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Bermuda's Costs of Food & Liquor Shopping

Prices for residents and visitors at local supermarkets

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By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) exclusively for Bermuda Online

Food shopping

food, fresh fruits

Often a nice selection, but very expensive compared to USA, Canada and UK

On average, food and other consumer costs in Bermuda are the highest in the world, 300 percent higher than in the USA, 200 percent higher than in Canada and UK. Why? Primarily because of massive Bermuda Government import duties averaging 33.3% or more of retail value on practically everything including all foods and fuels, payroll taxes that impact particularly heavily on labor-intensive industries, a food tax including a 22.5% or higher rate of import duty on all items made with sugar, more than 10% on the price of bread and pasta and related products and more than 5% on meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Bermuda is completely reliant on food being shipped in, mostly from the USA, usually weekly. One of the few things that isn't imported is the carrot. But for almost everything else residents have to purchase overseas goods shipped to Bermuda. The Bermuda Government is the single biggest contributor by far to Bermuda's cost of living being the highest in the world by a very large margin.

Bermuda prices for oranges, October 2008Bermuda prices for limes and lemons October 2008

Bermuda prices for oranges, lemons and limes. Royal Gazette photos.

A basic list of current prices in Bermuda in US or BD$

Price Control Commission

This was first initiated in July 2011 to look into the price of food on the Island to ensure consumers are protected. Bermuda imports practically everything. It was intended that Government use the powers of enquiry available under the Price Commission Act 1974 to obtain information from food importers about their import costs and margins to ensure that consumers are protected from unwarranted price increases. The Commission has specific terms-of-reference which include:

However, nothing concrete was ever done. The new government in August 2017 has promised to make it a priority.

Supermarkets and prices

Food store

Opening hours. Most are open every day from 8 am to 10 pm (except Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm). Discount day.  Some offer 5 percent discount on food each Wednesday, sometimes another day. None have their own gasoline (petrol) stations. Some pay stations - cashiers - do not have automatic price scanning, which mean queues - lines - take longer. Most supermarkets will accept various credit and/or debit cards. Some provide large brown heavy paper bags with their logos. If a helper packs your bag, he or she will expect a tip of at least a dollar a bag. 

Supermarket cheeses

Lindo's Family Foods Middle Road, Warwick. Phone 236-1344. 8 am-7 pm (Saturday 8 am-8 pm). Not open on Sundays. 
Lindo's Market Watlington Road, Devonshire. Phone 236-4340 or 236-5623. 8 am-7 pm (Saturday 8 am-8 pm). Not open on Sundays. 
MarketPlace Largest supermarket chain in Bermuda. Main store in city of Hamilton, branches in Paget, Smith's, Hamilton Parish and Sandys. Foods ShopRite in USA and President's Choice in Toronto. 
Miles Market Pitt's Bay Road, telephone 296 7615. Expensive full service but excellent.
The Supermart 125 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11. And York Street, St. George's. Telephone 292-2064. Fax 295-0833.  Imports Waitrose foods from the UK.

Supermarket prices

Prices are averaged, do not always reflect the prices at any particular supermarket.

Food, turkey


Airwick Solid air freshener 170 gr $1.76
Ajax Laundry detergent 64 oz plastic bottle $4.22
American cheese Kraft, 12 oz from 3.95
Angus beef fresh, top round roast, per lb $7.60
Anchor Cheese  sliced 50 g $2.62
Apples 6 pack Red Delicious $5.95
Apple Juice 64 oz Shoprite $3.69
Asparagus lb $5
Bacon Smithfield premium streaky, 16 oz, 454g $5.75
Bagel Bites 7 oz box, frozen $4.13
Baked beans Heinz 415 gr can, with pork $2.90
Bananas per lb $1.69
Bath tissue See toilet paper  
Baygon 400 ml $4.85
Bay Rum From St. Lucia, West Indies. 0.25 liter $8.75
BBQ sauce Kraft, 18 oz, all varieties $2.85
BBQ sauce Heinz, 18 oz $2.80
BBQ sauce Hunt's 21 oz bottle $2.49
Beans, red kidney Canned, Trappey's, 15.5 ox (439g) $1.95
Betty Crocker super moist yellow or devil food cake mix 8 oz box $2.36
Bread Maier's Italian style, seeded, sliced, seeded, 1 lb 4 oz loaf (The MarketPlace has a less expensive locally-made loaf). Many other imported breads are available, all about the same price per lb $5.90
Bread Sunbeam white $4.75
Bread French loaf, standard size, MarketPlace made locally $5.80
Bread small loaf of Pepperidge Farm raisin bread $6.16
Bread Nature's Own $5.25
Bread, whole wheat Loaf  $5.75
Breakfast cereal Post, Great Grains - raisins, dates, pecans - whole grain cereal, 16 oz, 1 lb, 453g $4.78
Breton Whole Wheat Crackers 225 g $3.79
Broccoli 1lb $2.29
Butter Anchor New Zealand, 1 lb $5.16
Butter Kerrygold,  454 g $5.56
Burritos Las Campanas, chicken, frozen, 40 oz (1.13kg), package $5.15



Cadbury's chocolate  Bourneville, or Diary Milk, or Whole Nut, 200g bar $4.25
Cake mix Yellow. Betty Crocker, 18.25 oz box $2.64
Cantaloupe Each $3.99
Capers Roland, 3 fl oz (90ml) $2.17
Caprisun Juice drinks. various flavors from $4.49
Carbonated beverages Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, ginger beer, etc. per 2 liter plastic bottle, locally bottled. (President's Choice of Canada has an imported selection for $1.99 per 2 liter plastic bottle) $3.79
Carrots Frozen, PictSweet, 454g, 16 oz $2.89
Carrots Fresh, must be Bermuda-grown, 2 lb $5.99
Cascade liquid gel 45 oz $3.89
Cassava 5 lb bag $9.99
Cat food Arthur's, 390g can, various $1.52
Cat food Friskies Go-Cat, 390g can, various $1.50
Cat food Friskies, 5.5 oz (156g), can $0.65
Cat food Unique, 5 oz (170g), can $0.96
Cat litter Cat's Pride, 10 lbs (4.54kg) $4.04
Cat treats Whiskas Temptations 3 oz (85 g) $2.09
Cauliflower Bermuda-grown, per lb $2.99
Cereal Honey Nut Cheerios $5.00
Cereal Kellogg's Special K, 12 oz $6.30
Cereal Kellogg's Rice Krispies, 6.2 oz $5.27
Charcoal Matchlight 4 lb bag $5.69
Cheese Brie, per lb $9.99
Cheese Cambazola, per lb $14.99
Cheese Gorgonzola, per lb $10.99
Cheese Kraft singles, 16 oz package $7.20
Cheese Quicke's Farmhouse mature cheddar, per lb from Miles Market $8.92
Cheese Basic or rat, per lb $7.29
Chimichangas 10 beef and bean, frozen, 40 oz (1.13kg), package $8.99
Chicken breast Bag Tyson's  tenderloins  $12.83
Chicken legs Tyson, 5 lb box $9.99
Chicken, Meatballs Frozen, Italian style, Tyson, fully cooked, family pack, microwaveable, 28 oz, 1.75 lb, 794g $9.99
Chicken thighs Perdue, fresh, per lb $3.29
Chicken & Mushroom Pie Fray Bentos, tin (can), 425g $8.50, compared to £1.50 in UK
Chicken Pot Pie Swanson, for one person, 7 oz (198g) $1.28
Chocolate chunk cookies Pepperidge Farm, Soft Baked, Nantucket, 8.6 oz (244g) $2.99
Chow Chow Mustard and pickle relish, Crosse & Blackwell, 265g $1.79
Cigarettes 2016. April 6. Smokers have to dig deeper into their pockets after the cost of brand-name cigarettes went up this week.  It comes after finance minister Bob Richards announced in the2016-2017  Budget that “currently imposed excises will be increased to begin the process of increasing the revenue yield from indirect taxes” this year and in 2017. “These increases in specific excise duties on alcohol, tobacco, and petrol will increase revenue by approximately $14.7 million.” Principal customs officer Richard Amos confirmed yesterday that the import duty rate for cigarettes containing tobacco went up by five cents to 27 cents per cigarette on April 1. A pack (20) of brand-name cigarettes, including Marlboro, Camel, Benson & Hedges and Winston has increased from $11.15 to $12.50. Cartons of 200 now cost $99.95, an $8.95 increase. $12.50 a pack, $99.85  a carton
Cigars Bermuda is the most expensive place in the world for cigars, after April 1. 2016  
Citrus Punch Sunny Delight 64 oz bottle $3.49
Classico pasta sauce 26 oz $4.88
Clorox Ultra & Regular bleach liquid, 48 oz bottle $2.55
Coca-Cola Plastic bottle, 2 liter $3.95
Coca-Cola Classic 6-pack, cans $5.75
Codfish, dried 16 oz packet $8.99
Coffee Maxwell House, Original, canned, 13 oz (368g) $4.95
Coffee Maxwell House, 8 oz jar instant $9.71
Coffee Chock full o' Nuts original $9.85
Coffee creamer Coffee-Mate, Nestle Carnation liquid, Hazelnut, 15 oz $8.21
Coffee filters Green Mountain, 100 basket-style $3.90
Coffee Whitener substitute President's Choice, 500g $2.89
Cole slaw Dole, bag $3.99
Cola, Shoprite 2 liter bottle, all flavors $3.09
Condensed Milk 14 oz can, Shoprite $2.49
Corn flakes Kellogg's,  13 oz box, banana $6.20
Corned Beef Canned, Grace, 12 oz $2.50
Corn Oil Mazola, 32 oz $2.99
Corn Starch Argo, 16 oz, 1 lb, 454g $1.75
Corn on the cob (1) Green Giant 6 ears frozen $3.61
Corn on the cob (2) Bermuda grown, bag of 6 $7.99
Cranberry Sauce 14 oz tin whole or jellied, Shoprite $1.79
Crunch 'N Munch caramel popcorn 4 oz  box $2.12
Cucumber Imported, each $.99


Food, beef Wellington

Detergent Ultra Tide, 50 oz $5.79
Dettol Liquid antiseptic and disinfectant. 500 ml $3.89
Digestive biscuits McVities 250 gr $2.19
Dish washing liquid Ultra Palmolive, 25 oz bottle $4.36
Dole Paradise Blend Juice 59 oz $5.50
Downy Fabric softener 64 oz bottle $4.94
Eggo waffles Kellogg's, 12.3 oz $4.79
Eggs From USA, in carton, per dozen, large, brown $3.39
English muffins Thomas, 6 $4.35
Evaporated milk Canned, 12 oz $0.89
Fish frozen, per lb, from $7.80
Flavored juice beverage Twister. 100 % vitamin C. 1.75 liter or 59 fluid oz $3.89
Freezer bars Kool-Aid Kool Pops, 24, 36 oz, 1 kg $2.89
French's Fried onions 28 oz package $2.66
Frozen Yogurt The Creamery, half gallon (1.89 liters) $7.20
Garlic Fresh, per lb $3.99
Ginger beer soda Goslings, per 6-pack can $6.69
Ginger Beer soda 2 liters, Barritt's or Metro, locally bottled, non-alcoholic, 2 liter price $4.49
Ginger Beer Syrup Concentrated, Kelly's, mix 1-5, non-alcoholic, 750 ml (25.2 oz), from C-Mart $4.50
Golden Syrup Lyles, for pouring, 454g plastic bottle $2.79
Grapes Red seedless, per lb $4.00
Grape juice Welch's 64 oz $6.95
Hi-C fruit drinks pack of 10 $4.96
Honey Local, from the nectar of native flowers, liter bottle $12.45
Hormel Kid's kitchen meals, 7.5 oz tub $1.54
Herrings Brunswick, in tomato sauce 15 oz (425g), canned $2.82
Huggies Pull Ups diapers Box $14.99
Ice Cream Breyers chocolate/vanilla/strawberry $10.15
Ice Cream Turkey Hill, 48 oz tub $7.60
Instant Breakfast Nestle Carnation, 21 vitamins & minerals, 6 packets, 7.61 oz (216g) $3.75
Instant Oatmeal Quaker, 325g, low fat, 10 single-serve packets $3.19


food platter dinner 

Jam Strawberry, Chivers, 340g $2.59
Ketchup Heinz, 35 oz squeeze bottle $3.44
Kleenex assorted tissues Box of 100 $2.29
Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese  8 oz $2.96
Kraft Provolone or Italian cheese Shredded, 8 oz $3.99
Kraft String Mozzarella  cheese 12 oz frozen $6.98
Laundry detergent 100 oz Fab Liquid $11.55
Laundry detergent 2 x Ultra Tide 50 oz $11.65
Lestoil Grease and stain remover, 28 oz bottle from $3.55
Lettuce Fresh, imported, Romaine or Iceberg $3.49
Limacol From Guyana, 250 ml bottle $8.75
Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner, 24 oz $5.50
Macaroni, Elbow, Shoprite 16 oz $1.89
Macaroni Catelli 500 g box $2.37
Macaroni & cheese dinner Kraft $1.09
Mandarin oranges Dole, pack of 4 $4.81
Mangoes Each, occasionally lower $2.99
Margarine Parkay sticks, 1lb $2.50
Margarine, Shoprite Vegetable, 1 lb $2.19
Marmalade Robertson's Scotch, orange, 12 oz (340g) $3.32
Marmite 125g jar $2.75
Marshmallows   from $2.96
Mayonnaise 30 fl oz jar Kraft $6.76
Meats Various  About the same price, or less, than in UK
Melons Honeydew, each $6.99
Milk 2% Dunkley's, half gallon $5.50
Microwave meals Chef Boyardee 7.5 oz tub $1.85
Milk Quart $5.34
Milk Fat free Half and Half, Land O Lakes, pint, 473ml $1.81
Mint Jelly 12 oz jar, Shoprite $1.99
Minute Maid Fruit Juices Box of 10s $6.16
Pictsweet mixed vegetables Frozen, package $3.23
Mop & Glo Floor cleaner 16 oz $5.40
Mott's Mini drinks 4 pack $1.66
Mr. Clean Cleaner 28 oz bottle, all scents $2.90
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser package of 4 $5.59
Mushrooms Whole, refrigerated, 10 oz pack (283.5g) $2.99
Mueller's pasta Enriched, yolk-free, noodle style, 12 oz (340g) $3.69
Mustard Grey Poupon, 8 oz, 227g $3.91
Nature Valley yogurt bars 7.4 oz $3.85
Nestle Coffee Mate Coffee creamer, powder 8 oz, French vanilla or Hazelnut $2.47 (3/07)
NuGrape Soda, 2 liter $3.59
Ocean Spray bottle, various $5.55
Old English polish 16 oz lemon $6.06
Olive oil Bertolli extra virgin, 17 oz.  $5.55
Onions Yellow, 2 lb bag $2.99
Orange juice Frozen, Minute Maid, 12 fluid oz (355ml) $1.99
Oranges Medium, per bag of 12 $6.99
Orange Juice 64 oz carton, Shoprite $4.39
Oranges Large naval, each $1.50
Oxo Chicken stock cubes, 71 g box $3.62


Food assortmentDessert

Paper towels Scott, 1 roll $3.99
Peaches Imported, per pound $4.99
Peaches, canned Libby's Yellow Cling in heavy syrup. 29.1 ox (825g) $2.23
Peanut butter Skippy, creamy, 18 oz $3.39
Peanut butter bars Peanut butter filled wafers, by Shop Rite, 12, 12 oz (340g) $3.49
Pears Anjou or Bosc or Bartlett from $2 per lb, compared to 99p for 6 at Lidl in UK, cheaper in USA
Peas sweet, frozen, Green Giant, 1 lb, 453g $2.26
Pepsi Cola plastic bottle, 2 liter $3.45
Pepsi Cola 6 pack regular or diet $5.75
Pet Ritz deep dish pie shells 10 oz pack, frozen $4.09
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Kraft 8 oz $2.76
Pickle Branston, Crosse & Blackwell, sandwich, bottle, 310g $2.51
Pineapple Fresh, Dole, each $5.99-$7.99
Pineapple chunks Dole 20 oz can $1.65
Pineapple juice Dole, 46 oz $1.95
Potatoes 5 lb bag, various types $5.99
Potato chips Pringles, Proctor & Gamble, 7oz (198g) $1.69
Potato chips Herr's, 3.75 oz bag, all varieties $1.99
Pringles Potato crisps (chips) 182 gr tin $1.99
Ragu pasta sauce meat 14 oz  $2.13
Raisin Bran cereal 20 oz box, Shoprite $5.49
Raisins 15 oz box, Shoprite $3.09
Ribena Blackcurrant liquid drink mix, 1 liter bottle $6.55
Rice 3lb box $6.35
Robinson's Orange Barley Water 1 liter bottle from $3.29
Rum see "Liquor prices"  
Salad dressing Wishbone, 16 oz $4.59
Salad dressing Kraft, 8 oz, all varieties $1.79
Salmon imported, usually from North America, per lb, farmed not wild, dyed from $13.99
Salmon imported, smoked, from Scotland, per pound from $19.99
Sandwich bags Pack of 50 Good Sense zipper $2.84
Sarah Lee bagels Pre-sliced, 98 percent fat free, from $2.98
Scotch whisky see "Liquor prices"  
Scott paper towel 1 roll white $1.79
Shrimp frozen, per lb, loose $9.99
Shortening 3 lb tin, Shoprite $6.89
Sirloin Tip steak lb $8.00
Snuggle fabric softener 64 oz $5.19
Soap Cussons Imperial Leather, small, 125g $1.25
Soup Healthy Choice, Split Pea & Ham, 15 oz (425g), can $2.29
Soup Canned, Campbell's, various, 11 oz $1.75
Spaghetti Catelli 500g $1.56
Spaghetti sauce Ragu 28 oz $3.43
Spare ribs. pork Excel fresh country-style $4.79
Spinach Frozen, cut leaf, PictSweet, 454g, 16 oz $2.85
Sprite 2 liter  $3.99
Steak & Kidney Pie Fray Bentos, tin (can), 425g $8.99, compared to £1.50 in UK
Stouffer's Lean Cuisine Lasagna Frozen, package, 10.5 oz (297g) $5.93
Stuffing Mix 6 ox box, chicken or turkey $3.29
Sugar Lantic, granulated, 2kg package $1.89
Sweetener Instead of sugar, Equal Spoonful, container, 57g $3.54


Good Eats

Three Bean Salad Green Giant, 15 oz (425g), can $1.79
Toilet tissue Charmin, 4-pack $5.30
Toilet tissue 1 roll, Shoprite $1.39
Tomatoes Per lb, fresh $4.99
Tomatoes Hunt's, canned, crushed, 28 oz (794 g) $2.05
Totino's Pizza 10 oz, all varieties $3.62
Tuna Canned, 170g, water $1.90
Tuna Canned 6 oz tin Shoprite $1.39
Tuna Fresh, local, per pound $12.99
Turkey Burgers Wampler Foods, 6 quarter pound burgers, 24 oz (1.5 lbs) or 680g $5.40
Uncle Ben's Rice  5 lb bag $5.39
Uncle Ben's ready rice 8 oz package $2.65
Onion salt   $3.83
V-8 Juice 46 oz $2.92
Vegetables Libby's, sweet peas or peas and carrots $1.30
Vermicelli Catelli, low fat, sodium free, 500g $1.48
Vienna sausages Libby's, 5 oz  $0.69
Water Great Parade 2.5 gallon $9.49
Watermelon Seasonal, each, seedless From $12.99 to $16.99
Window cleaner Windex 26 oz bottle $6.67
Yogurt Breyers 8 oz. all flavors $2.46
Yogurt Yoplait, 6 oz tub $1.71
Yorkshire Pudding President's Choice, 12 individual puddings, 185g $4.99



All supermarkets also stock liquor. Prices below are an average of prices of supermarkets and liquor merchants, for local consumption. 

Prices are less for residents going overseas if ordered beforehand for delivery after checking in at the airport for outward flights.

Liquor merchants  


Bermuda Wines & Spirits 295-1919
Bud's Wines & Spirits 234-1740. 9 Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset.
Burrows Lightbourne  295-0176. P. O. Box HM 829, Hamilton HM CX.
Carousel Liquors 292-2559
Court Street Liquors 295-7457
Frith's Liquors 295-3544
Gosling's 295-1123. 
Queen Street Liquors 295-1147
St. George's Liquors 297-0409

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