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By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) at e-mail exclusively for Bermuda Online

About the author

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All the 125+ web files of Bermuda Online (BOL) are written, updated, administered, web-mastered and presently published independently by Bermudian author and internationally accredited socio-economic and travel editor and writer Keith Archibald Forbes (pictured, left, with his wife). He is also this website's initiator, registrant, professional administrator and webmaster. As such, he is a Professional member of and subscribes fully to the high ethics, codes of conduct and methodologies of the American Society of Authors and Writers. Keith is a former member of Bermuda's Broadcasting Commission, Consumer Affairs Board, Board of Education, Junior Chamber International, Reserve Constabulary, Bermuda Regiment, Kiwanis and, when it was operating in the 1990s, the Bermuda Macintosh Users Group. Keith spends more than 28 hours a week, 7 days a week including public holidays, editing, writing, updating and constantly adding to this unique, accurate, impartial and comprehensive collection of web files on Bermuda. This website is one of the very few major travel websites about Bermuda with all this done in-house under the careful overall administration of one person.

He began his association with the daily The Royal Gazette Ltd (RG) newspaper when he delivered it in Smith's Parish when 10 years old, until he was sent off to school in England two years later. He began Bermuda Online (BOL) in 1992, initially from the USA, now writes it from Bermuda and the UK. He is not an employee of the RG or the Bermuda Press Holdings Ltd (BPL), owners of this site. 

He, not the Royal Gazette Ltd or BPL, is legally accountable and responsible for all contents and other elements of BOL including web site registration, web site FTP 24 hours a day 7 days a week costs and renewals paid by his credit card (later reimbursed) and is therefore shown, as legally required, as the web site registrant and author. For all comments about BOL and recommendations for any changes or updates or deletions please email him directly at admin@bermuda-online.org

About the owner

Bermuda Online (BOL), published independently as mentioned above, was acquired by The Bermuda Press Holdings Ltd, owner of The Royal Gazette Ltd (RG) the only daily newspaper of Bermuda and other Bermudian media, see http://www.royalgazette.com/section/?template=6 - to provide on BOL's website via mutual (reciprocal) electronic web site linkage an entire series of files on Bermuda of the type not covered on the RG's website. The RG is  entirely independent of any political party and is the principal (more than 85%) independent and impartial source of all offline and online news about Bermuda.

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