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When we at Bermuda Online go to the time, huge expense and trouble of giving and adding so much good information of the type other lesser sites don't have, we want all our information, graphics, photographs, text, etc. fully legally protected world-wide and we pay to have this done. Hyper-linking (linking) preserves this. Avoid copyright contravention. Instead, create a hyperlink (link) to BOL. Linkage does not require you to link solely to our main Bermuda Online website. You can, if you prefer, link directly to any one of our many sub-sites, all of which have their own separate website addresses as shown on our main page. For example, see our Bermuda Shorts website, the link to which is www.bermuda-online.org/shorts.htm The author is a professional writer, member of an international society of authors with 25 years of research in copyright and a past president of a national online computer user group. He ensures he gives all the web files he researches, writes and/or photographs locally and overseas the fullest multinational copyright protection. 

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