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Bermuda's International and Local Companies and Partnerships, beginning with B

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American International, AIG Group, Bermuda

One of the many Bermuda-based leading multinational insurers



Companies beginning with B

Note: A Work in Progress, much more to be added. Showing when incorporated in Bermuda. With incorporation dates shown the American way.

2016: Legislation, drawing upon Delaware law, has been approved by MPs in Bermuda to introduce limited liability companies (LLCs). Such vehicles would be broadly similar to Delaware LLCs.

B-Shipping  7/24/1996
B Eighty A 3/31/1997
B Eighty A (Bermuda) 2/26/2004
B Eighty B 3/31/1997
B Eighty B (Bermuda) 2/26/2004
B Eighty C 3/31/1997
B Eighty D 3/31/1997
B Eighty E 3/31/1997
B Eighty F 3/31/1997
BF&M 8/5/1991
BF&M Properties 8/30/1991
BG Investments 8/4/1987
BI 5/17/2007
BJ Fiduciary 10/28/1992
BJR Research Company 7/12/1978
B Jet 11/6/2001
BOIC 1/2/1979
BT Holdings 2/3/2004
BWI Engineering Services 6/11/1982
B&B Partners P 9/29/1975
B & C International Insurance Company 7/3/2002
B & C (Bermuda) 10/23/1984
B & D Construction 7/10/2007
B & I 7/9/2002
B & J Enterprises 9/8/1986
B & L Holdings 7/5/1984
B & M Construction 9/13/1984
B & M International 10/9/2000
B & M Mini-Excavating & Trucking 5/20/1997
B & P Asset Management (Bermuda) 3/12/2003
B & P (Investments) 4/27/1994
B & W International 10/21/1991
B & W Music 1/18/1994
B & H Management 5/16/1980
B & H Ocean Carriers 7/5/1988
B1 Fortuna Global Star Equity Fund 3/14/2014
B2 Gold (Colombia) 5/26/2006
B2 (Bermuda) 11/5/1997
B2 Worldnet 4/3/2000
B2X International 2/4/2008
Baaren Mutual Fund 11/6/2012
Babcock & Brown Air Acquisition 1 7/25/2007
Babcock & Brown Air Funding 1 6/27/2007
Babineau, Joan Lilian 6/14/1985
Baborr Leasing 9/26/1986
Babot 1/5/1993
Bacardi Benefit Company 10/4/1999
Bacardi Capital 11/22/1976
Bacardi CNI 12/1/1994
Bacardi Holdings 6/18/1965. C/o Conyers Dill & Pearman
Bacardi International

Bacardi Bermuda HQ

Since 11/23/1990. World headquarters in Bermuda since 1972. Pitt's Bay Road, Pembroke. P. O. Box HM 720, Hamilton HM CX. Phone 298-1060. Fax 296-2468. World's largest rum maker and privately held spirits company. 

2016. December 30. A decades-long rum war between the Communist Cuban government and Bermuda-based drinks giant Bacardi is to feature on a top US TV news show. CBS current affairs flagship 60 Minutes will on Sunday examine the fight for control of the Havana Club brand name — which has been running since Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba in 1959 — in a segment called “The Rum War”. The show’s Sharyn Alfonsi visited Cuba to examine the roots of the row, which is still the subject of long-running legal battles in the US. In a trailer for the segment, Ms Alfonsi said: “It’s complicated — you need to pull up a seat and make yourself comfortable to try and figure it out.” The Havana Club trademark originally belonged to Cuban rum-makers Jose Arechabala, whose family company was seized and nationalized after the revolution that deposed hated dictator Fulgencio Batista. The family left Cuba, stopped producing rum and allowed the US trade mark to lapse in 1973. The Cuban government registered the trade mark in the US in 1976 and assigned it to French partners Pernod-Ricard in 1993. Since 1994, Havana Club has been sold around the world, but not in the US. Bacardi, however, obtained the Arechabala family’s remaining rights to the brand in 1994 and began selling limited amounts of Havana Club in the US, which sparked a legal battle with Pernod Ricard, which was successful in two of the first three court decisions in the matter. After further legal battles, the Cuban government’s US trademark registration expired in 2006 — but in January, amid a thaw in relations between the US and Cuba, the American government gave Cuba rights to the Havana Club name, a decision Bacardi insists should be reversed. Bacardi also mounted a major marketing campaign for its version of the brand and maintains that the renewal for Cuba breaches a 1998 Act of the US Congress designed to protect trademarks taken over in the wake of the country’s revolution. The Bacardi Havana Club, made in Puerto Rico, includes a new bottle and packaging and the introduction of a dark rum variant, Havana Club Anejo Clasico, launched in Florida in the summer. The brand was launched with a new campaign “The Golden Age, Aged Well” and, in a sideswipe at Cuba, still Communist and now led by Fidel Castro’s brother Raoul, “Even A Revolution Couldn’t Topple the Rum”. A spokeswoman for Bacardi yesterday confirmed that representatives of the Bacardi and Arechabala families had been interviewed for 60 Minutes. She added: “Bacardi is the legitimate owner of the brand. No company or government should be able to profit from stolen property.” The Bacardi family, whose distillery company was founded in Santiago de Cuba in 1862, were also forced to flee Cuba after their assets were also seized and nationalized without compensation. The company set up its world headquarters in Bermuda a few years later and has become the largest privately held and family owned spirits company in the world. The 60 Minutes investigation will air on Sunday night. The show starts at 8.30pm Bermuda time.

2016. November 29. Bacardi Limited has appointed KC Kavanagh as its new global chief communications officer. She joins Bacardi from Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, where she worked for 18 years and led the company’s global communications. Ms Kavanagh will be based at Bacardi’s headquarters on Pitts Bay Road. She succeeds Jim Gallagher, who has decided to step down from the position at the end of the year. As a senior vice-president. Ms Kavanagh will report to Mike Dolan, chief executive officer of Bacardi Limited, and work closely with him, and chairman Facundo Bacardi, to develop “strategic internal and external corporate communications to support the family-owned company’s efforts to drive growth globally”, the company said in a statement. She is to collaborate with the company’s brand marketing teams to develop integrated public relations campaigns, social media strategies and content marketing programmes for the portfolio of iconic brands. “We are delighted to welcome KC to the Bacardi team,” said Mr Dolan. “Her significant corporate and global experience, coupled with her success in launching and nurturing luxury, lifestyle and next generation brands, dovetails perfectly with our efforts to innovatively market our brands and cultivate meaningful relationships with our consumers around the globe.” While working at Starwood, Ms Kavanagh led global communications for the company and its 11 brands, including Sheraton, Westin, St Regis and W Hotels. She was also a member of the company’s deal and integration team during Starwood’s merger with Marriott International. Prior to Starwood, she oversaw public relations for Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Ms Kavanagh said: “I am honored to join a company with such vibrant brands, tremendous global breadth and a storied family history that has inspired a culture of entrepreneurship and pride. I look forward to working with our team to creatively bring our stories and lore to life across many dynamic platforms.”

2016. June 2. Drinks giant Bacardi has launched a fresh salvo in a rum war with Cuba. For Bacardi is to mount a major marketing push for its Havana Club brand — a trademark whose ownership is disputed with the Communist regime in Cuba. The trademark originally belonged to Cuban rum-makers Jose Arechabala, whose family company was seized and nationalized after the Fidel Castro-led revolution in 1959. The family left Cuba, stopped producing rum and allowed the US trademark to lapse in 1973. The Cuban government registered the trademark in the US in 1976 and it was assigned to French partners Pernod-Ricard in 1993. Since 1994, Cuban Havana Club has been sold around the world — but not in the US. Bermudian-based Bacardi obtained the Arechabala family’s remaining rights in the brand in 1994 and began selling limited amounts of Havana Club in the US, which sparked a legal battle with Pernod Ricard, which was successful in two of the first three court decisions in the matter. After further legal battles, the Cuban government’s US trademark registration expired in 2006. But in January, the US government gave the Cuban government rights to the Havana Club name — a decision Bacardi insists should be reversed. Fabio Di Giammarco, the global vice president of rums at Bacardi, said: “This is the ultimate convergence of two Cuban families in exile coming together to continue the legacy of this incredible brand and introduce it to a new generation.” He added: “It is an honour that the Arechabala family has entrusted us to continue their family’s legacy and have no doubt that we’ll be able to bring to life all the things that make it a legendary brand.” Bacardi maintains that the renewal breaches a 1998 Act of the US Congress designed to protect trademarks taken over by Cuba after the revolution which deposed dictator Fulgencio Batista. The company told a US House of Representatives committee in February that the approval had been granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office after “years of inactivity” within 48 hours. The Havana Club national launch by Bacardi, which includes new bottle packaging and the introduction of a dark rum variant, Havana Club Anejo Clasico, which was launched in Florida yesterday. The rum will be introduced across the country over the summer. Jose Arechabala, great-grandson of the brand’s founder, said: “Our family could not be happier that Bacardi is launching Havana Club Anejo Clasico, which is based on the original recipe created by the Arechabala family in 1934 and made in Puerto Rico, to be sold alongside the existing Havana Club Anejo Blanco. “Our families knew each other before we were both exiled from Cuba and with Bacardi being the premier rum company in the world, it’s only fitting that they continue our legacy by paying proper homage to the capital city of Cuba, a place we once called home.” The brand will be launched with a new campaign “The Golden Age, Aged Well”, which evokes the glamour of pre-revolution Cuba, and includes the slogan “Even A Revolution Couldn’t Topple the Rum”.

Founded in Cuba in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardi y Maso. It prospered for years with its secret rum recipe. After the Spanish-American War of 1898, Bacardi gave the world the Cuba Libre and the Daiquiri. But Fidel Castro took control in 1959, not long afterwards seized and nationalized the plant, rum distilleries and assets without any compensation. The US initially recognised Mr Castro's revolutionary government, but broke off diplomatic relations in 1961. The founder's descendents, the Bacardi family, exiled themselves in the USA initially and began afresh. The Bermuda building, Bacardi's iconic world headquarters as seen above, was designed by Mies van der Rohe. Major businesses are Bacardi International Limited and Bacardi Capital Limited. Between them, they oversee the worldwide (outside USA) marketing of much of the group's international financial affairs and bulk transportation.  They also market Martini and Rossi vermouth; Asti sparkling wine - which they bought in 1993; Bombay Sapphire Gin from England, Dewars Whisky from Scotland  and New Zealand vodka and gin producer 42 Below. The private Bacardi companies do not disclose financial results. There is also a large office in Miami, Florida. In 2007, Rising demand for deluxe scotch whisky in China, Taiwan, Korea and other Asian countries prompted Bacardi to invest more than $250 million over 10 years  to expand production of its Dewar's brand in Scotland. The Dewar's brand of whisky includes 12-year, 15-year and 18-year maturities. Dewar's is the number one selling blended scotch in the US. Employs more than 6,000 people, operating 27 manufacturing facilities in 16 countries on four continents, and selling in more than 100 markets globally. Bacardi employs 65 people in Bermuda. In December 2014 Barack Obama signaled a change of direction, which was greeted with jubilation in Cuba. But Bacardi greeted the development with caution. In response to questions from The Royal Gazette, Bacardi said it was proud of its Cuban roots. "We have the utmost respect and sympathy for the Cuban people with whom we share a common heritage," Bacardi added. "Regarding the diplomatic actions yesterday, we will need to wait and see what the impacts are. We hope for meaningful improvements in the lives of the Cuban people and will follow any changes with great interest. In the meantime, we continue to support the restoration of fundamental human rights in Cuba." It did not directly address the question of whether the US move could at some point result in a move of its headquarters back to Cuba. However, in an interview with Cigar Aficionado published in mid 2014, Bacardi chairman Facundo Bacardi made the company's feelings about Cuba very clear. Asked by the publication what would happen if the US trade embargo on Cuba were dropped, Mr Bacardi said: "The vision of the family and the company is to come full circle. We will be back in Cuba, and we will invest beyond what it will take just to build the brand. We see Cuba as our home. I would say about half our family members were born in Cuba. We left before the revolution, and we have every intention of going back, rebuilding our business and helping the Cuban people."

Bacardi Jardine Distribution (Bermuda) 11/24/1994
Bacardi Jardine Production (Bermuda) 11/24/1994
Bacardi Ltd 11/22/1990
BACC Red Dragon 1 6/17/1998
Baccala & Shoop (Bermuda) 10/26/1978
Bach Holdings 5/30/1986
Back to Bermuda 4/23/2003
Back2MyPlace Group 11/7/2013
Backbay Management Overseas 4/2/2001
Bad Nauheim Properties 9/5/1974
Baden Equities 11/23/1999
Badger Assurance 5/31/1983
Badger Company 6/5/1981
Badger International Group 5/4/1995
Badger (Bermuda) 5/12/1992
Baere Maritime 11/14/2013
Bafco Investment Holdings 12/19/1985
Bafco Reinsurance 2/13/1979
Baff Shipping and Trading (Bermuda) 1/11/1996
BAFSC/TNT-NL CX HulI 9/6/2000
BAFSC/TNT-NL CX Huo 4/5/2001
BAFSC/WLC CX Hup 7/24/2001
Baggot Street 4/15/1986
Bagnolet Holdings 5/18/1973
Baguin 5/21/1987
Baha Mar Insurance Company 4/15/2014
Bahareth Investment Holding 1/6/2010
Bahati 3/30/1965
BAHC (Bermuda) One 2/19/1997
Bahrain International Holdings 9/29/1994
Bai Global 8/10/2012
BAIF DBCT Finance Holdings (Bermuda) LP 7/24/2013
BAIF DBCT Finance Sub (Bermuda) LP 7/29/2013
BAIF DBCT Finance (Bermuda) LP 7/25/2013
Bailard Long/Short Master Fund LP 10/1/2002
Bailard Long/Short Offshore Fund 9/18/2002
Bailey's Bay Refreshment Company 6/30/1977
Bailey's 8/9/1985
Bain Clarkson Management Services (Bermuda) 4/14/1983
Bain Gulf 2/7/1992
Bainbridge Investments 1/2/1975
Bain, Oliver G 4/12/1999
Bait & Tackle 3/29/1968
Baj (Bermuda) 7/5/1989
Bajkal-Asia 12/20/1994
Bak Systems Bermuda 8/16/1988
Baker Associates 9/13/1991
Baker Diprose Capital 1/7/2013
Baker Far East 8/17/1978
Baker Hughes Asia 8/5/1997
Baker Hughes de Colombia 7/7/1978
Baker Hughes Eho 1/4/1983
Baker Nye Securities 8/10/1994
Baker Production Services (Bermuda) 12/5/1979
Baker Sand Control 10/26/1978
Bakerloo Investments 3/1/1997
Bakery Lane 3/7/1995
Bakri International Energy Co (Bermuda) 2/28/1992
Bakri Navigation Co (Bermuda) 2/28/1992
BAL 5/3/1999
Bala Sports & Remedial Massage Clinic 10/31/2013
Balaclava Developments 10/22/1970
Balaclava Ltd 11/22/2007
Balance (Receivable) 5/19/2000
Balanced Alternative Strategies 12/15/1999
Balanced Strategies Fund 9/24/1999
Balaton Capital Management 6/3/1991
Balboa Management 11/28/1997
Balco 4/10/1986
Bald Eagle Insurance 5/31/1974
Balderton 11/16/1992
Baldur 7/26/1985
Baldwin Americas Corporation 9/11/1990
Baldwin Printing Equipment 9/11/1990
Baldwin Technology 10/26/1993
Balfour Company 12/7/1978
Balfour, MacLane International (Bermuda) 6/24/1986
Balfour, Seagas International 6/24/1986
Bali Energy 6/7/1994
Balinesean Gulf Oil 9/27/1977
Balize 4/7/2000
Balize Trading 4/24/2000
Balkan Investments 3/14/2014
Ball Agricultural Systems 11/28/1977
Ball Partnership International 5/27/1986
Ball Partnership Investments 5/27/1986
Ballamont Insurance 11/17/1976
Ballard Bulk Trading 3/12/1973
Ballast Point Boatyard 5/12/1994
Ballina Co.  9/19/1975
Ballina Ltd 2/8/2008
Ballsbridge Holdings 9/18/1998
Bally Technologies Bermuda LP 7/25/2008
Ballycastle 9/20/1996
Ballykisteen Insurance Corp 1/3/1978
Balmoral Group (Bermuda) The 4/15/1999
Balmoral Holdings 1/28/1993
Balmoral Leasing (Cont) 6/11/2003
Balmoral Overseas Investments 2/16/1993
Balmoral Wine Shippers 11/17/1983
Balmore 11/27/2000
Balmuir Holdings 2/3/1987
Balmung Shipping Corporation 11/21/2006
Baloise Insurance Company (Bermuda) 12/1/1997
Baltech Construction Company 1/16/2006
Baltic Capital Corporation 2/28/1994
Baltic Finance 6/27/1997
Baltic Investments 6/8/1998
Baltic Realty Development 4/11/1999
Baltime 3/14/2001
Baltimore (Bermuda) 12/19/2005
Baltusrol Holdings 11/1/1995
Balustrade Private Trust Company 4/20/2007
Bamara (Bermuda) 2/20/1975
Bambazonke Holdings 6/26/2007
Bamboo Option 3/25/2010
Bambu International 10/24/2002
Bamford AB Holdings 2/3/2005
Bamford Consolidated Holdings 3/4/2005
Bamifirst Mercantile 9/16/2008
Bamton Co. 1/3/1969
Banbridge Enterprises 11/27/1970
Banbury 8/8/1991
Banco Nominees 12/29/1959
Banco Realty 5/14/1968
Bandell Co. 11/2/1973
Banexpro 11/8/1995
Bangor 9/27/1978
Baninvest 2/3/1997
Bank Nobelis 8/18/2000
Bank of Bermuda Foundation 12/13/2000
Bank of Bermuda Foundation Endowment 8/23/2004
Bank of Bermuda International 3/27/1981
Bank of Bermuda (Insurance Brokers) 1/31/2002
Bank of N. T. Butterfield & Son (The) 10/22/1904

2016. September 19. Butterfield Bank is eyeing acquisition opportunities in the trust industry after a successful debut for its shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Michael Collins, Butterfield’s chief executive officer, said the money the bank raises from the initial public offering will be used for “general corporate purposes”. But he added that Butterfield is seeing opportunities to grow its fee-generating operations at a time when income from interest-rate-related products has been pressured by a long period of very low rates. Last Friday’s first day of NYSE trading ended with Butterfield’s share price at $24.75, 5.3 per cent above the IPO price target of $23.50. The aim of the IPO is to sell 10.6 million shares and raise $250 million. Mr Collins said Butterfield is seeking to raise $140 million from the primary portion of the IPO, which involves the sale of new shares. The secondary portion, which involves existing shareholders partially cashing out, is set to raise $110 million. Mr Collins said: “There’s a real opportunity in the trust business. Many of the big banks are selling their trust companies and we think we can grow our scale in this area. We want to grow those businesses, because it increases our access to ultra high net worth individuals.” Butterfield has made three acquisitions in the past two years that have strengthened its position as an independent, offshore private wealth manager, with a focus on acquiring wealthy clients. These were the Legis trust and corporate services business in Guernsey, HSBC’s private banking, trust and wealth management business in Bermuda and part of HSBC’s corporate and retail banking business in the Cayman Islands. Mr Collins said the bank had focused on becoming a leaner and more efficient operation over the past five or six years but now its focus was on growth. Banks stocks have struggled in recent years, as low interest rates, the damage caused to them by the global financial crisis and tighter regulations that require them to hold more capital and burden them with more paperwork, combine to limit profitability. But Butterfield’s successful IPO indicates that investors see a bright future for the bank. The rush of money flooding into Butterfield stock left the bank with a share price more than 25 per cent higher on Friday night than 24 hours earlier when it closed at $19.30 on the Bermuda Stock Exchange. Mr Collins, who had spent the two weeks before the IPO with the Butterfield road show, talking to prospective investors in several US cities, said there were several attractions. These included the strong balance sheet, high capital ratio and relatively liquid investments, as well as Butterfield’s deep-rooted corporate and retail banking businesses in Bermuda and Cayman. “Also fee income makes up about 40 per cent of our revenue, which is more than with the traditional banking model,” Mr Collins said. The bank’s longevity may also help to increase investor confidence in its shares. “We are the oldest bank trading on the New York Stock Exchange,” Mr Collins said. “What the IPO shows is that a bank with roots in Bermuda can compete on the world stage.”

2016. September 17. Bermuda made its mark on the New York Stock Exchange yesterday as Butterfield Bank sold its first US shares, a troupe of Gombeys took to the trading floor and Michael Dunkley rang the opening bell. It was all to mark Butterfield’s initial public offering of shares, a historic milestone for the 158-year-old Bermudian bank, which was aiming to raise $250 million. Mr Dunkley, the Premier, who brandished a yellow Gombey tomahawk as he stood with the Butterfield group on the balcony of the NYSE, said he was “excited and proud” to have had the opportunity to officially open Wall Street’s trading day. “I’ve been blown away by the organisation and commitment that this Bermuda community bank has shown to make this happen,” the Premier added. “It’s a wonderful occasion and a great day for Bermuda.” The trading day ended with Butterfield’s shares at $24.75, 5.3 per cent higher than the IPO pricing of $23.50 per share. Trading volume was almost 4.9 million, putting Butterfield well on the way to its target of selling 10.6 million shares. Michael Collins, Butterfield’s chief executive officer, said he was “delighted” with the smooth launch of the IPO, with the opening trade of $25.10 some 7 per cent above the asking price. “We’ve been working on this for more than a year — it takes that long to put together the prospectus,” Mr Collins said. “We’ve spent the past two weeks on a road show around various American cities, having six or seven meetings a day and telling the Bermuda story.” The Bermuda Tourism Authority grabbed the chance to promote the island to the wealthy types who frequent Wall Street. Traders coming to work were greeted with all the noise and colour of the Gombey Evolution Troupe, a pink Vespa parked outside the NYSE building and some of their trader colleagues wearing Bermuda shorts. Regular watchers of US business channel CNBC’s Squawk on the Street programme could not have failed to notice the distinctive peacock feather Gombey headdresses moving around behind the head of presenter Jim Cramer. “These traders have never seen a day like this,” added Mr Dunkley, who said the occasion was an excellent opportunity to showcase the Bermuda brand. Of the 10.6 million Butterfield shares being sold, $140 million will be raised by the bank from the sale of new shares — which Mr Collins said it would use for “general corporate purposes” — and $110 million from existing shareholders selling off some of their stock. The bank’s shares hit a first-day high of $25.38 at around midday in New York and even a dip below $25 in the last half-hour of the trading day could not take the shine off a successful IPO launch. It was also a satisfying day for some of the institutional investors who had come to Butterfield’s rescue with a $550 million injection of capital in 2010 at a time when the bank was reeling from soured investments tied to US residential mortgages in the wake of the global financial crisis. The Carlyle Group, a US private equity firm, owned 22.7 per cent of the bank before yesterday and is looking to sell off 1.4 million shares to reduce its stake to 17.5 per cent, while the Wellcome Trust is selling about half of its 3.7 million shares. These investors bought in at a stock split-adjusted price of $12.10 six years ago and more than doubled their money on whatever shares they sold yesterday. Shareholders who bought in more recently will also be smiling — at the close yesterday the bank’s share price was more than 25 per cent higher than the $19.30 closing price on the Bermuda Stock Exchange just 24 hours earlier. The bank will continue to trade on the BSX as well as the NYSE.

Bankers Insurance Company 1/2/1986
Bankers Professional Liability Insurance Company 3/5/1998
Banner 6/3/1992
Banner Shipping 9/3/1958
Banerstore Retailing International Investment Group Company 10/20/2006
Bannon Capital Management 10/27/1999
Bannon Fund (The) 10/27/1999
Bannon Multi-Manager Private Equity Fund 10/27/1999
Bannon Private Equity Fund 10/27/1999
Bansei Management (Bermuda) 6/15/2005
Banchen Electrical Appliance Company 12/2/2002
Bantam Investments 4/8/1980
Bantam Oil Trading Company 8/31/1979
Bantam Petroleum 12/12/1977
Bantam Petroleum Ltd 10/1/1980
Bantam Properties 4/14/1980
Banttrus Management Co 6/7/1973
Bantry Holdings 11/6/2002
Banwah Enterprises 6/9/1988
Banyan 1/12/1989
Banyan Re 4/25/2003
Banzai Hedged Growth 5/8/1992
Banzai International Management 5/8/1992
Baptiste Builders Supply 3/28/1966
Baptiste 1/23/2008
Bar Assurance & Reinsurance 7/2/1979
Bar One Associated 3/23/2007
Bar One 2/16/2006
Barak Industries 9/11/1984
Baraka Petroleum 5/17/2004
Baramco 3/21/1996
Barata 4/2/1990
Barbosa's General Carpentry & Construction 7/6/2005
Barbour Butterfield Holdings 4/11/1983
Barcelona Holdings 3/24/1976
Barcelona Investments 11/30/1998
Barcino 2/12/1979
Barclay Green Holding 4/19/2000
Barclay Holdings 7/12/1984
Barclay International 10/31/1986
Barclay Overseas Development 12/30/2002
Barclay Trust International (Bermuda) 2/17/1971
Barclays Capital Asia Pacific 9/19/1995
Barclays Construction 3/16/2011
Barclays International Leasing (Bermuda) 12/27/1979
Barclays Private Management (Bermuda) 7/23/1996
Barclays Private Trust (Bermuda) 5/26/1994
Barclays Trident 11/15/1996
Barclay, Celestia 8/5/2008
Barcon 1/16/1995
Barder & Marsh Bermuda "P" 4/21/1978
Bardgett, Walter 1/1/1981
Bardokk International Holdings 7/7/1989
Bare Necessities 11/15/1989
Barefoot 11/29/1993
Barefoot Resorts 5/8/2007
Barentsen 2/28/2008
Barfix (Bermuda) 8/27/1997
Barham 2/4/1971
Baring International Fund Managers (Bermuda) 9/13/1988
Baring Korea Fund Ltd (The) 9/13/1988
Baring North America Fund 11/6/1957
Baring Tristar Warrant Fund Ltd (The) 6/12/1989
Barkentine Insurance Company 12/29/1992
Barker, Margaret 9/3/2002
Barks William Oil 10/28/1985
Barlar Holdings 12/29/1970
Barlington Ltd (Sec 61 M/C) 12/17/1997
Barlow 6/9/1977
Barmas Insurance Company 10/1/2001
Barnard, Christina Elizabeth Louise 8/10/2010
Barncluith 1/2/1996
Barnegat Investments 12/19/2000
Barnes Group Finance Company (Bermuda) 8/29/2000
Barnes Group Trading Company 11/4/2003
Barnes Group (Bermuda) FSC 3/10/1998
Barnes Group (Bermuda) 1/5/1994
Barnesbury 4/5/1990
Barnes, David A 6/30/1982
Barnett, John 12/19/1997
Baron Company (The) 4/16/2007
Baron Edmund - C. S. R (Bermuda) 3/31/1998
Baron Holding 4/15/2008
Baron International Holdings 9/22/2004
Baron Investments 1/17/1983
Baron Shipping Co. 1/18/1972
Baron Systems 4/24//2000
Barons Financial Services 9/1/2004
Barr's Bay Properties 3/21/2001
Barra Shipping 1/24/1984
Barracuda Bermuda 1/25/1975
Barracuda Holdings LP 3/18/2009
Barracuda Investments 10/3/1987
Barrett Management 10/23/1978
Barrett Reinsurance Co 5/15/1978
Barrett Treaty 3/14/1977
Barrett, Suzanne H 1/12/1979
Barrie Holdings A Bermuda company with a vested foreign ownership licence, in 2014 bought the Bermuda Telephone Company in a $30 million deal from KeyTech Group.
Barrier Co.  2/28/1968
Barrington Financial 3/22/1993
Barrington Holdings 5/25/1989
Barrington Insurance Company 12/23/1982
Barrington International 8/3/1999
Barrington Investments 8/23/1989
Barrington Ltd 11/22/2007
Barrington Management 3/26/1990
Barrington Reinsurance Company 7/13/1994
Barrington Services 1/4/2011
Barrios 11/6/1990
Barritt Holdings 2/27/1967
Barritts Beverages International 10/2/1986
Barritt, Sharon 8/27/1987
Barrons Group (The) 7/28/1987
Barry Lane Development Company 3/31/1989
Barry Oceanics 12/14/1973
Bartercard International 1/12/2000
Bartholomew Investments 9/14/2010
Barton Insurance Co 4/20/1994
Barton Ltd 7/2/1990
BAS-Serco 6/11/1997
BAS Automotive Ltd Amalg. G/W8662 1/15/2002
BAS Cable Company 3/12/2007
BAS Courier 11/12/2004
BAS Newco 1/29/2007
BAS Properties 1/15/2002
BAS Transport 5/28/1990
BAS Wholesale 7/14/1964
BAS Wholesale Ltd (Amalgamated with 639) 8/19/1999
Basani Investments 3/23/2006
Bascome Arthum-Le Leon 12/25/2011
Baseco (Bermuda) 5/29/1981
Basic Constructors 5/12/1970
Basic Ltd 5/23/1977
Basic Resource Services P 7/13/1983
Basic Resource Services Ltd 12/24/1982
Basileia Asset Management 3/16/2006
Basle Holdings 2/14/1997
Bass Equities 8/13/2002
Bassak 1/9/1986
Bassano Guatemala 3/29/1996
Bassdrill Alpha 6/19/2008
Bassdrill International 9/12/2008
Bassdrill Ltd 9/3/2008
Bassett Investment Properties 9/29/2010
Bassett, Andre D 3/31/1999
Bassett, Clyde 1/1/1981
Bassett, Clyde Walter 4/24/1985
Bassett, Eric Khalil 7/26/1991
Bassindale 12/3/1997
Bassini Playfair Advisors 9/20/1996
Basso Holdings Cont Cayman Island 5/22/1998
Basso Investors Cont Cayman Islands 1/31/1995
Basso Private Opportunities Fund Ltd. Cont. Cayman Islands 8/24/2000
Basso Private Opportunities Holdings Fund Ltd. Cont Cayman Island 8/24/2000
Bassoe Rig Partners 8/12/1997
Bassrig Partners I 6/14/2007
Basys 6/29/2000
Bata Emerging Markets 9/28/2007. Lausanne-headquartered huge multinational family-owned Bata Shoes operation. Operates 3 business units worldwide – Bata Metro Markets, Bata Emerging Markets and Bata Branded Business. It has a retail presence in over 50 countries and production facilities in 26 countries. In its history the company has sold more than 14 billion pairs of shoes. Founded in 1894 in Zlin, now in Czech Republic, by Tomáš Bata and his brother Jan Antonín Bata.
Bata Employees Pension & Benefit Plans Company 3/11/1983. As above, pays its retired staff abroad
Bata (Malaysia) Sqn. BHD 12/20/1994. As above
Batan Holdings 2/1/1981
Batan (Bermuda) 6/17/1980
BATC Union Trans Bermuda) 5/7/1992
Bateleur Insurance Company (Bermuda) 1/5/1983
Bath 9/1/1998
Bathgate 8/29/1969
Bathurst Trust PLC 11/19/2012
Bath, Jean Dorothy 10/30//1979
Battersea Co.  11/30/1970
Battersea Ltd 10/26/1987
Battery Co. 10/17/1975
Battery Insurance and Reinsurance Company 9/9/1981
Battle Creek Marketing 11/30/1990
Baudelaire 9/8/2008
Bauder Holding Co.  6/28/1990
Bauhinia 6/20/2002
Bausch & Lomb (Bermuda Technology) 11/16/1988
Bausch and Lomb (Bermuda) Finance Company 11/15/1990
Bausch and Lomb (Bermuda) 11/19/1986
Bav 8/25/1987
Bavaria Jet 11/19/1990
Bawang International (Group) Holding 12/8/2004
Bawden Drilling International 7/19/1968
Bawden Drilling (Guatemala) 6/26/1969
Bawden Drilling (Iran) 10/31/1974
Bawden Drilling (Mexico) 10/31/1974
Baxter's (Bermuda) 4/16/1963
Baxter 12/10/1999
Baxter Shipping 10/22/1976
Bay Almanzora 3/25/1999
Bay Company (The) Amalgamated 12/5/1991
Bay Company (The) 12/19/2012
Bay Construction 10/26/1972
Bay Group 10/6/2003
Bay Hill Indemnity 8/12/1993
Bay Holdings 3/6/2003
Bay Imports & Marine Services 9/6/2000
Bay Insurance Company 2/19/1971
Bay International Company 1/6/2000
Bay Investments 7/20/1982
Bay Maritime 2/20/2001
Bay Meadow Limited Partnership (The) 8/13/2013
Bay Point Holdings 5/29/2006
Bay Point Re 5/29/2006
Bay Pond Holdings 6/3/1999
Bay Pond Investors (Bermuda) LP 11/30/1995
Bay Rentals 8/28/2002
Bay State Insurance Company 2/4/1983
Bay Trust Company 10/1/2004
Bayan 1/3/2013
Bayard 2/25/1976
Bayberry Holdings 7/18/1964
Baycrest Insurance Company 1/31/1979
Baygrape Holdings 4/10/1987
Bayham 3/20/1992
Bayley Martin & Fay of Bermuda 10/24/1980
Baymore 6/18/1968
Bayon International Petroleum 4/22/1980
Bayou Refining 8/10/1973
Bayridge Trading Company 2/12/1986
Bayshore Holdings 6/21/2013
Bayshore Re-insurance Company 7/1/1987
Bayside 2/10/1994
Bayside Management Company 10/26/1979
Bayside Reinsurance Company 12/27/1979
Bayswater Company 12/28/1971
Baytor Management 7/6/1992
Baytree (Bermuda) 12/10/1997
Bayview Property Company 1/27/1984
Bayview Transportation 10/25/2013
Bayview 1/2/1958
Baywood 2/25/1980
Bazhan Leasing 5/18/2009
BB Company 12/21/1978
BB Finance 4/11/2000
BB Services 2/15/2000
BBBDG Venture LP 5/9/2000
BBFS Bermuda's Brazilian Football School 11/22/2010
BBG Communications (Bermuda) 1/21/2000
BBG Holdings 9/1/1999
BBH Absolute Return Offshore Fund 12/18/2001
BBH Diversified Hedged Offshore Fund 3/26/2002
BBH Long/Short Equity Offshore Fund 3/21/2002
BBHL 9/1/2005
BBJ Aviation 3/20/2007
BBL 9/1/2005
BBL (Taiwan) 4/10/2000
BBP Insurance 4/17/2006
BBR 1/30/1996
BBS Enterprises 7/9/1996
BBS 4/22/1996
BBTGP Green Shoe 4/3/2012
BBWP Holdings (Bermuda) 9/12/2007
BBY 12/10/2012
BB&T Assurance Company 11/15/2001
BB&T Overseas Leasing 10/27/2000
BC Bermuda Holdings LP 8/13/2007
BCA Partners 1 LP 12/18/1998
BCB Asset Management 2/11/2011
BCB Bond Fund 1/18/2012
BCB Charter Corporate Services 7/11/2011
BCB Fund Services 12/21/1992
BCB Management 3/2/2012
BCB Merrill Lynch Asset Management 10/18/1995
BCB Nominee Services 8/18/1999
BCB Offshore Investment Fund 8/14/2001
BCB Paragon Holdings 8/27/2004
BCB Paragon Trust 2/24/1970
BCB Paragon Trust 7/11/2011
BCB Property Holdings 12/15/2010
BCB Resource Fund 5/10/2012
BCB Securities 7/27/1995
BCC Hamilton 5/28/2001
BCC Research 7/15/2014
BCC St. George Leasing 10/20/2000
BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited Continued in Cayman Islands 9/22/2000
BCG Ventures C (Bermuda) LP 11/20/2000
BCG Ventures M (Bermuda) LP 9/28/2000
BCG Ventures M2 (Bermuda) LP 12/18/2000
BCG Ventures O (Bermuda) LP 10/17/2000
BCG Ventures (Bermuda) II 12/22/2000
BCG Ventures (Bermuda) 9/28/2000
BCI Bermuda 2006-1 8/10/2006
BCI Bermuda MSN 127-2006 9/27/2006
BCI Clec 10/6/2000
BCI Insurance Company 4/18/1980
BCI 5/3/2005
BCIMC (USA) Realty Investments Limited Partnership 7/23/2013
BCM-Cape 10/19/1981
BCM High Income Fund International 3/26/2014. See below
BCM McAlpine Investment Holdings 8/28/2013. See below.
BCM McAlpine 8/17/1994. P O Box HM 3200, Hamilton HM NX. Tel: 292-2288.
BCS Agencies 7/19/1995
BCS Holdings 6/24/2003
BCS Investments 5/18/1970
BCS 2/27/1995
BCS Management 5/26/1986
BCS Properties 2/26/2001
BCS (Bermuda) 5/22/2006
BD Acquisition Holding 1/29/2010
BD Acquisition I 1/29/2010
BD Acquisition LP 1/29/2010
BD Insurance 4/20/1987
BD Management 9/22/2005
Bda Global Investments 10/14/2005
BDAH 1/27/2010
BDB Construction Management Company 9/14/2000
BDB 1/8/1993
BDC 5/29/1922
BDC (Overseas) 8/25/1999
BDC2000 1/20/1999
BDF 9/29/2003
BDO IP 11/17/2009
BDR Co 4/1/1993
BE Vehicles 8/5/2014
BEA Pacific Holding Company 3/30/1993
Beach and Associates (Bermuda) 2/29/2008
Beach Boys 4/10/2014. Operates Tobacco Bay Beach in St. George's, Bermuda. Employees are mostly beach attendants and bartenders.
Beach Discretionary Fund 3/4/1999
Beach Front Holding 6/23/2000
Beach Fund Ltd (The) 7/2/1999
Beach Hotels 7/15/1957
Beach It! 6/2/2000
Beach Systematic Fund 3/4/1999
Beach Systematic Fund Sponsors 2/12/2002
Beachport Co 3/23/1977
Beachside 9/7/2006
Beach, Frederick James L 6/21/1988
Beacon Bioventures Advisors Fund III Limited Partnership 9/9/2011
Beacon Bioventures Advisors II Limited Partnership 7/3/2007
Beacon Bioventures Fund II Limited Partnership 7/3/2007
Beacon Bioventures Fund III Limited Partnership 8/9/2011
Beacon Enterprises 12/17/1962
Beacon Fund Services (Bermuda) 11/15/2007
Beacon Hill Corporation 6/11/1999. P. O. Box HM 1179, Hamilton HM EX. Arranges leases and sales of US manufactured property to be used predominantly outside USA
Beacon Holdings 11/15/1997
Beacon Insurance Company 1/2/1974
Beacon Ltd 10/26/2009
Beacon Management  10/19/1995. Penthouse Suite, 129 Front Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 295-9939. Fax 292-2865.
Beacon Navigation 4/22/1980
Beacon Selective Guaranteed Fund I 1/22/1998
Beacon Services 7/1/2009
Beacon Solutions 10/18/2012
Beacon Trading I 1/22/1998
Beaconsfield 6/26/1978
Beal Holdings 9/3/2009
Beall Enterprises 10/23/1980
Beam Global 6/5/2012
Beam Holdings 1/31/1996
Beam Ltd 9/5/1966
Bean's Machine & Engineering 5/10/2005
Bean Kenneth LLewelln 3/7/1989
Bean, Harry 1/1/1981
Bean, Jolene Dagmar 10/30/1984
Bean, Kenneth 1/1/1981
Bean, Leroy Gregory 2/3/1988
Bean, Quinton Charles 1/2/1979
Bean, Reubin 8/17/1999
Bear Credit Strategies 2/1/2007
Bear Creek International 1/2/1997
Bear Insurance Company 4/18/1997
Bear Investments 6/21/1990
Bear Shipping 7/5/1988
Bear Stearns International Funding (Bermuda) 10/30/2003
Bearcat International 1/4/1983
Bearcat Lanca 3/11/1983
Bearden Ltd AMG 41359 1/23/2008
Bearingpoint Americas Holdings Ltd AMG 32170 6/17/2002
Bearingpoint Global Holdings II 12/19/2003
Bearingpoint Global Holdings 7/14/2004
Bearingpoint International Bermuda Holdings 12/23/2002
Bearingpoint International Holdings I 6/27/2002
Bearingpoint International Holdings II 6/26/2002
Bearingpoint International Holdings 5/23/2002
Bearingpoint Ireland 6/28/2000
Bearingpoint KCA Holdings 8/8/2002
Bearingpoint Philippines 12/9/2003
Bearingpoint Software Solutions Ltd Con't 6/8/2011
Bearingpoint Technology Holdings Ltd AMG 32170 6/17/2002
Bearly 4/2/2003
Beaston 10/27/1981
Beatrix 5/18/2000
Beau-Rivage Assurance 1/21/1972
Beau Jeans of Bermuda 1/27/1976
Beau Med Group 6/18/1987
Beauchamp, Wylde, Collard & Co 4/22/1977
Beaufort Company 5/29/1981
Beauforte Maritime (Bermuda) 2/21/1990
Beaufoy 4/20/1993
Beauman International (Bermuda) 7/20/1978
Beaumaris Co. 2/11/1969
Beaumont Capital Management (Bermuda) 10/4/2001
Beaumont Company 1/20/1978
Beaumont Oil 5/20/1983
Beaut 7/14/2014
Beautiful China Holdings Company 12/23/1997
Beauty Group (The) 1/7/1999
Beauty Holding LLC 7/24/1997
Because Group International 6/29/2004
Because Technologies International 3/1/2005
Bechenham Co 7/8/1970
Bechtel-Cathay International Project Management 6/28/1996
Bechtel Enterprises International (Bermuda) 7/20/1994
Beckett Collectibles 7/15/2014
Beckett Holding 4/8/2009
Beckman Instruments (Bermuda) 12/1/1992
Beckman Offshore (Bermuda) 9/10/1996
Becontree 9/3/1979
Beckton Dickinson Bermuda LP 8/24/2011
Bedabout Operations 9/12/1997
Bede International Multi-Manager Fund 6/21/1996
Bede & Co (Bermuda) 7/14/1994
Bedford Assurance Co 9/14/1976
Bedford Insurance 12/15/2003
Bedford 3/31/1978
Bedford Management 1/18/2005
Bedford Place Investments 2/26/2004
Bedins 1/29/1979
Bedrock Holdings (Bermuda) 12/18/2014
Bedrock 5/1/2006
Bees Knees (The) 7/25/2003
Bee-Line Transport (Bermuda) 11/20/1981
Beecham International (Bermuda) 1/18/1971
Beechcraft 3/17/1976
Beecher Carlson Brokerage 5/1/1986
Beecher Carlson Management 11/27/1981
Beechgate 12/15/2000
Beechwood Bermuda Insurance Management 11/28/2014. 
Beechwood Bermuda International 10/9/2013. Insurance company, Class C. See above.
Beechwood Bermuda Investment Holdings 11/28/2014. See above.
Beechwood Bermuda 9/26/2013. See above. 

December 22. This Bermuda-based reinsurance and wealth-management firm has been linked to a $1 billion fraud case in the US. The Beechwood group, which includes Beechwood Bermuda International and Caymanian-based Beechwood Re, has been impacted after top executives at New York-based hedge fund Platinum Partners were arrested and charged with running a fraud that US federal prosecutors have described as “like a Ponzi scheme” as its largest investments slumped. Now Beechwood is in talks to sell all or most of itself off after a backlash from some of its clients. Beechwood, with offices in Bermuda, the Caymans and New York, has been working to sever its links with Platinum after the one time $1.35 billion hedge fund manager became the focus of probes by US federal authorities and put its funds in liquidation in July. Beechwood, which had been a fast-growing reinsurer, was founded in 2013 with some indirect funding from Platinum and some crossover in personnel, is understood to be in talks with large insurance and private-equity firms, Reuters reported. A spokesman for Beechwood said: “Beechwood has a successful business model that is attractive to investors. Beechwood’s unfortunate historical relationships with individuals from Platinum are causing substantial reputation issues for the firm separate from its performance. Beechwood’s confidential discussions with strategic investors continue to move forward.” One of Beechwood’s major clients, Indiana insurers CHO Financial Group, pulled business from the firm after the scale of problems at Platinum became clear and sued three current and former Beechwood executives seeking damages. Another client, Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania, is liquidating its Platinum-related holdings, invested for them by Beechwood. Beechwood Bermuda opened up offices in Hamilton two years ago. The company bought Bermuda-based insurance and investment firm Old Mutual in January this year. Old Mutual, which had more than $1 billion in assets, closed for new business in 2009. The indictment in a New York court against Platinum chief Mark Nordlicht and six other current or former executives connected to the firm alleges that the firm took part in a pair of schemes aimed at defrauding investors. It is alleged that Mr Nordlicht and four other defendants since 2012 defrauded investors by overvaluing illiquid assets held by its Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage funds, mostly troubled energy-related investments. This caused “a severe liquidity crisis” at Platinum, which tried to fix the problem through high-interest loans between its funds before selectively paying some investors ahead of others. Robert Capers, US Attorney in Brooklyn, New York, said: “The charges highlight the brazenness and the breadth of the defendants’ lies and deceit.” Mr Capers said that the case involved one of the largest alleged investment frauds ever and that Platinum was exposed as having “no more value than a tarnished piece of cheap metal”. Prosecutors claim that Mr Nordlicht, David Levy, Platinum’s co-chief investment officer and Jeffrey Shulse, former CEO of Texas energy firm Black Elk Energy Offshore Operations, majority owned by Platinum, plotted to defraud bondholders of the energy firm, now closed, out of $50 million. The indictment also alleges that Platinum executives used the Beechwood group of reinsurance companies, partially controlled by Platinum’s principals, to rig a bond vote and pay the hedge fund managers ahead of creditors of Black Elk. Platinum and Beechwood associate Murray Huberfeld was arrested on criminal corruption charges in June and Platinum’s New York headquarters were raided by Federal agents two weeks later in a separate fraud investigation, which ended in Mr Nordlicht and other Platinum executives being indicted. It is alleged that Mr Huberfeld orchestrated a bribe to the head of the New York City prison guards’ union, Norman Seabrook, to secure a $20 million investment in Platinum. Mr Huberfeld, who provided cash to help launch Platinum in 2003, with the firm later taking over separate hedge funds he managed, and Mr Seabrook deny the allegations. The US Securities and Exchange Commission said it was seeking a court-appointed receiver for funds managed by Platinum Credit Management, the firm’s second-largest vehicle after Value Arbitrage. Mr Nordlicht pleaded not guilty to charges including securities fraud and was granted bail on a $5 million bond, secured by $500,000 in cash. Mr Levy and Uri Landesman, former president of the firm’s signature fund, Joseph SanFilippo, Value Arbitrage’s former chief financial officer, Joseph Mann, a former Platinum marketing executive and Daniel Small, a Platinum managing director, also pleaded not guilty.

2015. January 5. Bermuda-based insurance and investment firm Old Mutual has been bought by Beechwood Bermuda. Old Mutual, which has more than $1 billion in assets, closed for new business in 2009. Now Beechwood, a major provider of international investment plans that has more than $2 billion in assets, has completed the buyout of the firm for an undisclosed price. Beechwood chief executive officer Mark Feuer said: “This transaction offers a unique opportunity to strengthen our position as a global leader and demonstrates our dedication to providing innovative financial solutions for international investors. “Our scale and resources will allow us to continue to meet and further develop client demand for our products for years to come.” Beechwood has pledged continuation of service support for Old Mutual products over the next three years, backed up with support from Beechwood’s wealth management business. As part of the agreement, Old Mutual will reinsure certain policy guarantees until they mature in 2017 and 2018. Beechwood said it will contact Old Mutual’s distribution partners to discuss the transition and introduce Beechwood’s Accumulator Plus and Escalator Plus investment plans, which it said offer attractive rates and unique investment features such as principal protection guarantees. David Lessing, executive vice president of products and services at Beechwood, commented: “The growing client demand for the Beechwood products reinforces our decision to make a significant commitment to this business in support of our distribution partners and their financial advisers.” Beechwood Bermuda is a long-term insurer based in Hamilton. The company also owns Caymans-based Beechwood Re. The companies were formed to service demand from non-US high-net-worth investors seeking innovative, guaranteed investment products, and US and international insurers in need of attractive capacity in the life insurance and annuity reinsurance market.

Beechwood Bermuda International 2015. See above. Cumberland House, 1 Victoria Street, Hamilton. Established by life insurance company Beechwood Re. 
Beechwood Holdings 11/9/2006. See above.
Beehive Investments 12/15/1999
Beergarden (RSM), The 1/16/1995
Beethoven Company 6/20/1996
Beethoven Pastry 6/29/1998
Beezag 11/3/2008
BEF 5/28/1999
Befico 3/24/1964. Merged with Novartis Capital Ltd
Begama 4/10/1961
Begonia Investments I LLC 9/18/2007
Behr International Holdings 7/29/1980
Beijing Enterprises Water Group 11/23/1992
Beijing Properties (Holdings) 8/28/1997
Bejar Indemnity (Bermuda) 5/2/2002
Beker International 11/23/1973
Bekar Overseas 11/23/1973
Bekkin Investment Company 11/10/1988
Bel Air 5/28/1997
Bel Global Resources Holdings 8/8/1996
Bel Trade International Holdings 9/21/1993
Belair Construction Solutions 6/22/2000
Belair Consulting Solutions 5/29/2014
Belair 11/16/1970
Belam Shipping 1/17/1989
Belania Shipping 11/21/1995
Belaya Tserkov 1/13/2014
Belchart I 11/1/1993
Belco Properties - WCP 11/19/2007
Belcom 8/26/1999
Belcorp Holding 1/26/2006
Belcorp International 11/29/1991
Belcorp 11/16/2001
Belcorp Private Trustee Company 6/27/2001
Belden Invest 11/5/1997
Belden & Blake International 11/18/1985
Belden (Bermuda) Finance 12/7/2001
Belene Management 10/30/1990
Belene Textiles 8/25/1989
Belfield-in-Somerset 4/22/1955
Belfinance Master Fund 10/15/2001
Belfinance Multi-Strategy Fund 10/15/2001
Belfood 3/2/1984
Belforte Advisers 8/15/1989
Belforte Capital Development 8/15/1989
Belforte Capital 3/13/1989
Belforte Group Holdings 8/15/1989
Belforte Group 6/12/1989
Belfry 6/8/1994
Belgo Business International 8/8/2001
Belgrave Acquisitions 11/1/2002
Belgravia Five 6/27/1996
Belgravia Four 6/27/1996
Belgravia Hamilton 5/9/2008
Belgravia 2/7/1972
Belgravia One 6/27/1996
Belgravia Three 6/27/1996
Belgravia Two 6/27/1996
Belguard Insurance 1/2/1985
Belida International 9/24/1993
Belisle Holdings 11/27/2014
Belize Alternative Energy-Genesis 5/26/2011
Belize Alternative Energy 5/18/2011
Belize Orient Corporation 1/5/1988. Sterling House, Wesley Street, Hamilton. Phone 295-5254
Beljor International Corp 11/29/1991
Bell's Skyline 12/28/2006
Bell Atlantic China Holdings 11/23/1994
Bell Atlantic Directory Services (Taiwan) Company 10/16/1997
Bell Atlantic Holdings 4/1/1997
Bell Atlantic Mobile of Massachusetts Corp 1/31/2003
Bell Atlantic Network Systems (Bermuda) 4/4/1994
Bell Atlantic (Bermuda) Holdings 12/18/1998
Bell Canada International Inc (Section 61 M/C) 3/27/1998
Bell Carly Catherine 12/15/2014
Bell Caryl Catherine 12/10/2014
Bell Construction Co. 1/23/1920
Bell International Insurance Company 4/20/1986
Bell Services 3/8/1957
Bell & Clements (Bermuda) 7/3/2002
Bella Caffe 4/12/2006
Bella Casa Furniture 7/7/2003
Bella Coola Shipping 3/2/1978
Bella Flores 1/6/2006
Bella Ltd 9/27/1996
Bellla Vista 9/16/1993
Bellago Insurance 10/30/1992
Bellami 8/13/1999
Bellamont 7/17/2009
Bellatrix Investments 4/16/2007
Bellatrix 8/13/2002
Bellclose 12/22/1995
Belle Ltd 10/2/1987
Bellefonte Financial Management 6/10/1980
Bellerive 2/21/2013
Bellerophon 2/26/2007
Bellevue Interiors 3/29/1989
Bellevue Private Trust Company 4/15/1998
Bellingham Offshore Funds 10/28/1996
Bellon Aviation 2/22/2007
Bellona International 4/17/1996
Belly Busters 10/25/1995
Belmar Bermuda Leasing 3/12/2013
Belmare Aviation 10/21/2003
Belmer International 7/8/1994
Belmere 9/15/1969
Belmon 1/18/1984
Belmond Botswana 3/9/1992
Belmond Euro 3/17/2014
Belmond Holdings 3/7/1984
Belmond Interfin 9/27/2013
Belmond Ltd 10/16/1987
Belmond Properties 4/23/1997
Belmond (Cupecoy Village) 7/25/2005
Belmons 11/25/2004
Belmont Finance 1/20/1989
Belmont Fund LP 5/18/1989
Belmont Hills Apartments 3/12/2004
Belmont Hills Development 9/28/2001
Belmont Hills Golf Course Management 9/28/2001
Belmont Hills Golf Villas 3/12/2004
Belmont Hills Harbour Road Villas 3/12/2004
Belmont Hills Hotel 3/12/2004
Belmont Hills Newstead Landscaping Solutions 9/8/2000
Belmont Hills Property 9/14/1998
Belmont Insurance Co. 1/3/1978
Belmont Manor Properties 8/14/1987
Belmont Properties (Bermuda) 4/30/1987
Belmont Shipping 6/6/1956
Belokamenka 6/2/2005
Belring Corporation 10/31/1983
Belstar Capital 10/28/2011
Belt Collins International Holding Company 10/28/2002
Beltech Services 7/4/1996
Belton Holdings 7/11/1996
Beltone Asset Management 8/8/2012
Beltone Gems Equity Fund 6/18/2007
Beltrader Shipping 3/15/1996
Beltship Management 12/6/1991. P. O. Box HM 723, Hamilton HM CX. Part of an international shipping group specializing in ship management and self-unloading bulk carriers.
Beltships Investments 10/4/1989
Beltway 8 Insurance 5/9/2013
Beluga Bar 4/21/2010
Beluga Holdings 11/3/1975
Beluga 11/20/2002. Hamilton-based, owned by John Outerbridge. Owns the luxury yacht "Bermudiana" worth $2.8 million which in late 2007 was seized by US authorities in Florida because of a dispute over the alleged non-payment by its owners for $73,000 of service costs. The 27.36-metre Versilcraft Motor Yacht was built in 1991 and underwent a thorough mechanical & cosmetic refit in 2004, including rebuilt main engines, a new generator, fresh paint and a new decor. The spacious layout of the vessel provides four owner/guest staterooms plus accommodation for up to five crew in three cabins, and, with her low maintenance fiberglass construction, unique layout and attractive price, the Bermudiana represents a chartering opportunity for a yachtsman with a large family, lots of friends or the desire to get away with a special someone."
Belus Company 3/16/1971
Belvedere Holdings 8/27/1979
Belvedere Insurance Company 6/8/1978
Belvedere 1/28/2005
Belvedere Place A 10/29/2007
Belvedere Shipping Co. 12/9/1977
Belvedere Underwriting Agents 5/4/1979
Belvic Co.  1/12/1968
Belvic Holdings 4/7/1972
Belvin's Variety 9/6/2005
Belzona Molecular Group 3/5/1968
BEM International 2/28/1990
BEM International Management 2/28/1990
BEMA Gold Corporation (Sec 61 M/C) 3/1/1995
BEMA Gold (Bermuda) 9/20/1991
BEMA Gold (USA). Sec 61 M/C 3/1/1995
Bemex International 9/28/1984
Bemos Alternative Select Fund II 2/9/1999
Benbow Insurance Co. 4/23/1971
Benchmark Construction 12/28/2001
Benchstrength International (Bermuda) 11/13/2007
Benda International 2/13/2006
Bendelli Holding 12/18/2007
Bendix Bell 10/25/1966
Bendon Holdings 8/11/2005
Benedek Lewin 7/2/2014
Benedict Associates 10/7/1985
Benedict Financial 1/13/1984
Benedict Insurance Co. 11/30/1976
Beneese 3/18/2013
Benefactor Holdings 10/13/2005
Benefactor Investment 10/27/1998
Benefice 11/10/1989
Beneficial American Insurance Company 6/8/1978
Beneficial Finance (Bermuda) 7/9/1981
Beneficial Life Assurance Company (The) 3/23/1994
Beneficial Re Insurance Company 1/1/1985
Benefit Concepts International 5/26/1994
Benefit Resource Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) 12/20/1995
Benefits Insurance Company 4/11/1997
Benetton (St George's) 4/29/1986
Benevento Films 11/2/2006
Benevides Holdings 8/22/1991
Benevides Jennifer E 5/10/1995
Benevides, Elizabeth Mary 1/22/1980
Benevides, Eric 1/1/1981
Benevides, Jason C 5/6/2008
Benfield Group Ltd AMG 42403 2/1/2002
Benfield Investment Holdings 11/12/2004
Benfield Juniperus Holdings 4/28/2008
Benfield (Bermuda) 7/8/2002
Benfleet Shipping 1/18/1985
Benina Foundation 12/19/2006
Benline Investments Ltd NewBrunswick 5/10/1990
Benmore 12/31/1980
Bennett Advisors 4/18/2005
Bennett &Wright International Group 3/8/1994
Bennett, Donna Lynn 10/11/1979
Bennett, Richard Howell 2/8/1996
Benor Investments 9/30/1980
Benor Tankers 1/16/1990
Bens 10/7/1992
Benslow Bermuda 2/26/2008
Benson Insurance Company 1/26/1971
Bentley Capital 7/20/2001
Bentley Resorts 6/19/2014
Bentley Software International 6/10/2010
Bentley & Co. 7/28/1975
Benton 2/12/1976
Bentus International 7/17/1987
Beofor Reinsurance Company 3/2/1986
BEP International Holdings 10/19/2000
Beram 8/8/1969
Beramas Holding 10/1/1974
Berbank 10/27/1981
Berbar 2/8/1978
Berbeco International 2/22/1985
Bercal Investments 12/31/1980
Bercanda Corporation 9/27/1976
Bercanus Insurance Company 4/3/1970
Berchem 4/15/1991
Berco 5/27/1949. Pembroke Hall, 42 Crow Lane, Pembroke HM 19. Phone 295-4537. Fax 295-1232. International Investment company, part of Berco Ltd, of the Mitchell empire, owned by billionaire Bermuda resident Peter Green, long-time contributor to the UK's Labour Party.
Bercom Nominees 7/8/1987
Bercon International 10/2/1976
Bercon Ltd 8/29/2001
Bercorp 10/6/1993
Bercot Co. 7/16/1956
Bercra 6/28/1968
Berda Securities 2/19/1954
Berda Developments 2/3/1970
Berdaland Company 8/27/1979
Berdan 11/13/1987
Beretta Management 4/2/2013
Berfax Investment 4/10/1972
Berfin 10/7/1995
Berg Holdings 4/10/2007
Berge Bulk 10/30/1990
Berge Bulk Shipping 3/17/2011
Berge Helene 6/7/2005
Berge Okoloba Toru 6/7/2005
Bergenia Company 5/21/1970
Bergens AssuranceForening 1/5/1995
Bergere 5/4/1995
Bergesen D.Y (Bermuda) 4/5/2000. Major shipping company
Bergeson LNG I (Berge Boston) 5/26/2004
Bergeson LNG II (Berge Everett) 5/26/2004
Bergeson LNG III (Berge Arzew) 5/26/2004
Bergeson LNG IV (River Orashi) 5/26/2004
Bergeson LNG IX 5/17/2004
Bergeson LNG 10/29/2003
Bergeson LNG V (Enugu) 5/27/2004
Bergeson LNG VI (Oyo) 5/26/2004
Bergeson LNG VII (Benue) 5/26/2004
Bergeson LNG VIII 5/17/2004
Bergeson LNG X 5/17/2004
Bergeson LNG XI 8/13/2004
Bergesen Worldwide 10/29/2003
Berglund Insurance Company 10/30/1980
Bergson Investments 3/9/1981
Berg, Hope S 4/4/1985
Berg, Ltd 4/28/2005
Bericoton Imports 7/2/2009
Berkeley Foundation (The) 10/9/2006
Berkeley Investments 10/18/1985
Berkeley Ltd 5/21/1958
Berkeley Philanthropies 12/19/2002
Berkil Insurance Company 9/1/1988
Berkley Financial Capital Corporation 9/12/1994
Berkley Risk Solutions 3/8/2004
Berkor Holding 6/27/1996
Berkowitz Capital Master 12/13/2001
Berkowitz Capital Partners (Offshore) 12/13/2001
Berlantic Insurance 9/10/1971
Berlotra 4/3/1985
Berma Supply Co. 4/4/1971
Bermac 5/31/2001
Bermaco Insurance Company Ltd AMG 6108 4/24/1967
Bermag 6/9/1995
Bermair 5/21/1979
Bermala Development 5/7/1976
Berman Holdings 10/3/1995
Bermark Holdings 5/23/2013
Bermask 8/11/1988
Bermazon 12/30/2010
Bermead Insurance Company 9/1/1987
Bermex 12/19/1984
Bermin 2/12/1979
Bermor Agencies 10/31/1974
Bermore 2/20/1992
Bermrisk Insurance 6/21/1977
Bermuda's Brazilian Football School 9/15/2010
Bermuda's Dancing Dolphins 9/13/1971
Bermuda's Reservation Services 12/19/1995
Bermuda's Small Properties 6/30/1998
Bermuda-Caribbean Engineering Consultants 1/27/1971
Bermuda 2000 7/11/1996. 2016. May 25. This company, operators of the Rubis Causeway service station at Blue Hole Hill, said it had been appointed to distribute NOsquito, a natural repellent free of the chemical repellent DEET. NOsquito is a skin patch that releases Thiamin B-1 into the body, which is released through skin pores and protects against insect bites.
Bermuda Academy of Music 10/3/1994
Bermuda Accounting and Management Services 1/28/2000
Bermuda Aerial Media 6/5/2013
Bermuda Affordable Import Leaders 8/29/1997
Bermuda Air-Lift 6/11/1969
Bermuda Air Balance 1/31/2008
Bermuda Air Charters 6/1/1992
Bermuda Air Conditioning 4/11/1963
Bermuda Air Express 6/2/1997
Bermuda Air Forwarders 1/24/1974
Bermuda Air Medivac 8/9/2004
Bermuda Airport Advertising 3/13/2002
Bermuda Airport Executive Lounge 9/4/1997
Bermuda Airways 8/18/1945
Bermuda Alarm 1/1/1987
Bermuda Alliance for Tourism 2/28/2002
Bermuda Alternate Energy 1/4/2010
Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association 8/6/1996
Bermuda American Friendship Society (The) 5/20/2009
Bermuda American Intermediaries 12/29/2006
Bermuda Appliance Centre 10/2/1980
Bermuda Art & Frame Co. 7/18/1980
Bermuda Asphalt 5/13/2002
Bermuda Asset Management 10/20/1987
Bermuda Atlantic Line 3/23/1984
Bermuda Autism Early Intervention Centre (The) 9/21/2007
Bermuda Auto & Marine Electrical 4/6/2000
Bermuda Automatic Gate Systems 10/23/2003
Bermuda Automotive Marketing & Sales 2/22/2010
Bermuda Aviation Foods 1/17/1997
Bermuda Aviation Leasing 3/30/1995
Bermuda Aviation Services 5/5/1947
Bermuda Bakery (Operations) 10/6/1999
Bermuda Barefoot Cruises 4/14/1988
Bermuda Baseball Federation (The) 12/22/2006
Bermuda Bay Corporation 5/30/1984
Bermuda Belle 10/23/1980
Bermuda Bicycle Association 12/13/2000
Bermuda Biodiesel 3/17/2006
Bermuda Blueprinting 2/12/1997
Bermuda Body Works 11/7/2001
Bermuda Bond Funds 2/20/1980
Bermuda Bond Incubator 1/11/2008
Bermuda Book Store 10/2/1968
Bermuda Book Store (Baxters) 6/3/1983
Bermuda Bowling Federation (The) 10/19/1997
Bermuda Braces Co. 1/16/1995
Bermuda Breads 5/25/2004
Bermuda Brewery 5/31/1974
Bermuda Brewing Company 4/6/2000
Bermuda Brickyard 12/29/1999
Bermuda Broadcasting Company (The) 11/5/1943
Bermuda Brokers 4/13/2012
Bermuda Building Services Company 11/7/2001
Bermuda Building Society (The) 6/9/1966
Bermuda Building Specialties 8/9/1985
Bermuda Built Construction 3/28/2006
Bermuda Bulk Gases 3/18/1985
Bermuda Business Club 1/13/1983
Bermuda Business Development Corporation 6/7/2012
Bermuda Business Machines 5/31/1973
Bermuda Business Magazine 9/19/1989
Bermuda Business Network (The) 5/31/1996
Bermuda Butler Aviation 10/30/1981
Bermuda Cablevision 4/27/1972
Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre 5/28/2007
Bermuda Candies 9/16/1987
Bermuda Capital Company 10/20/1969
Bermuda Captive Owners Association 3/29/2006
Bermuda Cardiovascular Institute 11/7/2014
Bermuda Careers Centre 1/25/2002
Bermuda Cares 9/3/2010
Bermuda Cedars 12/17/2008
Bermuda Ceilings 4/24/1984
Bermuda Celebrity Golf Classic 3/25/1997
Bermuda Central Dispatch Corporation 8/6/2001
Bermuda Central Station 3/16/1982
Bermuda Clayworks 2/24/2003
Bermuda Cleaning 11/3/1988
Bermuda Cleaning & Shampooing Services 3/26/1979
Bermuda Clipper 10/27/1992
Bermuda Clubs Association 12/12/1974
Bermuda Coal Company 12/3/1984
Bermuda Coatings Co. 9/10/1997
Bermuda Coffee Company 4/8/2005
Bermuda Coin & Stamp Co. 3/21/1967
Bermuda Collection (The) 4/29/1987
Bermuda Commercial Bank Charitable Foundation 10/1/2010
Bermuda Commercial Bank 4/15/1969. One of the banks operating locally. L P. Gutteridge Building, Hamilton, PO Box HM1748, Hamilton HM GX, Telephone: 441.295.5678 Fax: 441.295.4759 . Owned by Somers Ltd, a listed Bermuda-incorporated international financial services investment holding company whose major assets include this 100 percent owned subsidiary and a 62.5 percent holding in Waverton Investment Management Limited, a UK wealth manager with over US$8.7 billion assets under management. The Group’s other investments include an approximate 68 percent economic interest in the London Stock Exchange listed Private & Commercial Finance Group PLC, a UK asset financing company, an 84.6 percent stake in Westhouse Holdings PLC, a corporate and institutional stock broking group, a 30 percent economic interest in Ascot Lloyd Holdings Limited, a UK independent financial adviser and a 21 percent economic interest in Merrion Capital Holdings Limited, an Irish financial services group.

Bermuda Commercial Bank

Bermuda Commercial Service Centre 9/22/1995
Bermuda Commodities Exchange (The) 8/29/1996
Bermuda Communications Consultants 9/3/1979
Bermuda Communications Corp. 5/28/1980
Bermuda Community Foundation 1/28/2013
Bermuda Compare 1/21/2011
Bermuda Composite Construction 5/1/2000
Bermuda Concrete Products 7/6/1978
Bermuda Concrete Products (1980) 4/14/1980
Bermuda Connect Association (The) 3/11/1998
Bermuda Construction Services 9/18/1989
Bermuda Consulting Engineering 10/14/1997
Bermuda Consulting Group 1/18/1980
Bermuda Container Line 8/17/1979
Bermuda Contract Supply Co. 1/13/1964
Bermuda Convergent Communications 1/10/2001
Bermuda Corporate Services 5/14/2008
Bermuda Corporate & Trust Law 5/4/2012
Bermuda Corporation Company (The) 11/19/2003
Bermuda Council for Drug Free Sport 7/17/2003
Bermuda Courts 12/16/1975
Bermuda Craft Market (The) 11/2/1992
Bermuda Creamery 3/30/1977
Bermuda Credit Association 1/25/1982
Bermuda Cruises 6/24/1987
Bermuda Cuisine 3/13/1979
Bermuda Custom Carpentry 12/13/2006
Bermuda Custom Home Building & Maintenance 11/10/2005
Bermuda Cycles 8/24/1990
Bermuda Dance Company Foundation 8/8/2001
Bermuda Debt Collection Agency 11/14/1995
Bermuda Decorative Hardware 11/14/2003
Bermuda Depot 11/1/2010
Bermuda Designer Ceramics 5/5/2005
Bermuda Development Associates 5/3/2013
Bermuda Diabetes Association 5/8/2008
Bermuda Digital Communications 1/31/1994
Bermuda Direct 4/8/2008
Bermuda Directories 7/10/1997
Bermuda Drivers 2/22/2012
Bermuda Donor Forum 10/1/2013
Bermuda Dredging & Contracting Co. 7/25/1961
Bermuda Drywall & Ceilings 7/30/2007
Bermuda Duty Free 6/30/1998
Bermuda Education Network 1/14/2010
Bermuda Electric Light Company 12/9/1904
Bermuda Electrical Contractors 8/29/2008
Bermuda Electronic Systems 2/8/1994
Bermuda Elevator Service Co 3/31/1981
Bermuda Emissions Control 12/20/1994
Bermuda Energy Conservation (Encon) 11/4/1981
Bermuda Energy Savings Technology 2/18/1987
Bermuda Energy Services Company 12/21/1995
Bermuda Enginering and Supply Company 2/29/2008
Bermuda Enginering Company (The) 9/9/1935
Bermuda Enterprises 6/1/1976
Bermuda Entertainment Properties 6/1/2011
Bermuda Environmental Alliance 11/24/2008
Bermuda Environmental Consulting 2/17/2010
Bermuda Environmental Energy Sustainable Group 11/3/2010
Bermuda Environmental Pollution Control Agency 8/14/2002
Bermuda Environmental Resources Recovery Technologies 1/13/1999
Bermuda Environmental Solutions 1/31/2012
Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce 7/23/2008
Bermuda Equestrian Federation 10/6/1999
Bermuda Equity Funds 6/27/1980
Bermuda Estate Maintenance 5/30/1997
Bermuda Event Solutions 7/30/2009
Bermuda Events 2/14/2008
Bermuda Excursions 9/18/1986
Bermuda Execair 1/2/1998
Bermuda Executive Airways Co.  8/21/1980
Bermuda Executive Services 2/3/2000
Bermuda Export Sea Transfer 6/4/1987
Bermuda Eye Centre 6/26/2009
Bermuda Fabrication & Welding 2/12/1991
Bermuda Family Entertainment 12/10/2010
Bermuda Farms 10/7/2011
Bermuda Fashions 8/29/1978
Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts (The) 5/2/1975
Bermuda Finance 2/24/1958
Bermuda Financial Centre (The) 6/18/1993
Bermuda Financial Network (The) 1/23/1996
Bermuda Fire & Marine Insurance Company 11/28/1903
Bermuda Fire & Security Services 4/9/2010
Bermuda First 3/27/2009
Bermuda First Investment Company 9/20/2012. Exempted investment holding company. In May 2014 it gave a bleak picture of the economic outlook for Bermuda based on its third-quarter results. Results reflected the grim financial reality in the performance of key Bermuda companies and a concern that economic recovery will be long and slow unless significant decisions are made to encourage business investment in Bermuda and there is an increase in resident numbers. Listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange, it makes money trading in Bermuda stocks. Yet the performance of these equities has been recently affected by market conditions, together with structural and regulatory issues.
Bermuda Fish Co 2/15/2012
Bermuda Florist (The) 2/17/1993
Bermuda Food and Beverage Distributors 4/21/2008
Bermuda Formed Precast Systems 4/25/1989
Bermuda Forwarders 5/13/1963. A local air freight and shipping services company with agents in Canada, Europe, USA, UK, etc.
Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies (The) 7/17/1996
Bermuda Fund Administration 9/28/2007
Bermuda Funeral Services 3/4/2003
Bermuda Furnishing & Supply Co. 3/9/1983
Bermuda Furniture Manufacturing Co. 7/16/1969
Bermuda Garage Door Co. 9/27/1989
Bermuda Gardens 11/9/1970
Bermuda Gas & Utility Company 2/13/1954
Bermuda General Agency 3/2/1988
Bermuda General Theatres 6/11/1935
Bermuda Gifts & Ideas 2/4/1985
Bermuda Glass Company 9/1/1971
Bermuda Glassblowing 8/8/1990
Bermuda Global 11/2/2012
Bermuda Gold Buyers 11/29/2011
Bermuda Gold Exchange 8/16/2010
Bermuda Golf Academy and Driving Range (The) 10/5/1994
Bermuda Golf Association 3/13/2001
Bermuda Golf Company 4/5/1989
Bermuda Graphics & Promotions 5/10/1991
Bermuda Guaranteed Energy Protection 2/11/1998
Bermuda Gymnastics Association 10/1/1997
Bermuda Hair Discount Company 10/19/1971
Bermuda Handicraft 1/26/1976
Bermuda Hardware Limited (The) 6/4/1948
Bermuda Hardware Wholesalers 5/3/2002
Bermuda Health Alliance (The) 5/13/1996
Bermuda Health Care Services 6/9/1989
Bermuda Health Foundation 4/26/2001
Bermuda Healthcare Agency 10/28/2011
Bermuda Hearing Services 9/21/2001
Bermuda Heart Foundation (The) 2/28/2008
Bermuda Helicopters 6/5/1992
Bermuda Hi-Lift 4/6/1987
Bermuda High 3/31/1976
Bermuda HoldCo. A Bermuda-registered company alleged in September 2014 by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to have been used in a bid to tax a $357 million loan. If the IRS is successful the case could have wide-reaching implications for other major US firms that use international subsidiaries to do business. The US Tax Court case centres around the use of Bermuda HoldCo by US firm Paradym, owned by the Illinois Tool Works, to make a loan to its European subsidiary, Europe HoldCo. According to the US National Law Review, Bermuda HoldCo in 2006 lent the cash to European HoldCo. The Review said that the loan was unsecured, had a term of five years and included a fixed interest rate, as well as being “properly documented and $20 million of interest was paid each year as required by the loan documents. Europe HoldCo then made a distribution of the same $357 million to Paradym.” But the IRS in 2010 said that the Bermuda HoldCo loan was a dividend — which gave European HoldCo to have $357 million in earnings and profits and should be treated as a taxable dividend. The IRS further argued that Paradym had a zero basis in its European HoldCo shares, which would result in the European HoldCo’s distribution being treated as a taxable capital gain. But Paradym argued that the distribution was not a dividend because Europe HoldCo had no earnings and profits and that the distribution should offset Paradym’s $1.1 billion basis in its European HoldCo shares. The National Law Review article added: “As evidenced by the increasing number of inversions by US multinationals, repatriation of offshore profits has been and will continue to be a significant issue. “Should the IRS be successful in Illinois Tool Works, a large number of US multinationals will be affected as this type of repatriation strategy is a common planning technique.”
Bermuda National (BNL) 19 Par-la-Ville Road Hamilton HM 11. Bermuda international (exempt) investment holding company specializing in the financial services sector. BNL’s primary investment is a 100% interest in Bermuda Commercial Bank, one of Bermuda’s four licensed banks which focuses on corporate and private wealth. Its shares are traded on the Bermuda Stock Exchange under the ticker code, BNL.BH.
Bermuda Poker Tour 6/8/2007
Bermuda Press 9/9/1963
Bermuda Press (Holdings) The 8/8/1921
Bermuda Professional Counseling Service 1/8/2013
Bermuda Project Managers 5/23/1997
Bermuda Promotions 8/20/1984
Bermuda Properties 3/3/1958
Bermuda Property Link 2/19/2013
Bermuda Protection Services 1/29/2009
Bermuda Provident Company (The) 1/2/1963
Bermuda Public Storage 9/5/2007
Bermuda Pump Sales 10/22/2013
Bermuda Racquet & Tennis 7/19/1973
Bermuda Transport Solutions 2015
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Bermuda) LP.  Richmond House, 12 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 08. Phone 295-0614 or fax 292-1549 or cell 505 2657. Operates chemical tankers. Vessels include the Bahamas Spirit and the Cap Bon. Managing Director is Bermuda resident, Jens Alers, also German Hon. Consul. The company looks after 700 ships and 17,000 seafarers who ply the oceans of world. It also manages tankers, container ships and VLCC, or Very Large Container Ships.
Bespoke Software S. E. Pearman Building, 9 Par-la-Ville Road. Hamilton HM 12. Business Intelligence software development company.

2017. March 30. A Bermuda-based software development company has launched a new one-stop place for data aimed at the growing captive insurance industry. Bespoke Software said their new inTell Captive software streamlined data and made it easier for captive managers to access, use and analyze the information they hold. Now the company is to showcase inTell Captive to the on-island industry and plans to exhibit its capabilities at the annual Bermuda Captive Conference in September. Paul McLeod, president of Hamilton-based Bespoke, said: “It’s a business intelligence end-to-end solution developed with the captive insurance industry in mind. “It allows captive management companies to pull together all the data they have around their captive insurance companies. Traditionally, the captive industry has been very late to market as it were in addressing technology capabilities, specifically around their data. The captive market is growing very rapidly and putting competitive pressure on this space and being able to leverage your data is a good way to stay competitive. It’s a way for captive management companies to realize benefits from their data. That data is useless unless you can do something with it. It’s an asset of the organisation and money can be made leveraging that asset, investing in that asset and realizing a return on it.” The company said that inTell Captive can get companies up and running within four months compared to traditional data-warehousing methods that can take two to three years to set up. The system can report and track results, allowing for faster and more effective business decisions, ease regulatory reporting burdens and provide forecasting and planning. The product also manages foreign exchange, reducing the cost of captive management and give a competitive edge through mobile, online access to data, dashboards benchmarking and performance analysis. It also provides tools for reconciliation, audit and compliance to assist in operations and regulatory reporting. Mr McLeod said: “A lot of these companies will manage the data they collect in different ways — spreadsheets, accounting systems — and the ability for someone to pull all that together is almost non-existent. What we have is a way for competitive management companies to realize benefits from their data. We talk to these companies and they all talk about how the pressures are increasing on them to have this data.” And Mr McLeod pointed out that increasing regulation meant that authorities were demanding more and more information from companies. He added: “If you are a company managing hundreds of captive insurance companies, that’s an enormous effort — it should be almost an automated process.”

BF&M Originally Bermuda Fire & Marine Insurance Co, one of the first in Bermuda serving the local market. Now also in the Caribbean.

2016. September 12. BF&M has reported net earnings of $13.2 million for the first half of this year. That is a $1.8 million improvement on shareholders’ net income, year-on-year. It also represents an annualized return on shareholders’ equity of 9.9 per cent. However, the company acknowledged that a large fire claim will be recorded in its third-quarter financial statements. BF&M insured the Ann Cartwright DeCouto Building on Front Street, which was gutted by fire on July 21. Regarding the financial results for the year up to June 30, John Wight, chief executive officer said the performance was “strong”. He added: “The core operating earnings were largely in line in the first six months of 2016, exclusive of fair value accounting for movements in the company’s investments and reserves, with the corresponding period in 2015.” About half of the company’s earnings were generated in Bermuda, while the rest came from its operations in 15 islands in the Caribbean. The split is also 50-50 between property and casualty business, and health, life, annuities, pensions and investment advisory services. BF&M has four main insurance operating companies. BF&M General Insurance Company, BF&M Life Insurance Company, and Island Heritage Insurance Company are all rated A (excellent) by AM Best, while the Insurance Corporation of Barbados is rated A- (Excellent). Mr Wight said “there is no domestic insurance group in Bermuda or the Caribbean with stronger ratings”. Gross premiums written for the period were $183.5 million, an increase of 1 per cent from the corresponding period in 2015. Equity attributable to shareholders at the end of June was $266.9 million. General fund assets totaled $1.1 billion, of which $113.2 million was held in cash and cash equivalents. Investment income for the six months reflected an $18.9 million increase in the value of investments for the period on falling US interest rates. The company said this interest rate decrease positively impacted the fair value of extensive fixed income portfolio. Offsetting this was a $21.6 million increase in the value of life and health policyholder benefits as a result of an asset liability matching policy which looks to limit volatility of reported earnings as a result of interest rate swings. BF&M said commission and other income was in line with the prior year at $20.4 million. Short term claims and adjustment expenses increased 14 per cent to $12 million due to increases in reported motor and miscellaneous accident claims as well as more unfavorable development on that group of claims compared to the prior year. Life and health policy benefits, which are recorded at fair value, increased by 64 per cent to $75.7 million, primarily as a result of the previously mentioned interest rate decreases and the BF&M’s asset liability matching policy. The increase can also be attributed to higher local health claims reported in Bermuda. Operating expenses increased by 4 per cent to $33.3 million.

Bestway International Holdings C/o Codan Services Ltd
BG Newco 4/18/2001
BGAILPSPC 5/20/2014
BGG 10/2/2007
BGH Group 9/7/2006
BGO Bermuda) 4/25/1996
BGS Services 8/27/2013
BGT Oil Tankers (Bermuda) 12/22/1975
BGU 10/20/1994
BGW Insurance Services 6/26/1996
BH Aviation 10/26/2006
BH Holdings 9/11/2014
BHL Properties 5/20/1994
BHM 6/22/2006
BHMA 7/26/1991
BHP 7/3/2014
BHP Petroleum Tankers 12/12/1990
BHSP 3/13/1973
BI Owned by and controlling the worldwide business interests of the British twins of Sir David & Sir Frederick Barclay, among Britain's 500 richest people. Their property includes the Scotsman and Daily Telegraph newspapers (the latter bought on 22nd June 2004 for £650 million - and Ritz Hotel in London.
BIP Bermuda Holdings I  
Big Cat Holdings  
Billing Services Group

Manx Financial Group plc (MFG) holds 1.7 million shares in London-listed Billing Services,  a provider of clearing and settlement, payment services and financial risk management solutions.

Black and McDonald (Bermuda) Provides electrical, mechanical, utility and maintenance services across Canada and USA. Has over 4,000 employees working out of a network of more than 20 offices.
Blades 10/14/1988
Blades & Associates 8/9/1972
Blair International Insurance 2/28/1969
Blair Investments 8/2/1989
Blairmore  6/27/1983
Blakeney Fund 7/6/2004
Blad Foundation  
Blue Capital Global Insurance Fund 2016. August 2. Blue Capital Reinsurance Holdings has posted profits of $2 million, or 22 cents per share, for the second quarter of the year, compared with $5.5 million during the same period in 2015. Blue Capital’s earnings beat analysts’ estimates, as collated on Yahoo Finance, by one cent per share. Reinsurance premiums written for the quarter were $9.3 million, up $1.7 million on the same quarter last year. The second quarter’s premiums written benefited from $0.7 million of reinstatement premiums, compared to no reinstatement premiums in the second quarter of last year. Loss and loss adjustment expenses for the period were $6 million, compared to $0.1 million for the second quarter in 2015. Blue Capital said that was driven by a higher frequency of global catastrophe events, which included the Fort McMurray wildfires in Canada, storms in Texas and Europe and the Kumamoto earthquake in Japan. Adam Szakmary, CEO of Blue Capital, said: “The second quarter included a greater frequency of global catastrophe events and Blue Capital’s ability to generate a profit reflects our strong risk management and the benefits of maintaining a portfolio of diverse catastrophe risks. “During midyear renewals, our portfolio’s average price decline of approximately three per cent moderated compared to the five per cent decline experienced a year ago. Through our advantageous partnership with Endurance and the leveraging of our experienced underwriters, we were able to assemble an attractive portfolio during the midyear renewals.” General and administrative expenses for the quarter amounted to $1.2 million — $0.7 million less than the same period last year. That was attributed to lower performance fees based on reduced profitability.

2016. May 4. Bermuda-based Blue Capital Reinsurance Holdings Ltd posted a $5 million profit to beat Wall Street estimates.  The company, which offers collateralised reinsurance and insurance-linked securities investments, said the net and operating income was 57 cents a share, exceeding the 52 cents forecast by analysts tracked Yahoo Finance. Underwriting decisions, operations and other management services are provided to Blue Capital by Blue Capital Management Ltd, a subsidiary of Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd. The company said book value per common share was $20.44 at March 31, 2016, reflecting a 2.7 per cent increase for the quarter and an 11.5 per cent increase over the past 12 months, each inclusive of dividends. Reinsurance premiums written were $17.4 million in the first quarter, a decline of $2.7 million, or 13.4 per cent, compared to the same period in 2015. The company said this was “primarily due to a shift in the composition of the business to a greater proportion of quota share reinsurance”. The combined ratio — the proportion of premium dollars spent on claims and expenses — was 52.2 per cent compared to 44.6 per cent in the first quarter of 2015. Loss and loss adjustment expenses for totaled $1.7 million, comprising $1 million in first-quarter quarter losses and $0.7 million from adverse development on losses related to the December 2015 UK storms. General and administrative expenses were $1.5 million, or $0.2 million higher than a year before, largely due to higher performance fees. Acquisition costs of $2.2 million declined 4.4 per cent from a year ago, as the transition to a greater proportion of quota share premiums led to reduced fronting expenses. Blue Capital declared a dividend of 30 cents per common share, which was paid on April 15, 2016 and a special dividend of $1.24 per common share which was paid on March 15, 2016. Adam Szakmary, Blue Capital’s chief executive officer, said: “Blue Capital’s strong results in a quarter marked by significant financial market volatility highlights the value of our strategy of providing investors with diversified access to the preferred traditional property-catastrophe market.” Blue Capital’s shares fell 3 cents to close at $17.45 in New York yesterday.

2015. November 4. Reinsurance firm Blue Capital posted profits of $4.4 million for the third quarter of the year. The specialist in insurance-linked securities (ILS) said that was equivalent to 50 cents a share. Reinsurance premiums written for the quarter were $5.9 million — a drop of $0.6 million compared to same period last year. The fall was attributed to premium reductions in the global market. Blue Capital president and CEO Adam Szakmary said: “Over the course of the year and the current quarter we continued to generate very attractive results, which remain largely uncorrelated to larger financial market volatility. “Blue Capital’s strategy remains focused on providing investors diversified access to the preferred traditional property catastrophe market, without adding underlying asset macro-correlation. The partial ownership by insurance and reinsurance firm Endurance, which acquired a stake in the company after it bought rival Montpelier, had enhanced Blue Capital’s shareholder value and its ability to survive tough market conditions. Partnering with an underwriting organization that has greater scale, an enhanced market position and a larger more diversified global catastrophe book of business improves Blue Capital’s ability to compete in an increasingly competitive environment.”

2015.  August 27.  Saw the net asset value of its ordinary shares increase by 1.9 per cent in the first half of this year, after accounting for dividends declared. The company had $212.9 million invested in Blue Capital Global Reinsurance as of the end of June. That represents all the company’s capital, excluding amounts retained for working capital purposes. In a statement, the company said it had benefited from a low level of loss activity during the first half of 2015. Montpelier Re Holdings, the parent company of Blue Capital Management, completed a merger with Endurance Holdings on July 31, 2015.

Blue Capital Global Reinsurance Fund 2016. November 22. Recorded a $6.8 million loss in October, primarily related to Hurricane Matthew. Ordinary shares of the company had an unaudited net asset value of $1.1216 at the end of October, which was 0.2 per cent down for the month. The year-to-date performance, as of October 31, is reported as 6.2 per cent. Regarding the October losses, led by Matthew, the company said in a statement: “The investment manager continues its normal post-event procedures to estimate any loss to the company, and continues to monitor these events for any further impact to the company.” Matthew, which at its peak was a Category 5 hurricane, affected parts of Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and the southeastern US last month.
Blue Capital Reinsurance Holdings Since June 2013.  A holding company offering collateralised reinsurance in the property catastrophe market and also invests in insurance lined securities (ILS). Trades on the US Stock Exchange in November that year. A subsidiary of Montpelier Re Holdings, a global provider of property catastrophe and short tail reinsurance with more than $3.6 billion in assets. In July 2015  posted a $5.5 million profit in the second quarter. The figure broke down to 63 cents per share. The firm ended June with a book value per share of $20.59 — a 3 per cent increase for the quarter and a 6 per cent gain for the year to date. Reinsurance premiums written for the quarter were $7.6 million and net reinsurance premiums earned totaled $9.7 million. Blue Capital president and CEO in 2015 is William Pollett.
Blue Marble Microinsurance Since 2015.  Veteran industry chief Brian Duperreault's Hamilton Insurance Group teamed up other companies to create this one as a micro insurance firm aimed at the developing world. It is ambitious bid to boost the image of the insurance sector to increase business and attract new blood to its ranks. Mr Duperreault said companies from technology firms and banks to non-profit organisations had all expressed an interest in the venture, launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier in 2015. It was set up by AIG, Aspen, Guy Carpenter, Hamilton, Old Mutual, TransRe, XL Catlin and Zurich.  Blue Marble will incubate the launch and operations of new solutions, including unique distribution methods, local partnerships and product development.
BNY Analytics Technology Since 6/2/2006. For Bank of New York Mellon (BNY)
BNY Analytics (Bermuda) Since 6/2/2006
BNY Bermuda Holdings Since 6/6/3006
BNY Bermuda Shell Since 2/10/2003
BNY Generator Lessor Since 3/20/1992
BNY Alternative Investment Services

Bermuda Office of Bank of New York Mellon

Since 1/4/1993. Bermuda Office, Front Street, Hamilton. A hedge fund administrator. In January 2012 laid off 20 accounting positions, with 39 employees remaining in Bermuda. According to a bank spokesperson, Bank of New York Mellon acquired PNC Bank’s global investment services business in July of 2010 and as a result “accounting functions have been consolidated” to their Orlando, Florida office.”

Birketu Pty Private investment company of Bermuda-based Australian billionaire Bruce Gordon
BISYS Hedge Fund Services Formerly Hemisphere Management Limited. Hemisphere House, P. O. Box HM 951, Hamilton HM DX. Phone 295-9166. Fax 292-6145. One of the leading fund administration groups in the world, with assets exceeding $45 billion and third-largest administrator of hedge funds. Established in Bermuda in 1981, with 142 out of the total of more than 276 staff and subsidiaries in Dublin and Boston. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Mutual Risk Management Ltd. Hit by the Madoff fraud.
BlueGreen Re Since late 2014. Class 3A reinsurer sponsored by Credit Value Partners
BNY Alternative Investment Services. (Formerly International Fund Administration, or IFA) Suite 464, 48 Par La Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Hedge fund administrator and International financial services, providing comprehensive fund administration services for offshore and US investment companies. Bank of New York acquired IFA in late 2002.
Bosphorus 2015. August 28.  This $100 million catastrophe bond to cover Turkey against earthquakes was set up in Bermuda in 2015. Now the Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP) plans to continue to build its relationship with the market. The Bosphorus Ltd bond provides reinsurance protection across three years on a per-occurrence basis for earthquakes in the Istanbul area. The transaction — the second of its kind — was completed with the support of reinsurance broker Guy Carpenter’s investment banking and ILS unit GC Securities. Suha Cele, executive board member of Eureko Sigorta, the insurer that manages TCIP, said: “In view of the constantly growing portfolio of TCIP, our co-operation with the capital markets will continue in the near future, which would allow TCIP to diversify its reinsurance buying and utilise multiyear capacity at a stable price.” He added: “We are proud to be the sponsor of Bosphorus Ltd. Our previous bond, Bosphorus 1 Re was a real success story as it is the first cat bond covering Turkish perils. “We are pleased to see that the second bond is also well accepted by the capital markets, which is showing us also that the bond programme of TCIP is well-established.” The TCIP risk pool has now sourced $500 million in total of catastrophe bond capacity from capital market investors, following the $400 million Bosphorus 1 Re Ltd deal in 2013. The transaction’s trigger is based on ground motion measurements captured by seismometers that are part of the Istanbul Early Warning and Rapid Response System, operated by academic institutions in Turkey. GC Securities global head of ILS structuring Cory Anger said: “We are delighted that TCIP has elected to utilise catastrophe bond-based protection for a second time to complement its traditional reinsurance programme and build upon the success of its initial use of catastrophe bonds.” She added: “The use of an unsubordinated, unsecured note issued by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development as the collateral solution balances giving investors superior investment yield and diversifying the type of collateral solution that are most common in catastrophe bond transactions while maintaining high investment quality for TCIP.”
Bosphorus Re  2013. See above
Boeing International Holdings 1/2/1998
Boeing Sales Corporation 2/16/1993
Boeing Worldwide Operations 1/2/1998
Bonanza Re November 2016. A $200 million special purpose vehicle sponsored by American Strategic Insurance Group and listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange. The aim is to provide American Strategic with coverage against US named storms, for all tropical storm- and hurricane-exposed states and severe thunderstorm risk for the 48 continental states and the District of Columbia.
Boston-Bermuda Cruising 11/1/1993
Boston AIG Company 2/7/1994
Boston Capital Ventures International Limited Partnership "P" 9/27/1984
Boston Capital Ventures International Management 7/26/1984
Boston Casualty Co (The) 3/20/1991
Boston Insurance SAC 7/22/2005
Boston Mining 8/25/2003
Boston Re 4/18/2000
Boston Scientific International 9/10/2008
Boston Scientific 4/4/2008
Boston Trading 3/25/1982
Boston Trust Company (The) 11/25/2004
Bostonweb Group 4/9/2013
Bowring Marsh (Bermuda) 9/17/1998
Bowring (Bermuda) Investments 6/18/1993
BP AMW Developments 5/19/1978
BP Capital (Bermuda) 7/5/1985
BP Flight Operations 4/15/1969
BP LNG Shipping 9/21/1989
BP Maritime Services 2/29/1984
BP Media 9/1/2009
BP Peru 10/26/1971
BP Petroleum Development Brazil 3/22/1974
BP Petroleum Development (Airborne Surveys) 5/28/1990
BP Suez 10/17/1974
BP (Bermuda) 4/15/1963
Brenco - Brazilian Renewable Energy Company 1/12/ 2007. An ethanol company with prominent foreign investors. Founding shareholders included venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, American supermarket magnate Ron Burkle, America Online founder Steve Case, former World Bank President James Wolfensohn and film producer Steven Bing. Brenco sells ethanol to the huge domestic market, and exports it amid rising international demand. It is expected to produce 3.8 billion liters (1 billion gallons) annually within the next ten years. Brazilian ethanol makers produced 17 billion litres (4.5 billion gallons) last year, and exported 3.4 billion litres (900 million gallons). The company has its headquarters in Brazil’s largest city of Sao Paulo, near the sugarcane fields where most Brazilian ethanol is produced.
Brenco Trading Company 11/9/2007.
Bright International Group C/o Codan Services Ltd
Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Established in 1992 to own a 51% interest in Shenyang JinBei Passenger Vehicle Manufacturing Company Ltd., of China. It manufactures and distributes mini-buses in China. It was the first company with operations solely in China to list on the New York Stock Exchange. A subsidiary, Brilliance China Trucks Holdings Ltd., changed its name in late 1996 to China Automotive Co. Ltd.
Brit Group Major British Insurer with several Bermuda subsidiaries. Its most recent Bermuda incorporated vehicle is the $75 million special purpose reinsurer Versutus, to reinsure a share of Brit Insurance's property catastrophe excess of loss portfolio. It is capitalized by a number of unnamed investors to provide collateralised capacity support to Brit, a Lloyd's of London insurer. The deal is the latest sign of the industry's increasing collaboration with the capital markets. Brit Insurance returned to the London Stock Exchange last year after a 2011 $1.34 billion buyout. It used third party capital in 2007 to launch the $118 million collateralised vehicle Norton Re, which ran for two years and focused on property retro business. It launched its Bermuda branch office in Bermuda in September 2014, headed by former Market Re executive Joe Bonanno. The firm has a major presence in Lloyd's of London, the world's specialist insurance market provider, and a significant US and international reach. Brit also underwrites a broad class of commercial specialty insurance with a strong focus on property, casualty and energy business. Brit Global Specialty Bermuda complements Brit's distribution network and is regarded as a key component in developing Brit's global offering and will focus on underwriting excess workers compensation reinsurance, as well as US property catastrophe reinsurance, retrocession and industry loss warranty covers.
Brit Global Specialty Bermuda See above
Brit Insurance (Gibraltar) PCC 12/9/2010
Brit UW 8/27/2013
BritAmco 7/31/1972
British Airways E-Jets Leasing 3/6/2009
British Airways Investments (Bermuda) 10/15/1969
British Airways PLC 4/1/1974. One of the world's best-known airlines
Broadhead Risk Management Class 2.
Brookfield Americas Infrastructure Co-investment Vehicle (Bermuda) L 11/10/2009
Brookfield Americas Infrastructure Distribution (Bermuda) 1 1/5/2012
Brookfield Americas Infrastructure Distribution (Bermuda) II 1/5/2002
Brookfield Americas Infrastructure Fund (Bermuda AIV) LP 11/9/2009
Brookfield Americas Infrastructure Holdings I 8/5/2011
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP Bermuda-based. Established by Toronto-based Brookfield Asset Management Inc. to operate long-life assets with stable cash flows. Its current focus is utilities and energy, which serve local communities, as well as transportation, and timber assets in North and South America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Merged with Prime Infrastructure in December 2010. Brookfield Asset Management Inc. owns about a 30 percent interest in Brookfield Infrastructure.
Brookfield Property Partners LP Bermuda-based. 

2015. November 6. This property developer is to join forces with a Qatar investment firm in a massive $8.6 billion development in New York. Brookfield Property Managers has teamed up with the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) to develop a five building, seven million square foot project in the west of Manhattan. Bruce Flatt, the CEO of Brookfield subsidiary Brookfield Asset Management, which will carry out the partnership development, said: “Brookfield has enjoyed a longstanding successful relationship with the Qatar Investment Authority and we are thrilled that they share our vision for this transformative project." The deal means that Brookfield has sold a 44 per cent stake in the development to QIA. QIA CEO Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al-Thani added: “We are pleased to expand our relationship with Brookfield and invest in this world-class project." This joint venture is an example of our strategy to invest in high-quality real estate with strong partners." it is also a further demonstration of QIA’s long-term confidence in the US market." The development will be bounded by 31st and 33rd Streets and 9th and 10th Avenues and feature a mixed-use development with offices, residential and retail space. The news came as Brookfield Property Partners unveiled its results for the third quarter of the year and announced Ric Clark as chairman and Brian Kingston as CEO. The firm reported funds from operations of $218 million — $19 million up on the $199 million recorded for the same period last year. Brookfield said the increase was driven by major acquisitions during the year, including an increased interest in London’s Canary Wharf and, through its participation in Brookfield-sponsored real estate funds, the acquisition of holiday centres Center Parcs in the UK and Associated Estates in the US. In addition, Brookfield’s office and rental operations had “positive same-store growth". Net income attributable to shareholders for the quarter was $193 million (27 cents per unit) down from the $978 million ($1.37 per unit) recorded in the same period last year. The firm said: “The decrease in the year-over-year result is mainly attributable to greater fair value gains realized in the third quarter of the prior year." Mr  Clark said: “Our financial results for the quarter were bolstered partly by revenues coming online from the new leases at Brookfield Place in downtown Manhattan, which will have a large impact on funds from operations in the fourth quarter and to an even greater extent in 2016.”

In late 2014 teamed up with the Qatar governments investment arm in a fresh multibillion dollar bid to take over the owners of London's financial district Canary Wharf. It and the Qatar Investment Authority put in an offer for Songbird Estates, valued at $4 billion, which controls the massive office and shop development built on the site of the former London docks. Brookfield and the Qatar Investment Authority already own a significant stake in the Canary Wharf Group, which operates the area, the second-largest financial district in London, or its parent company Songbird. Brookfield has a 22.08 per cent interest in the Canary Wharf Group, while the Qatari fund owns 28.6 per cent of Songbird. Ric Clark, CEO of Brookfield, said: "As long-term investors in Canary Wharf, we are pleased to be in a position to make this compelling offer to the shareholders of Songbird. It provides shareholders with the opportunity to realize the very significant increase in value that Songbird has experienced over the last year. The offer is being made as Canary Wharf embarks on an ambitious development program that will alter its risk profile." Last month, Songbird rejected a takeover fund by the two insisting that the $3.5 billion offer did not reflect the value of the company. The original bid of $4.62 in cash per share valued Songbird at around $3.47 billion, but Brookfield and the Qatar fund has upped the offer to $5.48 per share in cash 33.6 per cent above the share price when the original bid was announced. Brookfield is one of the worlds largest owners, operators and investors in property with investments in $95 billion in real estate and interests in 275 million square feet of commercial space globally around the world. The bid is the joint ventures final cash offer and both companies ruled out another hike, describing the bid price as full and fair. Songbird owns close to 70 per cent of the Canary Wharf Group, a controlling interest acquired in 2004 and delisted its shares. In June last year, Canary Wharf Groups real estate holdings were valued at more than $9.8 billion. Canary Wharf was once the centre of the largest docks in the world, but the introduction of containerization killed off the industry and the main port for London moved down the Thames River to Tilbury. The last dock closed in 1980 and the area remained derelict until it was turned into an enterprise zone, with the first new buildings in the office complex opening in the early 1990s. The area now features 35 four office buildings and nearly 700,000 square feet of retail space. Canary Wharf Group also controls development land for a further 9.8 million square feet of property in and around the estate, including 3.3 million square feet of higher-value homes. The oil-rich middle eastern state's Qatar Investment Authority already owns significant chunks of London's real estate, including the landmark Shard building, the luxury department store Harrods and the former Olympic Village in the east end of the city, built for the 2012 games. Brookfield was also the winning 2014 bidder for the shuttered Revel casino and hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, plans to reopen the property as it expands its investments in gambling venues. It won the bankrupt casino property with a $110 million bid in an auction. The deal adds to its holdings of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and three other resorts, including the Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas, which it acquired in 2011. Casino revenue in Atlantic City fell more than 40 percent to about $2.8 billion in 2013 from a peak of more than $5 billion in 2006. Battered by gaming competition in nearby states, Atlantic City has seen Trump Plaza, Caesars Entertainment Corp’s Showboat, Revel and the Atlantic Club close this year. Trump Taj Mahal may shut in November, leaving the resort city with seven casinos. Built at a cost of $2.4 billion, Revel was envisioned as a resort first and a casino second. Struggling financially after its April 2012 opening, Revel introduced a “Gamblers Wanted” marketing campaign last year. Its parent company, Revel AC Inc, filed for bankruptcy twice, and the resort ceased operations on September 2. When it opened, Revel, on the beachfront, was the first new casino in Atlantic City since 2003. Brookfield Property was spun off in 2013 from Toronto-based Brookfield Asset Management Inc., Canada’s largest manager of alternative assets, to pursue purchases beyond its traditional focus on office and retail real estate. Since the spin-off, Brookfield Property has expanded in rental housing and acquired Thayer Lodging Group, US industrial real estate, European distribution facilities and office and hotel assets in Australia. Brookfield Asset Management is a sister company.  It took advantage of the credit crisis to accumulate a stake in the once-bankrupt General Growth Properties Inc., the second-largest US shopping mall landlord. In 2013, the company raised $4.4 billion to buy commercial real estate around the world. The new fund, Brookfield Strategic Real Estate Partners, aims to make opportunistic investments in North America, Europe, Brazil and Australia.

Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP

Bermuda-based. Owns 16 percent of Western Wind Energy Corp in Vancouver. 

Brunel 2016. May 26. This Bermuda engineering company won a contract for structural and civil engineering at the airport redevelopment. The firm was appointed by Canadian company Aecon, the lead firm in the airport project. Steve Nackan, the president of Aecon Concessions, said: “We engaged Brunel because they have a valuable perspective to offer this project. The team has extensive knowledge of local construction practices, permit processes, planning and building codes, and, of course, Bermuda’s culture and environment which will impact the airport’s design.” Brunel will help with design documentation, drawings and details, advise on local conditions as well as assist with design related to transport like buses, taxis and scooters. The Bermuda firm will also work with other global engineering teams to ensure that the new airport’s construction will be in line with Bermudian culture. Jamie Pehkonen of Brunel said: “We look forward to collaborating with a truly global team of experts to make this important project a reality for the island. Our technical as well as local expertise makes us an ideal partner to help build a modern airport befitting Bermuda.” The main structural engineering firm for the project is Quinn Dressel from Toronto and the lead civil engineering company is the Toronto arm of global consulting company WSP. The redevelopment of the airport is a joint venture between the governments of Bermuda and Canada, with the Canadian Commercial Corporation, a Crown corporation of the Canadian government with expertise in international contracting for major building projects.
Brunswick Russian Directional Fund  
Brunswick Russian Growth Fund  
BTG Bermuda LP Holdco 4/9/2010
BTG Investments LP 10/10/2008
BTG 10/20/2003
BTG MB Investments LP 3/26/2010
BTG Factual Global Asset Management 10/7/2008
BTG Factual GP Management 10/8/2008
BTG Factual Loanco GP Management 4/14/2010
BTG Factual Loanco PartnerCo 4/14/2010
BTG Factual MB GP Management 3/24/2010
BTG Factual MB Partnerco 3/24/2010
BTG Factual Participations 3/26/2010
BTG Factual Partnerco 11/10/2008
BTG Factual Reinsurance GP 12/2/2010
BTG Factual Reinsurance Holdings LP 9/14/2010
BTB Pactual Participations Ltd Bermuda)  
BTG Pharmaceuticals 7/15/1994
BTG Re 6/3/2010
BTG Shipowning I 11/22/2012
BTG Shipowning II 11/22/2012
BTG Shipowning III 11/22/2012
BTG Shipowning IV 6/18/2013
BTG Shipowning V 6/18/2013
BTG Shipowning VI 11/13/2013
BTG Shipowning VII 11/13/2013
BTG Shipowning VIII 11/13/2013
BTI Assurance Group 8/19/1994
BTP 5/15/2000
BTU International Bermuda 2/25/1997
Buffett Investment Ltd 19/14/1993
Bunge Founded in 1818. Bermuda's leading international company in the Forbes listings, 2011 world rankings of 162 in sales, 235 in profit, 731 in assets, 921 in market value. 2011 CEO: Alberto Weisser. World's top soybean exporter and oilseed processor with over 33,000 employees and 2011 sales of $45.71 billion. A global agribusiness and food company operating in the farm-to-consumer food chain, engaged in oilseed processing, producing and supplying of fertilizer to farmers in South America and selling of packaged vegetable oils worldwide. Conducts its operations in three divisions: agribusiness, fertilizer and food and ingredients. These divisions include In late 2002 it formed a venture, Solae LLC,  with Dupont Co. to make soy ingredients.  
Burlington Associates 11/15/1977
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Insurance Company 5/22/2002
Burlington Publishers 12/11/1979
Burlington Resources Algeria Holdings 11/14/2001
Burlington Resources Andean 2/8/2001
Burlington Resources Angola 7/5/2001
Burlington Resources Argentina Energy 11/14/2006
Burlington Resources Bangladesh 11/19/1999
Burlington Resources Canada International Holdings 8/23/2002
Burlington Resources China Holdings 11/14/2001
Burtank 10/9/1980
Burton Company 10/30/1978
Butterfield Fulcrum Group (BFG) Hedge fund. In January 2011 stated it was hiring 12 new employees after having signed up 36 new clients. But in August 2011 axed ten staff from its Bermuda office after reviewing distribution of work at its operational centres.
BW Gas World's largest operator of liquefied natural gas tankers.


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