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Bermuda's Island-wide Apartments, cottages and more for Visitors

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By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) exclusively for Bermuda Online

Due to Covid-19, until further notice Bermuda has closed its airport for in/out flights and ports for cruise ships. For further details and daily updates see www.royalgazette.com.


Hotels - in alphabetical order - are shown separately. Some have their own private beach (unlike in the Caribbean 900 miles south where all beaches are public) or private part of a beach, gardens and pools, other luxury facilities, sports, shops, beauty salon, etc.. Most have off-season lower rates from November to March. Some are on or close to Bermuda's public sector bus or ferry routes. They have been licensed but not graded by the Bermuda Government's Ministry of Tourism and Bermuda Tourism Authority. Some also offer residential condominiums on their properties. Many resort hotels operate the American Plan (AP), in which the cost of breakfast and dinner are included in the cost of a room but not drinks. Others have the European Plan for only the room, with guests making their own arrangements for meals.  Presently, only one resort, Grotto Bay, offers All-Inclusive. It includes, costing from $114 a day per person as an optional extra, three meals, alcoholic drinks, on-site water sports sports, entertainment, public transportation. No hotels are adults-only. None include Butler Service.

Other up-market places - shown here - are where anyone can stay. Apartments or cottages and guest houses are on landscaped grounds, some with ocean views. Most have kitchenettes or kitchens. Some are on or close to Bermuda's public sector bus or ferry routes. Places to stay have been licensed, but not graded, by the Bermuda Tourism Authority, the new Bermuda licensing and regulatory tourism agency, for accommodation, facilities and services. Most have lower rates during November to March. Guests should check to see what meals are available on the premises.

Also see Air B&B Bermuda

Bermuda's official currency, the Bermuda Dollar is fixed to the US Dollar. The latter is accepted everywhere at par. British Pounds sterling, Canadian dollars, Euros and other currencies should not be brought as they cannot be used. Most major international credit cards will be accepted from visitors, but overseas debit cards, even in the USA, cannot be used in Bermuda. Most if not all Bermuda places to stay, stores and restaurants will no longer accept traveler's checks, so they should not be bought for your Bermuda visit.

Internet, WIFI and Links to and from this website. Most hotels and other guest properties in Bermuda have Internet/WIFI, free to registered guests during their stay.  Why don't we link to most of them? We will gladly create la non-exclusive ink to them as a Bermuda resource when they create a similar link to us.

Guest hotel or similar occupancy and departure taxes and gratuities (tips) payable by tourists.  A summary, paid to the Bermuda Government unless otherwise noted.

World's most visited countries in 2018. Source, Daily Telegraph. UK. Measured in 2019 by the UK's national Daily Telegraph newspaper.

  1. France - 82.6m annual visitors
  2. United States - 77.5m
  3. Spain - 75.6m
  4. China - 59.3m
  5. Italy - 52.4m
  6. Turkey - 39.5m
  7. United Kingdom - 35.8m
  8. Germany - 35.6m
  9. Mexico - 35m
  10. Thailand - 32.6m

How Bermuda compares with other countries or islands where tourists outnumber locals. Measured in 2019 by the UK's national Daily Telegraph newspaper in annual number of tourists compared to numbers of residents.

  1. Andorra - 33.53057199 annual tourists per resident
  2. Macao - 24.78871897
  3. British Virgin Islands - 12.81668161
  4. Turks and Caicos Islands - 10.42546376
  5. Aruba - 10.31870554
  6. Monaco - 8.719620471
  7. Northern Mariana Islands - 8.353005266
  8. Guam - 7.905347735
  9. Bahrain - 7.589107757
  10. Saint Maarten - 7.142857143
  11. Palau - 6.622516556
  12. Cayman Islands - 6.386846099
  13. US Virgin Islands - 5.812269488
  14. Malta - 3.91808649
  15. Hong Kong - 3.801141574
  16. The Bahamas - 3.67765496
  17. Bermuda - 3.433739557
  18. Iceland - 3.01671891
  19. Maldives - 2.945036575
  20. Austria - 2.937027237
  21. Curacao - 2.860035434
  22. Croatia - 2.751394043
  23. Antigua and Barbuda - 2.711886558
  24. Seychelles - 2.508073197
  25. San Marino - 2.35990057
  26. Estonia - 2.224088756
  27. Montenegro - 2.169064956
  28. Singapore - 2.143449993
  29. Cyprus - 2.094739552
  30. Greece - 2.035619507
  31. St. Kitts and Nevis - 2.033398114
  32. Ireland - 1.899065723
  33. Barbados - 1.833119293
  34. St. Lucia - 1.827036903
  35. Luxembourg - 1.822088345
  36. Denmark - 1.808843619
  37. Georgia - 1.499320468
  38. Liechtenstein - 1.438810583
  39. Spain - 1.400203011
  40. Qatar - 1.264228724
  41. Grenada - 1.254388018
  42. France - 1.253839619
  43. Hungary - 1.233152586
  44. Slovenia - 1.16825147
  45. Albania - 1.156388675
  46. Slovak Republic - 1.149510052
  47. Dominica - 1.114474408
  48. Switzerland - 1.105107581
  49. United Arab Emirates - 1.090973066
  50. Bulgaria - 1.018530115
  51. Czech Republic - 1.006234446.

Tourist numbers and spending 2014-19

Disabled visitors access. Note that USA ADA disability standards do not apply in Bermuda. Here, because there are no such legally required disability protections or minimum standards required by Bermuda's Ministry of Tourism or the public/private sector Bermuda Tourism Authority what constitutes a disabled-friendly room can be interpreted differently. Disabled visitors using wheelchairs and the mobility-impaired should ask before they book for  details of disabled-friendly rooms such as overall room size (many disabled or mobility-impaired guests need somewhat bigger rooms); room door and bathroom door width, does the bathroom have a wet-room shower or only a shower in a bathtub over which guests have to step, is the room on the ground (first) floor or higher in which case is there an elevator nearby and what is the elevator emergency policy for disabled guests.

Barngrove Guest Apartments

Barngrove Guest ApartmentsBarngrove Guest Apartments

Tee Street, Devonshire Parish(441) 236-7410.  Two Guest Apartments in a wing of the Barngrove property. House has a beautiful and serene rose garden on the property not far from the City of Hamilton and South Shore beaches. Bus public transportation is available on both Middle Road and South Shore Road nearby. Tee Street joins both. 

Blue Horizons

Blue Horizons

93 South Road, Warwick Parish WK 10. Phone (441) 236-6350. Fax (441) 236-9151. 15 units.  On bus route 7.

Brightside Guest Apartments


Flatt's Village, Smith's Parish. Phone (441) 292-8410. 12 units.  Owned by Michael Willard Lightbourne and family.  On bus routes 3, 10 and 11.

Clairfont Apartments


6 Warwickshire Road.  P. O. Box WK 85, Warwick Parish WK 02.  Phone (441) 238-0149. Fax (441) 238-3503. 8 units. Near bus route  7. Apartments include studios and 1 bedroom,  with kitchenettes. 

Dawkins Manor

Dawkins Manor

29 St. Michael's Road, Paget Parish PG 04.  Phone in USA (800) 637-4116 or at (441) 236-7419 or cellular 234-8331 or fax 236-7088. For 24 guests.  Celia Dawkins, owner. Off bus routes # 2 and 7. Near food store, Elbow Beach public beach not far away.

Garden House

Garden House

4 Middle Road, Somerset Bridge, Sandys Parish SB 01. Telephone (441) 234-1435. Fax (441) 234-3006. 5 units (three apartments and two cottages). On bus route # 8 and ferry service.  On 3 acres.  With a washer and local television, on-room safe, kitchen, refrigerator, DVD. No credit cards. Available almost year-round except for December through February. Not on a beach but not far from a bus stop on a major route.

Grape Bay Cottages

4 star

Grape Bay Cottages, Beach Home

Grape Bay Cotttages, Beach Crest

Grape Bay Cottages by the beach

Grape Bay Drive, Paget Parish. Telephone (441) 236-2515. Email host Maria Frith at Maria@gbcbermuda.com. Fabulous beach-side location. central (City of Hamilton is just over one mile away (to get there by public transportation bus walk to bus stop at junction of Grape Bay Drive and main South Shore  Road)  Two separate beach cottages, each with two bedrooms, living/dining room, fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom. At peak times April through October there may be a minimum rental period of 5-7 days. Rented scooters or mopeds can be parked outside. Ideally situated on superb Grape Bay, a 5-star private beach, best in all Bermuda. Minimum stay of 5 days, see sections of website above for precise terms. 

Greenbank & Cottages

Greenbank and Cottages

17 Salt Kettle Road, Paget Parish PG 01. Tel: 441 236 3615. Fax: 441 236 2427. Postal address  P.O. Box PG 201, Paget Parish, PG BX. 2014 costs are from $145 to $410 per night. Herend China is a favored serving item at this place.

Kingston House B&B

5 Turnstile Lane, Pembroke. Phone 441-295-6597.  Inland, near City of Hamilton. Built in the 1920s, Kingston House. an architectural charmer with high ceilings, large sash windows, wide plank wood floors, and furnished verandas..There is also a well-equipped guest galley for storing and preparing food. Guest rooms are comfortable with all the modern conveniences for holiday and business travelers. Swimming pool heated in winter months.

Marula Guest Apartments 


17 Mariners Lane, Pembroke Parish HM 02. Telephone (441) 295-2893. Fax: (441) 292-3985. Cellular: (441) 234-8261.  6 units. Water's edge at Mill's Creek.  European Plan.

Paraquet Guest Apartments


South Road, Paget Parish. Telephone 1 441 236 5842. Fax 1 441 236 9742.  11 units. Main house and apartments have large bedrooms and verandah. Casual, informal, in residential area. Near public South Shore beaches, food store and optional restaurant. Bus route 7 stops nearby. European Plan.

Robin's Nest Guest Apartments

Robin's Nest

10 Vale Close, Pembroke Parish HM 04. Telephone and fax (441) 292-4347.  3 units.

Rosemont Guest Apartments


Rosemont Avenue, Pembroke Parish. Telephone (441) 292-1055.  47 units. Residential garden setting 15 minutes walk from city, not served by buses. Apartments have their own kitchenettes. 

Sandpiper Apartments


South Road, Warwick Parish. On bus route # 7. Phone (441) 236-7093 or (800) 441-7087. Fax (441) 236-3898. 14 units. 

Sound View Cottage


 9 Bow Lane, Southampton Parish SN 04. Telephone (441) 238-0064. Overlooking Great Sound, with pool, patio and barbecue. .3 apartments.  

Valley Cottages & Apartments

Valley Cottages

Valley Road, Paget Parish. Phone (441) 236-0628. Fax (441) 236- 3895. Studio apartments and cottages, centrally located.9 units. 

Windsong Guest Apartments


30-32 Princess Estate, North Shore, Pembroke Parish HM 04. Tel: (441) 295-7221. Fax (441) 295-4408. With one small and several larger self-contained apartments of 1 and 2 bedrooms.

Categories of all accommodation properties for visitors

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