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Bermuda Online E-Mail Guest book 2002

Your feedback about our Islands that year was most appreciated

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By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) exclusively for Bermuda Online

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Your comments as newcomers or airline or cruise ship visitors to Bermuda are sought and valued. We publish them below with the flag of your country (where you live) and show by date of receipt. Send them in plain text please, using subject "Bermuda Online Guestbook" - to admin@bermuda-online.org. Please give your name, email address and name of town or city and its zip or postal code, with state or province or county and country where you live (a standard online request - all responsible and accountable media ask this, to establish your bona fides). We reserve the right to modify or shorten comments and not use any deemed offensive or inaccurate. Please limit your comments to no more than 10 lines and do not send photographs without asking us first as our system automatically blocks all unauthorized attachments. We pledge we will not show or retain your email address or pass it on to any third party.

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USA flagI have really enjoyed your Bermuda Online website. It is tremendously informative. I am contemplating a move there. Could you please advise me of how to best access job opportunities. I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in Nursing and a Doctorate in Family Studies, but I do labor and health research full time now at a university. I will be coming in two weeks and wanted to see if I could arrange some meetings while there. Regards and thank you. Susan R. Santos, PhD. 15 November 2002.  

(Editor replied saying that if non-Bermudian, she should read carefully the Work Permit file at www.bermuda-online.org/employwp.htm - and Newcomers file at www.bermuda-online.org/newcomers.htm).

USA flaghttp://bermuda-online.org/BPHA.htm. Copies to hrcbda@ibl.bm and letters@royalgazette.bm. My husband, Mark and I recently returned from our first cruise to Bermuda and we wanted to say how very much we enjoyed your island!  We were aboard the Pacific Princess's last cruise to Bermuda and had a most memorable trip. We've traveled around and I must say I have never in my life experienced such a friendly and clean country.  Everyone was just so helpful and proud of their heritage and island - no matter where you went or with whom you spoke.  We honestly cannot say enough complimentary things about Bermuda and plan to visit again in the near future. The highlight of our trip was our three-hour private tour of a good portion of your island by Mr. Renaldo Bean, Taxi #1778, of Warwick, Bermuda. My husband is disabled and we were searching for a truly handicapped accessible taxi.  We had politely turned down offers, since my husband would prefer not to be lifted, from other taxi drivers who offered to lift him into their cabs.  We had just disembarked and were going to see how far we could walk around without a taxi when we spotted Mr. Bean and his taxi with a disabled sticker on the back of his van.  Mr. Bean had his taxi equipped with a pullout ramp whereby my husband could enter the vehicle.  The next three hours were so enjoyable and pleasant, we saw things that I am sure the typical tourist does not see.  My husband certainly never would have seen more than the main street in Hamilton.  We've been throughout the Caribbean and my husband has yet to find a taxi like Mr. Bean's, therefore, he only goes as far as we can walk. When we returned to the ship we told everyone what a wonderful sightseeing adventure we had with Mr. Bean.  Several of the passengers were elderly and/or disabled who would have loved to have known about Mr. Bean. He was a terrific tour guide and above all else he was a very kind human being who showed us a memorable time on our 25th wedding anniversary cruise. The purpose of my email is to not only compliment your island, but to compliment Mr. Bean as well.  We hope to visit again soon and will certainly call upon Mr. Bean. Gina & Mark Jones, Coopersburg, PA  18036, USA. 11 November 2002.

Circulated locally and as a direct result, Mr. Bean was publicly recognized by officials of the Bermuda Government.

British flagI'm not sure I've read your Bermuda Employment Work Permit page correctly. Are you saying that even though every single Bermudan (sic, actually Bermudian) is granted British citizenship, which gives them the right to live and work here in the UK, we Brits can get lost if we wanted to come and work there as expats? Answer carefully. S Wilshire, UK. 2 November 2002.

Editor: "No. They are welcome, if they get Work Permit approval. But all concerned should read carefully the wording of the Work Permit file at www.bermuda-online.org/employwp.htm and Newcomers file at www.bermuda-online.org/newcomers.htm; Population file at www.bermuda-online.org/population.htm and Bermuda/UK at www.bermudaonline.org/colonial.htm. Work Permits apply just as much in every way to Britons as to USA or Canadian or Philippine nationals. Britons who are not also Bermudians have none of the rights in Bermuda that Bermudians in the UK now have if they apply for UK passports. Sorry, but it was your UK Government - and presumably the EEC too - that approved this."

Bermuda flagI have just visited Bermuda Online and have to say it is great. I was wondering though, how does one get included in the information? My husband has an awesome tour here that goes out of Flatt's Village. Bermuda Bell Diving. It is the original operation that started Helmet Diving many years ago. He trained and worked with Bronson Hartley, (who started it all) for 16 years. New we have our own luxury Admiral's Launch and operate the business ourselves after Bronson retired 6 years ago. Can you please supply the information needed to set us up on your site. Thank you in advance. Heidi Pike, Bermuda, October 19, 2002.

Phoned and e-mailed to, with the information that Bermuda Online will be glad to establish a free courtesy link to her website and provide an appropriate description to it if she will reciprocate such a link to Bermuda Online from her website.

USA flag Congratulations on maintaining such an informative web site! Great information and resources for all, including handicapped and seniors. With their populations growing, it's important for everyone to know where to find this helpful information. Matthew Wermer, View Point Mobility, 1-877-368-6022, October 10, 2002, USA

USA flagLove Bermuda Online and all the information it contains not found elsewhere. I am a travel columnist and a reader will be traveling to Bermuda. She asked me to suggest a book to read. She will be stopping as part of a cruise. Can you suggest a fairly recent novel, a travel book, a pictorial history of the islands, a personal pick? (Editor's note - suggested she pick appropriate titles from our large file of Bermuda Books). Thanks. Sandra Scott, USA, 15 September 2002.

We find Bermuda Online to be a great source of information. We have been considering taking an extended holiday in Bermuda and needed your suggestions on where to stay and with whom to deal. Steve Liptak, Canada, 15 September 2002. Canada flag

USA flagYour US Bases in Bermuda website is fantastic. I have shared it with my family including Raymond A. Noe, Brittney Noe, Lea Ann Noe, and Paul and Bobbie Noe. Memories, memories and more memories. I can still picture many of the places mentioned in the experiences. You may use all or any portion of what I am providing if you wish. From 1965 - 1968, I was a radioman stationed at the Naval Station (Annex) and now live in Virginia Beach, VA. I have many fond memories and recall that upon arrival at the annex I was authorized 90 days Temporary Lodging Allowance due to unavailability of housing on base. The 90 days allowed time for me to find a place to rent off base. In the meantime, my sponsor had made reservations for my family (spouse and 3 children ages 5, 3 and 2) at Willowbank in Sandy's Parish. The accommodations were more than adequate. We had a private beach, pool and maid service. Meals were served in the main dining room. When I worked night shift at the naval base the cooks would prepare me a bag lunch to take and eat at the base. At times we participated in the spiritual sessions that regularly took place there. We will never forget our stay there. Everyone was so accommodating and helpful.  In September of 1965 we rented Munro's Cottage #2 in Southampton Parish and were there for approximately one year after which we moved to base housing for the remainder of our stay in Bermuda. Mr. Munro had a talking bird that kept us entertained when we went to pay the rent. On his rental property were banana trees. They were the finger bananas. Mr. Munro also had a number of resort cottages at Munro Beach that tourists would rent for a week. We were in Bermuda for only a month when we decided to tour the island and see it all by taxi. We did so and the taxi driver Mr. Swann was so nice we always called on him for our trips to the naval station commissary, dinner or bingo at the civilian club. Robbie, a nickname, (last name Robinson or Robertson) was the bartender at the civilian club and was always cordial and friendly. The lobster dinners there were very reasonably priced and the lobster was sweeter than cold-water Maine lobster. We also frequented the "Chatterbox" restaurant that was located at the intersection of the main road and George's Bay Road leading to the main entrance of the naval station gate. The hamburgers were very tasty and the most delicious hamburgers we had anywhere. The Chatterbox was a gathering place for off duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel stationed there. On October 8, 1966 our youngest daughter was born at Kindley AFB hospital. I had to record her birth with the Consulate General and a mention of dual citizenship was made. Looking through experiences on your website I see that dual citizenship is not a factor since my spouse and I are United States citizens. The naval station always had events on weekends, whether it was a cruise to a nearby island with dancing and a barbecue, a beach picnic or a local navy band playing at the enlisted club on weekend nights. One of the cruises was aboard a huge catamaran. We use to have dinner at the enlisted club, dance to the band and play slots. Our housing unit on base was only a short walk to the beach. We observed many multi-colored fishes in the waters of Bermuda. What a wonderful site to watch the cruise ships anchor out off the point of base enlisted housing and see them aglow at night. At times we could hear the music coming from the cruise ship. Once in a while we would get together with some friends and go into downtown Hamilton to the Princess hotel and for a few dollars we would use the steam room, obtain a massage and have use of the swimming pool for the rest of the day. Lunch at the White Horse Tavern was a must on visits to St. George. The spouse and I both played intramural softball on base and then a team was formed for the women to play the local Bermudan women's team. I drove the naval base team to games in a government van. Troy Thomas, a cook in the Navy was the team coach.  All of the local teams were of professional caliber (men and women) and there was a great camaraderie amongst all players on both teams. Many of the islanders became good friends with Navy personnel. At first I use to take the oldest son to school on a Mobylette motorbike but after the first year I purchased a Volkswagen bug from a departing marine. Rob Hipskind, a neighbor of mine when we were renting at the Munro cottage, was in the U.S. Coast Guard and stationed at Tudor Hill. We played golf at the Princess Country Club at least once a week. It was a quaint 18-hole par 3 golf course. My recollection of the weather in Bermuda was that it was delightful for about 9 months of the year. During December, January and February it sometimes became quite windy and wet although the temperatures never reached down to the freezing mark. My family will never forget our experiences of Bermuda and look forward to returning in our future travels. We often talk about the first flower we saw in Bermuda. As we entered our cottage at Willowbank for our first nights stay on the island the night blooming cereus was in bloom right at the entrance to our unit. It was amazing to us. I took many photographs of it that very first night. We had to show all of our family and friends the pictures of this nocturnal bloomer upon our return to the United States. I have more images in the back of my mind but I don't want to get lengthy here. I will be visiting the website from time to time and will enjoy it over and over again. Raymond W. Noe - Virginia Beach, VA. 04 September, 2002.

USA flagI enjoyed the information on the US military presence in Bermuda from your website. My father, Ralph Butler, was stationed there from 1955-1959. He retired from the Air Force in 1972 after 30 years of service. I was four months to four years old when we were stationed at Kindley Field, so I am looking forward to visiting the beautiful island of which I have a few memories. My husband and I will be visiting Bermuda 27 July to 31 July, and hope to be able to locate these two homes. My sister was able to when she visited in 1993. I've sent you two large photos (editor's note, see them in US military presence in Bermuda) from our time at Kindley Field. In the group photo, my father is the second from the right, front row. In the second photo, the Kindley AFB Catholic chapel, he is the gentleman on the far left. We lived in “Virginia Cottage” for one year when we first arrived in Bermuda, then moved on base to Bldg. 540. Thanks again for keeping the military history of Bermuda alive. Margaret Neubauer, ERA Neubauer Real Estate, Inc, Panama City, Florida, work phone (850) 785-1551, 26 July 2002.  

USA flagI enjoyed visiting Bermuda Online very much, and I wanted to let you know it helped answer some questions I and some of my friends had about Bermuda Shorts. We are members of several Scottish & Saint Andrew Societies here in the United States, and we were recently discussing tropical fashions for men, when Bermuda Shorts and their similarities to Scottish Highland Attire came up. This morning I did an internet search, and found your article about Bermuda Shorts, and passed it along to the lads in our society for their perusal. We may just have to "adopt" the Bermuda "kit" when  kilts are not appropriate for our functions in the summer months here in Missouri, which can be very hot and humid! We all agreed that it  is a very dignified form of dress and wished that more Americans would adopt it in the summer, as it seems far more practical! I also enjoyed your articles about the British military and Bermuda. Are there any Scottish and/or Saint Andrew Societies in Bermuda  today? Again, thank you for answering our questions! Regards, Alba Gu Brath!  (Editor's note, Gaelic for Scotland For Ever!) Todd Wilkinson, Chev. Todd J. Wilkinson KTJ {Scot), Verger/Vestryman, St. John's Episcopal Church; Vice-President, Celtic Society of the Ozarks; Second Vice President, Clan Gunn Society of North America. 1467 E. Washita, Springfield, Missouri 65804, USA, 17 June 2002

USA flagDr. Kyle Langley in BermudaI was pleased to come across your file on the Former US Bases in Bermuda. It brought back happy memories. From January 1982 to January 1984, I was stationed in Bermuda as a Navy Air Traffic Controller, a control tower supervisor and radar controller. Besides great memories of Bermuda (I was an escort in the Miss Bermuda Pageant!), I do have some clear military memories. One was when we began to receive a lot of secret messages about gathering ships and coordination around the island including the arrival of new aircraft.  We knew it was big, but at the time had no clue. It was the invasion of Granada. Another memory was one my longest days. A C-130, I believe Colombian (of which I have a picture somewhere on a previous visit to the island), lost its navigation equipment going east toward Bermuda. Once the navigational equipment was gone the plane just headed what the pilot thought was east hoping to run into the mainland of the US. We had Navy P-3s in the air trying to get a fix on the plane but to no avail. It crashed off the east coast in heavy seas and everyone perished. From the time we learned of the emergency, it must have been 12 hours until we had word they had crashed. Other memories were the US/Canadian air exercises that were a blast for Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) because there could be up to 25 planes incoming at once. And having civilian and military traffic all at once was a thrill. I also flew some mock missions with the Canadians in old S-2s. Vice President George Bush also visited the island in Air Force Two. On the way in we told an Air Force Reserve F4 Phantom pilot he needed to change course because he was too close to AF2. He told us to "tell the other guy to move!"  Air Force 2 politely told him otherwise. I have a million stories and some great photos of the island bases including one incredible air show in 1983. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I attach a photo of a 19-year-old kid in front of the control tower. Now 20 years later, he is a research doctor."  Dr. Kyle Langley, Hollywood, Florida, USA, 08 June 2002. He also sent the photo.

I love your very informative website.  Do you have anything on the origins of roof wetting? Many thanks. Ann Symons, Hamilton, Bermuda, 4 June 2002. Bermuda flag

USA flagWOW!  Excellent web source. Just wanted to thank you for the excellent and thorough information about Bermuda.  I spent 4 years of my childhood there and long to return.  I found your site while searching for Bermuda pictures so I can get color fixes to remodel my home Bermuda-style.  You have done an incredible job of compiling all this info...thank you so much! Vicki, 2 June 2002, USA

Read your website with great interest.  Thank you. Am seeking information on the history of sailing vessels in Bermuda and appreciated your suggestions. Suzanne Stephan, 22 May 2002, USA. USA flag

USA flagI was blessed to have been born on beautiful Bermuda.  From 1959-62, my father, Harry T. Randle lll, was stationed in Bermuda at Kindley Air Force Base. He was a hurricane hunter and navigator.  He flew C-124 propeller airplanes at that time, and later moved onto C-141's. Unfortunately, we had to move in 1962, after my brother was born, to of all places, Utah.  I have one clear vision of Bermuda, and one is not nearly enough. Thanks to you and your website on Kindley Air Force Base, I have been able to see the military hospital where I was born and the Officer's Mess where my father most certainly spent much of his time exaggerating his escapades with his buddies. Thank you for your photos on this Bermuda website. Sadly, my parents both died quite young. My father at 44 and my mother at 43.  I cherish any remnant of memory or information about our lives together." Renee Baranek, nee Randle, 5 May 2002, USA.

USA flagI just checked out your site.  God, is it ever a good one. I really enjoyed going through it. I plan to visit again many more times. I am also going to share it with the everyone.  I must say, it sure has brought back some good memories. We have had many little Kindley Air Force Base and Kindley Alumni get-togethers.  I like to share them with the rest of the Kindley Alumni. Our mutual websites about Kindley are a good way for this.  I will be very happy to be linked on your Web Site and will put yours on my web page. Thanks very much and have a wonderful day. Ken, USA, 25 April 2002.

USA flagRe your feature on Kindley Air Force Base, I was stationed there for most of 1954 and 55 as an Air Traffic Controller during that period. One action not written about that I hope to see more of was the B47 that we handled in 1954 that blew up after performing a low pass over our main runway. I have always wondered what happened to the barracks that housed the Air Police and AACS squadron upstairs? Are all the rest of Air Force buildings intact? I really enjoyed reading about the history. Roger Hicks, USA, 25 April 2002.

Excellent site. My compliments. Bermuda Online is one of the most comprehensive, up to date, and clearly organized sites for any location in the world!! Jeff Healion, Rockville, MD, 25 April 2002. USA flag

GermanyHello Bermuda, thanks for your Bermuda Online website. It has been some years since I was last in Bermuda. I worked there from 1983 to 1987 at the Coral Beach and Tennis Club in Paget. It was the nicest time in my life. Then I worked in Venezuela, Crete, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Italy. Very nice places as well but nothing can top Bermuda. I really enjoyed the warmth, friendliness and kindness of Bermudians, unmatched anywhere. There was always a smile and a nice word. I was able to visit in 1997 for a short holiday and saw some of my old Bermudian friends. If my restaurant gives me some time next year, I will be glad to come back for a longer stay, to talk to nice people and enjoy the island with its incredible charm and flair. Many of my customers have already visited, at my request. Every two months, I create "Bermuda events" in my restaurant, offering original Fish Chowder and even Codfish and Potatoes. Two years ago, I had a "Bermuda meeting" in Switzerland with friends and fans who used too work on the island. We had palm trees, beach sand and mixed our own rum swizzle for a superb Bermuda party - in the middle of the Swiss Alps! I look forward to organizing a Bermuda photo gallery next year, hopefully in February 2003 for about 2 weeks. I salute my good friends Lionel Taylor and Will Minors in Bermuda and look forward to seeing them again. Best regards here from Germany. Roland Surmann and family, 59387 Ascheberg, Herbernerstrasse 11, Germany. Phone 02593-6832, fax 02593-98629. 18 April 2002.

USA flag Re your World Heritage Historic Town of St. George in Bermuda. Wonderful, wonderful presentation. Thank you! Karla, Borden, Indiana, USA, 3 April 2002.

As an omni voracious reader, I love the detail and depth of content of your very informative Bermuda Online site. If only most published guides were as good. And droll. I will soon visit for the first time, God willing. Tim Mooney, USA, 2 April 2002. USA flag

USA flagRe your website on Kindley Air Force Base, I was stationed there, in the 1604 Air Police Squadron from 1958-60. I have some old photos of planes landing there during that time, including a U2, that had an emergency landing. Also, a friend, Bill Cook, from the same unit was somehow involved in a shooting that led to two deaths at Air Police Headquarters in Bermuda early in 1960. I never heard what happened afterwards. Perhaps someone from Kindley at the time has some information, or suggestion on from where in the USA - as it was a military matter not a Bermuda one - to get it?   Thanks. Al Rae, USA, 19 March, 2002.

USA flagI have been reviewing Bermuda Online and have found it very educational and most importantly current and up to date. I’m hoping to use your site on my current project. My company is a security and consulting firm specializing in corporate security. One of our largest clients will be traveling to Bermuda the end of June and my company will be providing Executive Protection. I have the task of researching the advance work. Let me ask you my top 3 questions. 1. Cell Phones – what do you recommend on the island, Cellular, GSM, or Satellite, can I rent them locally or should they be rented in the states? 2. Can you recommend who to talk to about 2-way radio’s if they can be rented locally or can we bring them from the states? 3. Who would I contact regarding what our Executive Personnel can or can’t do, can they carry any kind of weapon are there any legal regulations they need to follow? this is something you can’t help with I will certainly understand. Hope to hear from you soon. (Editor's note, Bermuda Online referred her to all the files it has relating to phones and cell phones, strict no-weapons policy, strict Work Permit requirements and other matters relevant to the enquiry)Susan E. Tibbs, Research Specialist, Corporate Risk Solutions, Phone (816) 436-6130, Fax (816) 436-6260. 12 March, 2002, USA. 

Great Site. I write to thank the person responsible for the fine website Bermuda Online.  it is very well done, thanks. Best, James A. MacMillan, 06 March, 2002, USA. USA flag

USA flagRe Kindley AFB/USNAS Bermuda.  I have book-marked your Kindley site and all of Bermuda Online. They are very interesting  and must have taken a long time to develop. Well done on having this valuable information/historical site available to us.  Will we be able to meet you during our stay in Bermuda? As you know, for our 2002 KAFB reunion, more than 200 of us will all be on the Zenith leaving from NYC for Bermuda on June 29th. Jon Dorrough (KAFB High School 65), 01 March 2002, USA.

USA flag This is the most comprehensive, informative, delightful website on Bermuda I've found, and I thank you most heartily! I'm booked for a week at Grotto Bay in April, and am looking forward to my first visit to Bermuda. Your information is invaluable and much of it is not  to be found elsewhere. Thank you! Most sincerely, Barbara Killingsworth, Queensbury, New York, 17 Feb 2002.

New ZealandYour Bermuda Online is a really interesting site for historic information on Bermuda, we look at it all the time. We are planning a trip back home in May, looking forward to seeing the family and Island again then. Please let us know, if it is going to close.  Will there be another site with this information?  Regards, Ray & Karen, New Zealand, 17 February, 2002. 

British flagThanks for mentioning the correct name of the Bermudian (not "Bermudan) Team for the Commonwealth Games in Manchester later this year. I will also make sure that my colleagues at the Commonwealth Games know this too. The Royal Gazette has now joined Bermuda Online as one of my book-marked Internet sites. Best wishes, Karen Orford, Watford, England, 13 February 2002. (Editor's note, Karen has kindly volunteered specifically for our team).

Hello! What a great website you have put together. I am searching in vain for a street map of Bermuda, specifically Warwick Parish. Can you assist? Any pointers would be much appreciated. With thanks. Deborah White, Somerset, UK, 6 February 2002. British flag

USA flag Many thanks for your very nice "British army in Bermuda" site. FYI, your Colonial Governor Henry Hamilton was Detroit's Lieutenant-Governor prior to his appointment in Bermuda. He led the King's 8th Regiment at Vincennes. King's 8th Regiment, 5 February 2002, USA.

I enjoy your website. It is extremely informative as well as candid.  Before every trip (going on our 9th in April) I read your site. A question.  What is the status of the new ferry stop at Tribe Road #5?  Is it still on target to begin operating March?  (Editor's note, replied with "so far"). Thanks, Ruth Schwendeman, Massachusetts, 30 January, 2002. USA flag

USA flagThank you is so inadequate when one views the tremendous Bermuda Online site you have placed on the Internet for so many to share. My husband and I have visited Bermuda twice and will return again in the future. I have been working on my family genealogy because I am the grand-daughter of Park Benjamin Riddell Tucker, born in Bermuda, son of Doctor Park Benjamin Tucker, a Doctor in Hamilton in the late 1800's. The information on the Bermuda Online sites has been invaluable. Other ancestors connected to my Tucker lineage are the Harvey and Frith families. If you know of any descendants of Henry Tucker, Park Tucker or Gilbert Robinson Harvey or Susan Frith that you could direct me to, I would be most grateful. Through your site my children and grandchildren will now be able to learn of their very special Bermuda heritage. Sincerely, Joan Vanstone, 27 January 2002, USA.

USA flagExcellent site. Was browsing Bermuda Online to find information to construct a Power Point presentation on Bermuda, as our company is using it as a travel incentive for marketing employees. I work with websites and I must compliment you on your simplicity and conservatism from gimmicks. Love the straight and simply HTML text and your use of photos was appropriate. Site works very well - and thanks for keeping it straightforward and easy to navigate. Larry Gauper, Fargo, North Dakota, USA, 24 January, 2002.

USA flagI love your web site and its file on the US Military in Bermuda - a wealth of information. My father, M/Sgt Dorris Barcroft (who died 2/5/83) was stationed at Kindley AFB from 1961-64, as a corpsman at the Kindley hospital. We have a picture of  him and Enis (the monkey who was in space and splashed down close to Bermuda!) taken at the hospital. There are five children in my family and my youngest brother, Timothy, was born in Bermuda in 1963. All of my memories of Bermuda are very special and wonderful Some of the best years of my life  were in 8th, 9th & 10th grade at Kindley High School. We lived in Smith's Parish - our house was called "Cotton Patch."  We returned to the United States in June, 1964 on an ocean liner, The Queen of Bermuda - it was quite a trip. In July, my sister & I are planning a trip to Bermuda, we'll be staying at Harmony Hall in Paget. You may know there is a "Reunion Cruise" planned for the week of 7/4 and many former students from Kindley High School will be returning to Bermuda.  I am really looking forward to the events.  It is hard to believe that 38 years have passed since I lived there! Thanks again for sharing your web site. Jane Barcroft, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, 22 Jan 2002.

USA flagFound your Bermuda Online site today, I'm still wiping away the tears of laughter and sadness!! My family was lucky enough to be stationed at the US military base at St. David's from Feb 70 to May 74. My father - AC1 Clem "Kip" Willett - was an Air Traffic Controller. We could see the tower from our house on the hill. I attended Kindley elementary and was there when they renamed and dedicated the high school to Roger Chaffee. Before we lived on the base, we were in a great big house that had been divided into three smaller ones. It was just west of Bailey's Bay, and there was a small island about 250 yards offshore. My parents had lots of parties with their friends from the base. When we finally moved on-base, I thought we had the best house around because it was up on that hill, and St. Georges was right behind us. I remember something about an Engelbert Humperdinck special being taped there, and the house was in one of the shots. May or may not be true. One incident stands out: the day after Christmas, I rode my brand new bike down that big hill. It was raining and I ended up getting hit by a truck because I couldn't stop with those  new handbrakes! My Dad really loved his job there and he must have been pretty good - he got a couple of awards. It must have seemed like heaven after having been to sea on those carriers! The pictures you show at the  US military base at St. David's of the buildings just killed me! The theater, the old post office, I walked past those a million times. My one goal in life is to make it back to Bermuda and live there for the rest of my life if possible. Shiverssteve@aol.com, 20 January 2002, USA.

USA flagI read with great interest the extensive coverage of Bermuda on your website, particularly the WW2 and subsequent US military presence. A member of the USN Seabees, 1943-1945, I was stationed at the old Naval Operating Base (NOB), later the US Naval Annex in Southampton, and worked in the (US) Public Works Department located in the old Crane House, then a historic residence built in the native Bermudian style. For a short time I lived at Bloomfield Cottage, Paget West, not far from the Inverurie Hotel. I recall Claudia Darrell, the proprietor at Waterlot Inn, and once purchased a boat from Bert Darrell. I remember with pleasure my brief friendship with Barney Marriott, M.D., then a staff physician at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where I had other friends. I would like very much to correspond with anyone who remembers these people. Cordially, David Anderson, 10 January 2002, USA.

USA flagI've just reviewed your website and enjoyed it tremendously. Re your mention of the former US military bases, I was born in Bermuda in 1955 at Kindley Air Force Base. My birth certificate is still a conversation piece. My dad was transferred back to the States shortly thereafter. About four years ago I returned with my family to visit Bermuda. It is the most beautiful place that I've seen. Our stay at the Princess Hotel was very enjoyable. One highlight of our visit was a return to our church - the Portuguese Evangelical Church. They provided me with a history book of the church.  Honestly, I don't know if we'll ever return because of the high costs, but thanks for the website that allowed me to "re-visit." Michael Morris, 9216 Monhegan, Baker, Louisiana, USA, 8 January 2002.

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