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Bermuda's Community groups Part 4

Final file in a long list of Island entities

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By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) exclusively for Bermuda Online.

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RC = registered charity. 

New legal framework for Bermuda charities, see http://www.royalgazette.com/business/article/20180823/new-legal-framework-for-bermuda-charities.


Narcotics Anonymous (See under Bermuda Islands Area)  
National Anti-Money Laundering Committee (NAMIC) Local banks, Bermuda Government and Monetary Authority and Association of Bermuda Compliance Officers are members.
National Accessibility Advisory Council Bermuda Government-appointed. Established after the Committee for a National Policy on Disabilities was established in 2005 to determine guiding principles; recommend policy objectives in the areas of access, communication, education, training, health, housing and transportation; and to identify overall goals and objectives for each area. Its report was completed and Government accepted the recommendations with the 155 objectives.
National Association for Reconciliation P. O. Box HM 2662, Hamilton HM KX. Meets first Tuesday of each quarter 7:30 pm, BPSA headquarters, corner of Cedar Avenue Phone 293-2423. RC 347
National Dance Foundation, The P. O. Box  HM 1759, Hamilton HM HX. Telephone 239-4091. RC 299
National Drug Commission 11 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 292-3049. Fax 295-2066. Bermuda Government appointed under the National Drug Commission Act 1986. See Bermuda Government Boards.
National Parks Commission Bermuda Government appointed under The Bermuda National Parks Act 1986. See Bermuda Government Boards.
National Evangelical Education Association  
National Keelboat Championships Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
National Office for Seniors and the Physically Challenged (NOSPC) Stonehall, 60 Victoria Street, Hamilton, next to St. Paul AME Church. Or by Airmail at P. O. Box HM 1195, Hamilton HM EX, Bermuda.  The Office does not keep a register of all seniors and permanently physically and mentally disabled persons, their telephone numbers, dates of birth, names of doctors and names of spouses or next of kin. Some of the duties of NOSPC include overseeing all support agencies and organizations in the Bermuda Government and Ministry of Health and Family Services, analyzing census data and preparation of a 5-10 year plan for Bermuda's seniors and physically challenged. 
National Sports Centre Devonshire Parish. Bermuda Government owned and taxpayer financed. Mailing address is The Manager, P. O. Box HM 2262, Hamilton HM JX.
National Sports Foundation Formed by Government in 2003/2004
National Sports Centre Trustees Board Under the National Sports Centre Trustees Act 1988. Appointed by the Minister of Community Affairs and Sport. Patrick Tannock is a trustee.
National Training Board See Bermuda Government Boards. 94 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone (441) 292-3700. Fax (441) 292-5984
National Tennis Stadium Telephone 292-0105
National Tourism Action Group See Bermuda Government Boards.
National Youth Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Nature Walk & Talk Royal Naval Dockyard, Anchor Fountain. Sunday, 11:15 am
Neverland Foundation, The RC 543
Network Professionals Association The Bermuda Chapter was organized in late 1995. 
New Islanders Monthly get-togethers for new female residents.  A way to meet new women and participate in sporting activities. Affiliated with the International American Women's Club but not confined to Americans. Phone 291-0387. 
New Testament Church of God Hamilton, Bermuda. Affiliated with the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA.
New Theatre Ltd RC 464
North Village Band Women's Auxiliary RC 130
Northlands Primary School Parent Teachers Association RC 366


Old Colony Club 5 Trott Road, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 296-6362. Bar and social club.
Old Elliott School Trust (The) RC 317
Old State House Preservation Society (The) Suite 898, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. RC 576
Omega Psi  Phi Fraternity Inc. Telephone Maurice Ward at 297-3882 or Michael Swan at 296-6937. RC 614
Open Airways Stressing to the public the importance of air passages to those with asthma, suffered by about 12 percent of the local population. Contact via 236-6177. RC 458

2018. December 3. A new education campaign designed to boost knowledge about asthma was sparked by the tragic death of a young boy in Britain. Open Airways, an island asthma charity, is offering the Support Children’s Health-Asthma online course. The George Coller Memorial Fund and Education for Health UK created the programme. It was launched by Kim Douglas in 2000 after the death of her son, George Coller, who was 3 and died in his sleep from asthma in 1996. A spokeswoman for Open Airways said that 20 per cent of children and 10 per cent of adults in Bermuda had asthma. She added: “Many of these children and adults have uncontrolled asthma, which results in asthma attacks and potentially asthma deaths.” The spokeswoman said it was estimated that more than 1,000 people died globally from asthma each day. She added: “The majority of these are children of young adults and, tragically, most of these deaths were preventable.” The online module covers areas such as how to recognize an asthma attack and what to do if an attack strikes. The free course, aimed at people who work with or have children with asthma, takes about an hour to complete. A certificate can be printed after the course work is completed. The course is offered in a link-up with insurance firms Argus Group and BF&M. For more information, visit openairways.com.

The Open Door Christian Assembly Harrington Sound Road, Smith's Parish. Telephone 293-2689 or 293-4965
Operation Raleigh Bermuda RC 313
Operation Respect Bermuda 48 South Road, Southampton SN01. Phone 238-3434. Concerned with the well-being of Bermuda's young people.
Operation Smile Bermuda RC 640
Orange Valley School PTA RC 138
Orchid Charity Club RC 009
Order of the Eastern Star Electra Chapter # 1. RC 023
Order of the Eastern Star Friendship Chapter # 2.
Organic Gardening Group Organic gardening methods. For further information call Frances Eddy at 238-0059.
Organization of Women in International Bermuda (OWIT)  
Ostomy Association of Bermuda Since 1977. P.O. Box HM 2281, Hamilton HM JX. Phone 236-6272, 236-8429, 292-0180 or 293-0413. An Ostomy is a life-saving intestinal or urinary diversion surgery caused by illness, injury or birth defect. A core volunteer group of individuals dedicated to the provision of information, advocacy. Offers a visitor program for those who have had Ostomy surgery or contemplating having one. RC 28
OutBermuda Promotes and supports the wellbeing, health, dignity, security, safety and protection of the LGBTQ community in Bermuda by providing educational resources on issues of diversity, inclusiveness, awareness and acceptance regarding LGBTQ people. It seeks generally to advance human rights, conflict resolution and the promotion of equality and diversity relating to the LGBTQ community in Bermuda. A registered charity (#973), which promotes and supports the wellbeing, health, dignity, security, safety and protection of the LGBTQ community in Bermuda.

2018. May 25. Campaign group OutBermuda released the following statement about the same-sex Supreme Court hearing this week: “This week, we made history for all Bermudians who join us in support of fairness and equality. Through us, the Supreme Court listened respectfully to Bermuda’s LGBT people, and learnt about our lives, our families, our children, and our belief that Bermuda’s future is welcoming and embracing. They heard our allies’ voices too, recognizing that Bermuda’s youth are looking at us, knowing that there are people in Bermuda that will visibly, vocally, spiritually and economically support them. We are incredibly proud of the work that has been accomplished this week. Our lawsuit has one aim. We seek to revoke the sections of the recently enacted Domestic Partnership Act that remove full marriage rights for same-sex couples. As our lives testify, we see these provisions as unfair, unlawful and harmful to many families. We support domestic partner rights for all Bermudians to choose, but not at the expense of denying marriage to some. We believe the revocation of same-sex marriage to be not only unjust but regressive and unconstitutional. Today we express heartfelt thanks to Maryellen Jackson, Sylvia Hayward Harris and Dr. Gordon Campbell who joined us with our suit, as we united our case with Rod Ferguson. We also wish sincerely thank those who submitted affidavits on our behalf to advocate on behalf of Bermuda families, leaders in faith and business, and legal authorities who advocate for equality. These include Chai T, Trustees of Wesley Methodist Church, Julia and Judith Aidoo-Saltus, Douglas NeJaime and Roger Frizzell, on behalf of Carnival Corporation." NOTE: see outbermuda.com to read copies of the individual affidavits in Supreme Court this week.] We especially thank our attorney, Rod S. Attride-Stirling and his team at ASW Law Limited, for representing us so expertly in the courtroom this week.” 

Outward Bound Bermuda Organized by the Bermuda Police Service as a continuing Public Relations Project. Police Headquarters, P. O. Box HM 530, Hamilton HM CX, Bermuda. Office phone 299-4257 or Paget Island 297-8151 or fax 292-4058. Board of Trustees.  Many companies are corporate contributors. RC 420
Overeaters Anonymous Every Tuesday 12 to 1 pm at Christian Science Church on Cedar Avenue. No fees. Call 295-2070


Packwood Old Folks Home 132 Somerset Road, Sandys MA 06. P. O. Box MA 75, Somerset MA BX. Phone 234-1459. Fax 234-2772. Adult day care center and home for seniors. RC 010.
Paget Lions Club of Bermuda Second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, meeting at Niblick's Restaurant, Ocean View Golf Course Club House, 7:30 pm. For further information 291-2074. RC 265
Paget Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Paget Primary School Parent Teachers Association RC 209
Parents Anonymous Contact Patricia Fields
Parent Awareness Resources, Education, Nurturing and Training Skills (PARENTS), Bermuda Phone 292-6148. Support/discussion group for parents having problems with their children. A part of the Family Resources Network Charitable Trust. RC 302
Parent Resource Institute for Drug Education (PRIDE Bermuda) P. O. Box DV 212, Devonshire DV BX. Telephone 295 9970 or fax 295-1063.
Parent Teachers Association of the Bermuda High School RC 056
Park Rangers To report any problems on Government-owned park lands, call 236-5902 anytime, Park Rangers Office, Ministry of the Environment, Parks Dept.
Parole Board Formed to determine the fate of prisoners. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Patients Assistance League and Service (PALS) Dunrossil House, 21 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04. Phone 236-7257 or fax 236-7250.  It provides cancer patients with quality care mostly at home to enhance quality of life and their families. It tries to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of patients. It promotes health, dignity and independence regardless of ability to pay. It welcomes volunteers. Website pals.bm. RC 171.
Pathways Bermuda Call 236-0823. Website pathwaysbermuda.bm. Dedicated to providing paths to recovery for individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by drug and alcohol addiction.  
Pembroke Community Club 5 North Shore Road, Pembroke HM 03. Telephone 292 8402. Meets Tuesdays at 7 pm for quilting classes for members and friends.
Pembroke Community Club Majorettes Tuesdays, practice sessions at club, phone 292-3721 or 236-4080 evenings
Pembroke Hamilton Club Inc. PHC Stadium, 66 Middle Road, Warwick WK 03. P. O. Box WK 15, Warwick WK BX. Telephone 236-1698 or 236-8885. With members club liquor license.
Pembroke Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Pembroke Rotary Club Meeting Place: Royal Bermuda Yacht Club every Thursday morning at 7:30 pm. Mailing address is  PO Box HM 134, Hamilton HM AX, Bermuda. RC 383
Pension Commission See Bermuda Government Boards.
The People's Coalition for Affordable Housing Formed in 1996. Chairperson is Rosemary Pedro
Permanent Arbitration Tribunal Labour Relations Act 1975. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Personal Watercraft Association of Bermuda A member of the United Motorsports Federation (UMF) of Bermuda.
Pharmacy Council Pharmacy and Poisons Amendment Act 1984.See Bermuda Government Boards.
Phenomenal Women Inc.

Bermuda registered charity whose mission is to empower women and families.

Physical Abuse Center 38 Mount Hill Road, Pembroke HM 09. Phone 292-4366. Fax 292-9280. Hotline at 297-8278. Housing & recovery support for abused women and minor children. A part of the Family Resources Network Charitable Trust. RC 146
Plastic Tide A local environmental group hoping to see an end to the use of plastics onshore and in the ocean. Also organizes the annual May Devil’s Isle Challenge paddleboard race weekend from Snorkel Park Beach. The event also aims to raise funds for the educational component, the Sup’s Kids Paddling Programme, which is also making a return, giving schoolchildren the chance to learn the sport while gaining an understanding of the importance of ocean conservation.
Point Finger Road Medical Center 16 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04. (441) 236-3851.  Doctor Dale Wilmot. 
Police Officers Association Devonshire. Telephone 295 8560 or fax 295 9007. It has a representative on the Public Service Superannuation Board.
Police Complaints Authority See Bermuda Government Boards.
Pomander Gate Tennis Club Limited 21 Pomander Road, Paget PG 05. Telephone 236 5400.
Portfolio The Advertising Association of Bermuda. All good local PR firms are members.
Port Royal Parent Teachers Association RC 177
Port Royal Tennis Club Port Royal Golf Course, Southampton
Ports Authority Marine Board Act 1962. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Portuguese Cultural Association 3 Laffan Street, Hamilton HM 09. P. O. Box HM 1895, Hamilton HM HX. Telephone (441) 292-6418. RC 385. Portuguese groups in Bermuda include the Portuguese Pastoral Council of the Catholic Diocese, Portuguese Cultural Association, Santo Cristo Committee and Vasco da Gama Club.
Portuguese School of Bermuda Supported by the annual Portuguese celebrations
Poultry Fanciers Society Organized more than 40 years ago. Members are breeders of a variety of show quality animals including poultry, pigeons, rabbits and guinea pigs. Members get newsletters and more. P. O. Box HM 1329, Hamilton HM FX. Telephone 236 1153 or 236 9542.
Premier’s Council on Fitness and Nutrition Launched the Premier’s Youth Fitness Programme 
Presbyterian Women's Association c/o St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Hamilton
Preserve Marriage in Bermuda 2016. April 9. The group advocating against same-sex unions, Preserve Marriage Bermuda, has been granted charitable status by the Registrar General having passed “the public benefit test”. The confirmation letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs, seen by this newspaper, approves the registration of charity No 983 for the period of one year only. Objections were made about the group’s application this week, including one from a hair salon director who said the group’s message was “a departure from equality and growth and a complete violation of human rights”. According to the Registrar General’s website, a charity “must provide an actual ‘benefit’ to the public they serve, which is identifiable and is capable of being proved by evidence, if necessary, and is not based on personal views.” The Charities Act 2014 sets out a definition for “charitable purposes” which includes the “advancement of human rights or the promotion of equality and diversity” as well as the advancement of religion, education, citizenship and community development. It says other purposes can be deemed charitable if they fall within the spirit of those listed in the Act. The correspondence from the Registrar General included an “aide-memoire”, a copy of the relevant section of the Act and a copy of the regulations. The letter read: “Please read these carefully as they will assist your executive committee in fulfilling some of its most important obligations. It should also be noted that whenever there are changes in the names of the officers, the Registrar General should be informed within thirty days of such changes. Members of the organization's executive should familiarize themselves with the requirements of the Charities Act, 2014. We remind you that charitable organisations must have purposes which are for the public benefit, determined by the ‘public benefit test’. Detailed guidance as to the operation of the public benefit test can be found on the Registry General’s website. Additionally, a charity’s activities must be pursued solely in furtherance of those purposes.” Preserve Marriage was founded by Melvyn Bassett, the former executive director of the now defunct sports facility Sandys 360, and was registered as a limited liability company in December. The other directors are Gary Simons from Cornerstone Bible Fellowship, and Mark Hall from Word of Life Fellowship. Lawyer Kyle Masters is the secretary.

2015. October 24. This group, staunchly opposed to same-sex marriage has organized an online petition against it. Describing themselves as concerned citizens from a wide cross-section of Bermuda, Preserve Marriage in Bermuda cited a poll from May of this year by Profiles of Bermuda that showed 58 per cent of voters were against same-sex marriage. The group seeks to ensure that “marriage remains defined and upheld as a special union between a man and a woman.” The issue has been in the public eye throughout the month, with the Ministry of Community, Culture and Sports hosting two well-attended town hall meetings. The public’s opinions are being solicited until the month’s end. Acknowledging at an October 1 meeting that the Island was “split” on an emotive issue, minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin said the Bermuda Government would announce its next step on the issue after the deadline for submissions. The petition is not the first of its kind: the Government resolved to explore the issue, with “frank and honest dialogue”, after a petition calling for same-sex marriage to be legalized was presented with more than 1,800 signatures. As of yesterday, the opposing petition had garnered several hundred signatures

Prevention Resource Center Stables Building, 91 Reid Street East, Hamilton HM 19. Telephone  295 5982. Fax 295 6016. E-mail CADA@ibl.bm
Price Control Commission Price Commission Act 1974. See Bermuda Government Boards.. The Commission has specific terms-of-reference. Initiated in July 2011 to look into the price of food on the Island to ensure consumers are protected from unwarranted increases, including:
  • Obtaining the relevant economic data from the Department of Statistics to identify the essential goods and services that should be the focus of the enquiry;

  • Inviting interest groups, consumers and individual Bermudians, who wish to provide data, statistics and other information, to make submissions to the Commission;

  • Inviting input from wholesalers; supermarkets; convenience stores, discount stores, other businesses and services that provide essential goods and services;

  • Consulting with the various unions including: the Bermuda Trade Union Congress, the Bermuda Industrial Union, the Bermuda Public Services Union, the Fire Services Union, Bermuda Union of Teachers, the Prison Officers Union, etc;

  • Consulting with the Bermuda Small Business Development Corporation, and employer groups including the Chamber of Commerce, Bermuda Employers Council, etc;

  • Obtaining information from shipping companies and other importers regarding the current cost of shipping, both air and freight;

  • Producing a report for the Minister recommending how Government can assist in ensuring that consumers can get the most reasonable price for essential goods and services.

A collaborative team effort between Government, suppliers, retailers and consumers.

Pride (Bermuda) Parent Resource Group for Drug Education. 295-9770 or 236-2828.E-mail info@pride.prevention.bm. RC 303
Prince Alfred Lodge Main Road, Mangrove Bay, Somerset, 1792, for Freemasons
Prison Fellowship Bermuda RC 300
Prison Officers Association Established 1968. Carrying out the instruction of the judiciary to empower individuals to become more responsible and productive Bermudians. The trade group for all Bermuda Prison Officers. It has a representative on the Public Service Superannuation Board.
Private Nursing Agency 1 Cedar Avenue,  Pembroke HM 09. Telephone 295 0680.
Professional Engineers Registration Council The Professional Engineers Registration Act 1972. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Professional Surveyors Registration Council The Surveyors Registration Act 2001
Professions Supplementary to Medicine Council Bermuda Government appointed under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Professions supplementary to Medicine Registration in the appropriate discipline must be obtained before practice is permitted in Bermuda. This applies to Addictions Counseling; Audiology; Chiropody; Dietetics; Diagnostic Imaging technology; Medical Laboratory technology; Occupational Therapy; Physiotherapy; Radiography; Specialist Diagnostic Imaging technology; Speech-Language Pathology. All involved who need registration should contact the Administrative Assistant to the Council, Ministry of Health and Family Services, P. O. Box HM 1195, Hamilton or telephone (441) 236-0224 extension 3441 for  further information.
Progressive Labour Party (PLP) 2017. May 4. Zane DeSilva, Wayne Furbert, Lovitta Foggo, Rolfe Commissiong and Diallo Rabain are among those with new responsibilities in a revised Shadow Cabinet. Mr DeSilva takes on public safety, a role previously falling under the duties of deputy leader Walter Roban, who is now holding the public works portfolio. Mr Furbert is the transport spokesman, a position previously held by Lawrence Scott, who assumes responsibility for community and culture. Mr Commissiong has the portfolio for labour and workforce development, taking over from Diallo Rabain, who now has education; Lovitta Foggo switches from education to government reform. Opposition leader David Burt said in a statement: “The PLP is a team of diverse talent and as part of our election readiness effort it is important that our MPs demonstrate to the people of Bermuda that they are ready for any challenge. These changes will bring fresh perspective and renewed energy to holding the OBA minority government accountable for its record of broken promises.” The full list:  David Burt: leader and finance and technology; Walter Roban: deputy leader and public works;  Dennis Lister: House leader and environment and energy; Lovitta Foggo: whip and government reform; Senator Renee Ming: Senate leader and municipalities; Walton Brown: home affairs; Derrick Burgess: seniors;  Rolfe Commissiong: labour and workforce development; Zane DeSilva: public safety; Senator Tinee Furbert: disability affairs; Wayne Furbert: transport; Diallo Rabain: education; Lawrence Scott: community and culture; Michael Scott: justice;  Jamahl Simmons: tourism and entrepreneurship; Neville Tyrrell: sports; Michael Weeks: social development and drug policy reform;  Kim Wilkerson: economic development; Kim Wilson: health.
Project 100 RC 242
Project 1. 1. Won RC 413
Project Action P. O. Box FL 136, Flatts, FL BX. Phone (441) 297-5044. RC 561. In Bermuda, free transportation for seniors. The organization worked to get Special Persons Cards for qualified (disabled or senior citizens) Bermudians and residents, for free travel by bus and ferry in Bermuda. Also has a specially-equipped (for wheelchair and ambulatory disabled) bus, as a service to seniors and disabled - residents only, not visitors. 

2018. December 21. This charity that provides transport for seniors and the disabled is looking for a new driver. Project Action has launched a recruitment drive after long-serving Ernest “Shuby” DeGrilla retired for health reasons and as it started its end-of-year fundraising drive. Cindy Swan, a cofounder of the organization's bus service, said Mr DeGrilla’s departure was a “sad day”. She added: “Shuby, as he’s affectionately called, went above and beyond the call of duty to transport seniors. We send our appreciation to Shuby and his family for lending us him, and pray for God’s blessings for him. We are at present interviewing for the very large shoes that will have to be filled.” Project Action needs about $110,000 each year to keep its service running, and has appealed to the public for sponsorship. Ms Swan said the charity hoped to have a full-time driver for door-to-door service early in the new year. She added: “We will still be offering rides for rest homes in the evenings to see the Christmas tree lights — we have volunteer drives to keep that service going.” Day trips include taking seniors to medical appointments. Patients on dialysis who have no other way to get around require round trips to the hospital three times a week. Ms Swan said: “In an ageing community like Bermuda, the onus is on the community to meet the needs of this fast-growing segment. We’d like to thank Rubis, which has provided free diesel for the past 20 years. We could not have continued without them.” She also thanked Dawn Simmons, Project Action’s new board member. Ms Swan added: “We are in the process of seeking a new driver and ask anyone interested to call us.”

• Cindy Swan can be contacted at 535-9801. Rose Douglas, Project Action’s administrator, is at 297-5044 or bermudaprojectaction@gmail.com. Donations can be made to Butterfield Bank account #2000606028225100.

Promotions Board for Bermuda Regiment Defence Act 1965. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Prospect Primary School PTA RC 379
Provincial Grand Lodge of Bermuda Irish Constitution, run by Provincial Grand Secretary
Public Access to Information (PATI)

PATI, c/o The Central Policy Unit, The Cabinet Building, 105 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12.

Public Records Committee Bermuda Archives Act 1974. Government Archivist, Chair; Secretary to the Cabinet; Solicitor General; Auditor General; Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet (Policy); Accountant General; Chief Librarian; Chief Statistician; Director of Computer Systems and Services; Director of Telecommunications
Public Service Commission Found within the Bermuda Constitution Order 1968 – section 81. See Bermuda Government Boards.
Public Service Vehicles Licensing Board See Bermuda Government Boards.. Duties include approving fares for all Bermuda taxis
Public Transportation Board See Bermuda Government Boards.
Punish the Deed Not the Breed Bermuda 2016. November 8. Legislation regulating dogs is set to be “modernized”, according to the November 7, 2016 Throne Speech. Among the proposed changes will be measures to set standards for the keeping of dogs, the banning of cosmetic surgical procedures on dogs and a review of controversial breed restrictions. The speech also noted public concerns about the island’s cat population, both feral and domestic, stating: “The government will devise a strategy that incorporates humane treatment, methods of population control and partnerships between community charities and the Bermuda Veterinary Association.” Deborah Titterton Narraway, executive director of the Bermuda SPCA, said she was pleased to hear the issued being addressed in the Speech. “The SPCA has been involved in talks with various stakeholders regarding the feral cats in our community and will continue to work to find a collaborative approach to managing this population. The Bermuda SPCA submitted a comprehensive review and recommendation of the Dog’s Act 2008 to the Minister and the Canine Committee submitted a separate review. The SPCA is very interested to see how many of the recommendations put forth will be included and to see how comprehensive the modernization will be.” She said that the recommendations put forward by SPCA included elements mentioned in the Throne Speech, such as ensuring dogs have access to the “five freedoms”, explaining that such elements are not detailed in the 2008 act. Ms Narraway also said that the “cosmetic surgery” element of the Throne Speech was a reference to cropping and docking — the surgical removal of part of a dog’s ears or tail for cosmetic purposes. “A lot of the time that is done by the breeders, that often have no medical or veterinary training,” she said. “That then can cause health issues.” Cosmetic cropping and docking has already been made illegal in some countries, such as England, Australia and some provinces in Canada, however other countries have not restricted the practice. A spokesperson from Punish The Deed Not The Breed group said: “We are glad to hear prohibited dog legislation and the dog act itself mentioned as being on the agenda, and are fully in support of this being put forward asp to be amended to promote modern and relevant dog welfare and responsible ownership legislation.”

2016. January 13. Animal advocacy group Punish the Deed has renewed its call for a dog amnesty after helping to arrange for the export of two seized dogs from Bermuda. Both pets, which would have faced euthanasia had they remained on the Island, were flown to a temporary foster home in Ohio where it is hoped they will be re-homed. It comes after the Ministry of Health confirmed its policy had been modified to allow owners of banned breeds to export their pets when it is “logistically and financially viable”. Punish the Breed welcomed the move by the Bermuda Government, but insisted it was not a long-term solution to the problem. “While we are extremely thankful that the export policy has now been amended to allow for this opportunity when these breeds are seized, we recognise this is not sustainable long term,” the group said. “Punish the Deed has been petitioning to the minister to request an amendment to the prohibited breeds list in the hope of ushering in a new era of responsible ownership and animal welfare. While this policy remains enforced it allows for an endless cycle of distress within the local community of Bermuda. We would like to stress the need for an immediate amnesty while the current policy is under review. This is our hope for 2016.” The group has pledged to help owners of banned breeds that have been seized to export their pets. E-mail deednotbreedbermuda@gmail.com. 

2015. November 23. This animal advocacy group was disappointed that it has received no response from the government-appointed Canine Advisory Committee on the future of pit bulls in Bermuda. Punish the Deed not the Breed Bermuda has been petitioning Jeanne Atherden, the Minister of Health, Seniors and Environment, to move pit bull-type dogs off the prohibited list and on to the restricted list instead. In May, Ms Atherden appointed the Canine Advisory Committee “whose remit includes recommendations to the minister on issues including restricted breeds of dog and any relevant considerations regarding existing bans”. A spokeswoman for Punish the Deed not the Breed said: “To date, we have not received a response. We feel that 90 days is ample time for the committee to review the letter that included our intentions and educational information on bull terriers specifically. We are disappointed by the government-appointed committee’s lack of response but not discouraged in our solid commitment to bring about positive change in Bermuda.” According to a government spokesman, Ms Atherden “has reviewed the interim report by the Canine Advisory Committee and is awaiting further documentation to determine next steps.” Punish the Deed not the Breed presented the committee with a letter, breed information and relevant legislation amendments on August 20 “in an effort to provide information and initiate healthy dialogue regarding the killing of banned breeds and the need for humane legislation in Bermuda”. The group’s spokeswoman added: “We will continue to make contact with the canine committee and will remain steadfast in our efforts to grow support both locally and overseas to create legislation that holds pet owners responsible instead of unfairly executing that punishment on innocent animals.”

Purchasing Management Association of Bermuda 48 Par la Ville Road, Suite 602, Hamilton HM 11. Purchasing and supply management. Fax 295-3536
Purchasing and Tendering Committee See Bermuda Government Boards.
Purvis School Parent Teachers Association RC 049
The Queen's Club Park House, corner of Victoria Street and Cedar Avenue, Hamilton.


Radio Society of Bermuda (RSB) P. O. Box HM 275, Hamilton, Bermuda. Or Call Glen Cuoco at 295-5625. Meets third Wednesday of each month. The official International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) organization representing the interests of amateur radio on the Islands of Bermuda. The RSB was founded in 1950 and currently has about 55 members, both in Bermuda and overseas. Membership is open to any licensed radio amateur for an annual fee for local residents and overseas members.
Rafiki Foundation Bermuda RC 517
Raleigh International Bermuda (RIB)  
Rastafari for Unity Meets every Wednesday at 79 Court Street. Telephone 292-8498. RC 462
Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda A LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) advocacy group. In April 2016 it called for an immediate reversal of the decision of the Registrar General and Charity Commissioners to grant status to anti-same-sex union group Preserve Marriage saying they may have acted “unlawfully with this hasty decision”.
Reach to Recovery A 24-hour support group for women in any stage of breast cancer. Call 236-4563
Reading Clinic 54 Serpentine Road, Pembroke HM 08. Telephone 292 3938 or fax 292 3254. RC 126. Provides psychological and educational assessments for children,  and adults, who are experiencing difficulty with reading and  writing. Trains tutors who then provide one-on-one  instruction to re-mediate dyslexia.  No one is denied services  for financial reasons as financial assistance is offered for both testing and tutoring. 

2017. November 13. The Reading Clinic has received a donation of $15,000 from The Prudent Group, an international investment manager based in Luxembourg and São Paulo, Brazil. Jon Malmsäter and Dennis Klemming of The Prudent Group presented the cheque to Glenn Faries, executive director of The Reading Clinic, during a recent visit to Bermuda. They said they plan to make an annual donation to the organisation. The Reading Clinic receives a portion of its annual funding from The Reading Clinic Foundation, a Bermuda trust established in 2013 with a gift of $1 million dollars by Clinic founder Elizabeth Kitson and managed by the Trustees. This Trust provides regular income to The Reading Clinic, based on earnings from its investments. Mr Malmsäter said: “Dennis Klemming and I owe our successes in the financial markets to our solid academic backgrounds. Therefore, when we learnt from our dear friends in the Kitson family about the excellent efforts made by the Reading Clinic to alleviate the problems and unfairness caused by dyslexia among children, we decided to start making an annual donation to support the Clinic.” The Prudent Group, which is incorporated in Luxembourg and operates exclusively in Brazil, provides secured, short-term working capital loans to small and mid-size companies. Dr Faries said: “We are extremely grateful to the Prudent Group for their generosity and interest in the valuable work of The Reading Clinic. The importance for every student to have fundamental literacy and numeracy skills is a prerequisite to be competitive and succeed throughout their careers. Addressing the needs of children who learn differently cannot be underestimated.”  

Rebecca Middleton Conscience Trust P.O. Box 195, Southampton, Bermuda SNBX. See under Rebecca Middleton in Bermuda Laws.
Register of Audiologists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973. A full list every year.
Register of Chiropodists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list every year.
Register of Dental Hygienists Bermuda Government maintained under the Dental Hygienists Regulations 1950. A full list every year.
Register of Dental Technicians Bermuda Government maintained under Regulations 2(b) of the Dental Technicians Regulations 1950. A full list every year.
Register of Dental Practitioners Bermuda Government maintained under the Section 6(2) of the Dental Practitioners Act 1950, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Dieticians Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Emergency Medical Technicians Bermuda Government maintained, registered with the office of the Chief Medical Officer. Some are Bermuda Hospitals Board, others are Bermuda Fire Service. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Medical Laboratory Technologists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Medical Practitioners Bermuda Government maintained under the Medical Practitioners Act 1950, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Midwives Bermuda Government maintained under Section 6 (2) of the Midwives Act 1949, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Occupational Therapists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Optometrists & Opticians Bermuda Government maintained under Section 4 Part III of the Optometrists and Opticians Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Pharmacies Bermuda Government maintained under Part IV Section 17(4) of the Pharmacy & Poisons Act 1979, in alphabetical order. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Pharmacists Section 7 (4) of the Pharmacy & Poisons Act 1979. It shows every currently licensed pharmacist - Bermudian and non-Bermudian - by full first, middle and last name and the year, day and month when entered in the register
Register of Physiotherapists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Radiographers Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Register of Speech-Language Therapists Bermuda Government maintained under the Professions Supplementary to Medicine Act 1973, not in alphabetical order but in order of day of registration so that those earliest currently registered are first and the most recent are last. A full list of the persons concerned is published every year.
Renegades Rugby Football Club For information call R. Hartley, Secretary, at 298-3413
Rent Increases Advisory Panel See Bermuda Government Boards.
Residential Child Care Advisory Board See Bermuda Government Boards.
Resident Family Council RC 581
Retired Officers Association For former officers of the Bermuda Regiment
Review Committee See Bermuda Government Boards.
Richardson Trust RC 491
Riddell's Bay Golf & Country Club 26 Riddell's Bay Road, Warwick, WK 04
Ride the Wave Bermuda  
Road Safety Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Rock Ramblers For 2-hour interpretive eco-heritage tours on Sundays or specific days. Call 238-3438.
Roman Catholic Church See web site.
Rose Bell Missionary Society Of St. Paul AME Church
Ross "Blackie" Talbot Foundation (The) RC 597
Ross "Blackie" Talbot Memorial Charity Golf Tournament RC 520
Rotary Clubs of Bermuda Announcement service at telephone 291 2036 for Secretary Leah K. Scott
Royal Air Force Association Club 39 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM 10. 292 0275. RC 017. For all WW2 and Korean War veterans and later Bermudians and residents who served in the Royal Air Force. Bermuda branch of the British Commonwealth-wide Royal Air Force Association.
Royal Artillery Association (Bermuda Branch) Grenadier Lane, St. George's GE 03. Phone (441) 297-1810. Founded in 1920 by Major Philip Lightbourne. Functions include having an annual Remembrance Sunday Wreath Laying Ceremony, Parade and Church Service in St. George's on King's Square and St. Peter's Church, led by the Band of the Bermuda Regiment on the day before Remembrance Day. Decorations and medals are worn. RC 120
Royal Bermuda Yacht Club 15 Point Pleasant Road, Hamilton, HM 11. Telephone 295 2214 or fax 295 6361. The British Army and Royal Navy founded it in the early middle 1800's. Both had active yachtsmen posted to Bermuda. The club first met in the Town of St. George. In 1845 a British peer, Lord Mark Kerr, then a captain in the 20th Regiment of the British Army, became the club's first commodore.
Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada) Awards certificates to local students who participate in and pass musical examinations.
Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club "Mangroville," 25 Pomander Road, Paget PG 05. Telephone 1 441 236 2250. Another yacht club with new members welcome. Overlooks Hamilton Harbor. Lunch is served daily and dinners are by appointment or for special events. Extensive facilities include 2 tennis courts and facilities for mooring boats.
Royal Naval Association (Bermuda Branch) Meets at Bermuda Sailors' Home, Richmond Road, Pembroke. Call (441) 236 6089 or (441) 236 7177. 

S (1)

Saddle Club of Bermuda  With regular meetings and an annual show in May
Sail Training Association (Bermuda) Formed in 2001, call 236-3522. RC 612
Spending and Government Efficiency (Sage) Commission See https://sagecommission.bm/.
Saltus Association (The) RC 105. Phone 292-6177.
Salvation Army Bermuda 92 Reid Street, Hamilton, Bermuda. Telephone 292-0601, fax 295-3765. RC 093
Sandys Boat Club Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset. Accepts new members. Telephone 234 2248. With members club liquor license
Sandys Community Centre Springfield & Boaz Island, 29 Somerset Road,  Sandys, MA 03. Telephone 234-1275. Fax 234-5652. Bermuda Government's Youth, Sport and Recreation.
Sandys Lions Club Wednesdays each month. Meets at Henry VIII Restaurant, Southampton, 6:30 pm. RC 131
Sandys Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Sandys Secondary Middle School RC 498
Sandys Secondary Middle School Foundation RC 644
Saving Children and Revealing Secrets (Scars) Charity helping to combat child exploitation and sexual abuse

2019. February 24. More adults can learn how to help prevent child sexual abuse in Bermuda thanks to a five-figure donation to charity. Saving Children And Revealing Secrets received $10,000 from the Argo Foundation after representatives explained the value of its work in the community. The foundation, the philanthropic arm of the multinational insurance provider Argo Group, was set up in 2009 to invest in the island’s young people. Its website stated its mission was to “support the healthy development and wellbeing of Bermuda’s young people”. Scars works to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse through its training programmes and speaks up for children as well as their affected family members. Debi Ray-Rivers, its founder and executive director, said: “Scars is very passionate about protecting children and preserving innocence in our community and this donation of $10,000 absolutely makes a huge difference for us. This very generous financial gift allows us to continue providing prevention education and awareness to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse in our community. It also provides Scars an opportunity to continue to advocate and be a voice for children who have been sexually abused, as well as their affected families. We do not charge attendees for any of our prevention programmes and we hope that we never have to. Due to donations like this, a significant economic barrier is removed, thereby giving all adults in Bermuda the opportunity to become educated by participating in our programmes.” Ms Ray-Rivers said the organisation was invited to deliver a presentation for the foundation’s allocations committee. An independent group makes funding decisions quarterly. Criteria included that the services offered by recipients were not duplicated by other charities in Bermuda, or that partnerships took place in cases where the objectives are similar. Ms Ray-Rivers explained: “Our meeting was followed by a suggestion by the Argo Foundation for Scars to provide our Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention training programme to some members of their staff. Scars enthusiastically welcomed the opportunity to show the foundation what our training was all about, but better yet, we are able to educate more adults on how to recognize, prevent and react responsibly to this issue.” The sessions are also offered every month in Hamilton and mean people can learn the facts about child sexual abuse, talk about it, reduce risks, recognize the signs and react responsibly. Elspeth Gray, the Argo Foundation president, said: “We support Bermuda charities with an emphasis on helping Bermuda’s youth under the age of 18. Scars’ prevention programmes are designed to protect our youth and help break the cycle of abuse. What I understand from the training is that you’re much more likely to be an abuser if you have yourself been abused so it’s all about breaking the cycle. This aligns very well with the foundation’s focus on Bermuda’s youth.”

2018. August 6. A parliamentary report on the management of sex offenders has been hailed as a huge victory by sexual abuse prevention charity Saving Children and Revealing Secrets. Debi Ray-Rivers, the founder and executive director of Scars, and Jon Brunson, the chairman, said the report by the Joint Select Committee also showed the impact of education and awareness surrounding child sex abuse. Mr Brunson said: “This is a huge victory for Bermuda and for child protection. I felt the work that Scars is doing in the community was affirmed by the statements in this report. The legislators have really unveiled the crime, the reality of sexual abuse and the impact it has on the community by their words in this document.” The report, tabled by Progressive Labour Party backbencher Renée Ming in the House of Assembly on July 27, made recommendations for increased education, mandatory treatment and management of sex offenders, and the counselling and support of victims and their families. 

Save Open Spaces Environmental. Phone 734-9856
Schools Sports Federation 74 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone 295 1983.
Scientific Authority for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora See Bermuda Government Boards.
Scottish Royal Arch Chapters in Bermuda  
Scout Association (The) Admiralty House, 8 Admiralty Lane, Pembroke HM 01. Telephone 292 6052. RC 035
Sea Venture Trust (The) RC 212
Seniors Advisory Council Established by the Bermuda Government in March 2015 to help to improve the standards of care for the Island’s elderly. The council is made up of 15 individuals. 
Senior Islanders Club Admiralty House, Spanish Point, Pembroke. Chairman is Frederick Hassell. Meets Tuesdays 1:30 pm for craft class and afternoon social. Phone 295 9094
Seniors Learning Centre (SLC) Held at the Bermuda College for many years now. Offers an extensive variety of daily classes for seniors, well-attended.  Seniors can even audit classes at the College for $50 a semester.  The SLC can be contacted at 239-4029 Mondays through Fridays between 9.30 a.m. and 2.00 p.m., or at 236-9000. 
Sepia Group RC 484
Sessions House Guided Walking Tour At the door, Monday 11:15 am
Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Bermuda (The) RC 110
Sewing Guild of Bermuda Meets at St. Mary's Church Hall, Lorraine Drive, Warwick. Admission $5 for members, $8 for all non-members.
Sexual Assault Resource Team Receives an annual grant from the Bermuda Government.
Sickle Cell Foundation Support group for all whose lives are touched by this disease.
Sigma Xi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. 
Single Parents Alliance P. O. Box SB 157, Sandys SB BX
Single Parents in Action Support group.
SKAL Bermuda Established in 1962 as part of a global organization, Skal International, which brings together all branches of the travel and tourism industry.
Skirling Ceremony Fort Hamilton, 12 noon on Monday
Slippers for Charity Since April 9, 2002, by XL Re employees. It raises funds for special needs children. RC 615
Sloop Foundation Contact Alan Burland or Malcolm Kirkland
Smith's Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Smith's Parish Welfare Trust RC 108
Smith Quintuplets Charity Fund RC 316

S (2)

Society for a Secular Bermuda  
Society of Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriters Contact it at the Bermuda Insurance Institute.
Society of Management Accountants Contact Patricia Trott at 236 9000 extension 4462. Has a comprehensive Advanced Accounting Program for students and others to take the Canadian examinations of the Certified Management Accountants organization.
Society of Non-Mariners Until 2018 had an annual Non-Mariners race, usually first Sunday every August after Cup Match at Mangrove Bay, Somerset, Sandys Parish. First began in August 1964 in Hamilton, Bermuda by amateur non-sailors deliberately launching non-seaworthy and distinctly non-nautical home-made floating in often hilarious unsea-worthy crafts of any type and design as a joke against the well-established and prim sailing clubs of Bermuda and their 1960s sailing correctness. It has been claimed, but this is incorrect that a drunken bunch of men were involved. In fact, they were not solely men, single women were instigators too, driven by the maleness-only of the more established sailors. Nor were the majority drunk, they were sober, just mischievous, boat-less. Their unorthodox "vessels" were cranked by hand or by pedals or by the wind and were often accompanied by raucous noises, providing much amusement to many residents and visitors at the annual event which became hugely popular. After one such event had a zany entry almost collide with a cruise ship entering Hamilton Harbor, the Society of Non-Mariners, as the organizers became, the event was switched to the less-busy but picturesque Mangrove May, hosted by the Sandys Boat Club (but not mentioned by date, time or photos of previous year on its website). The event now includes family frolics, youngsters jumping off "boats" and rocks, mock boat battles, some ingenious unorganized surprises. A fun day for residents and visitors.
Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Website step.org/branches/step-bermuda. The professional body for the trust and estate profession, with more than 13,000 members woldwide. Has a Bermuda Branch. Last known contact details at State House Trust Company Ltd. 18 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 2251, Hamilton HM FX. Telephone (441) 295-4630. Fax: (441) 295-8877. 
Solar Energy Association (SEA) Since July 2018. Formed after the local solar energy industry saw a 70 per cent decrease in installations over the last year — a fall that supporters of renewables put down a slashing of the rate that Belco is required to pay to solar producers for what they supply to the grid.  The SEA was formed to promote the case for producing more of the island’s electricity from sunshine. portion of peak demand. For more information, visit the SEA website at SEA.bm.
Somerset Aikikai Based at Somerset Boaz Island Community Centre.
Somerset Boaz Island Community Centre Boaz Island
Somerset Bridge Recreation Club 51 White Hill, Sandys SB 02. Telephone 234 1726. With members club liquor license.
Somerset Cricket Club Cricket Lane, Sandys. With members club liquor license.
Somers Isles African Violet Society Meets at Horticultural Hall, Bermuda Botanical Gardens, call 295 2121, on last Monday each month
Somers Isles Junior Chamber Call the president at 293 0400. RC 036
Somers Isles Minibus Association One of two such minibus entities.
Somers Lioness Club Third Thursday each month, 6 pm. RC 285
Somerset Primary School PTA RC 174
Southampton Glebe School Parent Teachers Association RC 133
Southampton Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Southampton Rangers Sports Club 49 Horseshoe Road, Southampton SN 03. Telephone 238 0058.
Southampton Seventh Day Adventist Church  
Southside Family Bowl 1565 Southside Road, St. David's. Telephone 293-5906 or fax 293-5907
Spanish Point Boat Club 13 Spanish Point Road, Pembroke HM 01. Telephone 295 1030. Accepts new members.
SPCA Animal Shelter 32 Valley Road, Paget PG 05. Telephone 236 7333 or fax 236 6185.
Special Courts Panel See Bermuda Government Boards.
Spending and Government Efficiency (Sage) Commission See https://sagecommission.bm/. Can also be regarded as the Savings And Government Efficiency Commission.
Spice Valley Middle School Parent Teachers Association  
Spice Valley Middle School Trust  
Spirit of Bermuda Charitable Trust RC 486
SRC Youth Assistance Foundation RC 629
St. David's County Cricket Club Battery Road, St. David's DD 02. Secretary by telephone or fax 297 2379.
St. David's Island Historical Society Carter House, Southside Avenue, Southside, St. David's DD 03. Phone 293-5960. Fax 297-0329. Admission charge. RC 506.
St. David's Island Indian Committee An organization of St. David's Islanders claiming descendents from Pequot and other American Indian tribes. The committee embraces descendants of Native American Indians who were brought to Bermuda as slaves some 400 years ago and settled in St. David's. Its first festival was held in 2002 in St. David's, bi-annually since then. In late 2007 a high-ranking delegation from the Mashentucket Pequot Tribal Nation made a visit to Bermuda, with a short tour of St. George's and St. David's, including a visit to the slave graves.
St. David's Primary PTA RC 453
St. George's Cricket Club Slip Road, St. George's GE 02. Telephone 297 0374 or 297 0516.
St. George's Community Centre 6 Old Military Road, opposite bus terminal. After-school program for 5-12 year children. Phone 297-1754
St. George's Dancerettes Tuesdays, 6 pm to 7:30 pm, St. George's Community Centre, 6 Old Military Road, phone 295-1754
St. George's Dinghy & Sports Club 24 Cut Road, St. George's GE 04. Telephone 297 1612.
St. George's Foundation (The) P. O. Box GE 58, St. George's GE BX. Telephone 297 8043. Fax 297-2429. RC 454.  
St. George's Market Group Market Nights every Tuesday from May to October in King's Square. A traditional Bermuda market with stalls featuring locally made arts and crafts, market produce and sale of baked goods. Gombeys perform at 7:30 pm.
St. George's Historical Society & Museum 3 Featherbed Alley, St. George. Telephone 297 0009 or 297 0423. RC 478.
St. George's Joy Club For senior citizens. First and third Wednesdays of each month. Meets at St. George's Community Centre, Old Military Road, near bus terminal, 1-3:30 pm. Call 297-1765 or 297-0913.
St. George's Junior Chamber Meets first Wednesday each month at Francis Patton School Auditorium, 7 pm. Anyone 18-40 years old may attend. Contact its president Sandra Collins at 292-4402 extension 662.
St. George's Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
St. George's Preparatory School PTA RC 541.
St. George's Preservation Authority See Bermuda Government Boards.
St. George's Rotary Club Meets Monday 6:30 pm at Mulligan's Golf Club Restaurant. For information contact Jeffrey Gehl, Director, at phone 506-6378.
St. George's Sea Cadets Phone 232-4411
St. George's Secondary Community Association RC 384
St. John Ambulance Brigade 21 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04. 24-7 hotline at 734-2600. RC 114. The world's oldest charity, it originated in Jerusalem over 1300 years ago as a monastery providing medical attention. It has been in Bermuda for more than 60 years. It and the hospitals are the only organizations in Bermuda with ambulances, some of which belonging to this organization are regularly used by the hospital. Receives an annual grant from the Bermuda Government. Provides emergency medical treatment and an ambulance service at many public events free of charge, with medical professionals volunteering their time and expertise.

2018. January 12. Bermuda’s branch of the St John Ambulance Brigade is back on a firm footing after years of financial struggles, the charity has said. Justin Williams, St John commander and chairman of the medical charity, added that recruitment had been “on the up” in 2017. He credited the turnaround to a more focused donations strategy, helped by the group’s services during the America’s Cup. Mr Williams said: “As a result of the dedicated service of the commissioner, deputy, officers and members and the board of directors, who have worked diligently throughout the last year, the brigade has flourished. Recruitment and training has developed significantly with 43 new members in healthcare provider CPR and first aid over the last year with more classes scheduled each month.” The brigade provides an emergency medical service at public events — but flagging revenues had put the group $30,000 in debt, it announced in December 2013. Mr Williams said that “generous donations from community icons such as the Marsh Group of Companies and Validus” had enabled the brigade to update its gear, purchase new ambulance equipment and become fully uniformed. St John ensures that ambulance services are available throughout the island, with ambulances on loan to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and stationed at either end of the Island. Mr Williams added: “St John was chosen to provide medical coverage for the Louis Vuitton Americas Cup event May-June 2017, providing an average of 13 medically trained members daily between the AC village on Cross Island and the AC clinic with ambulances stationed, foot patrols and a clinic manned by doctors and nurses in the AC village. St John provided 56 personnel over the entire event, totaling 3,457 man hours, while its medical teams dealt with a total of 296 patients. St John is run entirely by volunteers and welcomes new recruits and those looking to achieve and develop first aid training,” Mr Williams said.

St. John's Youth Choir c/o St. John's Church
St. Vincent De Paul Society RC 173
Stamp Design Advisory Committee See Bermuda Government Boards.
Staying Steady Group Falls prevention. Day Hospital Rehabilitation Service, KEMH  Phone 239-7129. Fax 236-2173. Not a normal volunteer support group, instead a service referred by an appropriate healthcare professional and paid for via health insurance.
Summer Community Program for Handicapped Adults  RC 149
Summerhaven Trust (The) Runs Summerhaven, the only residence in Bermuda for the permanently physically disabled, in Smith's Parish. There is a huge waiting list for it. Receives a government grant. Other financial support comes from donations and a subsidy from the Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB). Each resident is responsible for paying rent for the studio apartments. They are also provided with two meals a day and 24-hour attendant care. RC 227
Sunshine Garden Club With regular meetings.
Sunshine League (The) Children's Home Established in 1919.  Website sunshineleague.bm. Island’s first social service organization committed to the development of Bermuda’s young people into healthy, productive and independent citizens. 27 King Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 1773, Hamilton HM HX. Phone 292 4360 or fax 296 3270. For more details, see book "A Ray of Hope." RC 095. 

2017. April 20. A charity born almost a century ago to help “needy little ones” announced yesterday that it would close and, in doing so, would give its headquarters to another organisation which works to strengthen Bermuda’s families. The Sunshine League said it was donating its “greatest asset” — a seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom house on King Street in Hamilton, which served as a children’s home for many years — to Family Centre, which will move into the property before the end of 2017. Sunshine League chairman Annemarie Tobin, choking back tears during an emotionally charged press conference, said the decision to wind down the charity and hand over the property was not an easy one. “The house has been the home of the Sunshine League for more than 50 years,” she said. “It was established as a place for children, to get their basic needs met and ensure that they had a fair chance at a happy and productive life. The decision to terminate the Sunshine League as a Bermuda charity is not one that was made lightly or without much thought or deliberation.” She said since the organisation lost its government funding in 2011, it had struggled to raise the $1 million it needed annually to run its programmes, relying on about $300,000 in donations. The trend for helping children in need was also now much more focused on fostering, Ms Tobin explained, rather than on residential care. “After stringent review of the Sunshine League’s viability in its present form within the community, together with multiple discussions between the boards of both the Sunshine League and Family Centre, the board of the Sunshine League made the decision to convey this house ... as a gift to Family Centre,” she said. Ms Tobin said the seven-strong board of the Sunshine League was of the view that giving its headquarters to Family Centre was the “right thing to do” for both charities and for Bermuda. She said the property would be named Sunshine League House, as a lasting tribute to the charity founded by Agnes May Robinson and Etta Jones on January 28, 1919. Family Centre chairman Justin Freisenbruch thanked the Sunshine League for choosing Family Centre to “carry their legacy forward” by giving “this amazing gift. At Family Centre, our mission is to strengthen families and support systems to create a healthier Bermuda for our children. Having Sunshine League House as our base, will allow us to deliver even more effective services for our families and today we are further inspired to fulfil our mission. We will ensure that this property becomes a place where our specialized programmes and prevention initiatives provide children and families with the skills they need to be successful and to sustain that success for future generations.” The Sunshine League’s first home was in Middletown in a rented property, moving several times before settling at 27 King Street in 1950, after it received the house as a gift. The charity was the idea of Miss Robinson, who was horrified by the conditions in which she saw children living in Bermuda. A book, Rays of Hope, by Miss Robinson’s relative Carol Hill, details the early years of the charity, describing how her aunt visited various institutions in America, including a children’s nursery, and returned to the island with a burning desire to have a similar facility here. Miss Hill wrote that her aunt told members of her Bible class she had “more and more a definite call from God to minister to His needy little ones.” Ms Tobin told the press conference: “The original concept came from the fact that Agnes May had seen children diving into the harbour, where tourists were throwing in pennies, trying to make enough money to support their families in a very hard time. Between the kids not having an education or a place to be cared for, they started doing after-school programmes, Sunday schools, just to get the kids together and bring them out of that environment. Eventually, they started a nursery.” The charity began offering overnight care to children in 1931 and became a registered charity in 1974. It operated a children’s home until 2011, when financial restraints meant that was no longer possible. It continued offering other programmes for young people, including a transitional living programme. One Bermuda Alliance MP Leah Scott serves as legal counsel to the board. She said she did not know if there had ever been discussion within the current Government about reinstating the charity’s funding, after it was axed by the Progressive Labour Party administration in 2011. Former Sunshine League residents include karate champion Skipper Ingham, football coach Andrew Bascome and Dexter Smith, editor of The Royal Gazette.

Supporting Fair Immigration Reform 2018. July 23. Members of the Supporting Fair Immigration Reform group tonight said the Premier’s claim that his party’s 21 electoral pledges have been completed as misleading. David Burt’s Progressive Labour Party promised in its election platform to complete comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform to “ensure that the rights of Bermudians are advanced and protected, while recognizing the need to grow our economy with fair and balanced work permits and residential policies.” A spokesman for SFIR said: “As we have stated before, nothing has been released to the public since October 31, 2017 about immigration reform and we have speculated that this promise may never be completed if the government continues to stall with a resolution. Immigration is affecting Bermudians. We have Bermudians who cannot pass their Bermudian status to their children. If the PLP is to uphold their slogan of ‘Putting Bermudians First’ they have to look at correcting this injustice. It is also affecting people born in Bermuda who have become thoroughly Bermudianised and who know no other home.” The group said that any reform should be designed to assist people born in Bermuda or who arrived at a young age and those with a substantial family connection to someone who already has Bermudian status. SFIR added those who are integrated into Bermudian society through long-term residence and people who have otherwise made a significant contribution to Bermudian society should also be included.

2018. June 14. Press Release by Supporting Fair Immigration Group. "The individuals behind the “Supporting Fair Immigration Reform” Facebook group and our members applaud Premier David Burt for honoring and recognizing the Portuguese community by announcing November 4, 2019 as a public holiday in Bermuda to commemorate the 170th anniversary of the arrival of the first Portuguese immigrants to Bermuda. The Portuguese community has made a large contribution to Bermuda. However we remain concerned about the current dilemma of immigration reform that many Portuguese families face and that this holiday is being used to distract from the need for substantive reform. Some Portuguese nationals were born in Bermuda and have lived here their entire lives. Some Portuguese families are divided between status holders, permanent residents, belongers and work permit holders. These situations remain fundamentally unfair. When looking back at what has been done in the terms of immigration reform since the Consultative Immigration Reform Working Group submitted their report on October 31, 2017 to the current minister and previous member of the team, Walton Brown, nothing further has been released to the public. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Home Affairs had advised that interim reports would be released but a time frame was not specified. In addition to these reports, the group would be holding public meetings when they reached certain milestones. As of today, no meetings or reports have been release and this leaves us to assume that no milestones have been reached and no interim reports have been written. This process seems to not be progressing as it should be. Immigration reform cannot continue to be stalled as it is just getting more and more complex and unfair as time goes by. In a speech made in the House of Assembly on June 1, 2018, Premier David Burt stated: “We are unique in the world as we have no true native people. We all came from somewhere else and have individually and collectively committed to this series of islands called Bermuda.” We once again implore and urge the Government to continue to work on completing comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform to correct the injustices and divisions that it has created within families.

2018. April 26. This pressure group has called on the Government to continue its work to reform Bermuda’s immigration laws. Supporting Fair Immigration Reform warned that the island could face problems similar to those in Britain over the Windrush generation — a group of people who emigrated there after the Second World War and were named after the first ship to arrive from the Caribbean in 1948. The warning came after the British Government said it would grant citizenship to people who emigrated from Commonwealth countries from the late 1940s to the 1970s. Migrants and their descendants were faced with deportation this year after they were told they were in Britain illegally because of a lack of paperwork. A spokesman for Supporting Fair Immigration Reform said: “If we sympathize with those people, why can’t we sympathize with those people who are in the same situation here in Bermuda? We currently have families where different members have a different immigration status. If nothing is done, immigration will divide families in Bermuda.” The group, which has about 2,500 members, added: “We applaud the UK Government for the action that they have taken to correct this injustice. As we all know, immigration is a very sensitive and serious topic in Bermuda. No one agrees that the current immigration laws are reasonable and sustainable. If we do not find a solution to resolve our immigration problems, Bermuda will eventually have its own Windrush generation situation on its hands. We agree wholeheartedly with the need to protect Bermuda for Bermudians. However, as we have always said, this should extend to persons who are thoroughly Bermudian in their hearts and who know no other home than Bermuda, but for whom the law has failed to make provision. We once again implore and urge the Government to continue to work on completing comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform to correct the injustices and divisions that it has created within families.” The group pointed to people who were born in, or came to, Bermuda 20 to 25 years ago but were not allowed to stay when they came of age. “They are Bermudian in every sense of the word — except when it comes to their rights to call Bermuda home. It is harsh to tell these people ‘go back home’ when this is where they grew up.” The group referred to comments by Progressive Labour Party MP Christopher Famous in ZBM’s evening news on Friday. Mr Famous said the UK should do the “right thing” and provide British citizenship to those descendants of the Windrush generation. The group also raised the issue of “belongers” — people who “belong to Bermuda” and hold a Bermudian passport but cannot vote. “Does this sound fair? How can someone who is not Bermudian have a Bermuda passport? Shouldn’t that come with all the rights and privileges of becoming a Bermudian?” The Consultative Immigration Reform Working Group was set up to review and propose amendments to the Bermuda Immigration Act in 2016. The group was created in the wake of protests sparked by the Pathways to Status immigration proposals by the former One Bermuda Alliance government. The working group released a report in November last year after 18 months of discussion and public consultations designed to help lay out guiding principles for new immigration policies covering mixed-status families, permanent resident’s certificates and Bermuda status. Walton Brown, the Minister of Home Affairs, was to examine the report alongside a bipartisan committee on immigration reform. Mr Brown said at the time that he hoped new legislation would be brought to Parliament as early as February.

Sustainable Development Roundtable (SDR) c/o Ministry of the Environment. First introduced in April 2005. Its primary role is to advise the Cabinet on a sustainable future for the country in areas of economics, the environment and culture.
STAR (Supportive Therapy for AIDS Persons & Their Relatives) 131 South Road. Telephone 292 5941. Fax 293 4621. RC 247
Swan's Running Club  
Syncairly Yours

Since 2012, a Bermuda registered charity which hopes to become an umbrella group that provides assistance to uninsured parents of premature babies, particularly those born with major medical problems. Also intends to set up a support system for parents facing life and death situations presented by the births of child born well before term.  

T - V

Tae Durham Charitable Association for Physically Challenged Children Phone Ivan Smith at 238-2865 or pager 298-8778. Liaises with other charities to help disabled children with everyday needs not met or available from larger charities. RC 565
Talent Explosion Musical group, Marcelle Clamens. New charity from 2010
Take Back Our Parks (TBOP) A campaign group fighting to save Bermuda parks from commercial exploitation

2018. June 28. A Government plan to build a maintenance yard at Botanical Gardens has been scrapped. Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch, the Minister of Public Works, confirmed the decision was made not to move forward with the controversial plan last August. Colonel Burch said: “You might recall there was a court case prior to us coming into government. People objected to it, and so there was a requirement to make a decision by sometime in August last year. When the date came, I decided that we would not proceed with building that facility.” Colonel Burch said he made the decision in an effort to improve efficiency in his ministry. He said: “I came into this job with the belief that we have to look at Bermuda as what it is. We are 21 square miles. We cannot have separate entities for every aspect in government, so when I first came in, I went to the quarry and asked if they were capable of fixing a parks truck if it has a blue label on the outside of it, and they said yes.” He added: “We are headed in that direction, not just in relation to maintenance, but across the board. The approach of this ministry is that we are looking at how we can reduce our expenses and the duplication of efforts.” Take Back Our Park, a campaign group launched in protest against the project, said they were relieved the Government had abandoned the “inappropriate and ill-conceived project”. A spokesman said: “We were aware that the Supreme Court ruled, in a private civil case, that the project did not comply with the National Parks Act and we are thankful that the Government was held to account and had to comply with that Act. While we agree that parks maintenance staff deserve to have modern facilities in which to work, any new facility should not be in one of our most important parks and tourist destination.” The group questioned why the public had not been notified of the decision sooner, and if there was any plan for the site — specifically the water tower already erected on the property. The Government had sought to install a new maintenance yard at the site, replacing one which was damaged by Hurricane Fabian. Members of the public expressed concern about the nature of the project given its location in the heart of a national park. An online petition against the project garnered about 3,800 signatures. Construction was halted in 2015 after a legal action against the project was launched by neighbors.

2016. November 28. Campaign group Take Back Our Park has issued a “call for action” in an effort to halt development in Botanical Gardens. Objectors to the plans to build a maintenance yard in the park have been asked to send their comments through to Marcus Wade at Marwade@gov.bm. Earlier, the group presented a 1,500-word “letter of objection” to the Bermuda Government. The proposed maintenance yard would include a two-storey water tower, a 30ft tall warehouse and a headquarters for parks staff. Jennifer Flood, a spokesperson for TBOP, said in a statement this morning: “We have been consistent in saying that the Parks staff deserve a new headquarters, just not in a place that virtually bisects a national park. “We know that a yard has existed there previously but we feel strongly that Government has missed an opportunity to move it somewhere more suitable. In addition, the sheer scale of the development is wholly inappropriate.” Work on the new maintenance yard was stopped earlier this year after Chief Justice Ian Kawaley granted a temporary injunction halting the Bermuda Government from proceeding with its plans. Government recently held a public meeting on the plans, which was attended by TBOP members. However, according to the statement, the members found the meeting “disappointing”. The group is now urging interested members of the public to sign an online petition in protest of the development. “We would urge people to sign our petition and to write to Government protesting these plans,” Ms Flood said. “We believe there are suitable alternative sites and that this is a great chance to enhance the Botanical Gardens, a national treasure.”

Tax Appeal Tribunal Panel See Bermuda Government Boards.
Tax Convention Advisory Committee See Bermuda Government Boards.
Teachers Rugby Football Club RC 499
Teen Haven Registered under YHED.  A home for pregnant teenagers. Bay View Haven/Cottage, Fort Hamilton, Pembroke. RC 071.
Telecommunications Commission See Bermuda Government Boards.
The Bermuda Reading Association  
The Lorraine Rest Home Amenities Committee  
The Buzz Campaign group established to tackle the dwindling bee population after the plague that struck their hives in 2008. The tiny varroa mite preyed on local honey bees in 2008, causing the number of beehives to fall from 350 to about 125. But according to the The Buzz. the message is slowly getting out to the community to create the right environment to help them thrive.
The Company RC 412
The Kidfest Foundation RC 645
The Mes Amis (The Friends) A group of friends and co-workers who meet on the second Saturday of every month to plan a calendar of charity events for the year.
Traditional Academy of Martial Arts 292-5715
Transcendental Meditation (TM Bermuda) Telephone 238-0059
Transforming Arts Association and Ministry  
Treatment of Offenders Board See Bermuda Government Boards.
Tri-Hedz Bermuda RC 621
Trucks Advisory Committee See Bermuda Government Boards.
Trust Recovery Centre For people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Since 2003, Mr. Matthew, phone 292-7692 or 336-5155.
Top Level Domain Committee See Bermuda Government Boards.
Two Islands Productions RC 411
Tucker’s Town Historical Society  
Uptown Market Association An organization representing the shops of Court Street and district which are far less frequented by tourists and business visitors. 
United by Faith An organisation representing 80 churches in Bermuda. In April 2007, chairman Andre Curtis issued a statement on the cancellation of the Rosie O'Donnell gay family cruise,  cruise, calling it a “victory for God.”
United Holy Church of Bermuda, Inc. Affiliation with United Holy Church of America, Inc.
United Motorsports Federation (UMF) Formed to create a bigger voice for them by the separate organizations Bermuda Motocross Club, Bermuda Powerboat Association, Personal Watercraft Association of Bermuda, Bermuda Karting Club and Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club.
United World Colleges Bermuda National Committee RC 346
University of New Brunswick - Bermuda Alumni Chapter RC 446
Vasco Da Gama Club 51 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone 292 7196. Portuguese cultural and social club
Vegetarian Society of Bermuda P. O. Box DV 678, Devonshire DV BX. Phone 236-8771.
Venturilla Foundation RC 423
Veterinary Practitioners Council (VPC)

Established by the Veterinary Practitioners Act 2008 which states that overseas practitioners must either be a member of the UK's Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, or hold a 'valid licence' in the US, Canada, European Union or Caribbean Economic Community to qualify. VPC promotes standards with a code of conduct, with powers to investigate all allegations of professional misconduct. It will examine the qualifications of overseas vets applying to practice here. In the past, the profession had only been governed by a short section of the Agriculture Act 1930 which was inadequate. There is now an annual register of vets to be published and re-registration will be required every three years to ensure vets keep up to date with latest standards. The register also bars those not on it from treating sick and injured animals, under penalty of a $5,000 fine or six months' imprisonment. Veterinary certificate holders under the Agriculture Act 1930 will automatically qualify for the register.

Victor Scott School Parent Teacher Association RC 096
VIP Bermuda Charities Fund (The) RC 408
Vision Bermuda

Formerly Bermuda Society for the Blind. Beacon House, 3 Beacon Rd, Hamilton HM 10. Phone 292 3231. Monday to Friday 10am-3pm. Established in 1957. Promotes visual health and empowers persons who are blind or vision impaired to achieve independence by providing Vision Rehabilitation Therapy. Advocates to increase awareness about living with vision loss and promotes visual health through public education and outreach. RC 090

2019. May 8. The Bermuda Society for the Blind has rebranded and will now operate under the name Vision Bermuda. The charity said the shift will more accurately reflect the services now being offered. David Petty, president of Vision Bermuda, said: “There is a growing population of not only people who are blind, but also low or decreasing vision. Living with vision impairment can be isolating and complex. Our new name is a testament to the support that we pledge to help guide people who are experiencing vision impairment of all forms through their journey to regain independence and make social connections” The registered charity began as a social group in 1954 for the blind and visually impaired before being established as the Bermuda Society for the Blind in 1957, operating a sheltered workshop. After 50 years, the charity has developed the infrastructure to provide public awareness and educational events, rehabilitation services and social activities. Tinée Furbert, Junior Minister of Disability Affairs, said: “It gave me great pleasure to be able to be a part of this recent change and bring forth the private members amendment bill in the House of Assembly. I would like to thank the newly renamed Vision Bermuda team, executive and service users for all of their vision, insight and assistance for the visually impaired community over the past years and the years to come.” Senator James Jardine, who supported the name change, said: “Perhaps the most important change was the amendment to recognize a wider more inclusive name to encompass not only those who are completely or partially blind but also others who have some form of vision impairment.” Appleby provided its services on a complimentary basis to assist with the legal aspects. Laura Burns, an associate at the firm, said: “It has been a pleasure for Appleby to provide legal pro bono services to the society and to work closely alongside its leadership over the last several years. We wish the society continued success as it now operates as Vision Bermuda.” For more information on Vision Bermuda including its work to assist the visually impaired you can follow them on Facebook. The charity plans to launch the island’s first assessable website for the visually impaired utilizing the latest technology, which allows the visually impaired to read the website.

Visitor Industry Partnership (VIP) Council Phone 232-1847 or contact via Bermuda Government, Ministry of Tourism. Its mission is to inspire people to obtain collective ownership in tourism and work together to revitalize the visitor industry to be globally competitive. It runs Tourism Appreciation Week. It is owned mostly by the Bermuda Government.
Voters' Rights Association (VRA) The VRA has called for a Voters Bill of Rights, to include the right to a predictable election date, the right to vote through a fair absentee ballot system and the right to raise and determine public issues and citizens' initiatives by a voter referendum process. The VRA believes they would "reduce the self-oriented interests that now influence our governance, establish accountability and increase the power of the people."

W (1)

Wagon Wheel Club RC 016
Walking Club of Bermuda Various walks, call Laura Gorham for details at 295-9428 or 236-6034.
Warwick Academy Association RC 157
Warwick Community Education Advisory Council At Warwick Office of Community Education, telephone 236-0829
Warwick Workman's Club 42 Cobb's Hill Road, Warwick WK 09. Telephone 236 7470. With members club liquor license. Phone 236-7470
Warwick Parish Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
War Veterans Pensions Commission (WVPC) Unlike veterans in other countries, Bermuda pays a pension only to those who served overseas
Water Safety Council See Bermuda Government Boards.
Waterstart Ltd RC 591
Watford Sports Club 9 Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset MA 01. Telephone 234 2340. 
Wee Kids Support Group Support for parents of premature infants. Meets second Tuesday of each month. Call 239-2017
Wesley Methodist Church P. O. Box HM 346, Hamilton HM BX. The Minister must be ordained in the United Church of Canada
West End Athletic Club Lee Tucker, telephone 238-2018. RC 542
West End Development Corporation (Wedco)

Set up in 1982 as a Government quango to manage and develop 214 acres of Government-owned land in the West End, including Watford Island, Boaz Island, Ireland Island South and North, the small islands forming the Crawl off Ireland South and the North and South basins and breakwaters. Revenue is generated from residential and commercial tenants plus berthing fees from the commercial and cruise ship docks.

West End Sailboat Club Watford Island, Somerset MA 03. Telephone 234 1252. With members club liquor license
West End Seagull Association Races British Seagull outboard engines. 
West End School Parent Teachers Association RC 061
Western Counties Cricket Association Phone 236-9000 ext. 4314. All cricket games are at the spacious White Hill Field. Accepts tenders for the gambling game of Crown and Anchor concessions.
Western Stars Sports Club 57 St. John's Road, Pembroke HM 07. Phone 292 3680.
West Indian Association of Bermuda An association for nationals of the Caribbean living and working in Bermuda.
Westmeath Trustees RC 206. 28 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke, HM 06, Tel: 295-2451, Fax: 295-9881. Residential Home for elderly, providing a comfortable, independent and healthy environment. Nursing Wing gives quality nursing care for elderly in a safe and cheerful way. Daily rate for daycare. Call or write for prices.
West Pembroke Pentecostal Assembly RC 308
West Pembroke School PTA RC 033
Westmeath Retirement Home Trustees 28 Pitt's Bay Road, Pembroke HM 06. Phone 295-2451, fax 295-9881. Probably the nicest and most expensive such facility, for about $75,000 a year. The nursing wing gives quality nursing care to dependent seniors. RC 206
Whaler Inn Tennis Club South Road, Southampton SN 02. Telephone 291 1435.
Whitney Institute School Association (WISA) RC 344

W (2) to end

Willing Workers of Bermuda (The) RC 548
Willowbank Foundation (The) Ran a hotel, until it closed. RC 433
Windreach Bermuda Trust (The) Runs Windreach Recreational Village at P. O. Box WK 464. Warwick, WK BX. 57 Spice Hill Road, Warwick. Phone 238 2469 or fax 238 2597. Monday-Saturday 9-5. RC 386
Wolves Sports Club c/o Bermuda Football Association
Women Aglow Bermuda Chapter of Christian Women's Ministry, meets second Sunday of every month at Astwood Hall, Hamilton. Phone 236-0650. 
Women in Insurance (WIRE) An organization for women working in the Bermuda re-insurance sector

2018. June 29. Women in Reinsurance announced three appointments. Rachael Afford, vice-president, specialty reinsurance, at Allied World, has been named head of WiRe’s Events Committee. Joelina Redden, general counsel, Athora Life Re, is the secretary, while Melissa Logie, manager of finance, Zurich Insurance, has been appointed treasurer. “On the heels of our tenth anniversary, these appointments reflect our vision to broaden our management team and build a foundation for the future leadership of WiRe,” Kathleen Reardon, chairwoman of WiRe and chief executive officer of Hamilton Re, said. “I would like to thank the outgoing officers, Julia Mather, Carmen Gracey and Susan Smith, for the significant work they performed in these roles and for helping to develop WiRe into the thriving organisation that it is today.” WiRe also announced the appointment of Deniece Gordon, assistant underwriter, specialty reinsurance, XL Catlin, to the Events Committee and Amy Peniston, catastrophe modeling analyst at Hamilton Re, to the Social Media Committee, which is headed up by Jeannine Menzies. “Since its inception in 2008, WiRe has moved from strength to strength, evolving from a small group of senior professional women to one that is now 266 members strong and represents women across all levels and disciplines in property and casualty reinsurance, life reinsurance, ILS, regulatory and service provider sectors,” Ms Reardon added. “It is exciting to welcome new committee members to our organisation as we strive to diversify the array of programmes we offer while increasing the conversations about topical issues in our industry.” She noted that today’s announcement follows the expansion of WiRe’s board of directors with the addition of Stephen Young, Sompo International, Peta White, Markel Global Re, and Tracey Gibbons, Allied World, to the board.

Women in Sport Established in 2002 to promote the positive role of women in sport. 11 committee members.
Women in International Trade - Bermuda (WIT-BD) Promotes international trade and other business among women, with monthly meetings. A chapter of WIT-BD is the Entrepreneur Support Group, which provides assistance, support and training for WIT members who are owners and managers of small businesses.
Women's Auxiliary, Somerset Brigade Band RC 048
Women's International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) 2016. October 21. Female leaders of the island’s shipping industry have launched a Bermuda chapter of the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA). Bermuda is the 40th country to join the global organisation, whose members are women in management positions in the maritime transportation business and related trades worldwide. WISTA, which has chapters across the world from Finland to Sri Lanka, is a networking organisation that seeks to promote education of its members, drive career success, and act as a liaison with other related institutions and organisations worldwide. WISTA is a major player in attracting women to the shipping industry and supporting women in management positions. Angelique Burgess is WISTA Bermuda president, BSMA board member, and general manager of Concordia Maritime (Bermuda). Jeanne Grasso, a partner with Blank Rome, in Washington, DC who represents WISTA International’s executive committee, traveled to Bermuda for the launch and applauded local female shipping executives for having the vision for a chapter. Founding Bermuda Chapter members include Marilyn Feldman, president of Shoreline Managers, who will serve as vice-president of WISTA Bermuda and Appleby partner Tammy Richardson-Augustus, the chapter’s chief legal officer. For more information about WISTA, visit vista.net.  For WISTA Bermuda membership inquiries, contact: Angelique Burgess at 441-295-0040; or M Fieldman at 441-248-0001.
Women's Resource Center (formerly Rape Crisis Center) Support for victims of rape or sexual assault. Phone 295-7273. Hotline for abuse of women is 295-7273 (6 pm-6 am). With an annual Bermuda Government grant to help meet expenses. RC 267. Attacks on women now make up more than one third of all cases handled by the Women’s Resource Centre. 

2019. January 30. The Women’s Resource Centre and BELCO recently partnered to host a workshop entitled ‘Use Less, Save More’: How to Reduce your Electricity Bill. The one hour Free Lunch & Learn was sponsored by BELCO. The objective was for women to gain tools to lead energy efficient households and learn new methods to reduce their electricity costs. BELCO delivered a comprehensive understanding, in very understandable terms, of the kinds of electricity that we utilize in our households every day. The presentation included how to dry clothes more efficiently and how to lower your electricity bill by utilizing appliances such as heaters, microwaves, refrigerators, light bulbs and computers more efficiently. Other topics included how to make our homes energy efficient by simply cleaning and checking our appliances regularly. Elaine Butterfield, Executive Director of the Women’s Resource Centre, said, “It was a tremendous workshop. Attendees, including myself, learned how to make sustainable life choices while reducing our electricity bills in a safe and practical way. Considering the high cost of living in Bermuda, every chair should have been filled. This workshop was for everyone. We are excited to be partnering with BELCO and will definitely be repeating this soon.” BELCO’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Manager, Jamil Rahemtula, remarked, “We are grateful to the Women’s Resource Centre for the opportunity to share energy efficiency tips with its members. BELCO makes a concerted effort to promote energy efficiency throughout the community and one of our favorite ways to do this is by speaking directly to people about how simple changes can lead to big savings. The ladies in attendance were very attentive and asked excellent questions. We look forward to returning to the Women’s Resource Centre in the near future. In the meantime, anyone interested in energy efficiency tips can visit belco.bm or search #BELCOefficiencytips on Facebook.” All attendees were treated with takeaways on tips that were shared and a delicious light lunch compliments of BELCO. For further information about the Women’s Resource Centre’s Awareness & Education quarterly Calendar of workshops, please visit our Facebook page at Women’s Resource Centre Bermuda or contact us at wrc@wrcbermuda.com or call us at 295-3882.

Word of Life RC 579
Work Inc RC 585
World Heritage Committee Works with the St. George's Preservation Authority to present World Heritage facts to locals re the town of St. George. Call Town Manager at 297-1532.
World Vision Inc RC 274
XL Capital Bermuda Open P. O. Box HM 3073, Hamilton HM NX. Phone 296-2554. Fax 296-2551.
Young Enterprise (Bermuda) Presents an annual Young Enterprise Trade Fair
Young Life Bermuda P.O. Box PG 192, Paget, PG BX, Bermuda. Phone # 292-6365. Fax 292-2013. Reaching-out to our youth for over 40 years. 
Young Men's Social Club 32 Princess & Angle Streets, Hamilton HM 10. Telephone 292 1439.
Youth Counseling Services For high-risk youth experimentation with alcohol and other drugs. Telephone (441) 296-7548 or fax (441) 296-7569
Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative of Bermuda RC 616
Youth Forum RC 435
Youth Health Education Development Program (For the Haven)  
Youth to Youth Meets Fridays at Stonington Campus Student Centre 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm, teens aged 13-19 welcome. Phone 295-3381.
YouthNet Since 2002. Mentoring organization that pairs students with caring adults in several middle and secondary schools. Mentors give up an hour of their time each week, to help their partner with school work such as reading, or just play games and act as a positive role model. Students also benefit by developing a link with the business community, which can lead to work experience and job opportunities. For more information, call 297-5400. RC 414.

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