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Bermuda's Community Groups

Island associations and other non-profit entities

By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us)

Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies

Above, members of the Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies

Basic information is provided here in alphabetical order on Bermuda-resident and Bermudian (unless otherwise indicated as non-Bermudian or internationally affiliated) community groups. 

A & (first part of) B 

100 Women in Hedge Funds A philanthropy group for women in business. Launched at the June 2015 Global Hedge Fund Forum held in Bermuda. Alison Morrison, managing director of Oyster Consulting, helped found 100WHF in Bermuda. 100WHF was founded in 2001 and now has more than 13,000 women professionals around the world on its books. The group was set up to offer networking, educational and philanthropic opportunities and has raised more than $36 million for charitable causes involved in women’s health, education and mentoring.
A New Life A charity for disabled people.  LaKeisha Wolffe, founder. Ms Wolffe lost her leg after a crash in 2013. She wants more to be done by the city of Hamilton and Bermuda for the disabled.
ABC Football School  
Action on Alzheimer's and Dementia (AAD) RC. Phone 505 3679. Since 2012. Founded by Elizabeth Stewart. Bermuda is estimated to have about 1,000 people with dementia. Once a person reaches the age of 85, they have a one in three chance of getting it. .  
Activities Association of Bermuda (AAB) Promoters of quality care for Bermuda's seniors. Has periodic workshops in Bermuda in partnership with the US National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP).
Activities Center KEMH Continuing Care Unit, 7 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04. Phone 239-2020. Adult day care center for seniors. Transportation provided for participating residents living from Crawl Hill to Horseshoe Bay.
Activity Professionals 3 Kent Avenue, Devonshire DV 07
Adult Children of Alcoholics Self-help group, call 295-0999. Meets every Tuesday 5:30-6:30 pm at Salvation Army Citadel, North Street, Pembroke. Open to all adults.
Adult Education School RC 229
Advisory Architectural Panel See Bermuda Government Boards
Aerobic Dance Meets at Police Club, Prospect, 5:30-6:30 pm. 24 classes $170. All welcome. Phone 236-6608.
African Community in Bermuda  
African Dance Company P. O. Box WK 394, Warwick WK 03. Studio 293 7679 or 238 2645. Or 238 3667
African Heritage Society RC 601
Agape House (hospice) For those with a terminal illness. 7 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04. Telephone 239 2025
Age Concern (Bermuda) 1 Burnaby Street, Hamilton.  P. O. Box HM 2397, Hamilton HM JX, Bermuda. Telephone (441) 238-7525. Fax (441) 238-7177. Bermuda charity # 137. Has more than 5,800 members. Claudette Fleming, executive director. Principal group in Bermuda working for the welfare and well-being of local senior citizens. Receives a small annual government grant. Has fought for local senior citizens to receive the same legal, medical, prescription, etc. protections and benefits in Bermuda as they receive in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, etc. Bermuda's seniors presently incur the world's highest cost of living and medical insurance costs, by a very wide margin.
Ahead Bermuda RC 630
Air Advisory Committee See Bermuda Government Boards
Air Transport Licensing Board See Bermuda Government Boards
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Bermuda Bermuda-based pilots, most are members of AOPA. 
Alexandrina Lodge 1026 GUO of OF, 75 Court Street, Hamilton HM 12. Call 292 2286
Allan Vincent Smith Foundation Confidential help-line at 295-0002 on AIDS between 5:30 and 9 pm Monday to Friday. RC 340
Allergy Clinic of Bermuda  
All God's Children Drama Club Somerset. Ellington (Elty) Anderson, phone 232-1214.
A Lott of Sista Love (Bermuda Chapter)  
Al-Manara RC 589. Contact Janel Lodge-Fletcher. Contact Janel Lodge-Fletcher
Al Markazal Islami RC 593
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (USA) Epsilon Theta Lambda Chapter Call 291-3062. RC 553
Alternative Health Monitoring Information Service RC 546
Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) Bermuda Branch. Since February 25, 2016. AIMA Bermuda welcomes members from the accounting, legal and banking, fund management and administration, and the ILS industry sectors. Through its global industry initiatives including advocacy, policy and regulatory engagement, educational programmes and sound practice guides.
Alternative Learning Foundation RC 626
Altrusa Club of Bermuda An international volunteer service organization. The Bermuda club, more than 65 years old, is in District One which also includes all the New England states of the USA and Quebec, Canada. RC 004
Alumni Association of the Bermuda High School for Girls 27 Richmond Road, Pembroke HM 008. Telephone 295-6153 or fax 295-2754
Alumni Association  Phone 239-4030. For graduates of the now-gone Bermuda Technical Institute, Hotel & Catering College, Academic 6th Form Centre and present-day Bermuda College.
Alzheimer's Family Support Group Meets 2nd Tuesday each month, 5:30 pm at KEMH. Phone 238-2168.
Amarylis Foundation (The) RC 523
American Citizens Abroad Country Contact for Bermuda  
American Ladies in Bermuda (ALIB) Provides information, support and fund-raising activities for new residents of all nationalities. For further information call Gail Adcock at 236-6881. RC 103
American Society of Bermuda P. O. Box HM 3339, Hamilton HM PX. Telephone 291 3543. Web site. americansociety.bm. RC 443
Amigos da Casa dos Açores da Bermuda (Friends of the House of the Azores of Bermuda),  Aims to promote, preserve and celebrate Azorean culture and history in Bermuda.
Amigos De Terciera Idade - Friends of Senior Citizens RC 577
Amnesty International Bermuda (AIB) Dallas Building, 7 Victoria Street,  Hamilton, call 295 7906 (days) or 295 7390 (evenings). PO Box HM 2136, Hamilton HM JX, call 296-3249. RC 238.  This branch was founded in 1983 and is locally funded.
Anaesthetic Association From September 1, 2001: "The Berries," 35 Berry Hill Road, Paget DV 03. Mailing address is P. O. Box 1640, Hamilton HM GX. Telephone (441) 232-5053. Fax (441) 232-5055
A New Life Phone 292-5570 ext 224. Helps people who have lost a limb
Anglican church of Bermuda (The) RC 306
Appeals Committee See Bermuda Government Boards
Appeals Tribunal See Bermuda Government Boards
Architects Registration Council See Bermuda Government Boards
Architectural Association of Bermuda (The) RC 574
Archives Advisory Council See Bermuda Government Boards
Area 51 Racing One of four local clubs racing British Seagull outboard engines
Association for Advancement of Science & Technology (441) 295-3680. Fax (441) 292-3243. Fosters kinship and alliances within the local scientific community and links abroad
Association for Due Process & The Constitution The Secretary, P. O. Box HM 485, Hamilton HM CX, Bermuda. 
Association for the Mentally Handicapped of Bermuda P. O. Box HM 1634, Hamilton HM GX. Phone 292-7206. Contact Pastor D. Randolph Wilson. RC 077
Association of Administrative Professionals  
Association of Bermuda Compliance Officers (ABCO) All regulated institutions are required by law to appoint a reporting or compliance officer responsible for passing reports of suspicious transactions to the Financial Investigation Unit (FIU) of the Bermuda Police Service. The association is open to all involved in compliance and anti-money laundering procedures.
Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers (ABIR) XL House, One Bermudiana Road, Hamilton HM 11 Bermuda. Website abir.bm. Tel: 441-294-7221. Fax: 441-296-4207.  Also with an office in Washington, DC. Insurance industry trade organization in Bermuda since 1986, representing the public policy interests of Bermuda-incorporated Class 4 highly capitalized insurance and reinsurance companies and others around the world.
Association of Bermuda International Companies (ABIC)  P. O. Box HM 655, Hamilton HM CX. Website abic.bm. Phone (441) 295-8932. Fax (441) 292-5779. Members include all the "exempted" or "international" companies, exempted partnerships and trusts registered and with a physical presence in Bermuda.
Association of Canadians in Bermuda P. O. Box HM 2071, Hamilton HM HX.. A non-profit organization for Canadians in Bermuda, to help keep the Canadian culture alive. Founded in 2000. RC 566
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Bermudians holding the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants designation can now be recognised professionally in Bermuda, in a field where only members of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Bermuda had been previously accorded recognition. 
Association of Certified Anti Money-Laundering Specialists  
Association of Fundraising Professionals Bermuda Chapter A fundraising group.  In January 2020 it thanked the Centre on Philanthropy for decades of service to the Bermuda community. It reacted to the closure of the Centre, which had faced severe financial difficulties. The Centre, formed 30 years ago, had provided training and education for charities and tried to foster collaboration and a volunteer spirit across the island. 
Association of Human Resource Professionals  
Association of Licensed Trustees C/o Robert Miller, Cedar Trust Company Ltd., 48 Cedarpark Center, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 148, Hamilton HM AX. Telephone (441) 292-0567. Fax (441) 292-0732
Association of Filipinos in Bermuda There are about 600, including doctors, accountants, nurses, waiters including domestic servants and more. RC 529
Association of Professional Assistants  
Association of Professional Engineers  
Association of School Principals C/o Bermuda Union of Teachers. It has a representative on the Labor Advisory Council, see Bermuda Government Boards
Association of Securities Dealers Suite 635, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 66, Hamilton HM AX. Telephone (441) 291-1442. Fax (441) 292-7313
Asthmatic Support Group First Thursday each month, Conference Room, Floor 1, King Edward Memorial Hospital, 7:30 pm. Call Andrea Smith at 293-0652
Astrid Trust of Bermuda (The) RC 360
Atlantic Phoenix Lodge Freemasons Hall, Reid Street, Hamilton. Established  in1797.
Audit Committee see Bermuda Government Boards
Bailey's Bay Cricket Club 5 Duck's Puddle Drive, Hamilton Parish CR 04. Telephone 293 8064
Ballroom Dancing Hamilton Princess Hotel, Tuesday, 8 to 11 pm
Bailliage des Bermudes Bermuda Chapter of French-speaking club
Bank of Bermuda Foundation (The) RC 595. Formed in January 2001, it combines the facilities and services of the bank's former Centennial Trust, Charitable Trust and Educational Trust. The Bank of Bermuda was sold some time ago to HSBC and is now HSBC Bermuda.
Bank of Butterfield Employees Shared Trust (BEST) Formed in 2001 as an employee-driven community program that  combines staff donations with matching bank contributions
Barbados Association of Bermuda An organization of Barbadians living and working in Bermuda. Includes an annual show of Bajan dishes cooked by men. About 300 Bajans work in Bermuda, including teachers, Police, chefs, lawyers, judiciary. RC 401
Barn, The 44 Devon Spring Road, Devonshire FL 01, telephone 236 3155. Part of the Hospitals Auxiliary registered charity. The Barn operates a thrift shop
Befrienders Bermuda RC 638
Bereavement Association of Caregivers P. O. Box DD 174, St. David's DD BX. Telephone 297 0030
Bereavement Support P. O. Box HM 1023, Hamilton HM DX. Telephone 239 2025
Berkeley Educational Society RC 124
Berkeley Institute Parent- Teacher-Students Association RC 111
Bermuda 2009 Steering Committee Formed to celebrate Bermuda's 400th anniversary. Chairman Conchita Ming.
Bermuda African Violet Society Meeting, Fourth Tuesday each month, 7:30 pm, Horticultural Hall, Bermuda Botanical Gardens, Paget, new members welcome. 
Bermuda Agricultural Group  P. O. Box HM 834, Hamilton HM CX. Or fax 293-0176. RC 475. Dedicated to preserving Bermuda's agriculture industry and lifestyle. It runs an annual Agricultural Camp. It operates from Tudor Farm in Southampton, an 11 acre farm purchased by the Bermuda Government to preserve the integrity of the largest remaining farm in Bermuda. C/o Department of Agriculture and Fisheries,
Bermuda All Breed Club P. O. Box HM 23, Hamilton HM AX. Phone 234-3360. Fax 234-4101. Also see The Dog Training Club of Bermuda. RC 479. It runs the annual Bermuda All Breed Club International Dog Show held at the Botanical Gardens. 
Bermuda Alliance for Sargasso Sea (BASS) A grouping of the Island's conservation organizations, working towards establishing the Sargasso Sea as a marine protected area (MPA) through research, education and community awareness
Bermuda Alzheimer's Family Support Association P. O. Box DV 114, Devonshire DV BX. Meets second Tuesday of each month, Continuous Care Unit Activities room, King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, 5:30 pm. Call Julie Kay Darrell at 238-2168.
Bermuda Amateur Lobster Catchers Association (BALCA) Formed in 1984 after commercial operations lobbied the Government to deny recreational fishing. 
Bermuda Amateur Softball Association P O Box HM 1528, Hamilton HM FX
Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association (BASA) Suite 1407, 48 Par la Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Uses White's Island for some activities. RC
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo Bermuda Government owned. Call 293 2727. Entry fee for non-members
Bermuda Archery Association  
Bermuda Arts Center at Dockyard Artists and art on exhibition and for sale. Call 234 2809. Daily from 10 am to 5 PM. No charge for entry. RC 244
Bermuda Arts Council See Bermuda Government Boards
Bermuda Arts & Fitness Academy Martial arts. Classes in various disciplines. 19 Chapel Road, Paget PG 02. Call 236-6331  or 737-5599.
Bermuda Assessment & Referral Centre (BARC) Most referrals are through the judicial system. Drug Court convicts are given sentence breaks if they submit to a rehabilitation program
Bermuda Association for Chefs Phone 292-3700
Bermuda Association for the Education of Young Children RC 460
Bermuda Association of Eco-Clubs (BASE)

Helps promote the environment and sustainability in schools, as well as to empower students and show them it is not just up to teachers and adults to say what's right in the community. 

Bermuda Association of Family Mediators  For more details, call 295-1150.. 2015. November 27, launched, coinciding with the Island’s push to bring mediation to the forefront of family law. Training is at the Dame Lois Browne-Evans Building, with experts from Canada helping to teach accredited family law mediation training. The new body is similar in structure to the Bermuda Bar Association, and allowed trainees to become adjunct members until they became fully qualified. 
Bermuda Association of Food Aid Providers

Formed after an alarming number of people in Bermuda in 2010 and 2011 sought free food from charities and others involved in feeding the needy. Seven organizations who dish out meals around the Island joined together to form this entity and better coordinate the donations they receive from wholesalers and importers. Organizations include the Coalition for the Protection for Children; Eliza Dolittle Society; LCCA, Salvation Army; Centre Against Abuse, Hands of Love Ministry; and Meals on Wheels.

Bermuda Association of Landscape Architects (BALA) Incorporated in 2002. A skill that combines art with science. 
Bermuda Association of Licensed Trustees (BALT) Founded in 1994. Represents the trust and related industry. A forum for the interests of its stakeholders and acts as a representative body for all companies licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority to carry on trust and related business in Bermuda. 
Bermuda Association of Professional Engineers RC 396
Bermuda Association of Yoga Therapists (BAYT) In  2015 launched a limited-time free yoga therapy programme designed to benefit Bermuda’s seniors. Demonstrates how yoga and yoga therapy counseling can help with some common health issues that affect our ageing population. 
Bermuda Asthma & Allergy Support Group A member of the Eczema Association of America. Suite 303, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM11. Telephone it at 292-9258 or fax 292-4535. RC 459
Bermuda Astronomical Society  
Bermuda Audubon Society Formed in 1954 in response to marsh dumping. P. O. Box HM 1328, Hamilton HM FX. Telephone (441) 292-1920.  Hotline to report environmental problems especially with birds 235-5513. RC 099. Website audubon.bm
Bermuda Autism Support and Education Society (BASE) Meets at 7:30 pm on the first Monday of each month at the Reading Clinic on Serpentine Road. Caters to special needs workers, therapists and caregivers of challenged children. Has an annual Autism Awareness Month, usually in April. Receives an annual grant from the Bermuda Government. RC 590
Bermuda Auto Cycle Union Meets every third Tuesday of each month. New members welcome and anyone interested in MotoX.
Bermuda Automotive Distributors Association A local trade group of automobile dealers
Bermuda Badminton Association P O Box DV 730, Devonshire DV BX. 
Bermuda Ballet Association RC 062

B (2)

Bermuda Ball Hockey Association (BBHA) Similar to ice hockey but played on a hard surface instead of ice and with a hockey ball instead of a puck. RC 623
Bermuda Ballet Association RC 062
Bermuda  Bankers Association (BBA) Since November 2007. Funded by its members. Created its own (voluntary) code of conduct for its member-banks. Serves as the main representative body for banks and deposit taking/lending firms on the Island. Similar to banker's associations in other financial jurisdictions, an industry think tank, lobby group and a forum for increased cooperation on non-competitive issues among the Island's banks. 
Bermuda Basketball Association Voice mail 291 3760
Bermuda Bar Association (BBA) Reid House, 31 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 125, Hamilton HM AX. Telephone and Fax: (441) 295-4540. Trade association for lawyers (barristers) registered to practice law under the Bermuda Bar Act 1974. A member of the International Bar Association. Oversees more than 470 active members and 75 law firms, and its members' fees average over $800 an hour. Bermuda has more lawyers - attorneys - per square mile than anywhere else on earth. In Bermuda, only a registered lawyer who is a member of the BBA, or whose legal practice is, may form a Bermuda-registered company.
Bermuda Beekeepers Association With regular meetings. Contact Randolph Furbert
Bermuda Bereavement Association of Care Givers P. O. Box DD 174, St. David's DD BX. Phone 297-0030
Bermuda Betting Licensing Authority Bermuda Government
Bermuda Bible Society Suite 570, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Rev. Mark Tremblay. RC 482.
Bermuda Bicycle Association Has periodic high-profile races on streets and roads. RC 219
Bermuda Bird Fanciers Society With regular meetings and annual November show
Bermuda Blood Donor Centre
Bermuda Bluebird Society Hotline for assistance with questions and problems 238-0168
Bermuda Boat and Canoe Club Pembroke. Telephone 295 6904
Bermuda Boat Parade Charity RC 538
Bermuda Boot Scooters Country and Western Dancing, Police Recreation Club, Devonshire. Monday except Public Holidays. 8 to 10:30 pm, admission $5
Bermuda Botanical Gardens Guided tours of this Bermuda Government owned property, see Bermuda Botanical Society. Car park, Berry Hill Road entrance. Call 236 4201.
Bermuda Botanical Society Visitors Center, Botanical Gardens, Paget. RC 249
Bermuda Bowling Federation 47 Middle Road, Warwick WK 05. P. O. Box 128, Warwick, WK BX. Telephone 236-5290. With members club liquor license. RC 487
Bermuda Boxing Commission Handles all  local and Bermuda-related international events and initiatives in the sport.
Bermuda Boys Brigade A Christian organization for boys and girls 6-18 years. Meets Fridays at various churches and times for relevant groups. 
Bermuda Branch of the British Conservative Party Contact Neil Hitchcock, The Glebe House, 17 Glebe Hill, Tucker's Town, HS 02, Bermuda. 
Bermuda Branch of the British Red Cross Society RC 113
Bermuda Bravery Awards Association Invites the public to nominate individuals directly responsible for a life saving or bravery or heroism act. Telephone D. Mark Selley, Chairman, at 293-3121. Or by mail at "Seven Seas" #6 Rock Garden Lane, Harrington Hundreds Road, Smiths FL04, Bermuda.
Bermuda Breastfeeding Resource Center P. O. Box HM 1214, Hamilton HM FX. Telephone (441) 293-1689. RC 266

B (3)

Bermuda Bridge Federation (The) Regular games at the club, 7 Pomander Road, Paget, PG 05. Phone 541-0551.  Also, there is an annual Bermuda Regional Bridge Tournament, every January, usually at the Southampton Princess Hotel. RC 415
Bermuda Business Confidence Index (BBCI) Sponsored by HSBC Bermuda, the BBCI is conducted online with members of an exclusive panel of Bermuda’s senior executives, with representation of both international and domestic companies from all major sectors of the economy. 
Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermudian Canadian Association (BCA) in Toronto Initially the Bermuda Social Club. Now with this name. Its logo is a Bermuda Moongate encircled by the name of the association set against a background of palm trees with long tails flying over what looks like a lush green and white depiction of Horseshoe Beach. The Bermuda and Canadian flags fly on each side of the Moongate.
Bermuda Cadet Corps See Bermuda Government Boards
Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre 46 Point Finger Road, Paget. P. O. Box HM 1652, Hamilton HM FX. Phone 236-0949. RC 070. Formerly Bermuda Tuberculosis, Cancer & Health Association. Since 1945, established by Act of Parliament. founded to assist patients fighting TB. It educates the community about prevention and early detection of cancer. It conducts 75% of all mammograms.
Bermuda Canoe Association (The Kayak Club).
Bermuda Careers Centre RC 627
Bermuda Captive Owners Association (BCOA) Created in 2005 with the general intent of establishing a forum for the exchange of ideas and to promote the interest of their captives.
Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission Bermuda Government Boards
Bermuda Cat Fanciers Association  P.O. Box 1306, Hamilton HM FX, Bermuda. Meets 1st Tuesday each month except July and August.
Bermuda Cavers Group Phone 232-5101. P.O. Box DV 691, Devonshire DV BX, Bermuda. Cave exploration and conservation oriented group of local cave divers.
Bermuda Celiacs Society Founded by Derek Singleton for those who have a gluten intolerance disorder
Bermuda Chamber Choir

Brings the choral arts to life in our community. New members are welcome, contact Artistic Director Ryan Ellis at 296-5100 Ext. 230.

Bermuda Chamber of Commerce (BCC) A non-profit, apolitical organization whose members share a common goal: to advance the commercial, industrial, civic, trade and general interests of Bermuda and to foster the spirit of free enterprise. A trade association for local merchants. Telephone 295 4201 or fax 292 5779 or 295 2086. In 1993 it began Harbour Nights. 
Bermuda Chaplains Group Established October 2014. received accreditation to license chaplains from CICA-International University and Seminary, which is accredited by Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America. 
Bermuda Charities and Community Services Fund RC 217
Bermuda Chefs Association c/o Butterfield & Vallis
Bermuda Chess Association Tuesdays, tournament & chess evening. Of the 143 countries on the Fide list, Bermuda is 134th. Top local players attend the World Chess Olympiad. There's also an annual Bermuda Chess Open in February with visitors.
Bermuda Church Society Anglican Church. A landlord and building developer. Projects have included a new 6-floor office development in 2002. 19-25 Front Street, Hamilton.  
Bermuda Civic Ballet RC 098
Bermuda Climate Action Network (CAN) New in late 2019. The group’s Vision 2020 campaign aims to plant 2,020 trees across the island by the end of 2020. The campaign is a way for Bermudians to help tackle the effects of global warming. 
Bermuda Collectors Society (BCS) Since 1986. A not-for-profit corporation, an organization dedicated to the study and exchange of information concerning all aspects of the philately of Bermuda. Now with a worldwide membership of over 150. Although many BCS members correspond directly with their fellow members, the principal link with other society members is through the issues of the Bermuda Post, the society's journal.
Bermuda College Board of Governors See Bermuda Government Boards
Bermuda College Faculty Association  
Bermuda College Library Open to all daily except Public Holidays, Sundays 2-7pm. Phone 239-4033.
Bermuda College Trust RC 341
Bermuda Community Foundation For more information, visit bcf.bm. 
Bermuda Conference Branch of the YPD of the AME Churches RC 159
Bermuda Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists P. O. Box HM 1170, Hamilton HM EX
Bermuda Connections Smithsonian Folklife Festival Charitable Trust RC 584
Bermuda Church Society Fax 292 5421
Bermuda CPCU Society Chapter Made up of insurance and reinsurance industry professionals who have all obtained, or are on the path to obtaining, the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter professional designation.
Bermuda Credit Association 4th Floor, Mechanics Building, 12 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 280, Hamilton HM AX. Telephone (441) 292-2660. Fax (441) 295-3781
Bermuda Conservatory of Music Telephone 296-5100 or 292-0686.

B (4)

Bermuda Cookery Demonstration Harbor Room, No. 1 Passenger Terminal, Front Street, Hamilton. Wednesday, 2:30 to 4 pm. Off-season
Bermuda Counselors Association P. O. Box DV 552, Devonshire. RC 467
Bermuda Council for Drug-Free Sport Ltd  
Bermuda Council of Teachers of Mathematics (BCMT) Founded in 1988 but lapsed several years ago. Resurrected
Bermuda Craftmarket Ltd RC 572
Bermuda Cricket Board 48 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone 292 8958. Fax 292-8959. RC 350
Bermuda Darts Association Telephone Secretary at residence 293-1466 or fax 232-3278
Bermuda Debate Society Contact Judy Pitt. RC 325
Bermuda Dental Association PO Box 3059, Hamilton HM NX, Bermuda. Phone (441) 236-9337. Fax (441) 236-1325. 37 dentists serving 68,500 people. Dental Practitioners Act 2008. The act also requires dentists, hygienists and assistants to have continuing education to remain registered, have a professional conduct committee with mandatory reporting of impaired practitioners, a report annually and more. 
Bermuda Dental Board 25 Church Street, Continental Building, Hamilton, HM 12. Phone (441) 278-4921, fax (441)   292-2629. Dental Practitioners Act 2008. P. O. Box HM 2748, Hamilton HM LX. Phone 295-8233. See Bermuda Government BoardsThe Board's members include the senior Government dental officer as an ex officio member.  
Bermuda Dental Hygiene Association Dental Practitioners Act 2008. The act also requires dentists, hygienists and assistants to have continuing education to remain registered, have a professional conduct committee with mandatory reporting of impaired practitioners, a report annually and more.
Bermuda Diabetes Association (BDA) PO Box DV 506, Devonshire, DV BX. Phone/fax (441) 207-8427. Registered charity 143. It promotes awareness about signs, symptoms, treatment of diabetes and serious complications which may result from poor control of the disease. It provides hope and support in the field of diabetes research and education about healthy lifestyles for the prevention and management of diabetes. At least 8,000, possibly as many as 12,000 Bermudians suffer from diabetes, although that figure could be as high as 12,000. 
Bermuda Diary Association With regular meetings
Bermuda Disaster Relief Fund Assisted by the American Society of Bermuda but separate in its fund-raising, it raises money for those affected by the September 11 tragedy in the USA. Chief beneficiaries are widows of the New York Firefighters Fund and the New York Police Fund.
Bermuda District of Royal Arch Masons Bermuda organization of Scottish Masons. Chapters are Celtic 106, which meets in the State House in St. George's; St. Andrew 270 of King Street, Hamilton Masonic Temple; Atlantic 175 of Atlantic Phoenix Lodge, Reid Street Masonic Hall; and Hamilton 745 of Khyber Pass, Warwick.
Bermuda Dive In Festival Committee Produces the annual Bermuda Dive In Festival
Bermuda Dream Club

Since spring 2009. Founded by Jan Fraser Coles after she decided to publish 'You're Never Too Old to Dream Dare Dance.'

Bermuda Education Network A registered charity that provides support to students in the public school system. Any non-government organization that regularly provides educational programs to the public may apply for membership.
Bermuda Educational Assistance Trust RC 310
Bermuda Electric Radio Controlled Sports Club New members welcome.
Bermuda Emergency Medical Technicians Association 27 Southcourt Avenue, Paget PG 06. Telephone 291 0850. RC 328
Bermuda Employers' Council Since June 2002 at Reid House, Ground Floor, 31 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone (441) 295-5070. Fax (441) 295-1966. Trade association for most good employers. 
Bermuda End to End Contact Paul Rowlerson. RC 558
Bermuda Energy Alternatives Taskforce (BEAT)

Pembroke residents formed this action group to fight plans to build new power plants and thereby help prevent further noise, odor, heat, soil, air and water pollution from energy generation within Pembroke, the most densely populated area of Bermuda.

Bermuda Entertainment Union Mailing Address:  48 Par-la-Ville Road, Suite 121. Hamilton, Bermuda HM 11. Call 703-6248. Originally Established in 1968 under the name The Bermuda Federation of Musicians & Variety Artists. Name changed in 2013. Membership Includes musicians, singers, dancers, promoters and event planners, audio & visual technicians, comedians, DJ’s, magicians, actors, artist management and the like. 
Bermuda Education Network P. O. Box GE 319, St. George's GE BX. Phone 441 505 5020. Charity 899.
Bermuda Educators Council For members, See Bermuda Government Boards. Has disciplinary powers for registered teachers, including the ability to issue a prohibition order, but it is not clear if it uses them. Its investigating committee can launch an inquiry where it is alleged or it appears that a registered educator is guilty of unacceptable professional conduct or has been convicted at any time of a relevant offence. The investigating committee can then refer cases to a professional conduct committee. All hearings of the professional conduct committee must take place in public. The Bermuda Educators’ Council Act says the council “may publish” information about disciplinary orders “as they see fit”.
Bermuda Environmental Alliance (BEA)

Since June 2009. Involved in Bermuda's environmental story. It's first project was a mini-series. Educates the public about environmental issues.

Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce (BEST)  Chairman: S. Hayward. Behind the petition which rallied support to halt developers who sought special development orders (SDO) at Southlands, Airport, Pink Beach redevelopment, North Channel dredging and other halts to other development restraints on environmental grounds.
Bermuda Equestrian Federation P. O. Box DV 583, Devonshire DV BX. Telephone 234-0485. Fax 234-3010. RC 214
Bermuda Ex-Police Officer's Association Members include Roger Sherratt
Bermuda Family Council Ministry of Health & Family Services. It gets two Bermuda Government grants of at least $34,000 and $24,000 each. For members, See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermuda Farmers Association Promotes awareness of the historic and current contribution of farming and agriculture to Bermuda's culture, quality of life and economy.
Bermuda Federation of Musicians and Variety Artists Voice Mail: (441) 291-0138. A trade group. Represented on the Labor Advisory Council, See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermuda Feline Assistance Bureau Helps to catch and spay or neuter many stray cats and find homes for them if possible. Formed 1992. P. O. Box WK 91, WK BX. Phone 291-1737. Meets 1st Tuesday each month. Website bfab.bm. RC 332
Bermuda Fencing Federation RC 456
Bermuda Festivals Purpose Trust Every January and February it has nightly performances. RC 439
Bermuda Fine Art Trust RC 288
Bermuda Fire Services Association 49 King Street, Hamilton. Telephone 292 4391

B (5)

Bermuda Folk Club #1 Spanish Point Road, Pembroke, HM 01. For residents and expatriates. Frequent concerts by visiting musicians. 
Bermuda Football Association 48 Cedarpark Center, Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone 295-2199. Voicemail 291-0690. RC 331
Bermuda Football Foundation Since 2006. P. O. Box HM 1695, Hamilton HM GX. Phone 278-2079. RC 746
Bermuda Foundation RC 216
Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies Suite 197, 12 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda. Location address: Cedarpark Centre, 48 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM 11. Tel: (441) 295-1266. Fax: (441) 295-5876. Works to get Bermudians educated for successful careers in insurance sector. RC 440.
Bermuda Foundation for the Arts RC 494
Bermuda Friendly Societies Association Has an annual Cup Match Sportsmanship Award dinner
Bermuda Fruit Growers Association With regular meetings
Bermuda Garden Club With regular meetings
Bermuda Garrison Lodge/Friendship & Harmony Lodge Freemasons Hall, Reid Street, Hamilton.
Bermuda Gerontological Society A senior citizens group. Meets second Tuesday each month at Peace Lutheran Church Hall, 5:30 pm
Bermuda Girl Guides Association (Girlguiding Bermuda)  RC 034
Bermuda Girls in Training Non-denominational female youth group. Phone 292-0418. RC 175
Bermuda Golf Association Victoria Place, 31 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 10. P. O. Box HM 433, Hamilton. Phone 295-9972 or fax 295-0304.
Bermuda Golf Foundation RC 141
Bermuda Gymnastics Association 1st Floor, Gibbons Building, 10 Queen Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box FL 203, Flatts, FL BX. Telephone 295-0589. Gymnastics for boys and girls of all ages.  RC 296
Bermuda Hash House Harriers For a fun run/walk followed by a BBQ. Meets alternate Sundays  at 4 pm. Call 291-1120
BHB (Bermuda Hospitals Board) Ethics Committee The public can contact the committee on 291-HOPE (4673).Ethical issues that arise over long-term care are discussed by medical staff as part of Ethics Awareness Week. Ethics is about making decisions based on a shared understanding of right and wrong. 
Bermuda Health Alliance Suite 200, 40 Par La Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 296-2875. A cooperative venture of the Bermuda Diabetes Association, Bermuda Hospitals Board, Bermuda Heart Foundation, Friends of Hospice, Resident's Family Council and Hospitals Auxiliary. RC 442
Bermuda Healthcare Advocacy Group (BHAG) An independent health care watchdog.
Bermuda Health Council Since 2004. Sterling House, 16 Wesley Street, Hamilton HM11. PO Box HM 3381, Hamilton, HM PX. Phone 292-6420. Fax 292-8067. A Bermuda Government appointed entity. Official health watchdog. Responsible for regulating, coordinating and enhancing the delivery of health services in Bermuda.  Made up of doctors, insurers, hospital officials and patient representatives. Also responsible for regulating the price of drugs sold to the public and conducting research on the subject of public health.
Bermuda Heart Foundation For coronary incidence, treatment and prevention. P. O. Box HM 1993, Hamilton, HM HX. A major player in arranging the funding for critically important life saving heart related equipment for the hospital and is supported by health professionals of the highest reputation in every relevant field. Goals are equipment, building, direct services, education.

B (6)

Bermuda High Schools for Girls Charitable Trust RC 358
Bermuda High School for  Girls PTA RC 056
Bermuda High School for Girls Eco-Club Since 2005. Its efforts include a recycling corridor, printing cartridges, six pack rings, egg cartons among the regular cans, tins, etc.
Bermuda Historical Society Small city museum, no entry charge but donations appreciated. No computer or fax, telephone only at 295 2487. Or contact John Cox. RC 191
Bermuda Historical Wrecks Authority See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermuda Hockey Association RC 190
Bermuda Hockey Federation The governing body in Bermuda for field hockey, 2002 president is Mike Elton
Bermuda Horse & Pony Association PO Box DV 634, Devonshire DV BX
Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) See Bermuda Government Boards. RC 351. A quango (quasi autonomous non-governmental organization) established under the Bermuda Hospitals Board Act, 1970. It has a Bermuda Government-approved Board and a Chief Executive Officer, responsible for King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute. Bermuda’s second largest employer, after the government.
Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Foundation (BHCF)  
Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust (BHCT) P. O. Box HM 2273, Hamilton HM JX. T. 441-298-0151. F. 441-296-1072. An independent organization founded as the formal charitable arm for accepting donations and fundraising on behalf of the Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB). A separate entity from the BHB and Ministry of Health, governed by its own Board of Trustees who determine policy and are responsible for its own sound fiscal management.
Bermuda Hospitality Endowment Charitable Trust (The) RC 654
Bermuda Hospitality Institute See Bermuda Government Boards. Government-appointed, Premier announces the CEO, in 2010 Karla Lacey. Training institute, aims to encourage more Bermudians to enter the hospitality industry.
Bermuda Hotel Association (BHA) "Carmel" 61 King Street, Hamilton HM 19. Telephone (441) 295-2127. Fax: (441) 292-6671. Trade association for hotels and other Bermuda guest accommodation places. The Bermuda Hotel Association (BHA) has been in continued existence prior to 1927, when there existed a Bermuda Hotel and Men’s Association (BHMA). The BHMA was established exclusively for the financial success of its members’ hotel operations. This resembles the BMA's current mission statement, revised in 2000, to:
  •   Control and enhance the sustainable development of hotel beds in Bermuda. 
  •  Increase the number of air arrivals. 
  • Increase the national hotel occupancy. 
  • To improve the return on investment to hotel investors.
  •  Be a resource centre for its members. 
  • Coordinate marketing of Bermuda and member properties in partnership with the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA). and develop marketing strategies which enhance effectiveness, encourage properties to cooperatively market and to be solely responsible for marketing product while the BTA  markets Bermuda. 
  • To lift the profile of the industry in Bermuda and re-establish the importance of the industry and its attractiveness to Bermudians. 
  • Ensure the BHA is included and part of all aspects of the Bermuda community in a meaningful manner. 
  • To become a major, proactive player, working with the Bermuda College to attract more young Bermudians back into our industry. 
  • To liaise with and lobby Government on behalf of its members in all aspects of public policy and application relevant to the industry. 
  • Promote positive human relations and opportunity for its staff. 
  • To organize itself so it is ready, able and qualified to recognize challenges, seize opportunities and generally improve the overall health of the industry”.

The BHA membership has three classifications of hotels—small: 99 or less beds / medium: 100 to 299 beds and large hotels: 300+ beds.  We currently have 31 members comprising small / medium / large with each category having its own chairman. The BHA officers comprise of a Chairman, President, President Elect and Chief Executive Officer whose responsibility is to advance the interest of the BHA members to their trade partners, the Bermuda Government and other trade associations, whose businesses have a direct or indirect impact on hotel operations. During the early 1960’s with the advent of unionization of the hotels by the Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU), the BHA caused the formation of the Hotel Employers of Bermuda (HEB), which is a registered trade union and whose responsibility is to engage in collective bargaining with the Hotel Division of the BIU.  This organization also advises the Hotel Industry on all matters pertaining to human relations, discipline and employee benefit programmes. The BHA is optimistic that it will soon enjoy an increase in new hotel development, increasing our bed bank and diversity of membership.

Bermuda Housing Corporation Bermuda Housing Act 1980. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermuda Housing Trust See Bermuda Government Boards. Established in 1965 after several businessmen and the Rector of Christ Church in Warwick recognized the need for housing at reasonable rental rates. Through their efforts and the generous financial assistance of W. S. Purvis, the trust built 62 units at Elizabeth Hills, Purvis Park and Heydon. 
Bermuda Howard University Alumni Club RC 163
Bermuda Hunt Club With regular meetings
Bermuda Independence Commission (BIC) PO Box HM 3393, Hamilton HM PX. Phone 295-9462. A Bermuda Government-appointed body soliciting comments from the public on possible courses which can be taken re maintaining the status quo or opting for full political independence from Britain.
Bermuda Independent Schools Association (BISA) Since September 2014. Private school heads have banded together to form BISA to enable better collaboration and representation. Heads of the six different private schools agreed to form it BISA as a forum for the heads to share issues of professional interest and to consider developments in education in Bermuda.
Bermuda Independent Underwriters Association (BIUA) P. O. Box HM 1559, Hamilton HM FX. Since 1981. With many Bermuda based professional underwriters of insurance or reinsurance, individuals and corporate, as members
Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU) 49 Union Square, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone (441) 292-0044. Established 1944. Its 4,200 members are employed mostly in the leading hotels and Bermuda Government. Publishes newspaper Worker's Voice. BIU has a representative on the Labor Advisory Council and Public Service Superannuation Board, both See Bermuda Government Boards. Major contributor to Progressive Labour Party over the years. Bus and ferry services often stop when the BIU calls a meeting of members. Members give part of their wages to the Progressive Labour Party (PLP).
Bermuda Insurance Development Council (IDC)

C/O Bermuda Insurance Institute, The Cedar Parkade Building, 48 Cedar Avenue, P.O. Box HM 2911 Hamilton HM LX, Bermuda. Tel. 441 337-7125, Fax 441 295-3532. In January 2012 launched a new award recognizing outstanding volunteer service to the Bermuda industry by insurance professionals. IDC created the award to recognize those in the industry who give their time and energy in support of promoting Bermuda as a domicile of choice.

Bermuda Insurance Institute (BII) From February 2018 at Ground Floor, Tower 2, O’Hara House, Bermudiana Road, Pembroke. P. O. Box HM 2911, Hamilton HM LX. Telephone (441) 295-1596. Fax: (441) 295-3532. A trade and professional education association for the local and international insurance industry. RC 649
Bermuda Insurance Management Association (BIMA)

Website bima.bm. Since the 1980s. An association of professional insurance managers and other captive service providers in Bermuda. Clients under management include mmore than 1200 Bermuda-incorporated companies.

Bermuda Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Association (BIRBA) Brokers act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers.
Bermuda Islands Area of Narcotics Anonymous Fellowship Local hotline 293-0999. P. O. Box DV 690, Devonshire, DV BX, Bermuda. An international, community-based association of recovering drug addicts with more than 31,000 weekly meetings in over 120 countries worldwide
Bermuda Islands Association for the Deaf P. O. Box HM 1749, Hamilton HM GX. Phone 541-3323. Provides assistance to the hearing impaired and educates parents and population about deaf culture to help remove social barriers. RC 168.
Bermuda Institute Academy Development Association RC 552
Bermuda Institute Alumni Association 238-1586.
Insurance Management Association (BIMA)
P. O. Box FL 288, Smiths Parish, FL BX. Telephone (441) 295-2121. Fax: (441) 292-6735. Many captive insurance companies appoint a management company to provide them with the necessary services required for the operations of their many insurance management companies

B (7)

Bermuda Island Games RC 632
Bermuda Islands Association for the Deaf (BIAD) P. O. Box HM 1749, Hamilton HM GX. It provides assistance to the hearing impaired and educates parents and the population about deaf culture to help remove social barriers and discrimination of this group. RC 168
Bermuda Integrated Health Service Cooperative (BIHC) Lotus, Victoria Street, Hamilton. Since 2012. BIHC, proponents of out-of-hospital childbirth have won Immigration approval to bring their own midwives to the Island. BIHC received permission after the Bermuda Medical Council confirmed it didn’t need a full medical licence to do so. 
Bermuda International Language Institute For French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Arabic. Terceira House, 7 Par la- Ville Road, Hamilton. Phone 296-5676. Fax 296-5678. RC 531
Bermuda International Long Term Insurers and Reinsurers (BILTIR)  Established to serve as an advocate for the long-term insurance industry. Hosts an annual life and annuity conference. Industry chiefs from Europe and North America join Bermuda-based executives. 
Bermuda International Shipping Association (BISA) C/o Conyers, Dill and Pearman, Clarendon House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 295-1422. Fax (441) 292-4720. Founded in 1995, it promotes Bermuda as a preferred jurisdiction for the registration of ships and the formation and operation of shipping companies.
Bermuda Junior Chamber International (JCI)  Harmony Hall, Station Building, 13 Railway Trail, Paget PG 06. Telephone 238-5863 or 737-4836. Voice mail 291 1591. Holds an annual Christmas Parade in Hamilton, usually the last weekend in November. 
Bermuda Junior Golf  Association (BJGA) P.O. Box HM 224, Hamilton, HM  AX. Since 1975 when the Bermuda Golf Association (BGA) formed the Golf Development Committee which forged the basic development for junior golf in Bermuda. 
Bermuda Junior Service League Since 1936. P. O. Box HM 1226, Hamilton HM FX. Phone 292-4060.  Also produces annual Christmas cards. RC 106
Bermuda Karate Institute Phone 292 2157 or fax  292 5123. RC 315
Bermuda Karting Club Ltd For young racers of miniature cars. Call 234-2473 or 235-0803 or 236-8788 or fax 236-0505. A member of the United Motorsports Federation (UMF) of Bermuda.
Bermuda Kennel Club (BKC) Governing Body and Official Registry of Pure Bred dogs in Bermuda. Mixed breed dogs are now also accepted for registration for competition trials, in Bermuda. The BKC is the sports-governing body for all approved dog events in Bermuda, including conformation (dog shows), agility and obedience trials. 
Bermuda Kids with Down's

Down's syndrome is a condition in which extra genetic material causes delays in the way a child develops, and often leads to mental retardation. Liaises with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) in New York.

Bermuda Landscaping Assocation  
Bermuda Laser Class Association c/o Royal Hamilton Amateur Dingy Club. Annual dues
Bermuda Latin Triangle A salsa dance group with weekly dance
Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association 2 Marsh Folly Road, Pembroke HM 13 or P. O. Box HM 341, Hamilton HM BX. Telephone 296 0834 or fax 295 3056
Bermuda Legion Bermuda charity 109. The mission is to assist war veterans and their widows. Looks after Bermuda WW1 and 2 and Korean War, etc. war veterans of past, present and future officers and soldiers in units now part of the Bermuda Regiment. 
Bermuda Lifeguard Service A service of the Parks Department of the Bermuda Government. In the swimming season, several beaches have lifeguards. They must be at least 16 years old, fit, healthy and  strong swimmers.  Telephone 236-4201 or 236-5902 or fax 236-3711. P. O. Box HM 20, Bermuda HM AX or e-mail lifeguard@ibl.bm 
Bermuda Lionfish Task Force
Bermuda Long Riders Motorcycle Club For motorcyclists
Bermuda Life Skills Group RC 434
Bermuda Lupus Association Set up in 2013 to help sufferers with information and support. 
Bermuda Maritime Museum

Regular mail: P.O. Box MA 133, Mangrove Bay MA BX, Bermuda. By Courier: 1, The Keep, Sandys MA 01, Bermuda. Admission information: 1-441-234-1418. Museum offices: 1-441-234-1333. Fax: 1-441-234-1735.

Bermuda Maritime Museum Association P. O. Box 73, Somerset, Sandys MA BX. RC 136
Bermuda Maritime Museum, Inc. (New York) Check with above for members. 
Bermuda Maritime Museum Trust (London)  
Bermuda Masters Swimming Association  
Bermuda Massage Therapy Association (BMTA) All members are Certified Massage Therapists.
Bermuda Mechanics Beneficial Association Mechanics Building, 12 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-7602
Bermuda Medical Association (BMA) 75 Victoria Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 2466, Hamilton HM JX. Phone 292-8131. Fax 295-3931. An association of all medical doctors in practice in Bermuda. The Medical Practitioners' Amendment Act 2006 is one of the acts relevant to doctors.
Bermuda Medical Council See Bermuda Government Boards. 25 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. P O Box HM 380, Hamilton, HM BX.  Phone 278-4932.
Bermuda Medicinal Cannabis Association A group of doctors and pharmacists who joined forces to promote the use of medical cannabis.
Bermuda Medical Doctors Association Box A-16, c/o Bermuda Hospitals Board, P O. Box 1023, Hamilton HM DX, Bermuda.
Bermuda Medical Students Society (BMSS)

Has a particular stake in developing mentorship through its Adopt a Medical Student initiative. The group comprises medical students overseen by practising physicians. It aims to cultivate the natural fraternity in the medical community.

Bermuda Mental Health Foundation 3rd Floor, Richmond House, 12 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 292-3434 extension 3476. Fax 292-0865. Founded 1944. A non-profit volunteer private enterprise working with medical mental health-related staff. RC 394.
Bermuda Minibus Association One of two such minibus entities.
Bermuda Middle Schools Association  
Bermuda Model Sailboat Club Has been in operation since the 1960's, meets every Thursday to have a friendly race. Members include Ted Cassidy. 
Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) A Bermuda Government quango and regulatory agency. See Bermuda Government Boards. The BMA processes applications and recommends to the Ministry of Finance when prudent to establish companies, partnerships, collective insurance schemes, trust companies and issue permits. It conducts background checks of applicants for  incorporated business entities and regulates the banking and financial services industries.
Bermuda Motocross Club A member of the United Motorsports Federation (UMF) of Bermuda
Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Association (BMRA) Motorcycle club that sanctions the island's motorcycle racing series. Events are held at the Bermuda Motorsports Park, Southside, St. David's, directly across from Clearwater Beach. 
Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society (BMDS) Daylesford, Park Street, Hamilton. Telephone 295-5584. RC 600. An active local group offering a menu of plays and productions, usually at its own small theatre. Stages an annual British-style pantomime.
Bermuda Music Users Group  
BMDS Charitable Trust Daylesford, Park Street, Hamilton. Telephone 295-5584. RC 600
Bermuda National Athletics Association (BNNA) Cedarpark Building, 48 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton, HM 11. Telephone: 441-296-0951. P O Box HM 2156, Hamilton HM JX. Since 2012 the new name of the Bermuda Track and Field Association founded in 1946.
Bermuda National Gallery City Hall Arts Center, Church Street, Hamilton. Telephone 295 9428 or fax 295 2055
Bermuda National Library Owned and operated by the Bermuda Government, Par La Ville Park, 13 Queen Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone 295-  2905, fax (441) 296 0973. Winter and summer hours. With a mobile and youth library service.
Bermuda National Literacy Charitable Trust Committed to determining and establishing literacy standards. RC 608
Bermuda National Parent Teachers Association  

B (8)

Bermuda National Trust RC 081. 
Bermuda National Trust Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermuda National Tumor Registry Breast cancer affects one in eight women in Bermuda. It continues to be the principal cause of cancer for women locally. Understanding these risks, such as family history, are important, in addition to the knowledge that early detection can save lives.
Bermuda Netball Association (The) RC 653
Bermuda Newcomers Inter-varsity Club Social and sporting club for new residents. Phone 292-9018.
Bermuda Nitro Racing Association Radio control car enthusiasts. The BNRA hold on-road races at the Southside RC Raceway and its off-road events at a track behind the Southside Police Station. 
Bermuda Nurses Association (BNA). RC 374.  Committed to supporting its members in the goal to improve and maintain optimal wellness for the people of Bermuda. Nurses are at the core of health delivery but are often marginalized from contribution to health policy development and decision-making. Nurses play a fundamental and critical role in the healthcare continuum and their insight into many aspects of patient care and health policy generally is valued. 
Bermuda Nursing Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermuda Occupational Therapy Association (BOTA) Call BOTA at 236-3770 extension 3264. Or write P. O. Box  DV 356, Devonshire DV BX, Bermuda. RC 530. Affiliated with the World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT). Has an annual Bursary Award. . 
Bermuda Olympic Association Suite 405, International Centre, 26 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 1665, Hamilton HM GX. Phone 295-7146. Fax 295-8645. Only Bermudian athletes can represent Bermuda, not long-term residents. 9-5 pm Monday to Friday except Public Holidays. RC 047
Bermuda Optimist Dinghy Association Official site for the youth sailing Optimist Dinghy in Bermuda. Contact it for race results, upcoming events and current contact information.
Bermuda Open Water Swimming Association  
Bermuda Orchid Society P. O. Box HM 3250, Hamilton HM PX. Phone (441) 293-2035. An affiliate of the American Orchid Society. Celebrated its 50th anniversary in November 2005. To honor that occasion, the Bermuda government issued a set of four orchid postage stamps. Meets regularly.

Bermuda stamp orchids a 2005 Bermuda stamp orchids b 2005

Bermuda stamp orchids c 2005 Bermuda stamp orchids 4 2005

Bermuda Organ and Tissue Donor Association For more information, call KEMH  at 236-2345. Welcomes those willing to become donors. In association with the New England Organ Bank. 
Bermuda Ostomy Association P. O. Box HM 2281,  Hamilton HM JX. Telephone 295 7738
Bermuda Overcoming Learning Disabilities/Difficulties (BOLD) Call Mrs. Mair Harris or Beverley at 234-0923 or fax 292-3152
Bermuda Oxford and Cambridge Society Bermuda-based graduates of these English universities.
Bermuda Parent Teacher Student Association  
Bermuda Paralympic Association (BPARAS) RC 570. Jeni Southern, Secretary, phone (441) 238-1741 or Ann Lindroth (441) 535 2832. PO Box PG 73 PG BX Paget, Bermuda.
Bermuda Performing Arts Association Ltd RC 618
Bermuda Pharmaceutical Association (BPA) All pharmacists in Bermuda must be a member. The BPA holds an annual Pharmacy Symposium to focus on circulatory diseases such as heart disease, stroke and heart attack. Pharmacists play an essential role in helping patients with the management of many of their health conditions, including cardiovascular conditions.
Bermuda Philharmonic Society RC 323
Bermuda Physically Handicapped Association Base Gate, 1 South Side, St. David's Island, DD 03. Phone (441) 293 5035 or Chairman Willard Fox at 293-8148. It has existed for 39 years. RC 088
Bermuda Physiotherapy Association Hands-on-Therapy office, corner of Church and King Streets, Hamilton
Bermuda Pilot Gig Club (BPGC)  
Bermuda Poetry Association Poetry includes book "A Tribute to Mothers and Fathers."
Bermuda Police Association Devonshire. Telephone (441) 295-8560. A trade association for members and retirees of the Bermuda Police Service
Bermuda Police Benevolent Fund RC 002

Bermuda Police Service

Bermuda Police Marine Search & Rescue Association RC 441
Bermuda Poultry Fanciers Society (BPFS) Holds an annual competition at Jack King Building in the Botanical Gardens. Includes turkeys, chicken and ducks as well as rabbits, guinea pigs, cavies and quail. 
Bermuda Power Boat Association A member of the United Motorsports Federation (UMF) of Bermuda. RC 650
Bermuda Prison Officers Benevolent Fund RC 292
Bermuda Private Nursery Association An association for members of the child care industry. P. O. Box HM 1683, Hamilton HM GX. Call (441) 292-8326. Fax (441) 296-1522. 
Bermuda Professional Photographers Association (BPPA)  c/o Graeme Outerbridge, phone (441) 238-4387. 
Bermuda Progressive Ballroom Dance Group Admiralty House Community Center, Spanish Point, Pembroke, call 236 6935. Wednesday 8:30 to 11 pm
Bermuda Psychologists Council See Bermuda Government Boards. Psychological Practitioners Act 1998. 
Bermuda Public Funds Investment Committee See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermuda Public Services Union (BPSU) 2 Angle Street, Hamilton HM 10. 2 Angle Street, Hamilton HM 10. Telephone 292-6985. Fax 292-1149. Auditorium 293-9270. Or 292-6484.  Represents all civil servants, nurses at the two hospitals and more.
Bermuda Quilters Guild Meets regularly. Visitors welcome. Call 236-2865 for information.

B (9)

Bermuda Rainbow Alliance Advocating an alternative lifestyle.  Spokesperson is Nikki Bowers
Bermuda Rainbow Guides After-school activities for girls 5-7. 292-0675
Bermuda Reading Association P. O. Box DV 755, Devonshire DV BX. Call (441) 236-9000 ext. 213 or 295-0487. Meets third Tuesday of each month at Bermuda Youth Library and produces annual conferences on reading
Bermuda Red Cross Charleswood, 8 Berry Hill Road, Paget DV 03. P. O. Box HM 772, Hamilton HM CX, Bermuda. Telephone 236-8253 or fax 236-8267. Hospital equipment rental (441) 236-2345 extension 1486. Since 1st August 1950. Manages the Bermuda Blood Bank and accepts donations to its Blood Donor Centre. Affiliated with the New England Organ and Tissue Donor Bank and Bermuda is in the latter's #1 Priority group. 
Bermuda Red Cross Blood Bank First floor, King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, donors from 18 to 70 always welcome. Tuesdays 9:15 am to 12 pm. Blood Donor Center at hospital 236-5067 (fax 236-2272).
Bermuda Red Cross Charitable Trust RC 419
Bermuda Referees Association P. O. Box DV 176, Devonshire DV BX. Telephone 236 1747 or voice mail 291 0940
Bermuda Reserve Police Formerly the Bermuda Reserve Constabulary.
Bermuda Riding for the Disabled 57 Spice Hill Road, Warwick WK 03. Windreach Village, Warwick. Riding therapy for children with special needs. Telephone 238 7433 or fax 238 7434. RC 092
Bermuda Risk Exchange Association An insurance-related trade group
Bermuda Rock Ramblers For organized walks. A  environmental and cultural group. It arranges guided walkabouts so that families and individuals can explore, learn and exercise together. Walks are free but donations are welcome. Bring comfortable walking shoes, beverage  and snack. Call 238-3438.
Bermuda Roller Hockey League (BRHL) Phone 236-9710 or 236-8710 or fax 232-0699 or 232-0799.
Bermuda Rose Society Its repository garden is at Waterville, Pomander Road, Paget. Free, daily, all welcome.
Bermuda Rottweiler Club (BRC)

Since January 2015. A small group of Rottweiler dog enthusiasts met to talk over their interest about the Rottweiler breed in Bermuda. This club was formed. It later became a membered club of the RKNA (Rottweiler Klub Of North America) and ADRK World family.

Bermuda Rowing Association Boathouse: White's Island, Hamilton Harbor. PO Box HM 3044, Hamilton HM NX. With a fleet of fours, quads, pairs, doubles and single sculls. Holds an annual summer regatta  for Men's Mixed Doubles; Women's Open Doubles; Women's Intermediate Doubles; Mixed Quadruple Sculls; Mixed Novice Doubles; Men's Novice Doubles; Novice Quadruple Sculls and Men's Open Doubles.
Bermuda Rugby Football Union (BRFU) Only rugby union is played in Bermuda. Has an Annual Awards Dinner, black tie. RC 641
Bermuda Sailing Association 12 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-7935. Fax 295-5372. RC 525
Bermuda Sailors Home 22 Richmond Road, Hamilton HM 08. Phone 295-5598. Fax 292-1519. RC 151
Bermuda Salsa Association Has its own salsa dancers.
Bermuda Sanshou Association (BSA)  
Bermuda Sea Cadet Association Corps Headquarters P. O. Box HM 861, Hamilton HM DX. Phone/fax 295-2759. RC 037
Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps TS Bermuda HQ North Shore, Pembroke, 7:30 pm. Open to girls age 11-16, boys 9-16. New members welcome. Phone 292-8167 after 7:30 pm Fridays. Or call TS Admiral Somers, St. Georges, phone 297-1975 or TS Venture, Ireland Island, phone 234-0979. 
Bermuda Section of the International Commission of Jurists

C/o Mello Jones & Martin, P.O. Box HM 1564, Hamilton Bermuda HM FX.. Phone: +1- 441- 294-3605. Fax: +1-441-292-9151. Formed in 2003 by Bermuda's lawyers as a non-profit human rights advocacy group and support of the rule of law.

Bermuda Schizophrenia Society Meets first Tuesday each month at St. Brendan's Hospital, 7 pm. Call Gina Davis at 292-5613. RC 307
Bermuda School of Music Since 2006. An amalgamation with  the  former Bermuda Conservatory of Music.   RC 483
Bermuda Schools  Sports Federation Limited P. O. Box HM 2511, Hamilton HM GX. Phone 295-1983. Fax 295-3349.
Bermuda Scout Association Also with a Beaver Scout program for boys 5-7. Otherwise 6-14. Call 296-7784.
Bermuda Senior Islanders Centre RC 663. Admiralty House Building 0329, 24 Admiralty Lane, Pembroke HM 01.  Phone 441-295-9094. Website seniorislanders.bm. Housed at the western gate of Admiralty House, Pembroke. 
Bermuda Search & Rescue Institute RC 117
Bermuda Sharks Swim Club RC 356
Bermuda Shrine Club Members meet at Masonic Temple, Kyber Pass, Warwick. They are members of Mecca Temple of New York, the premier Temple of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. There are more than 900 Nobles in about 200 Temples throughout North America. 
Bermuda Sickle Cell Association  
Bermuda Skateboard Association Since 2006. Has a facility at the Sea Cadets' North Shore, Pembroke property. Includes a mini-ramp – or half-pipe – and a smooth paving area for the flat work.
Bermuda Sloop Foundation (BSF) Educational program to give local teenagers a chance to crew on board a working replica of a 17th century Bermuda sloop, to give them Bermuda's first floating classroom.
Bermuda Small Business Development Corporation See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermuda Smart Risk RC 586. Led by Dr. Joseph Froncioni, the founder of the charity, with Jennifer Attride-Stirling and Marcelo Ramella. They have compiled accident statistics and information from more than 3,500 accidents reported to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) in a two-year period. What they found was that at the age of 16 when many Bermudian teenagers are getting their first pair of wheels, they are also the most at risk of being in an accident.  
Bermuda Social Work Council Meets fourth Wednesday of each month at Family Services Library, Old Hospital Building, Paget from 1-2 pm. Call Lakila Wade at 292-5182 evenings.
Bermuda Society & Secretariat London, England. Incorporated in 1987 at the request of then Premier, The Hon. Sir John Swan, KBE, JP; former Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Bermuda, The Viscount Dunrossil, CMG; and Sir Peter Gadsden, GBE, AC, former Lord Mayor of the City of London. The brief was to enhance and promote Bermuda’s image as an attractive, competitive and well-respected jurisdiction for international companies – across multiple financial sectors – to do business, and to foster the close links between Bermuda, the UK and elsewhere. The physical address and contact details are Five Trees, Wood Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 4JZ, England. Phone 011 44-(0)20-8954-0652. 
Bermuda Society for Healthcare Risk Management For local healthcare insurance companies
Bermuda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 32 Valley Road, Paget PG 05. Phone 236-7333, voice mail 291-0781. Now charges a processing fee to adopt pets. Shelter is open  9 am to 4 pm Monday through Saturday. RC 086.
Bermuda Society of Arts City Hall, P. O. Box HN 1202, Hamilton HM FX. Telephone 296 3824 or fax 296 0699. RC 115
Bermuda Society of Financial Analysts (BSFA) Suite 133, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 299 3945. Local arm of the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR), based in Charlottesville, Virginia. 
Bermuda Society of Interior Designers (BSID) Suite 160, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11.
Bermuda Society of Professional Engineers Phone 299-3693. Provides advice on careers in engineering, assists with professional certification and gives advice on training.
Bermuda Special Olympics 45 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone 292 1269. RC 196
Bermuda Special Needs Network   A new advocacy group formed in 2011 to help promote the concerns of the Island's special needs community. 
Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Authority Carries out tests under its illicit drugs program. For the performance-enhancing tests, samples are sent to World Anti-Doping Authority accredited laboratories in Britain, Canada, Germany, South Africa and the United States, with testing for illicit drugs taking place locally. As per World Anti Doping Agency  (WADA) directive, the tested samples are kept for eight years at the WADA laboratory. Financially, BSADA is supported by a Government grant There are full-time staff with BSADA also employing 11 doping control team members, who have to be re-certified every two years.

B (10)

Bermuda Squash Racquets Association Phone 292-6881, with Bermuda Squash Racquets Club. 11 Middle Road,  Devonshire DV 06, east of the Montessori Academy. Or P. O. Box HM 176, Hamilton HM AX. Phone 292-0291 Fax 295-8718. Open from 10 am to 4 pm daily. RC 549
Bermuda Stroke & Family Support Association (BSFSA)

stroke signsSeven Seas, 6 Rock Garden Lane, Smiths FL 06. Primary Contact Mark Selley Chairman O: 293-3121. Meets on the third Wednesday night each month at 7 pm at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. RC 361. Support, help, advice, encouragement, but no direct financial help, instead useful leads to local organizations and entities offering assistance to Bermudian and Bermuda-based stroke survivors of all ages and backgrounds and their stroke-affected families. Has no membership dues, takes no minutes, has no structured agenda or board of management. Strokes, more than any other medical problems, cause permanent chronic disabilities. Permanent brain damage results from a stroke. 50% of all strokes occur in people who have no prior symptoms. Strokes are a leading cause of severe permanent disability and death. People never recover fully from strokes, their limbs or brain or heart are often permanently affected. BSFSA is now affiliated with The Courage Stroke Network & The American Heart Association, (AHA).

  • A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off. There are two main types: ischemic, because of a lack of blood flow, and haemorrhagic, because of bleeding.

  • 4 to 5. The number of people who suffer strokes in Bermuda every week

  • 14 million First-time strokes recorded worldwide in 2016

  • 55. The age after which people are most likely to have a stroke

  • 2035. The year in which worldwide stroke-related illness, disability and early death is expected to double from today’s figures

  • 6.2 million Deaths from strokes a year globally

Bermuda Stock Exchange One of the world's leading offshore electronic securities markets, offering a full range of listings and trading opportunities for domestic and international issuers of equality, debt, depository receipts, insurance securitisation and derivative warrants.
Bermuda Sub Aqua Club Admiralty House, Spanish Point, Pembroke. Learn to become a scuba diver. RC 186
Bermuda Surveyors Association Pending
Bermuda Suzuki Association P.O. Box HM 2757, Hamilton HM LX.  Phone (441) 505-4287 (cell). Fax: (441) 296-9357. RC 312.
Bermuda Table Tennis Association P.O. Box HM1636, HAMILTON, Bermuda HM CX, (441) 535-4864 Fax (441) 236-4931
Bermuda Taxi Owners/Operators Association 4 Canal Lane, Cox's Hill, Pembroke HM 02. Telephone 292-5600 or fax 296-4682. For island-wide taxi service. Rates must be approved by the Bermuda Government's Public Service Vehicle Licensing Board (PSVLB).
Bermuda Technology Education Collaborative RC 569
Bermuda Tennis Foundation P. O. Box HM 3073, Hamilton HM NX. Telephone 296 2554. Fax 296 2551
Bermuda Toastmasters Club P. O. Box HM 2394, Hamilton HM DX. Call 236-3932 or 235-7730. Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month, members, visitors, guests welcome. Phone 291-5757.  
Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) The public-private agency representing and promoting the island's tourism industry. Through partnerships with the Bermuda Government and tourism stakeholders, the BTA's mandate is to attract more visitors to Bermuda.
Bermuda Tourism Board See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermuda Trade Union Congress Established in 2000, confirmed by Act of Parliament in July 2002. 
Bermuda Travel Agents Association (BTTA)  
Bermuda Triathlon Association Holds a major triathlon every year, one of the most important sports events. RC 416
Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute 40 Crow Lane, East Broadway, Pembroke. P. O. Box 1745, Hamilton HM GX. Telephone 292 7219. Daily, 9 am to 5 pm (10-5 weekends). RC 326
Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) Christmas Boat Parade & Fireworks Extravaganza. Every December. RC 538
Bermuda Union of Teachers (BUT) Seventy Two Teachers' Place, 72 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 726, Hamilton HM CX. Telephone (441) 292 6515. Fax (441) 292 0697.Michael Charles, General Secretary.  Founded February 1, 1919. It was Bermuda's first trade union. It was formed in a graveyard. The first members of this union were attending the funeral of a colleague who had died in financial distress, and they pressed for higher pay and better working conditions for black teachers..In 1964, combined with the Teachers Association of Bermuda to become the Amalgamated Bermuda Union of Teachers. 
Bermuda Union of Teachers Youth Development RC 633
Bermuda Urban Park Association  
Bermuda Veterinarian Association Members qualify via accredited examination process specified in the organization's methodology.
Bermuda Volleyball Association (BVA) Voice mail 291-1898. RC 646

B (11)

Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps Overseas Association Organization of former soldiers holds annual reunion at Warwick Camp - always the first Saturday in May. Founded in 1919 after World War 1. It commemorates the same day in May 1915 when the first contingent of Bermuda soldiers left Bermuda to join the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment in France
Bermuda War Veterans Association (BWVA) P. O. Box HM 2716, Hamilton HM LX, Bermuda. With less than 60 war veterans left in 2011. A local charity founded in 1919 by returning servicemen from the Great War to provide assistance to those who went overseas to serve, originally in the First World War and in other wars subsequently. Has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in total in aid to needy  Bermuda War Veterans and their dependants. They include members of the Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps (BVRC) and Bermuda Militia Artillery (BMA), the first black unit to serve in the Great War. World War 2 saw similar sacrifice and dedication from Bermudians, many of whom joined other Commonwealth Units such as the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, British Army, Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy, etc  RC 140
Bermuda War Veterans Commissioners See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bermuda War Veterans Pension Commission c/o The Accountant General,  P.O. Box HM 1537, Hamilton, HM SX.
Bermuda Water Truckers Association c/o Russ Ford
Bermuda Yachting Association 12 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone 295 7935.
Bermuda Youth Sports Program Phone 295-4352. RC 342
Bermuda Zoological Society At Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo. Promotes interest in the local environment and environmental projects. With regular meetings. New volunteers welcome. Phone 293 2727 ext 130. RC 179
Bermudians Against the Draft (BAD) Bermuda still has military conscription laws for men only, unlike Britain, Canada, the USA, etc with no conscription at all. Campaigners fought without success to end compulsory military service. One fact that the court case did not either have or comment on was that Bermudians who were not born in Bermuda are not conscripted, only those born in Bermuda.
Bermudians Against Narcotics (BAN) New in 2005. Formed by a group of Muslim and Christian Bermudians, who wish to stop narcotics getting into the country and  to raise awareness of the menace of drugs in Bermuda, with criminality rampant and drugs at the core of it. 
Bermudians for Referendum (BFR) A group believing strongly that the only truly democratic way for Bermuda to achieve political independence or retain the status quo is via a referendum not a majority vote of the legislature. 
Bermudian Heritage Museum Samaritans Lodge, Corner of York and Water Streets, St. George's. Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm 297-4126. RC 406
Bethany Trust RC 348
Better Business Bureau None in Bermuda
Betting Licensing Authority See Bermuda Government Boards.
Beyond Rugby Bermuda (BRB) Co-founded by Bermuda resident John “Bradshaw” Layfield, a Beyond Sport Ambassador for his work with Bermuda’s youth. Mr Layfield is a former WWE World Champion and a wrestling commentator. BRB not only offers rugby training to young Bermudians but also provides a homework academy and family support services through Family Centre. This charity is supported by visiting rugby clubs.
Bible Broadcasting Network - Bermuda RC 368
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Bermuda 15 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 292-2802 or fax 292-5412. RC 139
BIU Members Credit Union Same address as Bermuda Industrial Union
Black Box Performance Workshops  
Black Stockings (Police Women) RC 150
Blades Fencing Club P. O. Box HM 2888, Hamilton HM LX. Telephone 291 1499

B (12)

Blue Waters Angler's Club 28 Crow Lane House, Pembroke HM 19. Telephone 292 5529. Fax 296-7419. 
Board of Agriculture See Bermuda Government Boards.
Board of Chiropodists See Bermuda Government Boards.
Board of Dieticians See Bermuda Government Boards.
Board of Education See Bermuda Government Boards.
Board of Immigration See Bermuda Government Boards.
Board of Medical Laboratory Technologists See Bermuda Government Boards.
Board of Occupational Therapists See Bermuda Government Boards.
Board of Physiotherapists See Bermuda Government Boards.
Board of Radiographers See Bermuda Government Boards.
Board of Speech Therapists See Bermuda Government Boards.
Board of Trustees Hotel & Restaurant Pension Plans Christensen Building, 55 Dundonald Street, Hamilton HM 10. Phone 292-7639
Board of Trustees of the Golf Courses See Bermuda Government Boards.
Board of Works & Engineering See Bermuda Government Boards.
Bodywork's Dance - a - cise Dance with exercise to get fit, call 236 6608 or 236 6425. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 am and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 5:30 PM. Astwood Hall, Church Street, Hamilton and at Harrington Sound School
Boundaries Commission See Bermuda Government Boards.  
Boys & Girls Clubs of Bermuda Government Bermuda Chapter, c/o Department of Youth and Sport. For middle and high school teenagers who are economically challenged. A haven and a club for after-school activities such as homework, sports, crafts, health programs and social activities. 
Bridging the Gap Academy Home School RC 624
Broad Arrow Lodge Freemasons Hall, Reid Street, Hamilton
Broadcasting Commissioners See Bermuda Government Boards.
Budokan Karate Club  
Building Appeals Tribunal See Bermuda Government Boards.

B (13) and C

Business and Professional Women's Association of Bermuda (BPWA) P. O. Box HM 2282, Hamilton HM HX. Telephone (441) 236-4201. Founded in 1975 by the late Dame Marjorie Bean of Bermuda, affiliated with the International Federation of Business and Professional Women. RC 353
Business Bermuda (BB) Formerly Bermuda International Business Association (BIBA). The Windsor Place, 1st Floor, 22 Queen Street, Hamilton, HM 12. Tel: 441.292.0632. Fax: 441.292.1797. Trade association for an elite group of Bermudian companies. They assist the Government in periodic legislative and regulatory changes in offshore international business. Government gives an annual grant.
Buy Back Bermuda Since 2004. A volunteer campaign/charity which raises funds to purchase land and save it from development. A collaboration between the Bermuda National Trust and Bermuda Audubon Society. It has bought plots of land to turn into nature reserves at Eve's Pond in Hamilton Parish, Evans Bay Pond in Southampton and Somerset East Long Bay.
Byte Class of Bermuda  
Caledonian Society of Bermuda A Scottish society founded in Bermuda in 1936. Known for ceilidhs, St. Andrew's Ball, New Year/Hogmanay Ball, Burns Supper and more.
Calvin (Bunny) Symonds Community Foundation Calvin Symonds, PLP MP Dale Butler, community activist Raymond Russell and Leroy (Nibs) Lewis.
Cannabis Reform Collaborative Formed in 2014 to determine if legislative changes are needed. In April 2016 many of the sweeping changes proposed by it remain on the shelf two years after they were presented to the Bermuda Government.
CARE Computer Services - Scholarship Fund Telephone 292-0915. RC 511
Cancer Assistance Research Foundation (CARF) RC 651
Capoeira Association of Bermuda Brazilian martial arts. It incorporates maculete, performed with blades and maracutu, using sticks.
Caron Bermuda Alcohol addiction charity
CARTEL Anti-gang charity. Cartel — Challenging and Reclaiming the True Essence of Life — is led by pastor, certified counselor, and gang mediator Leroy Bean
Casino Gaming Commission See Bermuda Government Boards
Cats Bermuda A charity tending to homeless cats.  Caring for homeless cats keeps the animals from becoming a nuisance or getting injured in the search for food.
Cat Fanciers Association Meeting, Mariners Club, Richmond Road, Pembroke.
Cathedral Boys Choir Anglican Cathedral, Hamilton.
Cavalry Gospel Chapel Southampton, Bermuda
Cave Diving Association Furniture maker Andrew Mello is President.
Cedarbridge Academy Board of Governors See Bermuda Government Boards
Cedarbridge Academy Library Monday-Friday. Open to students of this school and their parents.
Cedarbridge Academy PTSA RC 583
Celiac Support Group of Bermuda RC 363
The Centre 3 Angle Street, Hamilton. 292-1343 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday except holidays. Youth activity.
Centre Against Abuse Phone 292-4366 during office hours or via a 24-hour hotline at 297-8278
Centre for Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Stables Building, 91 Reid Street East, Hamilton HM 19. Phone  295 5982. Fax 295 6016. RC 102
Centre for Community and Family Mediation 4 Wesley Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 296-5437. Helps to resolve family disputes and inequities, as a preferred first step before going to the Human Rights Commission if necessary.
Centre for Human Concern St. Theresa's Rectory, Hamilton. Phone 292-4791.
Centre for Justice Since January 2012. Non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan, the brainchild of former Human Rights Commissioner (HRC) Venous Memari. Promotes understanding of human rights and the law through education and advocacy.  Registered as a Bermuda charity, has a board of directors 
Centre for The Jewish Community in Bermuda  
Centre On Philanthropy

Phone 236-7706. Fax 236-7693. Charities House,  25 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04. Partners with charities, volunteers, donors, and volunteers. RC 335  

Certified General Accountants Association of Bermuda H. P. House, 21 Laffan Street, Hamilton HM 09. Or P. O. Box HM 3385, Hamilton HM PX. Phone 239-4010. Fax 239-4011. Professional Study program. Affiliated with the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada.
Certified Management Accountants The professional management accounting organization in the Canadian Maritime provinces and Bermuda.
Chaine des Rotisseurs Bermuda chapter of French gourmet club for those with a passion for food and wine. Membership by invitation. Some events are multi-course dinners with wines.
Chardre Yawana Scholarship Foundation RC 628
Champions Private Sports Club 73 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12
Charles Bascome Music Scholarship RC 602
Charity Commissioners Charities Act 1978. The statutory board which decides on applications for charitable status. A government board with a chairperson picked by the government. Applications for status renewal are considered by the Charity Commissioners and they make recommendations to the Registrar General, who makes the final decision.
Chartered Professional Accountants of Bermuda (CPA Bermuda). Second Floor, Boyle Building, 31 Church Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 1625, Hamilton HM GX. Telephone (441) 292-7479. Fax: (441) 295-3121 Incorporated in 1973, affiliated with the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA). CPA Bermuda was established to support the unification of the Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified General Accountant (CGA) and the Chartered Accountant (CA) designations under one organization in Bermuda.
Clara Mohammed School, IPTSA  
Child Abuse Referral Line Hotline 293-KIDS (293-5437). After 5pm call 911 to speak to an on-call Social Worker at 294-870.
Child Care Placement Board See Bermuda Government Boards
ChildWatch Suite 1080, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton. Phone 234-2858. A men's group interested in changes in the law to better serve fathers of non-custodial children. It wants divorced fathers to be given equal access to their children. It states: Presently men are regarded as an ATM machine rather than a parent. Fathers are unilaterally made in essence to be third-rate parents after divorce or separation. They are alienated from their child.
Child's Wish RC 501
China Bermuda Society Set up in 2003 by Bermudian law firm Milligan-White and Smith, to promote links between the People's Republic of China and Bermuda. 
Christian Business Association Network (CBAN) RC 652
Church Girls' Brigade Meets Thursdays at St. Paul's Christian Education Centre, Paget. Phone 236-0337.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints RC 556
City of Hamilton Guided Walking Tour From Visitors' Service Bureau to Fort Hamilton. Monday 10 am
Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda (CURB) 3rd Floor, Bermudiana Arcade, 27 Queen Street, Hamilton. Phone 542-2872. An anti-racist, inter-ethnic movement dedicated to the elimination of racism.
City Market Association Since October 2006. A group of vendors and farmers that from November meets at Bull's Head, Hamilton. A local market that offers local farmers, fishermen, gardeners and artisans a venue to sell produce, farm-related items, plants and crafts directly to residents and visitors alike. 
City Trotters Walking Club of Bermuda A walking club. Sunday walk at 7:00 am at Albuoy's Point, rain or shine
Circulo Hispanico Informal bi-weekly gathering in Spanish/Central or South American/language and culture. Beginners to native speakers. Phone 295-7506 by day or 238-0724 evenings.
Clara Mohammed School IPTSA RC 647
Clearwater Middle School PTA RC 504
Club de la Boule Gourmande Petanque or boule every second Sunday of the month, 1-3 pm. Bermuda College. Call Riquette at 296-5676 for further information or fax 296-5678
 Club Consulaire des Bermudes Consuls are members. Their functions include serving their nationals residing locally and visitors to Bermuda from their countries. They have diplomatic links with Bermuda via the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office in London. Consulates are normally open Mondays to Fridays. Always call ahead for an appointment. 
Coalition for the Protection of Children 4 Wesley Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone 24-hour hotline 295-1150. Fax 295-2430. A part of the Family Resources Network Charitable Trust. RC 334
Coalition for the Rights of Long Term Residents Contact the Bermuda-Portuguese Association or the West Indian Association. IIn the democratic countries of USA, UK, Canada, etc. citizenships are routinely granted after 5 years residence  or after 3 years of residence and marriage to a citizen, to law-abiding applicants. But not in Bermuda. 
Cobbs Hill Methodist Church Built by slaves in the moonlight. 
Co-Dependents Anonymous (CODA) Support group for those interested in healthy, fulfilling relationships. Meets Saturdays 5 to 6:30 pm, admission free, all welcome, phone 236-1120.
Commission for Unity and Racial Equality (CURE) See Bermuda Government Boards.  Melbourne House, Suite 202. 11 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM KX. Telephone (441) 296-0613 or fax (441) 296-9142.
Committee for a National Policy on Disabilities Established in 2005 to determine guiding principles; recommend policy objectives in the areas of access, communication, education, training, health, housing and transportation; and to identify overall goals and objectives for each area. Their report has been completed and the Government has accepted the recommendations with the 155 objectives. The resultant committee is the National Accessibility and Advisory Council. This body has met and have reviewed the recommendations to develop a plan of action.
Committee of 25 for Handicapped Children P. O. Box HM 927, Hamilton HM DX, or at thrift shop the Bargain Box. Midsea Lane, Serpentine Road, Pembroke. Phone 292-4324 or fax 296- 0296. Charity, equipment and facilities for handicapped children. Established 1952. RC 015
Community Rehabilitation Services Helps clients with recognized enduring mental health problems. Teams of psychologists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation therapists, physiatrists and social workers work on cases. Call Chris Tuckett at 236-3770 ext 3309.
Community Service Centre Wednesdays 10 am  to 12 noon and Sundays 2-4 pm. Free distribution of clothing and other items at Midland Heights SDA church, Crawl Hill.
Computer Society of Bermuda (CSB) P. O. Box HM 1479, Hamilton HM FX. Phone (441) 292-3302. Incorporated in 1986 as a professional association for people involved in Information Technology. RC 535
Construction Association of Bermuda P. O. Box HM 238, Hamilton HM AX, Bermuda. Telephone 292-0633 or fax 292-0564. Alex M. DeCouto, President. 
Consumer Affairs Board Ministry of Community Affairs and Sport. See Bermuda Government Boards
Continental Society of Bermuda  Established in 1962 to help with the plight of disadvantaged children. Formed as an affiliate of Continental Societies Inc, an American organization founded in 1956 with chapters throughout the USA. 2002 president is Kennette Robinson. RC 006
Contributory Pensions Appeal Tribunal See Bermuda Government Boards
Cornerstone Phone 234-4022. 4 Oriel Lane, Scott's Hill Road, Sandys MA 04. Adult day care center for seniors and independent residential care.
Cornerstone Bible Fellowship 82 Church Street East, Hamilton. Non-denominational
Council for Allied Health Professionals Established in 2006, it promote patient interests and exercise discipline over practitioners. It has a Preliminary Proceedings Committee, set up to investigate complaints – with serious complaints referred to a Professional Conduct Committee which can hand out fines of up to $2,000, suspend a person’s registration for a year or even bar them.
Council for Caribbean Unity Contact Trevor Fyfe
Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse P. O. Box HM 2304, Hamilton HM JX. Telephone 295 5982.
Council Partners Charitable Trust Formed March 1, 1996. P. O. Box DV 753, Devonshire DV BX. Telephone 296 3130 or fax 296 3129. RC 418
Country Line Dancing Mariners Club, Hamilton, admission $5, call 232 2791 or 236 7446. Wednesday 7:30 to 9:30 pm
Court Commissioners See Bermuda Government Boards
Craig Bean Memorial Fund RC 635
Crime Stoppers Bermuda Telephone toll free 1-800-623-8477. A confidential service to combat crime in Bermuda, specifically including the scourge of illegal drugs. RC 410
Criminal Injuries Compensation Board A crime victim compensation program to provide financial compensation to victims of violent or personal crime. See Bermuda Government Boards C/o The Supreme Court, 113 Front Street, Hamilton HM12. Phone: (441) 292-1350. Fax: (441) 292-2268. 
CUBI Girls Club The Centre, Angle Street, Hamilton
CURB See under Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda
Cynergy Racing For souped-up British Seagull engines. One of four Seagull clubs.


Daughters of the American Revolution, Somer's Isles Chapter Bermuda branch of the most powerful ladies' organisation in the United States.
De Boys Day Out Club Milton Richardson. Emotional and social development of young boys. Senior and junior groups. RC 625
Defence Board See Bermuda Government Boards
Defence Exemption Tribunal See Bermuda Government Boards
Defence Medical Board See Bermuda Government Boards
Dellwood Middle School Parents and Teachers Association  
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Bermuda Alumnae Chapter 596 Founded January 13, 1913. Sisterhood, Scholarship, service
Denton Hurdle Memorial Scholarship Fund RC 237
Development Applications Board See Bermuda Government Boards
Devonshire Parish Home RC 343
Devonshire Rest Home 3 Long Range Hill, Devonshire DV 05. Phone 292-1378. Fax 296-1182. Independent residential care.
Devonshire Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards
Devonshire Recreation Club 20 Frog Lane, Devonshire DV 01.
Devil's Isle All Breed Club Dogs-related
Diabetes Resource Centre Beacon House, Beacon Street, Hamilton. People can get their blood sugar tested and pick up supplies of insulin and syringes here, while patients without adequate insurance coverage can get financial assistance from Bermuda Diabetes Association. Telephone 297-8427 or 29-SUGAR for more information.
District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Bermuda Bermuda branch of freemasons from the Supreme Grand Royal Arch of Scotland. Four chapters make up the Bermuda District: the Atlantic Chapter, Celtic Chapter, St. Andrew Chapter and the Hamilton Royal Arch Chapter.
Diversity Institute of Bermuda Bermuda College. An educational organization trying to teach racial equality, in conjunction with the Commission for Unity and Racial Equality (CURE) .Phone 239-4094. RC 526
Dolphin Swim Team of Bermuda RC 430
Dog Training Club of Bermuda P. O. Box HM 1406, Hamilton HM FX, Bermuda. Telephone 238-1043. Fax 238-2491. Formed in 1964 to encourage and develop dog training. Also see Bermuda All Breed Club.
Doctors of Medicine See Medical Practitioners
Dressage Group With regular meetings.
Dragonflies Youth Social Group Provides educational and emotional support for youngsters affected by chronic illnesses, including lupus, whether as patients, family members or friends. 
Driving Horse and Pony Club of Bermuda (DHPC) With regular events at their Vesey Street, Devonshire facility.  Harness racing is a worldwide sport but in Bermuda the challenge of racing has higher demands due to the size and shape of the DHPC racetrack. This sport requires dedication, determination and commitment from its competitors. The Club's Executive Committee is committed to working together to ensure a strong foundation by which the sport of harness racing can continue to develop and grow.
Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, Bermuda RC 540. In 2017 Traci Burgess was the national director of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Bermuda. Phone 537.4868.
The Dynamic Bermuda Allstar Majorette & Dance Group  


East End Mini Yacht Club Convict Bay, St. Georges GE 05. Telephone 297 0558
East End Primary School PTA RC 225
Eastern Counties Cricket Association Members are St David’s County Cricket Club, Cleveland County Cricket Club, Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club and Flatts Victoria Recreation Club
Eastern Lioness Club Meets third Tuesday each month, supper meeting, Grotto Bay Hotel, Hamilton Parish 8 pm. Phone 292-2820 days. Lionesses from abroad welcome. RC  495
Eastern Lions Club Swizzle Inn, Hamilton Parish, supper meeting. Second & fourth Monday, 7:30 pm. RC 127
E-Commerce Advisory Board See Bermuda Government Boards.
Economic Development Committee (EDC) See Bermuda Government Boards. 2013 Bermuda Government initiative intended to cut down on the bureaucracy and move projects forward faster.
Eden Project Environmental topics. Suite 1063, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 12. RC 571
EEMA Emergency Relief Fund  East End Ministerial Association. RC 322
Egmont Bermuda The Bermuda Chapter of Egmont Group, international anti-money laundering association formed in April 2007. The Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units (FIU) is an international association of FIUs. The grouping More than 100 countries have created FIUs, national organizations that collect information on suspicious or unusual financial activity. If evidence of unlawful activity is found, the matter is passed to the Public Prosecutor.  
Elder Home Care Services P. O. Box HM 3060, Hamilton HM NX. Phone 292-1100 or 292-1103. Fax 292-2684. Health and social homecare services for recovering, disabled, senior citizen and chronically ill. Fee for services.
Electricity Supply Trade Union Established April 1965. A member of the Bermuda Trade Union Congress. Represented on the Labor Advisory Council and National Training Board, both mentioned by name in Bermuda Government Boards
Eliza Doolittle Society Serving the homeless of Bermuda with charity walks and other functions. Founded in 2000. Phone 333-4483, or P. O. Box HM 2216, Hamilton HM JX. It is estimated more than 80% of Bermuda street people have a drug and or alcohol problem.
Elliott School Parent/Teacher Association RC 063
Emerald Isle Society Meets third Friday of each month. Phone 292-6889 evenings. Primarily for Irish nationals resident in Bermuda. Always celebrates St. Patrick's Day with a fine, black-tie 5-course dinner, with everything in green, white and gold and an Irish entertainer flown in. There are also two nearby streets in the saint's honor - St. Patrick's Close and St. Patrick's Road.
Emergency Medical Technicians Association 27 Southcourt Avenue, Paget PG 06. Telephone 291 0850. Some are Bermuda Hospitals Board, others are Bermuda Fire Service.
Employee Assistance Program 133 Front Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 381, Hamilton HM BX. Telephone (441) 292-9000.  Fax (441) 292-8002. Assists businesses and employers in a drug free (alcohol, narcotics and tobacco) workplace
Employment Law Alliance An international body of lawyers interested in labor law, represented in Bermuda by Juliana Jack.
Employment Tribunal Investigates breaches by Bermuda employers of the Employment Act 2000. Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, Bermuda Government
Energy Commission See Bermuda Government Boards
English Speaking Union The Cedars, Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM 10. Telephone 292-7684. Not a union at all but a cultural organization established in England in 1918 to promote understanding and friendship. The Bermuda branch was established in 1922 and held its first meeting at the long-gone Hamilton Hotel. It has about 165 members.
Environmental Authority See Bermuda Government Boards
Environmental Coalition (ECO) Formed in 2002 to act as an umbrella group. Led by Stuart Hayward.
Essential Industries Disputes Board See Bermuda Government Boards
Ethiopian World Federation Inc. Emperor Menelik II Local # 4 Bermuda RC 634
Ethiopian World Federation Inc. Emperor Menelik II The Ethiopian Fund RC 636
Evangelical Church of Bermuda  
Ewan Sampson Scholarship Trust RC 500
Ex - Artillerymen's Association Francis House, 72 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 292-0824. Fax 292-5313. 70 years old in September 2002.
Executive Women's Golf Association (EWGA)

Since 2012. The Bermuda Chapter has held informational sessions. Spearheaded by Gina Bassett, a banking executive, this initiative has been initially funded by the Department of Tourism and supported by golf directors from the Bermuda’s golf courses. The international organization consists of more than 14,000 members in over 125 countries and have corporate partners including the PGA, Golf Digest, Golf World and the Golf Channel. The newly formed Bermuda chapter is working with local golf courses, restaurants, beauty shops and sports stores to offer their members benefits and discounts.


Fair Haven Christian Care Association 61 Verdmont Road, P. O. Box FL 474, Flatts, FL BX.. Telephone 295 2319 or fax 295 3686. Runs an 18-bed drug treatment program for women. RC 318
Family Centre 2018. May 3. The Family Centre yesterday took over the former headquarters of children’s home charity the Sunshine League.  
Family Learning Center A private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to strengthening children and families who are experiencing social and related difficulties. 91 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 19. Telephone 295-1116 or fax 292-8815. RC 378
Family Resource Network Charitable Trust 38 Mount Hill, Pembroke HM 09. Phone 295-1150. Fax 295-2430. RC 509
Family Support Group For families of those in Bermuda who have a mental illness. Mental Welfare Officers are co-facilitators. Meets at 5:30 pm on Wednesdays at St. Brendan's.
Fathers in Action A men's group interested in changes in the law to better serve fathers of non-custodial children
Fathers'  Resource Center A part of the Family Resources Network Charitable Trust. A men's group interested in changes in the law to better serve fathers of non-custodial children. RC 493
Festival for the Advancement of the Performing Arts RC 202
Financial Assistance Board See Bermuda Government Boards
Financial Intelligence Agency See Bermuda Government Boards
Financial Planning Association of Bermuda Launched in March 2003. 
Financial Services Authority Appointed by the Government of Bermuda, which created it, as a competent regulatory authority.
Fire Services Advisory Board See Bermuda Government Boards
Fire Services Association, Bermuda Established 1976. The trade group for all Bermuda Fire Service Officers. It has a representative on the Labor Advisory Council and Public Service Superannuation Board, both see Bermuda Government Boards
First Church of God, Inc. Telephone 295-6080 or 295-7800. First Church Lane, North Shore, Pembroke East
Flash Point Racing One of four local clubs racing British Seagull outboard engines
Focus Counseling Service A free support center for those with drug and/or alcohol addiction. Elliott Street, Hamilton. RC 371. Founder Sandy Butterfield, cell 532-1292. Focus opens its doors at 8am, serving as a safe haven for those in need while providing food and drink, advocacy, job opportunities, spiritual guidance and support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. It houses 18 people in supportive residency, many of whom are based on a 3.3-acre St George’s property, which is up for sale.
Foster Parents Association RC 620

To donate or learn more about the Foster Parents’ Association, call 505-7764.

Francis Patton School PTA RC 277
Freemasonry in Bermuda There are three Grand Lodges represented in Bermuda: The United Grand Lodge of England with 5 Lodges under a Grand Inspector; District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Bermuda with 4 Chapters under a Grand Superintendent; and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Bermuda, Irish Constitution under the Grand Lodge of Ireland with 4 Lodges (postal address is The Provincial Grand Lodge of Bermuda, Irish Constitution, PO Box HM 2295, Hamilton HM JX, Bermuda). In late May 2006, there was the Consecration of The District Grand Lodge of Bermuda on the Grand Registry of the United Grand Lodge of England. The District Grand Lodge of Bermuda embraces all five local lodges of the English Constitution. The first Provincial Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of Bermuda is Robert William Rego, JP. A Hamilton businessman, he was upgraded from the status he has held since 2004 as Grand Inspector of local English Freemasonry when he took over from Charles W. Kempe, who was some ten years in the post. They were in succession to a line dating to 1928 when the first Grand Inspector was appointed. Freemasonry existed in Bermuda in 1744-45 (earliest historical record), when the Earl of Strathmore, then Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of both England and Scotland, appointed Governor Allured Popple as Provincial Grand Master for the Islands of Bermuda. Oldest Lodges are Prince Alfred No 233 (EC), originally chartered under the Moderns in 1792 as No 507, and later in 1801 under the Ancients, Lodge St. George No 200 (SC), date of Charter 7th August 1797 and Atlantic Phoenix No 224 (EC) date of Charter 9th August 1797. The latter two celebrated 200 years in 1997. Some other organizations include Royal Order of Scotland, Royal Arch, Rose Croix and Knights Templar. The Masonic Temple is at Khyber Pass, Warwick. In Bermuda, the Freemasons’ umbrella organisation is the Bermuda Shrine Club.

The following meet periodically:

  • Abercorn Lodge No 123 (IC) in Hamilton
  • Atlantic Chapter No. 195.
  • Atlantic Phoenix No. 224 (EC)
  • Bermuda Garrison No 580 (IC)
  • Bermuda Installed Masters No 9271 (EC)
  • Bermuda Mark Lodge No. 33.
  • Bermuda Chapter, Royal Arch No. 224.
  • Broad Arrow No 1890 (EC)
  • District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Bermuda
  • Friendship & Harmony Lodge No 894 (IC). Warwick
  • Garrison Lodge, Warwick
  • Hannibal Lodge No 224 (IC) in St. George's
  • Lodge Civil & Military No 726 (SC)
  • Lodge of Loyalty No 358 (EC)
  • Lodge St. George No 200 (SC)
  • Lodge Somers Isles No. 1503 (SC)
  • Knights Templar Bermuda Preceptory No. 38.
  • Prince Alfred Lodge No 233 (EC)
  • Rose Croix Bermuda Chapter No. 24.
  • Royal Ark Mariner Bermuda Loyalty Lodge No. 33.
  • Royal Order of Scotland.
  • Royal Victoria Chapter No. 1890.

(EC) = English     (SC) = Scottish        (IC) = Irish

Freemasons Fund for Bermuda (FFBB) The fundraising arm for all 13 Masonic lodges on the Island. It’s donated more than $200,000 to charities since it was established a few years ago.  Bermuda is considered unique because, despite its relatively small size, it has representatives of the Grand Lodges of England, Ireland and Scotland. Each of the lodges is a member of the FFFB and contributes accordingly. Donations are not made to religious, political or Masonic organizations, Freemasons or their families. RC  197
Friends of the Bermuda National Library c/o of the library. RC 309
Friends of the Bermuda Railway Trail (FBRT) Charity set up in March 2013 to help promote the Railway Trail as a community and tourist resource. Founding members are:Allied World Assurance Company Ltd, Ironshore Insurance Ltd, Montpelier Reinsurance Ltd, Renaissance Reinsurance Ltd, Jay Nichols; a senior Reinsurance executive who once lived on the island and loves the Trail; and a small family foundation supported by the Murphy family of Salt Kettle. 
Friends of Dockyard Trust, The 5 Freeport Road, Sandys Parish. Telephone 234-0211
Friends of Hospice RC 391
Friends of Lefroy House Association Lefroy House, P. O. Box MA 118, Mangrove Bay, MA BX. Phone 234-0525 or 234-2152. Lefroy House near Dockyard is a home for seniors. Promotes the involvement of relatives and friends, to raise funds to help residents. RC 393.
Friends of the College Library (FOCL) RC 607
Friends of the Reading Clinic  
Friends of Verdmont Meets third Friday each month (Except July and August) at Bermuda National Trust headquarters, Waterville, Paget, 3:30 pm. A volunteer group aiding in preservation of Verdmont. Call 236-6483.
Friendship Chapter # 2 Order of the Eastern Star RC 007
Friendship Garden Club With regular meetings


Garden Club of Bermuda Telephone D. Burville at 292-7991 or 232-2213. Gives horticultural scholarships. RC 354
General Improvement Area Tribunal See Bermuda Government Boards
Generation Next Youth group 
Geoffrey Tankard Memorial Foundation RC 184
German Association For German nationals resident in Bermuda. 
Gilbert Institute Parent Teachers Association RC 122
Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Bermuda The AGM is in March. RC 333
Gina Spence Productions in Christ RC 856. Gina Spence is a community activist.  
Girlguiding Bermuda The Secretary, P. O. Box HM 3125, Hamilton HM NX. Phone 292-0675 or 292-5909
Global Archive Foundation RC 639
Golden Hour Club For senior citizens. First and third Wednesday of each month at Peace Lutheran Church Hall, South Road, Paget, 10 am to 12 noon. Call 236-6353.
Government Employees (Health Insurance) Appeals Tribunal See Bermuda Government Boards
Government Employees (Health Insurance) Management Committee See Bermuda Government Boards
Grace Rejuvenation Centre Senior Day Activities, Pembroke
Grateful Bread Phone 296-8444.Juliana Snelling, her Grateful Bread team and a growing cadre of volunteers help to bring some festive cheer and a sense of acceptance and love.
Greenrock Founded in 2003. Encourages societal and environmental harmony, thereby making Bermuda socially, economically and environmentally sustainable for future generations.
Guidance and Rehabilitation for Able Children's Enhancement (Grace) Support group for parents with special needs children. Second Tuesday of each month. Friendship Vale School, Warwick, 6:30 pm. Call Mrs. Furbert at 292-0543 in advance
Guild of the Holy Compassion (The) RC 142. Mailing Address P.O. Box HS 113, Harrington Sound, HS BX. Founded in 1918 by LN (Dickie) Tucker OBE after he was present on New Year's Day for the funeral of US sailor Thomas Crealy. His father the Rev Arthur Tucker, had conducted the service and a shipmate had asked the lad to help. Formed in 1919 as another aspect of the Bermuda Sailors Home he also founded. The Guild tends the graves of merchant seamen who died in Bermuda waters and are buried here. (The Guild also began laying wreaths at sea for sailors lost in Bermuda waters in December 1988). The Guild is still responsible for the upkeep of about 25 sailors’ graves at St Peter’s Church in St George’s, including Mr Crealy’s. It conducts an annual wreath- laying ceremony to commemorate sailors who have died in Bermuda. The annual wreath laying normally takes place in the summer and Guild members normally go out on one of the container ships or a cruise liner and conduct the ceremony off Five Fathom Hole. These days, sailors who die in Bermuda tend to be shipped home, so there are not many new graves to take care of. But the Guild pay a maintenance fee in Bermuda to the churchyards concerned, or graveyards involved to keep Mr Tucker’s vision alive.
Guild of Stitchery With regular meetings


Habitat for Humanity of Bermuda Phone 295-1150 or fax 295-2430. Has the power to hold up to 2 acres of land. RC 557
Hamilton Jaycees Meets third Tuesday each month, Stephenson Room, Wesley Methodist Church, Church Street, 6:30 pm. 
Hamilton Lioness Club RC 251
Hamilton Lions Club Weekly luncheon every Wednesday at MR Onions. $18 for buffet lunch. Visitors are welcome. 292-6374 for information. RC 018
Hamilton Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards
Hamilton Parish Workman's Club Crawl Hill, Hamilton Parish CR 01. Telephone 293 1455
Hamilton Rotary Club Meets Tuesdays, 12:30 pm, Chamber of Commerce Building, Front Street, Hamilton. Overseas Rotarians welcome. RC 278
Hamilton Trust Company Ltd as Trustee of the Andrew Morrison Charitable Trust RC 606
Hands of Love Mission Helps with the homeless and needy, distributes 2nd hand clothing and food to the homeless and single parents. Phone 238-7368 at P. O. Box HM 3281, Hamilton HM PX. Camp Hill, Southampton. RC 421
Hannibal Lodge Old Maid's Lane, St. George's. Freemasons.
Happy Place of Bermuda (Praca de Aleria da Bermuda) RC 637
Happy Seniors Club  Meets Tuesdays at Hamilton Adventist Center, 11:30 am to 3 pm. Call 292-0654 or 292-2160
Harbour Amateur Swimming Club Telephone Secretary Leah K. Scott. RC 203
Harbour Nights An initiative begun in 1993 by the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce. Every Wednesday 17 weeks a year from May through August. 
Harrington Sound Primary School Association RC 011
Harrington Sound Parent Teacher Association.  RC. 
Harrington Sound Primary School Association.  Registered charity 011
Health Insurance Association of Bermuda (HIAB) P. O. Box HM 1007, Hamilton. Established in 1970 with The Hospital Insurance Act 1970. Every employer and every self employed person with a non working spouse has to be insured for at least minimum benefits, either through the Bermuda Government's Department of Social Insurance or a member of HIAB. 
Health & Fitness Professionals Call Ann Mello at 1 (441) 292 5229
Health & Safety Advisory Council See Bermuda Government Boards
Health Watch Belvedere Building, Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke, call 291 1069. Third Thursday each month,  5:30 pm
Herb Harden 35 St. Anne's Road, Southampton SN 01. Phone 238-5430. Adult day care center for seniors.
Heron Bay School PTA RC 489
Heritage and Cultural Trail Walk From East Gate of the Cabinet Building. Tuesday, 10:30 am
Heydon Trust "Quarry Cottage" Main Road, Somerset. Phone 234-1831 or fax 234-2367. Residences for seniors. It maintains the property and programs of the Trust for the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ without emphasis on any denomination. RC 079
Hibiscus Garden Club Since 1959 when members of the St. Mary's Church Guild with a passion for flowers and gardening sought to further their interest by applying for membership in the Garden Club of Bermuda. When their applications were not accepted because of their color they formed this club.  Meets second Wednesday each month, 1 pm at St. Mary's Church Hall, Lorraine Drive, off Middle Road, Warwick.
His House RC 381
Historic Buildings Advisory Committee (HBAC) Lists various buildings in the City of Hamilton and beyond
Historic Dockyard Tour, Talk & Walk From Anchor Fountain. Various days, call 234-1709, about US$ 5 a person
Home Grown Alternatives Locally hand-made products from a collaborative group of artists/craftspeople.
Hope Ministries RC 587
Hospitals 7 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04 and in Devonshire. See web site or in emergency telephone 236 2345
Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda (HAB) P. O. Box HM 1023, Hamilton HM DX. Phone 236-2488. Fax 236-4256. Since March 14, 1963. A major public spirited volunteer  organization. Its Pink Ladies, Candy Stripers (since 1964) and Pink Men supply constant volunteer service. Volunteers work throughout the hospitals - King Edward VII, its Pink Cafe, Gift Shop, Mid Atlantic Wellness Centre, its Tuck Shop and at the Barn. RC 014
Hospital Insurance Commission See Bermuda Government Boards
Hotel Employers of Bermuda (HEB) Contact via the Bermuda Hotel Association. The bargaining and labor relations organization, or trade union, representing hotels in Bermuda. At its AGM held at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club on Thursday 25th October 2018, Mr. Kiaran MacDonald was reappointed by the HEB members to serve a second two year term as the HEB President. Mr. MacDonald, the Regional Vice President, Caribbean 8: Mexico & General Manager, Fairmont Southampton, accepted his re-appointment.

The Hotel Pension Plan [HPP] is a private pension plan covering employees who work in a job classification covered by the collective bargaining agreement between the Hotel Employers of Bermuda and the Bermuda Industrial Union [BUI]. This Plan, known as the Hotel Pension Plan [HPP], was designed to provide a lifetime pension for those employees who work in the hotel industry until age 65, with at least 2 years of service within the industry. Employees automatically become a participant of the HPP as soon as they start work in a hotel whose conditions of employment are guided by the collective bargaining agreement between the Hotel Employers of Bermuda and the BUI. They can receive pension benefits at age 65 if they have enough service credit.  Should they continue to work in covered employment, within the hotel industry, they will no longer be required to make contributions to the Plan. The cost they will pay is subject to the amount negotiated via the Collective Bargaining Agreement, for example in 2018-2019 it is $0.46 for each compensated hour. The cost the hotel employer will pay on their behalf is also subject to the amount negotiated via the Collective Bargaining Agreement. For example, in 2018-2019 it is $0.52 for each compensated hour.  The day-to-day administration is handled by The Hotel Pension Fund Office under the direction of Mr. Dennis Tucker, Plan Administrator. The Trustees are responsible for investing all plan assets and adopting rules and regulations governing benefit payments. The Trustees are nominated by the Bermuda Industrial Union and the Hotel Employers of Bermuda (3 by each body), and approved by the Minister of Finance, who also appoints the Chairman of the Board. Pension payments start as soon as the employee has met all of the requirements such as age and service and files a completed Pension Application form. Payments are made on the first day of the month.

Hotel Liaison Committee Gives annual awards to hotels, guest houses and other deserving commercial guest properties achieving the highest standards during their tourism, fire and heath inspections. 
Hotel Licensing Appeal Tribunal See Bermuda Government Boards
HOUSE (House of Unity and Self-Empowerment) Since September 2014.  A charity aimed at uniting the community through the empowerment of the Island’s men. Founder Antoine Bean, to help reverse the plight of males in Bermuda. The organization has secured a property that it hopes to convert into a men’s emergency shelter, and also aims to provide a 24-hour emergency hotline. For local men afflicted by anger and frustration at being unemployed, and in many cases having the lack of the necessary education and life skills to be employed.
House of Azores, Bermuda Represents the interests of the Portuguese Azores community in Bermuda. 
Howard Academy/Skinner Alumni Association  
Hub 1 Steering Committee Business owners in St George join in a team effort in the East End to market new features the town has to offer while also embracing its history. 
Human Resource Association P. O. Box HM 1534, Hamilton HM FX. Telephone 299 5943
Human Rights Commission (HRC) See Bermuda Government Boards Administers Bermuda Human Rights Act 1981.


Ikebana International Japanese art of flower arranging. First Bermuda chapter was formed by Kitten Ellison in 1977.
Immigration Appeals Tribunal

An independent tribunal on immigration matters.  See Bermuda Government Boards. The House of Assembly passed legislation establishing the tribunal in July 2011. It is designed to make the final decisions on grievances relating to issues such as Bermudian status, permanent residency and work permits. There are 12 members of the panel, revealed in the Official Gazette in February 2012.

Immigration Reform Working Group See Government Boards. Examines the issue of immigration policy, appointed in 2016 after a week of protests outside Parliament sparked by the controversial Pathways to Status legislation. The first meeting focused on the topic of children adopted from overseas by Bermudians and the rights and privileges that should be extended to them. Phone 500-4664..
Independent Order of Manchester City Oddfellows Masonic group, with Hamilton and Somerset districts. They have a Thanksgiving Service every October.
Indian Summer Basketball Club Phone 293-3048 or 293-1006. It had a successful 2001-2002 first season
Information Systems Audit and Control Association For 2003 info contact John Mayor at 298-4660.
Inspire Bermuda Since 2019. A charity that campaigns for people with disabilities It plans to carry out a review of educational opportunities for differently abled children. Sherrie Lynn Lilley, executive director. Ms Lilley lost her sight to a degenerative disease of the retina, retinitis pigmentosa, and launched Inspire Bermuda to help to create greater opportunities to people with disabilities. She said that the group wanted to find out where there were gaps and how existing services could be improved. Her hope is to introduce legislation to protect people with disabilities across all aspects of their lives
Institute for Talented Students RC 648
Institute of Bermuda Architects The Secretary, P. O. Box HM 2230, Hamilton HM JX. Telephone (441) 296-2917. Fax (441) 296-2253. Bermuda-based architects helped create the Architects Registration Act 1969.
Institute of Child and Family Health A part of the Family Resources Network Charitable Trust. Treatment for children and their families who have suffered the effects of psychological trauma. Meets Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Call 295-1150.
Institute of Chartered Arbitrators (ICA) C/o Conyers, Dill and Pearman, Clarendon House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 295-1422. Fax (441) 292-4720. A separate Bermuda chapter started on February 1, 1996 of the British institute founded in 1915, incorporated in 1924 and given a Royal Charter in 1979. 
Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators 1F Chancery Lane, Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda. P. O. Box HM 2522, Hamilton HM GX. Telephone (441) 292-7549. 
Institute of Directors (IOD) Bermuda Branch First founded in Bermuda in 1991. Went virtually extinct after 2004 until revitalized in 2012. It creates a central body to train directors. The local chapter is linked to the British Institute of Directors founded in London in 1903 with about 37,000 members worldwide. Membership spans the whole spectrum of international business leadership, from the largest international companies to the smallest private firms.
Institute of Financial Services  
Institute of Legal Executives P. O. Box HM 612, Hamilton HM CX. The local branch of this United Kingdom based professional body was established in 1986. Its members are lawyers engaged in private or public practice.

Institute of Marine Underwriters
P. O. Box HM 1561, Hamilton. Established in 1978 for companies writing marine business in Bermuda. A member of the International Union of Marine Insurance.
Institute of Risk Management A Bermuda  group was established in November 2007.
Insurance Advisory Committee See Bermuda Government Boards
Insurance Brokers Association (IBAB) P. O. Box HM 1752, Hamilton HM GX. Telephone (441) 295-4864. Fax: (441) 292-3982. Advances the interests of insurance intermediaries. Bermuda got international broking houses in the early 1970's. Earlier, brokers from London, New York, etc. visited Bermuda to place business. In the late 1970's, many occupied their own Bermuda offices. In 1980, they founded IBAB.
Integral Yoga Center Victoria Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-0190 evenings.
Inter-Agency Committee for Children & Families Telephone 295-1116. For more information about the IAC. The group has said Bermuda’s law on sexual exploitation should apply to anyone up to the age of 18 “to better protect all youth” from grooming.
International American Women's Club - Bermuda Since 1981, it includes women from many cultures and countries of the world. Call 238 0703. Lunch meeting regularly. RC 444
International Association for Financial Planning Bermuda chapter formed in May 1998, following a meeting of accounting & auditing, banking, legal, securities & trust executives. 
International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)  Bermuda Chapter since 1998.  P. O. Box HM 2553, Hamilton HM KX. RC 438
International Business Forum (IBF) Since 1990, a cadre of prominent business people, an advisory body to the Government and involved in Bermuda's business planning. 
International Charitable Fund of Bermuda Inc. P. O. Box HM 1624, Hamilton HM GX, Bermuda. Since 1994 as a non-profit 501(c) (3) charitable organization  to give US taxpayers the same benefit in contributing to Bermuda charities as US-based charities. RC 400
International Compliance Association (The). Dedicated to the furtherance of best compliance and anti money laundering practice in the financial services sector. 
International Dog Events Association (IDEA) Bermuda Local branch of international organization.
International Trust Companies Association Since May 1997, promotes global standards and education for the industry.
International Women's Club (IWC) PO Box HM 2247, Hamilton HM JX. Call 291 0761 for IWC or 238-0684 for new islanders. Membership club for new American, European and other nationals who work in Bermuda or whose spouses do.
Internet Policy Advisory Board (PAB) Announced in October 2010 by the Department of E-Commerce within the Ministry of Energy, Telecommunications and E-Commerce.
Ireland Island Sports Club Uses Moresby Plain in Somerset for games
Isaca Bermuda Chapter Aim is to sponsor local educational seminars and workshops, conduct regular chapter meetings, and help to further promote and elevate the visibility of the IS audit, control and security profession. 
  • local chapter news and announcements
  • local and regional events
  • features about fellow members
  • career opportunities
  • certification information
  • benefits of membership
  • member-only content
(ISC)² Bermuda Chartering Chapter Since January 2018. A local branch of The International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)²,  a non-profit organisation that specializes in training and certifications for cybersecurity professionals.
Islamic Centre of Bermuda RC 452
Island-wide Social Committee A seniors group

J to K

Jamaican Association (Bermuda) An organization of Jamaicans living and working in Bermuda. RC 611.
Jewish Community of Bermuda RC 643
Jubilee Sailing Trust Has a Bermuda representative. Promotes the integration of physically disabled and able-bodied men and women when sailing a tall ship at sea. It owns and operates two purpose-built tall ships.
Judges Council for Floral Art Pending
Junior Chamber International (JCI) Bermuda chapter was formed in 1952. A worldwide federation of young professionals from 18-40 years old. 
Just Between Us An informal self-help group of women who have had breast cancer surgery. RC 399
Justice for Men A men's group interested in changes in the law to better serve fathers of non-custodial children.
Junior Road Safety Council Formed in 2001 as a branch for young people of the Road Safety Council
Just Between Us RC 399
Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation (KAF)

Art education. Since 2006. RC. 

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Bermuda Alumni Chapter Has an annual Kappa Classic. More than 1,000 young boys and girls under the age of 16 take part in the three-day tournament, the biggest youth football tournament in Bermuda. 
Kardias Club of Bermuda In aid of the Women's Resource Center. P. O. Box HM 2496, Hamilton HM JX. RC 051.
Keep Bermuda Beautiful Court Street, Hamilton. Founded 1964. Hotline to report any littering seen throughout the island. 295-5142. RC 026
Kennel Club P. O. Box HM 1455, Hamilton HM FX. Telephone 295 4974. Voice mail 291 0391. Registration Officer 236 4117. Registration Fax 236 9569
Key Women of Bermuda RC 074
Kindermusik with Suzanne Run by music teacher Suzanne Dunkerley
King Edward VII Memorial Hospital 7 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04. See web site or in emergency telephone 236 2345
Kiwanis Club of Hamilton, Bermuda

Hamilton club P. O. Box HM 815, Hamilton HM BX. Phone (441) 293-4581. Serving the Bermuda community since 1971, formed at the suggestion of Judge John Keogh of Norwalk, CT. Three local clubs, see below. Division 26 (Bermuda) of the New England District of Kiwanis International. RC 119.

Kiwanis Club of St. George's Since 1988. K12512 (club ID number). Meetings at Ebenezer Methodist Church Hall, 7 York Street, St. George's, 0 GE 05. First Thursday each month, 7 pm. RC 485
Kiwanis Club of Sandys K14467 (club ID number). Meets at: Sandys Community Centre, Springfield, Somerset. Or write to P. O. Box MA 317, Mangrove Bay, MA BX. RC 502
Knowledge Quest RC 631
Korean Martial Arts Federation of Bermuda, The  


Labour Advisory Council See Bermuda Government Boards
L'Alliance Francaise des Bermudes The organization for French nationals and French-speaking locals. See Bermuda's Links with France. Every July 14, it celebrates Bastille Day. RC 537
Landscapers Association

Since 2011, representing landscaping, gardening and garden maintenance companies, a number of whom employ Portuguese and other nationals as gardeners or for gardening maintenance. Many home owners use their services. The Association has been working closely with the Ministry these past several months to address industry concerns regarding staffing levels and Work Permit restrictions.

Land Valuation Appeals Tribunal See Bermuda Government Boards
Land Opportunities for All Bermudians (LOAB) A lobby group formed in 2007 after protests against a new (2007) law which bars Bermudians married to foreigners from owning more than one property if the spouse is to contribute towards it.  
La Leche League of Bermuda Free information, encouragement and support for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Call 236-1120. RC 345
La Maison Francaise des Bermudes Holds French social conversation sessions weekdays at 10 am. For further information call 296-5676.
Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association (LCCA) International Center, Suite 211, Bermudiana Road, Hamilton. Mailing address P. O. Box HM 64, Hamilton HM AX. Phone (441) 292-1132 or fax (441) 295-7147. Established in 1932 by Lady Cubitt, wife of the then-Governor. General Assistance program helps locals with financial and emotional needs. A Patients Overseas Financial Aid program  sends patients in financial need overseas for medical and surgical treatments not available in Bermuda, with a pay-back program means-tested. Receives an annual grant from the Bermuda Government. RC 087
Law Reform Commission Proposed in the 2008 Throne Speech to ensure the constant review of legislation and to make the law responsive to the needs of society.
Law Reform Committee Ministry of Legislative Affairs. See Bermuda Government Boards
Learning Disabilities Association of Bermuda RC 397
Lefroy House See "Friends of Lefroy House." Ireland Island, Sandys. Phone 234-0525. Fax 234-2152. Adult day care center for seniors. Registered charity 393. Built by the Royal Navy in its Dockyard days as a shore-based hospital.
Legal Aid Committee Legal Aid Act 1980. See Bermuda Government Boards
Leisure Artists Group An organization of the International American Women's Club
Leopard's Club International 12 Brunswick Street and Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM 10. Telephone 295 6434 or fax 295 8559. Since August 2003, it has encouraged and permitted Las Vegas-style poker, crown and anchor, big wheel and poker.
Life Underwriters Association P. O. Box HM 717, Hamilton HM CX. Established in 1968, coinciding with the enactment of The Life Insurance Act. It controls and maintains a high standard of life insurance business in Bermuda.
The Lighthouse A residential facility for its patients in Smith's Parish, it provides comfort and respite to those with HIV.
Lions and Lioness Clubs of Bermuda P. O. Box SN 97, Southampton SN BX. Telephone 238 0029 
Lodge Civil & Military King Street, Hamilton
Lodge of Loyalty Freemasons Hall, Reid Street, Hamilton
Lodge St. George State House, King's Square, St. George's. Established 1797, Freemasons.
Lodge Somers Isles Hog Bay Level, Sandys
Lorraine Rest Home 4 Lorraine Drive, Warwick WK 05. Phone 236-5152. Adult day care center and residential home for seniors.
Losing Someone by Suicide Founded by Chris Gibbons in 2016 after the death of his daughter, Jessica, that year.
Loyal Hill Community Club  
Lupus Association of Bermuda A support group for lupus sufferers and individuals affected by lupus. Contact Ronisa deFontes, support coordinator, at 333-3393. RC 282


Marine Resources Board See Bermuda Government Boards
Mariners Rugby Football Club c/o Bermuda Sailor's Home, Richmond Road, Hamilton HM 08
Masterworks Foundation RC 259
Matilda Smith Williams Seniors Residence 3 Kent Avenue, Devonshire DV 07. Phone 236-8264 or 236-2958. Fax 236-3552. Assists individuals and families unable to  cope with their older members. Provides accommodation and care for live-in and daycare seniors . RC 145.
Matilda Smith Williams Home Ladies Auxiliary Meets at St. Paul's AME Church board room, Victoria Street, Hamilton
Meals on Wheels 103 South Road, Paget, PG 03. P. O. Box PG 312, Paget PG BX. Phone 236-1815 or 236-4152 (home). Fax 232-2070. Always needs volunteers. Supplies nourishing lunchtime cooked meals 4 days a week (Monday-Wednesday and Friday) for persons who for reasons of health cannot prepare meals for themselves. RC 109.
Mechanics Beneficial Association Mechanics Building, Hamilton. Telephone 295 7602.
Media Council of Bermuda Suite 1235, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11.
Medical Practitioners A register of Medical Practitioners under Section 6 (2) of the Medical Practitioners Act 1950 is maintained by the Bermuda Medical Society and Bermuda Hospitals Board, in the order in which they were registered in Bermuda.
Medical Reference Committee A Bermuda Government committee under the Motor Car Act 1951 to determine the fitness or otherwise of licensed Bermuda drivers, especially those over 75 years old. See Bermuda Government Boards
Medjugorje Peace Plan Group RC 436
Meet A Mum Association (MAMA) P. O. Box WK 418, Warwick WK BX. Telephone 291-3799. Members & non members. For mothers and nannies and in those new to motherhood/nannying or new to Bermuda. RC 431
Meeting Professionals International (PI) The Mid Atlantic (Bermuda) Chapter is an association of individuals responsible for planning conferences, special events and employee/client recognition. 
Mental Health Review Tribunal Mental Health Act 1968.  See Bermuda Government Boards
Menuhin Foundation HP House, 21 Laffan Street, Hamilton HM 09. Telephone 295 1393. P. O. Box HM 1179. Hamilton HM EX. John Campbell, Chairman. RC 118
Men on the Move A men's group interested in changes in the law to better serve fathers of non-custodial children
Mid Atlantic Athletic Club P. O. Box HM 1745, Hamilton HM GX. Founded 1977. Tuesdays, 2 mile fun run or other events, phone 292-1516
Mid Atlantic Boat and Sports Club 37 Seven Wells, North Shore Road, Devonshire DV 05. Phone 295-0172. Kitchen 296-2697.
Mid Atlantic Wellness Wellness Institute 44 Devon Spring Road, Devonshire. Phone 236 3770. Formerly St. Brendan's Hospital.
Mid Atlantic Wellness Institute Amenities Committee As above. RC 083.
Mid Island Striders Track Club Bill Euler, phone 799-2455. RC 598
Migrants Forum Committee A group representing migrant workers in Bermuda. Interested groups include Amnesty International Bermuda and Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda (CURB). They have a special interest re migrants in the Employment Act 2000 and its repercussions.
Millennium Fund Committee See Bermuda Government Boards
Mihdi Joon Fund RC 547
Mindfulness Practice Community of Bermuda Meets every Sunday at 5:14 pm to 6:44 pm at Manchester Union Building, 71 Victoria Street.
Ministers & Members Salaries Review Board Established by ex Premier Alex Scott in 2005, after consultations with the President of the Senate, Speaker of House of Assembly and Leader of the Opposition. See Bermuda Government Boards
Mirrors A charity devoted to getting young people’s lives back on track Mirrors had its budget slashed by a third by the last Progressive Labour Party government in 2011.  Celebrate in 2017 a decade of helping young people. Mentorship for the island’s young men had been sought in the 1990s by several local figures alarmed by antisocial behaviour at sports events. Uncommon Results, a global transformation programme founded in 1995 by life coach Mark Charley, was the blueprint for the Mirrors programme. Mirrors has taken on younger children from the island’s middle schools and in 2016 launched the SuperCamp Quantum Learning programme to deliver classroom skills. 
Mon Reve 14 Sound View Road, Somerset MA 05. Phone 234-2242. Adult day care center for seniors.
Montessori Education Trust, The RC 291
Mothers on a Mission 2017. November 27. A new support group formed by grieving mothers who have lost sons to violence.  led by Nicole Fox and Dee-Ah Iris, is already helping several mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers to deal with their loss. Mothers on a Mission has eight core members, including Ms Fox and Ms Iris, and has met every week for several months. The initiative has been backed by the Ministry of National Security and provides members with access to trained counselors and professional support agencies. 
Mount St. Agnes Academy Alumni Association RC 064
Mount St. Agnes Academy Home & School Association RC 200
Mount St. Agnes Foundation RC 220
Moresby Squash Club Dockyard. Call 234-5794. Newcomers are welcome, from beginner to expert
MOVE (mobilize, organise, visualize, execute) A concerned citizens group, aligned with the People’s Campaign, to voice their opposition of the planned redevelopment of the L.F. Wade International Airport by Canadian company Aecon/CCC.
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Bermuda P. O. Box HM 1426, Hamilton HM FX, Bermuda. Telephone 297-0565 or 293-2649. RC 336. Meetings are held 1st Monday every month at St. Mark's Hall, Smith's Parish. RC 336.


Narcotics Anonymous (See under Bermuda Islands Area)  
National Anti-Money Laundering Committee (NAMIC) Local banks, Bermuda Government and Monetary Authority and Association of Bermuda Compliance Officers are members.
National Accessibility Advisory Council Bermuda Government-appointed. Established after the Committee for a National Policy on Disabilities was established in 2005 to determine guiding principles; recommend policy objectives in the areas of access, communication, education, training, health, housing and transportation; and to identify overall goals and objectives for each area. Its report was completed and Government accepted the recommendations with the 155 objectives.
National Association for Reconciliation P. O. Box HM 2662, Hamilton HM KX. Meets first Tuesday of each quarter 7:30 pm, BPSA headquarters, corner of Cedar Avenue Phone 293-2423. RC 347
National Dance Foundation, The P. O. Box  HM 1759, Hamilton HM HX. Telephone 239-4091. RC 299
National Drug Commission 11 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 292-3049. Fax 295-2066. Bermuda Government appointed under the National Drug Commission Act 1986. See Bermuda Government Boards.
National Parks Commission Bermuda Government appointed under The Bermuda National Parks Act 1986. See Bermuda Government Boards.
National Evangelical Education Association  
National Keelboat Championships Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
National Sports Centre Devonshire Parish. Bermuda Government owned and taxpayer financed. Mailing address is The Manager, P. O. Box HM 2262, Hamilton HM JX.
National Sports Foundation Formed by Government in 2003/2004
National Sports Centre Trustees Board Under the National Sports Centre Trustees Act 1988. Appointed by the Minister of Community Affairs and Sport. Patrick Tannock is a trustee.
National Training Board See Bermuda Government Boards. 94 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone (441) 292-3700. Fax (441) 292-5984
National Tennis Stadium Telephone 292-0105
National Tourism Action Group See Bermuda Government Boards.
National Youth Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Nature Walk & Talk Royal Naval Dockyard, Anchor Fountain. Sunday, 11:15 am
Neverland Foundation, The RC 543
Network Professionals Association The Bermuda Chapter was organized in late 1995. 
New Islanders Monthly get-togethers for new female residents.  A way to meet new women and participate in sporting activities. Affiliated with the International American Women's Club but not confined to Americans. Phone 291-0387. 
New Testament Church of God Hamilton, Bermuda. Affiliated with the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA.
New Theatre Ltd RC 464
North Village Band Women's Auxiliary RC 130
Northlands Primary School Parent Teachers Association RC 366


Old Colony Club 5 Trott Road, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 296-6362. Bar and social club.
Old Elliott School Trust (The) RC 317
Old State House Preservation Society (The) Suite 898, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. RC 576
Omega Psi  Phi Fraternity Inc. Telephone Maurice Ward at 297-3882 or Michael Swan at 296-6937. RC 614
Open Airways Stressing to the public the importance of air passages to those with asthma, suffered by about 12 percent of the local population. Contact via 236-6177. RC 458
The Open Door Christian Assembly Harrington Sound Road, Smith's Parish. Telephone 293-2689 or 293-4965
Operation Raleigh Bermuda RC 313
Operation Respect Bermuda 48 South Road, Southampton SN01. Phone 238-3434. Concerned with the well-being of Bermuda's young people.
Operation Smile Bermuda RC 640
Orange Valley School PTA RC 138
Orchid Charity Club RC 009
Order of the Eastern Star Electra Chapter # 1. RC 023
Order of the Eastern Star Friendship Chapter # 2.
Organic Gardening Group Organic gardening methods. For further information call Frances Eddy at 238-0059.
Organization of Women in International Bermuda (OWIT)  
Ostomy Association of Bermuda Since 1977. P.O. Box HM 2281, Hamilton HM JX. Phone 236-6272, 236-8429, 292-0180 or 293-0413. An Ostomy is a life-saving intestinal or urinary diversion surgery caused by illness, injury or birth defect. A core volunteer group of individuals dedicated to the provision of information, advocacy. Offers a visitor program for those who have had Ostomy surgery or contemplating having one. RC 28
OutBermuda Promotes and supports the wellbeing, health, dignity, security, safety and protection of the LGBTQ community in Bermuda by providing educational resources on issues of diversity, inclusiveness, awareness and acceptance regarding LGBTQ people. It seeks generally to advance human rights, conflict resolution and the promotion of equality and diversity relating to the LGBTQ community in Bermuda. A registered charity (#973), which promotes and supports the wellbeing, health, dignity, security, safety and protection of the LGBTQ community in Bermuda.
Outward Bound Bermuda Organized by the Bermuda Police Service as a continuing Public Relations Project. Police Headquarters, P. O. Box HM 530, Hamilton HM CX, Bermuda. Office phone 299-4257 or Paget Island 297-8151 or fax 292-4058. Board of Trustees.  Many companies are corporate contributors. RC 420
Overeaters Anonymous Every Tuesday 12 to 1 pm at Christian Science Church on Cedar Avenue. No fees. Call 295-2070


Packwood Old Folks Home 132 Somerset Road, Sandys MA 06. P. O. Box MA 75, Somerset MA BX. Phone 234-1459. Fax 234-2772. Adult day care center and home for seniors. RC 010.
Paget Lions Club of Bermuda Second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, meeting at Niblick's Restaurant, Ocean View Golf Course Club House, 7:30 pm. For further information 291-2074. RC 265
Paget Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Paget Primary School Parent Teachers Association RC 209
Parents Anonymous Contact Patricia Fields
Parent Awareness Resources, Education, Nurturing and Training Skills (PARENTS), Bermuda Phone 292-6148. Support/discussion group for parents having problems with their children. A part of the Family Resources Network Charitable Trust. RC 302
Parent Resource Institute for Drug Education (PRIDE Bermuda) P. O. Box DV 212, Devonshire DV BX. Telephone 295 9970 or fax 295-1063.
Parent Teachers Association of the Bermuda High School RC 056
Park Rangers To report any problems on Government-owned park lands, call 236-5902 anytime, Park Rangers Office, Ministry of the Environment, Parks Dept.
Parole Board Formed to determine the fate of prisoners. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Patients Assistance League and Service (PALS) Dunrossil House, 21 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04. Phone 236-7257 or fax 236-7250.  It provides cancer patients with quality care mostly at home to enhance quality of life and their families. It tries to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of patients. It promotes health, dignity and independence regardless of ability to pay. It welcomes volunteers. Website pals.bm. RC 171.
Patients 1st Bermuda A pressure group with 10,000 supporters to improve healthcare reformThe group was started by concerned medical professionals and has now grown to a community force of patients, pharmacy owners, dentists, chiropractors, community leaders, business owners, charities and natural healers. It is now a community group working to ensure that the health needs of the already vulnerable are not further at risk from the unforeseen consequences of health reform financing, as set out in Bermuda Health Plan 2020. The movement has attracted people from all parts of the community beyond health care because of a community concern that Bermuda is at a crossroads on many volatile issues. In addition to healthcare, the community is concerned about immigration policy, energy regulation, international business, gaming, tourism, education, and criminal justice.
Pathways Bermuda Call 236-0823. Dedicated to providing paths to recovery for individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by drug and alcohol addiction.  
Pembroke Community Club 5 North Shore Road, Pembroke HM 03. Telephone 292 8402. Meets Tuesdays at 7 pm for quilting classes for members and friends.
Pembroke Community Club Majorettes Tuesdays, practice sessions at club, phone 292-3721 or 236-4080 evenings
Pembroke Hamilton Club Inc. PHC Stadium, 66 Middle Road, Warwick WK 03. P. O. Box WK 15, Warwick WK BX. Telephone 236-1698 or 236-8885. With members club liquor license.
Pembroke Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Pembroke Rotary Club Meeting Place: Royal Bermuda Yacht Club every Thursday morning at 7:30 pm. Mailing address is  PO Box HM 134, Hamilton HM AX, Bermuda. RC 383
Pension Commission See Bermuda Government Boards.
The People's Coalition for Affordable Housing Formed in 1996. Chairperson is Rosemary Pedro
Permanent Arbitration Tribunal Labour Relations Act 1975. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Personal Watercraft Association of Bermuda A member of the United Motorsports Federation (UMF) of Bermuda.
Pharmacy Council Pharmacy and Poisons Amendment Act 1984.See Bermuda Government Boards.
Phenomenal Women Inc.

Bermuda registered charity whose mission is to empower women and families.

Physical Abuse Center 38 Mount Hill Road, Pembroke HM 09. Phone 292-4366. Fax 292-9280. Hotline at 297-8278. Housing & recovery support for abused women and minor children. A part of the Family Resources Network Charitable Trust. RC 146
Plastic Tide A local environmental group hoping to see an end to the use of plastics onshore and in the ocean 
Point Finger Road Medical Center 16 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04. (441) 236-3851.  Doctor Dale Wilmot. 
Police Officers Association Devonshire. Telephone 295 8560 or fax 295 9007. It has a representative on the Public Service Superannuation Board.
Police Complaints Authority See Bermuda Government Boards.
Pomander Gate Tennis Club Limited 21 Pomander Road, Paget PG 05. Telephone 236 5400.
Portfolio The Advertising Association of Bermuda. All good local PR firms are members.
Port Royal Parent Teachers Association RC 177
Port Royal Tennis Club Port Royal Golf Course, Southampton
Ports Authority Marine Board Act 1962. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Portuguese Cultural Association 3 Laffan Street, Hamilton HM 09. P. O. Box HM 1895, Hamilton HM HX. Telephone (441) 292-6418. RC 385. Portuguese groups in Bermuda include the Portuguese Pastoral Council of the Catholic Diocese, Portuguese Cultural Association, Santo Cristo Committee and Vasco da Gama Club.
Portuguese School of Bermuda Supported by the annual Portuguese celebrations
Poultry Fanciers Society Organized more than 40 years ago. Members are breeders of a variety of show quality animals including poultry, pigeons, rabbits and guinea pigs. Members get newsletters and more. P. O. Box HM 1329, Hamilton HM FX. Telephone 236 1153 or 236 9542.
Premier’s Council on Fitness and Nutrition Launched the Premier’s Youth Fitness Programme 
Presbyterian Women's Association c/o St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Hamilton
Preserve Marriage in Bermuda  
Prevention Resource Center Stables Building, 91 Reid Street East, Hamilton HM 19. Telephone  295 5982. Fax 295 6016.
Price Control Commission Price Commission Act 1974. See Bermuda Government Boards.. The Commission has specific terms-of-reference. Initiated in July 2011 to look into the price of food on the Island to ensure consumers are protected from unwarranted increases, including:
  • Obtaining the relevant economic data from the Department of Statistics to identify the essential goods and services that should be the focus of the enquiry;

  • Inviting interest groups, consumers and individual Bermudians, who wish to provide data, statistics and other information, to make submissions to the Commission;

  • Inviting input from wholesalers; supermarkets; convenience stores, discount stores, other businesses and services that provide essential goods and services;

  • Consulting with the various unions including: the Bermuda Trade Union Congress, the Bermuda Industrial Union, the Bermuda Public Services Union, the Fire Services Union, Bermuda Union of Teachers, the Prison Officers Union, etc;

  • Consulting with the Bermuda Small Business Development Corporation, and employer groups including the Chamber of Commerce, Bermuda Employers Council, etc;

  • Obtaining information from shipping companies and other importers regarding the current cost of shipping, both air and freight;

  • Producing a report for the Minister recommending how Government can assist in ensuring that consumers can get the most reasonable price for essential goods and services.

A collaborative team effort between Government, suppliers, retailers and consumers.

Pride (Bermuda) Parent Resource Group for Drug Education. 295-9770 or 236-2828.E-mail info@pride.prevention.bm. RC 303
Prince Alfred Lodge Main Road, Mangrove Bay, Somerset, 1792, for Freemasons
Prison Fellowship Bermuda RC 300
Prison Officers Association Established 1968. Carrying out the instruction of the judiciary to empower individuals to become more responsible and productive Bermudians. The trade group for all Bermuda Prison Officers. It has a representative on the Public Service Superannuation Board.
Private Nursing Agency 1 Cedar Avenue,  Pembroke HM 09. Telephone 295 0680.
Professional Engineers Registration Council The Professional Engineers Registration Act 1972. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Professional Surveyors Registration Council The Surveyors Registration Act 2001
Professions Supplementary to Medicine Council Bermuda Government appointed under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Professions supplementary to Medicine Registration in the appropriate discipline must be obtained before practice is permitted in Bermuda. This applies to Addictions Counseling; Audiology; Chiropody; Dietetics; Diagnostic Imaging technology; Medical Laboratory technology; Occupational Therapy; Physiotherapy; Radiography; Specialist Diagnostic Imaging technology; Speech-Language Pathology. All involved who need registration should contact the Administrative Assistant to the Council, Ministry of Health and Family Services, P. O. Box HM 1195, Hamilton or telephone (441) 236-0224 extension 3441 for  further information.
Progressive Labour Party (PLP) Bermuda's presently major political party, led by Premier David Burt. 
Project 100 RC 242
Project 1. 1. Won RC 413
Project Action P. O. Box FL 136, Flatts, FL BX. Phone (441) 297-5044. RC 561. In Bermuda, free transportation for seniors. The organization worked to get Special Persons Cards for qualified (disabled or senior citizens) Bermudians and residents, for free travel by bus and ferry in Bermuda. Also has a specially-equipped (for wheelchair and ambulatory disabled) bus, as a service to seniors and disabled - residents only, not visitors. 
Promotions Board for Bermuda Regiment Defence Act 1965. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Prospect Primary School PTA RC 379
Provincial Grand Lodge of Bermuda Irish Constitution, run by Provincial Grand Secretary
Public Access to Information (PATI)

PATI, c/o The Central Policy Unit, The Cabinet Building, 105 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12.

Public Records Committee Bermuda Archives Act 1974. Government Archivist, Chair; Secretary to the Cabinet; Solicitor General; Auditor General; Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet (Policy); Accountant General; Chief Librarian; Chief Statistician; Director of Computer Systems and Services; Director of Telecommunications
Public Service Commission Found within the Bermuda Constitution Order 1968 – section 81. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Public Service Vehicles Licensing Board See Bermuda Government Boards.. Duties include approving fares for all Bermuda taxis
Public Transportation Board See Bermuda Government Boards.
Punish the Deed Not the Breed Bermuda

Animal advocacy group. 

Purchasing Management Association of Bermuda 48 Par la Ville Road, Suite 602, Hamilton HM 11. Purchasing and supply management. Fax 295-3536
Purchasing and Tendering Committee See Bermuda Government Boards.
Purvis School Parent Teachers Association RC 049
The Queen's Club Park House, corner of Victoria Street and Cedar Avenue, Hamilton.


Radio Society of Bermuda (RSB) P. O. Box HM 275, Hamilton, Bermuda. Or Call Glen Cuoco at 295-5625. Meets third Wednesday of each month. The official International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) organization representing the interests of amateur radio on the Islands of Bermuda. The RSB was founded in 1950 and currently has about 55 members, both in Bermuda and overseas. Membership is open to any licensed radio amateur for an annual fee for local residents and overseas members.
Rafiki Foundation Bermuda RC 517
Raleigh International Bermuda (RIB)  
Rastafari for Unity Meets every Wednesday at 79 Court Street. Telephone 292-8498. RC 462
Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda A LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) advocacy group. In April 2016 it called for an immediate reversal of the decision of the Registrar General and Charity Commissioners to grant status to anti-same-sex union group Preserve Marriage saying they may have acted “unlawfully with this hasty decision”.
Reach to Recovery A 24-hour support group for women in any stage of breast cancer. Call 236-4563
Reading Clinic 54 Serpentine Road, Pembroke HM 08. Telephone 292 3938 or fax 292 3254. RC 126. Provides psychological and educational assessments for children,  and adults, who are experiencing difficulty with reading and  writing. Trains tutors who then provide one-on-one  instruction to re-mediate dyslexia.  No one is denied services  for financial reasons as financial assistance is offered for both testing and tutoring. 
Rebecca Middleton Conscience Trust P.O. Box 195, Southampton, Bermuda SNBX. 
Register of Audiologists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973. A full list every year.
Register of Chiropodists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list every year.
Register of Dental Hygienists Bermuda Government maintained under the Dental Hygienists Regulations 1950. A full list every year.
Register of Dental Technicians Bermuda Government maintained under Regulations 2(b) of the Dental Technicians Regulations 1950. A full list every year.
Register of Dental Practitioners Bermuda Government maintained under the Section 6(2) of the Dental Practitioners Act 1950, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Dieticians Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Emergency Medical Technicians Bermuda Government maintained, registered with the office of the Chief Medical Officer. Some are Bermuda Hospitals Board, others are Bermuda Fire Service. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Medical Laboratory Technologists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Medical Practitioners Bermuda Government maintained under the Medical Practitioners Act 1950, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Midwives Bermuda Government maintained under Section 6 (2) of the Midwives Act 1949, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Occupational Therapists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Optometrists & Opticians Bermuda Government maintained under Section 4 Part III of the Optometrists and Opticians Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Pharmacies Bermuda Government maintained under Part IV Section 17(4) of the Pharmacy & Poisons Act 1979, in alphabetical order. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Pharmacists Section 7 (4) of the Pharmacy & Poisons Act 1979. It shows every currently licensed pharmacist - Bermudian and non-Bermudian - by full first, middle and last name and the year, day and month when entered in the register
Register of Physiotherapists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Radiographers Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Speech-Language Therapists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Renegades Rugby Football Club For information call R. Hartley, Secretary, at 298-3413
Rent Increases Advisory Panel See Bermuda Government Boards.
Residential Child Care Advisory Board See Bermuda Government Boards.
Resident Family Council RC 581
Retired Officers Association For former officers of the Bermuda Regiment
Restructuring and Insolvency Specialists Association of Bermuda In April 2020 it prepared a four-part series on insights to help small- to mid-size organisations manage financial, operational, and staffing considerations, as well as directors’ duties and responsibilities, in view of the Covid-19 crisis. It highlighted the financial and employee considerations that Bermuda businesses needed to have in mind during the crisis. 
Review Committee See Bermuda Government Boards.
Richardson Trust RC 491
Riddell's Bay Golf & Country Club 26 Riddell's Bay Road, Warwick, WK 04
Ride the Wave Bermuda  
Road Safety Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Rock Ramblers For 2-hour interpretive eco-heritage tours on Sundays or specific days. Call 238-3438.
Roman Catholic Church See web site.
Rose Bell Missionary Society Of St. Paul AME Church
Ross "Blackie" Talbot Foundation (The) RC 597
Ross "Blackie" Talbot Memorial Charity Golf Tournament RC 520
Rotary Clubs of Bermuda Announcement service at telephone 291 2036 for Secretary Leah K. Scott
Royal Air Force Association Club 39 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM 10. 292 0275. RC 017. For all WW2 and Korean War veterans and later Bermudians and residents who served in the Royal Air Force. Bermuda branch of the British Commonwealth-wide Royal Air Force Association.
Royal Artillery Association (Bermuda Branch) Grenadier Lane, St. George's GE 03. Phone (441) 297-1810. Founded in 1920 by Major Philip Lightbourne. Functions include having an annual Remembrance Sunday Wreath Laying Ceremony, Parade and Church Service in St. George's on King's Square and St. Peter's Church, led by the Band of the Bermuda Regiment on the day before Remembrance Day. Decorations and medals are worn. RC 120
Royal Bermuda Regiment (RBR)


Established in November 1965. It  was formed and from then included as one unit, the Bermuda Regiment, in place of the  once-segregated black Bermuda Militia Artillery and white Bermuda Rifles. It received royal recognition in 2017. 
Royal Bermuda Regiment Association Since February 2020. Membership to RBRA is $20 a year and can be paid on line. Major Preston Gill, Officer Commanding A Company, President.
Royal Bermuda Yacht Club 15 Point Pleasant Road, Hamilton, HM 11. Telephone 295 2214 or fax 295 6361. The British Army and Royal Navy founded it in the early middle 1800's. Both had active yachtsmen posted to Bermuda. The club first met in the Town of St. George. In 1845 a British peer, Lord Mark Kerr, then a captain in the 20th Regiment of the British Army, became the club's first commodore.
Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada) Awards certificates to local students who participate in and pass musical examinations.
Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club "Mangroville," 25 Pomander Road, Paget PG 05. Telephone 1 441 236 2250. Another yacht club with new members welcome. Overlooks Hamilton Harbor. Lunch is served daily and dinners are by appointment or for special events. Extensive facilities include 2 tennis courts and facilities for mooring boats.
Royal Naval Association (Bermuda Branch) Meets at Bermuda Sailors' Home, Richmond Road, Pembroke. Call (441) 236 6089 or (441) 236 7177. 

S (1)

Saddle Club of Bermuda  With regular meetings and an annual show in May
Sail Training Association (Bermuda) Formed in 2001, call 236-3522. RC 612
Saltus Association (The) RC 105. Phone 292-6177.
Salvation Army Bermuda 92 Reid Street, Hamilton, Bermuda. Telephone 292-0601, fax 295-3765. RC 093
Sandys Boat Club Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset. Accepts new members. Telephone 234 2248. With members club liquor license
Sandys Community Centre Springfield & Boaz Island, 29 Somerset Road,  Sandys, MA 03. Telephone 234-1275. Fax 234-5652. Bermuda Government's Youth, Sport and Recreation.
Sandys Lions Club Wednesdays each month. Meets at Henry VIII Restaurant, Southampton, 6:30 pm. RC 131
Sandys Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Sandys Secondary Middle School RC 498
Sandys Secondary Middle School Foundation RC 644
Saving Children and Revealing Secrets (Scars) Charity helping to combat child exploitation and sexual abuse.
Save Open Spaces Environmental. Phone 734-9856
Schools Sports Federation 74 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone 295 1983.
Scientific Authority for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora See Bermuda Government Boards.
Scottish Royal Arch Chapters in Bermuda  
Scout Association (The) Admiralty House, 8 Admiralty Lane, Pembroke HM 01. Telephone 292 6052. RC 035
Sea Venture Trust (The) RC 212
Seniors Advisory Council Established by the Bermuda Government in March 2015 to help to improve the standards of care for the Island’s elderly. The council is made up of 15 individuals. 
Senior Islanders Club Admiralty House, Spanish Point, Pembroke. Chairman is Frederick Hassell. Meets Tuesdays 1:30 pm for craft class and afternoon social. Phone 295 9094
Seniors Learning Centre (SLC) Held at the Bermuda College for many years now. Offers an extensive variety of daily classes for seniors, well-attended.  Seniors can even audit classes at the College for $50 a semester.  The SLC can be contacted at 239-4029 Mondays through Fridays between 9.30 a.m. and 2.00 p.m., or at 236-9000. 
Sepia Group RC 484
Sessions House Guided Walking Tour At the door, Monday 11:15 am
Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Bermuda (The) RC 110
Sewing Guild of Bermuda Meets at St. Mary's Church Hall, Lorraine Drive, Warwick. Admission $5 for members, $8 for all non-members.
Sexual Assault Resource Team Receives an annual grant from the Bermuda Government.
Sickle Cell Foundation Support group for all whose lives are touched by this disease.
Sigma Xi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. 
Single Parents Alliance P. O. Box SB 157, Sandys SB BX
Single Parents in Action Support group.
SKAL Bermuda Established in 1962 as part of a global organization, Skal International, which brings together all branches of the travel and tourism industry.
Skirling Ceremony Fort Hamilton, 12 noon on Monday
Slippers for Charity Since April 9, 2002, by XL Re employees. It raises funds for special needs children. RC 615
Sloop Foundation Contact Alan Burland or Malcolm Kirkland
Smith's Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Smith's Parish Welfare Trust RC 108
Smith Quintuplets Charity Fund RC 316

S (2)

Society for a Secular Bermuda  
Society of Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriters Contact it at the Bermuda Insurance Institute.
Society of Management Accountants Contact Patricia Trott at 236 9000 extension 4462. Has a comprehensive Advanced Accounting Program for students and others to take the Canadian examinations of the Certified Management Accountants organization.
Society of Non-Mariners, now defunct Until 2018 had an annual Non-Mariners race, usually first Sunday every August after Cup Match at Mangrove Bay, Somerset, Sandys Parish. First began in August 1964 in Hamilton, Bermuda by amateur non-sailors deliberately launching non-seaworthy and distinctly non-nautical home-made floating in often hilarious unsea-worthy crafts of any type and design as a joke against the well-established and prim sailing clubs of Bermuda and their 1960s sailing correctness. It has been claimed, but this is incorrect that a drunken bunch of men were involved. In fact, they were not solely men, single women were instigators too, driven by the maleness-only of the more established sailors. Nor were the majority drunk, they were sober, just mischievous, boat-less. Their unorthodox "vessels" were cranked by hand or by pedals or by the wind and were often accompanied by raucous noises, providing much amusement to many residents and visitors at the annual event which became hugely popular. After one such event had a zany entry almost collide with a cruise ship entering Hamilton Harbor, the Society of Non-Mariners, as the organizers became, the event was switched to the less-busy but picturesque Mangrove May, hosted by the Sandys Boat Club (but not mentioned by date, time or photos of previous year on its website). The event now includes family frolics, youngsters jumping off "boats" and rocks, mock boat battles, some ingenious unorganized surprises. 
Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Website step.org/branches/step-bermuda. The professional body for the trust and estate profession, with more than 13,000 members woldwide. Has a Bermuda Branch. Last known contact details at State House Trust Company Ltd. 18 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 2251, Hamilton HM FX. Telephone (441) 295-4630. Fax: (441) 295-8877. 
Solar Energy Association (SEA) Since July 2018. Formed after the local solar energy industry saw a 70 per cent decrease in installations over the last year — a fall that supporters of renewables put down a slashing of the rate that Belco is required to pay to solar producers for what they supply to the grid.  The SEA was formed to promote the case for producing more of the island’s electricity from sunshine. portion of peak demand. For more information, visit the SEA website at SEA.bm.
Somerset Aikikai Based at Somerset Boaz Island Community Centre.
Somerset Boaz Island Community Centre Boaz Island
Somerset Bridge Recreation Club 51 White Hill, Sandys SB 02. Telephone 234 1726. With members club liquor license.
Somerset Cricket Club Cricket Lane, Sandys. With members club liquor license.
Somers Isles African Violet Society Meets at Horticultural Hall, Bermuda Botanical Gardens, call 295 2121, on last Monday each month
Somers Isles Junior Chamber Call the president at 293 0400. RC 036
Somers Isles Minibus Association One of two such minibus entities.
Somers Lioness Club Third Thursday each month, 6 pm. RC 285
Somerset Primary School PTA RC 174
Southampton Glebe School Parent Teachers Association RC 133
Southampton Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Southampton Rangers Sports Club 49 Horseshoe Road, Southampton SN 03. Telephone 238 0058.
Southampton Seventh Day Adventist Church  
Southside Family Bowl 1565 Southside Road, St. David's. Telephone 293-5906 or fax 293-5907
Spanish Point Boat Club 13 Spanish Point Road, Pembroke HM 01. Telephone 295 1030. Accepts new members.
SPCA Animal Shelter 32 Valley Road, Paget PG 05. Telephone 236 7333 or fax 236 6185.
Special Courts Panel See Bermuda Government Boards.
Spending and Government Efficiency (Sage) Commission Can also be regarded as the Savings And Government Efficiency Commission.
Spice Valley Middle School Parent Teachers Association  
Spice Valley Middle School Trust  
Spirit of Bermuda Charitable Trust RC 486
SRC Youth Assistance Foundation RC 629
St. David's County Cricket Club Battery Road, St. David's DD 02. Secretary by telephone or fax 297 2379.
St. David's Island Historical Society Carter House, Southside Avenue, Southside, St. David's DD 03. Phone 293-5960. Fax 297-0329. Admission charge. RC 506.
St. David's Island Indian Committee An organization of St. David's Islanders claiming descendents from Pequot and other American Indian tribes. The committee embraces descendants of Native American Indians who were brought to Bermuda as slaves some 400 years ago and settled in St. David's.  
St. David's Primary PTA RC 453
St. George's Cricket Club Slip Road, St. George's GE 02. Telephone 297 0374 or 297 0516.
St. George's Community Centre 6 Old Military Road, opposite bus terminal. After-school program for 5-12 year children. Phone 297-1754
St. George's Dancerettes Tuesdays, 6 pm to 7:30 pm, St. George's Community Centre, 6 Old Military Road, phone 295-1754
St. George's Dinghy & Sports Club 24 Cut Road, St. George's GE 04. Telephone 297 1612.
St. George's Foundation (The) P. O. Box GE 58, St. George's GE BX. Telephone 297 8043. Fax 297-2429. RC 454.  
St. George's Market Group Market Nights every Tuesday from May to October in King's Square. A traditional Bermuda market with stalls featuring locally made arts and crafts, market produce and sale of baked goods. Gombeys perform at 7:30 pm.
St. George's Historical Society & Museum 3 Featherbed Alley, St. George. Telephone 297 0009 or 297 0423. RC 478.
St. George's Joy Club For senior citizens. First and third Wednesdays of each month. Meets at St. George's Community Centre, Old Military Road, near bus terminal, 1-3:30 pm. Call 297-1765 or 297-0913.
St. George's Junior Chamber Meets first Wednesday each month at Francis Patton School Auditorium, 7 pm. Anyone 18-40 years old may attend. Contact its president Sandra Collins at 292-4402 extension 662.
St. George's Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
St. George's Preparatory School PTA RC 541.
St. George's Preservation Authority See Bermuda Government Boards.
St. George's Rotary Club Meets Monday 6:30 pm at Mulligan's Golf Club Restaurant. For information contact Jeffrey Gehl, Director, at phone 506-6378.
St. George's Sea Cadets Phone 232-4411
St. George's Secondary Community Association RC 384
St. John Ambulance Brigade 21 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04. 24-7 hotline at 734-2600. RC 114. The world's oldest charity, it originated in Jerusalem over 1300 years ago as a monastery providing medical attention. It has been in Bermuda for more than 60 years. It and the hospitals are the only organizations in Bermuda with ambulances, some of which belonging to this organization are regularly used by the hospital. Receives an annual grant from the Bermuda Government. Provides emergency medical treatment and an ambulance service at many public events free of charge, with medical professionals volunteering their time and expertise.
St. John's Youth Choir c/o St. John's Church
St. Vincent De Paul Society RC 173
Stamp Design Advisory Committee See Bermuda Government Boards.
Staying Steady Group Falls prevention. Day Hospital Rehabilitation Service, KEMH  Phone 239-7129. Fax 236-2173. Not a normal volunteer support group, instead a service referred by an appropriate healthcare professional and paid for via health insurance.
Summer Community Program for Handicapped Adults  RC 149
Summerhaven Trust (The) Runs Summerhaven, the only residence in Bermuda for the permanently physically disabled, in Smith's Parish. There is a huge waiting list for it. Receives a government grant. Other financial support comes from donations and a subsidy from the Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB). Each resident is responsible for paying rent for the studio apartments. They are also provided with two meals a day and 24-hour attendant care. RC 227
Sunshine Garden Club With regular meetings.
Sunshine League (The) Children's Home Established in 1919. Island’s first social service organization committed to the development of Bermuda’s young people into healthy, productive and independent citizens. 27 King Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 1773, Hamilton HM HX. Phone 292 4360 or fax 296 3270. For more details, see book "A Ray of Hope." RC 095. 
Supporting Public Schools New school supplies worth $40,000 were delivered in November 2019 to Bermuda’s public primary schools. The goods were given to teachers and pupils on Tuesday and yesterday by group Supporting Public Schools (SPS). Juliana Snelling, a lawyer and the founder of SPS, said that about $10,000 worth of used supplies were also dropped off at schools. Ms Snelling said that the response from pupils had been tremendous. Ms Snelling said a total of about $185,000 worth of new supplies and equipment had been given to public primary schools, as well as about $150,000 in second-hand supplies, including computers, furniture and office supplies. Supplies are requested by teachers through a wish list and bought by members of the public. Ms Snelling said that the new goods donated this week ranged from traditional school supplies, including paper, pens and printers, to sports equipment such as yoga mats. She added that the mats were a popular item requested by teachers.
Supporting Fair Immigration Reform  
Sustainable Development Roundtable (SDR) c/o Ministry of the Environment. First introduced in April 2005. Its primary role is to advise the Cabinet on a sustainable future for the country in areas of economics, the environment and culture.
STAR (Supportive Therapy for AIDS Persons & Their Relatives) 131 South Road. Telephone 292 5941. Fax 293 4621. RC 247
Swan's Running Club  
Syncairly Yours

Since 2012, a Bermuda registered charity which hopes to become an umbrella group that provides assistance to uninsured parents of premature babies, particularly those born with major medical problems. Also intends to set up a support system for parents facing life and death situations presented by the births of child born well before term.  

T - V

Tae Durham Charitable Association for Physically Challenged Children Phone Ivan Smith at 238-2865 or pager 298-8778. Liaises with other charities to help disabled children with everyday needs not met or available from larger charities. RC 565
Talent Explosion Musical group, Marcelle Clamens. New charity from 2010
Take Back Our Parks (TBOP) A campaign group fighting to save Bermuda parks from commercial exploitation
Tax Appeal Tribunal Panel See Bermuda Government Boards.
Tax Convention Advisory Committee See Bermuda Government Boards.
Teachers Rugby Football Club RC 499
Teen Haven Registered under YHED.  A home for pregnant teenagers. Bay View Haven/Cottage, Fort Hamilton, Pembroke. RC 071.
Telecommunications Commission See Bermuda Government Boards.
The Bermuda Reading Association  
The Lorraine Rest Home Amenities Committee  
The Buzz Beekeepers campaign group established to tackle the dwindling bee population after the plague that struck their hives in 2008. The tiny varroa mite preyed on local honey bees in 2008, causing the number of beehives to fall from 350 to about 125. But according to the The Buzz. the message is slowly getting out to the community to create the right environment to help them thrive.
The Company RC 412
The Kidfest Foundation RC 645
The Mes Amis (The Friends) A group of friends and co-workers who meet on the second Saturday of every month to plan a calendar of charity events for the year.
Traditional Academy of Martial Arts 292-5715
Transcendental Meditation (TM Bermuda) Telephone 238-0059
Transforming Arts Association and Ministry  
Treatment of Offenders Board See Bermuda Government Boards.
Tri-Hedz Bermuda RC 621
Trucks Advisory Committee See Bermuda Government Boards.
Trust Recovery Centre For people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Since 2003, Mr. Matthew, phone 292-7692 or 336-5155.
Top Level Domain Committee See Bermuda Government Boards.
Two Islands Productions RC 411
Tucker’s Town Historical Society  
Uptown Market Association An organization representing the shops of Court Street and district which are far less frequented by tourists and business visitors. 
United by Faith An organisation representing 80 churches in Bermuda. In April 2007, chairman Andre Curtis issued a statement on the cancellation of the Rosie O'Donnell gay family cruise,  cruise, calling it a “victory for God.”
United Holy Church of Bermuda, Inc. Affiliation with United Holy Church of America, Inc.
United Motorsports Federation (UMF) Formed to create a bigger voice for them by the separate organizations Bermuda Motocross Club, Bermuda Powerboat Association, Personal Watercraft Association of Bermuda, Bermuda Karting Club and Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club.
United World Colleges Bermuda National Committee RC 346
University of New Brunswick - Bermuda Alumni Chapter RC 446
Vasco Da Gama Club 51 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone 292 7196. Portuguese cultural and social club
Vegetarian Society of Bermuda P. O. Box DV 678, Devonshire DV BX. Phone 236-8771.
Venturilla Foundation RC 423
Veterinary Practitioners Council (VPC)

Established by the Veterinary Practitioners Act 2008 which states that overseas practitioners must either be a member of the UK's Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, or hold a 'valid licence' in the US, Canada, European Union or Caribbean Economic Community to qualify. VPC promotes standards with a code of conduct, with powers to investigate all allegations of professional misconduct. It will examine the qualifications of overseas vets applying to practice here. 

Victor Scott School Parent Teacher Association RC 096
VIP Bermuda Charities Fund (The) RC 408
Vision Bermuda

Formerly Bermuda Society for the Blind. Beacon House, 3 Beacon Rd, Hamilton HM 10. Phone 292 3231. Monday to Friday 10am-3pm. Established in 1957. Promotes visual health and empowers persons who are blind or vision impaired to achieve independence by providing Vision Rehabilitation Therapy. RC 090

Visitor Industry Partnership (VIP) Council Phone 232-1847 or contact via Bermuda Government, Ministry of Tourism. Its mission is to inspire people to obtain collective ownership in tourism and work together to revitalize the visitor industry to be globally competitive. It runs Tourism Appreciation Week.
Voters' Rights Association (VRA) The VRA has called for a Voters Bill of Rights, to include the right to a predictable election date, the right to vote through a fair absentee ballot system and the right to raise and determine public issues and citizens' initiatives by a voter referendum process. The VRA believes they would "reduce the self-oriented interests that now influence our governance, establish accountability and increase the power of the people."

W (1)

Wagon Wheel Club RC 016
Walking Club of Bermuda Various walks, call Laura Gorham for details at 295-9428 or 236-6034.
Warwick Academy Association RC 157
Warwick Community Education Advisory Council At Warwick Office of Community Education, telephone 236-0829
Warwick Workman's Club 42 Cobb's Hill Road, Warwick WK 09. Telephone 236 7470. With members club liquor license. Phone 236-7470
Warwick Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
War Veterans Pensions Commission (WVPC) Bermuda pays a pension to those who served overseas
Water Safety Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Waterstart Ltd RC 591
Watford Sports Club 9 Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset MA 01. Telephone 234 2340. 
Wee Kids Support Group Support for parents of premature infants. Meets second Tuesday of each month. Call 239-2017
Wesley Methodist Church P. O. Box HM 346, Hamilton HM BX. The Minister must be ordained in the United Church of Canada
West End Athletic Club Lee Tucker, telephone 238-2018. RC 542
West End Development Corporation (Wedco)

Set up in 1982 as a Government quango to manage and develop 214 acres of Government-owned land in the West End, including Watford Island, Boaz Island, Ireland Island South and North, the small islands forming the Crawl off Ireland South and the North and South basins and breakwaters. Revenue is generated from residential and commercial tenants plus berthing fees from the commercial and cruise ship docks.

West End Sailboat Club Watford Island, Somerset MA 03. Telephone 234 1252. With members club liquor license
West End Seagull Association Races British Seagull outboard engines. 
West End School Parent Teachers Association RC 061
Western Counties Cricket Association Phone 236-9000 ext. 4314. All cricket games are at the spacious White Hill Field. Accepts tenders for the gambling game of Crown and Anchor concessions.
Western Stars Sports Club 57 St. John's Road, Pembroke HM 07. Phone 292 3680.
West Indian Association of Bermuda An association for nationals of the Caribbean living and working in Bermuda.
West Pembroke Pentecostal Assembly RC 308
West Pembroke School PTA RC 033
Westmeath Retirement Home Trustees 28 Pitt's Bay Road, Pembroke HM 06. Phone 295-2451, fax 295-9881. The nursing wing gives quality nursing care to dependent seniors. RC 206
Whaler Inn Tennis Club South Road, Southampton SN 02. Telephone 291 1435.
Whitney Institute School Association (WISA) RC 344

W (2) to end

Willing Workers of Bermuda (The) RC 548
Willowbank Foundation (The) Runs the Willowbank hotel. RC 433
Windreach Bermuda Trust (The) Runs Windreach Recreational Village at P. O. Box WK 464. Warwick, WK BX. 57 Spice Hill Road, Warwick. Phone 238 2469 or fax 238 2597. Monday-Saturday 9-5. RC 386
Wolves Sports Club c/o Bermuda Football Association
Women Aglow Bermuda Chapter of Christian Women's Ministry, meets second Sunday of every month at Astwood Hall, Hamilton. Phone 236-0650. 
Women in Insurance (WIRE) An organization for women working in the Bermuda re-insurance sector
Women in Sport Established in 2002 to promote the positive role of women in sport. 11 committee members.
Women in International Trade - Bermuda (WIT-BD) Promotes international trade and other business among women, with monthly meetings. A chapter of WIT-BD is the Entrepreneur Support Group, which provides assistance, support and training for WIT members who are owners and managers of small businesses.
Women's Auxiliary, Somerset Brigade Band RC 048
Women's International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) For more information about WISTA, visit vista.net..
Women's Resource Center (formerly Rape Crisis Center) Call 295-3882. Support for victims of rape or sexual assault. Phone 295-7273. With an annual Bermuda Government grant to help meet expenses. RC 267. Attacks on women now make up more than one third of all cases handled by the Women’s Resource Centre. 
Word of Life RC 579
Work Inc RC 585
World Heritage Committee Works with the St. George's Preservation Authority to present World Heritage facts to locals about the town of St. George. Call Town Manager at 297-1532.
World Vision Inc RC 274
XL Capital Bermuda Open P. O. Box HM 3073, Hamilton HM NX. Phone 296-2554. Fax 296-2551.
Young Enterprise (Bermuda) Presents an annual Young Enterprise Trade Fair
Young Life Bermuda P.O. Box PG 192, Paget, PG BX, Bermuda. Phone # 292-6365. Fax 292-2013. Reaching-out to our youth for over 40 years. 
Young Men's Social Club 32 Princess & Angle Streets, Hamilton HM 10. Telephone 292 1439.
Youth Counseling Services For high-risk youth experimentation with alcohol and other drugs. Telephone (441) 296-7548 or fax (441) 296-7569
Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative of Bermuda RC 616
Youth Forum RC 435
Youth Health Education Development Program (For the Haven)  
Youth to Youth Meets at Stonington Campus Student Centre 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Phone 295-3381.
YouthNet Since 2002. Mentoring organization that pairs students with caring adults in several middle and secondary schools. Students also benefit by developing a link with the business community, which can lead to work experience and job opportunities. For more information, call 297-5400. RC 414.

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