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Bermuda's International and Local Companies and Partnerships, beginning with C

Huge range and variety of offshore entities incorporated here, in this third alphabetical listing

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By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) exclusively for Bermuda Online

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American International, AIG Group, Bermuda

One of the many Bermuda-based leading multinational insurers



Companies beginning with C

Note: A Work in Progress, much more to be added. Showing when incorporated in Bermuda. With incorporation dates shown the American way. The largest listings in this group by far are Chevron companies and those beginning with "China....."

2016: Legislation, drawing upon Delaware law, has been approved by MPs in Bermuda to introduce limited liability companies (LLCs). Such vehicles would be broadly similar to Delaware LLCs.

C-10 Development 8/11/1988
C-Cube Microsystems International 4/16/1996
C-Cube Technology 3/15/2000
C-Mart 3/22/1982
C-Quadrat Mondial Fund 1 8/14/2002
C-Quadrat Mondial Fund II 8/14/2002
C-Quadrat Mondial Master Fund  8/14/2002
C-Tech Atlantica 9/8/2011
C-Tech 3/26/2003
C-Two Trading 6/30/2003
C-View International Global Macro Hedge Fund 3/19/2003
C-View International Hedge Fund Advisors 3/17/2003
CD Carpentry 2/25/2002
CD Landscaping 11/25/1999
CDV 6/8/1990
CDY 6/8/1990
CD & T Associates 12/22/1989
C&J Energy Services Moved from Texas to Bermuda in 2015.
C Eighty Three C 3/31/1997
C Eighty Three C Bermuda) 2/26/2004
C Eighty Three D 3/31/1997
C Eighty Three D (Bermuda) 2/26/2004
CH 12/23/2005
CH Services 7/23/1992
CHT 2/21/1983
C Holdings 11/8/2000
CIS Short Term Insurance Fund 2/28/1994
CL International Insurance Company  3/30/1977
C Leather (Bermuda) 9/12/1988
CP (Bermuda) Finance 6/11/1993
CR Investments 10/27/1999
CRP 2/14/1996
C Seventy Two C 3/31/1997
C Solutions 3/26/2007
C Tanker 6/8/1992
C Transport Cape Size 9/26/2011
C Transport Holding 7/21/2004
C Transport Maritime 1/30/2014
CV Management 2/8/1994
CY Foundation Group 5/27/1994
C&M Holdings 11/16/2006
C&N Construction 12/18/2000
C&O Pharmaceutical Technology (Holdings) 7/28/2003
C&S West 7/1/1997
C&S West Medical Services 5/4/2005
C+C Ventures 4/8/1994
C11 Dealers 1/23/1981
C12 Bermuda Real Estate 12/1/2011
C12 Bermuda Services 12/6/2011
C12 Capital Management LP 2/3/2002
C12 Capital Management US Inc 3/12/2002
C12 Global Investments 11/8/2011
C12 Global Technologies 12/6/2011
C12 GP LLC 3/12/2012
C2 Interiors 11/25/2009
C2 10/8/2004
C2C Global Networks (Asia) 7/30/2002
C2C Global Networks (Pacific) 7/30/2002
C2C Holdings PTE 10/30/2001
C2Call 5/27/2014
C3/CustomerContactChannels Guatemala 5/23/2012
C3/CustomerContactChannels OS Holdings 7/7/2010
C3/CustomerContactChannels Plilippines 7/7/2010
C4 Services 12/12/2000
CA-BGK Funds Promotion 5/18/1987
CA "Del Sole 9/2/2011
CA Cable Investment Group 4/23/2007
CA Global Holdings 6/8/2007
CA Holdings CV 11/29/2006
CA International Holdings 4/20/2007
CA Managers (Bermuda) 5/15/1998
Cabaloo 10/2/1997
Cabassole Limited BVI 6/27/2005
Cabco 6/6/1979
Cabgoc Holdings 10/24/2000
Cabinda Gulf Oil Company 11/6/1986
Cable & Wireless Network Services 12/29/1986
Cable & Wireless Public Limited Company 4/8/1929
Cable & Wireless (Diego Garcia) 11/14/2006
Cable Co 11/15/2006
Cable Management 6/11/1998
Cable Technology (Bermuda) 6/2/1993
Cablecom 5/25/2000
Cablevision Holding 8/11/1999
Cabois 3/9/1989
Cabot Asia 10/2/2003
Cabot Finance. N.B. LP 2/23/2001
Cabot Insurance Co. 9/14/1977
Cabot (Bermuda) 8/29/2000
Cabot, Julie Ann Sylvester 12/1/1994
Cabral's General Contracting 1/14/2008
Cabriol 12/28/2011
Caceis (Bermuda) 1/23/2003
Caceis (Cayman) Ltd Cont 10/23/2007
Cachaca Trading 6/6/2001
Cache Capital 7/8/1997
Cachet 8/24/1993
Caci Atlantic 3/31/1981
Caci Enterprises 7/12/1974
Cad 8/7/1987
Cadam Overseas 8/30/1995
Cadence Design Systems 3/10/2006
Cadence Technology 6/30/2005
Cadential 7/17/2000
Cadet Holdings BVI 9/21/1993
Cadet Rouselle 9/26/1996
Cadfund International 9/30/2003
Cadfund LP 12/15/2005
Cadilly Consultants 8/13/1993
Cadilly Management Services 4/19/1999
Cadinum 4/8/2004
Cadipro Holdings 6/10/1994
Cadmus Asset Management 9/28/2000
Cadmus Energy Fund 5/28/2013
Cadmus Holding Company 5/15/1987
Cadmus Investments 7/14/2004
Cadmus Multi-Strategy Fund 9/29/2000
Cadogan Investment Holding Four 6/14/1994. Part of the multi-million Cadogan Group of the UK, owned by mullti-billionaire Earl Cadogan.
Cadogan Investments One 3/25/1975. See above. 
Cadogan Investments Three 3/25/1975. See above. 
Cadogan Investments Two 3/25/1975. See above. 
Cadogan MHF 3/27/2002. See above. 
Cadogan (Bermuda) 2/2/1994. See above. 
Caduceus Capital Master Fund 10/27/2004
Caduceus 11/27/1981
Caedmon Capital Management 7/8/2008
Caemi Finance (Amalg) 3/14/1997
Caemi Overseas 9/2/1986
CAF 9/6/2002
Cafe America 10/13/1989
Cafe Cairo 4/22/2004
Cafe D'or International 2/28/1989
Cafe de Coral Holdings 10/1/1990
Cafe Lombard International 10/13/1988
Cafe on the Terrace 11/21/2001
Cafemercado International 10/13/1988
Cafe Acoreano 3/1/2001
Caffe Laitte (Bermuda) 10/10/1977
CAFSATEL Roaster Services International 10/13/1988
CAG 3/31/1997
Cagson (Bermuda) 9/30/1975
Cahaba International 6/29/2000
Cahoot Bermuda 9/18/2014
Cahow Company 6/30/1967
Cahow Insurance 7/22/2002
Cahow 11/16/2000
Cahow Productions 6/21/1994
CAI Allocation Fund 11/16/2005
CAI Master Allocation Fund 11/16/2005
CAI (PTC) 8/31/2009
Caiman Oil (Bermuda) 12/16/1975
Cain, Ruby Dorothy Ann 12/9/1982
Cairfin 3/12/2004
Cairn 12/22/2005
Caissa Capital International 6/5/2003
Caissa Capital Management 6/3/2003
Caithness Investments 4/5/1972
Cajun 5/16/1988
CalciTech Owns technical centers in Switzerland, etc.
Calico Capital Bermuda office of Calico Capital LLC, HQ 280 Park Avenue, 5th Floor, New York 10017
Calico Bermuda office of Independent research and development biotech company established on September 18, 2013 by Google Inc and Arthur D. Levinson (CEO) with a goal of combating aging and associated diseases. HQ is 1170 Veterans Blvd, South San Francisco, CA. Since October 2, 2015 owned, like Google, by new holding company Alphabet Inc.
Calson (Bermuda) C/o Conyers Dill and Pearman
Cambuslang Investments Victoria Hall, Hamilton HM AX. Swift Code CMILBMH1.
Canada Building Products Holding 7/21/2011
Canada Dry Management 7/8/1986
Canada Dry Transnational 7/8/1986
Canada Dry (Japan) 7/8/1986
Canada International Freezers (Bermuda) 10/26/1979
Canada Land Investment 6/3/2005
Canada Life Annuities 7/11/2002
Canada Life Capital Bermuda 4/4/2013
Canada Life International Holdings 11/21/2000
Canada Maritime 12/8/1983
Canada Maritime Ship Management 2/23/1986
Canada Trust (Bermuda) 5/3/1996. 31 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12.  Phone 292-1020. 
Canadian Corporate Services (International) 3/20/1964
Canadian Dollar Investments (Bermuda) 1/12/1983
Canadian Express (International) 10/11/1984
Canadian Foreign Minerals 6/23/1970
Canadian Fund Management 7/6/1987
Canadian Health Products 12/2/1971
Canadian Occidental International 11/30/1987
Canadian Opportunities Fund LP 2/10/2004
Canadian Overseas Ores 6/10/1976
Canadian Overseas Petroleum (Bermuda) 5/9/2011
Canadian Overseas Petroleum (Bermuda Holdings) 5/9/2011
Canadian Overseas Petroleum (Nigeria) 10/16/2013
Canadian Pacific (1992) 7/24/1992
Canadian Pacific (Bermuda) Holdings 12/14/1994
Canadian Pacific Hotels (Bermuda) 12/6/1988. World ranking is about 446. The largest hotel chain in Canada, it owns the Fairmont Southampton Princess hotel in Bermuda and has an office here.
Canadian Petroleum Ecuador 2/9/1994. And other Canadian Petroleum Companies. P. O. Box HM 1736, Hamilton HM GX. Phone 295-2949.
Canadian Petroleum New Ventures 7/21/1995
Canadian Reefer 12/11/1996
Canadian Transport Company 12/17/1999
Canadian Transport (Bda) 7/1/1974
Canadian Trinidadian Steel Co. 8/26/2997
Canadian Video Amusements 8/26/1994
Canadian Water Company (The) 4/28/1988
Canadian Wool Company (Bermuda) 1/7/1972
CanadianDiamond 1/22/1988
Canafrican Trading & Devel Co 10/9/1964
Canal Holdings 4/24/1967
Canal Terminals 10/2/1994
Canal Trading Associates 9/30/1997
Canopius Holdings 2015. August 21.  This holding company for two Bermuda firms is to discontinue in Bermuda and base itself in Switzerland. It announced it would make the move in a statutory notice in The Royal Gazette. But Stephen Hartwig, CEO of Canopius in Bermuda, said: “As a result of this, there won’t be any jobs leaving Bermuda.” Mr Hartwig added that the change was part of an “overall restructuring” taking place across the multinational Canopius Group in the wake of the buyout of the group by Japanese insurance giant Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings Inc two years ago. Canopius owns two companies in Bermuda: Canopius Reinsurance Limited and Canopius Underwriting Bermuda Limited. The $594 million acquisition of Canopius in 2013 by Sompo, one of the largest insurance groups in Japan, was one of the biggest buys ever made by the company. Canopius, which is incorporated in Guernsey, also has offices in Britain, US, Holland, Switzerland and Singapore. It employs around 700 people worldwide.
Canopius Reinsurance See above.  A wholly-owned subsidiary. A Class 3A reinsurance company with capital of more than $600 million. It writes structured reinsurance treaty business sourced via Canopius Ireland. The company also provides capital support to Canopius Group’s underwriting operations at Lloyd’s. 
Canopius Underwriting Bermuda See above. A wholly-owned subsidiary. Bermuda-based underwriting agency that operates as a Lloyd’s-approved coverholder for Syndicate 4444 and underwrites excess casualty business. 
Capital Acquisitions 6/24/2002
Capital Advantage Investment Group 4/23/1999
Capital Appreciation 2/22/2002
Capital Asset Finance Services (Bermuda) 2/7/2000
Capital Asset Leasing Company 7/19/1994
Capital Aviation (Bermuda) 11/21/1994
Capital Broadcasting Company (The) 6/11/1962
Capital Brokerage Services 11/4/1992
Capital Consultants 8/26/1985
Capital Coordination 4/14/2008
Capital Corporation 10/5/1993
Capital Credit Reinsurance Company 12/5/1989
Capital Currency Fund Investors Corporation Since 10/5/1993
Capital Currency Fund LP Since 1/4/1994
Capital Dabhol Holdings Since 5/6/1997
Capital Development Corporation Since 11/6/1992
Capital Drilling Since 11/19/2003
Capital E Private Equity Group Since 6/10/2005
Capital E (Bermuda) Since 5/17/2002
Capital Enterprises 6/15/2005
Capital Generation Advisers 9/26/2007
Capital Generation Capital 9/28/2007
Capital Generation Capital LP 9/19/2007
Capital Generation Ltd Since 12/3/2007
Capital Generation Partners Bermuda Since 11/5/2010
Capital Generations Company Since 8/29/2003
Capital Growth Partners (Bermuda) LP Since 1/11/1988
Capital Growth (Bermuda) Management Company Since 12/15/1987
Capital Holdings Since 3/20/1996
Capital Increase Strategies Fund Since 12/9/1999
Capital Insight Fund 1 LP Since 9/10/2002
Capital Insight Management Company Since 8/30/2002
Capital Insurance Company Since 10/26/1994
Capital International Since 1/4/1983
Capital Introduction and Structuring Since 3/27/2007
Capital Investment Company (Bermuda) Since 5/29/1997
Capital Investment Corporation of Montreal (The) Cont. Since 2/27/2004
Capital Investment Group Since 6/27/1984
Capital Investment Since 7/18/1974
Capital Management of Bermuda (Holdings) Since 11/1/1995
Capital Management of Bermuda Since 12/7/1971
Capital Management Overseas Since 1/24/1992
Capital Management Services Since 7/19/1993
Capital Managers Since 8/16/1996
Capital Marine Insurance Company Since 9/5/1974
Capital Market Services International - BM Since 12/14/2004
Capital Markets Access Since 4/18/2000
Capital Markets Development Corporation Since 3/7/2006
Capital Markets Global Fund Since 2/19/2003
Capital Markets Guaranty Since 4/18/2000
Capital Markets Innovation Limited AMAL W22614 Since 1/30/2003
Capital Media Group Since 3/20/1996
Capital Motors International Since 1/4/1994
Capital Partners (Bermuda) Since 11/28/2008
Capital Performance Since 11/8/1994
Capital Preservation Partners Since 6/16/1998
Capital Preservation (Bermuda) Since 11/17/1988
Capital Properties Since 8/13/1981
Capital Recruitment Since 1/2/1991
Capital Reinsurance Company Since 4/19/1991
Capital Reserve Since 3/4/1994
Capital Reserve Management (Bermuda) Since 3/4/1994
Capital Resource Systems Since 3//1/2002
Capital Resources Holdings (BM) Company Since 2/7/2002
Capital Securities Assurance Since 2/27/1987
Capital Security Since 12/12/2007
Capital Services of Singapore Since 4/14/1994
Capital Specialized Reinsurance Since 3/23/2006
Capital Studios Holding Since 9/10/1996
Capital Tool Company Agency Services Since 1/7/2005
Capital Tool Company Since 1/7/2005
Capital Union IP 220 Plus Since 11/13/2002
Capital Union IP 220 Plus Trading Since 11/13/2002
Capital Z Ares SPV, LP Since 9/18/2002
Capital Z Asia Advisors Since 12/10/1998
Capital Z Asia Advisors (II) Since 12/24/1999
Capital Z Asia Advisors (II) LP Since 5/4/2000
Capital Z Asia Advisors (Management) Since 12/22/1998
Capital Z Asia Partners LP Since 12/11/1998
Capital Z Asia Partners II LP Since 5/4/2000
Capital Z Asia Partners II (A), LP Since 5/11/2000
Capital Z Catlin Investment Since 11/29/2001
Capital Z Catlin Private Investment Since 11/29/2001
Capital Z Catlin LP Since 6/24/2002
Capital Z Catlin Private LP Since 6/24/2002
Capital Z Employees II, LP Since 3/30/2001
Capital Z Financial Services Fund II, LP Since 5/29/1998
Capital Z Financial Services Private Fund II, LP Since 5/29/1998
Capri Re Special purpose insurer
Capsicum Re A specialist reinsurance broker with offices in Bermuda and London. In March 2015 it signed up Neville Ching as managing partner for the Island to lead its retro insurance division. Capsicum managing partner is Rupert Swallow.
 Cardinal Re 2015. September 15. The Kiskadee arm of Bermuda-based Hiscox launched this new reinsurer, based in Bermuda. It will operate as a special purpose insurer designed to turn collateralised insurance and reinsurance risk into a security aimed at capital market investors. The new venture takes Kiskadee Investment Managers’ total assets under management to more than $600 million. Hiscox Re CEO Jeremy Pinchin said: “The launch of Cardinal Re is the latest development in our Kiskadee offering and takes assets under management to $600 million in only its second year of operation. Cardinal Re with its nimble and flexible segregated cell structure, can respond quickly and is an effective way for completing transactional deals where speed to market is critical. It offers additional opportunities for both investors cedants alike to benefit from our growing Kiskadee family of insurance-linked products and reflects the growing confidence from investors to take both insurance and reinsurance risks.” Cardinal Re launched its first its first external investor cell in July, which changed a Hiscox Re portfolio of insurance risk into a transaction supported by $55 million of external capital. The new arm adds more flexibility to Hiscox’s use of alternative capacity for insurance or reinsurance risk, providing investors with unique market access to risk sourced from the Hiscox Group.
Carlyle Insurance Company Part of Carlyle Group LP. 

2016. May 27. NEW YORK (Bloomberg) — Carlyle Group LP’s Olivier Sarkozy, the head of the private-equity firm’s financial services group, has resigned, people with knowledge of the move said. Mr Sarkozy, the half-brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, is a director of Bermuda's Butterfield Bank. He led Carlyle’s initial $150 million investment in Butterfield in 2010. Last year, Carlyle bought 23.4 million more Butterfield shares. Mr Sarkozy joined Washington-based Carlyle in 2008 from UBS Group AG. Carlyle raised two financial services investment funds under his leadership. The first raised $1.1 billion and the second got $1 billion. Mr Sarkozy will continue as a senior adviser to the firm, one of the people said. The people asked not to be named because the departure hasn’t been announced. A spokesman for Carlyle declined to comment. Mr Sarkozy didn’t respond to e-mail and phone messages seeking comment. Mr Sarkozy, who turned 47 yesterday, led Carlyle’s investments in Butterfield, TCW Group, BankUnited, Boston Private Financial Holdings, Central Pacific Financial Corp and Duff & Phelps, among others. His first fund, which started investing in 2008, was generating a 13 per cent annualized return after fees as of March 31, according to Carlyle’s first-quarter earnings statement. The firm hasn’t yet disclosed a return for the second fund, which started investing in 2013. In March, Carlyle added David Zwiener as an operating executive in the financial institutions group. Mr Zwiener served as interim CEO of Bermudian reinsurer PartnerRe when the company was working on a merger plan with Axis Capital Holdings, a tie-up that was eventually derailed by Italian investment firm Exor. Mr Zweiner co-led Carlyle from 2007 to 2008 before working at Wachovia Corp, Dowling Capital Partners and PartnerRe. At UBS, Mr Sarkozy was global co-head of the Zurich-based bank’s financial institutions group, working on deals including Sallie Mae Bank’s attempted $25 billion take-private transaction, the $17 billion merger of Mellon Financial Corp and Bank of New York Co, and Wachovia Corp’s $14 billion acquisition of SouthTrust Corp. He previously spent 11 years at Credit Suisse First Boston. He married fashion designer and former actress Mary-Kate Olsen last year. Carlyle, which manages $178 billion in private-equity holdings, real estate, credit assets and hedge funds, started its financial services deals team in 2007. Other recent departures from the firm include Mitch Petrick, who oversaw its credit and hedge-fund business, and Jacques Chappuis, who led its funds-of-funds unit. The two executives are senior advisers to Carlyle.

Carib Shop ((The) Since 9/16/1988
Cariba  Since 5/28/1948
Caribbean Basin Investments Since 8/11/1997
Caribbean Citizenship Corporation Since 4/3/1990
Caribbean Communications Since 2/8/1974
Caribbean Electrical Products Since 9/18/1996
Caribbean Enterprises Since 10/4/1974
Caribbean Feeder Services Since 12/18/2003
Caribbean Financial Network Bermuda Since 3/7/2013
Caribbean Financial (Holding) Services Group Since 2/11/1997
Caritas Royalties Fund II Bermuda) The manager of the fund changed from Argent Financial Group (Bermuda) Ltd. to Centaur Performance Group (Bermuda)
Carnival (Bermuda) Since 12/8/2003. World's biggest cruise ship operator, owns cruise lines including Carnival, Costa, Cunard, P&O. 
Carnival Group International Holdings Since 12/7/1993
Carnival Trading and Supplies Since 4/5/1989
Carnoustie Finance Since 2/28/1996
Carry Wealth Holdings C/o Codan Services Ltd
Cash Financial Services Group Conyers Dill & Pearman
CastlePoint Bermuda Holding  
Castlewood P. O. Box HM 2267, Hamilton HM JX. With a subsidiary in Surrey, England.
Cartesian Capital Group Founded in 2006 by Mr. Peter Yu and other former members of the senior management team of AIG Capital Partners Inc. It manages more than $1.1 billion in private equity investments worldwide with offices in New York, Eastern Europe, Sao Paolo and Shanghai.
Castalia 2015. October 2. Government notices published under the Public Access to Information Act listed more than $1.2 million in consultancy contracts. According to one of the notices, $544,905 was paid to Castalia Ltd by the Department of Energy for “policy and legislative consultation” for recent consultancy work. Castalia’s website states that the company assisted the Government create the new National Electricity Sector Policy, which was introduced in June. “To develop the policy, the Castalia team set up a high-level electricity sector generation model, and participated in several rounds of public consultations and workshops to gather feedback on policy proposals. The Castalia team also drafted the policy, in close co-ordination with the department and the ministry. Castalia’s advisory now transitions to helping draft the new electricity sector legislation that will give legal effect to the policies articulated in the policy. Castalia will also help the ministry and the electricity regulator develop a licensing regime for generation.”
Catalina General Insurance Wholly owned subsidiary of Catalina  Holdings, below
Catalina Holdings (Bermuda) 2016. October 14. Catalina Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd, an acquirer of businesses in run-off, made after-tax net income of $57.2 million last year — an increase of 32 per cent from the previous year. The fast-growing company, which was launched on the island in 2005 by Chris Fagan, chairman and chief executive officer, and Dean Dwonczyk, his business partner, when they bought out Overseas Partners Re with the help of private-equity and bank funding, has made 20 acquisitions. Catalina is privately held, owned by its management, Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec and funds managed by Apollo Global Management, and has publicly announced its financial results for the first time. Earlier this week, Catalina announced it had completed its acquisition of AGF Insurance Ltd, a UK-based subsidiary of Allianz, continuing a pattern of steady accumulation. The company sees many more opportunities ahead and has the means to pursue them. Mr Fagan said Catalina’s institutional investors had committed $300 million of additional equity capital to help fund future acquisitions. He added that Catalina employs 140 people in nine offices around the world and that he expects headcount to rise to 200 by the end of this year. “Catalina’s business model is to acquire non-life insurance and reinsurance companies and portfolios in run-off,” Mr Fagan explained. “Over the past 11 years we have bought publicly listed companies, private companies from financial sponsors and subsidiaries from large insurance corporates and banks who are restructuring. We do not write new premiums other than where the commitment was made prior to our acquisition. In some cases we may acquire a company which is writing live business but where more value exists for that business as a run-off with renewal rights being sold to another live writer, although this is uncommon.” Catalina Holdings’s first acquisition came in 2008, Quanta Capital Holdings Ltd, a Bermuda company listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. In July this year, the company agreed to acquire Hartford Financial Products International Ltd from US insurance giant The Hartford. “At the time of writing we have made 20 acquisitions with total shareholders’ equity of acquired companies of $1.9 billion, total gross reserves, including from transferred portfolios, of $4.3 billion, and total assets of $6.3 billion,” Mr Fagan said. “Our flexible business model allows us to acquire all types of non-life insurance and reinsurance companies and portfolios. We have acquired and successfully run-off short tail catastrophe reinsurance writers, such as Glacier Reinsurance AG in Switzerland, as well as long tail casualty companies, such as KX Reinsurance Company Ltd in the UK, and portfolios. We are also active acquirers of direct insurance companies and portfolios.” Professional-services firms have estimated the global run-off market as having about $400 billion in liabilities, representing significant growth opportunities for companies like Catalina and Bermudian competitor Enstar Group. “This is not a static figure and it is growing as live insurance and reinsurance companies reassess their business models, place in the distribution chain and use of capital,” Mr Fagan said. “As well as the old legacy liabilities, this results in increasing opportunities for an innovative company like Catalina to grow its business in liability classes it understands and is experienced in, whilst providing a valued service to sellers. We continue to see opportunities in Bermuda, the US, across Europe and increasingly in the Far East and some less well-developed markets. We are also seeing a trend towards larger transactions with an increasing number of sellers being multinational insurers with substantial balance sheets. Catalina’s ability to transfer substantial portfolios in excess of $1 billion has opened up a broader range of opportunities. As well as acquisitions and portfolio transfers of legacy liabilities, we are also starting to find that some large potential sellers are interested in partnering with Catalina to benefit from our focused experience and track record in the run-off sector.” Mr Fagan added that Catalina’s mergers and acquisitions, actuarial, claims and diligence teams “remain as busy as they have ever been reviewing new opportunities”.

2015. December 18. Completed its acquisition of a Swiss reinsurance company. The deal was completed after approval by Swiss regulators for the takeover. Catalina has bought Allianz Suisse Ruckversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG — Allianz Suisse Re — from Allianz SE. Allianz Suisse Re will be renamed Catalina Reinsurance (Switzerland) Ltd. This is Catalina’s fourth transaction in Switzerland and 18th since the business was established in 2005.In February 2015 completed a deal to acquire a $77 million portfolio of residential construction liabilities from NationsBuilders Insurance Company. The run-off specialist announced it had received regulatory approvals from the Bermuda Monetary Authority and the District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking, allowing the deal first announced last June to go through. The portfolio was transferred via a novation to Catalina General Insurance Ltd.

Catalina Reinsurance (Switzerland) Ltd. See above
Catco Reinsurance Opportunities Fund Second floor, SE Pearman Building, Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton. A part of Catco above. In early January 2015 shareholders benefited from a handsome return thanks to a lack of reinsurance claims. The fund announced it will pay a 5.9 cent dividend and additionally proposed a return of value of 11.5 cents, amounting to a return of around 15 per cent. Shares of the fund, which trades on the London Stock Exchange as well as the Bermuda Stock Exchange, closed on January 7, 2015 at $1.163. The fund invests most of its assets in the Catco Diversified Fund, which invests in fully collateralized catastrophe reinsurance contracts written by the Bermuda reinsurer, Catco Re Ltd. Shareholders can opt to receive their return of value as either income or capital, in the form of B shares. The fund said its target returns are Labor (the London Interbank Overnight Rate) plus 12 to 15 per cent. The one-year Libor rate was yesterday at 0.63 per cent, according to the Bankrate.com website. The fund's net asset value has reached about $360 million, according to its website. Despite reports of plunging catastrophe reinsurance rates at the key January 1 renewals, Catco appears satisfied with the contracts it has managed to write. "As at January 1, 2015, the Master Fund has deployed collateralized retrocession reinsurance capacity at rates in excess of the company's target returns," Catco's statement reads. At the launch of the Company, the Board of Directors indicated the intention to pay an annual dividend in respect of any Fiscal Year of an amount equal to LIBOR plus 5 per cent of the Net Asset Value as at the end of the relevant Fiscal Year. The Board of Directors declared an annual dividend of $0.05929 in respect of the Ordinary Shares for the year to 31 December 2014. The record date for this dividend was 16 January 2015 and therefore the Ordinary Shares went ex-dividend on 15 January 2015. This final dividend was paid to shareholders on 30 January 2015.

2015. February 18. This company earned a net return of 14 per cent for its shareholders in 2014. That performance was lower than the 21.9 per cent achieved in 2013, a drop which the fund said partly reflects increasing capacity entering the retrocessional market. However, given the market conditions and the downward pressure on pricing due to a lack of natural catastrophe losses, Catco said in a statement that it had delivered a “strong performance” to achieve the 14.08 per cent return for shareholders. The fund is listed on the Bermuda and London stock exchanges and has total net assets of more than $350 million. It invests in reinsurance-related products. Catco makes investments linked to catastrophe reinsurance risks, primarily through collateralized reinsurance contracts. It also operates Catco Re, a Bermuda reinsurance company. In the fund’s annual report it stated: “This result was comfortably within the company’s stated target annual gross return of LIBOR plus 12 to 15 per cent per annum, outperforming other ILS indices in what is an increasingly challenging retrocessional market. Including the annual dividend it resulted in a share price total return of 9.2 per cent.” Catco said disciplined underwriting, innovative product design and prudent capital management, had all helped it to navigate the tighter ILS market caused by an influx of capacity and absence of catastrophe losses. It said in its statement: “If 2013 was the year of convergence then 2014 was the year when the non-traditional reinsurance and ILS market firmly established itself as an alternative to traditional reinsurance. There was record catastrophe bond issuance of in excess of $8 billion for the year, according to Aon Benfield Securities, with collateralized reinsurance capacity approaching the $40 billion mark. These alternatives are offering reinsurance buyers more choice and greater diversification of counterparties. What is now firmly a buyer’s market was evident at the midyear and 1 January renewals, with cedants locking in rates and favorable terms with multi-year structures, as well as buying more protection at the top end of their programmes. In the absence of major losses, these trends will continue into 2015. The most recent renewals at 1 January saw a further depression of reinsurance pricing. US and European property rates declined some 10 per cent to 15 per cent on loss free accounts, according to Willis Re. With differing risk and return profiles to their traditional counterparts, ILS funds are well-placed to compete in this environment. Should this year bring a sizeable loss or series of losses the ILS space could seize the opportunity to further grow its influence in the global catastrophe market.” The company has determined a “Return of Value” to shareholders of $35 million, down from the $74 million figure of January 2014. Unlike last year, shareholders have not been offered the opportunity to remain invested for their share of the Return of Value. The annual dividend on ordinary shares was $0.05, which is separate and in addition to the Return of Value.

Catco Re See above.
Caterpillar Asia Pacific LP Since 12/13/2002. Owned by Caterpillar Overseas Credit Corporation SA, Geneva. Caterpillar is a  giant machinery manufacturer, has 15 subsidiaries in Bermuda
Caterpillar (Bermuda) 6/1/2000
Caterpillar (Bermuda) Funding Company 8/30/2001
Caterpillar (Bermuda) Funding Parent Company 8/30/2001
Caterpillar (Bermuda) Holding Company 8/30/2001
Caterpillar (Bermuda) Investments Funding Company 12/29/2006
Caterpillar (Bermuda) Investments Parent Company 1/15/2003
Caterpillar Insurance Co. 12/30/1983
Caterpillar International 10/31/2005
Caterpillar Investments Since 8/12/1997
Caterpillar Holding Since 10/31/2005. 
Caterpillar New Zealand Funding Company Cont. Since 4/15/2005
Caterpillar NZ Funding Parent Since 10/14/1998
Caterpillar Power Ventures International Since 8/4/1997
Caterpillar UK Acquisition Partners LP Since 10/29/2006
Catex International Since 6/30/1998
Cathay Insurance (Bermuda) Since 11/10/1999
Cathay International Energy Investments Since 11/13/1991
Cathay International Energy Since 6/15/1993
Cathay International Enterprises Since 5/29/2000
Cathay International Holdings Since 1/19/2001
Cathay International Ltd Since 10/20/1999
Cathay International Water Since 11/13/1991
Cathay International Overseas Finance Since 11/13/1991
Cathay International Overseas Holdings Since 11/13/1991
Cathay (Overseas) Trading Since 11/13/1991
Cathay Overseas Co. Since 5/17/1991
Cathay Overseas Holding Co. Since 5/17/1991
Cathay Pacific Finance Since 8/29/1986
Cathay Tanker Corp Since 1/15/2013
Cathedral Capital Since 5/27/2002
Cathedral Insurance Company Since 12/7/1978
Cathedral Underwriting Part of the Lancashire Holdings group.
Catherine Holdings Since 1/6/1968
Catlin Euro Holdings Since 11/15/2008
Catlin Group Since 6/25/1999
Catlin ILS Fund Since 11/27/2013
Catlin Insurance Company Since 12/18/2000
Catlin Managers Since 6/6/2013
Catlin Property Treaty Fund Since 11/27/2013
Catlin Re Switzerland Since 12/9/2010
Catlin Sterling Holdings Since 11/25/2008
Catlin US$ Holdings Since 2/22/2013
Catlin (CHUKL) Holdings Since 5/7/2007
Catlin (WUPLC) Holdings Since 5/7/2007
CBS-CSI Distribution (Bermuda) Since 10/26/2007
CBS Broadcast Kingworld (Bermuda) Since 10/30/2006
CBS Finance (Bermuda) Since 7/5/2007
CBS Firewalker II Since 7/26/2011
CBS Holdings (Bermuda) 1 Since 10/23/2006
CBS Holdings (Bermuda) 2 Since 1/5/2007
CBS Leasing GP Since 11/27/2007
CBS Leasing (Bermuda) Since 11/6/2007
CBS Showtime (Bermuda) Since 7/20/2007
CBS Studios (Bermuda) Since 10/30/2006
CBS Worldvision (Bermuda) Since 10/30/2006
CBS Worldwide Since 12/22/2006
Celtic Pharma In May 2007 it received approval in the US to conduct a large, randomized study to track the effectiveness of a vaccine being developed to help smokers break their addiction to nicotine and was given clearance for a Investigational New Drug application (IND) for its vaccine TA-NIC.
Centaur Performance Group (Bermuda)  
Central European Media Enterprises Owns and operates national and regional private commercial TV stations in Europe and elsewhere. Owned by US cosmetics empire heir Ronald Lauder. 
CEC International Holdings  
CCRIF SPC 2016. April 18.  The European Commission and the World Bank have signed a $15.8 million agreement to fund a Caribbean catastrophe insurance fund. The two organisations said the agreement will help Central American countries and the Dominican Republic gain access to catastrophe risk insurance. The CCRIF SPC, formerly the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility, is a multi-country programme with 17 members, including Bermuda. The coverage includes hurricanes, earthquakes and excess rainfall and the new agreement will be run by the Multi-Donor Trust Fund. Neven Mimica, the EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, said: “The European Union’s contribution to this multi-donor trust fund for Central American countries and the Dominican Republic is a reflection of our shared concern for the need to support partner countries towards building resilience to disasters and climate change, a concern that has led to an increase in funding for climate change in the EU’s development priorities. The urgency of the situation calls for action now, which is why we are particularly pleased to be able to make this announcement.” Jorge Familiar, World Bank vice-president, added: “For small economies, tackling climate change and disaster risks effectively requires efforts at the regional level since effective solutions call for risk pooling. This is critical for Caribbean and Central American countries that are increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The facility is a good example of a regional public good where member countries will be able to benefit from insurance coverage at a more affordable rate.”
CCS Group 2015. November 30. Bermuda-based CCS Group has opened an office in Portugal as it looks to offer information and communication technology solutions and support services in Europe. The relatively low cost of setting up in Portugal, together with its “highly educated talent pool”, who have a strong command of the English language, are among the reasons CCS chose to set up a hub in Lisbon. As part of the international expansion, the company has rebranded with a new logo and website. It is intended that the European office will eventually be on a par with the Bermuda office, in terms of skills. However, the new office will initially focus on service provider infrastructure, enterprise networking and cloud technologies portfolios.“ Portugal has a relatively low cost of doing business with a highly educated talent pool most of whom have an exceptional command of the English language,” said Peter Aldrich, general manager of CCS Group. “This makes Lisbon an ideal hub for our operations in Europe. We are particularly proud of the experienced engineers who we have been able to recruit and their skills are already bearing fruit in some significant projects in Bermuda and overseas.” The company said the new office would “augment CCS’s core team of consultants so that CCS can offer multi regional solutions and support services to its customers in Bermuda and the Caribbean that have operations in Europe.” The Lisbon office will be headed by Portuguese national Pedro Morais, a consultant with extensive skills in networking and service provider infrastructure. He will be supported by David Franjoso, a senior solutions architect with more than 17 years of industry experience and Paulo Almeida, a senior architect with more than ten years of experience as a systems engineer for a systems integrator in Portugal. Commenting on the new office, Kory Logan, group director of sales and marketing, said: “CCS has been evangelizing innovative and disruptive technologies for years. These solutions have delivered a lot a value to our local customers. Many of the technologies CCS has had success with are not well represented in Europe. “CCS and its strategic technology partners are very excited to be moving into new markets and we have already begun to gain significant traction in some key verticals in Europe. “Additionally, we are happy that we can now offer seamless services and around the clock support across both regions to our Bermuda customers with a branch office in Europe.”
CCT Technology Holdings  Owned by Standard Chartered Bank of Hong Kong.
CDG Holdings For Carpe Diem Group. Formed in February 2006 by a team of City of London bankers and hedge fund executives, as a Bermuda-registered bank to lend to hedge funds.
Centaur Fund Services 2016. July 14. Centaur Fund Services has opened an office in Bermuda, after being impressed by the island’s welcoming attitude and professional approach to attracting new business. Centaur is headquartered in Dublin, with offices in London and New York. The fund administrator provides services to client groups who manage in excess of $40 billion. Setting up in Bermuda was a logical choice for the company for a number of reasons, according to Eric Bertrand, one of the three founding partners. He worked on the island during the 1990s and 2000s, with Hemisphere Management, which was acquired by Bisys Group and which in turn was snapped up by Citi. Mr Bertrand and his business partners, who were based in Ireland, decided to branch out on their own. Battered by the global economic downturn, Ireland in 2009 was a relatively low-cost jurisdiction in which to start up a business, and it was also a country where Mr Bertrand and the other co-founders of Centaur had existing clients. “The jurisdiction was going through difficulties, so we were able to start off with low costs, which was important,” said Mr Bertrand. Centaur has since grown from a handful of staff to now employing 70 in Dublin, and with offices in London and New York. “We started selling in the US from day one, but we’ve become more aggressive in the last few years. We felt it was time to set-up operations in a similar time zone to New York as more clients and potential clients pushed us in that direction. When it came to deciding on a jurisdiction we had a look, but it was no contest as far as choosing Bermuda,” said Mr Bertrand. Not only had he previously worked in Bermuda, so had his business partners. We love Bermuda as a place to live and work. We have a history here and a lot of former contacts that we can go to.” The final decision to choose Bermuda as the location for a new office was cemented by the way Centaur was treated by the Bermuda Business Development Agency. As part of its mission, the BDA endeavors to attract new business to the island and provide a seamless and smooth experience as they go through the process of establishing a presence on the island, and conforming to the necessary rules, and regulations. Mr Bertrand praised the way the BDA achieved that, recalling that Sean Moran, BDA business development manager, met with him initially last November. “We were incredibly impressed by how welcoming everyone was, and that made us feel even more certain that we had made the right choice.” In the space of just eight months Centaur had been able to formally open an office in Bermuda at Ideation House on Pitts Bay Road. “The BDA cleared a path to help us start the licensing process, to understand the hiring process in Bermuda and to meet with government ministries and agencies as we put our plan together. They have been very good and have constantly followed up with us.” Mr Moran, of the BDA, said: “We’re very excited to see a new fund administrator company set up in Bermuda, and very happy to have assisted in making that happen.” He said the BDA’s concierge service and a collaborative approach with other organisations, including the Bermuda Monetary Authority and the Ministry of Economic Development, had played an important part in Centaur’s decision to come to Bermuda. “Everyone was co-operative and collaborative, and Centaur felt well treated and welcome.” Centaur is now looking to build a local team. Marc Weaver, who has previously worked with Mr Bertrand, is chief operating officer. Mr Bertrand said: “We will be adding to our team in Bermuda, and our global team,” said Mr Bertrand, although at this stage he could not say how many people may be hired in Bermuda. However, the company was working on converting new clients and is also interested in the strong ILS sector in Bermuda. Mr Bertrand is confident Centaur will also be a good addition for Bermuda. He said the company brings a level of quality service delivery that has proven successful elsewhere. Centaur has won a string of awards from The Hedge Fund Journal and at the HFM European Hedge Fund Services Awards. “We can be more flexible and provide that higher level of service. We have converted most of the business we service from other administrators and we continue to grow successfully by adding reputable clients and talented professionals,” said Mr Bertrand. “Bermuda is not only a jurisdiction for service providers, it has become a market in its own right with more asset managers in ILS and private equity.”
Cenutoriae Re 2015.
Cha Chi Ming c/o Conyers Dill & Pearman
Chevron Huge list shown below of Bermuda-incorporated companies. Chevron is easily the best individual corporate client of Bermuda.

Chevron House, Bermuda

Chevron House, Bermuda

Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX Euronext: CHTEX) is an American multinational energy corporation. Headquartered in San Ramon, California, and active in more than 180 countries, it is engaged in every aspect of the oil, gas, and geothermal energy industries, including exploration and production; refining, marketing and transport; chemicals manufacturing and sales; and power generation. One of the world's six "supermajor" oil companies; as of 2013 ranked eleventh in the Fortune Global 500 list of the world's largest companies. P. O. Box HM 2082, Hamilton HM HX. Responsible for the corporate secretarial requirements of all Bermuda-based companies. In 2013 Chevron is known to have about 400 Bermuda subsidiaries.

Chevron Abu Dabi Since 3/25/2002
Chevron Africa Holdings Since 4/16/2004
Chevron Americas IV Since 6/8/1998
Chevron Americas V Since 1/8/2002
Chevron Angola Since 12/6/2005
Chevron Angola (2006) Since 12/5/2006
Chevron Argentina Since 3/23/1989
Chevron Asia Pacific Holdings Since 9/19/2006
Chevron Asia Since 12/20/2010
Chevron Atlantic Traders Since 4/23/2004
Chevron Australia Transport Pty Since 8/5/1994
Chevron Azerbaijan Since 12/23/1997
Chevron A. D. Holdings Since 3/25/2002
Chevron Bahamas Holdings Since 4/23/2004
Chevron Bahrain Since 2/24/1998
Chevron Bang Pakong Power Holding Since 5/23/1997
Chevron Bangladesh Block Seven Since 2/10/1998
Chevron Bangladesh Block Twelve Since 12/23/1993
Chevron Bangladesh Since 4/8/1993
Chevron Barreirinhas Exploration Since 10/28/1983
Chevron (Bermuda) Deepwater 3 Since 12/19/2000
Chevron (Bermuda) Deepwater 4 Since 12/19/2000
Chevron (Bermuda) Deepwater 6 Since 2/11/2005
Chevron (Bermuda) Deepwater 7 Since 2/11/2005
Chevron (Bermuda) Deepwater 8 Since 7/26/2005
Chevron (Bermuda) Deepwater 9 Since 4/8/2008
Chevron (Bermuda) Finance Since 9/26/2003
Chevron (Bermuda) Investments Since 10/10/1988
Chevron (Bermuda) PSC C Since 2/19/2000
Chevron (Bermuda) PSC D Since 12/19/2000
Chevron Block BS-4 Holdings Since 6/14/2001
Chevron Blocks 5 and 6 Since 8/16/2002
Chevron Brazileira Primeira Since 5/15/2001
Chevron Brazileira Segunda Since 5/15/2001
Chevron Brazileira Terceira Since 5/15/2001
Chevron Brazil Block BM-C-4 Holdings Since 6/14/2001
Chevron Brazil Block BM-C-5 Holdings Since 6/14/2001
Chevron Brazil Block BM-ES-2 Holdings Since 6/14/2001
Chevron Brazil Block BM-S-2 Holdings Since 6/14/2001
Chevron Brazil Block Campos BM-C-4 Holdings Since 6/14/2001
Chevron Brazil Bravo Since 5/15/2001
Chevron Brazil Campos Block BM-C-5 Holdings Since 6/14/2001
Chevron Brazil Charlie Since 5/15/2001
Chevron Brazil Espirito Santo Block BM-ES-2 Holdings Since 6/14/2001
Chevron Brazil Holding Company Since 12/20/1999
Chevron Brazil Resources BM-C-4 Since 6/14/2001
Chevron Brazil Resources BM-ES-2 Limited AMG 30646 Since 6/14/2001
Chevron Brazil Resources BM-S-2 Limited AMG 30646 Since 6/14/2001
Chevron Brazil Resources BS-4 Since 6/14/2001
Chevron Brazil Santos Block BM-S-2 Holdings Since 6/14/2001
Chevron Brazil Santos Block BS-4 Holdings Since 6/14/2001
Chevron BTC Pipeline Since 9/28/2000
Chevron Business Development South Africa Since 9/5/2006
Chevron Came IV Since 10/29/1998
Chevron Caribbean Exploration Since 10/19/2012
Chevron Caspian Investments Since 9/25/2003
Chevron Chemical Company (China Holdings) Since 6/20/1996
Chevron Chemical (Asia Partners) Since 10/29/1996
Chevron Chemical (China Partners) Since 10/29/1996
Chevron Chile Since 3/26/2004
Chevron Chirag Finance Since 2/13/1998
Chevron Congo Finance Since 10/16/1998
Chevron Congo HMB Since 12/16/2006
Chevron Congo Holdings Since 123/31/2002
Chevron Congo (DRC) Since 9/9/1999
Chevron Darajat Since 8/5/1994
Chevron Donggala Since 9/1/2000
Chevron E and C Holdings Since 12/7/2001
Chevron East Africa Since 2/13/2012
Chevron East Ambulat Since 1/10/2003
Chevron Eastern Mediterranean Exploration and Production Since 5/25/2011
Chevron Egypt Since 7/17/2008
Chevron Energy Iraq Since 7/13/2011
Chevron Exploracao E Producao Do Brazil Holding Since 5/15/2001
Chevron Exploration Eurasia Regional Pathfinding Since 8/4/2003
Chevron Exploration Guyana Since 12/13/2011
Chevron Exploration Sakhalin Inc Since 4/23/2004
Chevron Exploration (Iraq) Since 5/3/2011
Chevron Finance Holdings Since 4/19/2001
Chevron Frade Holdings Since 8/4/2004
Chevron Frade LLC Since 1/23/2006
Chevron Gabon Since 11/12/2004
Chevron Ganal Since 10/6/1995
Chevron Geothermal Indonesia Since 1/10/1984
Chevron Geothermal International Since 10/25/1983
Chevron Geothermal Salak Since 11/25/1981
Chevron Geothermal Ventures Since 12/17/1997
Chevron Germany Exploration Since 11/7/2006
Chevron Ghana Holdings Since 8/22/2011
Chevron Global Project Services Since 2/14/2013
Chevron Global Ventures  Since 3/19/1997
Chevron Global Ventures II Since 12/31/1996
Chevron GTL Since 1/16/2007
Chevron Honduras Exploration Since 10/19/2012
Chevron Indonesia Company Since 11/29/1994
Chevron Indonesia Holdings II cont Since 2/22/2005
Chevron Indonesia Ventures Since 11/29/1999
Chevron Indonesia Since 11/23/1979
Chevron Industries Ltd Cont. Since 12/23/2003
Chevron International Finance Since 5/19/1997
Chevron International Italy Since 1/17/1986
Chevron International Kalumpang Since 5/3/1991
Chevron International Since 6/4/1974
Chevron International Madagascar Inc Since 8/4/2003
Chevron International Manui Since 8/18/1988
Chevron International Nias Since 1/7/1991
Chevron International Nigeria (Usan) Since 3/18/2011
Chevron International Services Since 12/19/2000
Chevron International Soe Since 2/15/1990
Chevron International Somalia Since 1/17/1986
Chevron International Trustees Since 4/17/1985
Chevron International Yugoslavia Since 1/17/1986
Chevron International (Congo) Since 12/8/1997
Chevron International (Malaysia) Since 2/19/1986
Chevron International (Nigeria) Since 5/11/1993
Chevron International (Yemen) Since 8/22/1990
Chevron Iraq BD Holdings Since 4/14/2009
Chevron Iraq BD Since 4/14/2009
Chevron Iraq  Since 12/15/2004
Chevron Iraq Onshore A Since 4/14/2009
Chevron Iraq Onshore B Since 4/14/2009
Chevron Iraq Onshore C Since 5/14/2009
Chevron Iraq Onshore D Since 10/1/2009
Chevron Iraq (Piramagrun) Since 10/19/2012
Chevron Iraq (Qara Dagh) Since 6/13/2012
Chevron Iraq (Rovi) Since 3/27/2012
Chevron Iraq (Sarta) Since 6/13/2012
Chevron JPT Holdings Since 5/12/2011
Chevron Kalinga Since 8/13/2010
Chevron Khazar Holdings Since 12/15/1997
Chevron Khazar Since 9/14/1992
Chevron Kuwait Since 4/19/1996
Chevron Latin America Ventures Since 6/12/1995
Chevron Liberia Holdings B Since 3/5/2010
Chevron Liberia Holdings C Since 3/5/2010
Chevron Liberia Holdings D Since 3/5/2010
Chevron Liberia Holdings E Since 4/6/2010
Chevron Liberia  Since 2/5/2010
Chevron Liberia (Holdings) Since 2/5/2010
Chevron LNG Marketing & Trading Since 12/6/2006
Chevron LNG Shipping Company Since 9/29/1983
Chevron Lompa Since 10/2/1997
Chevron Madura Since 4/25/2006
Chevron Makassar Holdings Company Since 12/20/2005
Chevron Makassar Since 7/10/1996
Chevron Manning Services Since 4/22/1991
Chevron Manning Services (Nigeria) Since 2/24/1998
Chevron Morocco Exploration Since 7/11/2012
Chevron North Asean Ventures IV Since 4/12/1993
Chevron Northern Iraq II Since 10/19/2012
Chevron ODS Since 12/9/1999
Chevron Oil Bolivia 12/13/1999
Chevron Oil Colombia 12/13/1999
Chevron Oil Colombia Ltd New Jersey 12/13/1999
Chevron Oil Company of Colombia Ltd Delaware 7/18/1997
Chevron Oil Congo (DRC) 3/27/1998
Chevron Oil Petroleum (Sebawang) 5/5/1997
Chevron Oil (Bermuda) 11/15/1997
Chevron Oklng Holdings 12/6/2005
Chevron Overseas Exploration  6/29/1993
Chevron Overseas Finance 10/14/2002
Chevron Overseas Finance I 6/12/2013
Chevron Overseas Finance II (Exploration) 6/12/2003
Chevron Overseas Petroleum Azerbaijan 9/11/1997
Chevron Overseas Petroleum Ecuador 12/13/1999
Chevron Overseas Petroleum 9/13/1991
Chevron Overseas Petroleum Tanzania 9/20/2004
Chevron Overseas Petroleum (Cambodia) 8/31/2000
Chevron Overseas Petroleum (Cameroon) 2/8/2000
Chevron Overseas Petroleum (Chad) 2/8/2000
Chevron Overseas Petroleum (Congo) 10/18/1995
Chevron Overseas Petroleum (Peru) 9/5/1974
Chevron Overseas Petroleum (Quatar) 5/16/1995
Chevron Overseas Petroleum (Venezuela) 9/26/1995
Chevron Overseas Petroleum (Vietnam) 6/14/1995
Chevron Overseas Pipeline (Cameroon) 4/23/2004
Chevron Overseas Pipeline (Chad) 4/23/2004
Chevron Overseas Services 4/23/2004
Chevron Overseas Tankers 10/13/2004
Chevron Overseas (Albania) 4/22/1991
Chevron Overseas (Congo) 3/17/1993
Chevron Overseas (Namibia) 9/24/1991
Chevron Overseas (Nigeria) 5/11/1993
Chevron Overseas (Venezuela) 12/15/1992
Chevron Pacific Exploration Inc 10/14/1994
Chevron Pakistan  2/26/2010
Chevron Pattini 3/19/1997
Chevron Petroleum 2 11/9/2009
Chevron Petroleum Chad Company 2/8/2000
Chevron Petroleum Chad Holdings 2/14/2000
Chevron Petroleum Holdings 5/14/2002
Chevron Petroleum Ltd 11/30/1998
Chevron Petroleum (Thailand) 10/17/1990
Chevron Phase 1 Finance 11/4/2003
Chevron Philippines Holding Company 2/12/2003
Chevron Philippines 6/11/2002
Chevron Qatar Holdings 3/20/2008
Chevron Qatar 3/20/2008
Chevron Qatar Offshore A 12/9/2003
Chevron Rantau Dedap 12/23/1997
Chevron Rapak 3/24/1997
Chevron Rayong Power Holding 11/25/1999
Chevron Response Company 2/21/2002
Chevron Sasol EGTL 11/20/2008
Chevron SE Asia XI 1/13/2005
Chevron Shtokman LNG 9/21/2006
Chevron Sibolga 1/29/1996
Chevron Sichuan Holding 10/9/2007
Chevron South Asean 5/17/1996
Chevron South Natuna B Inc 4/23/2004
Chevron Southwest Africa 5/1/2012
Chevron Southwest Vietnam Pipeline Co. 1/6/2009
Chevron Starcirca Holdings Company 5/30/2003
Chevron Suriname Exploration Since 4/13/2012
Chevron Sustainable Development Company 12/31/2002
Chevron Tankers (Berrmuda) 12/18/1987
Chevron Thailand Energy Company 4/23/2004
Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production 9/3/1986
Chevron Thailand NGD Holding 11/25/1999
Chevron Thailand Power Company 10/21/2008
Chevron Transport Corporation (Amalgamated) 11/23/1990
Chevron Transport Corporation 3/8/2006. 2015, September. The Sydney Morning Herald of Australia reported that a “review of Chevron’s Australia business” had found that its largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker, used to transport Australian gas to Asia, is owned by this Bermuda-based Chevron Transport Corporation. The 96,000 tonne Northwest Swan tanker has been flying the Bermuda flag since 2006, This company is one of 297 Bermuda-registered companies with Chevron in its name.
Chevron Tripoli Holdings 3/8/2006
Chevron Tripoli  Libya 3/8/2006
Chevron Ukraine Holdings 12/2/2011
Chevron Venezuela Finance 7/19/2012
Chevron Venezuela Resources Inc. 4/23/2004
Chevron Vietnam Phu Kanh (Block 122 4/11/2001
Chevron Vietnam (Block 52) 2/10/1998
Chevron Vietnam (Block B) 8/6/1993
Chevron Vietnam 5/26/1994
Chevron (India) 10/21/2008
Chevron (SL) Holdings 2/24/2006
ChevronTexaco China Energy 12/11/2003
ChevronTexaco China 12/11/2003
ChevronTexaco North Buzachi 3/22/2002
ChevronTexaco Overseas Bahrain Holding Since 10/22/2001
ChevronTexaco Overseas Petroleum Bahrain Since 10/22/2001
Chevy Chase Financial Since 11/6/1972
Chevy Chase Property Company Investors Since 9/30/1987
Chevy Chase Property Co Since 11/6/1972
Chew, Frank David Since 7/27/1998
Cheyenne Holdings Since 6/11/1990
Cheyenne Insurance Company Since 9/26/1991
Cheyne Capital International Since 5/10/2000
Cheyne Capital International LP Since 12/10/2012
Cheyne Global Services Since 9/19/2002
Cheyne Property Holdings Since 7/17/2002
China-America Capital Group Since 6/10/1994
China "A" Share Fund (The) Since 6/24/2004
China 3D Digital Entertainment Since 10/17/2000
China Agri-Industries Since 8/24/2006
China Agri-Products Exchange Since 1/25/1995
China Alliance Textile Holdings Since 1/19/2007
China and Canton Clutch Holdings Company Since 10/6/2004
China Animal Healthcare Since 8/10/2000
China Asean Resources Since 8/25/2001
China Asset Solution Holdings Since 1/28/2004
China Auto Electronics Group Since 10/26/2003
China Auto Group Since 9/10/2005
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Chipmos Technologies (Bermuda) 8/1/2000
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Chiquita International 8/22/1989. 7 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 292-7387. Fax 292-0982.
Chiquita Management Services 11/25/1993
Chuang's China Investments 9/27/1989
Chuang's China Realty 3/18/1991
Chuang's Consortium International 3/19/1991
Chubb Group of Companies in Bermuda 2016. October 26. Insurance giant Chubb Ltd reported record operating income for the third quarter of $1.356 billion. The figure is equivalent to $2.88 per share and is up by more than 51 per cent from the $897 million, or $2.74 per share, for the same period last year. Chubb Ltd, which was formed after Ace acquired US insurer The Chubb Corporation in January this year and took the Chubb name, posted net income for the quarter to the end of September of $1.36 billion, or $2.88 per share, up more than 157 per cent on the same quarter in 2015. The figure for the same quarter in 2015 was $528 million or $1.62 per share. Evan Greenberg, chairman and CEO of Chubb, said: “Chubb had an excellent quarter with record operating earnings per share and exceptionally strong underwriting results. “Our after-tax operating income of $2.88 per share, up 5 per cent over the prior year, indicates the accretive nature of our merger, which is going well and is on track.” Consolidated and property and casualty net premiums totaled $7.6 billion and $7 billion respectively for the quarter — up by 60.8 per cent and 67 per cent. On an “as if” basis, net premiums written were down 3.4 per cent in constant dollars and unfavorable foreign currency movements “negatively impacted” premium growth by 1.1 per cent. Mr Greenberg said: “The P&C combined ratio of 86 per cent was simply world class. For the quarter, our annualized operating return on equity was 12 per cent, while book value and tangible book value per share grew 2.4 per cent and 5.5 per cent respectively.” He added: “Previously contemplated merger-related underwriting actions that we took select portfolios of business, particularly a greater use of reinsurance, reduced P&C net premium growth in the quarter by about 4.5 points while improving our risk-reward profile.” Mr Greenberg said a competitive market and “relatively weak” global economic conditions had hit premium revenue in the quarter as new business which met the firm’s standards was difficult to find. But he added: “We will trade revenue for underwriting discipline all day long. We believe growth will improve as the impact from the underwriting actions dissipates and the power and capabilities of the new Chubb gain more steam. We are already seeing evidence of the effect our enhanced capabilities is having on revenue generation.”

2016. September 9. The flag that became a symbol for America after the World Trade Centre 9/11 terrorist attack was yesterday returned to the site by insurance firm Chubb. Evan Greenberg, Chubb’s chief executive officer, said: “The raising of this American flag was a powerful symbol of hope, strength and resilience at one of the most trying moments in our nation’s history. “As we prepare again to pay tribute to those who were lost, this flag is a timely reminder of the spirit of our heroes and the resolve of a great city and a great nation. “Chubb is honored to donate the flag to its new, permanent and proper home in the 9/11 Memorial Museum.” Firefighters raised the flag taken from a yacht berthed at the nearby World Financial Centre over the ruins of the twin towers on September 11, 2001, after both were hit by hijacked jets, killing thousands of people in the towers, in the jets and on the ground. The photograph of the event was used worldwide, but the flag disappeared only hours after it was hoisted. Chubb insured the yacht and the owners later made a claim based on the “significant” value of the now-historic flag. What was thought to be the original flag toured the world, but later investigations found it to be larger than the one in the iconic photograph. The whereabouts of the original was unknown until two years ago, when a mystery man handed it into a fire station in Everett, Washington State — nearly 3,000 miles away from New York. He told firefighters that a widow of a 9/11 victim gave the flag to a worker at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who later gave it to him. The flag was subjected to a battery of tests and analysis of dust in the fabric, which matched the site, and photographs proved it was the 9/11 flag. As Chubb had paid the claim, it was the legal owner of the flag and the company, with the help of the original owner, donated it to the museum set up to honour the victims of the attack. Bermudians Boyd Gatton and Rhondelle Tankard died in the New York attacks, as did former Saltus Grammar School pupil Robert Higley, a US citizen who grew up in Bermuda. A hijacked jet hit the US defence complex in Washington, the Pentagon, while another plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania after passengers attempted to overpower its hijackers. Ace Ltd took over Chubb last year in a deal worth more than $28 billion and the combined company, which has offices in Bermuda, took the Chubb name.

2016. August 1. NEW YORK (Bloomberg) — Evan Greenberg, the chief executive officer of Chubb Ltd, mocked “wannabes” at smaller insurers who are seeking to expand by guarding commercial clients against trade disruption or political instability in international markets. “They’re scratching for business, they don’t want to shrink,” Greenberg said of rivals in a conference call, without naming individual companies. “They think growth and just the top line equal strength.” Greenberg formed one of the world’s largest insurers by combining his Ace Ltd this year with Chubb Corp. He joins Warren Buffett, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, in warning that upstarts eager for business may be taking on unsustainable risks. Both executives have been willing to lose market share rather than sell insurance for what they consider to be too low a price. Coverage for trade credit and political risk can be particularly dangerous, given that the global economy faces growing protectionism “and geopolitical risk everywhere”, Greenberg said. The policies can protect against confiscation of property and include so-called contract-frustration insurance. “Sounds like a brilliant time to get into that business,” he said sarcastically of rivals. “I wish them a lot of luck because that’s all they got going for them.” Second-quarter policy sales were $7.64 billion, or 5.8 per cent less than the combined figure for Ace and the old Chubb in the year-earlier period, the Zurich-based company said in a statement after markets closed on Tuesday, citing competitive market conditions and currency fluctuations. Greenberg also warned that protectionism will limit economic growth. UK voters supported a plan last month to exit the European Union. In the US, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton have criticised the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the trade deal favored by her political ally, President Barack Obama. The characterization that global commerce has “been evil and has damaged our country and has damaged the world is just so misguided”, Greenberg said. Also, the idea that immigration “is somehow our enemy is again misguided populism and feeding on the suffering of those who may vote”, he said. Trump has vowed to build a wall along the US border with Mexico, a plan opposed by Clinton.

2016. July 26. Chubb Ltd’s second-quarter net income was $726 million, down from $942 million in the same period last year. Earnings per diluted common share were $1.54. Earnings adjusted for investment costs were $2.25 per share. The consensus forecast of analysts tracked by Yahoo Finance was $2.22. Gross written premiums were $9.27 billion, up from $6.5 billion year-on-year. Ace Ltd acquired The Chubb Corporation in January, creating Chubb Ltd. The company is headquartered in Switzerland. Chubb’s property and casualty combined ratio — the proportion of premium dollars spent on claims and expenses — was 91.2 per cent for the quarter compared to 87.7 per cent in the second quarter of 2015, when calculated as if Ace and Chubb were one company in 2015. Evan Greenberg, chief executive officer of Chubb said: “Chubb produced very good operating results in the quarter despite a greater level of industry natural catastrophe losses globally than has occurred in recent years, though industry insured losses appear in line with longer-term historical averages. After-tax operating income of $2.25 per share was down 6.3 per cent over prior year and included $0.66 of after-tax catastrophe losses. For illustrative purposes, excluding the catastrophe losses, operating EPS for the quarter was up 7 per cent from prior year and up 11 per cent for six months, demonstrating the underlying health and earnings power of the new Chubb and depicting the accretive nature of our merger. Our earnings were driven in particular by strong underwriting margins as reflected in the published P&C combined ratio of 91.2 per cent, or 90.2 per cent excluding purchase accounting and other temporary merger-related items. The P&C current accident year combined ratio excluding catastrophe losses was 88.9 per cent versus 88 per cent when comparing results as if we were one company last year. Our six-month results include an annualized operating ROE of circa 10 per cent and book value per share growth of over 13 per cent. Premium revenue in the quarter was impacted by foreign exchange, more competitive market conditions and underwriting actions that we took on select portfolios of business. These underwriting actions, including greater use of reinsurance, impacted net premium growth in the quarter by about 1.5 points while improving our risk-reward profile.” Concerning the merger, Mr Greenberg said: “Our integration efforts, both growth and expense-related, are on track and going well. In fact, the strength of the new Chubb, including cross-selling and the introduction of our total product portfolio to an expanded distribution base, is receiving greater attention and, while early days, the efforts are beginning to contribute to revenue growth.” Shareholders’ equity ended the quarter at $47.2 billion, up from $29.1 billion at the end of 2015. Book value per share increased 2.7 per cent since March 31 to $101.56. Chubb’s shares today rose 28 cents to close at $128.22 before the company announced its results.

2016. May 6. NEW YORK (Bloomberg) — Evan Greenberg, who built one of the world’s largest insurers by combining Ace Ltd and Chubb this year, sought to portray the merged company as a more stable alternative than hobbled rivals who are seeking to rebound. “When there’s a wounded animal loose, be careful, stay out of the way,” Greenberg said yesterday on a conference call discussing first-quarter results, when asked by Barclays Plc analyst Jay Gelb about the competition for market share among commercial insurers. Zurich Insurance Group and New York-based American International Group are among insurers that have reshaped underwriting leadership in recent quarters after being burnt by higher-than-expected claims costs. Shares of Zurich and AIG have each dropped about 12 per cent since December 31, compared with the 4.3 per cent year-to-date gain at Greenberg’s Chubb in New York. Greenberg, a former executive at AIG, didn’t name the rivals he was thinking about. He has said he’s prepared to sacrifice premium revenue to competitors who are willing to settle for lower margins to win business. Still, disruption in the market could favour his Zurich-based company in the long run, he said. “It’s a double-edged sword, and you’ve got to be careful,” Greenberg said. “We’re in a market where it’s competitive, and some things are being sold at prices that are below costs we think are reasonable. On the other hand, there is this pull and desire for stability and certainty, and familiarity, and that is drawing more towards us.” Chubb on Wednesday posted first-quarter net income of $439 million. That compares with a $183 million loss at AIG, which was hurt by the poor performance of hedge fund investments. Zurich is scheduled to report results next week. “We represent a very attractive market, and alternative, for large accounts seeking a deep balance sheet, great underwriting expertise,” Greenberg said. Greenberg expects to cut $750 million in annual expenses by 2018 due to the takeover, which is $100 million more than the original plan, according to a statement on Wednesday. Chubb also expects to boost investment income by as much as $120 million annually.

2016. May 5. The new Chubb Ltd, Bermuda-based, got off to a strong start by exceeding the expectations of both Wall Street and Evan Greenberg, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer, in the first three months of this year. Formerly known as Ace Ltd until its $29.5 billion combination with US insurer Chubb Corp was completed in January, Chubb Ltd last night announced its first quarterly earnings as the new combined company. The company’s operating income, a measure that strips out the impact of one-off items and acquisition-related costs, was $1.02 billion, or $2.26 per share in the January-through-March period, surpassing the $2.16 per share expected by industry analysts tracked by Yahoo Finance. Mr Greenberg said the integration efforts were “on track and going well” and added that “the value creation that will come from the new Chubb is exceeding our initial expectations. Our people are highly focused on serving their clients and writing business, and as they do so, we are knitting ourselves together at every level of the organisation. Reception to the new Chubb in the market from customers, agents and brokers around the globe has been terrific. We also now project that we will surpass our original run-rate target for integration-related expense savings and, separately, we expect to increase our investment income run rate from what we would otherwise earn as a result of investment portfolio management improvements.” The Swiss-based company with underwriting operations in Bermuda reported net income of $439 million. “We’re off to a good start as the new Chubb with strong earnings for the first quarter, driven by excellent operating and underwriting results exclusive of the impact of one-time acquisition-related costs,” Mr Greenberg said. “Comparing our results in 2016 to 2015 as if we were one company in both periods, our earnings per share in 2016 was $2.29 and our underwriting income of $720 million was up 23 per cent over prior year with an excellent combined ratio of 88.9 per cent. Book value per share was up over 10 per cent, or 2.3 per cent when excluding the merger impact, while our annualized operating return on equity for the quarter was over 10 per cent.” The merger has made Chubb the largest publicly traded property-and-casualty insurer in the world. It ended the first quarter with shareholders’ equity of nearly $46 billion. Gross premiums totaled $7.39 billion and net investment income was $674 million. “Total premium revenue in the quarter was impacted by market conditions as we maintained underwriting discipline, as well as continued foreign exchange headwinds and integration-related activities,” Mr Greenberg said. “Our client renewal retention rates were very strong in the quarter, so the impact to growth came predominantly from new business, where greater momentum has begun to build. The impact of merger-related focus is diminishing and foreign exchange should have a reduced effect in the second quarter. In fact, we are already beginning to see evidence of both.” Chubb shares closed regular trading in New York down 44 cents at $117.82.

2016. March 18. New Bermuda name Chubb has announced its management team on the island. Chubb, the new name for the combined Ace and Chubb insurance companies, will be headed by Joseph Clabby as division president, Bermuda and global accounts. A spokesman for Chubb said: “In his Bermuda role, Mr Clabby has executive operating responsibility for the Bermuda-based commercial property and casualty insurance business that writes high-excess liability, property, political risk and directors and officers coverages worldwide.” New appointments by Chubb are April Andruczyk, who is senior vice-president, head of excess liability. Philippe Bacon has been named as senior vice-president, head of financial lines, while Richard Porter has been appointed senior vice-president, general counsel. Mr Porter has taken over as general counsel from Joshua Schwartz, who has left Bermuda to join Chubb’s legal operations in the US. Price Lowenstein will continue in his role as division president, Sovereign Risk Insurance Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary set up to underwrite political risk insurance. Judy Gonsalves will continue as executive vice-president and chief underwriting officer, with leadership responsibility for liability, property and financial lines. Robert Rebellato will continue as senior vice-president, head of excess property and Allison Towlson will remain as senior vice-president with responsibility for distribution and operations for all lines of business. The senior vice-president, chief financial officer role will continue to be occupied by George Ohsiek, while Jeff Trimarchi will keep his senior vice-president, claims and claims counsel post. John Lupica, vice-chairman of Chubb and president of North America major accounts and speciality insurance said: “Our Bermuda insurance operation, with 30 years of experience in the excess marketplace, is a significant contributor to Chubb North America’s operating results. “Our leadership team has deep knowledge of the market, solid broker relationships and a solutions-focused approach to our clients’ priorities. We expect that this strong leadership team in Bermuda will continue to drive superior results for the new Chubb organization.” Ace completed its takeover of Chubb in January and the firm is expected to become Chubb Bermuda in the second quarter of this year, although Chubb branding has already appeared on the company’s Hamilton headquarters. Chubb is the world’s largest publicly-traded property and casualty insurance company, with operations in 54 countries. The company has executive offices in Zurich, New York, London and other locations and employs around 30,000 worldwide.

2016. January 15. Insurance giant Ace has completed a $29.5 billion takeover of Chubb to create the world’s largest publicly-traded property and casualty insurance company. Ace was an early flag-bearer for Bermuda’s insurance sector after placing its operating headquarters on the Island in 1985. It still has a strong presence here, although it is now headquartered in Switzerland. The Ace name and logo will go, to be replaced by the Chubb brand for the new firm, which has a market capitalization of $51.2 billion. The new firm will also adopt a new Chubb logo in a variety of colours. Former Ace chief executive officer Evan Greenberg, now chairman and CEO of Chubb, said: “ACE and Chubb are now one and we could not be more excited about moving forward together with our new colleagues and our new brand. We are a global leader in commercial and personal property and casualty insurance with an exceptionally balanced product portfolio, a broad and deep global presence, extensive distribution channel capabilities and the ability to serve a diverse array of commercial and personal customers. Because we are creating a new path, we needed a visual expression to bring our new vision to life. It starts and ends with the Chubb name. Our identity — who we are — comes from our name, which is a symbol of quality and strength. So we have chosen a new logo that is a simple expression of our name, with no extra symbols or visual distractions. To balance the simplicity of the new Chubb logo, we have chosen an out-of-the-box approach with colours. There will be many colours to represent the new Chubb brand — nine to be exact. These colours reflect the diversity and energy of our culture, our thinking, global presence, the many different customers we serve and the many products we offer.” Although Ace’s operating headquarters came to Bermuda in 1985, the company was officially domiciled in the Caymans. It moved the seat of its operations to Switzerland in 2008, but maintains a significant presence in Bermuda through its landmark headquarters in Hamilton. Mr Greenberg said: “We are creating a new identity from our shared DNA. Our new identity is vibrant and full of life, anchoring us to our future, not to our past. We look forward to focusing on our craft of insurance to create significant value over time for our shareholders and to deliver unmatched quality and service to our customers and distribution partners.”

Chubb Atlantic Indemnity 4/12/1993
Chubb Financial Products (Bermuda) 12/4/2000
Chubb Financial Solutions (Bermuda) 12/4/2000
Chubb FS (Bermuda) 9/8/1997
Chubb Investment Company of Bermuda 11/25/2005
Chubb Life Solutions (Bermuda) 12/4/2000
Chubb Re (Bermuda) 3/24/1998
Churchill Capital 10 Cavendish Road, Pembroke. Phone 1 441 296 4806. Patrick Churchill a founding partner. Hedge fund advisor and brokerage. Licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority to conduct investment business. A Bermuda-incorporated company with offices and staff also in London, USA, Melbourne, Monaco and Singapore. 
Citadel Solutions Bermuda Hedge fund service group owned by Citadel Solutions LLC a subsidiary of hedge fund giant Citadel Investment Group launched in 2007. It was the first company licensed by the BMA to provide administration services to hedge funds. It operates as the headquarters for the firm's offshore administration platform, servicing the needs of clients domiciled across Europe, Asia and other non US locations.
Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Codan Services Ltd
Cigarette Exporting Company of America  9 Church Street, Hamilton. Phone 292-2887.
CIL Holdings Bank of Bermuda Ltd, registrar & transfer agent.
Citic Securities International A Bermuda-incorporated Hong Kong-based subsidiary of China’s largest listed brokerage.
Citigroup The USA's Government Accountability Office (GAO) said in 2009 it had 19 subsidiary companies in Bermuda.
Citco Fund Services With 5,000 employees in offices around the world including one in Bermuda.
Citicorp Finance International 8/6/1990
Citycorp Financial Services Corporation 9/29/2003
Citycorp FSC 1 3/15/1995
Citycorp FSC 2 6/7/1995
Citycorp Insurance Bermuda  6/18/1984
Cities Service Overseas Management 11/25/1980
Citgo Fund Services Wessex House, 45 Reid Street, P. O. Box HM 2487, Hamilton HM GX. In October 2011 cut 15 to 20 jobs in its Bermuda office. See below.
Citygroup Fund Services (Bermuda) Since 7/22/1997. Address as above. The Bermuda division of the USA Citco Group of Companies with offices also in Amsterdam, Australia. Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Dublin, Geneva, Hong Kong,  Luxembourg, New York, San Francisco, Toronto. Bermuda unit of giant US bank. Until November 2008 when it had a major financial crisis, it employed over 240 staff in Bermuda. Citigroup, the recipient of some $45 billion in US Government aid during the market turmoil of 2008-2009, tops the list of US corporations with Bermuda subsidiaries, with 19, according to the USA's General Accountability Office (GAO).
Citygroup Holdings (Bermuda) 7/22/1997
Citygroup Risk Brokers, Bermuda  6/6/2003
Citygroup Securities Services (Bermuda) 3/4/1998
Citi Hedge Fund Services Address as above. In September 2011 relocated 105 jobs from Bermuda to North America in the biggest publicly revealed jobs blow of 2011. Like Citygroup above, and Citco Fund Services (Bermuda), part of Citycroup's Global Transaction Services Group. Was administrator for the Kingate funds, which put all their money in Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Citi Hedge was bought by Citigroup in 2007. Kingate Global paid the firm or its predecessor $4.2 million from 2000 to 2007, and Kingate Euro Fund Ltd paid a smaller amount.
Citigroup Forum FD Services Bermuda  Address as above.
Clarien Bank 1/17/1975. 19 Reid Street. Hamilton. Change of name from April 22, 2014. Formerly Capital G Bank.
Clarien Brokerage Change of name from April 22, 2014. Formerly Capital G Brokerage
Clarien BSX Services Change of name from April 22, 2014. Formerly Capital G BSX Services.
Clarien Investments 5/27/1997. Change of name from April 22, 2014. Formerly Capital G Investments.
Clarien Nominees Change of name from April 22, 2014. Formerly Capital G Nominees.
Clarien Trust (CTL) 2/27/1998. Change of name from April 22, 2014. Formerly Capital G Trust. Provides trustee administrative services for Bermuda-domiciled trusts, including family and estate planning using trust and corporate structures
Cofiam Codan Services Ltd
Colony Investments Paget. Fax 236-0800. Cell 235-6093
Columbia Laboratories (Bermuda)  A subsidiary of US-based pharmaceutical company Columbia Laboratories Inc. which researches hormonal treatments and has patented bio-adhesive technology.
Commex Management Swan Building, 26 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 12. Phone 295-1785. Fax 295-6270. 
Commodities Fund Administrator Washington Mall, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-5517.
Compagnie D'Escomptes Financiers  5 Park Road, Hamilton. Phone 292-7979.
Compass  53 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-6349. Fax 292-4862.
Concordia Advisors (Bermuda) 10 Cavendish Road, Pembroke, HM 19. Phone 292-1962. Resume to alex@concordiafunds.com
Concorde Bermuda c/o Appleby Bermuda. The USA's SEC says it “purports to be a hedge fund established in Bermuda with its principal place of business in Kiev, Ukraine."
Concordia Distressed Debt Offshore Management Represented by Mello Jones and Martin
Concordia Distressed Debt Fund Represented by Mello Jones and Martin
Concordia Maritime Shipping Group 69 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke HM 08. Phone 295-0040. Fax 296-2686.
Concordia Municipal Opportunities Master Fund LP Represented by Mello Jones and Martin
ConocoPhillips In 2009 the USA's Government Accountability Office (GAO) stated there were 17 subsidiaries in Bermuda. 
Consensus Investments Ltd. c/o Lines Overseas Management
Contel Corporation Since 2005. Major US corporation
Consolidated American Rental Insurance 3/17/1997
Consolidated Commodities 9/16/1994
Consolidated Custodians International 4/16/1990
Consolidated Electric Power Asia 1/8/2008
Consolidated Fund Services 3/23/1993
Consolidated Holdings 5/22/1986
Consolidated Hotel Co. 8/13/1924
Consolidated Industries 4/11/2000
Consolidated Insurance Management 10/13/1988
Consolidated International Insurance Company Ltd Ctnd/Caym 1/25/1993
Consolidated Investments 9/2/1977
Consolidated Management 5/29/1981. 14 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 08. Phone 295-8313. Fax 292-1373.
Consolidated Maritime Ins Co 5/23/1975
Consolidated Services  
Consortium Capital Formerly Human Therapeutics Ltd. C/o Christopher Frances Forrest.
Cooper Industries A global manufacturer of electrical products, tools and  hardware, with current-year revenue of more than US$4.2 billion. Formerly based in Houston, Texas. Bermuda headquartered for tax reasons on May 21, 2002, for huge tax savings. It has $ multi-million US Defense and Homeland Security contracts. 
Comdominio Since 9/27/2000
Continental Asset Management Bermuda 19 Queen Street, Hamilton. Phone 296-0000. Fax 295-8802
Continental Bulk Carriers SA Happy Valley Road, Pembroke. Phone 292-8727
Continental Gold

A private gold exploration company with seven projects in Colombia. Its flagship project is Buritica in the Antioquia department. In 2009 it acquired Canadian mineral explorer Cronus Resources Ltd, which focuses on projects in Latin America. 

Coral Petroleum Parent company of Esso Bermuda
Corange International Washington Mall, Phase 2, 22 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11. Phone 295-3812. Curt Engelhorn, from Germany, one of Bermuda's wealthiest residents, a billionaire several times over, used to own it. Since 1997 it belongs to Swiss drug manufacturer Roche Holdings
Cosan SA Brazilian-owned and based, controls the world's second-largest sugar-cane processor, a holding company that controls Priacicaba. It is the world's largest producer of ethanol from sugar cane.
Coutts (Bermuda) Swan Building, 26 Victoria Street, Hamilton. P. O. Box HM 1436, Hamilton HM FX. Phone 295-4700. Fax 295-4706.
Covidien Second Floor, 90 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke HM 08. Telephone: (441) 292-8674. Spun off from Tyco International. Global healthcare products giant Bermuda-domiciled. Formed June 2007. 7,000-square-foot offices. In January 2008 had four full-time staff at its Bermuda base, out of a global workforce of 43,000 in 57 countries. Its products, which range from medical devices and supplies, to imaging products and pharmaceuticals, generate sales of more than $10 billion. A public company listed on both the New York and Bermuda stock exchanges.
Crabel Re Since November 2014, set up by Los Angeles-based global alternative investment firm Crabel Capital Holdings, which will use the Multi-Strat Re platform for its underwriting and reinsurance operations. The move allows Crabel Capital, which manages a total of $1.7 billion for its clients, to enter the reinsurance market more easily and also to focus on the investment management side of the business. Toby Crabel, founder and CEO of Crabel Capital, said: "Reinsurance offers a unique opportunity to raise capital and manage assets for the firm. Our goal is always to provide the best possible products and services to our clients and reinsurance will provide one more option moving forward." The firm aims to use Crabel Re to to underwrite reinsurance business and invest the premium float in its short-term systematic trading strategy, Crabel Multi-Product. Mr Crabel, who had three years as a professional tennis player, made his name as a commodities trader. In 2005, the Financial Times described him as the most well-known trader on the counter-trend side. Multi-Strat Re is designed to help asset managers get into reinsurance, with the option to break away and become independent reinsurers in the future. Crabel Capital focuses on futures and foreign currency trading and was a pioneer in short-term trading, The firm offers diversified systematic products with low correlation to traditional asset classes.
Cranberry Re Special Purpose insurer
Credit Suisse Emerging Markets Structured Loans Associates LP Since 8/13/2007. Major Swiss bank with offices in many world centers.

Credit Suisse building

A Credit Suisse office building abroad

Credit Suisse First Boston BCP Team Partners 1999 LP Since 4/20/1999. 
Credit Suisse First Boston BGN Team Partners LP Since 9/19/2000
Credit Suisse First Boston Co-Investor (Fish) LP Since 10/15/1998
Credit Suisse First Boston Co-Investors (Bermuda) LP Since 4/19/2000
Credit Suisse First Boston EASP Since 6/15/2000
Credit Suisse First Boston Equity Partners (Bermuda) LP Since 7/1/1998
Credit Suisse First Boston Finance Company Since 6/29/1995
Credit Suisse First Boston Finders and Screeners (Bermuda) LP Since 6/13/2000
Credit Suisse First Boston Fund Investments VI-B (Bermuda) LP Since 10/26/1999
Credit Suisse First Boston Fund Investments VI-Side Partnership (Ber) Since 9/1/1999
Credit Suisse First Boston Helvetia Equity Partners LP Since 8/2/1999
Credit Suisse First Boston Helvetia Private Equity Partners LP Since 8/2/1999
Credit Suisse First Boston International Equity Partners (Teletrim) LP Since 10/27/1997
Credit Suisse First Boston International Executive Advisors LP Since 6/8/1999
Credit Suisse First Boston International Team Partners LP Since 12/29/1997
Credit Suisse First Boston Invemed Fund (Bermuda) LP Since 6/1/1998
Credit Suisse First Boston Investment Partnership VI (Bermuda) LP Since 9/1/1999
Credit Suisse First Boston Investment Partnership VII-B (Bermuda) LP Since 10/27/2000
Credit Suisse First Boston Investment Partnership VII-Side Partnership Since 10/27/2000
Credit Suisse First Boston Investment Partnership VII (Bermuda) LP Since 10/27/2000
Credit Suisse First Boston OXG Since 7/26/2000
Credit Suisse First Boston POC Team Partners 1999 LP Since 10/27/1999
Credit Suisse First Boston Private Equity Russia and Ukraine Team Part Since 3/10/1998
Credit Suisse First Boston Private Equity (BCI) Since 8/27/1998
Credit Suisse First Boston Russia and Ukraine Equity Partners LP Since 12/30/1997
Credit Suisse First Boston Russia and Ukraine Private Equity Partners Since 12/30/1997
Credit Suisse First Boston (EASP I) LP Since 6/20/2000
Credit Suisse First Boston (EASP II) LP Since 6/20/2000
Credit Suisse First Boston (OXG I) LP Since 7/28/2000
Credit Suisse First Boston (OXG II) LP Since 7/28/2000
Credit Suisse Life and Pensions Insurance Brokerage (Bermuda) Since 4/14/2004
Credit Suisse Life (Bermuda) Since 11/19/2004
Credit Suisse (Bermuda) Since 3/13/1998
Creditanstalt Asset Management Since 5/18/1987
Cremorne County P. O. Box HM 1179, Hamilton HM EX. Arranges leases and sales of US manufactured property to be used predominantly outside USA.
CRM Holdings (CRMH)
CTC Insurance Management (Bermuda) P. O. Box HM 2904, Hamilton HM LX. A Charles Taylor company with an active Bermuda office
Crosos Shipping 
Cunard-American International Cruises Since 3/20/1992. Once independent, for some years now part of Carnival
Cunard Line Since 8/20/1999. See above and Cunard ships below:

Cunard ships Queen Mary 1, Queen Elizabeth,  Queen Victoria

All also flying the Bermuda flag on their sterns and showing Hamilton, Bermuda as their port of ship's registry.

Cunard Line Limited (Amalgamated) Since 4/30/1998
CWH Owns Clarien Group and since January 7, 2014 a controlling interest in Bermuda's former Capital G Bank, now Clarien Bank since April 22, 2014.


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