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Bermuda's International Business Managers

Specialist advisory administrative skills for overseas clients

By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) exclusively for Bermuda Online

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Brokers & Managers. Some are owned by the large broking houses or insurance companies from which much of their business flows. 

The independent companies obtain their clients from other sources including medium to large size broking houses with no captive insurance divisions of their own.

Some are Captive Insurance Brokers and managers. They serve a particular purpose. While the premiums written by captives are huge and their assets are four to five times greater, the vast majority do not generate sufficient work to justify the establishment in Bermuda of fully-staffed offices. So they employ Bermuda-based insurance managers as their consultants. It works well for both parties. Bermuda's Insurance Market: A World Leader says why. Bermuda's strength lies in the quality and caliber of those involved with the 2,400+ captive insurance companies based in Bermuda. Here are some which own or run captive and other insurance companies. See Insurance Business Fees in Bermuda.  

Many not majority owned by Bermudians so are not allowed to do in Bermuda what they are allowed to do in the UK, Britain, Europe, USA, Asia, etc, namely to operate and sell to local customers either in their own corporate name or through local subsidiaries and branches.  

Services they provide may include

Accounting, underwriting and claims services with the requisite staff and systems' backup. They usually coordinate the activities of other service providers to the client company, such as accountants, actuaries, auditors, bankers, claims adjusters, investment advisors, lawyers and underwriters. They also provide other consulting services to third party insurance and reinsurance companies also domiciled in or undertaking multinational business from Bermuda. These services can be:

Structure of management Fees

Providers usually work on an annual fixed fee basis based on time and expense records they maintain. Some charge for time spent on forming the insurance company while others absorb this cost and the remainder negotiate the commencement of their management contract the day they begin preparing the business plan. Services provided and fees charged depend on number of insurance policies issued; whether the businesses is written directly or via a domestic issuing ('fronted') company (with the latter arrangement usually requiring less work); reporting requirements of the client company's parent or owners, in frequency and complexity; number of annual and other meetings the management company is required to attend and/or prepare for and whether these require overseas travel; claims handling arrangements; arrangements for investment of funds; and general level of responsibility placed on the management company for various aspects of the client company's operations.

Insurance building

Headquarters of a Bermuda-domiciled international insurance company

Please note that this file is in  the process of being absorbed by other files with more information on all Bermuda-incorporated entities.


Acumen Insurance Managers Richmond House, 5th Floor, 12 Par La Ville Road, Hamilton, HM08. Telephone (441) 400-6000. Fax (441) 296-3048. 
Aeolus Capital Management Formed April 2011 as the insurance manager of Aeolus Re and its subsidiaries.
AIG Captive Management Services Manages from AIG Bermuda the regulatory requirements, financial reporting, and administrative functions for all customers participating in Grand Isle.
Allied World Syndicate Services (Bermuda) 2016
AII Insurance Management  
Allegro Insurance and Risk Management.  
AlphaCat Managers The investment advisory subsidiary of Validus Holdings, it has raised $404.4 million of third-party capital for collateralised reinsurance and insurance-linked securities.
Alterra Agency  
American International Company  
American and Overseas Reinsurance Management Co  
Aon Insurance Managers (Bermuda).  Craig Appin House, 8 Wesley Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 295-2220. Fax (441) 292-0217. 
Apple Management (Bermuda)  
Aquiline Capital Partners  
Ardon Management Services 20 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 812, Hamilton HM CX. Tel: (441) 292-1865. Fax: (441) 292-1384.
Argent Financial Group (Bermuda)  
Argonaut 5 Park Road, Hamilton HM HX. P. O. Box 2001, Hamilton HM HX. Tel (441) 292-7979. Fax: (441) 292-4069.
Asset Management (Bermuda) Ltd  
Artex Intermediaries  
Arthur J. Gallagher Management (Bermuda) A subsidiary of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Inc., the USA's 8th largest insurance brokerage. Sofia House, 48 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. Tel (441) 292-4654.
Atlantic Corporate Management Warner Building, 85 Reid Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 1008, Hamilton HM DX. Tel: (441) 296-4297. Fax: (441) 296-4306.
Atlantic Security Warner Building, 85 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone (441) 296-4297. Fax (441) 296-4306.
Aurigen Services  

Clarendon House

Offices used by some Bermuda-based management companies


Badger International Group  Gibbons Building, 10 Queen Street, Hamilton, HM 11. P. O. Box HM 1154, Hamilton HM EX. Tel: (441) 292-0328. Fax: (441) 295-9997
Beacon Management Services Armory Building, 37 Reid Street, Hamilton. Tel: (441) 295-9939. Fax: (441) 296-1224
Beecher Carlson Management Continental Building, 25 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 295-0519. Fax (441) 295-0933. 
Bermuda Asset Management 8 Wesley Street, Hamilton. Tel: (441) 292-4708 or 292-5468
BF&M Management ACE Building, 30 Woodbourne Avenue, Pembroke HM 08, Bermuda. Telephone (441) 292-6396. Fax (441) 292-8682.
BISYS Hedge Fund Services Hemisphere House, Hamilton
Blue Capital Management Manager of Blue Capital insurance companies.
Bott & Associates The Armoury Building, 37 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 292-6564. Fax (441) 292-5796.
Butterfield & Steinhoff Vallis Building, 58 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 247, Hamilton HM AX. Tel: (441) 295-4800. Fax: (441) 295-9132

Pitts Bay Road office building


Cammco P. O. Box HM 496, Hamilton HM CX. Tel: (441) 295-6864. Fax: (441) 295-8796
Capital Management Services  
Cedar Management  
Centaur Performance Group (Bermuda)  
CFM Reid House, 31 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 1437, Hamilton HM FX. Tel: (441) 292-6424. Fax: (441) 292-5560
CFM Insurance Managers 48 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone (441) 296-1051 or fax (441) 295-1702.
Charles Taylor & Co. (Bermuda)  
CNA Risk Services Continental Building, 25 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone (441) 295-6015. Fax (441) 295-1702.
Codan Management  
Consolidated Group of Companies 14 Par-la-Ville Place, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 2257, Hamilton HM JX. Tel: (441) 295-8313.  
Continental Management Century House, Richmond Road, Hamilton. Tel: (441) 292-2487. Fax: (441) 295-4164
Coson Corporate Services Milner House, 18 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box 1561, Hamilton HM FX. Tel: (441) 295-4630. Fax: (441) 292-7880. 
Cranham Management 37 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Tel: (441) 295-8441. Fax: (441) 292-1210. 


Daly Associates  Washington Mall, Church Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 2167, Hamilton HM JX. Tel: (441) 292-9400. Fax: (441) 295-3396
Deloitte & Touche Corner House, Church & Parliament Streets, Hamilton HM FX. Telephone 441 292 1500. Fax 441 292 0961.
Ernst & Young Reid Hall, 3 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 463, Hamilton HM BX. Tel: (441) 295-7000. Fax: (441) 295-5193
Euroba Management Butterfield Building, 73 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 370, Hamilton HM BX. Tel: (441) 295-1885. Fax: (441) 292-2323
Fairfield Greenwich (Bermuda)  
Fairway Management (Bermuda) Gibbons Building, 10 Queen Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 1154, Hamilton HM GX. Tel: (441) 292-8822. Fax: (441) 292-6140
Freisenbruch-Meyer Management Services 75 Front Street, Hamilton. Tel: (441) 296-3600. Fax: (441) 295-6209
FSC Management Bermuda Gibbons Company Building, 10 Queen Street, Hamilton HM 11. Tel: (441) 292-8822
Granite Management 29 Richmond Road, Hamilton, Bermuda. Mailing Address:  P.O. Box HM 2014 Hamilton HM HX. Tel: +1 441 292 0773Fax: +1 441 295 1587. Begun by former senior executives of General Motors Corp, one of whom, Brian Quinn, Managing Director and owner, once headed the main GM Bermuda-incorporated subsidiary. A captive management expert and international employee benefit consulting company. The firm specializes in the reinsurance and/or financing of international employee benefit programmes aimed at reducing the cost for companies..
Griffiths & Wanklyn Management Craig Appin House, 8 Wesley Street, Hamilton, Bermuda. P. O. Box HM 658, Hamilton HM CX. Telephone (441) 295-1639. Fax (441) 295-1638.
HCH Management Co. Reid Street, Hamilton
Hamilton Insurance Services (Bermuda) 2016.
Harbour Fiduciary Services P. O. Box HM 2964, Hamilton HM MX. Fax: (441) 296-0547
Hartford Management Subsidiary of The Hartford, USA. Crawford House, 50 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 2087, Hamilton HM HX. Telephone (441) 295-5243. Fax (441) 295-4460.
Hemisphere Management Hemisphere House, 9 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 951, Hamilton HM DX. Tel: (441) 295-9166. Fax: (441) 292-6145
HSBC Insurance Management Harnett and Richardson Building, 75 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 836, Hamilton HM CX. Tel: (441) 292-7500 Fax: (441) 292-1243
Horseshoe Management Group Armoury Building, 37 Reid Street, 1st Floor, Hamilton HM12. PO Box HM397, Hamilton HM BX. Tel (441) 295-8441. Fax (441) 292-1210.


Independent Management Group Williams House, 3rd Floor, Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 2070, Hamilton HM HX. Telephone (441) 295-1646. Fax (441) 292-8062
ING Risk Management (Bermuda)  
Insurance Brokerage & Management Co 3rd Floor, Jardine House, 33/35 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone (441) 295-2470. Fax (441) 292-8243
International Managers (Bermuda) Vallis Building, 58 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 247, Hamilton HM AX. Tel: (441) 295-4800. Fax: (441) 295-9132
International Advisory Services 3rd Floor, Chevron House, 11 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 1760, Hamilton HM HX. Telephone (441) 295-3688. Fax (441) 295-2584
International Services 4th Floor, 22 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 1186, Hamilton HM EX. Tel: (441) 292-2363. Fax: (441) 295-4614
International Risk Management (Bermuda).  Owned by IRM Group/Swiss Reinsurance Co.. Belvedere Building, 69 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke. P. O. Box HM 660, Hamilton, HM CX. Telephone (441) 295-0713. Fax (441) 295-1712.
JLT Insurance Management (Bermuda)  
Johnston Smith International Reid Hall, 3 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11.Tel: (441) 295-7700
Kane Insurance Management Cumberland House, Hamilton. Insurance management provider. The move to the new offices came about with the expiration of the lease on its previous offices in the Continental Building on Church Street.  In 2011 acquired the insurance management operations of HSBC for $27.5 million in cash. As a result became the largest global independent insurance manager and in a unique position in terms of its offering between the broker manager and the small independent manager. Provides captive management, insurance-linked securities administration (cat bonds and side cars) and life, pension and investment administration services (for life insurance companies). Now comprises Kane (Bermuda), Kane (Cayman), Kane (USA) , Kane (Guernsey) and Kane (Malta), in addition to its operations in London and the Middle East. Has approximately 350 insurance clients and a staff base of 120 worldwide and 38 based in Bermuda. The move was backed by private equity firm CBPE Capital.
Kast Financial Management Gibbons Building, 3rd Floor, 10 Queen Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 295-4274. Fax (441) 295-8075.
Kemp & Whittle Associates Reid Hall, 3 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. Tel: (441) 295-7700
Kirkway International Insurance and reinsurance intermediary. Michael Woodroffe.
KPMG Vallis Building, 58 Par-La-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. P.O. Box HM 247, Hamilton HM AX. Tel: (441) 295-5063. Fax: (441) 295-9132
Leeds Management Services A division of The Dundee Bank. Ingham and Wilkinson Building, 129 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 1916, HM HX. Tel (441) 295-8617. Fax (441) 292-2239
Liberty Mutual Management (Bermuda) 3rd Floor, 73 Front Street, Hamilton. Phone 296-2131. Fax 296-8846. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Liberty Mutual in USA.
Lines Overseas Management (LOM) The LOM Building, 27 Reid Street, Hamilton. Phone: 441-292-5000. Fax: 441-296-5597
Lincoln Management  


Management Resources (Bermuda) 19 Queen Street, Hamilton HM 11. Tel: (441) 292-6855. Fax: (441) 296-1749
Marsh Management Services (Bermuda) Victoria Hall, Hamilton, HM 11. Telephone (441) 292-4402. Fax (441) 292-1563.
Marsh IAS Management Services As above
Mayflower Management Services

Since 11/15/2005. 102 St. James Court, Flatts, Smith's Parish, FL 04, Bermuda. Phone (441) 542-6330. Fax (441) 542-6724. 

Mayflower Management Services (Bermuda) Since 2/22/2006
Meadowbrook Risk Management Captive management operation of the Meadowbrook Insurance Group. Belvedere Building, 69 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton HM 08. Telephone (441) 292-7569. Fax (441) 292-3299. P. O. Box HM 2340, Hamilton HM JX. 
Mercury Insurance Managers Windsor Place, Church, Queen and Reid Streets, Hamilton
Meridian Management Butterfield Building, 73 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 528, Hamilton HM CX. Tel: (441) 292-8791. Fax: (441) 295-4091
Millpoint Limited Butterfield Building, 73 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12. Suite #117, 48 Par-La-Ville Rd, Hamilton HM 11. Tel: (441) 296-0932. Fax: (441) 296-1226
NG Insurance Management Company  
Nicon Management Washington Mall, Phase 2, 22 Church Street, Hamilton. Suite #117, 48 Par-La-Ville Rd, Hamilton HM 11. Tel: (441) 236-2538. Fax: (441) 292-3598. Cellular: (441) 234-8622
Novus Management Limited  
Offshore Corporate Management  Cast House, Sofia Building, 48 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. Tel: (441) 292-0585. Fax: (441) 295-3122
Old Mutual Asset Managers (Bermuda) 61 Front Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 3085, Hamilton HM NX. Tel: (441) 296-1201. Fax: (441) 296-1200
Ordinance Holdings Suite 306, Commerce Building, #1 Chancery Lane, Hamilton, Bermuda HM12. Phone  296- 1758. Cellular: 799-4377. Fax: 295-4957.
Oyster Consulting (Bermuda)

Formerly Inter-ocean Management. A Bermuda company established through a private act in the 1960s, Inter-Ocean Management was continually maintained by insurance industry veteran Brian Hall, who also served as chairman of Johnson & Higgins (Bermuda) Ltd. Owned by Virginia-based Oyster Consulting, LLC.  The company aims to provide cost-effective, expert guidance for Bermuda institutions subject to Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing regulations.

PartnerRe Underwriting Management 2016
Pinehurst Management Co. Dallas Building, 5th Floor, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 295-4864. Fax (441) 292-7375
Powerscourt Management Owned by the Powerscourt Group Ltd. Windsor Place, 18 Queen Street, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 2267, Hamilton HM JX. Telephone (441) 295-8495. Fax (441) 292-1196.
PriceWaterhouseCoopers Seven Reid Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 1624, Hamilton HM GX. Tel: (441) 295-4271. Affiliated with the Price Waterhouse worldwide organization, one of the world's largest accountants and consultants.
Prime Management  Since 1997. Church Street, Hamilton. Fund administrator. Bermuda Monetary Authority-licensed, clients include onshore and offshore hedge funds. As Prime has the ability to sponsor applications for new listings on the BSX for other securities including investment funds, fixed-income securities, depository receipts and the secondary listing of equities, in 2011 Prime joined the BSX as a listing sponsor.
QBE Managememt (Bermuda)   
Quail Street Management 34 Church Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 2635, Hamilton HM KX. Tel: (441) 292-2582. Fax: (441) 292-1880. Contact: Mark G. Moffat.
Quest Group Captive management companies acquired in 2008 by Randall & Quilter (R&Q). See below. The group currently has up to 400 insurance professionals based in the UK, US, Europe and Bermuda. As well as being a non-life insurance investor, the entity is also a service provider and underwriting manager. It operates in the ‘live’ and ‘run-off’ market.
Quest Management Services Victoria Hall, 11 Victoria Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 464. Hamilton HM BX. Telephone (441) 295-6964
Randall & Quilter (R&Q)

In Bermuda, at Clarendon House, Hamilton, since July 2013  after re-domiciling, says it is the largest independent captive manager in Bermuda. Its re-domicile was aimed at providing the Group with more certainty on longer term Group capital requirements and enhancing the Group's acquisition activity and third party capital support in the Bermudian and North American markets. Specialist non-life insurance investor, service provider and underwriting manager.

Realm Captive Management Company  
Reed Stenhouse International Insurance Services Dorchester House, Hamilton. Telephone (441) 295-0265
Reid Management Services Cedar House, 41 Cedar Avenue, Hamilton. Tel: (441) 296-3695. Fax: (441) 295-3328. A corporate division of major law firm Appleby.
Renaissance Underwriting Managers  
Richmond Financial Managers  
Risk Services (Bermuda)  

International reinsurance company

More Insurance offices in Bermuda


Safe Harbor Management  
Scott Hunter & Co Victoria Hall, 11 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 11. Tel: (441) 295-0001. Fax: (441) 292-1142
Sedgwick Management Services (Bermuda) Part of Sedgwick Europe Risk Services. Level 6, Cumberland House, 1 Victoria Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 2280, Hamilton HM JX. Telephone (441) 292-6667. Fax (441) 292-0498.
Shoreline Mutual Risk Management (Bermuda) 48 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone (441) 296-2324. Fax (441) 296-2327.
Sinser Management Services Owned by the worldwide Nordic Skandia Group. Skandia International House, 16 Church Street, Hamilton, HM 11. P. O. Box HM 2062, Hamilton HM HX. Telephone (441) 295-2185. Fax (441) 292-8637.
Sterling Management (1985) Sterling House, 16 Wesley Street, Hamilton HM I I. P. O. Box HM 1029, Hamilton HM EX. Tel: (441) 295-0653. Fax: (441) 292-3677
Strategic Risk Solutions (Bermuda)   
Symphony Management The Pearman Building, 3 Gorham Road, Hamilton. Telephone (441) 295-2447. Fax (441) 292-0511.
Tate & Lyle Management & Finance One of the Tate & Lyle Group of sugar, cereal sweetener and starch processing companies). Jardine House, 33/35 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 337, Hamilton HM BX. Telephone (441) 295-9911. Fax (441) 292-6139. 
Thomas Miller (Bermuda)   
Thomson Associates Washington Mall West, 7 Reid Street, Suite 102, Hamilton HM 11. P. O. Box HM 1192, Hamilton HM EX. Tel: (441) 295-5527. Fax: (441) 295-1801
Total Office Management (TOM)  
Transatlantic Management Company Washington Mall, Phase 1, 7 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 295-9319. Fax (441) 295-5386
Triangle Insurance Management Phoenix Building, 2 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 295-3952. Fax (441) 295-3982
Two Rock Insurance Management  Since September 19, 2011. 
United Management Jardine House, 33/35 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 454, Hamilton HM BX. Tel: (441) 292-3312. Fax: (441) 292-7779
Uni-Ter International Management  
USA Risk Group (Bermuda)  
W. A. Taft & Co  
Welbeck Management International Centre, Room 504, 26 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton HM 11. Telephone (441) 295-2240. Fax (441) 295-2269
Westbroke  Richmond House, 12 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 1022, Hamilton HM DX. Tel: (441) 292-3434. Fax: (441) 292-0865
Willis Management (Bermuda) Part of Willis Group plc of the United Kingdom). F. B. Perry Building, 40 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. Telephone (441) 295-1272. Fax (441) 295-4143. 
Whitechapel Management Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton
Windcrest Management 1 Chancery Lane, Hamilton HM 12. Tel: (441) 295-9230. Fax: (441) 295-4957
Windward Management  
Zobec Management H. P. House, 21 Laffan Street, Hamilton HM 09. Tel: (441) 295-1393. Fax: (441) 292-1244.
Zurich International (Bermuda) One of the 10 Bermuda-based subsidiaries of the Zurich Group. The Zurich Centre, 1st Floor, 90 Pitt's Bay Road, Pembroke HM 08, Bermuda. Mailing address is  P. O. Box HM 2268, Hamilton HM JX, Bermuda. Telephone (441) 294-2400. Telefax  (441) 294-2401
Zurich Management (Bermuda) See above

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