Thistle House, Burnaby Street, Hamilton. Has grown from a one-man operation based in Bermuda to a truly global business serving clients across the world in the space of 13 years. The international online payment, and fraud and data management solutions provider, delivers multi-currency, payment processing and risk management solutions for internet merchants and acquiring banks around the globe. Beginning essentially as a credit card payment gateway enabling merchants to sell their goods and wares and take payments electronically, the company expanded its range of services to offering more options outside of the standard MasterCard, Visa and American Express payments to allow people in countries such as Mexico where 80 percent of the population doesn’t have a credit card, to make purchases online. FAC joined forces with Ukash in 2009 to provide its customers with alternative payment options in Europe and emerging online consumer markets from Russia to Brazil. The service enabled FAC’s merchants in the Latin American Caribbean Region, the UK and Europe to accept risk-free cash payments on their website, giving them access to new consumer markets, and allowed consumers to buy securely, anonymously and privately online. The only local PCI DCS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified Payment Gateway in Bermuda.