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Click on graphic above to navigate the 165+ web files on this website, a regularly updated Gazetteer, an in-depth description of our island's internally self-governing British Overseas Territory 900 miles north of the Caribbean, 600 miles east of North Carolina, USA. With accommodation options, airlines, airport, actors, actresses, aviation, banks, beaches, Bermuda Dollar, Bermuda Government, Bermuda-incorporated businesses and companies including insurers and reinsurers, Bermudians, books and publications, bridges and causeway, charities, churches, citizenship by Status, City of Hamilton, commerce, communities, credit cards, cruise ships, cuisine, currency, disability accessibility, Devonshire Parish, districts, Dockyard, economy, education, employers, employment, environment, executorships, fauna, ferries, flora, former military bases, forts, gardens, geography, getting around, golf, guest houses, highways, history, historic properties, Hamilton, House of Assembly, housing, hotels, immigration, import duties, internet access, islands, laws, legal system and legislators, main roads, marriages, media, members of parliament, money, motor vehicles, municipalities, music and musicians, newcomers, newspaper, media, organizations, parks, parishes, Paget, Pembroke, performing artists, residents, pensions, political parties, postage stamps, public holidays, public transportation, railway trail, real estate, registries of aircraft and ships, religions, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys, senior citizens, Smith's, Somerset Village, Southampton, St. David's Island, St George's, Spanish Point, Spittal Pond, sports, taxes, telecommunications, time zone, traditions, tourism, Town of St. George, Tucker's Town, utilities, water sports, Warwick, weather, wildlife, work permits.

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By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) exclusively for Bermuda Online


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 Website links and mentions policy

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Free courtesy hyperlinks (links) to Bermuda-based or Bermuda-dealing companies and entities will be shown gladly, with their applicable graphic or website description once they return the courtesy with a  similar free reciprocal link to our main Bermuda Online (BOL) website at http://www.bermuda-online.org. A reciprocal free courtesy link will allow readers of our website to go directly to the linked website concerned to know how, where and from whom to obtain the booking or information or item desired. Mutual or reciprocal electronic or hyper-linkage is on a non-exclusive basis, meaning each website is free to link to other websites of their choice too. We are unable ourselves to help readers find companies or organizations when this free reciprocal website listing is not used. Interested? Email us at Editor/Webmaster, Keith A. Forbes, see About Us.

If your website is not in Bermuda and/or not Bermuda-relevant and you are not prepared to reciprocate with a cross-link, sorry, we cannot link to you. Also, if your own country's laws are different to those applicable here in Bermuda, it may not be appropriate to link.If you are unable to establish a reciprocal or cross-link as mentioned above, but want a paid ad, go directly to the Royal Gazette Advertising Dept at marketing@royalgazette.bm

Standard Disclaimers re websites' linkage

Types of links

There are several types of linkage. They are "text" or "banner" or logo or photo links. Text links, plus a brief (one-line) description, are the quickest. If you'd like us to show your brief description as well as a text link, please show our ours (which is "165+ comprehensive unique websites on the most important aspects of Bermuda.")  Banner links are below, with ours as an example. We'll gladly create a  link to yours when you create a link to ours.

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Logo or photo links are fine. Send us your logo or photo link and we'll send you ours. We'll gladly show yours when you show ours, which is.

Welcome to Bermuda!

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We link to and mention

About Us. Who operates, publishes and owns us.
Airlines serving Bermuda. All scheduled carriers
Airport. Bermuda's Frederick W. Wade International Airport
America's Cup in Bermuda. Took place in Bermuda in 2017
Barngrove Guest Apartments in Devonshire Parish. Nice central accommodation for visitors.

Barngrove Guest Apartments

Bermuda 1-2 Yacht Race. A famous yacht race to Bermuda.

Bermuda 1-2 Yacht Race

Bermuda Accommodation - Hotels. Island-wide
Bermuda Accommodation - Cottage Colonies, Guest Houses, Inns. Island-wide
Bermuda Accommodation - Apartments, Cottages, More. Island-wide.
Bermuda Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Singers, Performing Artists
Bermuda Architecture and Water Supply
Bermuda Citizenship. A thoughtful appraisal, with comparisons abroad
Bermuda's Disabled and Handicapped Conditions. A frank guide for disabled visitors
Bermuda Government
Bermuda Government Boards & Commissions. Our own site
Bermuda Healthcare. Legal requirements, conditions, costs. Of special interest to working and non-working newcomers, retirees and visitors.
Bermuda History. Beginning with this one, we have more than 40 inter-linked files from 1500s to 2020s, many for each month
Bermuda's Illegal to Import Items. Narcotics, weapons, ammunition, guns of all types, pornography, more

Devonshire Parish areaHamilton Parish area

From left, Devonshire and Hamilton Parishes

Each graphic is linked to the Parish website.

Bermuda-incorporated companies, corporations and Limited Partnerships. Bermuda's Registrar of Companies. An A to Z listing, showing Miscellaneous first ( those companies with names beginning with numeric, not alphabetical, characters). For all of these companies, only limited information is available on the public register. They are name, date of incorporation and registration number of all companies listed. 
Bermuda-incorporated entities A, A Work in progress to build more information from external resources. The Bermuda Government's publicly-available file on them at https://www.roc.gov.bm/roc/rocweb.nsf/public+register/a+public+companies. 
Bermuda-incorporated entities B, A Work in progress to build more information from external resources. The Bermuda Government's publicly-available file on them at https://www.roc.gov.bm/roc/rocweb.nsf/public+register/b+public+companies. 
Bermuda-incorporated entities C, A Work in progress to build more information from external resources.
Bermuda-incorporated entities D, A Work in progress to build more information from external resources.
Bermuda-incorporated entities E. A Work in progress to build more information from external resources.
Bermuda-incorporated entities F, A Work in progress to build more information from external resources.
Bermuda-incorporated entities G-L. A Work in progress to build more information from external resources. File will be split when updates require this.
Bermuda-incorporated entities M-Z. A Work in progress to build more information from external resources. File will be split when updates require this.
Bermuda's International Airport. Our own website.
Bermuda Islands. Present & past.
Bermuda-connected International Business Executives.
Bermuda Internet.
Bermuda Online. Ours exclusively, 165+ comprehensive web files about our Bermuda
Bermuda Shorts. Attire, dress shorts for business use
Bermuda Tourism. Where Bermuda stands in the world tourism hierarchy
British Army in Bermuda. Regiments and units once here.
British Army Forts in Bermuda. Local forts built when Bermuda was a strategic post.

Paget Parish areaPembroke Parish

From left, Paget and Pembroke Parishes

Each graphic is linked to the Parish website.

Canadian Forces Station in Bermuda. Until 1995.
City of Hamilton. Our own. Bermuda's only city
Tracey Caswell. Canadian author. Her Bermuda books, Tea with Tracey and Twelve Nights with Tracey, are good reads for newcomers.
Cruise ship Schedule 2020. With other relevant cruise information.
Community Groups
Devonshire Parish
Grace Rejuvenation Center. Senior Activity Center, Pembroke. Activities and Services.
Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London, England
Grape Bay Cottages. Paget. Lovely accommodation in central Paget Parish for visitors, superb beach-side location in central Bermuda. With free WIFI.

Grape Bay Cottages

Hamilton Parish
Insurance Advantages of domiciling in Bermuda.
Internet in Bermuda.

Sandys Parish areaSmith's Parish area

From left, Sandys and Smith's Parishes

Each graphic is linked to the Parish website.

Southampton Parish areaSt. George's ParishWarwick Parish

From left, Southampton, St. George's and Warwick Parishes.

Each graphic is linked to the Parish website.

Martha Myron, CPA, CFP (USA), JP. Bermudian Financial Planning Specialist. Provides guidance to individuals and businesses on the tax, immigration, investment, retirement, legacy, and related financial challenges to international citizens residing and/or working in Bermuda who have to file tax returns in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe & beyond. Contact martha.myron@gmail.com    
Paget Parish
Pembroke Parish
Ricky's Island Tours and Minibus Service Ltd. Phone (441) 703-3659 beyond Bermuda or 703-3659 in Bermuda, email rb@rickysminibus.com..

Ricky's Minibus Service

Royal Gazette. Bermuda's only daily newspaper.
Royal Naval Dockyard History, Bermuda. Our website.
Royal Naval Dockyard Ships' Crests Walls. Our website. Naval art on Dockyard Walls. 
St. George's Parish
St. Georges - Town
Sandys Parish
Senior Citizens in Bermuda compared to overseas
Smith's Parish
Southampton Parish
Sovereign Harbour Gazette, Eastbourne, England. Two disabled Bermudians live there, purely cost-of-living and health services, of the type they cannot get back home.
Sports in Bermuda
US Military Bases in Bermuda to 1995
US Military Personnel based in Bermuda to 1995
Water Sports in Bermuda.
Warwick Parish
War Veterans of Bermuda

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