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Bermuda's Employers

A basic list, mostly in the City of Hamilton, but with some in every Parish

line drawing

By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) exclusively for Bermuda Online

Always use (441) before telephone or fax numbers, if calling from beyond Bermuda. Principal private sector contributors to the Bermuda economy and employers are the over 18,000 Bermuda-incorporated entities from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and elsewhere, mostly in insurance, many as employers with local offices and a number with Bermudian or Bermuda-based staff from which they engage not in local commerce but in international activities. Employers trading in the local market place (physically in Bermuda) must by law by at least 60% beneficially Bermudian owned and managed/directed and when they and also non-Bermudian corporate entities not trading in the local market place employ non-Bermudians must comply with Bermuda Immigration laws. There are more than 375 retail shops in Bermuda, employing 4,800 people in total - about 13 persons per outlet on average.

Legal obligations of Bermuda-based employers to their Bermuda-based employees include: Section 20 of the Health Insurance Act 1970 stipulates that an employer must provide an active health insurance policy with a licensed insurer (or approved scheme) for him or herself, all employees and their non-employed spouses. The Health Council monitors and enforces employer compliance with this Act. The Contributory Pensions Act 1970 authorizes DOSI to manage the public pension fund and authorizes the Pension Commission to monitor and ensure integrity of all private pension plans available on the island. Through regular monitoring and enforcement of these Acts, it is often discovered that employers are unsure of their full responsibilities to their employees.” The Health Council investigates reports of employers with inactive health insurance policies and their employees without health insurance coverage.

2017. April 19. Non-wage employment costs are about one fifth higher than they were when the number of jobs on the island peaked in 2008. Soaring health insurance and payroll tax contributions are the main reason for the increase, while social insurance and pension contributions add to employers’ mandatory burden. After the payroll tax increase that took effect on April 1 this year, estimated non-wage costs make up a minimum of 21.2 per cent on top of a typical salary, compared to 17.5 per cent in 2008. That means to employ a staff member earning the median gross annual income of $63,657, an employer would have to fork out an annual minimum of $13,504, up from $11,139 in 2008. In practice, many employers will pay more than this, since our figures are based on employers paying half of the Standard Health Benefit, the value of the absolute minimum required health insurance coverage. Some employers also pay more than their share of the payroll tax. In 2008, the annual employment survey found there were 40,213 jobs in Bermuda. That number has declined by 17 per cent to 33,375 jobs in 2016. Last year was the island’s first year of employment growth after seven successive years of net job losses. Even as the economy has started to grow after a six-year recession, job growth has proved elusive. Rising non-wage employment costs make it less attractive for businesses to hire and provide an incentive for them to outsource and not replace staff who leave. Pay increases also become more difficult for an employer to justify. In many countries, the tax burden for businesses is based heavily on the profits they earn. But the burden of employment-based taxes is the same whether profits rise or fall, sometimes giving managers difficult decisions to make on human resources and pricing of products and services. In February, after Bob Richards, the Minister of Finance, announced an increase in the employer’s share of payroll tax and a decrease in the rate levied on most employees, the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce voiced its views on the impact on jobs. “One issue that was not addressed in this Budget, and which is critical to Chamber members, is the need for a national discussion on how to create more jobs in Bermuda, the need to adopt laws that make it more attractive to start or bring business on island,” John Wight, the Chamber’s president, said. “We are concerned about facing a growing tax burden with limited prospect of real growth for many Chamber members, which can only come if there are more people in Bermuda to whom they can sell our products and services and the current residents have greater disposable income.” Payroll tax has become government’s favourite tool for increasing revenues — and is by far the largest single contributor to the public coffers. In 2017-18, the Ministry of Finance projects payroll tax will generate $439 million, or 42 per cent of total revenue. The employer’s share of payroll tax — for those with a total annual payroll of more than $1 million — has risen to a rate of 10.25 per cent, up from 8.25 per cent in 2008, representing a rate increase of more than 24 per cent for employers over that period. The Chamber has voiced support for a more progressive tax system in which higher earners pay a higher rate of taxation and backs the government’s goal of eliminating the government deficit by 2019. But it believes the burden continues to fall too heavily on employers. “The Chamber is disappointed that 2016-2017 Budget objectives to broaden the tax base, such as adopting a Goods and Services Tax and addressing the self-employed $40,000 notional tax base, were not addressed during the past year and were only introduced in the 2017-2018 budget,” Mr Wight said. “In addition, Chamber members would find their sacrifice more palatable if the Government were seen to have done more to share in this sacrifice, by reducing the cost of the civil service.” The Fiscal Responsibility Panel’s second annual assessment, published in December last year also warned of the impact of an over-reliance on payroll tax to generate more revenue, stating that “there are clearly limits to how much additional revenue can be raised from this source without doing damage to Bermuda’s businesses and employment”. Health insurance costs have been the sharpest-rising of the non-wage employment costs, having rocketed by 78 per cent since 2008, based on the Standard Health Benefit. There are signs that efforts by the Bermuda Health Council and the Government to curb healthcare cost increases are bearing fruit. Last year, the Standard Health Benefit was held unchanged and this year, the cost was reduced slightly. Paying half of this minimum requirement would amount to just over $2,000 a year at the 2017 rate, compared to just over $1,120 in 2008. However, in reality most employers pay considerably more, given that they buy plans with broader coverage than the minimum required. The mandatory Social Insurance levy of $68.94 per week — of which the employer’s share is $34.47 — has risen by about 13 per cent since 2008. Employers also make contributions to employees’ pension plans worth 5 per cent of salary, matching the 5 per cent that is deducted from the employee’s pay packet. That rate has remained unchanged since 2008, but the dollar amount paid will rise in line with salary increases. The Bermuda Employers Council did not respond to a request for comment by press time.

2017 Employers' costs

See above article


Accounting firms

Deloitte & Touche. Corner House, Church & Parliament Streets, Hamilton HM FX. Telephone 441 292 1500. Fax 441 292 0961.
Ernst & Young. Reid Hall, 3 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 463, Hamilton HM BX. Tel: (441) 295-7000. Fax: (441) 295-5193

Advertising agencies

AAC Saatchi & Saatchi. 29 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 1188, Hamilton HM EX. Phone 295-2626. Fax 292-0473 or 292-6286.
Hyper Productions. P. O. Box HM 336, Hamilton HM BX.
Tango Multi Media. P. O. Box WK 126, Warwick WK BX


Arctic Climate Control, Phone 238-2525. Fax 238-2062. 
Bermuda Air Conditioning Ltd. Airkool House, 9 Mill Creek Road, Pembroke HM 05. Telephone 292-0881. Fax 292-6887.
Energy Management Systems (Bermuda) Ltd. As above

Aircraft services

Airlines - international

Airline, local

Air cargo, forwarders, freight, household moving

Bermuda Forwarders Ltd. 2 Mill Creek Lane, Pembroke HM 05. Phone 292-4600. Fax 292-1859.  
BEST Shipping. 3 Addendum Lane North, Pembroke HM 07, P.O. Box HM 335, Hamilton HM BX, Telephone: 292-8080 Fax: 295-1713.
DHL Worldwide Express Ltd. Burnaby Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 294-4848. Or 295-3300.
Fast Forward Freight Ltd. 2 Jubilee Road, Devonshire DV 06. Phone 292-9509. Airport office 296-1060. Fax 236-0055. Airport fax 293-3293
Federal Express. 14 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 08. Phone 295-3854. Fax 292-9084
Mailboxes Unlimited. Steven Thomson, President. 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone: 292-6563 Fax: 292-6587. Also at Mailboxes Church Street, 12 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11, Telephone: 296-5656 Fax: 296-5657 and Paget Mailboxes Express, 2 Lovers Lane, Paget PG 05. Telephone: 236-5142 Fax: 236-9486.
International Bonded Couriers (IBC). 10 Park Road, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-2467. Fax 292-7422
MiniMax Forwarders Ltd. 2 Cahow Way Road, St. George's CR 04. Phone 293-1101. Fax 293-1619.
Sprint International Express. Phone 296-7866. Fax 295-7544.
Swift International Ltd. P. O. Box HM 2920, Hamilton HM LX. Phone 296-4700. Fax 296-4727.

Animal waste

Antiques, china, reproductions

Bluck's. Front Street West, Hamilton. antiques, china and reproductions.
Heritage House. York House, Front Street, Hamilton.  Phone 295-2615.
Pegasus. Church Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-2900. Moved in 2003.



Benevides & Associates. Boyle Building, 31 Queen Street, Hamilton HM 11. Tel 292-0971. Fax 296-0091. 
Botelho Wood. 8 South Shore Road, Smiths FL05. Tel 232-6563. Fax: 232-6565
Beryl E. Brown. 99 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12. Tel: 295 3846. Fax: 295 3845.
Bruce W. Barker. P.O. Box HM 76, Hamilton HM AX. Tel: 517 1111
Conyers & Associates. Andrews Place, 5th Floor, 51 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 3185, Hamilton HM NX. Tel 292-8503. Fax 292-8362.
Cooper Gardner. 14 Par-la-Ville Rd, Hamilton HM 08. Phone 292-2521. Fax 292-7977
Geoff Parker. P.O. Box WK 610, Warwick, WK BX. Tel: 504 7983. Fax: 441 238 2771. 
Ian Gordon. 25 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11. Tel: 295 9793. Fax: 292 3623
John Kaufmann.  P.O. Box MA 272, Sandys MA BX. Tel: 234 4095. Cell: 335 2232. Fax: 234 2860
Linberg & Simmons. Grosvenor Lodge, 53 King St, Hamilton HM 19. Phone 295-9160. Fax 295-1079. P. O. Box HM 2165, Hamilton HM JX. 
OBM International.  Woodbourne Hall, 1 Gorham Rd. Hamilton. Phone 295-5137. Fax 292-1687. P. O. Box HM 1362, Hamilton HM FX. 
Reg White. P.O. Box HM 1509, Hamilton HM FX. Tel: 236 4840. Fax: 232 1056.
Richard Bath & Associates. P.O. Box HM 1768, Hamilton HM HX. Tel: 734 7114
Terceira Quarterly Associates. P.O. Box HM 1418, Hamilton HM FX. Tel: 295 9492. Fax: 295 0430
The Caulfield Partnership. 104 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 19. Tel: 292 0775. Fax: 292 9087

Artists, art galleries, art organizations

Artcetera. 34 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-2787. Fax 295-3872.
Bermuda Arts Centre. Dockyard
Bermuda Foundation for the Arts. Registered Charity
Bermuda National Gallery. Hamilton
Masterworks Foundation. Botanical Gardens, P. O. Box HM 1929, Hamilton HM HX. Registered charity
Windjammer 2. Hamilton Princess Hotel


East End Asphalt Co. Ltd. P. O. Box HM 422, Hamilton HM BX

Associations & support groups

(Not always employers).


See under Lawyers.

Auctions, Appraisals, Estate Sales, House sales

Hammers Ltd. Suite 239, 48 Par-laVille Road, Hamilton HM 11. Cellular 234-7727. Fax 295-6183. 

Leonard O. Gibbons Real Estate Ltd. Phone 292-4905.

StockXchange. 533-0149 or 335-6256. Dorothy Billings and Barbara Belton Brown. 


Bermuda Hearing Services, The Armoury Building, 37 Reid Street,  Hamilton HM12. Phone 441 292 4331. Fax 441 292 4332. Lisa Cano-Rowland, Audiologist.

Automobiles & commercial vehicles

See car dealers listed. 

Automobile Parts

Parts Express, 5 Addendum Lane, Pembroke HM 07. Phone 296-6169.

Auxiliary cycles, mopeds, scooters sales & rentals

See Transport for locals.

Baby & children




See under Lawyers

Bermuda National Trust

2017. June 29. An associate underwriter with a passion for the island’s environment and heritage has been elected as the new president of the Bermuda National Trust. Alana Anderson, who has been a member of the Council of the National Trust since 2008 and vice-president since 2015, was elected at the Trust’s AGM on June 22. “The Bermuda National Trust has always held a special place in my heart,” she said. “It is a great honour to be elected as its president. I am both excited and eager to continue on the legacy of ‘for everyone for ever’.” Mrs Anderson works at Sompo International as an assistant vice-president and associate underwriter, She succeeds Lieutenant-Colonel William White as president, who served in the position from 2010 to 2015. Mr White, who stepped back into the role in March 2015 until June 2017, was honored with the Trust’s top award — the Palmetto Award — at the annual awards ceremony that preceded the AGM. Chartered surveyor Mark Orchard, who has served on the council since 2013, was elected as the Trust’s new vice-president. Mr Orchard said: “Since joining the Trust in 2013 I have been astounded by the breadth of responsibilities that this organisation conducts throughout the island; overseeing many of our country’s most important cultural assets including historic homes, museums and open spaces, as well as irreplaceable icons, including a vast collection of artwork, archival books, ancient silverware and priceless cedar furniture. “Ensuring that our island’s unique legacy of traditions and treasured assets is maintained and made more accessible to the public will be key to ensuring the financial well-being of this important charity. I look forward to playing an active role in enhancing this legacy.” Mr White congratulated Mrs Anderson and Mr Orchard on their new appointments saying the Trust was in “good hands”. He added: “I am also deeply appreciative for being selected as recipient of the Palmetto Award.” Robert Masters will take on the role of chairman of the Preservation Committee from Paul Leseur, while Robin Mayor will continue as the chairperson of the Development Committee and Stephen Kuzyk will remain as the Trust treasurer. The other members of the National Trust Council are: Karen Border, Hugh Davidson, Kevin Gunther, Jan Macdonald, Tim Rogers and Mariette Savoie.


Barritt's. Bermuda bottlers of soft drinks.


Black's Blacksmith Shop. King Street, Hamilton. Phone 292-0358. Also welding and auto repairs.

Boarding Kennels

Avocado Boarding Kennels. 68 North Street, Hamilton HM 17. Phone 292-2576. Fax 292-9451.

Boat Building

Boatbuilder Marine. Alton O'Connor.

Book stores

Bermuda Bookstore. Queen Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-3698. Fax 295-3558.  
The Book Cellar. Water Street, St. George's. Phone 297-0448
Phoenix Stores. 3 Reid Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-3838. Fax 292-0316. 

Bowling lanes

Southside Family Bowl. Southside, St. David's. Phone 293-5906 or fax 293-5907 
Warwick Lanes. Bermuda Bowling Club, Warwick Lanes, P. O. Box WK 128, Warwick WK BX, Bermuda, phone (441) 236-5290.



Building equipment rentals

Building supplies

Baptiste Builders Supply, Kyber Pass, Warwick. Phone 236-2095. Fax 236-6853.
Conspec. 27 Wellbottom, Warwick. Phone 232-4721. Fax 232-4713.  

Cable & Satellite


Camara's Carpentry. North Shore Road, Devonshire. Phone 292-2630, fax 293-5264
Southside Carpentry. Building 15, Southside, St. David's. Phone 293-5768. Fax 293-5731. Cellular 235-0886

Car wash


Not Restaurants, see separate listing

CalleeBash. Callee Frith, Caterer. Phone 232-2720
Flying Chef Catering Services. Phone 295-1595. North Street. 

businessCellular phones

Bermuda Cell Rental. The Armoury, 37 Reid Street, Hamilton. Phone +1 (441) BDA-CELL (232-2355) or fax 236-1827.
 Bermuda Telephone Company (BTC). 31 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 10. Phone 295-1001 or fax 292-8841
CellularOne. 20 Reid Street, or 28 Church Street, Gibbons Building. Or 13A York Street, St. George's. Telephone (441) 296-4020.
Digicel Bermuda. Washington Mall, Phase II, 22 Church Street, Hamilton, HM 11. Phone 441 500-5000. Fax 441 295-3235.
Island Satellite Systems. 12 Tumkins Lane, off Woodlands Road, Pembroke HM 09. Phone 292-7636 or fax 295-7018 
Phones Plus. Gibbons Building, 28 Church Street, Hamilton. Phone 296-7566, fax 296-7567.
P-Tech. 5 Reid Street, Hamilton, Phone: 279-5420
TelecomBermuda. Washington Mall, Church Street Level, Hamilton. Phone 293-0550. 
The Hub. Middle Road, Warwick, since 2006. Gavin Kennedy, owner Once  sold BlackBerry phones when they were new — now sell Samsung and iPhones, Open seven days a week. For further information on The Hub, visit its Instagram page, @thehubbermuda
Unlimited Supplies. 33 Victoria Street and at 2 Woodlands Road, Hamilton. Telephone 295-9229. Fax 206-3872. 




David Winston. Corner of Reid and Queen Streets, formerly Aston & Gunn.
Boutique CC. Formerly Crown Colony. 1 Front Street, Hamilton. Phone  295-3965. also St. George's, telephone 297-1709. 
Calypso. 45 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11. Or P. O. Box HM 1391, Hamilton HM FX. Phone 295-2112.  Fax 295-0954.
Cecile. 15 Front Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-1311.
English Sports Shop. 49 Front Street. P. O. Box HM 1176, Hamilton HM EX. Phone 295- 2672. 
French Connection. Reid Street, Hamilton. 
Gibbon's Company. 21 Reid Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-0022. 
Grant's Ladies Boutique. Washington Lane, Hamilton. Phone 295-2711.
La Toya's. Admiral Level, 16 Water Street, St. George's. Phone 297-3372. Fashions for fuller-figured men and women.
Lusso. Front Street, formerly Archie Brown.
Making Waves.  A surf shop. 
Marks & Spencer. 17 Reid Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-0031. Majority Bermuda-owned franchise and small edition of major English city high street store
The Outlet. Queen Street, Hamilton. Phone  295-0084. 
Sizewise & Seasons. Paget Plaza, Paget. Phone 236-0237.


2015. December 14.  The Island’s two biggest coffee distributors have blended. Convenience Coffee and CoffeeWorks have merged into a single company, which will operate under the Convenience Coffee banner, to become the largest of its kind in Bermuda. The owners said that with the economies of scale the new business will provide higher levels of service, a bigger range of coffee, tea and other drinks, at the same or lower prices. Herwig Weikl, who started Convenience Coffee in 2007, will manage the new company on a day-to-day basis. The new business will operate from the existing CoffeeWorks location on Paget’s Harvey Road and offer more than 300 types of coffee and tea. CoffeeWorks, originally part of the Liquid Group, was launched 14 years ago by businessman Paul Claude.

Computers & IT & peripherals

Applied Computer Technologies. 1st Floor, Williams House, 20 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-1616 or fax 292-7967 
Bermuda Microsystems Group. Suite 424, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, HM 11. 
Bermuda Technologies. Phone 296-7000. Fax 296-7100. Victoria Street, Hamilton. 
BCS Investments. Formerly Bermuda Computer Services Ltd
CCS Group. 8 Par-la-Ville Road, Lower Ground Level, Hamilton HM 08. Phone 294-3400. 
Computer City. Certified Systems. Phone 296-6843. Fax 296-5844. 
Computer Works. Phone 293-0992. 
Gateway Systems. 10 Queen Street, Hamilton HM 11.
Independent Consulting Solutions. Suite 751, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-3806 or fax 295-6034.
MCS. P. O. Box HM 752, Hamilton HM CX.
 P-Tech. Reid Street.
Redlaser. 8 Bakery Lane, Hamilton, phone 296-6400 or fax 296-6544. 
SBI. Dallas Building, 7 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 08. Phone 292-7072, fax 292-3619. E-mail info@sbi.bm. 
Stationary Store, The. Reid Street, Hamilton. Telephone 295-4008. A leading office equipment retail store, belonging to The Royal Gazette. Aldo with postcards, newspapers and more. E-mail sales@office.bm 





A.C.L Construction. 106 North Shore Road, Devonshire FL03
BCM McAlpine. Phone 292-2288 Fax 295-7708. 48 St. John's and Pitts Bay Roads, Pembroke HM 07. P. O. Box HM 3200, Hamilton HM NX.
Butterfield Excavation. P. O. Box SN 222, Southampton SN BX.
Clyde Construction Services. Phone 236-1905 or 237-5705

Greymane Contracting. 8 Bakery Lane, Pembroke, HM 07. Phone 296-8176, or 279-0214 , fax 296-8180. Cell 304-0214

Landmark Construction. Chancery Lane, Hamilton. Phone 295-0151. Fax 295-6833. 
Global Construction. Suite 652, 48 Par-la-Ville Road,  HM 11. Telephone 236-5503.  Cell 234-9898. Fax 232-1195. 
Paterson Contracting. Phone 292-8448. Fax 292-2652. 
Somers Construction. Suite 350, 48 Par la Ville Road, Hamilton HM11
Swandell. Hermitage Road, Devonshire. Phone 236-4873 or 236-3187



BEST Shipping. 3 Addendum Lane North, Pembroke HM 07, P.O. Box HM 335, Hamilton HM BX, phone: 292-8080 Fax: 295-1713.
DHL Worldwide Express Ltd. Burnaby Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 294-4848. Or 295-3300.
Federal Express. 14 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 08. Phone 295-3854. Fax 292-9084.

International Bonded Couriers (IBC). 10 Park Road, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-2467. Fax 292-7422. 2016. January 26. Bought out by its US namesake and a group of Bermuda investors. The investor group has struck a deal with IBC Ltd in Bermuda owners BAS Services to take over the company. The move means US-based IBC Inc and private investors, including Bermuda businessmen Glen Smith, Theo Klimatsidas and Joe Costigan Jr, will assume control of the firm. IBC Inc, a global logistics firm, is based in Miami, with additional company-owned branches in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Aruba and Trinidad & Tobago and with delivery partners in more than 180 companies.

 Mailboxes Unlimited. Steven Thomson, President. 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone: 292-6563 Fax: 292-6587. Also at Mailboxes Church Street, 12 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11, Telephone: 296-5656 Fax: 296-5657 and Paget Mailboxes Express, 2 Lovers Lane, Paget PG 05. Telephone: 236-5142 Fax: 236-9486.
Sprint International Express. Phone 296-7866. Fax 295-7544.




Data provision and protection

Data-Tech. Suite 756, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11.
Soft Pro (Bermuda). Phone 292-5068. Fax 292-5202.

Department stores

Brown & Co. 35 Front Street, Hamilton, Phone: 279-5438
A. S. Cooper & Sons. 59 Reid & Front Streets, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 1071, Hamilton HM EX. Phone 295-3961. Fax 295-2961. 
Gibbons Company. 21 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone 295-0022. A leading retail store.
Irish Linen Shop. 31 Front Street, Hamilton. Telephone 295-4089. Fax 295-6552. Table, bed, bath, personal  and table linens.
Knick Knack. Reid Street, telephone (441) 292-5450.
Marks & Spencer. Reid Street, Hamilton


All private

Bermudiana Dental Group. Suite 401, Bermudiana Arcade, 27 Queen Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone 295-8040. Fax 295-8050. 
Dr David N. Roblin. Outerbridge Building, 75 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke HM 08. Phone 295-2452
Happy Valley Dental. 78 Happy Valley Road, Devonshire DV03. Phone 292-5569.

Debt collection


Bermuda Home Dialysis Service (BHDS). Woodbourne Avenue in Hamilton.295-8999. Since August, 2015, Island’s first home dialysis service, by local nurse Irena Ashton. “Dialysis has never been done before outside of the hospital in Bermuda. Approved by the Bermuda Health Council. Available to residents and visitors.

Disabled organizations

 Bermuda Physically Handicapped Association.
Bermuda Stroke & Family Support Association
Bermuda Riding for the Disabled Ltd. Equestrian Centre, Windreach Recreational Village. P. O. Box WK 525, Warwick WK BX.
Summerhaven Trust.
Tae Durham Charitable Association for Physically Handicapped Children.
Windreach Recreational Village. P. O. Box WK 464. Warwick, WK BX. Telephone 238 2469 or fax 238 2597

Discount Stores



Bermuda Aerial Media. 441-704-0687. P.O. Box HM 2170, Hamilton HM JX.  27 Jubilee Road, Devonshire DV 06. 


Drug stores

Economic Development


Electricity, gas & utilities

BESCO. 27 Serpentine Road, Pembroke. Phone 299-2821. Fax 296-4236.
Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCo). Serpentine Road, Pembroke
Bermuda Energy Conservation Ltd. 148 South Road, Paget PG 05 or P. O. Box HM 1478, Hamilton HM FX. Phone 236-9953. Fax 232-0404.
Bermuda Gas & Utility Co. Wesley Street, Hamilton. Telephone 295-3111. 
Sea-M Electric. Phone 238-2323. 238-2336. Residential, commercial.
 Sunshine Company Limited. The Famous Building, 57 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 12, phone 295-6246
Universal Electric. 4 Midsea Lane, Serpentine Road, Pembroke. Phone 292-5372. Fax 292-3794. 


Electronic City. 45 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM DX. Phone 295-8915. Fax 295-9205.
M&M International. Shoppers Fair Building, 61 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 292-8158
P-Tech AV. 3 Reid Street, Basement Floor of the Phoenix Centre, Hamilton, Phone: 279-5413

Employment, recruitment & payroll agencies

Bermuda Executive Services. 77 Front Street, Hamilton, HM-12. Phone 296-5627. Fax 296-1749. Bill Zuill.
Business Services of Bermuda. Phone 295-5175. P. O. Box HM 1154, Hamilton HM EX. 
Outsource. P. O. Box HM 2202, Hamilton HM BX.
SOS. Secretarial services and employment agency. P. O. Box HM 1721, Hamilton HM FX. 
Tempest Employment Agency. The Armoury Building, 37 Reid Street, Hamilton HM NX. Phone 295-8349. Phone 295-8329. Fax: 296-1224.





Equipment rentals

Estate Agents

See under "Real Estate."

Farmers, fish and fruit

2016. October 22. Hurricane Nicole left a trail of widespread and significant devastation to the island’s agricultural sector. 


Bermuda Festival. Suite 480, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone 295-1291. 

Film Production

Wishing Step Pictures.  An award-winning international film company that in September 2016  set up shop in Bermuda. Neil Glass, an island resident and co-founder of the Bermuda International Film Festival Mr Glass, an accountant and former head of the Bermuda Business Development Agency’s asset management industry group, formed the documentary-making company with Kim Carter, company president and also a resident, and Zabi Yaqueen, from Toronto. The company will operate from Bermuda and the Ontario capital. The company’s first project, When Elephants Fight, a documentary about the exploitation of conflict minerals and its impact on the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo, was narrated by House of Cards star Robin Wright. The production won best foreign film at the HUMANdoc festival in Poland and was chosen as the opening night documentary at the Edinburgh Film Festival, one of the largest celebrations of film-making in the world. The company’s second project, authored by Mr Yaqueen, is film and campaign on modern slavery, being produced under the working title of ABOLISH.

Fitness centers, health clubs

24 Hour Fitness. Phone 293-7479. 
Athletic Club, The. Cedarparkade, Hamilton. Phone 295-6140. 
Bermuda Bodyworks, Paget
Bermuda Karate Institute. Phone 292 2157 or fax  292 5123. 
Bermuda Squash Racquets Association. 11 Middle Roads, Devonshire. Phone 292-6881 
Cliff's Health Club. 1 Washington Street North, Hamilton HM 15. Phone 292-6955. Since 1953.
Diet Centre and Magnum Force Gym. 70 Church Street East, Hamilton HM12. In business since 1992.
LifeStyles. Phone 292-7955
Mangoes Gym & Fitness Centre. 47 Mangrove Bay, Somerset. Opposite Country Squire. Phone 234-6912. Open daily.
Mid Atlantic Athletic Club. P. O. Box HM 1745, Hamilton HM GX. Founded 1977. Steve Conway at 292-5882.
Olympic Club, The. Dundonald Street, Hamilton. Phone 292-4095.
Positive Results. 2 Woodlands Road, Pembroke HM 07. Phone 295-0297. Fax 295-0463.

South Shore Studio. Phone 232-1300. 82 Nautilus House, South Shore, Warwick. Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with holidays by appointment only.


Food and goods

Also see Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Cake Shop 17 Curving Avenue, Pembroke. Phone 292-5141
Hunts Food & Supplies 5 Quarry Lane, Kyber Pass, Warwick WK 03. Phone 236-6343. Fax 236-4604. 
K. C . Daniels  Eagle Rocks, 3 Boundary Crescent, Hermitage Road, Devonshire FL 02. Phone 236-3189. Fax 236-2663.
Outerbridge Peppers P.O. Box FL 85 FL BX. Bermuda. Tel: 441-296-4451 • Fax: 441-296-4851.

Freight forwarders, shipping, importers

Bermuda Container Line 1st Floor, Par-la-Ville Place, 14 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 08. Phone 295-1624. Fax 295-3781
Bermuda Forwarders 2 Mill Creek Lane, Pembroke HM 05. Phone 292-4600. Fax 292-1859. 
Bermuda Ocean Shipping Service Bermuda House, 56 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 295-7090. Fax 292-8069. Mailing address P. O. Box HM 1114. Hamilton HM EX.
Bermuda Supply Shipping by container ship and air to Bermuda. Based in New Jersey but with a Bermuda presence also, Bermudian-owned.
Best Shipping P O Box HM 335, Hamilton, HM BX. Phone 292-8080
DHL Worldwide Express 16 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-3300. Fax 295-4636.
Fast Forward Freight  2 Jubilee Road, Devonshire DV06. Phone 292-9509. Fax 236-0055. 
Federal Express 14 Par la Ville Road, Hamilton HM 08. Phone 295-3854. Fax 292-9084.
IBC (International Bonded Couriers) 10 Park Road, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-2467. Fax 292-7422
Joshua Bate Trading Bermuda 9 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton. Sales 236-7880. Showroom: 236-7866. Service: 236-8194
Meyer Freight Freisenbruck-Meyer Building, 79 Front Street, Hamilton. Phone 296-9788. Fax 295-4556
MiniMax Forwarders 2 Cahow Way Road, St. George's CR 04. Phone 293 1101. Fax 293-1619
Overstock.com US-based but ships many goods direct to Bermuda, including freight and duty.
Sea Venture O/S Shipping 133 Front Street, Hamilton, HM12. Phone 292-0334
Swift International  PO Box HM 292, Hamilton HM LX. Phone 296-4700. Fax 296-4727.
Wadson's Farm 10 Luke's Pond Road, PO Box SN528, Southampton SN BX. Phone 238 1862
Wiseway Enterprises Ltd/Seamont Line Phone 293- 5798. LCL and Break Bulk cargo from Fernandina Beach, Florida, to Bermuda, twice a month. 

Funeral Homes

Furniture & interior design

Brown & Co Queen Street Department, 35 Front Street, Hamilton, Phone: 279-5529
4 Seasons Furniture Victoria Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-8267.
Furniture Basics Church Street, Hamilton. Phone 292-1844.
Furniture Flair 31 Victoria Street, Hamilton. Phone 292-7272. Fax 292-7830
Furniture Walk 77 Reid Street East, telephone 292-5209 or fax 292-7069. 
Hamma Galleries Also furniture and accessories, kitchen & bath. 1 Lane Hill, Hamilton. Telephone 292-8500 or fax 292-8424.
Howe Enterprising LOM Building, 27 Reid Street, Hamilton, phone 292-1433, fax 292-9863. 
Link Interiors Ltd Suite 559, 12 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11
The Living Centre Victoria Street, Hamilton. Phone 296-5284. 
Mayne's Furniture Co. 62 King Street, Hamilton. Telephone 295-7657
Total Home Kitchen & bathroom showroom, 77 Reid Street.

Furniture Rentals

TurnKey Furniture Rentals. Since January 2016. Owned by Albert and Debbie Moura, who run Moura & Associates, Customized packages named after Island beaches for properties ranging from studios to large family homes. Turnkey aims to expand the business in the future to include small kitchen appliances and accessories, as well as outdoor furniture.

Furniture stripping

Bermuda Stripping & Refinishing. 99 Middle Road. Devonshire. Phone 236-2886


Under the Betting License Act 1975

ADL Compliance.  2017. June 2. A Bermudian firm specialising in compliance and anti-money laundering has been signed up by the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission. ADL Compliance will work to make sure that the gambling industry on the island is clean. Lanan Bascome, manager of ADL, It has already carried out stringent background checks on people involved in the local gambling industry, including criminal, civil and credit checks, media and social media vetting as well as investigations into professional and social contacts and employment history. Ms Bascome said: “These background checks are of paramount importance because people employed in or working with the casinos and gaming industry in Bermuda will have access to financial assets and complex technology. As much as we can, we endeavour to ensure that these persons are honest. As the regulator, it is the Commission’s job to safeguard the industry from any possibility of corruption and robust employee vetting goes a long way towards that end. These protections will help Bermuda not only build a reputation in gaming but will also help safeguard our island’s hard-earned, distinguished reputation in international business and finance generally.” Staff at the firm have already signed up for classes at the University of Nevada in the US gambling capital Las Vegas involving regulation and background investigations into casinos. 
International Fixed Odds 39 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton. 
Jedwar Sports Jamita House, 83 Reid Street East, Hamilton
Littlewoods Pools The Fortune Corner, Hamilton. Phone 295-2823.
Sea Horses 19 Queen Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 292-4392. Fax 292-5268. 
Seamont Exclusive 10 Collectors Hill, Smith's Parish FL 05. Phone 236-9068
Triple Crown Racing Famous Building, 57 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 12. 



Gardens Unlimited,  PO Box DV 199, Devonshire DVBX.

Gasoline service stations


The Island Shop Old Cellar Lane, Hamilton. Barbara Finsness.
Pulp and Circumstance Phone 234-1698. Gifts and keepsakes. 10 and 18 Reid Street. Was in Clocktower Mall, Sandys, too but in August 2009 announced the latter's closure
Trustworthy Gift shop of the Bermuda National Trust. Old Cellar Lane, off Front Street. 
Bermuda Triangle Clocktower Mall, Dockyard. Claire Smith. 


Bermuda Signature Glass Commercial and architectural glazing. 8 Bakery Lane, Pembroke. Phone 296-9162 or fax 296-6166. Cell 799-0226.
Island Glass & Metal For mirrors and more. 3 Serpentine Road, Pembroke. Telephone 295-5134 or fax 292-3868.

Golf Courses

Golf equipment

Gourmet foods


Guest Houses

See Accommodation

Grocery stores

Note that supermarkets - bigger - have their own heading

Arnold's Market 3 stores, at Main Road, Somerset; Maxi Mart, White Hill, Somerset; St. John's Road, Pembroke. Phone 234-0951. 
Arnold's Express (formerly Dismont Robinson) Always open. Victoria Building, 235 Front Street East, Hamilton. Telephone 292-4301. Fax 292-8867.
C-Mart North Shore, Pembroke, near Black Watch Pass. Phone 292-5332. 
Point Convenience Mart Cox's Hill, Pembroke. Phone 292-0342. Fax 292-9680. Open public holidays. 
R. J. Variety Food & Liquor Mart North Shore Road, Devonshire at Former Anchorage Club. Phone 292-5239. 
Tony's Fine Foods North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish.


Dodd's Hairdressing for Men Phone 292-2720. Washington Mall, Church Street Level, Hamilton HM 11.
Hair Studio Brunswick Mall, Hamilton. Phone 295-2258.
Headway Hair Centre Phone 292-8983. Church Street Level, Washington Mall, Hamilton.
Inverurie Salon Opened in April 2002 at the Newstead Hotel, Paget.
Le Chic 3 Washington Street, across from bus terminal. Phone 292-0322 or 292-1050
Maxilous Salon  
Shapers 6 Walker Arcade, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box 1057, Hamilton HM EX. Phone 295-3519. Fax 292-2378.
Wave Length Phone 236-4684. Fax 236-8862. 


Also see Home Centers

Arnold's Tile Pembroke. Phone 296-3636.
Bermuda Shutters Makes shutters and produces window blinds.
DBH Holdings Phone 292-7636
Eurotile 4 Mill Creek Lane, Pembroke. Phone 292-6069. Fax 292-5876.
Standard Hardware 4 Bakery Lane, off St. John's Road, Pembroke HM 06. Phone 292-3805.
SAL Manufacturing Bailey's Bay. Phone 293-4350. Southampton. Phone 238-2000.
SAL Ltd West Southampton. Phone 238-2000
TreeCon 1 Cemetery Road, Pembroke. Phone 295-4771. Fax 295-4774.

Health food

Helmet diving

Home Centers

Baptiste Builders Supply Corner of Kyber Pass & Middle Road, Warwick. Phone 236-2095. Fax 236-6853.  
Gorham's Home and outdoor centre. St. John's Road, Pembroke. Phone 295-1550. Fax 292-1368.
Masters Ltd Dundonald Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-4321.
SAL Ltd East Hermitage Road, Devonshire. Phone 232-2100




See Accommodation

Hurricane Storm Shutters

2017. April 17. Hurricane storm shutters are to be custom manufactured on the island, reducing the time it takes for orders to be fulfilled and shutters installed. When it starts the service next month, Jeffrey & Sons believes it will be the first company in Bermuda to manufacture, sell and install storm shutters. The business is on Cemetery Road, Pembroke, next to the former Bate’s showroom. It has been importing and installing shutters for more than 20 years. “Now we are going to do the shutters here,” said Sabrina Franks, who handles marketing and customer service. “The turnaround will be faster. Customers used to have to wait four to eight weeks for shutters to arrive. Now they will be able to get them in two weeks.” Component parts of the aluminium shutters will be stocked by the business, ready to be cut to size and assembled to meet the requirements of customers. To begin with the company will custom produce shutters for windows and doors up to 8ft. Larger sizes will continue to be imported ready-made. “We are doing up to 8ft, which covers most bases. We will still bring in the bigger shutters.” Manufacturing the larger shutter sizes on-island might happen in the future, depending on how things go and the level of demand. Speed to market is a key benefit of custom-producing shutters in Bermuda. Ms Franks explained that while some customers plan ahead many wait until hurricane season starts, or news that a storm is heading Bermuda’s way, before scrambling to have shutters fitted. Being able to complete orders and installations in a week or two, rather than a month or more, will help meet the demands of last minute buyers. “People will still get the good-quality shutters, and they will be supporting a Bermudian company and Bermudian jobs,” said Ms Franks. “Jeffery & Sons has always tried to manufacture here as much as possible. We do window blinds and roller blinds for commercial and residential and we try to keep production here in Bermuda.” Jeffrey & Sons was established in 1950, in Dockyard, by Frederick Jeffrey Snr. Initially it was a mill shop, later becoming a hardware business on Front Street, and then a custom blind manufacturing retail store near Shelly Bay, in Hamilton Parish. For many years it was run by the late David Jeffrey, who introduced custom roll shades and exterior storm shutters. “He started a lot of the local production and bringing in the storm shutters,” said Ms Franks. The company also offers servicing and maintenance of its shutters and those installed by other businesses. The business, which moved to Pembroke five years ago, is now run by Jonathan Gaugain, stepson of David Jeffrey.

Ice cream & sherbets

Bermuda Creamery Island's largest producer of ice cream and sherbets.
Bailey's Ice Cream Parlor 2 Blue Hole Hill, Hamilton Parish. 



Insurance Companies, Local

They include

Argus Insurance Co. Ltd.  Wesley Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 1064, Hamilton HM EX. Phone 295-2021. Fax 292-6763. Argus expanded its property and casualty portfolios with the acquisitions of Bermuda-based Aviva Plc. and the Gibraltar property and casualty company, Norwich Union International Insurance.
BF&M Insurance Group 112 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke HM 06. Telephone 295-5566. Fax 292-8604.
Bermuda Life Insurance Company Part of the Argus Group. 12 Wesley Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 1064, Hamilton HM EX. Phone 295-2021. Fax 292-6763.
Bermuda Provident Company Armoury Building, Reid Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-3758. Fax 292-1210.
C. N. A. Butterfield & Son "White Hall," #1 Park Road, Hamilton HM 09. PO Box HM 78, Hamilton HM AX. (441) Phone (441) 295-5519. Fax (441) 292-7972. 
Centurion Insurance Services Part of the Argus Group. Craig Appin House, 8 Wesley Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone 296-2000. Fax 295-8637.
Colonial Group  Jardine House, 33-35 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Or P. O. Box HM 1559, Hamilton HM FX. Phone 296-3700
Freisenbruch-Meyer Group 75 Front Street, Hamilton. Telephone (441) 296-3600. Fax (441) 295-6209
Kitson Marine and General Insurance Company

Kitson Building, 5 Reid Street, Hamilton  HM 11. Phone (441) 295-2525

Somers Isles Insurance Company Ltd. Argus Insurance Building.,12 Wesley Street Hamilton HM 11. Phone: (1-441) 295-2021. Fax: (1-441) 292-6763 

Interior design

Ainslie's Interior Decor 1 Tee Street, Middle Road, Devonshire DV 07. Phone 236-9993.
Bermuda Interiors  
By Design Patti Crouch. 2nd Floor, 75 Reid Street, Hamilton. 
Corado-Benn Christine Corrado Benn. Phone 293-3126. Fax 293-3421.
Sash and Trim Jennifer Gray and Anne Steele
Trott Drapery & Upholstery 68 King Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 292-6119. Fax 292-2093.

Bendell Design

Susan Bendell. Washington Mall Phase 1, Suite 301 , Hamilton HM 11. 296-8207. Fax 296-9381

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)


Bermuda Investment Advisory Services 4th Floor, Vallis Building, 58 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Fax 292-7292.  
LOM Securities (Bermuda) LOM Building, 27  Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 292-5000. Fax 295-3343. 
Kast Investment Management Investments. 2nd Floor, Phase 1, Washington Mall, 22 Church Street, HM 11. Phone 292-5283


Astwood Dickinson 83-85 Front Street. Telephone 295-5257. 
Brown & Co Front Street Department, 35 Front Street, Hamilton, Phone: 279-5524
Crisson 55 & 71 Front Street & 16 Queen Street, Hamilton; Water & York Streets, St. George's; Clocktower Mall, Sandys;  all major hotels. Phone 295-2351. Fax 292-9153.
E. R. Aubrey 19 and 101 Front Street. Phone 295-3826
Herrington 11 Reid Street, Washington Mall, Hamilton. Tel: 292-6527
Solomon's 17 Front Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-1103. In business 25 years.
Sovereign Reid Street. Telephone 292-7933
Swiss Timing 95 Front Street, Hamilton. Telephone (441) 295-1376. Fax (441) 295-2088. 
Vera P. Card Quality European crystal, china, figurines, jewelry, watches and clocks.
Walker Christopher 9 Front Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-1466. Fax 292-6656


Landscaping & garden maintenance 

Century Gardens Landscaping Phone 295-0101 or cell 799-1428.  
DaPonte Landscaping & Maintenance P. O. Box FL 575, Flatts FL BX.
Dunkley's Landscaping Kenneth Dunkley. Phone 236-0241

Law Firms and Lawyers

Alphabetically, individuals.


Liquor and wines

Any supermarket, plus

Bud's Wines & Spirits 9 Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset.
Burrows Lightbourn  One of the Gibbons Group of Companies. P. O. Box HM 829, Hamilton HM CX. 
Discovery Wines PO Box HM 533, Hamilton HM CX
Howzat Since May 2016. North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish. Jeffrey & Sons building, Shelly Bay, underneath the 24-hour gym. Beer, wines and spirits and soft drinks. 10am to 9pm seven days a week.
Gosling's A leading retail liquor store, Bermuda's oldest. Also good for wines and champagne.
Intermezzo Wines and Spirits

Phone 293-0656. 31 Park House, Junction between Middle Road and Verdmont Road, Smith's Parish.




A & P Marine 19 Washington Street, Hamilton HM 09. Phone 295-3376. Grady-White and Yamaha Motors.
Marine Locker Gorham Road, Hamilton.  Telephone 295-9950.
PW's Marine 96 Pitts Bay Road. Phone 295-3232. Fax 292-5092.

Market research


Atlantic Medical International  7 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke HM 07. P. O. Box HM 3350, Hamilton HM PX. Phone 298-8023. Fax 295-6021. Pager 298-4054.
Bermuda Medical Association (BMA) 75 Victoria Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 2466, Hamilton HM JX. Phone 292-8131. Fax 295-3931. An association of all medical doctors in practice in Bermuda. President is Dr. Cindy Morris.
Bermuda Medical Council See Bermuda Government Boards
Bermuda Medical Society King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, Point Finger Road, Paget. An association of all medical doctors in practice in Bermuda. President is Dr. Jonathan Murray.
Inside Out Wellness Centre  
Nurses Practice P. O. Box HM 1164, Hamilton HM EX. Phone 232-0264. Fax 236-8387.

Medical Practitioners (doctors) 

List is too extensive to show here, but these advertise:

Bermuda Health Care Services Phone 236-3807
Northshore Medical & Aesthetic Center  
Orthopedics and Sports Medicine of Bermuda  "Caney," 33 Berry Hill Road, Paget DV 03

Medical Supplies


Mini-bus transportation

Money Transfer

Movie Theaters

Liberty Theatre 49 Union Plaza, Hamilton.HM 12 Telephone (441) 292-7296. 1 screen, 270 seats. Owned by Bermuda Industrial Union. Mainly screens first-run mostly American movies, but some Caribbean and European ones too.
Little Theatre 30 Queen Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 292-2135
Neptune Cinema The Cooperage, 4 Naval Dockyard. Owned by Bermuda Industrial Union
Southside Cinema  Biggest in Bermuda, former USN movie house, on Southside Road, parallel to St. David's. Phone 297-2821. 


Music Box Reid Street, Hamilton. 295-4839, fax 295-3914. Compact disks and tapes, more.
Shine's Music Store Wendell (Shine) Hayward,  97 St. John's Road, Pembroke West.

Narcotics prevention

News media

Newspaper, daily

Only one in Bermuda

Newspapers, less frequently
Bermuda Sun (twice weekly) Victoria Street, Hamilton or P. O. Box HM 1241, Hamilton, Bermuda HM FX.
Mid Ocean News (weekly) 2 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton 08. Telephone (441) 295-6666. Fax (441) 295-9650. 
Official Gazette Government Announcements, Appointments, legal matters. By contract in The Royal Gazette daily newspaper.
Worker's Voice (every other Friday) From the Bermuda Industrial Union at telephone 292-0044.

Night Clubs

Anchorage Lounge 81 North Shore Road, Devonshire. .
Deep Night Club Elbow Beach Sea Terrace, Paget, P. O. Box HM 994, Hamilton HM DX
Escape Atlantic House, 11 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton.
Hilly's Jazz Club At the Old Docksider premises, 123 Front Street East. Phone 295-1370. 
Oasis Club & Rock Room Bar Emporium Building, 69 Front Street.
The Palace Stables Building, 91 Reid Street, Hamilton.
Slipaway's Lounge 6 pm to 3 am Thursday-Sunday, with Sunday Jazz Nights. Phone 292-5306.
Spinning Wheel 33 Court Street, Hamilton HM 10. 

Office equipment

A. F. Smith  
The Complete Office The Kenwood Building, 17 Reid Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 1032, Hamilton HM EX. Telephone 292-4333. Fax 292-44334.
Office Solutions Addendum Lane South, Pembroke HM 07. Phone 292-2666. Service 292-7878. Fax 292-3535.
Office Supplies Ltd O. O. Box HM 1972, Hamilton HM HX
Staples Office Supplies. Corner of Reid and Burnaby Streets. Telephone 292-5223. Fax 292-6181.
Stationary Store, The Reid Street, Hamilton. Telephone 295-4008. A leading office equipment retail store, belonging to The Royal Gazette
Tops 22 Mill Creek Road, Pembroke. P.O. Box HM 3214. Hamilton HM NX. Phone 292-5500. Fax 292-6200.

Office rentals

Off-site records storage

Organizational effectiveness


Also see under "Hardware"

Bermuda Paint Brighton Hill. Devonshire. 236-4462. F 236-8351.
Pembroke Paint Company Market & Bakery Lane, Pembroke. Phone 292-8368. Fax 292-9106.


Perfumes & fragrances

Bermuda Perfumery Stewart Hall. St. George's.  

2017. May 26. The Bermuda Perfumery yesterday launched a new perfume. Sunkiss was unveiled on a cruise for top clients and VIPs. Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone of the Bermuda Perfumery said: “The fragrance notes in Sunkiss are Bermuda loquat, orange blossom and vanilla cream.” She added: “The subtle and delicately sweet perfume evokes the wholesome summer days on a beautiful Bermuda beach.” Lili Bermuda perfumes can be found at The Bermuda Perfumery in St George, Lili Bermuda Boutique in Hamilton and exclusive retailers.

Royall Fragrances Royal Lyme (Bermuda) Ltd. Ireland Island. 


Note that a hotel drug store is not a pharmacy and cannot sell prescription drugs. Some drugs that in North American and European drug stores are over-the-counter (without a prescription) need a prescription in Bermuda from a licensed local medical doctor before they can be sold. See under "Pharmacies" in Senior Citizens of Bermuda.

Caesars Pharmacy 30-32 Somerset Road, Sandys MA 02. Phone 234-0581. Fax 234-0783. 
Clarendon Pharmacy 31 Victoria Street, Victoria Place Building. Phone 295-9137.
Collector's Hill Apothecary Phoenix Stores. South Road, Smith's. Phone 236-4499.
Hamilton Pharmacy 17 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 292-7986. Fax 295-3318.
Paget Pharmacy Phoenix Stores. Rural Hill Plaza, Middle Road, Paget. Phone 236-2681
Phoenix Centre One of the Phoenix Stores. 3 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-0698.
People's Pharmacy 63 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 292-9261.Fax 295-0639.
Point Finger Road Pharmacy Point Finger Medical Center, 16 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04. Phone 279-5409.
Robertson's Drug Store Water Street, St. George's. Phone 297-1736. Fax 297-8140.
Somerset Pharmacy  49 Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset MA 01. Phone 234-2484. Fax 234-1158
Woodbourne Chemist Woodbourne Avenue, Pembroke. Phone 295-1073.


Plastic Surgery


Political parties

Progressive Labour Party Opposition. Office at 16 Court Street, Hamilton. Phone 292-2264. Fax 295-7890.
One Bermuda Alliance Government. P.O. Box HM 1940, Hamilton HM HX. Phone 294-3264. Email info@oba.bm

Printing & Publishing

Bermuda Media (formerly Bermuda Marketing) Suite 310, International Centre, Bermudiana Road, Hamilton. Phone 292-7279. Fax 295-3189.
The Bermuda Press Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke. P. O. Box HM 1025, Hamilton HM DX. Telephone 292-6100. Fax 292-6727.
Island Press (Holdings) 19 Elliott Street, Hamilton HM 10. P. O. Box HM 902, Hamilton HM DX.
Print Express Burnaby Hill, Hamilton. Phone 295-3950 or fax 295-3949.
Pronto Print Unit 68, Level B, Phase 2, Washington Mall. P. O. Box HM 2654, Hamilton HM KX. Phone 295-0183. Fax 296-2329.

Radio Societies

Radio Society of Bermuda (RSB). P. O. Box HM 275, Hamilton, Bermuda. Or Call Glen Cuoco at 295-5625. Meets third Wednesday of each month. The official International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) organization representing the interests of amateur radio on the Islands of Bermuda. Founded in 1950 and currently has about 55 members, both in Bermuda and overseas. Membership is open to any licensed radio amateur for an annual fee for local residents and overseas members.

Real Estate/Realtors

Bermuda Longtail Real Estate

P.O. Box SB 92, Sandy’s, SB BX. Phone 232-2769. Fax 232-2770
Brian S. Alcon Realty Unit 1 # 9, De Mello Reach, St. George's GE 01. Phone 541-2233.
Century 21 Bermuda Properties The Stables, 91 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 19. Phone 293-2121. Fax 295-6840.
Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty Atlantic House, 11 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton. Phone 292-1793. Fax 292-7918.
Cranfield's Property Bermuda P. O. Box  433, WK BX. Sharon Cranfield. Phone 305 8040
Crisson & Company 6 Dundonald St. W, Hamilton. Phone 295-0826. Fax 295-3221.
Crown House Properties Owns a new (2001) office building on Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 1025, Hamilton HM DX.
Dale Young Properties  P.O. Box 770, Warwick WK BX. Phone 236-5200. Fax 236-5201
DeCouto & Dunstan
Real Estate
84 Reid Street, Hamilton HM12. Phone 292-0616/17/18. Fax 295-4618
Dunlop Realty Co. 7 North Shore Road, Devonshire DV 01. Phone 295-0734. Fax 295-8266
Ele Properties 27 Front Street, 2nd Floor, Hamilton HM11. Phone 296-7096. Fax 297-3787.
Fiduciary Realty 20 Tee Street, Devonshire DV 03. Phone cell 705-9538 or 505-0675. Fax 232-2989
Fulcrum Property Consultants  
Gibbons & Outerbridge Real Estate Phone 292-5678
Gutteridge-Hart Property Management and Rentals Suite 186, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda. Phone or fax 232-2437 or cell 504-0022.
Harbour Realty  
Hope B. Bowker Real Estate Suite 202, International Centre Building, Bermudiana Road, Hamilton. Phone 335-0589. Fax 295-2375
Horsfield Property Services 2nd Floor, Armoury Building, 37 Reid St., Hamilton. Phone 292-9328. Fax 278-9928
Island Properties Suite 1112, 48 Par-La-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 236-2644. Fax 236-6202.
Joy Lusher Real Estate 89 Harbour Road, Warwick PG 01. Phone 236-5120. Fax 236-7409.
Leonard O. Gibbons Real Estate 19 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 292-4905. Fax 292-2175. 
JBM Realty and Associates  
Kim Sheen Properties  
Kitson Real Estate Kitson Building, 5 Reid Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-2525. Fax 295-0814.
KM Realty  Room 100, Washington Mall, 7 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 296-2400. Fax 296-1865
Leonard O. Gibbons Real Estate  
Mark Orchard Real Estate  
McInnis & Associates  37 Reid St, Hamilton. Phone 295-1663. Cell: 737-5753. Fax 292-1210
Moongate Reality  
My-Bermuda-House  Suite 404, International Centre, 26 Bermudiana Rd. Hamilton. Phone 292-6245. 
Moura and Associates Frederick W. Clipper Building, 9 Berry Hill Road,  Paget, DV 03. P.O. Box HM 3055, Hamilton, HM NX. Phone 236-0737. Fax 236-0413
Ocean Town Real Estate Services 129 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 1916, Hamilton HM EX. Telephone 296-1014. Fax 296-2978. Pager 299-1005. 
Platinum Realty P.O. Box SN 81, Southampton SN BX. Phone 238-6037. Fax 238-6035
Premier Properties P.O. Box HM 2734, Hamilton HM LX. Phone 232-0083. Fax 232-0083.
Prime Equities Real Estate P.O. Box HM 1474, Hamilton HM FX. Phone 295-4446. Fax 292-8324
Progressive Realty  44 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 295-4255. Fax 292-9950
Property Group Nautilus House, 82 South Road, Warwick Wk 08. Phone 234-6900. Fax 234-6892.
Rego Realtors and Rego Sotheby's International Realty

Cavendish House, 2 Cavendish Road, Hamilton HM 19. Phone 292-3921. Fax 295-7464.

Roderick DeCouto Real Estate Ardleigh Cottage, 39 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 292-4990. Fax 295-8530. 
Ruby Dane Realty P.O. Box 184, PG BX, Paget, PG04. Phone 232-4461. Fax 232-7280
Sinclair Realty/Christie's Great Estates 69 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton HM 01. Phone 296-0278. Fax 295-8693
Skyline Realty Corner Walls, 31 Point Finger Road, Paget. Phone 541-0304. Fax 236-7776
SmithBridge Realtors 55 Court Street, Hamilton, phone 292-1388, fax 296-0069
Somers Realty 97 Middle Rd, Warwick WK 06. Phone 236-4001. Fax 236-5588.
Ted Gauntlett Realty Melton Cottage, 2 Surveyors Close, Sandy’s MA05. Phone 295-4747. Fax 295-4746
Washington Properties (Bermuda) Washington Mall, phone 295-7511 or fax 292-8727.
Watford Real Estate  
Wigwam Real Estate Somers Warf, 14 Water Street, St. George’s GE 05. Phone 297-3800. Fax 297-3801. Cellular 234-9414. 
W.J. Seymour Real Estate Ratteray Building, 39 King Street, Hamilton HM19. Phone 292-2342. Fax 292-8210.


Rum cakes


Sea Glass




See under Freight Forwarders and Shipping.


Boyle's Queen Street, Hamilton.
Perry Collection Phone 296-0014. Corner of Reid and Victoria Streets, Hamilton. Tiffany Perry. 
Simon's Footwear Phone 234-1259 or fax 234-0752. 19 Somerset Road, Sandys MA 02. 
Trends Shoe Store The Walkway, Reid Street, Hamilton

Sightseeing flights

Blue Sky Flights offers aerial packages. The firm’s four-seater Cessna 172 has recently come back into service after passing the tough annual air operating certificate in May 2015. With different pricing packages available for the America’s Cup. Contact Ms Nicholds on 516 3305 or visit blueskyflights.bm or islandtourcentre.com.

Small business development

Bermuda Small Business Development Corporation. A Bermuda Government-financed entity, since 2002 at Sophia House, Ground Floor, 48 Church Street, Hamilton. Telephone 292-5520.




Acoustics Sound. 11 Trott Road, Hamilton. Phone 295-BASS.
Great Sound 75 Reid Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-6657.


Stock Exchange


Lindo's Family Foods Middle Road, Warwick. Phone 236-1344. 
Lindo's Market Watlington Road, Devonshire. Phone 236-4340 or 236-5623.  Monday thru Saturday.
MarketPlace Main store in Hamilton, branches in Paget, Smith's, Hamilton Parish and Sandys.
Miles Market Pitt's Bay Road, Pembroke, telephone 296 7615. 
Price Rite Mill Reach Road, Pembroke. Owned by The MarketPlace. 
Price Rite Middle Road, Warwick, in the former White's supermarket. Owned by The MarketPlace. Almost twice as big as the original warehouse-style outlet at Mill Reach Road in Pembroke. There is 13,000 sq ft of retail space, predominantly focused on bulk food items, including a large section with vegetables, frozen foods, fresh and frozen meats, and an alcoholic drinks section. Elsewhere in the store there are electronics, including flat-screen televisions, household items and a range of toys. In line with customer demand, bulk food items are the main focus, however, there is a sizeable selection of more general items that are harder to come by in Bermuda. 
Shopping Center  Victoria Street, Hamilton.
The Supermart 125 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11. And York Street, St. George's. Telephone 292-2064. Fax 295-0833.

Swimming Pool Supplies

Taxi operators

Regulatory & price-approving agency is the Bermuda Government's Public Service Vehicle Licensing Board (PSVLB).

Thrift shops

The Barn. 53 Devon Spring Road, Devonshire. Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda. Phone 236-3155. 
Committee of 25 for Handicapped Children. The Bargain Box. Midsea Lane, Serpentine Road, Pembroke. Phone 292-4324 or fax 296- 0296. P. O. Box HM 927, Hamilton HM DX. RC 015
Hands of Love Ministry. 12 Camp Hill Road. Phone 238-3236. 
Salvation Army Thrift Store. King Street, Hamilton. Phone 292-8107.





Travel agencies

Global Travel. Park House, 31 Middle Road, Smiths. Phone: 296-7900 
Infinity Travel. Phone 293-8078.
Meyer-Franklyn Travel. 35 Church street, Hamilton. Telephone 295-6288. Fax (441) 296-4097.
Worldview Travel. Formerly C-Travel, Queen Street, Hamilton. Telephone 292-3033. Fax 292-3205.


Dockyard Humidor. For Cuban and other cigars.




Used goods


Wealth management

Weather forecasting

Warehouse shopping

A&E Products. 7 North Shore Road, Devonshire. Phone 292-4793. Fax 232-1078. 
Hunts Food & Supplies. 5 Quarry Lane, Kyber Pass, Warwick WK 03. Phone 236-6343. Fax 236-4604. 
PJ's Warehouse Shopping. 4 Mill Creek Lane, Pembroke. Telephone (441) 295-0765. Fax 292-8144

Water & water treatment

Bermuda Water Consultants. P. O. Box SN 201, Southampton SN BX. 
Bermuda Waterworks. Phone 236-1288. Fax 236-7784. 2017. April 28. Investors looking at Watlington Waterworks Ltd will find a company with a long and steady history. It was founded in 1932 by Sir Henry Watlington to support the island’s growing tourism sector. When it was set up, it extracted and processed brackish water from wells at Parsons Lane, Devonshire, and then piped the water to Hamilton, as far as the Hamilton Princess. Piped water also went out to Elbow Beach Hotel on South Shore. During the past 85 years, the company has expanded in terms of its reach and the services it provides. Today, the company has a market capitalisation of $29.1 million, assets of $28.7 million, and liabilities of $740,000. During the past four years, Watlington Waterworks’s quarterly dividend has steadily risen from 11 cents per share to 15 cents. Between 2012 and the end of 2016, the company’s share price rose from $11 to $20.28. The shares are currently trading at $27.50 on the Bermuda Stock Exchange. The stock saw unusual trading activity on April 5 this year when 75,000 of its shares — worth more than $2 million — changed hands. The trading spike was accompanied by a 34.1 per cent rise in Watlington’s share price that day. It appeared that someone had spotted great value in the steady earnings and reliable free cash-flow generation of this venerable company and was prepared to put their money behind their bullishness. Two years ago, the company made a change to its dividend policy. In a letter to shareholders at the time, it explained the change, saying it would “benefit shareholders more equitably by moving from basing dividends on net earnings to basing dividends on net cash generated”. Last year the company paid out 12 cents per quarter in regular dividends, plus a 14.5-cent special dividend in May, totaling 62.5 cents per share for the year, or about 2.2 per cent on yesterday’s share price. In the first quarter of 2017, Watlington raised its quarterly dividend by 25 per cent to 15 cents. Watlington Waterworks’s wholly-owned subsidiary Bermuda Waterworks is primarily involved in the production and distribution of water and purification of drinking water at retail and wholesale level. The company has pipelines supplying water across central and western parishes, and in 2010 entered a memorandum of understanding with the Bermuda Government to extend its pipeline in Southampton towards Somerset and the West End. At the end of June 2016, the expenditure on that project had reached $4.5 million. It also operates a complex on North Shore, Devonshire, that houses six reverse osmosis plants. The technology at the complex removes impurities from seawater wells to provide drinking water. Pure Water (Bermuda) was the island’s first manufacturer and distributor of bottled water. It was acquired by Watlington in the mid-1990s. The water is bottled in three- and five-gallon containers. In November, the company opened a drive-through facility at its headquarters on Parsons Road, allowing customers to collect five-gallon water bottles with assistance from staff. The company also operates The Water Depot, a retail plumbing store selling specialist products. In its most recent full-year results, to the end of 2015, the company recorded a gross profit of $7.6 million, with profit attributable to owners of $2.2 million, or $2.06 per share. In its interim financials, released in September, the company reported gross half-year profit of $3.5 million, with profit attributable to owners of $853,797, or 80 cents per share.
ClearWater Systems. Phone 296-7355. Fax 296-7388


Perfect Pass Welding & Diving Services. 86 Harrington Sound Road, Smith's Parish HS 01. Phone 338-1571


Bermuda General Agency. Mills Creek Lane, Pembroke, Phone: 295-8080
Butterfield & Vallis. Woodlands Road, Pembroke. Phone 295-3434
Bermuda Import & Export Co. Frith's Building, Front Street Hamilton. Phone 292-1224


Meridian Trends.


Yacht and Boat Clubs

East End Mini Yacht Club. Convict Bay, St. George's, GE 05. Phone 297-0558
3Mid Atlantic Boat and Sports Club. 7 Seven Wells, North Shore Road, Devonshire DV 05. Phone 295-0172. 
Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Albuoy's Point, Hamilton. Phone 295-2214 or fax 295 6361.
Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. Mangroville, 25 Pomander Road, Paget PG 05. Phone 236-2250.
St. George's Dinghy & Sports Club. St. George's.  Phone 297-1612
Sandys Boat Club. Somerset. Phone 234-2248 or 234-4137 
Spanish Point Boat Club. Pembroke. Phone 295-1030. Fax 292-8024
West End Sailboat Club. Watford Island, Somerset. Phone 234-1252


Bermuda Zoological Society. Runs Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo.

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