feature Bermudian dancer Krystal Lowe in a lead role. The festival, in its 45th year in 2019, will have the theme of “Come Together” and was designed to build bridges in the community through the performing arts. David Skinner, the festival chairman, said: “We live in a world that can, at times, feel increasingly polarized and the power of the arts to bridge gaps between us is unique. The price of admission gets you in the door, the experiences and feelings you take home with you are free. It will be well worth it.” The full line-up of the 2020 festival can be found at bermudafestival.org and in print at Visitors’ Centres, post offices and stores across the island. Tickets can be bought online at ptix.bm or by phone on 278-1511

Bermuda Triangle Challenge. Bermuda International Race and Marathon Weekend. Front Street, City of Hamilton and the National Sports Centre, Frog Lane, Devonshire. Bermuda National Athletics Association. P O Box HM 2156, Hamilton HM JX. Includes Bermuda International Marathon and Bermuda International Half Marathon; Invitational Mile races and Bermuda Triangle Challenge Mile, Front Street, Beat Retreat ceremony performed by the Bermuda Regiment Band accompanied by the Bermuda Islands Drum Corps.

January-February. Bermuda’s Restaurant Weeks 2021.  Exploring Bermuda's food culture. Featuring discount deals at restaurants in the hope of reeling in some business during the slow months of the year. Especially good for budget-minded tourists from the USA not used to regular far higher than in USA restaurant prices. Three-course menus are tiered in three price categories..  The People’s Choice Award allows diners to vote for the restaurant they feel best incorporates local food culture in their menus. 

Bermuda Regional Bridge Tournament. Bermuda Bridge Club, held at the Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel, 101 South Road, Southampton. Seven days of bridge, panel shows and other entertainment. The Bermuda Regional is in a class of its own and introduced in 2013, repeated again in 2016, is Bermuda Gold, a 0-750 games offering gold points. If making offline reservations, ask for the Regional Bridge Rate.  

World Captive Forum (WCF) 2020. 21. The WCF features delegates from all over the world, including Europe, North America and Latin America. Bermuda’s business chiefs are out in force for this even, last held in Florida in 2016. It includes several speakers from Bermuda including lawyers, regulators and business leaders. They use the event to try and bring new business to Bermuda. The forum’s 2016 location in Florida, plus its 26+ year history, attracted a large number of delegates from the potentially lucrative Latin American region. There has been exponential growth in business from Latin America since 2000 when Bermuda started negotiations to sign a tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) with Mexico — the first agreement between an offshore jurisdiction and a Latin American nation. The TIEA with Mexico had been followed by others with Colombia and Argentina. They do not consider Bermuda a preferential tax regime — a tax haven. Bermuda had made other inroads into the Latin America market. Once the TIEA signed with Brazil comes into effect Bermuda will enjoy the same advantages as Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. Latin America is seen as a region which presents growth opportunities for the Bermuda captive market. Overall, the WCF has served as a good base for Bermuda to showcase its expertise as the largest captive domicile in the world. 

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February 2021

When actual dates are known for the events below they will be shown in chronological order.

Devonshire Parish

Devonshire Parish crest.

Coolest month.

January-March (46th in 2021)  Annual Bermuda Festival. World-Class Performing Arts. The event will have the theme “Come Together”. Festival chairman David Skinner said: “We wanted a theme that would reflect unity and collaboration. In an increasingly polarized world, we recognize the power of the performing arts in bringing people together and we thought this theme would be timely and would convey that message.” Organisers also hope to encourage more Bermudian talent through a new proposal process for potential artists for the 2020 or 2021 Festivals. Mr Skinner said: “The Festival receives hundreds of submissions every year from overseas based artists, members of the public and even visitors to Bermuda who attend the Festival. Our office team, along with the Programming Advisory Committee, diligently review these submissions and seek to include as many local artists as possible in each upcoming year’s programme. We recognize, with pride, that there is world-class talent emanating from our own shores as evidenced by the number of Bermudians over the years who have gone on to develop brilliant internationally acclaimed careers in the performing arts. It is difficult in Bermuda to get the type of exposure needed to develop one’s talent and skills in these areas, and the Festival wants to encourage local artists to put their best foot forward. We hope that standardizing and publishing the criteria for selection will help.” There will be potential openings for artists within three categories: headline acts, opening acts and pre-show acts.

Black History Education month. PLP Founders Day

February 1-28.  Heart Disease Awareness Month. The City of Hamilton has partnered with the Bermuda Heart Foundation to promote heart health. The city will be hosting the ‘My City Heart’ Instagram contest. Through the contest, people can take a picture with a large heart cut-out that will be placed on the lawn of City Hall. They can then post the picture on Instagram, with the person who earns the most likes winning a prize. 

Bermuda’s Restaurant Weeks 2021.  Exploring Bermuda's food culture. Featuring discount deals at restaurants in the hope of reeling in some business during the slow months of the year. Especially good for budget-minded tourists from the USA not used to regular far higher than in USA restaurant prices. Three-course menus are tiered in three price categories..  The People’s Choice Award allows diners to vote for the restaurant they feel best incorporates local food culture in their menus. A new almanac designed to highlight when island food is at its best will be produced for this year’s Restaurant Weeks.

Loquats ripen. Loquats can be found on many trees throughout Bermuda, often growing wild.

February 14. Valentine's Day.

Second-last Friday in February. Bermuda National Budget Statement Day. Minister of Finance delivers his Annual Budget Speech on next financial year's government income, expenditure, taxes and more.  The fiscal year ends on March 31. The Budget must be passed in Parliament prior to the end of the first quarter of the current financial year. Once MPs have approved the statement and passed the Appropriation Act, the Senate debates the Budget, with a maximum of 22 hours allowed for their detailed discussion on the different headings. Senators have no power to alter the Budget but need to have it approved so it can pass into law by March 31.

Saturday, late  February. Midshipman Dale Ceremony St. Peter's Church, St. George’s. On this day a new marble gravestone was unveiled at the annual commemorative service for Midshipman Richard Sutherland Dale. The ceremony marked the continuation, in 2016, of an 80-year tradition and the 201st anniversary of the death of Midshipman Dale — the last victim of the War of 1812. The original is preserved beneath the new stone. Retired United States Navy Captain John Rodgaard saw the deterioration of Midshipman Dale’s tombstone on a recent visit to Bermuda. He enlisted the support of retired US Navy Captain Vance Morrison, and the US Naval Order, of which both men are members, made a generous donation to The Friends of St Peter’s for a replica of the gravestone. TS Admiral Somers Sea Cadets played an integral part of the unveiling ceremony, having been instructed in the traditional manner of folding a ceremonial US flag. Wreaths were laid by Governor George Fergusson, Linda Rosalik, who represented the US Consul, and Reverend Erskine Simmons, the chairman of The Friends of St Peter’s Church. A special wreath was also sent by Louise Hall Reider, descendant of Scarritt Adams, the originator of the ceremony. Midshipman Dale died in St George’s from wounds incurred in a marine battle during the War of 1812 on February 23, 1815. Eighty-two years ago this month, US Navy Ensign Scarritt Adams arranged for flowers to be placed on the grave and for many years the US Military commemorated Midshipman Dale on the anniversary of his death. This ended when the US Marines left their Bermuda base. However, the tradition was adopted by The Friends of St Peter’s Church, who now gather every year at Midshipman Dale’s gravestone.

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March 2021

When actual dates are known for the events below they will be shown in chronological order.

Hamilton Parish crest

Hamilton Parish crest 

46th in 2021  Annual Bermuda Festival. World-Class Performing Arts.  Final month. The Festival receives hundreds of submissions every year from overseas based artists, members of the public and even visitors to Bermuda who attend the Festival. Tickets can be bought online at ptix.bm or by phone on 278-1511

March 1. St. David's Day. (A big day in Wales but not in Bermuda)..

Dark N’ Stormy® World Par 3 Championship. Turtle Hill Golf Club.

RIMS Risk Management Academy, BermudaRIMS and the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) bring together 25 senior-level risk management executives for a thought-leadership programme combining educational sessions, hosted at offices of major Bermuda-based carriers and brokers, with social and networking opportunities. This complimentary, invitation-only event will provide delegates with a deeper understanding of key specialist global insurance markets. Programme topics will include: Cyber Risk, Insurance-linked Securities, Healthcare and Transactional Liability, Insurtech, Captive Insurance, Flood and Wildfire Risk, Employee Benefit. 

Bermuda Triple Challenge. 3-days. 3 races, 75-plus obstacle course series showcasing 3 of Bermuda’s beautiful, historical and cultural highlights. Each day’s challenge offers a 3-10K challenge with varying obstacles suitable for all levels of fitness, challenging both strength and stamina for ages 13 and up. An OCR World Championship qualifying event. 

St. Patrick's Day. Celebrated in Bermuda. Emerald Isle Society Dinner Dance and imported Irish entertainment.

23rd (in 2021) Bermuda International Film Festival (BIFF).  City Hall, Hamilton. Promises a spectacular array of films. Screens some of the world's best independent feature-length and short films. This year's lineup includes awards season contenders in the feature, documentary and short films categories and a roster of special guests including visiting independent filmmakers will also be in attendance during screenings and workshops during the festival.

Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals (HPT)  2021.  Earl Cameron Theatre. Continuing a 55-year (in 2020) tradition. Formed in 1844, HPT have put together 169 original productions, with Bermuda the last stop on the tour since the 1963 then every year since. Oldest theatrical company in North America. First began as a secret society in 1795. Sponsored annually originally by the Bermuda Government's Department of Tourism, now the Bermuda Tourism Authority. Tickets, prices, times and more at phone 295-1727. 

Bermuda National Fishcake Competition. Leopard's Club, Hamilton. Cancelled. 

Bermuda Breeze tennis tournament. 

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April 2021

Paget Parish

Paget Parish Crest

March 30- April 5.  Bermuda Breeze tennis tournament. The annual tournament at Coral Beach and Tennis Club. Organisers follow the guidelines of The United States Tennis Association and the International Tennis Federation.

Harbour Nights festival begins weekly on Wednesday evenings (to October). 

Bermuda National Trust Palm Sunday Walk. Hundreds of people will explore part of Bermuda in a 5-mile walk that should take about 2½ hours to complete. Organisers say it will provide breathtaking views and visit spectacular sites of national significance. There is no charge for participation, although a donation of $5 a person would be appreciated.Participants are advised to wear sensible shoes. The route is not suitable for strollers and dogs are not permitted. Road users in the West End are urged to use care. Sompo International, the sponsor for the event, described itself as a support. For more information, visit www.bnt.bm.

April 2. Good Friday Public Holiday.

Carifta Games Bermuda 2021. Postponed from 2020

April 4. Easter Sunday in 2020Easter Sunday services island-wide. 

Bermuda Agricultural Show. Bermuda Botanical Gardens. Paget. Annual exhibition that attracts tens of thousands of residents — both young and old — from across the island, and visitors. The Botanical Gardens becomes a hive of activity for three days. The Ag Show has been an institution in Bermuda for generations and almost all Bermudians have fond memories of it. It offers an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to get together, share stories and experiences, and participate in friendly competition. The AG Show Ltd is now a registered charity, established in February 2015  for the purposes of holding the annual agricultural exhibition. The annual Show is still a fixture in all British counties in the UK where farming is still a major part of the local economies but is no longer the case in Bermuda where it welcomes as many as 25,000 attendees over three days and features up to 4,000 exhibitors. The show will celebrate agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry. Locally, it has a rich history. Its roots extend back as far as 1843, when then-Governor Major General Sir William Reid encouraged the adoption of agriculture on the island, where principal occupations included shipbuilding and seafaring. The Governor organized an agricultural exhibition with ploughing matches at Mount Langton and the whole colony became interested in farming. 

 MS Amlin World Triathlon Bermuda 

April 21. Her Majesty the Queen's actual birthday, 96 in 2021. She is Britain's, Bermuda's and the rest of the British Commonwealth of Nations' longest-ever living sovereign.

April 23. St. George's Day, the flag of England - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_St_George -  in the UK. One of Bermuda's Parishes, the Town of St. George and English Admiral Sir George Somers, who founded Bermuda, are named after the saint. St. Peter's Church flies the flag of St. George on this day. Also, today is the 450th anniversary of the birth  of William Shakespeare - see http://www.shakespearesbirthday.org.uk/ whose 1610 "Tempest" was later proved to have been based on the 1609 discovery of Bermuda led by Admiral Sir George Somers. 

204th Annual Peppercorn Ceremony. St George’s. Freemasons pay annual rent of a single peppercorn from the Freemason's Lodge to the Governor for the Accountant General for use of the Old State House. The event dates back to 1816, when the capital of the island was moved from St George’s to Hamilton and is traditionally held on the Wednesday closest to St George’s Day, April 23. Hundreds gather in King’s Square to watch the annual event. Numerous civic leaders are present to watch the treasurer for the Freemasons officially pay the peppercorn rent which is unchanged in two centuries. Festivities include a parade by the Royal Bermuda Regiment. Freemasons lodges are prominent in Bermuda. Attended by the Governor and his wife, Premier, MPs from both sides of the House of Assembly, and the Mayor of St George’s, After his speech, the Governor and officials present leave to conduct the annual meeting in the Old State House. Strains of bagpipes echo through the streets of St George as the town marks one of the oldest traditions in the Island’s history, with much accompanying pomp and ceremony.

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