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Bermuda's Restaurants from A-Z

Each listed by parish area where it is located

By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) exclusively for Bermuda Online

line drawing


See Bermuda Cuisine for a list of local foods served by some restaurants


There are, in 2015 to date, 159 restaurants in Bermuda. For the time being, an impartial list of both non-hotel and hotel restaurants, with basic details on each. On Bermuda Public Holidays  most non-hotel restaurants are shut but most hotel restaurants are open. Some hotel restaurants are as good as, if not better than, non-hotel restaurants. No individual restaurants are represented by the author and no bookings can be taken on their behalf. 

Since 2011 all restaurants have been required to pay a Bermuda Government-legislated Food Establishment Licence Fee. It has made the cost of restaurant eating appreciably more expensive. The fee changes were approved by Members of Parliament and Senators and also apply to bakeries, catering establishments, food manufacturers, food stores and delis, refreshment shops and restaurants. A sliding scale is in place meaning businesses with larger numbers of customers have to pay more. The licensing fees charged by the Department of Health are set by legislation, the Government Fees Regulations. The licensing and inspection of food service facilities is a key public health function carried out by the Department of Health. The process helps to ensure the quality and safety of the food served to the public, and the current fees reflect the cost of providing the service to the public. Any complaints from locals or visitors about what they eat at any Bermuda restaurant, or any suspected accidental food poisoning arising from eating there are dealt with by the Bermuda Government's Department of Environmental Health, an agency of the Department of Health.

American Fast Food restaurants. None, except a Bermuda majority-owned franchised KFC. There are no Bermuda outlets of Papa John's, Subway, Little Caesar, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, Wendy's, Domino's Pizza, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Burger King or McDonald's or their British or Canadian or European equivalents. However, there are several Bermudian fast-food restaurants.  All non-hotel restaurants must by law be both majority Bermudian -owned and Bermudian-operated.

Burger fast food places

No non-local fast food places or restaurants

Bar food restrictionBars - not shown here unless they are also a restaurant - do not serve bar food of the type common in most bars in the UK and Ireland.

Choice of food. Varies from place to place. Expect to pay well upwards of US$ 4.75 for a hamburger. 

Daily luncheon specials. When offered.

Dress code. None for any eating place - cafeteria, diner, snack bar, restaurant - for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Always play safe by asking ahead at the restaurants you favor. But some restaurants reserve the right at dinner especially to expect male patrons to wear decent clothes including a jacket and tie; or jacket; and women to wear an appropriate top, skirt or trousers. Casual, clean and in good taste clothes are fine for most places. What may not be allowed at all are any kind of swim suits or revealing clothing. 

Disabled or physically challenged. Persons in wheelchairs or with a balance problem will find four places in the Disability website under Restaurants. Note that no restaurant in Bermuda offers all the following - disabled entrance parking, disabled exterior, disabled interior and disabled toilet - to USA-ADA standards. Only one has a toilet for the disabled.

Early Bird dinners. When offered, Good value for those willing to eat early dinners (5:30 to 6:30 pm).

Food and its origin. Unless specifically stated as Bermudian or local, assume 100% of restaurant food is imported, most from afar, with some food pre-packaged specifically for restaurants. There is no local legal requirement to give origin of food and no Bermuda product or packing or labeling legal requirements, considering most food is imported.

Gratuities (tips). Most restaurants automatically add 17 percent to the bill.

Hours. Most hotel and non-hotel restaurants are open at certain times for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Jewish guests. No kosher food restaurants.  Contact the small Jewish Community of Bermuda at telephone (441) 291 1785 for advice on which to favor. 

Non-Smoking only.  Since April 1, 2006 smoking in public places has been banned in Bermuda. Legislation enacted - the Tobacco Products (Public Health) Amendment Act 2005 - makes it an offence to light up in bars, restaurants hospitals, hotels, offices and schools across the Island.

Open on Sundays and Public Holidays. All hotel-owned restaurants are, but not all non-hotel restaurants. They should be contacted to see if they are open or not on a particular day or time.

Payment. Cash in Bermuda or US dollars (no other currencies) or by leading international credit card. Diners should check beforehand with each restaurant to see which credit cards are accepted. Only Bermuda (not other) debit cards will be accepted. Travelers checks will not be accepted.

Prices are in BDA or US dollars, of same value. All restaurants not owned by hotels must by law by either owned or majority owned by a Bermudian. Some owners or managers shown below, if not Bermudian originally, are married to one. Opening and closing times shown below are for regular days. On Public Holidays, most non-hotel-owned restaurants will be closed. The impartial basic list below indicates whether the restaurant is at a resort hotel, small hotel, cottage colony or independent premises. Reservations are recommended for dinner. Prices are much more if they include alcoholic drinks. The major reason all beer, wine and other liquor are so expensive is because of a huge Bermuda Government import duty.

$$$$$ Extremely expensive, over $130 $$$$ Very expensive, about US$ 100 to 130  $$$ Expensive, 80 to 100  $$ Moderate, 60 to 80 $ Under 60.

Special diets. There are none with vegetarian dishes only. If you are on a low sodium or low cholesterol or other restricted diets, no restaurant features them.

Sunday Brunches. Expensive in Bermuda (averaging over $40 per person plus gratuities), but there's always a huge choice of buffet foods hot, cold and spicy, fish, fowl and seafood. Restaurants advertise in the Saturday print edition of The Royal Gazette daily newspaper.

Vegetarian/vegan dishes. There are no known vegetarian-only restaurants but several have vegetarian dishes or can make one up, such as the mango salad below.

mango salad

Waiters and waitresses. Some will be Bermudian, others may be from many different parts of the world, on Work Permits. 

Restaurants shown below are by area (parish or city/town)

To dial the numbers shown please note that if not calling from Bermuda, use prefix (441).

Bermuda fish chowder

Bermuda fish chowder, national dish

City of Hamilton

Also look at those in Pembroke Parish, as parts are so close to the City.


Pembroke Parish area

In the brown square of the yellow area

A to C

Angelo's Bistro Full service Liquor Phone 232-1000. 12 Walker Arcade, 12 Reid Street, between Reid and Front Streets. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Monday-Saturday.
Arabian Deep Fried Chicken Full service Phone: 292-1314. 53 Court Street, Hamilton HM 12, P.O. Box HM 2150, Hamilton HM JX
Ascots Full service Liquor

Phone 295-9644. Fax 292-4986. Royal Palms Hotel, 24 Rosemont Avenue
Pembroke Parish. P.O. Box HM 841, Hamilton HM EX. Breakfast, lunch, dinner for hotel guests and locals. $$$$

Baked   Bermudiana Arcade, Queen Street. top floor. Cafeteria and transport museum.  Since December 2014. A brother and sister have teamed up to showcase their twin passions — baking and the history of transport in Bermuda. The new cafe offers a range of Portuguese pastries and desserts, as well as cakes like the traditional Azores favorite quejada de villa, a custard tart, which are flown in from the North Atlantic island chain. It also offers a full range of breakfast sandwiches and meals, as well as a traditional Portuguese buffet lunch. The transport collection includes more than 100 motorcycles, as well as an old doctor’s buggy horse carriage crafted out of Bermuda cedar and marine exhibits like boats and engines. The oldest motorcycle is an Excelsior that was the first motorcycle to be licensed for the general public in 1946. In addition to his bikes, Mr Martins also owns 16 classic cars, including British Morris Minors and Austins, Volkswagen Beetles and a rare Beetle-based Karmann Ghia sports car. The cafe is open from 6am to 4pm, while the museum is open from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm.
Barracuda Grill Full service Liquor Phone 292-1609. Fax 292 8354. 5 Burnaby Hill. Formerly Fisherman's Reef. Above the Hog Penny. Seafood. Lunch, dinner. $$$$.
Bermuda Bistro at The Beach Full serviceLiquor

Phone 292-0219. 103 Front Street, Hamilton. Hours: 10:00 – 03:00 (7 days.) Cuisine: Pub, American. Dress: Casual. Credit Cards: MC/V

Bistro J Beer/wine Full service Phone 296-8546. 102 Chancery Lane, HM 11. 10 or so tables each sitting 2-4. Lunch and dinner. Smart casual. $$$$. 
Bolero Brasserie Full service Liquor Phone 292-4507. Fax 292-0011. 95 Front Street, Hamilton HM11. Jonny Roberts, chef/owner. European, $$$$. 
Bulli.Social   Queen Street. Coming. in premises once the Lemon Tree Café. Jonny Roberts, the owner and chef at Bolero, has teamed up with his restaurant manager Tyler Nearon to launch this new venture. Has a bull’s head logo.
Cafe 4 Full service Phone 295-8444. Windsor Place Building, Ground Floor, 18 Queen Street, Hamilton HM 11.
Cafe Cairo Full serviceLiquor Phone 295-5155. Fax 292-8057. 93 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12.
Chopsticks Full service Liquor 88 Reid Street East. Phone 292-0791. Take out fax 292-9834. Szechuan, Cantonese, Hunan, Mandarin and Thai. Lunch and dinner. Credit cards. $$$
Coconut Rock & Yashi Sushi Bar Full service Liquor Phone 292-1043. Williams House, 20 Reid Street, Hamilton, Pembroke Parish, HM 05. P. O. Box HM 1889, Hamilton. Lunch and dinner. $$$
Common Ground Cafe   Phone 292-2353. 11 Chancery Lane (walkway between Front and Reid Streets). Breakfast, paninis, wraps, centre for display of local artworks. Mon-Fri, 7 am to 3:30 pm, Sat 8 am-2 pm.

D to F


Docksider Pub and Restaurant Full service Liquor

Phone 296-3333. Fax 296-3300. 121 Front Street, Hamilton, Pembroke Parish. Pub fare, fish. Casual, $$$

Ferrari Bar at LV's Full service Liquor

Phone 296-3330. 12 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton HM 11. Dinner.

Flanagan's Irish Pub and Restaurant Full service Liquor Phone 295-8299. Fax 295-8304. Emporium Building, Floor 2, 69 Front Street, Hamilton, Pembroke Parish. Overlooking Hamilton Harbor. Irish Pub. Lunch, dinner. $$$.
FriDays Full service

Phone 295-8580. Bermudiana Arcade, 27 Queen Street, Hamilton. Since April 15, 2016. Mostly takeaway, limited seating. Fries and waffles with a range of special toppings, cakes and healthy eating options. Fish sandwiches, using waffles as a base, and burgers also available.

G to K

For steak lovers

Grand Cafe Full service Liquor Phone 292-2777. Corner of Church and Parliament Streets. Since September 2012. Breakfast and lunch (both buffet), dinner. Monday-Friday 7am-10am breakfast, 11am-3pm lunch and 6-9pm dinner; Saturdays dinner from 6-9pm.
Harley's Full service Liquor Phone 295-3000. Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel. Specialties are many and include over-sized steaks. Lunch or dinner. $$$$
Hog Penny Full service Liquor Phone 292-2534. Ground Floor, 5 Burnaby Hill. Pub and restaurant. With traditional English pub fare, beef, curries Lunch, dinner. $$$
House of India Full service Phone 295- 6450. Park View Plaza, 57 North Street, HM 17. Indian. $$$
Jamaican Grill Full service Liquor Phone 296-6577, 32 Court Street, Hamilton
Kentucky Fried Chicken   Telephone 296-4532. 21 Queen Street. Fast food.


Dish 1

La Trattoria Full service Liquor Phone 295-1877. 22 Washington Lane, HM 11. Pizza, pasta, more. Lunch or dinner inside or take out. $$$$.
Le Figaro Bistro Full service Liquor Phone 296-4991. Reid Street. Lunch and dinner. $$$$.  
Little Venice Full service Liquor Phone 295-3503. 32 Bermudiana Road, HM 11. Italian specialties with veal, chicken and seafood. Lunch and dinner. $$$$$.
Lobster Pot Full service Liquor Phone 292-6898. 6 Bermudiana Road, HM 08.  Since 1973. Seafood specialties and fresh fish, including local. Lunch and dinner. $$$$
L'Oriental Full service Liquor Phone 296-4477. 32 Bermudiana Road, HM 11. Oriental/fusion. With a Sushi, Oyster and Caviar Bar. $$$$$

M to P

fine cheese at restaurant

Mad Hatters Full serviceBeer/wine Phone 297-MADI. Formerly Surf and Turf. Next to Mariner's Club, 22 Richmond Road, HM 08. Seafood and meat dishes. $$$$.
Mango Leaf Deli and Juice Bar Full service Phone 295-8131. Joell's Alley, off Church Street.  West Indian and Trinidadian dishes. Lunch and dinner, traditional codfish and potatoes weekends. $$$ 
Margarita's Grill Full service Liquor

Phone 296-3330. 12 Bermudiana Road. Formerly the Ferrari Bar.  From 5 pm. Dinner options.

Muse Full service Liquor 17 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 296-8788. Fax  296-8786. Lunch, dinner. The executive chef is the winner of the 2016 Restaurant Weeks People’s Choice Award.
Nonna's Kitchen Full service

Bermudiana Road, Pembroke. Soup and salad bar. Breakfast and lunch. Nonna Thomson. Soup recipes from her Guatemalan heritage include black bean, corn chowder, white bean, broccoli cheese and pumpkin and clam chowder.

Oliver's   69 Pitt's Bay Road, HM 08. Phone 295-0103. Fax 296-7175. Deli and catering. Breakfast buffet, lunch buffet.
Pasta Basta Full service 295-9785. Fax 295-1509. 1 Elliott Street.
Pasta Basta/Blue Dragon Full service Liquor 295-9785. Italian cuisine. Lunch and dinner daily. Eat in and take-out. $$$
Pickled Onion   Phone 295 -2263. 53 Front Street, overlooking harbour. Casual. American menu. Lunch and dinner. $$$$
Porch Full service Liquor Phone 292-4737. Steak, seafood, vegetarian. $$$$. 
Port'O'Call Full service Liquor Phone 295-5373. 87 Front Street. Lunch and dinner.  Accessible to disabled visitor in wheelchair. (See under "Restaurants" in Disabled site). $$$$.
Portofino Full service Liquor Phone 295-6090.  20 Bermudiana Road, HM 11. Italian cuisine. Lunch and dinner. $$$.
Primavera Full service Liquor Phone 295-2167. 69 Pitt's Bay Road, HM 08. Italian cuisine, seafood & pizza. $$$$

R to end of city



Red Carpet Full service Liquor Phone 295-6774. Armory Building, 37 Reid Street. Continental. Smart casual. Lunch and dinner. $$$$
Red Steakhouse and Bar Full service Liquor

55 Front Street, Hamilton. Rick Olson and David Madeiros.  Overlooking Hamilton Harbour. 

Robin Hood Pub Full service Liquor Phone 295-3314. Fax 292-9338. 25 Richmond Road, Pembroke HM 08. Lunch,  dinner, breakfast at weekends. $$$
Rock Island Coffee Cafe   Phone 296-5241. 48 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Coffee, sandwiches, home-made soups and bistro-style lunches.
Roosters   Phone 292-0731. 53 Court Street. Lunch
Rosa's Cantina Full service Liquor Phone 295-1912. Big Texas steaks, chicken and seafood, or Mexican specialties spiced to taste. Lunch or dinner. $$$$
Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Full service Liquor Phone 295-2214. Point Pleasant Park. P. O. Box HM 894. Since 1844. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for members and guests. $$$$
Ruby Murrys Full service Liquor 2 Chancery Lane, off Front Street. Where Fresco's used to be. Since September 2014. With a range of Indian dishes. Business is part of the Yellowfin group that also owns Pearl, Bistro J and Port o' Call. $$$$
Shiraz Cafe Full service 68 King Street. Next to Millennium. Phone/fax. 296-9996. Iranian, Bermudian, Caribbean, dishes. Vegetarian salads.
Smokin Barrel Full service A mobile restaurant near the Ferry Terminal, where Bermudian and Caribbean fares are served from a truck on Front Street.
Somer's Cafe Full service Opened 2015, 25 November. At AS Cooper & Sons main department store on Front Street, first floor. With sweeping views of Hamilton Harbour. Lunch (only) menu featuring sandwiches, wraps, salads, and soup.
Speciality Cinema and Grill Full service Phone 292-2135 or 295-3571. 30 Queen Street Hamilton HM 11. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. 
Spot   Full service  Price Phone 292-0962. 6 Burnaby Street. Since 1941. No liquor. A diner, with breakfast, lunch and early dinner. $$
Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar Full service Liquor Phone 295-7416. Washington Lane at 19 Reid Street. Lunch, dinner. $$$.
Surf Club Full service Liquor Phone 292-6566. 28 Front Street. Lunch or dinner. $$$$
Sung Sing Full service Phone 296-8758 or fax 296-8759. Take out only. 57 Victoria Street.
Swinging Doors Liquor Phone 293-9267. 22 Court Street, HM 10.
Taste 141 Full serviceLiquor

Phone 292-0777. Seon Place, 141 Front Street, Hamilton HM 19. Breakfast, lunch, happy hour and light dinner small plates/tapas. 

The Snug   Full service  Price Phone 295-8399. Cafe, Emporium Building, Front Street, on site of old Kathy's Cafe, from late May 2014. Breakfast and lunch, hot and cold food.
Tribe Road Kitchen Full serviceLiquor Phone 734-1637. Former Windjammer Gallery, Corner of King and Reid Streets. Mexican from May 2016. Menu highlights fresh, handmade tacos, enchiladas, fajitas.more. Also serving dinner. Has a bar. No longer just a cafe bakery.
Victoria Grill  Full service Liquor

Phone 296-5050. Victoria Place, 29 Victoria Street. Lunch, dinner. $$$$. Same management as Barracuda Grill, Hog Penny. Pickled Onion.

Windsor Garden Full service Beer/wine Phone 295-4085. Windsor Place, 18 Queen Street. Breakfast, lunch. $$$.
Wok Express Full service   Phone 293-9999. Formerly Caribbean Queen and Bombay Palace. 60 North Street. Lunch buffet, dinner.

Devonshire Parish

Devonshire Parish area

Smoked salmon

Chicken Express Full service

Phone 232-6109. 17 Watlington Road, east of Lindo's Market. Beryl and David Furbert. Fish sandwiches, shrimp, swiss and mushroom burgers, chicken options.

Feeding Tree (The) Full service Liquor Since March 2003. Phone 292-5333. Robin Swan. At former Anchorage Club, North Shore, Devonshire. Daily lunch specials, Sunday morning Codfish breakfast.
Last Tee Full service Liquor Phone 295-9069. Fax 295-5864. Ocean View Golf Course. Lunch or dinner. $$$$.
Seaside Grill Full service

Phone 292-1241. 81 North Shore Road, Devonshire FL03.

Hamilton Parish

Hamilton Parish

ASU Beastro Full service Phone 296-2429. Open daily from 9 am to 4 pm. Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, 40 North Shore Road, Flatts. Lunches and desserts for visitors at this attraction.
Bayside Terrace Bar and Grill Full service Liquor Phone 293-8333. Grotto Bay Beach Resort, 1  Blue Hole Hill, CR 04. Alfresco dining. $$$$
Four Star Pizza   Phone 292- 9111. Flatts. Pizzas, submarine sandwiches and chicken wings.
Greenhouse Full service Liquor Phone 293-8333. A dining room of the Grotto Bay Beach Resort, 1  Blue Hole Hill, CR 04. For breakfast, lunch, dinner. $$$$$
Hibiscus Room Full service Liquor Phone 293-8333. Grotto Bay Beach Resort, 1  Blue Hole Hill, CR 04. For breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. $$$$$
Indigo Full service Liquor Phone 292-9800.  6 North Shore Road, Flatt's Village, FL 04. Cuisine: Asian fusion.
Jamaican Grill   Phone 293-8899. Ducks Puddle, Bailey's Bay. 
Landfall Full service Liquor Phone 293-1322. 165 North Shore Road, Crawl Hill. Lunch, dinner and buffet Sunday Lunch. $$$$.
Palm Court Full service Liquor Phone 293-8333. Grotto Bay Beach Resort, 1  Blue Hole Hill, CR 04. Lunch, dinner. $$$$$
Pizza House   Phone 293-8465. Shelly Bay. 
Rustico Full service Liquor Phone 295-5212. Until end of January 2016 was at 8 North Shore Road, Flatts, FL 04. Now at Brightside Guest Apartments. Flatts. Lunch, dinner. 
Spa and Poolside Full service Liquor Phone 298-4070. Rosewood Tucker's Point Hotel and Spa. 60 Tucker's Point Club Drive. Light meals, spa dining, pool menu, drinks.
Sul Mer Full service Liquor 298-4000. Beach Club, Rosewood Tucker's Point Hotel and Spa. 60 Tucker's Point Club Drive. Since 2009. Lunch, dinner.  $$$$$
Sul Verde Full service Liquor Phone 298-4000. Rosewood Tucker's Point Hotel and Spa. 60 Tucker's Point Club Drive. Since 2009. Lunch, dinner. Italian. $$$$$
Swizzle Inn Full service Liquor Phone 293-1854. 3 Blue Hole Hill, Baileys Bay, CR 04. Lunch or dinner. Pub fare. $$$$
The Point Full service Liquor Phone 298-4070. Rosewood Tucker's Point Hotel and Spa. 60 Tucker's Point Club Drive. Since 2009. Lunch, dinner. $$$$$
Tom Moore's Tavern Full service Liquor Phone 293-8020. 7 Walsingham Lane. French and Continental. $$$$$$
Tucker's Bar Full service Liquor Phone 298-4070. Rosewood Tucker's Point Hotel and Spa. 60 Tucker's Point Club Drive. $$$$$

Paget Parish

Paget Parish area

Beau Rivage Full service Liquor 27 Harbour Road, Newstead Belmont Hills Resort and Spa, Paget. Phone (441) 232-8686. Since April 2008.  
Blue Point Poolside  Full service Liquor Phone 236-3535. Fax 236-8043. Elbow Beach Hotel, 60 South Road.
Cafe Coco Full service Liquor Phone 236-5416. Fax 236-9766. Coco Reef Resort, 3 Stonington Circle, South Road, Paget. $$$$. Lunch, dinner
Coral Beach and Tennis Club Full service Liquor Phone 236-2233. 34 South Road. PG 04. Horizons Ltd.
Lido  Full service Liquor Phone 236-9107, Lido Complex, Elbow Beach Hotel.  60 South Road, PG 04. Mostly seafood, Mediterranean. $$$$$
Fourways Inn Full service Liquor Phone 236-6517. Fax 236-5528. 1 Middle Road, Paget. Sunday brunch. Lunch or dinner. $$$$$. Gourmet. 
Garden Cafe Visitors Centre, Bermuda Botanical Gardens, since August 2015. Focuses on fruit and fresh food to align with Botanical Gardens. Sandwiches, wraps, salads, all day breakfast, featuring waffles and pancakes with fruit on them. Open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.
Jamaican Grill Full service Phone 232 0420. 33 Ord Road. Caribbean cuisine.
Juanito's Full service Liquor Phone 236-5416. Coco Reef Hotel. Lunch or dinner. breakfast for hotel guests. $$$$.
Marina Terrace and Lawn Full service Liquor Phone 236-9107.Lido Complex, Elbow Beach Hotel.  60 South Road, PG 04. Dinners. $$$$
Mickey's Beach Bar & Bistro Full service Liquor Phone 236-9107. Lido Complex, Elbow Beach Hotel.  60 South Road, PG 04. Lunch, dinner, May to October. Closed November to April. $$$$$.
Norwood Room Full service Liquor Phone 236-5416. Coco Reef Hotel. International, $$$$
Palm Gardens Full service Liquor Since September 2015. September 25.  Adjacent to the Fourways Inn, on Middle Road, Paget.  Although attached to the latter, the new restaurant has its own entrance, and it offers a different experience for diners. Offers a wide variety of menu choices, from traditional local items to international cuisine, including French, Italian, oriental and Indian.
Paraquet Full service Phone 236-9742. South Road. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Diner.  $$$
Peg Leg Bar & Pub Full service 236-6517. Fourways Inn. Pub Fare. $$$$
Pink Cafe Full service   Phone 236-2488 or 236-9742. King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. Operated by Bermuda Hospital Auxiliary. Temporarily closed February through March 2016 for major refurbishment and extension. Re-opened March 23 2016 after 3 weeks of renovations. Open 7am to 11am, 12-2pm and 5pm to 7pm Monday to Friday. Plenty of parking for visitors and residents. Proceeds raised by the Pink Café, as well as HAB’s thrift shop The Barn and the HAB Gift Shop, go towards supporting the hospital. The café, which is run by volunteers except for four paid kitchen staff, now offers an open, clean and whole new modern look.
Rockfish Grill Full service Liquor Phone 236-6060. The more formal of the two restaurants at Newstead, an early Bermuda manor house. Newstead is now shut.
Sapori Restaurant & Terrace Full service Liquor Phone 236-7201. 55 Grape Bay Beach Hotel, PG 06. Phone 236-7201. Lunch and dinner. $$$$$.
Sea Breeze Cafe Full service Liquor Phone 232-3999. Breakfast, lunch, light evening fare. $$$
Seahorse Grill Full service Liquor Phone 236-3535.  Elbow Beach Hotel. 60 South Road. Lunch, dinner. $$$$$
Splendido Full service Liquor Phone 236-0048. Horizons and Cottages, 33 South Road, Paget. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. $$$$.
Tamara's Terrace Full service Liquor Phone 236-5416. Coco Reef Hotel. Lunch.$$$$
The Prospect Room Full service   Phone 236-9000, extension 4461. Bermuda College. $28 menu prepared by culinary arts students. 
The Top of the Harbour Full service Liquor Phone 236-2250. Dining room of the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. Lunch and periodic dinners. $$$$

Pembroke Parish

Pembroke Parish area

In the yellow area except for the brown square

1609 Bar and Restaurant Full service Liquor Phone 295-3000. Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel. Seasonally, from early spring to late fall, from 11 am to 10 pm. Lunch, dinner and cocktails. Located on the hotel’s new state-of-the-art marina. So-named from the year Bermuda was colonized. $$$$$.
Aggie's Garden & Waterside Café Full service Phone 296-7346. 108 Pitts Bay Road, fresh food from local grower Tom Wadson. Bermudian and International Cuisine. Casual. $$$
Art Mells Spicy Dicy   Phone: 295-3965. 9 St. Monica's Road, Pembroke HM 14
Ascots   See City of Hamilton
Bouchee Francais Full service Liquor Phone 295-5759. 75 Pitt's Bay Road, HM 08. Diner. French-style bistro. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. $$$$
Crown & Anchor Bar, Restaurant and Terrace Full service Liquor Phone 298-2028. Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Flying Fish Full service  Liquor Phone 295-2167. 69 Pitts Bay Road. Seafood. $$$$
Grannie's Kitchen Full service North Shore Road, Pembroke. Bermuda favorites, including fishcakes and fish sandwiches, omelettes, burgers, chicken tenders and wings, sandwiches, hot dogs, fries, together with fish, shrimp, chicken and seafood platter dinners. Opposite First Church of God. Monday to Saturday from 7.30am, Sundays 6.30am until 11am.
Harley's  Full service Liquor Phone 295-3000. Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. $$$$.
Harry's Full service Liquor Phone 295-1233. 96 Pitt's Bay Road, Hamilton HM 08. $$$$$. Named after Harry Cox.
Harbourfront  Full service Liquor Phone 295-4207. 40 Crow Lane/East Broadway, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. Sushi bar/restaurant. Lunch or dinner. $$$$$
Marcus Bermuda Full service Liquor Phone 295-3000. 76 Pitt's Bay Road, Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel. From May 27, 2015. Run by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. In premises once occupied by the Gazebo ballroom. Dinner only, from 5:30 pm. $$$$$
Jamaican Grill Full service Phone 292 3269. 40 Parsons Road. Take Out. Caribbean cuisine
Sensational Delights Full service

16 Parsons Road, at former Parkside Restaurant. 

Yardie Kitchen Full service Phone 295-6652. 65 Glebe Road, Pembroke East HM 14.

Sandy's Parish

Sandys Parish area

9 Beaches Full service Liquor 4 Daniels Head Lane, Sandys MA 03, P.O. Box MA 238, Mangrove Bay MA BX. Cell 516-6078
Anchor Restaurant, Bar and Lounge Full service Liquor Phone 234-1692. Fax 234-3605. Formerly Freeport Restaurant & Bar. 1 Freeport Road, Dockyard, Sandys. Selection of Bermudian cuisine to satisfy the demands of tourists and locals alike.  Open seven days a week serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with entertainment on the weekend, also takeout. $$$
Bone Fish Bar and Grill Full service Liquor Phone 234-5151. Royal Naval Dockyard. 
Cafe Amici Full service Liquor Phone 234-5009. Dockyard. Italian. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Frog & Onion Pub Full service Liquor Phone 234-2900. Fax 293-0226. Cooperage Building, 4 Maritime Lane, Royal Naval Dockyard. $$$$.
Hammerhead's Bar and Grill Full service Liquor Phone 234-1343. Snorkel Park, 31 Freeport Road, Dockyard. Casual. $$$.
Hi Tide Full service Liquor 9 Beaches,  4 Daniel's Head Lane. Phone 232-6655.
Long Beach Cafe Full service Liquor Cambridge Beaches. Phone 234-0331. Fax (441) 234-2252.
Mangrove Bay Terrace Full service Liquor Cambridge Beaches. Phone 234-0331. Fax 234-2252.  30 King's Point Road, Somerset, MA 02. $$$$.
Naval Gallery Restaurant Full service Phone 234-3593. 22 Pender Road, Somerset MA 01. Codfish and potato breakfast.
New Traditions Full service Phone 234-3770. 2 Middle Road. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Indian and Chinese cuisine. $$$.
Pirate's Landing Full service Liquor Phone 234-5151. 20 Terrace Road, Ireland Island, Royal Naval Dockyard, MA 01. Lunch or dinner. $$$$.
Salt Rock Grill Full service Liquor Phone 234-4502. 27 Mangrove Road, MA 02. Site of earlier Loyalty Inn. Lunch,  dinner. Fish, etc. $$$$.
Somerset Country Squire Full service Liquor Phone 234-0105. 10 Mangrove Bay, Somerset.  Lunch, dinner. $$$$.
Tamarisk Room Full service Liquor Phone 234-0331. Cambridge Beaches. Lunch, dinner. $$$$$.
The Village Cafe   Phone 234-3167. 29 Mangrove Bay Road, MA 04. Fast food. Late night.
The Upper Crust   Formerly Four Star Pizza. Phone 234-2626. Pizzas, submarine sandwiches and chicken wings.

Smith's Parish

Smith's Parish area

Bermudiana Full service Liquor Phone 293-1666. Pink Beach Club. Five course Gourmet dinners. Special dietary requirements. Lunch, Dinner. $$$$.
Foxy's Cafe  

Phone 293-8869. 71 Harrington Sound Road, Smith’s, Smith's HS 01. Coffee. tea, light bites.

Rotisserie Grill   Collectors Hill. Former site of Mr. Chicken. Menu is based on Boston Market concept with four main ingredients; chicken, ribs, fish and pot roast.
Specialty Inn Full service Liquor Phone 236-3133. South Road at Collector's Hill. Restaurant, pizzeria and sushi bar. Since 1984. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. $$$.

Southampton Parish

Southampton Parish area

1609 Full service Liquor Phone 238 8000. Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel, 101 South Road. Named for the date Bermuda was colonized. $$$$.
Bacci Full service Liquor Phone 238 8000. Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel, 101 South Road,  Italian. Lunch or dinner. $$$$.
Bella Vista Bar and Grill Full service Liquor  Port Royal Golf Course. Opened its doors for the first time immediately after the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, which was held at the Port Royal Golf Course in October 2013. French, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Lunch and dinner, wine cellar. $$$$$. 
Cabana Bar and Grill Full service Liquor Phone 238 2555. Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. Lunch and bar.
Cedar Room  Full service Liquor Phone 234-0222 or fax 234-1694. Pompano Beach Club. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. $$$$$.
Clubhouse Dining Room   Full service Liquor Phone 238-0222. The Reefs. Local/Island, $$$$.
Coconuts at the Reefs   Full service Liquor 238-0222. Fax 238-8372. The Reefs, 56 South Road. Overlooking main hotel beach. International, $$$$, Casual, lunch, dinner, open May through October/seasonally.
East Meets West, Southampton Full service

Phone 295-8580. 11 Industrial Park Road, Southampton Parish. World cuisine, wraps, salads, sandwiches, selected Oriental, Mediterranean and Indian, also sushi.

Golf Hut   Full service Liquor Phone 238-2555. Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. On the golf course. Sandwiches, salads, $$$$.
Gulfstream Full service Liquor Formerly Tio Pepe. Phone 238-1897. 117 South Road, SN 03. Since February 2014. Continental, lunch, dinner, wine list, $$$$
Henry VIII Pub and Restaurant Full service Liquor Phone 238-1977. 69 South Road, SN 02.  Lunch and dinner. $$$$. Credit cards. Originally the Windjammer Restaurant. 
Island Cuisine Full service Phone 238-EATS (3287). 235 Middle Road, junction of Camp Hill, by Heron Bay. Local and international fare.
Jasmine Full service Liquor Phone 238-2555. Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. Bar food, meals.
Mr. Chicken   Phone 238-2319. Heron Bay Plaza, 227 Middle Road.
Ocean Echo Full service Liquor Phone 238 0222. The Reefs. Asian fusion. Since May 2006. Evening dinner, May to October. $$$$$
Ocean Grill Full service Liquor Phone 234-0222 or fax 234-1694. Pompano Beach Club. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for all participating guests and locals.
Pizza House   Phone 238-2753. Heron Bay Plaza. $$
Royston's Full service Liquor Phone 238 0222 or fax 238 8372. The Reefs,  56 South Road, SN 02. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. $$$$$.
The Dining Room Full service Liquor

Phone 238-8649, Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, 68 St. Anne’s Road, Southampton SN 02. Now re-opened after damage from Hurricane Gonzalo in October 2014. Owned by Odilio Angeli, boss of Dining Bermuda, which also includes Rustico in Flatts and Gulfstream on South Shore Road. Casual dining and a wide-ranging cuisine, can seat 50 people, with extra space on the outdoor terrace available during the summer months. Open for lunch from Thursday to Saturday from 11.45am to 2.30pm and for dinner every day from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. Breakfast on Sundays is also available from 10.00am to 2.30pm.

The Dock at The Waterlot Full service Liquor Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. Phone 238-2555. Waterlot Inn. Cocktails, grilled fare and live entertainment on Wednesday to Sunday at 3pm until 9pm.
The Newport, A Gastro Pub Full service Liquor Phone 238-8000. Fax 238-8968. Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. 101 South Shore Road, SN 02. $$$$$$.
The Ocean Club Full service Liquor Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. Phone 238-2555. Beachside restaurant. $$$$
Waterlot Inn Full service Liquor Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. Phone 238-2555. Middle Road. 323 year old inn overlooking Riddell's Bay. Middle Road. Lunch or dinner  $$$$$
Whaler Inn Full service Liquor Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. Phone 238 2555. South Road. By the beach. Lunch or dinner. $$$$$. 
Wickets Full service Liquor Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. Phone 238-2555.  Breakfast, lunch. $$$$.
Windows On The Sound Full service Liquor Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. Phone 238-2555. Near Main Lobby. Breakfast only. $$$$
Wok Express Full service Phone 238-8888.180 Middle Road, Southampton SN 03.

St. George's Parish

St. George's Parish area

Angeline’s Coffee Shop   Phone: 297-0959. 48 York Street, St. George’s GE 05. 
Art Mels Spicy Dicy   Water Street, St. George's. Sandwiches, fish and chips, another outlet in Pembroke.
Beach It! Full service Liquor Fort St. Catherine Beach. Christopher G. West
Blackbeard's Hideout Full service Liquor Phone 297-1400. St. George's Club Ltd. Grub and grog.  Achilles Beach, Fort St. Catherine Road. Open daily except Mondays from 11 am to 3 am. Casual. $$$
Black Horse Tavern, Restaurant & Bar Full service Liquor Phone 297-1991. 101 St. David's Road, St. David's Island, DD 01. Lunch or dinner. Smart casual. $$$$
Breakers Full service Liquor Phone 293-1666. Bermudian and West Indian dishes from a la carte menu. $$$$
Cafe Boulevard Full service Liquor Phone/fax 293-1321. At Bermuda International Airport, before the BA departure gate.  Breakfast, lunch or early dinner.
Curry House Full service 297-3170. St. George's. Indian. Lunch, dinner.
C V Cafe Full service

Phone 297-0208. Water Street, St. George's.  Since 2011. Breakfast and lunch, sandwiches, omelettes, ice cream.

Dennis's Hideaway Full service Liquor Phone 297-0044. Local/Island. Casual. Cashew City, St. David's. Unpretentious. Go there for the fresh seafood, not for the small decor (rustic and basic). $$$. 
Eliana's Full service Liquor

Phone 777-0555. Southside, St. David's, half of Pizza House there. Seafood, Bermuda fish chowder, meats.

George and Dragon Full service Liquor Phone: 297-1717 Fax: 297-4747. 3 Kings Square, St. George's GE 05. 
Golden Dragon Full service Liquor

Phone 297-0408. 13 York Street, St George's. Chinese. Mandarin and Szechuan.

Griffin's Bistro Full service Liquor Phone 297-4235. 6 Rose Hill. St. George's Club.  Lunch and dinner. $$$$
Gombeys Restaurant & Bar Full service Clearwater Beach, St. David's Island.
Lighthouse Grill Full service Liquor

Phone 297-3904. Mount Road, at foot of St. David's Lighthouse. Once the Mount Area nightclub. Lunch, dinner.

Mid Ocean Club Full service Liquor Phone 293-0330. Fax 293-8837. Mid Ocean Club Limited, 1 Mid Ocean Club Drive, Tucker's Town. $$$$$
Pasta Pasta Full service Liquor Phone 297-2927. Lunch and dinner. $$$$
Pizza House   Phone 293-5700. Southside, St. David's. Owned by Franz Egaenolf. Formerly McDonald's when Southside was a USA military base, then Runway restaurant.
Soccer and Friends Full service Liquor New in September 2014. Larry Perinchief. Above the sports bar of the same name in King’s Square. Traditional local cuisine — with a special emphasis on seafood.
Sul Mer Full service Liquor Rosewood Tucker's Point Beach Club, 16 Natural Arches Drive, Tucker's Town
Tamasun's Japanese House Full service Liquor Phone 295-9296. 38 York Street. Located where Crisson's used to be. Japanese cuisine including tempura, sashimi, sushi and nigiri. Lunch, dinner.
Temptations Cafe' Full service Phone: 297-1368. 31 York Street, St. George's GE 05. 
The Tempest Full service Liquor 297-0723. Carriage House, Water Street. Lunch, dinner. $$$$. Since August 2014. Run by the team who own the Mad Hatters in Hamilton. The building, once owned by the British military and used as warehousing, was occupied by Polaris until earlier in 2014 after the original restaurant closed as a result of the recession.
The Wharf Full service Liquor Formerly Tavern by the Sea until April 2016. Phone 297-3305. 14 Water Street, west end of Somer's Wharf. Lunch, dinner. $$$$
Tucker's Point Golf Clubhouse Full service Liquor  
Wahoo's Bistro and Patio Full service Liquor Phone 297-1307. Site of former Cafe Gio. 36 Water Street. Town of St. George. Lunch, dinner. Monday through Saturday. Buses 1, 3, 6, 10, 11. Credit cards. Smart casual. $$$$.
White Horse Tavern Full service Liquor Phone 297-1838. 8 King's Square, Town of St. George, GE 05. English style pub with a Bermudian flavor. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. $$$$.

Warwick Parish

Warwick Parish area

Blu Bar and Grill Full service Liquor Phone 232-2323. Fax 232-6464. 25 Belmont Drive, Middle Road. Belmont Hills complex.
Palms Restaurant & Bar Full service Liquor Phone 236-7100. Fax 236-9765. Surf Side Beach Club.  90 South Road. breakfast, lunch, dinner daily, overlooking pool and ocean. Most credit cards. $$$$
Q's Full service

South Shore, Warwick. Barbeque ribs, chicken and other dishes.

Riddell's Bay Golf & Country Club Full service Liquor Phone 238-1060. 26 Riddell's Bay Road. Lunch, dinner. $$$$
The Swizzle, South Shore Full service Liquor Phone 236-7459. 87 South Road, Lunch or dinner. $$$$. Sister of the Swizzle Inn, Hamilton Parish, near airport.

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